Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 1st to 8th, 2017

Thursday: Virgo Moon, 2nd quarter, a time for productivity and progress. Try to leave pressure out of the mix. Today can be easy going as Moon and Pluto form a trine and Neptune is across from the Moon. Neptune's opposition can add to lack of timeliness and reliability. Notice if you're lost in a dream or detached from others. Ground where your energy is needed. Venus and Saturn form a trine for resolving partnership matters and taking the lead where forgiveness or other agreements are needed and perhaps feel overdue.  Today's color is Green.

Friday: Virgo Moon will be void of course 5:48 to 8:04 pm. Moon in harmony with Pluto, and Mercury, all in earth signs, favors the practical matters of life. We can communicate more reasonably and understand our own hopes, motives or fears better with these aspects.  Virgo Moon square to Mars and Saturn intensifies the call to act and to take things seriously.  Get into the details and stay out of disagreements. Know what you're willing to stand steadfast for as others may test your vulnerability or limits.  Libra Moon moves in at 8:04 pm EDT for a social Friday night and weekend. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter and the Sun aligns from Gemini, gracing social events and parties. Partnerships, marriages, close friendships, and first meetings are all favored today. You may feel the inspiration for something new or celebrate the results of what's been in the works for a long while. Venus and Uranus are together in Aries for spontaneous dates, strong attraction, and maybe love at first sight.  Today's color is Blue (wear your favorite shade!).

Sunday: Libra Moon square to Pluto retro in Capricorn. The Sun squares Neptune in Pisces.  Ask yourself if those feelings you have, that resentment or perception, is really truth. Could you let go of an outdated idea about someone or about a relationship or friendship from the past? How would it feel to be free of one piece of baggage? Live in the now and notice any detachment or fear of what's real. Tune in to what's right here in front of you and live your life more joyfully. Illusions are not your friend. Mars moves to Cancer at 12:16 pm EDT. Mars is uncomfortable in Cancer's emotional realm. Let go of defensiveness before it takes root.  Today's color is White.

Monday: Libra Moon void from 4:57 to 6:46 am EDT and opposes both Uranus and Venus before daybreak. Moon shifts to Scorpio for the rest of the day. Relationship matters are quite stirred up. Status changes may come by surprise. Feelings will come across very strongly for the next few days. The Moon aligns with Mars and you'll see protectiveness in play. Protecting one's own interests or feelings or privacy are examples.  Also we may fiercely protect other people. Wear Indigo Blue today.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto. The Scorpio energy is strong and intense. Yet, the trine angles may help ease tension or assist in processing emotional situations.  Venus shifts to Taurus after some fiery aspects in the past week. That can be a welcome relief if love and anxiety seem to be companions lately.  Venus is more earthy, loyal, and sensual in Taurus. Mercury moves to home sign Gemini at 6:15 pm EDT which inspires writing and imagination as well as networking with others for the next few weeks. Void Moon begins 8:35 pm EDT. Yellow is today's color.

Wednesday: Long void of course Moon ends at 6:59 pm EDT when the Moon moves to Sagittarius.  Keep life simple today. Take care of routines and what needs to be accomplished as the Moon waxes toward Full on Friday. Moon opposes Mercury at 11:39 pm EDT. Notice communication that comes through tonight and pause before responding, making sure you understand clearly and avoiding a quick reaction you might change your mind about later.  Today's color is Purple.

On Thursday, June 22nd join me outdoors on the 'dance floor' for RoZoYo® Solstice and New Moon Yoga with music by Happy Folk on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine 5:30-6:45 pm. This sequence will celebrate the start of summer and Cancer New Moon.  Come for the yoga, the music or to breathe with us! All are welcome and it's free, courtesy of Congress Square Arts. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 25th to 31st, 2017

Note that this is a few days ahead and begins with May 25th. Look ahead for the prior week.

Thursday: Gemini New Moon is at 3:44 pm EDT. Venus in Aries is square to Pluto retro in Capricorn today. Reconsider and weigh options today. Go back and face a relationship issue with more courage and willingness to be vulnerable or intimate in how you share. Today's color is White.

Friday: Gemini Moon creates a lively, interactive atmosphere, aligning with Venus for dates and social occasions and with Jupiter for an expansive, open minded way of thinking. Mars and the Moon meet and you may suddenly express something that's been bothering you or trapped inside. Avoid the angry approach. How can you be tactful with words? Wear Blue today.

Saturday: Void of course Moon 2:08 to 7:25 am EDT. The Moon lines  up with Uranus overnight. Take care and watch out for your friends. Volatile situations are to be avoided and diffused. Overnight, things could get out of hand quickly.  Cancer Moon today for taking care of home and of family concerns or immersing in joys with the ones we love. Today's color is Light Blue.

Sunday: Mercury aligns with Neptune for creativity and inspiration. Connect with the earth and the water in meaningful, playful and nurturing ways. Cancer Moon. Intuition is heightened as are our senses. The Moon makes a variety of aspects to other planets. Keep close relationships and fairness in mind as you move through the weekend. Today's color is Purple.

Monday: Void Moon 2:59 to 8:12 am EDT. Sleep and dream well. Note any messages or emotions that come through in dreams. Leo Moon for fun and activities with kids or games and competitions. Mars opposes Saturn in Gemini and Sagittarius. Keep debates under control. You may rethink a vacation or travel plan. Trust your instincts and don't force what doesn't seem meant to be. Note where the resistance is. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Leo Moon for a dynamic start to the business week, and it's also great for vacation time. The Moon aligns with Jupiter for gifts and glamour. Moon squares Mercury in Taurus which can mean stubbornness or strong will and resolve. Back words with actions.  Mars sextile to Uranus, and things happen quickly. This can signal success and inspiration, though we also want to be mindful with actions and not take big risks. Today's color is Orange.

Wednesday: Leo Moon void from 7:14 am to 12:16 pm EDT. Mix networking in with business, show interest in people and note how a seemingly random conversation could be favorable! Virgo Moon moves in at 12:16 for the practical part of the week. Mercury in Taurus is trine to Pluto retro in Capricorn and once Virgo Moon kicks in, there's an abundance of earth sign energy for getting things accomplished and making realistic plans as well as acting on them. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Thursday, June 22nd on Congress Square Park, join me for a Solstice/New Moon celebration with yoga and live music by Happy Folk 5:30-6:45 pm. Come for the yoga or the music or both! Bring your own yoga mat. All are welcome to this free Robin's Zodiac Yoga brought to you by Congress Square Arts Portland, Maine.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 18th to 24th, 2017

Thursday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Whether you're meeting and greeting or dealing with serious business, there's strong complementary energy swirling about. Original thinking and unique style is highlighted as Moon and Uranus combine forces. The Moon is void of course 8:33 pm EDT, and that is the 4th quarter Moon mark. Moon to Pisces 11:52 pm EDT. Notice where you can find more ease or wind things down. Blue is today's color.

Friday: Pisces Moon aligns with Mercury in Taurus for intimate conversations and comforting reassurances. Saturn trine Uranus is a wild combination leading to quick decisions and unusual solutions or perspectives.  Notice what seems to come from out of the blue. Take it seriously. Venus is opposite Jupiter. Be fair, practical and open minded in relationship and partnership matters. Wear Light Blue.

Saturday: Gemini time begins with the Sun's sign change at 4:31 pm EDT. Babies born ahead of that are Taurus. Pisces Moon meets Neptune, aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, squares Mars and Saturn. Calm, quiet, and creative activities are favored over anything that creates pressure or seems over the top or bold and brazen.  Void of course Moon 11:39 pm to 6:10 am EDT. Today's color is Yellow.

Sunday: At 6:10 am the Moon moves to Aries and is in harmony with the Sun for an agreeable and very outgoing sort of day. Red is today's color.

Monday: Aries Moon opposite Jupiter, meets Venus, square to Pluto and in harmony with Mars. As you can probably guess, it's a mixed day with some nice energy for love and attractions. The strongest downside is the possibility for feeling or acting on old fears or resentment. Today's color is Orange.

Tuesday: Aries Moon void of course 2:59 am to 8:33 am EDT, and then Moon in Taurus.  The Moon meets Uranus in Aries and then Mercury in Taurus. Startling or irritable influence early on gives way to more stabilizing and communicative energy as the day goes on. Productive, meaningful communication is likely. Today's color is Lavender.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon in harmony with Neptune and Pluto. Take care of yourself and use care with what has to be done. The Moon is waning and in Taurus, so if you let go or release something or someone, expect that to be for the long haul. Letting go can be good. Make permanent decisions. Wear Blue.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 11th to 17th, 2017

Save the date! Thursday, June 22nd Solstice Yoga with live music by Happy Folk.
This free event is part of Congress Square Arts summer events in Congress Square Park. Come for the yoga or the music! Breathe with us, dance, feel joyful, hang out, and support the use of Portland's open spaces. 5:30-6:45 pm. Bring your own mat and wear layers as it could be very warm yet get cool during a generous restorative savasana. Facebook event link.

Thursday: The Moon was Full exactly at 5:42 pm EDT on Wednesday. Essentially, the Moon is still Full, void of course since then, and moving to Sagittarius at 12:59 pm EDT. Mars squares Neptune in the mutable signs, pushing for changes including mental shifts. Mercury aligns with Saturn in fire signs, initiating agreements, urging us to finalize by putting things into verbal or written contracts and commitments.  All 4 planets are in signs of flux, flexibility or initiation.  Change is today's key word, and what occurred just six weeks or so ago is up for new debate.  Today's color is Red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon aspects Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Mars. Mars is opposite, in Gemini and aligns with Jupiter in Libra.  Fairness and philosophical differences are highlighted. Mental energy is required and our powers of persuasion or our limits may be put to the test. It's not all bad by any means though. Jupiter favors justice and expansion.  Today's color is Purple.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon void of course at 10:14 pm EDT. The hours before then are better for strong judgment. It's an active, adventurous sign for the Moon, yet Saturn is also in Sagittarius with a more serious, purposeful side.  Social events and gatherings are likely to to lively.  Today's color is Black.

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day in the USA. At 1:37 am EDT, Capricorn Moon moves in. The Moon squares Venus in Aries. This can sometimes trigger control issues or power plays.  What's motivating you?  Be aware of any potential manipulation.  Also, today can be for stepping up as a leader and for getting things done.  Wear rich shades of Brown today.

Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto retrograde, squares Jupiter retrograde, and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. Cardinal sign energy of Capricorn and Libra sets up opportunities to share power, combine the best modalities or traits in efforts to move forward, with the big idea and the method both in place. That is your quest for today. Are you willing to share ideas, efforts and power rather than try to run the whole show or give up completely. Be both creative and logical. See what needs to be done and devise a plan or begin the work. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: Mercury moves back into Taurus, where the retrograde began, at 12:07 am EDT. In Taurus, mercury encourages step by step processes, a goal oriented but calm nature, thoughts and plans related to security, stability, and common sense.  If your plan needs refining or you've lost track of or skipped steps in a process, this is a fine time to re-set, go back and repeat or revise, and find your path. Moon and Sun form a trine in Capricorn/Taurus at daybreak (EDT), helping us get a good start. During the day, Uranus squares Capricorn Moon so be ready to think and problem solve quickly. Void of course Moon 6:22 to 1:50 pm EDT when the Moon moves into Aquarius and squares Mercury newly in Taurus. Match your actions to your words and your ultimate vision. Stay on track and be fierce about avoiding distractions and unhealthy habits or people. Today's color is Turquoise.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon in harmony with both Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. These are agreeable, optimistic aspects and lend themselves to original thinking, meeting people and networking and following up on inspired ideas. Wear Pink today.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 4th to May 10th, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon in Leo from 12:35 am to 5:47 am EDT. Be grounded and aware. Virgo Moon square to Mars at 11:35 pm EDT. Perfectionists will work hard to get things right or feel frustrated with what cannot be controlled. Criticism may sound harsh or come across in unintended ways on this first full day of Mercury direct. Letting small things go and creating some distance may help. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: Moon in harmony with the Sun in Taurus and with Pluto retro in Capricorn. Virgo Moon also opposes Neptune. We'll be concerned with truth. Minimize expenses, use energy productively. Stay close to the earth and give yourself some time to turn inward and think, feel or reflect.  Quiet time will be valued. Wear Green.

Saturday: Virgo Moon void of course 8:42 am to 2:20 pm EDT.  Virgo Moon square Saturn retro in Sag reminding us of obligations and self discipline.  Libra Moon moves in and opposes Venus. People will get along very well and make instant connections, or, at the other extreme, be passive or reluctant. There may be opportunities to resolve personal differences through tolerance or forgiveness. Aim for compromises, fair treatment and consensus.  Today's color is Pink.

Sunday: Libra Moon trine to Mars in Gemini and in conjunction with Jupiter retrograde. It's a social day. You may have to excuse yourself from a conversation that becomes heated or argumentative. Listen more and be more patient, and recognize or name impatience when you see it. Point things out clearly and in reasonable ways. Tune in to 'people energy'.  Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Libra Moon with a variety of aspects including opposition to Mercury now direct and to Uranus, both in Aries. Justice, equal treatment, and neutrality are themes. Be diplomatic and clear. You may have to let go of outcomes and take the best, possible, most 'right' actions. Void of course Moon starts 6:59 pm EDT until Tuesday at 1:01 am EDT. Full Moon is coming up, so you may be working toward a completion or transition. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon starts at 1:01 am EDT. The Sun aligns with Pluto retrograde. Let go of and otherwise deal with feelings of regret or remorse. Thoughts are likely to be deep. What can you do to lighten someone else's mood? Face a fear. Release emotions in healthy ways, by talking to creating art or listening to music. Introverted feelings may take over. Today's color is Indigo.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon Full at 5:42 pm, and that's when the void of course Moon begins. This Moon's supporting player is Pluto, currently retrograde in his long term home, Capricorn. Intuition and sensory experience is heightened. Awakenings, enlightenment, realizations rise from deep inside. Emotions will be strong.  Allow for what you feel. Be willing to face something difficult in order to resolve it once and for all. Scorpio Moon is 'fixed' in nature so what you do now has long term effects and may feel impossible to reverse.  Show loyalty and commitment. Listen to your inner voice. Today's color is White.

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