Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Astrology October 1st through October 7th, 2012

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Monday: Waning Moon in Aries/Taurus

The Moon is still in Aries, sign of Saturday's Full Moon, as we begin the business week. We're responding to Full Moon news and events this morning as Mercury across from the Moon sparks discussion and detailed planning. The fine print is important today. Avoid the temptation to skim and miss something.  Announcements will continue as we become aware of decisions made at the end of last week or as soon as this morning. Minds may be more clear and obstacles removed in favor of forward movement.  Saturn opposite the Moon isn't kidding around, and if a deal or a challenge is offered, accept only with the best of intentions to follow through. Saturn's last days in Libra this week will mean final offers and in some cases ultimatums. If it's been hard to negotiate, this may be the time to act, settle, and move on. The Aries Moon and Venus in Leo engage too, and love lives get interesting for the fire and air signs particularly.  If you can manage to have pure fun and pleasure, today is an excellent day for it.  Tonight the Moon is v.o.c. for about an hour and shifts to Taurus at 7:26 pm. We'll be looking for our most comfortable slippers and favorite meal as the Moon truly starts to wane and we let go of some stress or put the past behind us with a sigh, hopefully of relief. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon, Venus sextile Saturn

Taurus Moon aligned with Pluto in Capricorn is about being realistic and getting  our feet back on the ground if life has been stressful or overly busy. Get grounded in tasks at home or work, bills that need to be handled, and routine above all else.  Training or retraining body and mind to work together is a good way to approach the day. Continue with positive new habits and have some control over old habits that don't serve you anymore under Taurus Moon, a sign of persistence.  Take plans to the next stage of development too. Build, structure, plant, or grow a business early this week.  Venus and Saturn continue the relationship work that's happening everywhere now as couples hit the make or break time before Saturn changes signs on Friday and in the wake of that tumultuous Full Moon we just experienced.  Tonight make sure you're fair and be ready to explain and back up your intentions and statements.  Saturn is an indication that sincere effort and intentions are the only way to achieve harmony. Venus in Leo signals commitment.  We find out who's on board and who needs to jump ship this week. Wear green.

Wednesday: Venus in Virgo

The Moon is in Taurus, and Venus moves to Virgo this morning. Both are earth signs, putting emphasis on the physical. Working with the hands, exercising the body, and enjoying the pleasures of the senses is time well spent today.  The Taurus Moon is free of other planetary aspects and continues to help us move toward goals, persist with habits we're breaking or trying to develop, and constructive actions in general.  Planting and working outside are especially favored. Tonight, Venus newly in Virgo opposes Neptune for flexibility, creativity, and romance. Just stay grounded in reality and don't let yourself be fooled. Venus now in Virgo is more domestic, however it can also bring out a certain pickiness that can result in nagging. Venus in Virgo is also sensual and tonight's Taurus Moon enhances the power of the senses as well. Wear brown.

Thursday: Gemini Moon

The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:47 am after 4 hours void of course.  This Gemini Moon is busy. First, a square with Neptune brings up questions of truth from honesty to reliability of information. Whether there is intention to deceive or not, ask questions and don't accept what you hear as fact.  Fantastic ideas could be born of this square and it's a good plan to put them in writing so they're not forgotten. IN fact, get anything important in writing today.  The Moon also squares Venus in Virgo and criticism may cause anxiety quite easily or be misinterpreted.  Be as clear as possible with your words.  Gemini and Virgo will experience this in relationships and at home.  Virgo this is a good day to work on career plans or other things that put you front and center.  Taurus, Virgo and Pisces, Venus in Virgo helps you improve your love life.  Tonight, things may shift quickly and it may be helpful or necessary to be spontaneous or respond quickly.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio

Emphasis moves to Scorpio and the traits and activities ruled by that sign as two planets move in today. Mercury in Scorpio until October 29th and then again due to the retrograde November 14th to December 10th works with us for finding elusive information, solving mysteries, doing creative writing, and figuring out finances.  Mercury in Scorpio is shrewd in business and favors long lasting investments.  It's also a great Mercury sign for poets and songwriters.  Scorpios can use both these planets' energies to organize, engage in a job search or seek new creative outlets.  Saturn will stay in Scorpio through 2014, and those born with Saturn in Scorpio who are near 30 years old will be experiencing Saturn Return. It's a time of lessons and new growth through challenge. The charged topics of sex, addiction and death/afterlife are emphasized for all during this time period and culturally our ideas and protocol around Scorpio matters are set to change. People who suffer with addiction should get a chance and reason to initiate or finally succeed with recovery as Saturn works in Scorpio, and this may be particularly true for those born with Saturn in this sign from November 29, 1982 to early May 6, 1983 or August 24, 1984 to November 16, 1985, the same who experience their Saturn Return now. As far as today goes, Mercury meets Saturn and we work effectively with information and make weighty decisions, hopefully confidently with the Gemini Moon and beneficial Jupiter together and the Sun in harmony from Libra. Gemini Moon gives us the mental energy to get tasks such as study, research and writing done. The Moon is void of course from 5:08 pm until tomorrow evening, and Mercury works with Neptune inspiring artistic sensibility and drawing us into films, music and good books especially mystery novels.  Tonight is fine for relaxing or getting out for some serious fun. Gemini is one of the zodiac's most social signs. Wear  black.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void in Gemini until 8:45 pm EST. Energy is scattered, but it's a good day for adventures or study. Mainly, try not to be over-scheduled or have big expectations of others since we're likely to be late and change our plans.  Flitting from one thing to another makes sense today.  Just when you think you've decided, the plan may change. It's not a good time for promises or long term decisions. Spontaneity rules and we won't want to be bored.  The Moon moves to Cancer at 8:45 and promptly contacts Saturn newly in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  The water signs dominate the night, and though they stir emotion, our expression of how we feel should be positive and loving.  Mars moves to Sagittarius at 11:21 pm and Scorpios have let go of one of three planets currently visiting which may ease a bit of pressure and signal a conclusion of one activity Scorpio's been working at for a month or more.  Mars in Sagittarius sparks our sense of adventure and exploring is appealing in the weeks ahead. Sagittarius and Aries will feel especially attracted to long distance travels. Wear blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is in Cancer, a sign that values security. The Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Venus early in the day. This helps us discuss, find agreement and even forgive.  Venus in Virgo exhibits flexibility in personal relationships. Finding faults is natural while Venus is in Virgo too, so aim for constructive solutions today.  Point out flaws without using guilt and suggest what could be more positive without harsh judgment.  The Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto and some continuation or progress with last week's Full Moon events is in the forecast. We'll be looking for more order where things are unpredictable, and today is prime for some indications of where things are headed.  Tonight Mars squares Neptune and we'll feel like procrastinating and be attracted to imaginative, exciting or fantastical stories or plans.  Today's color is white.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Astrology September 24th through September 30th 2012

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Monday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Capricorn and Mars activates us to move on things, particularly what might be due near Full Moon time on the 29th.  Today is a good time to end procrastination and perhaps settle something before the very unpredictable Full Moon ahead.  Both hands on work and intellectual tasks are well timed. Saturn lends advice so seek it if you need it! There's an unemotional and restrained tone to the day which can help us set aside our personal triggers for now.  The Moon and Sun boost our confidence as they align in Aquarius and Libra later tonight.  This makes tough decisions easier or at least more clear.  The Moon is void from 5:19 to 7:32 pm EST. Schedule a business meeting or process of negotiation today or tonight but avoid those two hours if you want the results to stick.  Tonight is good for social plans, collaborations or work and study. Most anything goes tonight. Wear blue,

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon works with Uranus, Aquarius's ruling planet. This is about overthrowing the current regime, even if that's the one inside your head!  Blast past the norms and regulations today and find a new way.  This is inventive energy that helps us recreate and rethink systems that do not work.  Today is both creative and scientific. Try to prove your theory or try it out anyway if the stakes are not too high.  The Moon aligns with Mercury tonight and we're people and community oriented, more likely to take the greater good into consideration, and better at saying what we really mean.  Have a good conversation or put something in writing tonight. Wear turquoise.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Jupiter

Yesterday's conversations and plans could become bigger ideas today as Mercury and Jupiter expand on what's in the works.  The Moon remains in Aquarius, a sign that can get the job done especially if it involves innovative ideas.  There's a global outlook at work that goes beyond "me, myself and I".  Saturn adds a sense of social justice, from Libra. Looking at the big picture, past our own little worlds, is favored and likely today. Plan community events, meetings and collaborations even if they are last minute. We should be in the mood to help each other and see how two minds or sets of hands are better than one.  The more the merrier today and tonight. The Moon aligns with Saturn putting structure to ideas tonight. Get serious about what you, as a group, can accomplish and set goals.  We also have Venus across from the Moon and Leo and Aquarius, and perhaps other signs too, must be able to negotiate through stubborn ideals where relationship is concerned. Wear silver.

Thursday: Full Moon warmup

The Moon moves to Pisces at 1:23 am after just about 2 hours void of course.  The Pisces Moon is a precursor to Saturday's Full Moon and may make us feel more emotional and up the anxiety level some.  Venus squares Mars and relationship issues heat up, literally, with both planets in fiery signs.  Venus in Leo is optimistic yet Mars in Scorpio can be dark and aggressive with feelings of slight, jealousy or obsession.  Trying to cope with and work through those feelings is much better than wallowing them and is possible if you're willing to work at it today! There's a stubborn or stuck attitude about love and partnership today. Finding harmony or at least waving the white flag of truce could be the best plan. The Full Moon is already in effect and these days may be chaotic, news filled, reactive and otherwise difficult. However, some of us will be energized by the fires of change. Be willing to let go and it will be easier.  We can't hang on to old ideals or ways of thinking this fall. Wear green.

Friday: Full Moon

The Moon is full in Aries tomorrow. Today is about things that can wait no longer.  The Pisces Moon can help with creative and alternative solutions. The Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini, both mutable signs, and the need to adapt is strong.  Brainstorm possibilities and avoid the trap of giving up too easily or thinking you can control things. Today is about finding the flow as much as possible. This Full Moon is rough around the edges and not all of the outcomes will seem positive. The trend is toward tearing apart what no longer works, like Kali the volcano goddess who blows up in order to recreate.  Tonight the Moon and Mars in Scorpio combine for dynamic creative energy. But we are also wildly emotional if there's no good way to channel our feelings.  Find a positive outlet! Get together with close, trusted friends.  Wear blue.

Saturday: Full Moon in Aries, Moon conjunct Uranus

Full Moons intensify what already exists, sometimes aggravating physical symptoms or arousing strong emotions. With this one, Uranus also in Aries has a wild card effect. What you thought was a problem may turn out not to be, while different circumstances or people add unexpected elements.  Be ready to act quickly yet not impulsively! It's a challenging day where we need to keep our wits about us and not let tempers or other flashes of strong emotion get in the way.  The Sun is opposite the Moon always at Full Moon time. and this month Saturn is also in Libra across from the Aries Moon and Uranus. Saturn is about lessons and works hard for truth, justice, and reality checks during these last days in Libra. Pluto is in Capricorn square to all of these heavenly bodies and Pluto deepens the impact. For example, events now may bring up feelings you thought were resolved and buried once and for all. As you move through this time, keep in mind that others may be very reactive and anything could trigger a strong response. Lay low if you can. Enjoy the Full Moon with an Aries bonfire, games that are not overly competitive, or by completing an ongoing creative project.  There's an extreme about this Moon time where you could be drained or have more energy than you can burn, depending on how all this air and fire energy suits you. Wear white today.

Sunday: Aries Moon sextile Jupiter in Gemini

The Moon and Jupiter work together in Aries, the sign of this Full Moon, and Gemini. Air feeds fire and we're mentally busy. Big ideas, multi-tasking, and seeking solutions in the forecast. Physically, the Aries Moon can make us restless and/or fire us up to play. Games may be extra competitive. Doing things to relax Full Moon energy or stress, finding those positive outlets, is the best plan. Concluding something or weeding out and dediding what you need and what you can let go of is part of today's work. New is likely to have appeal over old or traditional. Wear orange.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly Astrology September 17th to September 23rd, 2012

Hi, this is Robin! Email me any time at to find out more about readings and charts.  That is also my paypal email to send payment or donations to. Gift a tarot or astrology reading to yourself, friends or family for as little as $25! I send birthday readings as mp3s and it's a really fun gift to receive!

Birthday readings are $25 in mp3 or written format! An original, one of a kind gift! Wedding charts are $60.00 and include the happy aspects of the day! 3-4 month individual charts can be purchased for $120.00 Contact me for more info at

Monday: Libra Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Leo, and it's all about making things work. From love relationships to friendship or business partnerships, the Libra Moon inspires compromise, consensus, and creative collaboration.  The energy is suited to extroverts, but if that's not your style naturally consider a small shift where you reach out to someone, assert your opinion or idea, or invite someone to join you for a simple activity like a walk or a study date. Capricorn, today should be a boost for your work life and the conditions are interesting for career moves this week.  Leo, people will look to you for advice and inspiration.  Get your point across in writing or graphics.  Libra, Aquarius and Aries, today is about friendship and collaboration. The Moon and Jupiter in Gemini work toopen our minds and opportunities too! Gemini, the doorway to new and broader experience could open for you today! Tonight, as the Moon approaches Saturn for a daybreak meeting, get serious about the facts and your plans.  Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Libra

Saturn is fiercely at work for justice during these last couple of weeks in Libra. Today is another push to find resolution every party can live with. Parnership agreements, from divorces to settlements of property, sharing or division of money and other resources, and legal matters generally are all implicated.  Think carefully about what you agree to. Expect the fair, reasonable outcome rather than a landslide in one direction.  With Saturn in play sometimes our elders and those in authority get involved and let us know the standard we must meet. Take limitations or goals seriously. The Moon also works with Neptune this afternoon after changing signs. The Scorpio Moon moves in at 10:46 am after a few hours void of course, bringing in creative energy. Make music, art or film. Design something indoors or out since garden plans are favored as well.  Tonight the Moon and Pluto combine for focus and ambition. It's a solid work, study or organization night. You could also choose to have deep, soulful conversation. Wear black.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Shake ups in the forecast with Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is no everyday aspect. It's fiery and potent, stirring up and adding to relationship changes as Venus squares the Moon and also a precursor to events that may peak at Full Moon time, if not now. Uranus in Aries is wiping things out in favor of something completely different. Pluto in Capricorn can involve mysteries and undercurrents. Together they blast out hidden information and rebel against the norm and tradition. Change is not always a choice and that may be evident to the extreme.  The Scorpio Moon meeting Mars can be quite agitating too.  Being an active participant with a plan is favored over just watching things happen. If you have an inkling of what's about to shift dramatically, perhaps you can plan ahead and have alternatives. The stubborn will need to be led along. Today is indeed primed to be dramatic.  Wear maroon.

Thursday: Mercury opposite Uranus square Pluto

These are wild and complex days we're experiencing. Yesterday's events further develop as Uranus and Pluto are planetary players again, this time with Mercury in Libra involved. Seek answers and solutions while anticipating even more change.  The opposition fosters unique and unexpected agreements and ideas.  The rules we've known may no longer exist. It's a new template and it's likely still in development.  Conversations are meaningful and involve heavy topics.  Bouncing around ideas and theories is helpful rather than going back to what was tried and seemed true.  The unconventional is at work this week. Aries and Libra host the opposition and will be the signs of the September 29th Full Moon so if you have strong Aries or Libra in your chart, like your Sun or Rising sign, or even Venus or the Moon, you're probably in the midst of life changing events, particularly with relationships and personal plans.  From 9:11 am to 12:24 pm EST the Moon is void of course and then in Sagittarius. The independent streak is stronger for the next few days. Tonight Venus and Jupiter get along in Gemini and Libra and we want to get out and celebrate any good fortune and mingle with like minded friends. It's a good date night for Leo, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius while Libra and Sagittarius look for social life and fun or happy travels.  Wear purple.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

Today is about adventure as the Moon aligns with Uranus for last minute plans. Think on your feet. Your first answer is probably correct as the Moon works with intellectual Mercury.  Jupiter opposes the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius, signs of change. Philosophies of life are being challenged and readied for change even in the resistant.  You may notice people bring up intriguing and unusual ideas. Tonight the Moon and Venus form a trine in Leo and Sagittarius, and we're optimistic about love.  The urge to travel, be out of usual routines, and change things up dominates the night.  For some lovers, time apart will make sense and feel due.  Capricorn could crave some down time. Gemini and Aquarius are most likely to feel fickle and flirtateous or be on the receiving end of attention. Wear red.

Saturday: Autumnal Equinox

The Sun moves to Libra at 10:49 am and fall season begins. The Moon is void of course in Sagittarius for a few hours and shifts to Capricorn at 3:20 pm. Take your time today and avoid questionable judgment calls while the Moon is void of course. The Moon and Sun square and we may feel uncertain at least until the Capricorn Moon moves in.  Saturn helps from Libra with advice to be given and mental, intellectual work to be done in the morning hours. Tonight is great for a date as the Moon and Neptune align. Include the music and atmosphere to set the scene. If it's not a couple's night for you, all friendship matters and arts events are favored. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon meets Pluto and squares Mercury in Libra. Things we've been procrastinating on or trying not to think about become worries or burdens on days like this. it might be best to put nose to the grindstone and just get something accomplished. Capricorn Moon is most comfortable when productive, and with last night's second quarter Moon we feel the push toward due dates or natural deadlines. For example. preparing for colder weather and doing fall cleaning, getting wood for the fireplace or putting in storm doors will be done at one time or another.  There are bigger things at work too with Pluto indicating topics for resolution, even within ourselves.  Aquarius, Gemini and Capricorn may do some soul searching. Taurus, you could be exploring a new place, way of living or the meaning of life today.  For all, it's a chance to get some tasks finished or started and meant to be a quieter day.  Answer messages on your own time and try not to be pressured with other people's new, business or plain old gossip.  Wear yellow.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly Astrology September 10th to September 16th, 2012

I'll be on vacation from the 12th through 17th. If you plan to order a birthday reading or other astrology it will take me a few days to get back to you. I'll return emails on the 18th.

Happy New Moon on Saturday!


Monday: Cancer Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury

The trend is for the day to improve as it goes on. The Moon opposite Pluto can bring our energy down or bring up something we hoped to avoid.  Perhaps it's something that came up last night. The Moon also squares Uranus and an obligation you didn't expect may crop up. This could also take the form of news that affects home life and feel hectic or chaotic.  At 8:44 am the Sun meets Mercury in Virgo, creating much more favorable energy for problem solving. Ask for some help! Take new information and put it to use. Pass the word along about something that can benefit other people too. Listen for advice or offers that can make your life a little bit easier. Virgo is a sign that pitches in and is thoughful and that's where the Sun and Mercury collaborate.  The Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mars in Scorpio for outdoor fun especially by lake or sea. This also works for reorganizing the home environment more to your liking.  Surround yourself with people and places that are familiar or soothing tonight.  The Moon and Sun align for confidence and a feeling of security. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon works with the Sun and Mercury. It's the kind of day we reach out to make sure people are okay or see if they need our help or company. Cancer Moon is time for nurturing when we have some energy to spare.  Focus on giving today and you're likely to get what you need from the experience as well. The Sun and Mercury help create good feeling through communication and service or just plain old friendship.  The Moon is void of course from 5:58 pm eastern time to 11:00 pm when the Moon moves to Leo.  The evening features a square from Moon to Saturn in Libra for ongoing work at family relationships and managing things better at home and with other people we reside with from housemates to significant others.  Aim for fairness and peace tonight. Wear white.

Wednesday: Leo Moon conjunct Venus

The Moon meets Venus in Leo, brightening everything up a notch or two! This is a romantic influence for Leo and Aries and Aquarius who are in long term relationships. Venus is about harmony so work to create that wherever it's needed in your world.  Venus and the Moon in Leo also highlight performance art which may be inspired now. It's also a good day or night to rehearse.  The Moon and Uranus combine for spontaneous ideas and inspirations to work out surprisingly well. Improvise tonight.  The Moon square to Mars could be stubborn later. Avoid a pointless argument or being overly sensitive. Wear pink.

Thursday: Venus trine Uranus

The Moon is in Leo and Venus in the same sign aligns with Uranus. All of this action in fire signs amps us up!  There's a need or urge to act spontaneously.  New experiences will be appealing though with Leo Moon we'll want a certain amount of control or assurance rather than huge risk taking.  Cancer you may like a financial or new work opportunity that arises now.  Aquarius in communication fields or educational environments make connections especially in writing, networking and marketing.  Venus and Uranus also instigate relationship events and status changes. Libra and Aries are two of the signs most likely to be involved in change.  The Moon and Jupiter work together for a social, outgoing time today and tonight. Explore a place or a new topic of interest,  from business to travel to an opportunity to collaborate. Wear purple.

Friday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is opposite Neptune activating dreams. Once we wake up to reality today, tasks can be completed as the Moon works with Pluto in Capricorn.  A very practical and realistic approach is called for. Figure out how to do something and how things operate most efficiently. It's a good day to make an improvement in routine or health and also to re-organize systems.  It's the last day and night before the New Moon in Virgo which is a natural time to rethink and choose a new path. Begin as soon as tomorrow. Tonight is best spent simply and we might be more in the mood to get things accomplished than to party the end of the work week away.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: New Moon in Virgo

The Virgo Moon is likely to have us busy, preparing and trying to create order. Ask for help or lend someone your time or talent today.  There could be some nervous energy, like anticipation, in the air.  With the New Moon tonight, get ready for a new direction or launch. If you have nothing like that on the way (or don't think so at least!), consider housecleaning, perhaps in a bigger way than usual.  Virgo is a physical earth sign and our spaces for living and working can reflect our minds and productivity. Organize and get things in better order.  The Moon and Sun meet for the most Virgo day of the season, and Virgos are prime for a clean slate or exciting change.  Pisces can use the New Moon to benefit love relationships or any partnership.  Leos, put energy into financial and work matters.  You may also want to buy something new.  Wear white.

Sunday: Libra Moon, Mercury in Libra

If you need objectivity about a relationship or which path to go down next, the Libra Moon helps from 8:55 am on and when Mercury moves into that same sign tonight at 7:22 pm things may look even more clear!  The Moon meets Mercury in Virgo before changing signs.  We'll share information and trouble shoot problems this morning if necessary. It's good writing and study energy too.  The Libra Moon is suited to sorting out ideas, seeking advice or giving it without an agenda, and also makes for a good day socially. With yesterday's New Moon at work, take steps toward a goal or set one and form a plan.  Tonight with Mercury changing signs and the Moon opposing Uranus and square to Pluto we get a preview of what's coming up for resolution, like it or not, during the Full Moon in two weeks.  Potentially tonight's interactions will throw some of us off balance as a means of restoring true order and finalizing situations that need to end. If you're in the safe zone, be a good friend and give honest assessments to others who need an outside opinion.  Mercury in Libra is out to get justice in motion through settlements, judgments, and written contracts asap and by early October.  Wear lavender.

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Weekly Astrology September 3rd to September 9th, 2012

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Monday: Venus squares Saturn, Mars trine Pluto

The Moon is in Aries in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini for new ideas.  Big plans and inspirations we want to act on quickly are born of Aries and Gemini energies combined! Today talk about things even as you try to sort them out. Extroverts often get their best ideas while communicating information, and this can be that sort of day for any of us.  Mars works with Pluto in Scorpio and Capricorn and a mystery may be solved as hidden pieces of the puzzle emerge.  Act on bits of information that seem to be important if your instincts say so!  Venus in Cancer squares Saturn and is getting ready to move on to Leo Thursday, and we in turn try to resolve family and relationship matters in a sensitive but fair way before then. Tonight the Aries Moon wants action. Nearly directly opposite Saturn, the Aries Moon seeks emotional balance and shared responsibilities rather than the burden falling on one side. Wear gold.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon

The day starts with a void of course Moon in Aries from 7:06 am to 11:41 am. The relationship and family issues Venus and Saturn are bringing up for resolution continue.  The Moon opposes Saturn in Libra and squares Venus. Work out plans that are fair and don't put too much pressure on one party. In love, if things are tense, the search for compromise or the most balanced solution is on!  The Moon moves to Taurus at 11:41 am and in this fixed sign, our decisions tend to have long term implications and agreements may be hard to get out of later. Only agree if you intend to follow through.  Mercury and Pluto align in earth signs, exhuming information you can work with. There's plenty to be analyzed and previously unknown factors make a difference.  Tonight put efforts toward tangible accomplishment even if it's just house cleaning or arranging. Our physical space and how comfortable we feel impacts our feeling of well being under Taurus Moon. Wear green.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon opposite Mars

The Moon opposes Mars and our most persistent and determined sides show! It might be hard to find middle ground, and opposing views could turn from debates to arguments quickly.  Deep or long term feelings are stirred up easily in these two signs, Taurus and Scorpio. Grudges may come up for review or revisiting. Try not to offend someone as it could turn into a longstanding issue.  Mars also engages with Mercury in Virgo. Pay attention to your choice of words whether spoken or in writing.  Investigate and ask questions and you might get the answers you couldn't extract in the past.  The Moon and Sun align at 2:54 as the Moon moves void of course until 12:10 am Friday (EST).  Have an important talk before void of course Moon time, but avoid making excuses or asking for apologies until later in the day or night when things slide by more easily, perhaps.  Tonight is best kept flexible. It's Venus's last night in Cancer, and Cancers and Pisces may want to make a wish known or aim for a lucky break. Wear maroon.

Thursday: Void of Course Moon, Venus in Leo

The Moon is void of course in Taurus. Today attend to routines, simple tasks, cleaning and repairs that don't require too much technical information.  Get your hands dirty, perhaps in the garden or yard.  Taurus Moon time favors physical work and that includes working out the body, getting a massage or other body treatment or even beauty treatments. Do some yoga or dance or anything that requires practicing balance.  Venus moves to Leo at 10:48 am and it's Leo's time to attract the best life has to offer now. It's also a good time for clothes shopping, but with today's void of course Moon it's best not to spend too recklessly.  Venus in Leo is generous and glamorous and brings out our love for luxury.  Performers benefit from Venus in Leo since there's favor for music, the arts, and the kind of creativity that results in public performances.  Scorpio is favored for career during Venus in Leo.  Taurus is favored to improve the home environment and relationships there. Venus is in Leo until October 3rd.  Tonight, stick with the plan and show loyalty.  The Moon is in harmony with Venus overnight, for lovers and good connections between friends. Wear pink.

Friday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Venus are sweetly in harmony and may take some sharp edges off two squares today.  Moon in Gemini and Venus in Leo put us in the mood to meet new friends, socialize, and show off!  The outgoing and open minded are most favored to make good connections, and this aspect is good for Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini love lives (though any sign may feel this benefit)! The Sun in Virgo squares Jupiter in Gemini and the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and we need to be aware of potential exaggerations, misinformation or even lies. We may find situations too changeable and unreliable.  Err on the cautious side with anything you're not certain of.  The Gemini Moon brings out social butterflies tonight.  Sagittarius may find that significant others require or appreciate attention and praise.  Wear light blue.

Saturday: Mercury square the Moon, Mercury square Jupiter

The 4th quarter Moon is in Gemini. Mercury in Virgo, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, forms two squares indicating caution with communication. Think before you speak and make sure you won't be misinterpreted. Re read, edit or have someone else take a look at anything put in writing that could have ramifications one way or the other. it's a good day for second opinions, double checking, and raising questions rather than just accepting information as fact.  The Moon and Jupiter meet, putting a blessing Gemini's activities even if there are delays or questions. Sometimes a setback is just what we need so we don't make a mistake or act too quickly. Try to take your time and think things out clearly and shelve things until Monday if you feel unsure.  For socializing and fun, the Gemini Moon works well! Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

The Gemini Moon is void of course in the earlier hours and moves to Cancer at 12:49 pm EST. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn and then Neptune. Saturn in Libra is working for justice and may help us see the most balanced plan.  Neptune in Pisces in harmony with the Cancer Moon can bring out imagination, creativity, and also laziness! We might rather daydream than try! It's a natural day to work or play on boats or by the water.  Outdoor projects in the garden, landscape or beach are favored.  Wear white.