Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hey 2021! Astrology for the 1st Full Week including 3 Planets Change Signs!

Looking for a change of vibe? Wish granted. Mars, Venus and Mercury change signs. 

Sunday: Virgo Moon for health conscious awareness. Healthy decisions and choices for body and mind are favored today. Constructive and alternative approaches come as the Moon aligns with the Sun and with Uranus, also in earth signs. It's a day to get things done and take care of your well being, or offer help so others can do the same. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Virgo Moon continues and with new considerations, courtesy of 4 significant aspects with planets. These influences differ and today feels like 'a mixed bag' and maybe blessings in disguise. Keep these ideas in mind: escapism/realism, practicality/impracticality, clear communication, down to earth approaches, middle ground. Mercury meets Pluto in Capricorn, leading to requests and voicing goals, needs and desires. Void Moon time 4:34 pm to 12:42 am EST. Wear Black today.

Tuesday: Libra Moon kicks in at 12:42 am EST. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn and Jupiter, providing awareness of community and the collective consciousness, collective needs. Themes of fairness come up, especially in terms of how resources are divided and decisions are made with the well being of partnerships and community at the heart of it all. Truth, justice, resources and well being are prominent in today's astrological activity. In what way can you and someone else support each other, experience honesty and grow? Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday: Libra Moon in the 4th quarter, waning, encouraging release. The Moon squares the Sun, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. Some will experience struggle, indecision or even grief with these squares. Remind yourself that you can't always, and don't always need to, know what to do next. Sit with feelings. Do the right thing by someone else, such as in a breakup or business decision. Lean into fairness and honesty. If you're at a standstill with an ongoing situation, pause and allow for the shift of Mars. Mars moving to Taurus may change certain things, including a move from ideas and inspiration to concrete action. Mars moves to Taurus at 5:27 pm EST after an extra long stay in Aries during 2020. Overnight, the Moon is in harmony with Venus, encouraging a new outlook on love and romance. Today's color is Black, for the second time this week. Black offers a protective, absorbing influence. Go to your obsidian, onyx, hematite and even smokey quartz crystals today. Remember your intentions. Breathe.

Thursday: Libra Moon squares Mercury and aligns with Venus, both in the midnight hour. This may help break stalemates, eventually. Try not to rush things this morning. Focus on personal relationships, and also on business relationships, as you pursue goals and decisions. Void of course Moon from 12:55 to 3:21 am EST for letting things gestate and progress quietly without effort. Scorpio Moon has a heavy, strong, committed influence. Uranus opposes the Moon, always a potent aspect and part of our monthly experience. It can disrupt and/or encourage us to re-create. Notice if there's something to be scrapped or bailed out of before you can fully immerse in a goal or decision. The Moon also opposes Mars. This looks like a wild one, and it'll be happening monthly also. Strong perseverance and yet stubborn and unyielding energies rise up. it may be really hard to find agreement, and vengefulness could take over. Two squares round out today's aspects, and suffice it to say this is an intense time. Work with adversity. Avoid trying to change minds. Stick with your principles if they're worth fighting for. Today's color is Maroon or any dark red.

Friday: Mercury moves to Aquarius at 7 am EST, joining Saturn and Jupiter and preparing for two conjunction between Saturday night and Monday afternoon. This seems to indicate major agreements, announcements and decisions. Stay tuned for both world and personal news that may arrive around New Moon right at midnight Tuesday/ Wednesday! Something about a New Moon at midnight exactly feels auspicious and important. Venus makes a move to Capricorn at 10:41 am EST. Venus gets real and practical about relationships and love while in Capricorn for about a month. The Sun is also in Capricorn, in harmony with Neptune. This may help blend pragmatic and romantic energies so it's not all business. Scorpio Moon today, waning big time. Let go of things that block you. Invite creativity as the Moon and Neptune align for imagination, art, music and dreams. Mercury and Mars get into it tonight, in different signs with different agendas. Can you avoid an argument and instead have a productive conflict as necessary? Avoid rash or harsh actions or words.  Void Moon starts at 9 pm EST. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Saturday: What a first week of 2021! I don't know yet how it played out, but with these changes and planetary engagements, I'm fairly sure it's been intense, involved, and probably dramatic. Sagittarius Moon time begins at 6:15 am EST. The Moon aligns with planets in Aquarius today, opening our minds and perspectives. Can we have freedom and individual power without dishonoring or diminishing relationships and others? That is today's quest. Truth, honesty, wisdom of experience and age, and thoughts or decisions about programs of study and/or travel are some of our themes. Venus aligns with Mars which is usually a nice touch. Love and harmony flourish as differences diminish and we feel each other's point of view and goodness. Fire and earth energies are strong today, so we'll be doing and acting on our plans and inspirations. Wear Purple.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Final Full Moon of 2020 & Welcoming 2021: Robin's Zodiac Zone Dec 27th-January 2nd

Sunday, December 27th: Earth & skies prepare for Full Moon in Cancer on Tuesday at 10:28 pm EST. Cancer is the Moon's own sign, intuitive, emotional and also protective and nurturing. Today's Gemini Moon is sensitive in a different way. Moods may be elevated and activity level up. Share ideas and brainstorm for now and for the future. Write down good ideas and plans. Adjust and upgrade technology and communication devices. Notice what you can do to  keep in better touch with people while distancing continues. There is hope and light, and we'll get there sooner with patience. Notice irony today. The Sun and Uranus form a positive trine. This brings speed and ease for problem solving and putting things together, possibly in unusual ways. Some will announce the results of their efforts and reach for new goals. Anxiety might be amplified, along with excitement. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces on our way toward Tuesday's Full Moon. Expect miscommunication, oversights and delays. Do some journaling or art work. Try not to push for final word or agreements that aren't quite ready. Emotions heighten, along with mental processes that may result in overthinking and creating of stories that are just our imaginations running wild. Ground in the present. Gemini can be overly mental and intellectual, so exercise is one way to burn off stress and feel embodied and physical. It's Full Moon time, so keep exercise and physical tasks moderate. Avoid overdoing anything. The Moon aligns with Mars in Aries and some will feel very fired up tonight. Void Moon starts at 10:01 pm EST and it's best to be in one place for the night by then. Be careful on the roads and with all travel today and tonight. The Moon will change signs by dawn. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Full at 10:28 pm EST. The name Cold Moon refers to external conditions, such as the weather, while internal conditions under Cancer Moon are warm and emotional. For humans, this can be gloomy or sad and we may be reminded of grief and things or people we miss. Use light and color in your environment and practice smiling if you're sad, just to see what that feels like. Notice healthy ways you can shift your mood, not to push away emotions, but to recognize that they shift and change. Watch birds and animals. In some cases, getting out of your head and connecting with nature or showing care for other human beings turns on better feelings. This Full Moon is, in fact, a major illuminator and revealer. Uranus, the awakener, breaks from tradition and the predictable. Uranus forms a sextile with the Moon and surprises are rolled out. You may be surprised by your own feelings, and one possibility is that they are brighter and more optimistic than you expect! This Cold Moon can bring warmth or solace, comfort. Relationship changes and realizations are also in the works. See Wednesday's forecast. Wear White for Cancer Full Moon.

Wednesday: Venus squares Neptune as we move into Wednesday, still in the aura of Full Moon.  This leads to questioning our ideals and experience of relationship. Some will find out about untruths. Some will realize they've been seeing a friend, lover, family member or partner through a filtered or cloudy lens. Realizations are the beginning of relationship changes to occur in the new year, if not today. Determine what's not okay so you can set boundaries or goals for yourself and someone else. This square points out where trust is needed and how disappointment can be replaced with hope and love. Some will realize they deserve more love, honesty, and mutual trust. Cancer Moon is opposite Mercury, so this will be hard to keep to yourself. Try a productive approach, keeping emotion balanced with solutions. Conversations will occur. Plan your words and message if this feels applicable. With Neptune trine to the Moon later in the day, forgiveness and soothing is possible. Do something that feels healing for the soul.  Intuitive readings and healing practices are well timed. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: The last day of 2020, and what will it bring or show us? First, the Moon opposes Pluto which dredges up feelings and alludes to mysteries and what's been deeply held or ingrained. The Moon also squares Mars in Aries, two signs and two heavenly bodies very much at odds with no real common interest. December 31st is a challenging day astrologically, closing the most collectively challenging year of most of our lives. Now for the better news: the vibes changes, possibly dramatically, before evening. Cancer Moon is void from 8:45 am to 1:58 pm EST. Do little other than cleaning and organizing or taking care of yourself and your family. Show love and sensitivity. People are going to need it. Reassure. The Moon changes signs just before 2 pm and moves to Leo, an uplifting and also strong, confident sign for the Moon. We come out of our Cancer shells, out of solitary or sulking moods, give generously, and feel ready to party even if it's zooming with friends or watching online or televised concerts and festivities more easily and willingly. Saturn is across the zodiac, reminding us of our responsibility to other people and all beings, collectively. Social responsibility means safe celebrations in your pod or household. If you do venture out, know your limits and act with wisdom and thought. Safe distance is one of the ways we put out this viral wildfire so 2021 becomes a year full of promise! Leo Moon is for dressing up, dancing, performing (maybe outside?), and envisioning a bright path. On this last day of 2020, our color is Gold. 

Friday: January 1st and we begin with Leo Moon. Strength in ongoing matters, strength of purpose, and the courage to commit are themes on this first day of 2021. After a chaotic, tumultuous and violent year, we move into a year of fixed sign strength. Aquarius is now home to Saturn and Jupiter, and Uranus is in fixed sign Taurus. Also Leo is a fixed sign, and that's where the Moon is today. It's true that fixed means unyielding, yet after so much chaos and change, fixed also indicates a definite path, commitment, and longevity. Leo is the sign of vitality, the heart and spine. Notice the ways that you are healthy, heart centered and full of life force. The problem will come if people check out and give up. The promise will come if humans choose to persist, even with struggles. We are now in a new era and newness is always an adjustment. We really have left an 'old world' behind. The question is how will we commit to forming a healthier new one? All of 2021 will be shaped by 3 Saturn/Uranus squares which challenge us (and also force us) to reimagine and ground in a new reality. If you recall changes of 1975-1977 (in this moment, I do not but I'm going to think about and look into it!), this year may feel similar. Uranus and Saturn had a similar pattern in Scorpio and Leo, fixed signs, during those years. 

Back to this day, the present time, Leo Moon squares Uranus which may feel like resistance to change and unexpected events. Mercury aligns with Neptune, favorable for forgiveness and for artists and productive dreamers. Happy New Year! Today's color is Purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon aligns with Venus and Mars overnight. This brings excitement and energy, as well as potential romance, to this second morning of 2021 or even to New Years' night. Tune in to what energizes you and gives you enthusiasm and optimism. Act on inspirations with all this fire sign activity. Void of course Moon 5 pm-8:13 pm and the Moon shifts to Virgo for a home and hearth type night. If you have cleaning and tasks to do, you might get on a roll. Learn, study, and pay attention to money and finances, perhaps paying the bills. Wear Indigo.

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Jupiter & Saturn on the Winter Solstice: December 20th-26th, 2020

Hooray for the final full forecast of 2020! Jupiter and Saturn meet on the Solstice, making cosmic history at 0 degree of Aquarius! Post solar eclipse, the Moon waxes toward Full on December 29th. There's astrological momentum. Focus on your intentions during this powerful time!

Sunday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune. It's a daydreamy day, best suited to relaxation or any form of healing and intuitive guidance. We may feel like lazing around the house or doing some restorative yoga or meditation. I'm leading a Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra at 4 pm and it'll be available later for 48 hours to all who sign up, even if you can't attend live. It's a perfect day for this guided meditation and other chill out type activities. Intoxication or altered states may be easy to induce today, so be careful with your consumption and wear a piece of jewelry to ground you in meditation or journeying. Be extra cautious on the roads as people may get spacey and drift. Mercury moves to Capricorn at 6:07 pm EST, for very practical thinking and problem solving in the weeks ahead. Today's color is Blue.

Yoga Nidra 4 pm to about 4:45 pm. Sign up at 

Monday: The Winter Solstice is the actual beginning of winter according to our calendar, and it's when the Sun moves to Capricorn. Light will slowly begin to grow over the weeks and months ahead. The Sun changes signs this year at 5:02 am EST. The even bigger and much more unusual story is Jupiter's meeting with Saturn. Truth and Wisdom. Opportunity and Responsibility. Abundance and Agreements. These are some potential themes as the two combine energies at the 0 degree of Aquarius, sign of groups, community, shared vision, friendship, and also science, technology, and collective consciousness. I suspect we'll feel and experience closures that lead us into a very new time. The Aquarius aspect encourages acceptance between groups of people who have differences and embracing of all kinds of people as one diverse and beautiful community. Working together is part of the wisdom of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius during 2021. 

The Pisces Moon is void of course from 5:25 am to 5:32 pm EST. The Aries Moon time begins with two sextiles to Jupiter and Saturn. This is a favorable angle that says 'let's get on with this'. There are other aspects today as well, but these are most important as they suggest the significant shifts taking place. Today's color is Gold.

Tuesday: Aries Moon squared the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn last night, and today the Moon is trine to Venus in Sagittarius. Aries energy is newness and progress. Capricorn is more traditional, but likes to get the job done. There may be difference of opinion on how to accomplish things, but the general vibe is to make it happen. The Moon and Venus contribute to good feelings surrounding travels and adventures as well as excitement related to love, reuniting, or being in touch over a distance. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Mars squares Pluto as does this Aries Moon. That's not an easy square as it involves inner feelings or privacy (Pluto) as well as viruses (Pluto) with the agitation and activation of Mars and the Moon, our emotions. Struggles around these things may create tense or angry moods. Have some resources for dealing with feelings, with forceful people, or with anything that is intensifying. Stay away from uncertain situations where illness or accidents could happen. Take no risks and place no bets. The Moon and Mars go on to meet each other and we may really need relief tonight. Plan a calm evening at home. Check up on people who could be extra down or are alone. Void Moon starts at 5:51 pm EST. Today's color is Black.

Thursday: Christmas Eve, and the Moon is in Taurus from 5:55 am on. There are 5 aspects between the Moon and planets, including agreeable ones, challenging ones, and an eventful or extraordinary conjunction with Uranus that happens each month.  Taurus concerns and priorities such as food, shelter, comfort, loyalty, and security are highlighted. We may feel helpful, generous and in the mood to work out problems or agreements for the long term. Conversations take deep, intimate turns tonight. Stay up late and connect with a friend as Mercury and Pluto approach a trine that also favors writing your own intentions and acknowledging what's arising from the depths of feeling and experience. Whatever happens during the day, the evening feels reflective and may include decisions. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Mercury aligns with Pluto overnight. See yesterday's forecast for more detail. Secrets may be shared. True feelings may arise. Feelings may lead to decisions and actions. Merry Christmas, the Moon is in earth sign Taurus, aligning with Neptune in Pisces. Creativity, sensitivity, and intuitions heighten. Take good care of yourself and each other. Read imaginative stories to the kids. Engage in making things, drawing, and playing for fun rather than competitively. Spend some time in meditation, prayer, and immersed in music. Today's color is Green.

Saturday: The Moon aligns with Pluto, and tomorrow the Sun does the same. Pluto is the planet of things we cannot see, so there's an element of faith and intuition. Pluto rules Scorpio, related to privacy, sex, and things that are difficult to talk about or express. With recent eclipses and the moves to Jupiter and Saturn, among other things, things that have been kept secret or quiet, are starting to become public or otherwise revealed. That sort of thing is likely during this weekend. The Moon shifts to Gemini after a long-ish void Moon from 6:32 am to 6:33 pm EST. Be conscious of your words today. We could lose track or lose judgment and say something that was supposed to remain private. Try not to shop during void Moon. Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. It's a friendly aspect that encourages sharing of ideas and stories (not personal information). Today's color is Blue.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Solar Eclipse New Moon: December 13th-19th 2020

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This week we move closer to the Aquarian shift! A few Capricorn type completions come first!

Sunday: On this day before New Moon, take time to reflect and reevaluate. Though you may not know the context yet, the New Moon and Sagittarius solar eclipse brings announcements and changes at an accelerated pace and in surprising ways. And it's coming tomorrow! Also, some of you are in the midst of changes related to the Full Moon eclipse two weeks back. These mutable sign eclipses put us in extra flux and may morph through a few forms before results and responses take their final shape. Tomorrow's has us on the move. Announcements may include or result in actual moves, travel that wasn't foreseen, change of commute, changes related to universities and colleges, opportunities related to publishing and global business and trade, and personal changes for Sagittarius, Gemini, and people with those with rising signs or significant planets or the Moon near 23 degrees of Sagittarius. If your birthday is around now, big changes are in store! Mercury squares Neptune and we may feel uncertain, ungrounded or lacking structure today.  Sunday's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius at 11:17 am EST. First the Moon meets Mercury, the influential planet of the day, along with Mars. Mercury delivers the news. Word of change and reasons to make changes are highly likely. Mars in Aries aligns with New Moon. The fire energy is strong, motivating, and dramatic. The effects include pursuit of the truth, breaking free, and following through with desired changes. Also, Venus in Scorpio is in harmony with Jupiter in Capricorn, as each prepare to change signs this week. Relationships and business partnerships may benefit, especially in terms of how to work things out and make business or financial decisions together. Find the terms of agreement with loyalty and prosperity in mind. Void Moon 11:17 am to 10:35 pm EST when the Moon moves to Capricorn, and shortly afterward Mercury aligns with Mars for a final push and encouragement to take a step, make a decision and let other people know your plan. I feel like this forecast understates how powerful this eclipse is! It will tend to be wilder, more unsettling, more surprising, more unexpected, or more breathtaking. Lots of fresh starts are in the works. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Venus contacts Saturn as both prepare to change signs. Yes, that sounds like yesterday's forecast, but today it's Saturn continuing the movement into contracts, agreements, structure, grown up type decisions, and taking responsibility for being a partner in either business or in love. Relationship agreements, to either bring together or divide, are in progress and may come to closure. Venus moves to Sagittarius just over 3 hours later, at 11:21 am EST. Between the eclipse and these Venus aspects, many will share or hear partnership type news. Capricorn Moon and Uranus in Taurus are in harmony for inventive ways of doing, fixing and financing. Mix traditional with alternative. Green is today's color.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon with several aspects today and overnight tonight, including a final meeting with Jupiter before Jupiter changes signs on Saturday. The conjunction is actually around 12:30 am tomorrow. This is all building to a shift for both Jupiter and Saturn where they meet at the threshold to Aquarius on the winter Solstice. Important and significant closures are happening this season. It's literally the end of an era or Age. The Moon and Jupiter meeting is very powerful and personal if you're born toward the end of Capricorn dates in January. It's the end of a 13 month cycle for all of us. Capricorn is structure, organizations and construction/production. Jupiter is expansive, philosophical, spiritual and educated. Put that together and see how it applies. What will you do with that talent of yours? Or that extra space? Or those thoughts and inspirations for what you could be or build? Saturn moves to Aquarius at 9:04 pm EST and will soon meet Jupiter there for the final word on some things and a brand new vibe that favors us as collectives, innovators, and visionaries. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Void Moon after the Moon/Jupiter conjunction at 12:34 am to 1:27 am EST. The Moon is in Aquarius for the rest of the day, and Saturn is at 0 degree of Aquarius starting a new cycle. Saturn moves one sign forward about every 2 1/2 years, not including the retrograde and back shift that also happens yearly. If you have Saturn in Aquarius, you'll have a Saturn return in the next couple of years. This is a 30 year cycle, so you're either approaching 30, 60 or 90 years old during this time if you have a Saturn in Aquarius transit coming. The Moon meets Saturn for wisdom and maturity, aligns with Venus for a sense of adventure and worldly view, and squares Uranus for questions about how to innovate and create something new. The Uranus aspect may take more than a day to figure out and require some changes in thinking. Today's color is Turquoise.

Friday: Aquarius Moon continues, aligning with Mars in Aries, encouraging new ways of thinking, action on ideas, progression and overall sense of moving toward what's new. Re-read all of this week's forecasts as changes and developments are snowballing. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon. The Moon is void from 3:45 to 7:39 am EST. Overnight, the Moon aligns with the Sun. It's very social and energizing, encouraging enthusiasm and sense of adventure. Pisces Moon takes over for the day, and Jupiter moves to Aquarius at 8:07 am EST. It's also Mercury's final full day in Sagittarius. The shifts are palpable. You may notice as changes of focus or feeling. Your mind may open to something you hadn't considered or preferred. Events may lead you or someone you know to very different plans and decisions. It's likely this time period brings more change than we've felt all year (other than the obvious time last March). The world changes in response to the cycles of these heavenly bodies. As above, so below. We are coming into a very new way of being, of doing business, of educating, of relating to each other, and of understanding our missions. Pisces Moon requests compassion, love and willingness today. Wear Green.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Astrology December 6th-12th, 2020

Sunday: Waning Moon in Leo is void of course from 5:30pm on Saturday until 2:46 pm EST today. Enjoy leisure time, fun and games, decorating for the holidays and simple, creative projects. Virgo Moon brings a more sensible work and study oriented feel to the rest of the afternoon and night. Organize and sort. Write papers and plans. Figure out finances. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Virgo Moon with a variety of planetary aspects, each with it's own vibe. Some favored actions include cleaning and rearranging. Communicate your needs and what you can offer clearly and avoid  misunderstandings or breaches of boundaries. Virgo is the sign of service to others. Volunteer or donate where you can. Stay grounded during two squares with Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius. Lofty ideas need sensible steps. Question anything too idealistic or daydreamy. The present reality and short term solutions are where it's at during this Virgo Moon. Today's color is Brown.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon aligns with Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. All of this is harmonious. We may feel more versatile, more flexible and easier to get along with. Finish projects and do productive thinking and problem solving as the Moon connects with 3 planets in Capricorn. This is meant to be a very realistic day with results to show for your efforts. Void Moon 5:35 pm to 7:01 pm EST for regrouping and checking in with one another. Notice if you're sticking with 'the plan' or the habit you are trying to form or break from.  Libra Moon tonight for looking at pros and cons and sharing information that could be helpful in decision making. Today's color is Lavender.

Wednesday: The Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune today. This challenges us to find courage and faith. You could experience this as lacking faith in yourself. Reach out to a source that supports you and brings a balanced and objective perspective.  Also, you could feel very compassionate and empathetic. Trust is in question, so do take care of and protect yourself if you're opening up to others and trying to help. Some people will be unrealistic and we may observe reliance on substances and altered states that prevent reasoning. This square may also give us attitudes about freedom and liberation, leading to unwise risk taking. Breathe with yourself and ground as you make decisions today. Libra Moon aligns with Mercury in Sagittarius late in the day at 4:13 pm EST. Communication and news come from distant places. People may reach out and get back in touch. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Libra Moon in harmony with the Sun helps open us to possibilities, creating space for vision and dreams and how they may take shape. It's also geared to adventures for two. The Moon is opposite Mars in Aries. This can stimulate difference and conflicts. How objective can you be? It may be an advantage to listen and save responses or debates for another time. That is also fueled by the Moon square to the famous trio of planets in Capricorn, making it hard to negotiate through strong differences. There is a productive aspect too, but it requires lots of patience, balanced communication and willingness to compromise. Venus sextile Pluto enlightens us around self and relationship and how our feelings and past experiences are influencing our relationships. Cut cords gently and establish safety and trust within. Try not to overextend, over communicate or overreach if you're starting a relationship. Take care of you first. Share only with those who have proven their trust and loyalty. Void Moon 7:56 pm to 8:59 pm EST when the Moon enters Scorpio. Today's color is Indigo. 

Friday: Sagittarius Sun aligns with Mars in Aries. This fire energy leads to getting things done, even things that were put off or lacked inspiration. We could wake up with lots of energy. There's also a feeling of wanting to travel, change things up, and find some excitement. This year calls for some different ways of celebrating, and today the Sun inspires exactly that. Mars also encourages action and newness. The Moon, on the other hand, opposes Uranus in Taurus. This may continue relationship and emotional matters that arose during Full Moon and just prior to that eclipse after Thanksgiving. Notice any emotional ties to November 25th-December 2nd. The Moon relates to our feelings and inner responses as well as to intuition. Uranus shakes things up and asks that we not assume anything. Today contains activation and maybe surprises. The surprises may come from within yourself. Wear dark Red.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon and we are heading for New Moon and solar eclipse on Monday morning. This may come through as motivation and drive. The Moon gives focus and on the extreme end, obsession. The Moon and Neptune align creatively and intuitively at 2:35 am EST. Pluto and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon to assist financial decisions and handling of emotions. Detaching a bit could be helpful to problem solving or seeing what stuff is not really yours. Let others find their way if what you're trying to do just isn't helping or changing anything. Difficult decisions and tasks may be handled or approached today. Void Moon begins at 8:58 pm EST as the Moon aligns with Saturn for a final burst or word around money, responsibility, action and whatever needs to be done and attended to. This requires and inspires wisdom and discourages anything frivolous or idealistic. The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 9:39 pm EST and we are truly on our way toward the solar eclipse and a very interesting and dynamic rest of the month. Today's color is Purple.