Friday, March 29, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 31st to April 6th: Mercury Direct, Aries New Moon

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Sunday: Mars moves to Gemini, an expressive, extroverted sign for Mars' fire energy. Air and fire elements combine for working out your best business deal or enthusiastically writing a book, music, or manual. This effect lasts several weeks. Today the Aquarius Moon aligns with Jupiter, more air and fire elements. Outgoing, innovative, and inspired is today's vibe. At 11:02 pm EDT, the void time begins as we prepare to start the school/work week with sensitive Pisces Moon. Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Pisces Moon time from 10:48 am EDT until Wednesday night. This looks like a period of recovery, in any form. When you're recovering, you take it easy, slowly add activities on, and take care of yourself first (I hope!). Use these days before New Moon in such a way. We're getting over Mercury retrograde feelings, noticing how we're adapting or whether we're making further changes, and seeing what a new season is like. Happy April 1st. The Fool in the Tarot deck carries little baggage so he/she can move freely. Is there something you can just drop and not look back for? Moon square Mars and aligns with Uranus. There's a wild, free streak trying to break through, making itself known, shaking things up quietly from the ground up. Venus contributes to a fine date night or time for creative projects. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets Venus, Neptune and Mercury! Mercury and Neptune also directly meet. Wow what a Pisces day, and with Mercury newly direct it's likely you'll feel retracing of experience, perhaps one from recently that comes up for clarity, resolution or intuitive insight. Allow for creativity, consider reconciliation, and attune and respond to your own needs and emotions. For some there will be decisions of an emotional nature. Make sure realism is part of your plan since Neptune can offer rose colored glasses. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon waning toward Friday's New Moon. It's a strong day for reconsidering and reflecting. Wait a couple of days before taking final action or making your statement. Void Moon 11:36 am EDT. Do the most important things that require clear focus before then. It's a great time for an afternoon or evening off. The Moon changes signs at 10:56 pm EDT.

Thursday: Aries Moon in harmony with Aries' ruling planet Mars, which currently tours the sign Gemini. If you need inspiration with words, writing, negotiating or speaking, this may help you tap into communicative energy. Preparing to speak or announce something is even more in favor as New Moon is tomorrow. People may rush around today, seemingly 'getting ready' even if it's sort of uncertain what they're preparing for. Feel centered amidst the activity, without losing your footing or sense of what's important. Today's color is Red.

Friday: New Moon in Aries. This New Moon calls to action. Today also requires the willingness and effort to get past internal or external obstacles. Believe in yourself, build someone else's confidence or reassure. Make sure you truly mean what you say or agree to. New Moon 4:50 am so there's no need to wait, go forward. Jupiter aligns with the Moon for good fortune and openness to new things. Void Moon starts at 10:15 pm EDT until mid morning Saturday. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Taurus Moon from 9:06 am EDT on. Feel yourself  (or help someone else) get feet on the ground and steady. The propel forward is strong and serious now. Uranus throws a curve, something unanticipated, and if it throws you off balance, get used to and practice steadying since this is a monthly occurrence while the Moon is in Taurus. We're still adapting to Uranus in Taurus and the way it's shifting energies, in a sign of earth. Think ground up, center in the earth. If weather permits, get outside today and do some early spring yard work or clean up. Act with intention and only promise if you know you'll follow through. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 24th to 31st, 2019: Venus in Pisces, Mercury Retro Ends

Sunday: Scorpio Moon void of course at 10:24 pm EDT. Mercury meets Neptune in Pisces, so there's a great deal of water sign emphasis. Creative and spiritual focus and activities are favored. Scorpio Moon has a wide range of aspects with other planets. Overall, today is about personal process. Today's color is Blue.

Monday: At 2:06 am EDT, the Moon shifts to Sagittarius and is in harmony with Aries Sun today. Fire sign energy means activity and movement. Notice what you feel inspired to do. If it's not time quite yet, make your plans for New Moon April 5th and forward. Today's color is Red.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon meets Jupiter and forms squares with Mercury and Neptune. All are in mutable signs so the switching of gears and perspective may be obvious. Higher education, tests, and travel are areas of focus. Also, with this week's fiery feeling, it may be necessary to remember other people's feelings and to be compassionate. Avoid blunt insensitivity which will create friction or sadness. Enjoy a stroke of luck and inspiration, especially fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and perhaps air signs like Aquarius feel the universal support of Jupiter in Sag. Venus moves to Pisces at 3:43 pm EDT. Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday: Void Moon ends as the lunar shift to Capricorn happens at 10:07 am EDT. This was almost a 12 hour void Moon and the overnight details may be foggy. Remind yourself where you need to be or what you are obligated to. Venus and Uranus are the major planetary players, in early degrees of Taurus and Pisces. Relationship shifts are in progress for some. It could be a move toward more stability, though change is often unsettling at first. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Mercury retrograde ends at 9:59 am EDT, in Pisces. It'll take days to get fully back on track, but you can celebrate the end with a sigh and maybe a sentimental journey. If you've made a romantic reconnection or accepted another new opportunity, the weeks ahead will show what this truly means as there is often a difference from what one would expect when Mercury retro was in effect. Capricorn Moon with an urge to progress. Take it slow and take orderly steps. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Capricorn Moon meets Saturn and Pluto for realistic steps, outlooks and action. Whether it's personal development or external business, a resourceful, get it done attitude is called for. The Moon is in harmony with action oriented Mars for a grounded and stable approach to whatever is happening. Tonight at 8:05 to 9:46 pm EDT the Moon is void, and moves to Aquarius for late night gatherings and visionary work. Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Uranus and the Sun for inventive, inspired ideas and projects. Collaborating is favored. Join with others who have equally progressive ideas. Free yourself from limitations or judgments and go forward spontaneously. Today's color is Turquoise.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 17th-23rd, 2019: Libra Full Moon, Sun to Aries

Oh the Libra/Aries polarity is back! Once every 6 months, they bring us the Equinoxes, the balance of darkness and light. Here are some highlights of the week ahead, the start of spring.

Sunday: Leo Moon. Mercury aligns with Mars. Revisiting plans and feelings. Mars can signal anger, so beware of any past wounds that trigger strong emotions. This may be a chance to handle things differently if so. Get back to creative, productive pastimes, habits and projects. Today's color is Gold.

Monday: Leo Moon void from 11:19 EDT to 9:41 pm. That's kind of a long void of course Moon and today might be better for pleasure than business as a result. It's an incredibly busy day in the zodiac. We may be pulled in different directions, enthusiastically in fact! Relationships may be topsy turvy or hard to sort out however as Mars is square and Venus opposite to the Moon. Virgo Moon moves in at 9:41 pm EDT. Today's color is Purple.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon with no aspects. The Full Moon is tomorrow night. There's a feeling of buildup or due dates and fortunately the outlook is good for getting things done. Pay attention to health and habits, moderate and exercise some self discipline. Today's color is Brown.

Wednesday: Void Moon in Virgo from 11:22 am to 9:28 pm EDT. Full Moon in Libra at 9:43 pm EDT. The Sun moves to Aries at 5:58 pm EDT. Void Moon for most of the day, and Mars is aligned with Pluto in the earth signs, leading to some active digging into the psyche. Notice what's unearthed from within yourself...a dormant feeling, talent or ambition, a willingness to forgive, let go, and move on. Today's color is White.

Thursday: The Moon is Full in the sign of relationship, partnership and justice. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars form a square in fixed signs. Both squares and fixed signs have a stubborn quality. Today's question relates to compromise and whether each side can give a little, let go of an ideal to allow for partnership and agreement or at least an experiment to see what could work. A trial basis is recommended with Mercury retrograde. Venus also aligns with Jupiter and travel plans may come together. Group efforts are favored. Libra Moon. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Libra Moon until 10:16 pm EDT and void of course time begins at 2:10 pm EDT. Do your most important business and detail oriented tasks before 2:10. A wide variety of aspects with the Moon. We'll consider what's required to achieve justice and harmony. Scorpio Moon from 10:16 pm into the wee hours of Monday. Today's color is Lavender.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon with no aspects to other planets. Dive into your process. Respect others' privacy or solitude. Today's color is Indigo.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology March 10th-16th, 2019: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde and the Moon expanding it's light mean expansion into realms of the past through dreams and waking life. Notice the reconnections and revisiting. It's time to slow things down and reflect, allowing the subtle or unseen to grow. Like seeds under rich soil, some things are taking root quietly in March.

Sunday: Aries Moon void until 3:10 am ET. The Moon moves to Taurus for a massive meeting with Uranus. Something will rock our worlds, be it an undeniable realization or even something along the lines of earth tremors. Be aware of the ground beneath you. It's possible something will feel destabilized and we'll need to reestablish balance or security. Mars and Neptune align and something may look very appealing, but if its unrealistic or may not prove its value, wait before purchasing or acting on. Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Taurus Moon aligns with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn as well as Neptune in Pisces for prosperity, employment, and engaging in interesting projects. Feel purposeful and grounded even as Neptune offers imagination and creativity as you work. Moon and Pisces Sun align for confidence in personal decisions and intimate connection. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: From 5:31 to 11:38 am ET the Moon is void of course. Allow extra time for whatever your morning brings. The Moon then enters Gemini and the mind gets going, but attention span may be short. Flitting from one thing to another, with or without direction, is likely. Social butterflies may enjoy the vibe. Avoid gossip and speculation. Today's color is White.

Wednesday:  The Sun in Pisces is expressive with a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius and harmony with Pluto in Capricorn. The appeal to emotions and through our emotions could be very powerful. Possibly we hear from a world leader or respond in compassionate ways to global matters. Notice what cannot be ignored and will benefit from love, generosity, or healing humans can offer one another. Gemini Moon aligns with Venus in Aquarius, which is very social and also highly intelligent and inventive. Today appears to be out of the ordinary in a hopeful way. Wear Pink.

Thursday: Mars and Saturn instigate challenge and there's an urge or strong reason to Do Something today. Again, notice what really needs attention and what you would feel badly about ignoring, even if it's hard work. Gemini Moon void of course 8:31 am to 5:39 pm ET. It's a tricky and unfocused time. Stay somehow grounded, enough so you don't make a careless error or lose your bearings.  Also today, the past revisits strongly and the Sun and Mercury retro meet. Keep decisions flexible and allow for future changes on what you take on now. Cancer Moon after 5:39 pm ET, drawing us to the comforts of home and the familiar. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon and Mercury retro squares Jupiter. This looks like a test. Prepare to pass. Prepare yourself for whatever is on today's agenda. Things may not go effortlessly, but if you're ready and willing, success may be yours. Also, limits may be tested. Know and redefine boundaries that keep you emotionally safe. Moon and Neptune favor music, romance and creative projects at home tonight. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Emotions are stirred today and things may be rising up from within your depths as the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and Mercury retro forms a sextile with the same planet. Pluto rules the subconscious and hidden. What was buried or stored may need to burst forth. In some cases this will be an emotional outburst or outpouring. Some will be expressive and others may isolate. Check in with anyone you have concern for. Mercury retro says this is overdue and it's time. Forgiving self or others is one positive outcome. From 2:03 to 8:57 pm ET, void of course Moon. Plan little, do less. Practice self care or compassion for others, especially family, under Cancer Moon.  Leo Moon may bring you out of your shell or make it a more social, outgoing night. Optimism can arise as the Moon moves to Leo tonight. Wear Purple.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 3rd-9th: Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde

So much Pisces vibe! Mercury retrograde in Pisces means retracing emotional terrain. New Moon in Pisces with Mercury retrograde may encourage forgiveness and reawaken compassion.
On New Moon day, Uranus returns to Taurus. Volcano like planet boldly steps into earth.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon squares Mars in Taurus. These are stubborn fixed signs. Compromise may be needed, but convictions strengthen. If you need to be persistent, this activity supports you. If yielding is necessary, the fixed qualities may keep one bound instead. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Moon sextile Jupiter, a favorable or easygoing angle. Jupiter is the planet of growth and knowledge. An open mind and adventurous, experimental perspective increases. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Mercury retrograde begins in Pisces at 1:19 pm ET. The Moon is also in Pisces and forms a sextile to Uranus just minutes before shifting to the sign of the fish. Uranus is also about to leave Aries and not return for a long, long time. The Moon wanes toward New. Some releasing or perhaps untying up one last little knot in a process is something to look for. We'll be doing lots of revising, retracing, and remembering in the days ahead, this month. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: New Moon is at 11:04 am in Pisces. Uranus thunders back into Taurus. Expect some extremes in terms of deconstruction and taking apart versus wanting to begin anew, forgive and nourish, not only today but during this time period. Moon and Sun both meet Neptune, all in Pisces, inspiring creativity and rousing emotions. Be with your feelings. Allow others that as well. Today's color is White.

Thursday: Pisces Moon void of course 2:08 to 3:27 pm ET. Aries Moon takes over then. The mood and tone may shift from soft or down to strong or up. Upward rising energy is natural after New Moon and also with the sign Aries. The Moon meets Mercury retrograde before moving from Pisces. Mixed feelings abound. Pulls toward the past or the sameness and pulls toward the new and exciting exist in unison. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Aries Moon aligns with Venus. Active, interested, enthusiastic, relationship oriented. Perhaps let your cares go in favor of something fun. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Aries Moon is void of course 12:14 pm on. The Sun aligns with Saturn early in the day. There could be some struggle or pressure to deal with as the Moon and Saturn square. When Saturn is active, it's clear where wisdom and responsibility is necessary. After 12:14 pm ET, Jupiter and the Moon contribute to positivity and looking forward to good things. Today's color is Black.

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