Saturday, November 28, 2015

Weekly Astrology November 30th to December 6th, 2015

Monday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is in harmony with the Sun, Saturn and Mars.  This fixed Moon sign can help us regain balance and focus our attention after a holiday weekend.  If you need to make a good decision or get something finalized, aspects are pretty decent. Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius bring philosophy of life, questions of freedom vs responsibilities, and an educated point of view to whatever needs to be dealt with.  Mars in Libra adds extroversion and reflects the social and active energy of Leo Moon.  Connect with each other. Use wisdom in decision making. Today's color is purple. 

Tuesday: Mercury  trine Uranus

Leo Moon, Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries stimulate fire energy. The Moon also aligns with Venus in Libra.  Suffice to say there's a LOT going on. Uranus adds to the quickness and in some cases shocking or unanticipated nature of events.  As Uranus and Mercury align, surprising announcements come. Be careful with travels, either long or short distance, and stay very aware and focused on the road.  Some things fall together quickly and more easily on days like this. Other unexpected things could throw off balance and require fast thinking and responses. Be intuitive. Today has a playful aspect, though competition may tend toward forceful and dominating rather than fun. Void of course Moon starts at 10:09 pm ET and last until 5:09 am Wednesday. Today's color is orange.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon from 5:09 am ET opposes Neptune in Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Different approaches will be obvious and may come across as extreme.  Practical versus frivolous and emotional versus rational are two of the extremes.  Moon and Saturn bring up selectiveness, make us choosy and finicky.  That square brings out philosophical differences.  Things that don't look, feel or seem quite right drive us crazy under this influence.  If today feels unsettled, see if reading or cleaning are calming influences since both can be enjoyable and therapeutic under the circumstances.  Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

4th quarter Moon in Virgo gives us a chance to reconsider details and do some problem solving.  The Moon is active with Sun, Pluto and Mercury and finally meets Jupiter at 11:59 pm and moves void of course.  Finer points, talking points, analysis, and bringing things to proper scale are some of today's preferred activities. Don't skim the details.  There's a bit of perfectionism in the air.  Moon and Jupiter bless Virgo, Pisces' relationships, and Leo financial dealings.  Sagittarius has multiple things to solve and hope for and today includes negotiating and possibly a positive career event or recognition. Void Moon begins at 11:59 pm ET. Today's color is brown.

Friday: Void of course Moon, Venus to Scorpio

Void of course Moon lasts until 5:34 pm ET. Venus changes signs and has a passionate, committed while also jealous and vengeful influence for the next 4 weeks.  Venus in Scorpio is a good time to show loyalty and renew strong feelings while keeping a handle on negative emotions and obsessions.  Mercury squares Jupiter for more negotiations especially for Virgo and Sagittarius. There's much to be discussed and sorted. Look for agreeable outcomes after the effort has been put in. Differences of opinion will come up and need to be reconciled if anything is to move forward.  Libra Moon makes for a social evening. Today's color is pink.

Saturday:  Libra Moon

Libra Moon lines up with Saturn & the Sun, meets Mars, and squares Pluto. There's a mix of ease and effort in the forecast. Avoid passive aggressive actions. Honest, direct approaches are favored. Moon and Pluto can bring up fears and insecurities, and that aspect continues tomorrow.  During Libra Moon, aim for faired, balanced interactions and sharing of tasks and responsibilities.  Today's color is black.

Sunday: Sun sextile Mars

Libra Moon lasts through the weekend. The Sagittarius Sun forms a sextile to Mars in Libra. This is considered an easy aspect and news that's been delayed may come through. Many things happen with less effort and more speed. However, Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn and power struggles ensue. The power play can be two parts of yourself as well as competition or threats from others. Calming influences help and keeping up exercise, meditation, outdoor walks and spiritual practices to stay centered is a good idea. Have a healthy outlet, or a friends to talk with, as emotions or problems may overflow.  One example of this whole day/weekend playing  out is sudden action on something like a separation or divorce that you expected to take much longer. Then blame, anxiety or lack of control take over. It's much better to go running, lift some weights, clean the garage out, or have a long talk and vent to an understanding friend than to stuff the emotions or do vengeful things or live with the fear or negativity. The Moon is void of course from 9:03 pm to 6:26 am ET on Monday.  Today's color is red.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Weekly Astrology November 23rd to November 29th, 2015

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Monday: Aries to Taurus Moon, Venus opposite Uranus

The Moon is void of course until 11:26 am ET and moves to Taurus then.  Venus in Libra opposes Uranus at Aries at 5:13 pm. Taurus Moon grounds us in tasks and is a stabilizing force. Moon and Neptune are in harmony for creative approaches. Uranus and Venus influence relationships in terms of surprises and status changes. In contrast to Taurus Moon, these two shake things up. Effects could be either exciting or startling. Tuesday's Saturn action begins Monday in Pacific time zone, so check out tomorrow's forecast for impact as soon as today.  Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Mars sextile Saturn, Mercury conjunct Saturn

Saturn is a force today, meeting Mercury for clear, honest revelations that are not necessarily easy to digest.  News and announcements come, and it's Full Moon time so the impact is amplified even more.  Mars and Saturn deal with justice, liberation, and the need for courage and maturity.  As a challenging Full Moon moves in, oppositional people and situations energize. Avoid volatile situations and try not to pressure or trigger people emotionally or unnecessarily.  Decisions and final word on things is likely.  Void of course Moon begins at 8:26 pm, and it really is a time to be careful and non-confrontational. Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Full Moon in Gemini

Void of course Moon early on leads to Gemini Moon time beginning at 12:15 pm. The morning or the aforementioned hours tend toward frantic, unfocused, and confusing. At 12:15 pm ET, at least the Moon is solidly in one sign, and Full Moon is at 5:44 pm ET.  This Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius and may involve hard conversations, and answers, though they may not be the ones hoped for.  There's a harsh tone in the air. Soften criticism and statements if possible.  People will be edgy and sensitive or blunt and unfeeling depending on the situation.  Mercury and Uranus increase the startling, blunt tone and Mars and Mercury say we could all too easily fall into arguments and disagreement.  Notice if you're anxious and taking it out on others. It happens, but once you realize you have a chance to regroup and maybe let something go until after the holiday weekend.  Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Gemini Full Moon

Though the exact time of Full Moon is Wednesday, we must consider this Thanksgiving Day Full Moon time too. Gemini Moon opposes Mercury and also engages with Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus. It's a wild and crazy bunch of influences, so perhaps the people surrounding you will be wild and crazy too. Gemini rules communication and conversations, planning, socializing, and problem solving are likely. A variety of feelings result depending on the nature of such interactions. Venus and Mars in Libra are in harmony with the Moon so relationships and dates may benefit and the power of attraction is with the air and fire signs especially. Saturn squares Neptune though, and it's important not to deceive yourself.  See people and situations for what they are and try not to romanticize.  The Moon is void of course at 10:35 pm until 2:27 pm Friday. Shopping is a no no tonight and tomorrow morning, but if you must do it, save those receipts. There's a better chance of changing your mind or a gift not working out somehow. Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Gemini to Cancer Moon

Sentiment and grounding make their way in post-Full Moon. Void of course Moon lasts until 2:27 pm ET.  These hours are not known for our best decision making or judgement calls. Keep it simple, clean, exercise or enjoy music and creative projects. Gatherings are nice too, though people may not be reliable or on time. Make flexible plans. Cancer Moon comes at 2:27 pm ET with no aspects to other planets until 2:28 am, overnight, and then there's a flurry of activity.  Intuition heightens. Clear away trivial thoughts and tasks and focus on what means the most. Spend Cancer Moon time with people you love. Eat together and enjoy sentimental moments and connection.  Today's color is light blue. 

Saturday: Cancer Moon

We're easily led into romantic thoughts or connections as the Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Do keep character and history in mind as you interact. This can help avoid disappointment. For example, if someone is generally a sweet talker and then fails to follow through, don't expect anything different this time if you are influences by him or her today.  Pluto is opposite the Moon and Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra are square.  This is rarely easy, often unpredictable, and in this case relates strongly to fairness and equality.  We are challenged to face fears and shadow sides and keep emotions from overtaking.  Be very aware of surroundings and people's motives, especially tonight. Wear white.

Sunday: Sun square Neptune & conjunct Saturn

The Moon is in Cancer, and then Leo, void of course from 7:46 am to 7:47 pm ET. Again, these hours are not recommended for major purchases or judgment calls. Keep it simple and clear in terms of communication, plans, and tasks. It's not a good time to upgrade systems or file things away since we tend to forget what's done during these hours.  The Sun squares Neptune which is another reason to reserve judgment.  There's a mutable influence as they tour Sagittarius and Pisces, so situations are ever changing and it's difficult to predict or know exactly what to believe.  Being too idealistic or sentimental could lead in an undesirable direction.  The Sun meets Saturn and there is an unforgiving tone to that.  Criticism and other statements come out sharply.  Be realistic about what you're seeking and your method for achieving what you hope for.  As you think seriously about life's direction and your goals, it could be easy to hurt someone else's feelings or burn a bridge under this conjunction.  Moon moves to Leo at 7:47 pm and her next aspect will also be with Saturn, a major planetary player this week. Today's color is orange. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Weekly Astrology November 16th to 23rd, 2015

A very big thank you to all who donated to hOMebase fundraiser for Veterans & their families. Stay connected through Mass General Hospital and the Red Sox Foundation. Peace to all, especially to Paris and France. 


Monday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon signals progress. Construct anything from a building to a statement in an orderly way as Mercury assists from Scorpio. There's a meticulous aspect to what we do as Jupiter aligns with the Moon from Virgo.  Take care without going over the line to perfectionism (which will only cause frustration).  Celebrate the results of your efforts and contributions. About a third of the way between New and Full Moon, this is a good day to gain momentum and keep the ball rolling, so to speak.  Renew your enthusiasm and work ethic.  We may not like to be invaded or disturbed by irrelevant things today.  Be persistent with what matters to you most now.  It's meant to be a no drama day though Uranus in Aries indicates some last minute problem solving earlier in the day.  Check  messages right away in the morning in case that's true.  Void of course Moon starts at 3:53 pm ET.  Business, including important conversations, is best taken care of before then. Our color today is green.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury

Planet Mercury is a key player early this week. Today, the Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio for sharp senses, strong statements, investigating to resolve problems or mysteries, and an orderly way of being.  Focused energy and purposefulness also comes from Aquarius Moon beginning at 2:24 am ET, and from Saturn aligning with the Moon.  There's a lean toward education, training, opening the mind and using mental processes to figure things out and put systems in place.  Take actions that you hope will bring long term results.  Commitment strengthens, and if you're not feeling that, be honest since promises made now are meant to be kept.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Neptune Direct, Aquarius Moon

Neptune direct in Pisces 11:31 am  ET could help reverse delusional behavior and denial. Depending upon how Neptune is placed in one's chart, this may or may not be noticeable in the months ahead. It's likely to impact Pisces and those with planets or Moon in Pisces most.  We don't pay quite as much attention to the planets more distant from earth and the Sun when it comes to retrogrades.  If you need to face reality, perhaps Neptune direct is more helpful.  Also, creative processes and projects may go forward more smoothly.  Aquarius Moon aligns with Uranus for big ideas, sudden enlightenments, and in some cases the answer you've been looking for.   Today's color is turquoise blue. 

Thursday: 2nd Quarter Moon

The Moon shifts from Aquarius to Pisces at 7:21 am ET after a few hours void of course beginning at 3:19 am.  2nd quarter Moon in Aquarius is a time to show the results of what you've been focused on, from changes in health habits to projects and plans in the making.  Review, begin to revise a first draft, and check the status of anything that's due soon.  Moon squares a handful of planets indicating stubborn challenges and effort to get past obstacles and stuck points.  It's not an easy time to convince or sway someone's strong opinion. Today's color is blue.

Friday: Mercury in Sagittarius, Pisces Moon

It's a day for versatile thinking and adapting as Mercury moves to Sagittarius at 2:43 pm ET and the Moon is in Pisces, a sister sign in the mutable family.  When Mercury changes signs it can feel a bit like Mercury retrograde. Factors and minds change. Different perspectives contribute to changes of course.  Today is especially like that as the Moon moves through Pisces, opposes Jupiter in mutable Virgo. Flowing is preferable to wishy washy, and both are possible effects.  Try not to change plans if someone's feelings will be impacted.  Check schedules and if you can't follow through, let the other party know.  The uncertainty of a day like this can contribute to sensitivity and a let down feeling.  Venus squares Pluto for facing the realities of relationship. That could feel a bit dark though it may also lead to sorting out and clearing confusion. If you're willing to confront it fairly and honestly, have the deep, intimate conversations. Today's color is black. 

Saturday: Pisces to Aries Moon

Void of course Moon is 8:23 am to 10:12 am ET. Shopping may best be saved until after 10:12. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in harmony with the Moon while Mars is opposing.  With Mars in Libra at odds with Aries Moon, problems could be quite contentious and competition aggressive. Saturn and Mercury aim to bring order to chaos and structure to indefinite plans.  Today's color is yellow. 

Sunday: Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun moves to Sagittarius at 10:25 am. Aries Moon opposes Venus in Libra and meets Uranus.  With all this fire, anything could accelerate quickly, including disagreements.  Know where you're going and have alternate options available in case situations change with little notice.  Mercury is newly in Sagittarius too, for new focus on truth, higher level thinking, and long distance travels. Void of course Moon is from 2:16 pm to 11:26 am on Monday. Those hours are unreliable and if you're spending money, save receipts. Major contracts or agreements are not recommended during those hours which are prone to forgetfulness, lack of follow through and unclear information or directions. Full Moon ahead, and the warmup begins eventfully. Today's color is red.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology November 9th to November 15th, 2015

Monday: Libra Moon void of course

Monday void of course Moon lasts until 11:02 pm ET in Libra. Randomness of events and thoughts will be common. Lack of focus and flitting from one thing to another or multitasking characterize a void Moon in air sign Libra.  Distractions can lead to errors or loss of balance. Watch your steps. It's a good day to wear sensible shoes and drive very reasonably. There are no aspects between the Moon and planets today.  It's time for preparation and considering all perspectives and options for a significant, decisive New Moon on the 11th. Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Pluto

Three harmonious angles grace this day before New Moon. Decisions with long lasting impact are due, and Mercury aligns with Pluto for organizing the information and sequence of events. The Moon will meet Mercury tomorrow and this is a productive, useful precursor. Determine your own fate today. If you've been avoiding the inevitable, resign yourself to taking action very soon. The Sun in harmony with Jupiter is positive for growth in relationships and business propositions, both. Though Sun and Jupiter are bubbly and optimistic, inclined to promises and magnificent plans, their sign placements now add sensible, serious tone to agreements and opportunities. Try to be sure of what you want right now. Define your terms and expect to follow all the way through with any piece involving time, expectations and responsibilities to be fulfilled.  This is true beyond today, through the next two weeks. Thirdly, the Moon and Neptune form a water sign trine in Scorpio/Pisces. Add elements of order and organization to creative pursuits.  Love and romance are enhanced, especially for the water and earth signs.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: New Moon in Scorpio, Moon conjunct Mercury

The Moon meets Mercury for important conversations and agreements. It's time to solidify and move forward with a plan. Announcements change the landscape, perhaps at work for Libra or Gemini, in long term relationship for Taurus and in family matters for Leo.  New Moon at 12:47 pm, always conjunct the Sun, is also strongly influenced by Jupiter in Virgo. Health is a huge area for decisiveness and positive action.  All of yesterday's forecast can be reread as Jupiter, the Sun, Pluto and Mercury set things up for final decisions. The Moon aligns with Pluto today as well.  This New Moon is significant for promises, even to yourself.  Things put in place and acted on now are considered binding and difficult to reverse. Commitments will be made this week. If you move, buy property, become engaged, accept a new position (possible examples), expect to be with your new situation long term. Today's color is white. 

Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon, Mars in Libra

First of all, reread Tuesday and Wednesday since all of those aspects are relevant and in  motion now.  Add to that as the Moon moves to Sagittarius and meets Saturn, the ruler of maturity, seniority and wisdom.  The Moon is only void from 9:54 to 10:14 am ET. Scorpio Moon aligns with Mars then, just before Mars shifts to Libra at 4:41 pm ET. Mars in Virgo is directly involved and good for doing, building and problem solving this morning.  Mars will not be quite comfortable in Libra, as Mars is the warrior and Libra the neutral, non confrontational sign.  Venus, happy in Libra, aligns with the Sagittarius Moon for love and adventure combined.  Today's color is red. 

Friday: Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Jupiter

Many things come together easily as planets align. The Venus/Saturn combination favors relationship agreements and coming to certain terms you will abide by.  There's both justice and freedom in this equation. Doing what's responsible as part of a partnership requires commitment, yet frees you from worry or the stress of trying to find consensus.  Mercury is also about contracts and terms, aligned with Jupiter in Virgo for the "how to" of the matter. Figure out the steps to take and outlining a sequence or flow chart under these aspects.  Venus is less romantic and more practical today.  Fairness is key throughout discussions and decisions.  The Moon also aligns with Uranus and squares Jupiter. Don't push things too far too fast.  Today's rhythm and attitude is open minded but steady, and problem solving is favored.  Void of course Moon, a time to act with extra thought and awareness, begins at 10:19 pm ET. Today's color is turquoise. 

Saturday: Capricorn Moon square Mars in Libra

The Moon is void of course until 7:21 pm ET and then in Capricorn. Take care of routine tasks and communications rather than the "big stuff. Adventures and weekend type fun are favored too.  Capricorn Moon and Mars indicate challenges in situations where work or responsibilities are not yet sorted out fairly. The result may be passive aggressive and plenty of complaining but perhaps not to the right person.  Deal with authority issues where something needs to be resolved, if you can handle it calmly that is.  Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon is in ambitious Capricorn. If you're not feeling successful right now, you could come down quite hard on yourself.  There's a need for leadership this weekend and if that's lacking, the workplace, family or group might be feeling down.  If leadership is in place, Neptune adds to the flair and creativity of being in charge. Try not to flee a situation that could benefit from your abilities and skills. Contribution is important to how we all feel a few days into the lunar cycle.  Did you get excited, then disappointed or burned out quickly? See if you can revive a good, solid plan if you're job hunting or trying to pull a  purposeful group together.  Moon squares Venus and meets Pluto. Face the shadows and come out on the brighter side or at least know where you're at and acknowledge that.  Today's color is black.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology November 2nd to November 8th, 2015

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Monday: Mercury in Scorpio, Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo

The Moon moves from Cancer to Leo at 10:48 am. Leo Moon squares Mercury newly in Scorpio. This square leads to fierce determination, particularly in search of answers.  We'll notice and experience persistence and strong will. It's a tough square if you need to debate a point, convince others, or find willingness and cooperation. The Moon also engages with Saturn in Sagittarius. This harmonious trine may help agreements, though certain conditions will have to be met.  It's a good day to act on educational plans, like applications. Moon trine Saturn may also help us do the responsible thing.  Mars and Venus meet in Virgo. This blend of masculine and feminine, warrior and muse, sparks love, romance, and also the practical aspect of getting along and managing a happy life together.  Do something kind, nurturing, or unexpected for the one you love.  Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces this favors your relationships most directly. Sagittarius, Venus and Mars favor your career and public life including successful partnerships forming.  Wear pink today.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

The Moon squares the Sun on this 4th quarter Moon day. Uranus plays along with Leo Moon, from Aries. Take initiative today. Act with good, strong intention. It's prime time to clear away what you don't need, from clutter to unhealthy relationships.  Uranus in Aries is a "firestarter" so light that spark under what's been stagnant and won't change without your determination.  The void of course Moon is long, beginning at 8:46 pm and lasting all through Wednesday until 9:22 pm ET. The lingering effect during v.o.c. time is the element of surprise.  It could be a fun night out or day in the making.  Wear red.

Wednesday: Leo to Virgo Moon

Today has no aspects as the Moon is void of course until 9:22 pm and then shifts to Virgo. A spontaneous attitude and open schedule is best. Fun, original, irreverent, and out of the ordinary describe today's energy.  Do watch your step since Uranus had the last word with the Moon and some may move, drive, or act too fast.  Today's color is brown.

Thursday: Virgo Moon, Sun sextile Pluto

Virgo Moon contacts 4 planets with a variety of influences, so the key is flexibility. Many situations arise, and thinking quickly and in versatile ways will help with judgement, problem solving, and knowing your own limits.  Information is important today. Is it useful, honest, and well supported with facts? Ask questions today.  The Sun and Pluto align in Scorpio/Capricorn. Both are introspective, skeptical signs.  Calculated moves leading to progressive change are favored. Business tends toward shrewd and serious.  Take agreements and your own word very seriously. Today's color is navy blue. 

Friday: Virgo Moon

Similar to yesterday, the Sun and Pluto align with the Moon.  If it's been tough to settle something this week, Mercury and Neptune help with creative problem solving today.  Adapt, add or change a variable, and find the point that makes the difference in someone's opinion.  It may be easier to influence a situation or yield to a circumstance.  The Moon meets Jupiter and will go on to meet Venus and Mars, also in Virgo, in the next 24 hours.  All this Virgo action leads to hands on work, creating, helping your neighbors or providing service in community settings.  Pitch in, see results.  Today's color is green.

Saturday: Libra Moon

From 7:47 to 10:14 am the Moon is void of course, then in Libra. Moon meets Venus and Mars in Virgo before changing signs.  This creates harmony and flexibility.  Work on improving relationships. Libra Moon aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius. Justice and responsibility to each other are highlighted.  Teaming up will feel good as long as each of you is contributing. Otherwise it could feel lonely or detached, even as part of a duo or group.  Speak up about what you need to make a situation work. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Venus to Libra

Venus follows the Moon to Libra at 10:31 am ET. Today's Moon square Pluto and Uranus brings up challenging patterns. Old frustrations could become very present.  Inability to connect, act in fairness or face reality are some potential issues. Try to be real with yourself and avoid complications.  Minimize drama and calm anxieties.  Today's color is lavender.