Thursday, April 28, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology May 2nd to 7th, 2016

Monday: Pisces Moon

Waning Moon in Pisces begins the business week. A mix of planetary influences indicate that creative energy swells while analytical work and negotiations are challenging (at best). With Mercury retrograde, get back to personal projects and priorities.  Future scheduling and planning is unreliable, but you can still do it knowing that dates may need to be adjusted later.  Nurturing, healing, planting and other ways of connecting to earth and water are favored.  The past may come up for resolution. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Pisces to Aries Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

The Sun and Jupiter harmonize in Taurus/Virgo. This favorable aspect puts blessings on many things today, including health and abundance.  Aries and Leo are favored financially.  Sagittarius and Leo also get good career vibes and shine in the public eye.  Taurus and Virgo fare well overall. Pisces Moon is void from 1:08 am to 1:04 pm. The Moon and Mercury retrograde lead to surprise reunions and requests for second chances. Aries Moon starts at 1:04 pm and by tonight the Moon is approaching a trine to Mars retrograde in Sag. Keep interactions simple and avoid showing anger. Things could flare up quickly or unexpectedly all through Wednesday. Wear orange.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn while both retrograde in Sagittarius. Unresolved business and matters of truth come up. Uranus chimes in from Aries and Pluto from Capricorn. Ideally this brings an enlightened idea, but it may not be received well enough to fly.  Alternately, this could be way too much fire. Be careful with anger, tempers, and strong reactions.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Aries to Taurus Moon

Aries Moon is void from 12:17 am EDT to 1:17 pm. All bets are off. The Aries meeting of Uranus and Moon overnight can create shock and sudden onset of feelings or reactions.  That's rarely welcome or useful. Try to tame your own responses and not add to a volatile mix, if it exists around you. Taurus Moon at 1:17 pm leads to New Moon at 3:30 pm on Friday. Today, rethink your priorities and course of action. Do something cozy tonight and stay in trusted territory if possible. Wear pink.

Friday: New Moon

Taurus New Moon is official at 3:30 pm EDT, and today the Moon meets both Venus, planet of love, and Mercury, now retrograde, along with the Sun. Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune harmonize with the Moon. It's an auspicious day and many things will go easily, but do not forget that five planets are retrograde. Avoid trying too hard, pushing where there doesn't seem to be any yield, or acting on impulse. The retrogrades are meant for processing and there will be silver linings and clear reasons why delays and things occurred. Do your best not to miscommunicate.  Enjoy the earth, people around you, and sensual pleasures including healthy, delicious foods. The Moon is void of course from 10:10 pm on. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Taurus to Gemini Moon, Sun trine Pluto

Sun trine Pluto is a chance to check in with yourself. Are you being realistic and showing your true colors, or are you hiding things or pretending problems don't exist?  Face yourself directly today. The Moon moves into Gemini at 12:35 pm, and opposes Mars. Emotions could be difficult to deal with. There's no winning an argument. It appears that everyone loses in that case.  Today's color is black.

Sunday: Mother's Day, Gemini Moon

Gemini is sign of siblings. Cooperating with yours is a good idea for a happy Mother's Day. Planets indicate challenge today and it may present as mental, intellectual or relate to boundaries. Know your limits, but act with sensitivity as much as possible.  Be clear without being harsh.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology April 25th to May 1st, 2016

Thanks to all who have joined me for RoZoYo®, Robin's Zodiac Yoga, since 2013. I'm celebrating 3 years with yoga and gallery style readings Saturday at Scarborough Yoga. Thanks to Cakes Extraordinaire for creating the birthday cake we'll share.

RoZoYo® continues this summer outdoors beginning Thursday, June 2nd, 7-8am on Congress Square in Portland. Bring your own mat and water, get a great yoga start to your day and some astrology insight along the way. It'll be free. Thank Friends of Congress Square Park on High and Congress Street for keeping this important public space alive with great events.

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

Let's start by clarifying retrograde dates with relevance to this week. Mars is retrograde until June 29th. Endeavors begun now, even with a strong start, are likely to wane and lack luster over time. It's not a favorable time to start a business, for example. Saturn is retrograde until August 13th, Jupiter has been retro since January and will be direct on May 9th, and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is April 18th to September 26th.

The primary time of retrograde focus and effects will be now through May when both Mercury and Mars impact our activities, plans, moods and communication.

On this particular day, the Sagittarius Moon meets both Mars and Saturn, both retrograde. The tendency is to revisit old business and run into stumbling blocks, obstacles and possibly negative attitudes.  Sagittarius Moon doesn't usually bring out the sensitive, tactful side of people. The Moon squares Jupiter retrograde in Virgo. Questions come up about growth, development, expansion and health. Neptune in Pisces is also squaring the Moon. Be aware of escapism, toxicity, and unrealistic thoughts or plans in your dealings with others.  This is probably not the best day to make a long term agreement or establish trust.  It's worth looking over old business and considering outdated thought patterns and systems, but not the best time to change them. Brainstorm and revisit later on.  Even vacation like plans may not go smoothly. Today is about remaining flexible and open minded as well as non committal. Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The Moon in Sag is void of course, waiting to change signs, from 11:51 am EDT to 7:54 pm. More of yesterday's vibes weave through these hours.  Spontaneous plans happen more readily and fluidly.  The Moon aligns with Uranus and Venus. Relationship eventfulness is likely. You may hear of a breakup or have to confront someone you're close to. Do those things with care since Uranus is very volatile and unpredictable.  Don't assume anything today.  Capricorn Moon brings earth back into the mix this evening. It's a more efficient time for studies and other work.   The Moon approaches a trine to the Sun, exact in the morning. Head and heart may align more easily and decisions that have to made come together with fewer uncertainties.  Mercury retrograde is very close now, so act with care including terms of agreements that must be understood well. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon harmonizes with Neptune, Jupiter and the Sun. The most favorable aspects of the week are here if you must time something. Imagination, helpfulness, productivity and confidence get a boost.
Work outdoors, build, take care of plants, trees, the earth and your bank accounts.  Today's color is green.

Thursday: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Mercury retrogrades in Taurus from 1:20 pm EDT to May 22nd. The Moon meets Pluto retrograde and trines Mercury retrograde in Taurus today. Avoid important business, old triggers and patterns that get you into trouble or out of favor with someone you care about or work with.  The Moon squares Uranus in Aries, which is also not helpful at all. I just wouldn't pick today for anything that could go very wrong or miss the mark completely including personal conversations.  Today's color is yellow. Read more about Mercury retrograde here.

Friday: Venus in Taurus, Aquarius Moon

The Moon is shortly void of course, from 3:07 to 4:47 am EDT and then in Aquarius, a sign of vision and intellect.  Moon squares Venus overnight and forms a sextile with Mars. In love and relationship, some will get a rocky start today. Venus changes signs at 8:36 pm EDT. The planet of partnership and harmony is kind of impulsive and bold in Aries, but in Taurus she's right in her element. It's a sensual time and pairs with Mercury in Taurus for relationship reconnections. Sometimes reconnecting simply means paying attention to each other again. Use this time to improve your relationship while staying off topics of major opposition. Those can be dealt with later in the spring/summer. Have fun together again for now.  Moon and Sun square tonight in Aquarius/Taurus. These are fixed signs so you may notice or feel stubbornness or persistence.  Wear pink today.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon in Aquarius favors gatherings. I chose this Taurus date for my Robin's Zodiac Yoga birthday event. Of all the Saturdays at this time of year, I like this best for social events. It's also reasonable for attending to old business, reviving interest in projects that were abandoned or unfinished, and for spontaneous ideas.  The Moon does square Mercury retrograde so communication and technical problems may crop up. Be prepared and have a plan B just in case. Void of course Moon begins at 10:56 pm. Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Pisces Moon, Sun trine Neptune

It's a very Pisces/Taurus sort of day. Enjoy comfortable places and situations. Be with people you trust and love without condition. Bask in the sun, play in the water, and eat good food. Fishing and planting are favored in the almanacs. This makes a nice lazy or outdoorsy Sunday.  Show empathy. Be creative. Avoid  dinner time or late night arguments as the Moon squares Mars. Pointless debates are indicated, and there's unlikely to be agreement or solutions, only hard feelings.  Take care of yourself and each other. Blue is today's color.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly April 18th to 24th, 2016

Monday: Virgo Moon, Venus trine Saturn

Mars is now retrograde. Grand openings and elective surgeries are two things to schedule outside this time period, through June 29th. Things don't tend to have the desired results, the aura of success and excitement, and the precision when Mars appears to retrace his path. Any kind of launch is better timed with Mars direct. Mars is in Sagittarius, so I think world travel may be restricted or full of challenge too, through June. Mercury retrograde begins on April 28th and adds to the delays and other effects. Pluto retrograde starts today, but has a less intense personal impact.
May is a month to schedule around rather than in.

Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Taurus. At 8:29 am the Moon is void of course until 7:24 am EDT Tuesday. A relaxed and simple day is called for. Take care of usual tasks and follow routines. Venus in Aries aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is like a young woman befriending a grandfatherly man, where youth meets wisdom or a free spirit appreciates an ancient text and the laws of nature. These are symbolic examples of how very different forces can come together for best case outcomes today. Venus is quite active in Aries this week and status changes will become noticeable. Do you want more freedom or a bit more structure in your relationship? Both are possible and easier to come by today. Have a relationship conversation or interaction even with void of course Moon, which also can relax the circumstances.  It's a good day to find forgiveness, but maybe with terms of agreement to live by. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Sun in Taurus, Libra Moon

The middle of spring comes as Sun moves to Taurus at 11:29 am. The Moon is in Libra as of 7:24 am. Both signs are ruled by Venus, planet of love, harmony, and beauty.  Venus squares Pluto for confronting fears around love and relationship. Trust issues come up. Pluto is in heavy, earthy Capricorn, emotionally reserved, and Venus in enthusiastic, bold Aries. These traits may be in conflict, looking for middle ground, either between two of you or within yourself.  Squares create the kind of tension that leads to progress or breakthrough.  Work through a relationship perception or reality today. New love may suffer from some fear of going forward. Libra Moon has no special aspects and encourages compromise, sense of beauty, and friendly meetings.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon opposes Venus, squares Pluto, and is in harmony with Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius. You may find yourself thinking and re-thinking situations today. The tendency to over-analyze can get in the way of any action. If the pros and cons are clear, buy or do before Mercury retrograde.  Air sign Libra is intellect. Negotiate skillfully with logical reasoning.  Make time to dance and hear music. Full Moon warmup is ever present, so conclusions, finalities, and the last word could come now. Today's color is lavender.

Thursday: Libra Moon opposite Uranus

Wild ideas happen overnight into morning as the opposition of Moon and Uranus occurs at 2:13 am EDT.  Sometimes a spontaneous burst of energy or thought is worth following up, yet other times it turns out to be too impulsive and not a good plan at all. Give yourself a bit of think time before acting overnight and through the day.  Uranus in Aries is both ingenious and volatile.  Air feeds fire, so watch out where flames or electricity are involved. The Moon is (near) Full today, so many things will be exaggerated, amplified and at peak point.  With a void of course Moon from 2:13 am to 8:17 pm EDT, take no unnecessary chances.  Scorpio Moon moves in tonight at 8:17 and is full at 1:24 am EDT. Today's color is white.

Friday: Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon of all that's secret, hidden, mysterious and potent, Scorpio Full Moon brings out issues that are tough to tackle, sometimes difficult to express or discuss, and emotionally based.
What we became aware of and immersed in during last month's lunar eclipse may reach another level of completion too. Also, on this day, Venus and Uranus meet in Aries. Flashes of inspiration lead to brand new things, including relationships. This could prompt love at first sight. Quick developments and changes in partnerships are likely. This mini Full Moon looks small from earth, but don't let that mislead you. It will draw out innermost feelings, concerns, and potentially self expression.  The Moon is Full at 1:24 am EDT. Today's color is indigo.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon opposes Mercury in Taurus and aligns with Pluto. A continuation of Full Moon realizations, unraveling of mysteries, and strong statements ensues.  Things we'd rather not face or make public come up at times like this. Protect your privacy.  Keep promises, and commit fully or not at all.  Void of course Moon starts at 5:46 pm. Today's color is maroon.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

At 8:46 am EDT, the Moon moves to Sagittarius, sign of free thinking and philosophy.  The next significant aspect of the Moon is a meeting with Mars retrograde on Monday morning.  Enjoy travels and good books while the Moon stimulates ideas, knowledge and different perspectives. Clear your schedule of unnecessary appointments. Philosophical conversations are likely, but watch out for spontaneous arguments as the Moon approaches Mars. Old problems are best handled another time.
Today's color is purple.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly April 11th to 17th, 2016

April 30th at Scarborough Yoga, discover and experience how each sign of the zodiac and every planet correlates with your body, mind, and spirit as we celebrate 3 years of Robin's Zodiac Yoga, RoZoYo® with a sequence that moves around the zodiac and body in a special way.

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Monday: Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon squares Jupiter overnight setting us up for problem solving. Get right to it. It appears there's no time to waste today. Writing, meditating, setting up terms and contracts are favored. Intellectual energy dominates the day. Try not to let anxiety result from overanalyzing, which could be a tendency. At 2:57 pm EDT, the Moon moves void of course. Do business and your best thinking before then. Debates are likely as the Moon opposes Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. Solutions could come rapidly though as the Moon aligns with innovative and speedy Uranus in Aries and with the Sun for decisiveness and quick action.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Venus trine Mare

After an overnight void of course time, the Moon moves to Cancer at 4:07 am EDT. Watch yourself for mistakes during the v.o.c. when locking yourself out or leaving doors unlocked, misplacing things or bigger errors in judgment are more likely.  Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, and Neptune aligns with Mercury in Taurus. A nurturing, creative, sentimental feeling results. Take care of whom and what you cherish.  Venus and Mars align in Aries/Sagittarius, exciting for lovers traveling together, for new relationships, and for moving on things which require partnership agreement and may include spontaneous action.  Many things go over well today. Harmony from these aspects reaches all signs. Wear light blue.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon has mixed influences today. Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony, in earth signs. This helps us get things done and eases conversations. Intimacy, growth in understanding and caring are some effects.  Pluto is across the zodiac in a monthly opposition to the Moon, and Uranus and the Sun in Aries square Cancer Moon. These aspects often recreate patterns of fear, tension, and anxiety. If you know those things could come up, maybe you can head them off with preparation and healthy boundaries or personal habits. Talk yourself out of an emotional pattern you could do without. Responses are important today. Try not to engage in old arguments or known triggers especially with family or within  yourself. Void Moon begins at 11:59 pm EDT and lasts into mid morning. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Leo Moon

At 9:53 am EDT, Moon moves to Leo. Mercury aligns with Jupiter for ease in agreements, promotion of good health, and important conversations.  Leo is the zodiac's optimist and we have the practical aspects to take positivity into action.  Communication and prosperity as well as public speaking and performances are favored. Do something great today! Wear gold.

Friday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is active with several aspects, continuing yesterday's optimism and adding a need for serious intent and strength or courage. Make a bold, long term decision before Mars and Mercury retrograde kick in (Sunday and April 28th in that order.) Saturn adds wisdom and the voice of experience. Take your time (hours, not days!) with the terms of a long term decision. If it's not ready yet, maybe wait until at least late May. There's fun to be had, as well. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon

Leo Moon lines up with Aries Sun and Uranus. Today's qualities and events take on a competitive, original, dynamic tone.  Fast paced and with reckless abandon in some cases, the world could seem a bit wild.  On the upside, spontaneity is favored. On the other side, keep your head on straight as others may not.  On the road, for example, keep your eyes and ears open.  Enjoy a good time on a social day. From 1:48 to 7:23 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course (be extra aware or careful), and then moves to Virgo. Mars retrograde begins Sunday. Travel, among other things, may be delayed and restricted in the next several weeks. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

It's an earth bound, grounded day for tasks, sensibility and honesty especially with oneself. Pluto brings up issues that are often shelved or considered taboo. Those topics will be faced and discussed. This can be done productively and without excessive emotion. Avoid areas of strong disagreement as Mars retrograde begins at 8:14 am EDT until June 29th. Show sensitivity and try to act from a non judgmental place. The Moon and Jupiter meet for blessings, health and abundance. Note what you're grateful for. Today's color is brown.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Week April 4th to 10th, 2016

Monday: Pisces Moon

 Pisces Moon moves in at 1:45 am EDT, squares Mars and meets Neptune. The sensitive and subdued clash with the bold and brazen today. Find comfort in creative projects, drift from one thing to another and expect to feel.  Those out of touch with feelings or driven to a goal could unintentionally hurt feelings by overlooking something like a birthday, a pressing need or a job well done. Sharp edges can be smoothed with conscious attention and a bit of empathy.  Tone the fire down during Pisces Moon and you'll get along better with others. If you're being overly sensitive and letting unintended slights bother you too much, maybe you can put that in perspective and just do your own thing.  This is a good day to remember the phrase "never take things personally".  Care for pets, immerse in natural surroundings, and be inspired.  Work on music, art, film, landscape and gardening, and anything water related, like boats and surfboards.  Light green is today's color.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon, Sun trine Saturn

At 6:33 am EDT, the Moon begins a long void of course time in Pisces. Until 2:46 am EDT Wednesday, life is likely to feel less grounded and our minds less sharp. The Moon makes a few early morning moves including a square to Saturn, and the Sun forms a harmonious trine to Saturn which balances things out. Saturn means responsibility and wisdom along with challenge and sometimes restrictions and rules.  As today's prevalent force, Saturn is likely to bring decisions and announcements.  The Sun in Aries says 'bring on the new!'. Saturn reminds us to think twice and commit when we're sure.  On this void of course Moon day, leave room for altering your course of action as soon as tomorrow. Agree only to the right terms and resist or delay if something seems out of place. Venus moves to Aries at 12:50 pm EDT, and spring fever is here with the planet of love in the first sign. Revitalize your romantic life during April. Mercury crosses the threshold to Taurus today for strong voice and long term agreements for the next few weeks. Note that Mercury retrograde starts on April 28th. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Aries Moon conjunct Venus, Sun square Pluto

Aries Moon time starts at 2:46 am EDT. As Venus and the Moon meet, new relationships excite and may create some anxiety too. Crushes heat up, romances refresh, and everything new is appealing.  We're more likely to act on our passions, try things, and allow for spontaneity. Also, today the Sun squares Pluto in a struggle between light and dark. This could manifest in self doubt or conflicting plans or opinions. Try not to let doubt spoil what's exciting and full of promise.  Talk yourself down if need be.  Breaking with tradition could be both attractive and difficult. Be courageous. New Moon is tomorrow, so reconsider your course and prepare for fresh starts. Today's color is red.

Thursday: New Moon in Aries

New Moon is at 7:24 am EDT, and Uranus, the revolutionary planet, is next to the Sun and Moon. Pluto squares the Moon and Saturn forms a harmonious trine.  Vibrations of last month's solar eclipse fill the air. We'll hear about or announce next moves.  Sudden and surprising opportunities present themselves. Stay in touch with sources of whatever you need or are hoping for. Pluto can pull our energy inward, and some negativity or doubt could surface. However, the fire of Sun, Moon, and other planets in fire signs is stronger. Turn down the volume on judgment, shame, or low self esteem. Reach for the brass ring, the winning situation, and clear physical and mental space.  Think of today as a blank canvas ready to be filled with color. Avoid overthinking. Say yes to that thing you really want, the one you know is right. College acceptances are definitely part of this as Saturn aspects the New Moon from Sagittarius, sign of higher learning. Void of course Moon 10:56 am EDT until Friday morning. Today's color is white.

Friday: Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon moves in at 2:10 am and meets Mercury. We'll mean what we say. It's a day for follow through, so commit if you're absolutely certain. Know the terms of agreements and pursue your goals with methodical, step by step plans.  Prosperity and comfort are Taurus Moon values. Create both to the best of your current ability. Visualize having everything you need, provide something that makes life better for yourself and someone else.  Do something rather than just talking about it. Taurus rules your voice and throat and Mercury rules words. Statements hold power today. Moon and Neptune align for taking dreams to a real, tangible level. Make something happen. It's a good night for gatherings with your closest friends. Prepare or enjoy a great meal. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Void of course Moon

It's another long void of course Moon during waking hours from 5:49 am EDT until after 1 am Sunday. Major purchases are not recommended, though if you've done your research and are just making the payment on something you ordered, you're probably safe. Save receipts and clarify return policies if you're buying. We like to shop during Taurus Moon, when abundance is celebrated and acquiring is natural. Moon trine Jupiter sets up a strong day. Exercise, spruce up your home, and enjoy being outside or otherwise engaging your senses. Pleasurable activities are favored. Live in the moment. Sun meets Uranus, pointing out all that's changing. It's a party night, though we always want to be a little bit cautious when Uranus is active. Have fun and respect limits.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

At 1:59 am EDT the Moon moves to Gemini. During this changeable and versatile Moon time, think differently, choose wording and negotiate terms.  It's a social day, marked by Venus in harmony with the Moon. Form new friendships, travel in groups, and surround with like minded people. Mars is opposite the Moon and can instigate arguments or maybe healthy debates. If you must debate, so it with intelligence rather than dominance. Construct support for your opinion if you are out to convince.  The Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Avoid irrational or unrealistic thinking. Be imaginative with projects and writing.  Today's color is pink.