Saturday, May 26, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 27th-June 2nd, 2018

Summer schedule and events like monthly Full Moon Yoga outside at Brick Hill posted here!

Sunday: Scorpio Moon and Jupiter meet and other planets have friendly aspects with the Moon as well. Abundance and long term commitments favored. The Moon is nearly Full for a sense of completions. Red is today's color.

Monday: Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury in Taurus. There's great power and meaning as well as longevity in what is agreed to or spoken today. Make sure you really mean what you say or write. Loyalty and follow through are to be expected. Void of course Moon 1:25-6:29 pm EDT, then a shift to Sagittarius a much more changeable sign of movement and fluctuation which may come from early evening on. Today's color is Purple.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury moves to Gemini at 7:45 pm EDT. Mercury changing signs creates change and uncertainty, and today it may be best to wait something out. Most of all, try not to be reactive, allowing things to sit with you for a while before expressing displeasure or a promise, for examples. The Moon is Full at 10:20 am EDT, in harmony with Mars, while Neptune is square to the Full Moon overnight. Activation, adventurous spirit and attitude, and desire for change come naturally. Yet a need to be skeptical and not dive right in without some questions and information gathering is necessary. Someone may misrepresent or something shiny may have less than a silver lining when  you take a closer look. So take that close inspection and wear your safety gear or have a friend watching your back just in case. If you need some movement in your life, this is the Full Moon for you. Today's color is White.

Wednesday: At 2:26 am EDT, the Moon squares Neptune is and then void of course all day long. This is a day to be free of commitments, able to take a spontaneous adventure or invitation. It may not be the best day for business, meetings, or making agreements that you hope to be binding. Avoid major purchases. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon time starts at 5:27 am EDT. Opposite to Thursday, this is a day to do business or feel productive at home, work on a business plan or finances and organize. Moon trine Uranus and meets Saturn. It's all earth sign energy and the earth may call for our attention in any way. Notice any goings on around the land where you live, even your foundation, and see if something needs attention. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: Mercury trine to Mars and Venus trine to Jupiter indicate ease as we enter agreements, move from here to there, and come up with collaborative ideas. It's a beautiful day for some healing, self care, and follow through on what inspires you. Capricorn Moon with a variety of aspects, void of course at 11:37 pm EDT and for many hours on Saturday. Green is today's color.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon begins at 6:06 pm EDT and before that the Moon is void of course.  Consider relaxing or doing simple tasks rather than over-doing anything. Venus in harmony with Neptune in the water signs, for healing, self care, creative projects, music and film. Enjoy something you love. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 20th-26th, 2018

Sunday: Leo Moon square Mercury and Jupiter. Find points of agreement or decide what you can live with in terms of consensus. Notice the positives. Sun moves to Gemini at 10:15 pm EDT for the 3rd phase of spring, and the void Moon is 11:30 pm EDT through much of Monday. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: The Moon remains void of course in Leo for an uncommon kind of Monday, with spontaneous plans and surprises arising. Virgo Moon breaks the spell at 10:03 pm, square to the Sun at 11:49 pm EDT and it's back to business. Slow down late night thoughts with long breaths. Today's color is Brown, rich earthy browns.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon dances with Venus in Cancer and nods to Saturn in Capricorn. There's a blend of business and productivity while not forgetting friendship, feelings, and romance. Engage both left and right brain . Mercury aligns with Neptune for whims and daydreams along with creative planning. Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon is quite active with planets overnight into morning, finally in trine with Pluto in Capricorn at 10:55 am, the beginning of void of course time. It's likely you'll wake up with much to do or places to be. Most of the aspects are positive and easygoing! The Sun in Gemini aligns with Mars in Aquarius for progressive thinking and energetic collaborations.  Ground in hands on work and tangible results. Today's color is Indigo.

Thursday: Libra Moon time starts at 2:52 am EDT. Mixed aspects and disagreements may alternate with upbeat outlooks and willingness to work together on solutions.  Contribute to the solution or a good cause. Think partnership, teamwork and justice.  Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Libra Moon square to Pluto and Mercury and Pluto are in harmony add depth and meaning to both discussion and how we deal with important matters. Acknowledge something that's been suppressed or skimmed over. If there's an 'elephant in the room' it may be time to put it in plain view. Jupiter and Neptune align for deep emotions and healing the past. Void Moon time starts at 5:04 pm EDT. Friday's color is Lavender.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon takes over at 9:39 am EDT. Opposites will be obvious and clear. Venus opposite Saturn relates to family and business as well as how things are organized and follow through. Moon opposite Uranus brings strong feelings and opinions to the forefront. Surprising news or world events, like natural occurrences, draw attention. The earth is changing and responding and we'll be seeing that during this Uranus in Taurus cycle. Today's color is Maroon.

Full Moon Yoga in the park, under the rising Moon, on Wednesday, June 27th at Brick Hill in South Portland, Maine from 7-8:30 pm. Save the date and check out Sunshine Factory, our studio host. Rain location is inside this colorful, vibrant studio. $15
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Friday, May 11, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 13th-19th, 2018

Friday through Sunday, I'm offering Restorative Yoga Teacher Training at Scarborough Yoga (Maine). One class will be open to the public on Friday the 18th at 5:30 pm at the usual drop in rate, while space allows. Consider signing up in advance at And it's not too late to sign up for the training and begin offering restorative yoga postures or classes! Registration is at the same website until Wednesday, May 16th.

For Sunday's forecast, see last week's post.

Happy New Moon this week! Robin

Monday: Taurus Moon opposite Jupiter retro in Scorpio. Effects of last week's Sun/Jupiter opposition may take hold or arise as feelings/emotions. There's a sense of permanence that may play into whatever is happening now. Moon aligns with Neptune and Saturn, very different influences yet the theme of buying in and planetary support for long term decisions is strong. New Moon is tomorrow. Clear the way. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: New Moon in Taurus 7:48 am EDT. Pluto and Mars support the Moon. This is powerful energy, strong medicine, and a time for persistence and recognizing what's thriving whether it's been tended or not. Some things make their presence known with a message like "I am not going away." It's time to recognize what has grown strong. Uranus makes a bold entry to Taurus for a new era. If it wasn't obvious before, it will be now, that we must tend to our earth and find firm ground in a rapidly shifting landscape. Uranus will be in Taurus until November 7th and then step back to Aries until March, spending most of seven years in Taurus until 2025. Many things are likely to  change radically including the way we buy/sell/invest and exchange money and goods. Mars and Uranus square overnight into the morning and it's a highly volatile and charged up aspect. Step lightly and remain aware and clear in the mind. Uranus changing signs is associated with sudden and major events such as natural phenomena like earthquakes for example.  Gemini Moon starts at 4:43 pm EDT after a very short void time. Today's color is White.

Wednesday: Mars moves to Aquarius at 12:55 am and squares Uranus at 3:04 am EDT. Struggles and conflicts will be unyielding and fierce. Gemini Moon square Neptune is highly unpredictable and can be duplicitous. Today's color is Black.

Thursday: Gemini Moon void of course 2:18 to 5:47 pm EDT. The Moon and Venus create a social vibe. You may meet someone interesting to network with, share ideas, begin a friendship or date. Cancer Moon moves in for the evening and aligns with Uranus for some uncommon events, perhaps including family communication or news and changes around home life.  Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Cancer Moon with multiple planets in contact, and Mercury aligns with Saturn in earth signs. Expect agreements to be made including job offers and home or business leases or purchases. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon until 7:11 pm EDT, and Venus moves to Cancer at 9:11 am EDT. Cancer is the sign of home and family. Take care of home and all who live there. Settle a family issue with sensitivity. Venus and Uranus align for strong attraction like love at first sight or at least a feeling of that possibility. Leo Moon this evening is social and events may glitter and the party goes on into the night. Moon and Mars are opposite and some couples, friends or competitors may feel the tension. Today's color is Gold.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 7th-13th, 2018

Monday: Aquarius Moon square to the Sun, the mark of 4th quarter Moon at 10:09 pm EDT. The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Gemini for friendly meetings, dates and collaborations. Mercury and Pluto square and there may be disagreements about how to accomplish things. Willingness to let go of an outdated method or belief may help. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with Mercury and Uranus for progressive ideas and team efforts around an initiative. Moon square Jupiter while the Sun opposes the same planet and there may be discussion or conflicting opinions about how to grow or move forward.  The Moon is void of course at 10:29 pm to 11:11 pm EDT. Pisces Moon begins at 11:11 pm. Perhaps you'll make a friend today. Wear Light Green.

Wednesday: Compassion, sensitivity and adapting to change characterize the Pisces Moon today. Enjoy making or appreciating music, film and art. Wear Light Blue.

Thursday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, aligns with Jupiter, the Sun and Pluto and squares Venus. Attending to personal relationships and priorities is favored. Bring gentleness and kindness to any situation to transform it. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Void Moon is 5:02 am to 8:40 am EDT, then the Moon is in Aries for a change of pace. The shift may feel abrupt or intense. Early morning emotions may need tending and acknowledgement.  The Sun and Pluto align at 7:10 pm for grounding through changes and for depth of feelings and in personal interactions. Remind yourself not to overdo, push or be overbearing. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Aries Moon. Mercury squares Mars. Disagreements could turn nasty and arguments or conflicts heat up quickly, especially battles of words or wills. Maintain composure and use self control. Today's color is White.

Sunday: Mothers Day in the USA features Aries Moon until 2:15 pm EDT and the Moon changes signs with barely a skipped beat and only 10 minutes void before then. Mercury, the Moon and Uranus meet in Aries for quickness and spontaneity. The downside is that we could come on too strong or seem insensitive. Grand ideas and plans may be born of this trio. Taurus Moon moving in draws us to comforts and domesticity. Mercury also moves to Taurus today for long term decisions. Today's color is Pink.