Friday, April 30, 2021

Waning Moon May 2nd to 9th, 2021

Interestingly, my husband and I picked up our new vehicle on Friday, the day I suggested you might purchase a vehicle or make some other upgrade! I noticed as I posted the forecast on facebook that day. It's cool when life syncs up with the forecast. Also, if you need a vehicle, bicycle, new laptop or appliance, purchase it soon since we'll be in a Mercury retrograde/eclipse mix in late May and early June. The eclipses may not make it easy to 'think straight' and may occupy us with other changes and adjustments as events accelerate and what's unexpected drops right in. 

Mercury retrograde begins in Gemini (kind of an awful sign for Mercury retrograde to occur in!) on May 29th. We receive signs and effects more than a week in advance. Eclipse dates are May 26th and June 10th. More about those eclipses coming soon. I'll be offering the first Robin's Zodiac Yoga & Eclipse Readings gathering in a long, long time in early June. I'll have the date and place to you by next week.

Check in anytime on the facebook page, through Scarborough Yoga where I have a new yoga teacher training beginning in September, and at Breathing Room and Willard Beach Studio in South Portland, Maine where I offer my signature Chakra Flow class on Thursdays at 5:30 pm both virtual and in the studio. I hope to help you ride these 2021 waves through yoga and astrology, through written or spoken words. 

peace and many blessings! Robin

Sunday: Capricorn Moon brings moments of opportunity for either reflection or construction. There are many harmonious aspects today, which often means things happen easily or without controlling influence. The Moon, for example, aligns with deeply internal Pluto and with imaginative, fluid Neptune. Both increase inner processes and soften the Capricorn structure and routine without dissolving what keeps us organized and on track. Void of course Moon is 10:38 am to 3:31 pm EST. Work on personal priorities whether it's the landscape or spring cleaning, or an intimate conversation with a sensible tone. Void Moon time may heighten creativity and offer some spaciousness. Aquarius Moon time starts at 3:31 pm. This is an inventive and visionary place for the Moon. Dream up something wondrous or genius. Venus aligns with Neptune for romance and sense of beauty. Today's color is Turquoise.

Monday: Aquarius Moon squares Uranus & the Sun and meets Saturn. The Sun and Saturn form a square of their own. These aspects speak to the need for restructuring, for scrapping what's not working, and for rebuilding and upgrading what's outdated. This could be a building or an agreement. Two forces that seem to oppose each other initially could lead to something bright and inspiring if you're willing to sit with the tension for a bit. Try not to reject ideas too quickly. Think differently. Commit when you find that mix of risk and reason. Neither need overpower the other. Uranus sparks alternative intelligence. Saturn leans into the traditional or sensible. Aquarius indicates collective benefit and/or effort. Mercury squares Jupiter as expansion plans, educational pursuits, and travel possibilities are considered. Again, this is a process. Generally, we may feel the need to grow and burst out of our cocoons. At 10:49 pm EST, Mercury moves into Gemini, so take your time as minds or information shifts this week. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon meets Jupiter, squares Venus and is void of course from 8:05 pm to 10:09 pm EST. Overall this puts relationships in the forefront, whether it's one on one or you as part of a larger group. Aquarius is a sign of the big picture and everything that connects us. It is also a scientific and logical sign. Circulation of information or resources are highlighted. Get word where it needs to go. Share contacts and network. Open to a big opportunity and explore the possibility. Try not to get caught in stubborn, stuck ways of thinking or doing. Listen to one another. Wear Blue.

Wednesday: The Moon entered Pisces at 10:09 pm EST. This is an adaptable and creative place for the Moon. It is also quite emotional and feeling centered. Pisces Moon squared Mercury at 1:54 am and could create uncertainty. If you feel someone is insincere or untrustworthy, pause interactions until you feel more clear. There are many reasons for adjusting and adapting today, including the Moon aligned with Uranus in Taurus at 8:57 pm EST. This will, in some cases, bring surprises such as announcements or even a change in your own feelings about something. Aha moments come. Pisces Moon aligns with Mars in Cancer and though it is harmonious, it can bring up sensitivities and emotions like grief or resentment. Use your resources and breath to soothe, reach out, and avoid acting on emotion only. Today's color is Silver.

Thursday: Pisces Moon, creative, self aware, and potentially sweeter today, as the Sun, Neptune and Pluto form easy lunar aspects. Some will embrace their introversion. It's a fine day for study or daydreaming. Honor your emotions for what they are. Meditate or find quiet time. If the weather agrees with you, walk, garden or swim. Venus forms a trine with Pluto also. Pluto relates to the subconscious mind, insightfulness, dreaming, and relationship to the past. Tune into the back of your heart space for memories and feelings. Allow repressed feelings some kind of expression-perhaps through music, dancing or art. Love all the layers of yourself. Help others in their process, without grounding in their issues or energy. Today's color is Green.  Chakra Flow through Breathing Room highlights Sacral and Heart Chakra flow today at 5:30-6:45 in person or on zoom. 

Friday: Pisces Moon gives way to Aries lunar energy at 7:52 am EST. Void Moon from 3:36 am until then. Hopefully you had sweet sleep or dreams and maybe Venus contributes some inner peace. Aries Moon tends to 'get us going'. Act on goals and projects. Let inspiration lead you. Feel your inner spark or flame and stoke it for positivity and vital life force. If you're stuck or unclear, move your body and calm scattered thoughts. Find a good outlet for restlessness. That could mean taking a walk or run or laying down for a meditative nap. Aries Moon in harmony with Mercury in Gemini often means an abundance of thoughts and options. Deal with one thing at a time. Know when to say when or step back. Get things down on paper to see them from another perspective. Try not to let your mind overpower you or your words overpower anyone else. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Aries Moon with a variety of aspects, continuing yesterday's influences and ideas. The Moon squares Mars and aligns with Saturn which could test our patience or increase emotional pressures. Venus squares Jupiter and one effect is the effort needed in relationships, both one on one or within larger groups such as colleagues or friends. Take good care of you, and let the rest unfold. Notice pushy people and agendas. Step back and be the observer as necessary. You may however need to step in when witnessing inappropriate use of power or control. Stay grounded in the right action for the situation. Venus moves to Gemini at 10:01 pm EST. It's a changeable place for the planet of love, and we may feel intrigued and interested in new relationships of all kinds. Today's color is Orange.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Full Moon Forecast April 25th-May 1st, 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio is Monday night around 11:30 pm EST. Known as the Flower Moon, this one's got claws with Mars in Cancer forming a trine and Saturn in a tenacious square. 

I'm fully vaccinated and so happy to be! My symptoms after vaccinations were very mild. And this gives me confidence to be back in the yoga studio and outdoors with friends. I will continue to teach classes virtually since for some people it's the best option, plus it is convenient for us, isn't it!

Monday Virtual Yin/Yang Yoga 9-10 am register at Scarborough Maine Yoga website

Wednesday Virtual Gentle & Restore register at Breathing Room Me website

& Gentle Yoga for the Town of Falmouth 10-11:15 am weekly. This session is Full, but they are registering for the next session, the month of June, now. Go to Falmouth's website for Community Activities to sign up for June. We are in a large gym with masks on & chair yoga for the 1st half of class. Chairs are provided. Bring your own mat to classes. All adult ages welcome.

Thursday This is now my signature class. In Studio & Virtual Chakra Flow 5:30-6:45 pm. Register at Breathing Room ME website. Every week two or more Chakras are highlighted through posture, affirmations, and personal energy work. April 29th Crown to Root is our theme. Reiki inspired, yoga based, with reflection built in. Expect class to be gentle to moderate and slow paced with longer holds and pauses for self energy flow, visualization, sensing, and self assists with hand placements. 

I would love for you to join us in studio where we have room for 6 distanced, with masks. Most of us who are there weekly are already vaccinated. Virtually, join a group that zooms in from Midcoast Maine to Florida. Increase your body wisdom, intuition, and self care. Sign up at 

Sunday: Mercury and Venus are active influencers this weekend. Today, they meet in Taurus. This increases energy for having heart to heart talks, feeling more open with people we love, and maybe leading to engagement and other relationship commitments and decisions. Yesterday, Mercury and Uranus met, so timely events may be precursors to collaborative and personal changes. Venus & Mercury also square Saturn, and we'll reflect on commitments and plans, knowing we must take them seriously. Enter agreements with your whole heart as Taurus favors longevity and will make partnerships strong and/or hard to uncouple. If you buy a home this weekend you are likely to be in it for a long time, maybe a lifetime! The Moon is in Libra and nearly Full on this day of personal announcements and shifts. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Full Moon in Scorpio, the Flower Moon, peaks at 11:32 pm EST and it blooms passionately. This Moon of extraordinary extremes in fixed sign Scorpio with fixed sign Taurus Sun invokes commitment and unyielding loyalty and dedication is called for. The Moon starts out in Libra, squares Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, and is trine to Jupiter in Aquarius.  Void of course Moon is from 8:40 am to 12:18 pm EST. Gravity, weightiness, and internally focused describe this morning's mood. Try not to skim, ignore, or rush. Listen to your intuitive sense and follow that. Joining forces and working together is also favored with the Jupiter aspect. Be sure you're fully in and aligned with the group before getting involved more deeply. This is a time of long term involvement and agreements will not be easy to get out of. Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Mars in Cancer. This is a mixed aspect since resentment or other difficult feelings may influence our minds and our actions. At best, you could feel highly creative and intuitive and have such a peak in that way. At worst, you could feel compelled to act out of anger or feel rage that has nowhere to go. Emotions will look for release. The other planet strongly influencing the Full Moon is Uranus, opposing the Moon in the wee hours of Tuesday. Uranus equates to sudden events or awakenings. You never quite know what Uranus activity will bring on. One thing to keep in mind is that fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus do not give up or give in easily. And both signs appreciate a warning and preparation rather than unexpected word or change. Practice loyalty, commitment, follow through, and tuning in to how you really feel (vs how you think you're supposed to feel). Pause before acting, so that you're not overreacting. Wear White today. 

Tuesday: Pluto goes retrograde at 4:04 pm EST. I won't say it's nothing, but this happens for months every year and it's an outer planet. You could notice this retrograde most strongly if Pluto inhabits a very important place or forms a significant aspect in your personal chart. In a general way, Pluto retrograde affects our internal reflection and may lead us down a rabbit hole of unhealed experiences. All in all, that can be a positive thing, leading to deeper understanding or healing. You may enter a personal process during the retrograde. It could be something you don't talk a lot about or share. Pluto relates to our secret inner life. Full Moon in Scorpio with some tough and tenacious aspects, such as the opposition to Uranus and the square to Saturn in Aquarius. This looks like a difficult day, or at least one that points out conflict and radically different views, opinions and approaches as the Moon also opposes Venus and Mercury. Patience is called for, and that includes patience with yourself and your partner if that's applicable. Some agreements and promises are up for renewal and review. Facing and confronting problems and unspoken differences is highly likely. Try to be reasonable and listen deeply. Not everything can be solved immediately. Stay connected to your intuition and if possible let intuition override negative reactions. How we feel in one moment can change within hours. Use extra patience and call on all your wisdom in order to respond in a way you'll feel good about and not regret. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Post Full Moon, maybe things will mellow out some. If it's been intense, you may welcome the shift to fire sign Sagittarius Moon which helps us brush off and move past what's unnecessary. If you dealt with things that aren't really 'your stuff' though you had to be involved and affected, the Moon sign change may help you most. The Moon aligns with Pluto for a sensible perspective, and squares Jupiter which can help you decide who to keep distance or limits with. If a group is draining you, time to say goodbye or take a break. Today is for opening doors, airing things out, noticing what inspires you, learning and experiencing some different things. Void Moon from 8:31 am to 11:42 am EST. Use those hours to regroup, simplify, clear some clutter (just remember where you put items if you actually clean), and begin to refresh. Sagittarius Moon aims to set you free of what holds you back. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon brightens moods and open us to new ideas. This isn't going to be true for everyone since some situations are grave. However, if life is relatively ordinary considering our current circumstances, this Sagittarius Moon inspires and feels like a re-set. Follow your bliss. Mercury aligns with Neptune in Pisces for creative flow. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Meetings of brilliant minds are favored this morning as the Moon aligns with Jupiter. Schedule group meetings for brainstorming ideas or acting on plans. Break through stagnancy even if it takes some work and motivation. The time is right before Mercury retrograde happens in late May. Plan a trip or buy a car if either is on your agenda. Void Moon is 9:27 am to 12:16 pm when the Moon moves to Capricorn, a good sign for business owners and those of you seeking new opportunities. The Sun meets Uranus in Taurus reigniting some of last week's Full Moon eventfulness. Some decisions and changes will be announced now. The Sun brings the final result or news out into the open. Decisions made now are likely to take hold and persist. Tonight, the Moon and Mars are opposite. If moods are a bit cranky or you get into a disagreement, blame the Moon and Mars. Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon with a lighthearted mood or happily productive vibe fueled by trines to The Sun today and planets in Taurus and Pisces tomorrow.  It's May Day, a festival of sensuality, fertility and abundance. Buy some plants or flowers. Feast your senses. Weekend aspects are mostly harmonious. Do what you enjoy and bask in the results of creative work. Wear Green today.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Sun in Taurus & Waxing Moon Forecast: April 18th to 25th, 2021

The Moon will be Full on Monday, April 26th at 11:32 pm EST. Waxing Moon this week as the Sun enters Taurus on Monday, the 19th. Happy Birthday, April Taurus!

Chakra Flow for the 3rd Eye are well timed for this Thursday at 5:30 pm. Guided yoga energy work in this class every week. In studio for 6 masked, and virtual for all. Sign up through Breathing Room to explore 3rd Eye energy this week. Buy a pass & join any & every week at a discounted rate.

Peaceful vibes!


Sunday: Cancer Moon combines with Uranus' power for wild mood swings that may include elation, intense sensitivity and loving feelings. Cancer Moon is the Moon in her home sign, bringing all lunar traits and relationships to the forefront. Intuition tends to be strong and we may have emotional charge we're not quite sure how to channel. Home related projects and water related activities are two suggestions. Build and create something inspired. Read cards. Take a salt bath and bathe your crystals or sage the house. These are examples that could lead you to whatever releases emotional energy for you! Wear Light Green (for the Cancer/Taurus combination and for your heart). 

Monday: We begin the day in Aries and end it in Taurus! The Sun changes signs at 4:33 pm EST. Mercury also moves to Taurus today at 6:29 am EST. Mercury is grounded and driven while in Taurus. Renew your New Moon intents and goals. The Moon remains in Cancer on the east coast while Leo Moon begins at 11:11 pm Pacific time. Another Cancer/Taurus day brings home and garden type projects to the forefront. The Moon and Neptune are in harmony for water related things like building a pond or pool or setting up a fountain. Our creative flow is also highlighted! It is 2nd quarter Moon, so aim for and notice progress. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: At 2:11 am EST, the Moon moves into Leo, and it's quite a big shift when we go from water to fire element. Our day is full of squares. They challenge us to progress, extend our efforts, push the boundaries, and sometimes to find consensus~ such as what we are willing to live with even if it's not our ultimate ideal. The Moon in Leo leans toward optimism, though Leo is not known as compromising. You may shine up an idea to make it attractive or stage a home to help it sell (for examples). The Moon squares the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all in Taurus. When Leo and Taurus square off, it's powerful for manifesting an amazing product or effect. Think of Bono and the Edge of U2 who are Taurus and Leo. The issue can be compromise since both are strongly opinionated and may have trouble giving up control or letting go of an inspiring idea. Listen deeply to one another and open yourself to possibilities especially if you're working through a big project or process. Would yielding be beneficial? Today's color is Gold. 

Wednesday: Leo Moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius. If you're feeling very stubborn, ask yourself is that ego, or is that for the good of yourself and all involved? This opposition can lead to major commitments and agreements, promises, and serious involvement. Some will have a lighter day and not notice the Saturn effect which comes across as gravity, pressure, and need for wisdom. Some will have taken care of this yesterday and feel a sense of relief. As we move closer to Full Moon, work toward deadlines. Thursday begins with a void of course Moon, so try not to procrastinate. Diligence is key word today. Consequences is another. Important things are up for decision during this part of the lunar cycle. Wear Purple.

Thursday: Earth Day. Let's take a few breaths for and with the Earth, the planet that is also breathing itself. We are at a crossroads in the long term survival and thriving of this planet. Can we see beyond our immediate wants and not bypass what is really going on and has been for a long time? Honor the Earth by planting or cleaning up or in some other way and feel your connection to the ground you live, love, walk, see and swim. Sense of place is in the forecast today as the Moon changes signs at 9:08 am EST. First, the Moon opposes Jupiter and aligns in harmony with Mars. Both planets are in air signs, highlighting our thoughts, intelligence, and wisdom. Wise action is suggested for the early hours today. Combine intuition with realistic sensibility. (Today at 5:30 pm this is part of the theme of Chakra Flow through Breathing Room and you can take class online!) Virgo Moon from 9:08 am on acts favorably with the Sun and the planets in Taurus. This can be romantic, sensual, giving, service oriented, empathetic, and also productive. An unexpected idea, solution or plan is something to follow up on! Virgo's element is Earth, bringing us to ground in our actions, celebrate or reconsider sense of place and roots, and to take care of the planet. Virgo is also mutable, giving you a chance to change your mind or recent course. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: We are very much immersed in earth element with a Virgo Moon and planets in Taurus and Capricorn influencing today and Saturday.  The Moon and Venus form a harmonious trine for lovers of texture, flora, and spatial design. It's a good day to redecorate, paint and redesign. It's also a day for the senses and romantic love. Mars moves to Cancer today. That's not a very happy, comfortable place for fiery Mars. Passive aggression and resentment could build in the days and weeks ahead. Take note if you start feeling old grudges or become frustrated with unresolvable conflicts. Try not to waste or drain your energy with envy or manipulation. Later tonight, the Moon opposes Neptune which can bring flux and sometimes leads us to let down our guard. Make sure your boundaries are clear and intact as necessary. If you give a little will someone then take too much? Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Mercury and Uranus meet as we are very close to Monday's Full Moon. These two come up with wild plans and ideas that just might work! Don't be shocked about sudden changes. Things that make you go "Whoa". Also, follow up on major brainstorms. What once seemed way out there is now here and, in some cases, well timed. Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto for reflection on our needs and feelings. Take some time to go inward, quiet, meditate or have open minded rest. It would be a good day for yoga nidra. Find one online and listen! (I'm actually doing a yoga nidra training this weekend. There are no coincidences, really.) On Soundcloud app, find Annie Okerlin. She is one of my favorite meditation guides and a personal friend. From 6:50 am to 12:06 pm EST the Moon is void of course. I'd schedule quiet time then. Journal or recover from the week. Do something calming. Libra Moon squares Mars this afternoon which could be emotionally challenging and create stalemates where nothing can be done until there's clarity. Today's color is Lavender.


Monday Yin/Yang 9-10 am Scarborough Yoga virtual only

Wednesday Gentle/Restore 8-9 am Breathing Room virtual only

Thursday Chakra Flow 5:30-6:45 pm Live for 6 with mats & masks on, Virtual option and recording available. Breathing Room sign up

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training virtual Saturday and Sunday 9-5. Sign up at the two studios above!

Friday, April 9, 2021

New Moon in Aries April 11th-17th, 2021

Yoga Nidra Sunday 4 pm virtual on zoom through Breathing Room. Sign up for this restful meditation, attend live (or wait) & receive the recording Monday morning. I scheduled this one for New Moon!

Sunday: New Moon is actually at 10:31 pm EST. Act after New Moon to sync with its' strongest power. The Moon meets Mercury today for access to new or needed information, for meetings and important talks, and for planning and acting on what's next. Here's are some examples of likely new Moon effects sign by sign. White is today's color.

Aries: New agreements with yourself and an important redirection in your life. For some this relates to career, relationships and roles and choosing your self over your work. 

Taurus: The planning stages. Things in the works that you may be keeping quiet about for now. Allowing yourself to be creative with work and employment. Relationship and work overlapping.

Gemini: New friends, colleagues, becoming more social or collaborating. Connecting to community.

Cancer: Career and the side of you the world sees. Front and center, taking on new and important roles.

Leo: Teaching, learning and broadening your opportunities. Potential travels. Communication and education related prospects where you expand your mind and others' minds. 

Virgo: Agreements about money, investments, wills and other legal contracts or processes. Co owning or dividing property. Meshing spiritual ideals with earthly ventures. 

Libra: Forward thinking related to relationship, marriage, and other partnership decisions. Family and commitment.

Scorpio: New or restarting projects. Changing routines and starting new rituals for self care.

Sagittarius: Love and creativity. Feeling more alive. Mixing love and money, such as working together or starting a joint venture.

Capricorn: Roles & balance of power in your family or household. New home or renovation projects. Refreshing living space and energy with parents, children, and partner. 

Aquarius: New contracts and projects, potential job offers. Writing and creating for publishing and sharing purposes. Communication, especially with siblings. News or opportunities to commute, travel, relocate. 

Pisces: Financial agreements including salary increase. Relationships with colleagues and questions related to mixing work with social life. Go for that new job with strong support from this New Moon.

Monday: Act with intention and New Moon energy! After Aries New Moon was exact, the Moon met Mars, planet that gets things moving. Mars, Jupiter and Venus support this New Moon, and all are encouraging, opening vision and opening opportunities. Sense what you're truly inspired by and excited about and clear the way to make it happen. Pluto in Capricorn squares the Moon, and squared Venus on Sunday. Both are in Aries. This points out tension between what you've held close or inside, and what is ready to really emerge and become. Relationships and emotional life may be up for reconciling with other desires and pursuits. For example, you may really want a job or relocation and that may have emotional implications. Is there a way to go forward without compromising something you care deeply about? Void Moon 8:06 am to 1:44 pm EST. Taurus Moon helps us land on solid ground, ready for commitment and full of persistence. Today's color is Orange.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon meets Uranus (every month). It's a challenge to hold your balance and stay steady even with a shifts all around. The Moon also squares Saturn which can be highly challenging and this time involves growing up, stepping up, continuing to work hard, and being willing to work with others. A group project may require intense effort today. The Sun aligns with Mars for the mental energy needed, lots of ideas, and running full force into new situations. Brilliant minds thrive with this aspect, so expect bright, bold ideas to come forth. Wear Gold.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon all day, and Venus makes the move to Taurus at 2:22 pm EST. Taurus is also the 2nd sign of the zodiac, so perhaps 2 is the number of the day (numerology says it's 5, just for reference).  Taurus Moon sync with Neptune in Pisces for the softer, mellower, creative soul or side of life. The Moon also squares Jupiter for the ambitious side. All contribute to growth, whether through watering the plants or nourishing the ideas, or through gathering more wisdom and being willing to share and/or listen to other bright souls with different views or sets of knowledge. Some will feel introverted and reflective today. Some will feel that way but still need to collaborate and contribute. The Moon aligns with Pluto tonight for those who want to process, think, and decide how to proceed. Give each other space or quiet. Void Moon starts at 8 pm EST until 2:35 am. Today's color is Pink.

Thursday: The Moon enters Gemini at 2:35 am EST. This sign of the mind sets us up for brainstorming, studies and travels as well. Things are set in motion. The only major aspect today is a sextile, which is harmonious and sometimes easy, between the Sun and Jupiter. Air feeds fire. Something may be coming back to life. Aquarius, where Jupiter is,  signals inventive approaches and team work. Aries, where the Sun is, lends New Moon energy to things restarted and begun this week. If all this fiery energy is too much, do some journaling or doodling under Gemini Moon and get it out on paper. And/or find a book on a topic that inspires you during this Moon of learning and teaching. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday: Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn in Aquarius. It's a fine day for a group meeting, a sharing of ideas or results, or even a job interview. It's more of an extroverts' day. If you're feeling unsure or disorganized, write notes before meeting with others and you'll feel more sorted and confident. Intelligent action and communication is favored. Also today, the Sun squares Pluto continuing an undercurrent that's been with us since Sunday. If you've been reflecting on something in a quiet way, something very personal, this may be the time it comes clear or is ready to be shared. The square represents a need to draw upon courage and 'have the guts to' face something difficult or scary. You may feel emotionally vulnerable in this. Gemini Moon squares Neptune late night, at 11:15 pm EST. I always feel like we need to be on our guard with this uncertain square. Tonight, don't over share or say more than is needed. Use creative thinking to get past intellectual blocks. Don't overthink. Keep this evening chill. Today's color is Violet.

Saturday: Gemini Moon is active with planets overnight and early morning. This could lead to overactive mind during sleep hours. Most of this looks positive and may relate to excitement about plans or new relationships or other activity going on now. Void Moon 8:08 am EST, and we might feel a bit hungover or overdone, either burned out, tired or overly energized. Time in nature may help replenish. Leave anything frustrating or not well timed for another day. Mercury aligns with both Jupiter and Mars, so instead you could be on a roll. Some thing will happen very quickly even if you expected they were days or weeks away. Offers and opportunities are likely. The Moon moves to Cancer at 3:25 pm EST, drawing focus to relationships, particularly with family. The Moon and Venus are in harmony for ease and for romance. This favors date night at home, reconnecting, or intimate gatherings of close family or friends. Create comfort. Wear Light Blue.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Aries' Peak Time: Astrology for April 4th-10th, 2021

My new class Chakra Flows started April 1st. Join me Thursdays virtually or be one of 6 in person at Breathing Room in South Portland. This yoga is slow, deliberate, reflective, and intended to recreate healthy flow between chakras. Thursday, April 8th we'll move energy in the root through solar plexus channels with focus on the psoas muscles, spine, diaphragm, and hips. 

Sign up at & join us at 5:30 pm -6:45 or receive the recording to use for 48 hours beginning Friday morning. 

We are on our way to Aries' New Moon. It'll take all week to get there. Decluttering is favored. 

Hey, it's great to be back in person for a couple of classes! I'm teaching for the Town of Falmouth on Wednesdays & Breathing Room on Thursdays, live. Also a shout to Creating Space Yoga in Portland where I taught my first class in over a year on the last evening of March. Thank you for having me fill in & for welcoming me into your community! 


Sunday: Happy Easter for those of you celebrating. And happy end of Passover this weekend, as well. Capricorn Moon squares both the Sun and Venus in Aries today. We may be in conflict about our priorities, feeling like we should work even if recreation or celebrations call to us too. Consider a things to do list that you can get back too when you have free time. Venus and the Sun in Aries pull us toward light, love, and festivity. New ventures and new relationships begin to bloom. Notice what sparks excitement, like a flutter in the heart. The Moon and Neptune align for creative projects and vision in the afternoon and evening. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto at 3:05 am EST, the beginning of a 6 hour void of course time. The morning may include late sleeping, awareness of dreams, and possibly some anxieties or fears cropping into our consciousness. Pluto aspects often include realizations that come from the depths including our pasts. Something may arise in order to be healed or reconciled. The Moon enters Aquarius at 9:04 am EST and sync with Mercury in Aries. This leads to progressive and groundbreaking thoughts and plans. Get like minds together for a new project. Clear the air and clean your space. Share ideas and allow others to give input and build on them. Today's color is Turquoise. 

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon favors team efforts and future planning. The Moon squares Uranus overnight and meets Saturn at dawn (6:32 am EST) which gives weight to whatever must be stabilized or requires effort and commitment today. Aquarius relates to the ankles and our circulation, and this translates to stability and healthy flow. Can you bring these concepts into your individual purpose and situations you're connected to? Uranus can lead to excitement or anxiety. Aquarius tends toward a sensitive nervous system, so while the Moon is in this sign, would slowing down and going step by step be beneficial? Commitments and promises should be honored and not entered into lightly with Saturn's influence. On a different note,  Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini are all about connection, especially mental connection. This could mean meeting someone you could converse with for hours, sharing ideas and experiences in common. The Moon is also in harmony with the Sun, Mars and Venus for overall good vibes between friends, lovers, and favors collaborating. Yellow is today's color.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon makes one more aspect before changing signs, meeting Jupiter at 6:05 am EST. This sets us up for opportunities, interviews, expansion plans, teaching and learning. Use your mind, exercise your brain, read a good book or article, ponder ideas, apply for school or another program. Envision what your next endeavor could be and in what way your talents can benefit the world. Void of course Moon leaves plenty of time for daydreaming, journaling, drawing, and reflecting during the day until 4:30 pm EST when the Moon enters Pisces. This could make a nice day off to do what you like and follow your interests. Pisces Moon tonight highlights the emotional side of life. Help out, show love or generosity, and don't overdo anything. Wear Light Blue.

Thursday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Some will feel this as upheaval, such as something unplanned that must be accommodated or processed. Some will feel this as excitement and feel ready to dive into a project such as gardening, painting, rearranging or building. Creative life force rises for some. If you're feeling low, it may help to go to your favorite pastime, something that feels constructive or where you can see the immediate results and progress that are favored by the sign Taurus. Pisces Moon reminds us that our feelings are strong and ever present, even when their tone is quieter or overshadowed by what we have to do. Remember to also BE, and tune in to offer some love and understanding to your self. Today's color is Light Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon and Neptune both square Mars in Gemini. This can feel a bit out of sorts since one is supremely emotional while the other is mind based and on the move. A combination of, or even conflict between, thoughts and feelings could be too much. The heart and mind may want two different things. Pisces emotional sensibilities seems stronger as the Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Pluto, drawing us more inward and down regulating. Go slower, aim for ease. Be kind to yourself and to someone else.  Creatively, work through a stubborn block by resting your mind rather than pushing. Notice great ideas or visualizations that happen when you're not overthinking. Dream and daydream, meditate and draw or paint. Void Moon starts at 7:48 pm EST. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: This is the day before New Moon. It's a time for reconsideration, reviewing and preparing to take a new direction. Aries Moon lends energy to all of this from 2:11 am EST on. Mercury in Aries aligns with Saturn in Aquarius to highlight our roles in groups we belong to or contribute to. Some will discuss or accept new positions where commitment and/or leadership are called for. Venus aligns with Jupiter, also in Aries and Aquarius, firing us up about possibilities, seeing the big picture and filling in some beautiful details. Abundance, prosperity and progress come from creative and open hearted collaborations with this aspect. Think forward rather than back. Though we can learn from and take from parts of the past, this season is about moving ahead with new and re-created plans, ventures, and even relationships. Aim for improvements, even improving upon what seemed good before. Agreements, promises and acting together rather than individually continues as a theme throughout the weekend. Aries' New Moon is Sunday at 10:31 pm EST. Venus has just a few more days in Aries. Take a full breath recognizing there's incredible potential in the air right now. Go where you're inspired. Wear Red today.