Friday, January 25, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone January 27th-February 2nd, 2019

On February 9th it's Self Care Saturday at Scarborough Yoga as Addie Powers Johnson and I again offer Restorative Yoga with Reiki and Aromatherapy from 2-4 pm. We have some space for you if you sign up today at Let us take care of you for a while. Give yourself this opportunity to replenish and encourage wellness in body, mind, and spirit.
We only accept advance registration and 14 participants so you receive ample attention.
You can also read about my March 2nd intuitive arts workshop at the same link and sign up for that is happening and halfway full too.

Yoga teachers, I'll be offering a 6 hour workshop for Yoga Alliance CEUs on the first day of Maine YogaFest, June 28th, Friday 8:30-3:30. Versatile Teaching Within and Beyond Vinyasa.
More info on the Maine YogaFest website and Eventbrite ticket link.


Sunday: Void Moon between 12:21 and 2:31 am ET, which is a more convenient time for void of course Moon since most of us are doing 'less' during those hours. It's geared toward a dreamy sleep and un-doing. Release something as the Moon wanes all this week. Scorpio Moon 4th quarter square to Mercury and the Sun. It looks like a serious discussion and planning day with personal business on the agenda. Wear Maroon.

Monday: Scorpio Moon for a focused, get it done attitude. Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are in harmony with the Moon. Whether you need to use the right brain or left brain today, the planets are on your side. Creative or business-like, organizing or taking apart, it's a good day to make it happen. Void Moon time starts at 5:39 pm and some rest and relaxation may be due or routine tasks taken care of. Wear or meditate with Indigo Blue.

Tuesday: The Moon wanes, yet we had two eclipses this month so the eventfulness continues with a New Moon peak, crossroads, or turning point coming on February 4th. At 9:33 am  ET the Moon moves to Sagittarius, a fire sign with a thirst for experiences, knowledge and adventure. The Sun and Mercury meet in Capricorn, bringing news, significant meetings and information. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon with mostly favorable or easy aspects. This is the sign of truths and Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter contribute as you get to the heart and core of something important to you. Neptune adds a square from Pisces. Can we be mutable and willing to entertain different ideas/ideals without losing sight of our true beliefs that we need to stick by? This could be a lucky day! Wear Purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mars and meets Venus. Relationships are today's priority and focus. Love could be exciting and some will have relationship news to share or celebrate. Saturn aligns with Neptune and these planets' influences are entirely different from one another. Taking a dream to reality makes sense as does creative problem solving. You might get some unexpected support or advice. Uranus adds the surprise or wow factor. Void Moon 5:33 to 7:47 pm ET. Today's color is Green.

Friday: New month! New Moon is on Monday in Aquarius. This is a rethinking, reconsideration time. You might want to edit your manuscript, screenplay or other masterpiece. Capricorn Moon. Mars squares Pluto which isn't always comfortable. It's in the name of actively letting go of fear or unworthiness. Encourage your confidence or someone's self worth. Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon for Groundhog Day. All things Capricorn activate as the Moon meets both Saturn and Pluto. It's likely that many important and life type decisions are pending. Some will commit to a course of action, something very real. Moon squares Mars in Aries. Progress and how to go forward is the question to muddle through. Venus and Uranus bring the relationship element in. Is a major life decision impacting your closest relationships now? The decisions and impact may not be how you expected them to be. This is Venus's last day in Sagittarius and she's going out with a toast to free will! Today's color is Red.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone January 20th-26th: Lunar Eclipse in Leo

This eclipse is the final of this 2 year series in Aquarius/Leo.

More insights on the daily facebook post. For now here are your Moon signs and colors.
I'm teaching a mini retreat of workshops on March 2nd if you're interested. See workshops link for info on Reading Tarot Cards and Inviting your Spirit Guide within Yoga Nidra meditation. We did this on January 19th as well and had a wondrous and magical day! The March 2nd date is about 1/3 of the way full as of today, January 20th.

My Sunday morning post about this eclipse:

The Lunar Eclipse is after midnight here on the east coast. Uranus is the planet most involved with the Moon, indicating wild turns of events, and anything ranging from high energy excitement to emotional distress. Emotions are red like the blood moon, think passion and anger, emotional triggers that bring a rush of blood to the face and head. That's the symbol for this Leo degree, the first degree, 'a person experiencing a rush of blood to the head from emotional stress'. The message is wait until things calm down before you react too quickly, say or do something you would regret, or act in a rash way. Emotions wax and wane. This will be a peak emotional time for some people. Emotions aren't bad and some emotions are welcome. You could be incredibly excited about some news, an opportunity, and simultaneously feel sad or guilty because either that news will hurt someone else or because you'll have to make a big change in order to pursue this. That's one example, and it is actually a likely one.
Eclipses often mean people in our lives come and go, and in this case, it's more about leaving or ending a way of life. Yet Leo is magnificent and heart centered, so follow the rhythm of your heart in the days ahead. This Full Moon is not the best time for a permanent type statement or decision. A few days later once things have calmed down or become more rational and clear, is a better time for announcements and choices. 

Sunday: The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is after midnight tonight, so technically it's on Monday where I am though where you are it might be Sunday (Central and Pacific time zones for example). Leo Moon at the very beginning of this sign's 30 degrees. The Sun changes signs, to Aquarius at 4 am ET.  Moon moves to Leo at 10:54 pm and is void in Cancer 8:50 pm until then. Emotions and situations are coming to climax and conclusion. Leo is an opmtimistc, expressive sign for this lunar eclipse. Gold is today's color.

Monday: White is today's color. Leo Full Moon with Mars and Venus as a supporting players and Mars square to Saturn. Serious agreements and long haul decisions. Loyalty is very significant wit this eclipse that concludes a 2017- 2019 cycle.

Tuesday: Leo Moon void at 8:19 pm to 10:22 pm ET and then to Virgo. We are still in Full Moon eclipse mode with news and changes, surprising turns of events and aha moments. Venus meets Jupiter in Sagittarius for expanding your mind and perspective and themes of freedom prevail. Today's color is Indigo.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon. The Moon begins to wane and getting back to routine could feel good or necessary. If you're getting ahead of yourself, take a step back. Feel grounded in your day. Use your mind and hands and body to feel present.  Avoid running from the issue, if there is one. Today's color is Brown.

Thursday: Virgo to Libra Moon. Th shift is at 11:02 pm ET. Void of course Moon is 8:50 am ET and all the hours between. Check your calendar and know where you need to be. Take care of routine tasks and make sure to double check or remind anything that could be forgotten. Like the stove and candles...make sure they are off or extinguished before you move on.  Mercury moves to Aquarius at 12:49 am ET and when Mercury moves it's a good plan for us to pause and notice rather than rush into things. Today's color is Lavender.

Friday: Libra Moon. Mars trine Jupiter in fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. Some things may go very easily and harmoniously today. It might be a fortunate day to reach out for what you want and take action on important matters. Orange is today's color.

Saturday: Libra Moon opposite Mars and in harmony with Venus. Relationship focus. Today's color is Pink.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone: January 13th to 19th, 2019: Between Two Eclipses

Find my schedule of yoga, astrology, and tarot classes and workshops here! March 2nd Tarot Lessons and Yoga Nidra Journey at Scarborough Yoga is a 4 hour retreat for expanding your intuition and allowing your subconscious wisdom to arise. The first date sold out and this one will be online for sign ups by Wednesday this week. See

This week the Moon is waxing toward a January 21st Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo. It's the final eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius cycle over the last two years.

Sunday: Aries Moon and we're about halfway to full so this is go time in many situations. Aries is the initiator and activator. The tension of squares including Jupiter square to Neptune means lots to work through. Notice what you really need to push for because it's right or necessary. Choose words and supporting facts well and in advance if someone needs to be convinced. You'll put in effort for what you accomplish today and tomorrow. Jupiter is Sagittarius is standing by with the yes and the inspiration required. Mercury and Saturn meet in Capricorn. This will not be a lazy Sunday and may not be a funday either. Focus on what needs to be done and agreed to. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: 2nd quarter Moon 1:48 am. Halfway between two eclipses, the Moon grows in light. Moon meets Uranus fresh off the retrograde, at 10:56 am ET and is then void of course. The wow factor and in some cases, a change in the plan. It could set you off balance at first. Void Moon is from then until Taurus Moon time starts at 1:31 pm ET. Taurus Moon sign is for loyalty and persistence as well as enjoying the good things in life. If success is yours, celebrate with cake or something that satisfies you as much. Cake baking is a Taurus Moon type activity. Mercury aligns with Neptune for a creative way with words, music and self expression or acting. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon. Think longevity, commitment, and actions to back your words. Similar to Monday, the Moon aligns with Saturn, Mercury and Neptune. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon until 8 pm ET with a void of course Moon from 1:34 til then. Those hours in between 1:30 and 8 can be considered unreliable for important business and a better time to exercise or relax. Do the easiest tasks in that afternoon time. Save the complex for another day unless you're done by 1:30 pm (or your time zone adjustment ie 10:30 am Pacific). Gemini Moon for a social evening out or study time. Today's color is Gold.

Thursday: Gemini Moon opposite Venus, in harmony with Mars, feels like chemistry between people, either for friendship or romance. It's likely to create flirtatious and charming vibes. The Moon is also opposing Jupiter and square to Neptune and Gemini is kind of a shapeshifter of a sign, indicating duality, so be cautious and reasonable about with whom and where you put your trust. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Gemini to Cancer Moon 10:44 pm ET and the void of course time begins at 8:32 pm ET. So there's all day for business, negotiations, homework and writing as well as editing. We are getting closer to Full Moon and this may be the day to get lots done on a project or prepare for something else due soon. Venus and Mars are in harmony for dates, personal communication, and excitement about new love interests. The Sun square to Uranus and also Mercury and Pluto meeting also put significant business on the agenda today, and outcomes may surprise everyone involved. Today's color is White.

Saturday: We're back in the Full Moon and also the eclipse zone. Intensity builds and in some cases the news or strong foreshadow of events coming right up are evident now. Full Moon is Sunday overnight into Monday. It's a wild and conclusive Leo Lunar eclipse, also powerful for Aquarius, sign of the Sun as of 4 am Sunday. Squares and oppositions indicate a Lot going on this weekend, and much to be worked out or responded to. Leo Moon begins at 10:54 pm ET Sunday night. Today, Cancer Moon and Capricorn Sun all of Saturday. We are likely to be protective of our closest people and our own best interests. Mars and Saturn are in some disagreement with the Moon so for some it'll be struggle or frustration in action. Today's color is Blue.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone: January 6th to 12th, 2019: Between Two Eclipses

Quick rundown of the planets right now:
Mercury in Capricorn: think planning, sorting, leading, administrating until the 24th
Venus in Sagittarius starts January 7th: freedom, beauty, open to possibilities, inspiration, travels
Mars in Aries: Fired up, action oriented, physical attractions, everything new
Jupiter in Sagittarius: continuation of the 13 month period of Jupiter in his own sign emphasizing free thinking, opening minds, global awareness and community, higher education for the good of all
Saturn in Capricorn: continuation of two years also in her home sign of leadership, careers, public life, growing up, facing what you own
Uranus newly direct in Aries: a final burst for this changeable, rebellious planet in the first sign for rebirths and destroying to recreate
Neptune in Pisces: been hanging out there a long while. Also the home sign of Neptune, dreams and imagination, and on the downside, escapism and sometimes addiction/substance abuse.
This is a lot of planets in their home signs at once. Each is strengthened while in their sign.
Pluto in Capricorn: a long tour for the planet of secrets, undercurrents, our innermost dreams and fears

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn with New Moon was Saturday, the 5th
Lunar Eclipse in Leo for significant and long haul closure and conclusions at Full Moon on the 21st/20th depending on time zone.

Sunday: Uranus direct in Aries 3:27 pm ET. Uranus action can feel similar to an eclipse so the changes and unanticipated news and situations keep rolling like waves. Moon square Uranus and meeting Pluto in Capricorn. Kind of an intense Sunday. Realize many people are dealing with big things, some are unsettling, some inspiring and exciting. Today's color is Blue.

Monday: From 1:20 to 1:46 am ET the Moon lingers void of course in Capricorn, then to Aquarius until Wednesday afternoon. With Uranus in Aries now, and the Moon aligned with Venus and Mars, post New Moon eclipse, we'll see a lot of action on things. Aquarius Moon is for connecting with others who share your intellect and forming groups around a mission or project. Venus shifts to Sagittarius for a more free and open experience of relationship or single-hood. We'll tend to see the beauty and attractiveness of new and interesting people and places. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with expansive and magnificent Jupiter for luck and the gift of an objective perspective. Notice truths as they become clear. Mercury square to Mars may be difficult if you're competing or dealing with an adversary. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon, with void time from 11:53 am to 2:44 pm ET. Those middle hours are best for routine. On either side, significant decisions may be made as we continue to feel the effects and know the implications of last Saturday's solar eclipse. Morning is better for intellectual work and later day and evening for connecting with a friend or someone who needs your support or vice versa. Moon in harmony with Uranus and later square to Venus. Some will feel their feelings deeply and struggle with sadness or loss if that's been the case. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Pisces Moon with aspects to 4 different planets, 4 different types of energy. Some will do serious, meaningful work today and some will daydream or run from responsibilities. The challenge is to remain focused and realistic. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Pisces Moon void of course time begins at 9:25 am until 3:18 am ET on Saturday. Quite the spacey time, yet there could be a good flow and maybe an ability to relax rather than become urgent or anxious. The Sun meets Pluto and the Moon is sextile to Pluto, planet of the hidden and unspoken. Secrets and plans may be revealed, some likely on the corporate level and in other workplaces. Changes in leadership can occur with such activity in Capricorn. Acknowledge your true feelings as you move through whatever is happening. What we hide away eventually has to resurface and that could come today. Our color is Black.

Saturday: Aries Moon starts at 3:18 am ET and meets Mars in the evening for a huge burst of Aries' energy. This is the stuff of newness, action, forward thinking, and sometimes fuels arguments or disputes over who is right or ought to be in charge. Notice what inspires and magnetizes for you. Today's color is Red.

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