Saturday, February 28, 2015

Full Moon Week March 2nd to 8th, 2015

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Monday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter

The fires of Leo Moon are fed by Saturn, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter today. Trines indicate quick developments and speedy responses. Jupiter meets the Moon for blessings on health, children, and travels. Learning opportunities and mentors or wise advisors appear. Seek what you need. Set something up for success. If there's a down side to this day, it's that sudden changes and action can be startling and require time for adjustment. Foster positive attitudes. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Jupiter trine Uranus

A continuation of yesterday's energy and activity as Jupiter and Uranus align in Leo/Aries. Fire sign action inspires, motivates, and drives. The Moon is also opposing Mercury, and void of course after that, 3:43 am ET. That means you may be taking important measures, interviewing for or accepting opportunities, and planning travel with a void of course Moon. The one thing I'd advise against is a major purchase, particularly a spontaneous one. Keep good track of paperwork, receipts and documentation of what you engage in. It will be hard to hold back under these aspects. Invite in the luck of Jupiter. People will tend to show their true colors, express freely, and act quickly. Full Moon is close. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon, Venus conjunct Uranus, trine Jupiter, square Pluto, Moon square Saturn, opposite Jupiter

What a full day! Venus dominates. The planet of love meets the planet of sudden nature and surprises, Uranus. Relationships heat up and changes come or finally become public. Venus and Jupiter are in harmony and this is a blessing on love for Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.  Venus square Pluto relates to relationship with self as well as to secrets and awakenings.  Much about love and romance during this Full Moon will be unanticipated, and there's more and similar on the way with next month's lunar eclipse on April 4th. The same planets that engage today will be active then, with a Libra/Aries eclipse (minus Venus, who will then be in Taurus). 
The Moon is in Virgo from 6:58 am ET and is Full Thursday at 1:05 pm.  Moon opposite Neptune is reminder to use good judgement with entrusting personal information or your heart. Saturn also reminds us of wisdom from experience. Don't repeat something that hurt or disappointed you in the first place.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Full Moon in Virgo

Pluto is a player during this Virgo Full Moon. Solutions, decisions and also illuminated awareness come. Resolving something is obvious, and many will find flexible plans or complete projects, classes and tasks with Virgo's earthy sensibility. The more subtle effect is Pluto's unearthing of dreams, feelings, and what's been hidden. An opportunity to recognize something in yourself and integrate it fully is very valuable. So in simpler words, you may purge an old issue or revive part of yourself you've been stifling. The Pisces Sun also lines up with Pluto, and Pisces may realize what draws people in, Capricorn does some successful research and Leo sees reason to shift from the ordinary and use money or time differently. These are just some of the possibilities that are awakened during the Full Moon. Pisces and Virgo are relationship focused, whether in love or not, and your self and roles you take in one on one relationships are shifting now and also next month. Full Moon is at 1:05 pm and the void of course Moon begins at 1:36 pm ET. Today's color is white. 

Friday: Void of course Moon

The Full Moon lingers, void of course in Virgo and there are no other significant aspects with planets today. Libra Moon arrives at 7:53 pm ET. Be flexible. Maintaining focus could be a challenge, yet is necessary for Full Moon agreements and developments. It's a good day to clean house and get some physical energy channeled into moderate workouts, yoga, and other healthy activities. Pushing your body is not recommended during Full Moon time. Libra Moon tonight is fine for social plans, but appears quieter than the usual outgoing nature of this sign. Let things settle in and try not to push yourself too hard. Eat healthy and your Virgo related digestive system will thank you. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon opposite Mars

Daylight Savings time begins in the USA overnight tonight. Just a reminder that at 2 am the clock moves forward an hour. Libra Moon is here for the whole weekend, moving on Monday at 9:10 am. Justice is always a Libra theme. Mars instigates conflict where there's imbalance this weekend. If you're not being fair, prepare to answer to the other party.  Saturn in Sagittarius aims for honesty and clarity too. Chances are, there will be matters to sort out and clear up today. Wear black. 

Sunday: Libra Moon opposite Venus and Uranus

Sunday and Saturday share themes. Venus brings love and harmony more into focus as well. Disagreements could be strong and come on quickly. Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon, easing some of that if you can be honest and have an open mind.  Injustice and unfairness are the root of this weekend's dark side.  Sunday night is a good time for a much needed talk, but do be  polite.  Take care of the skin under Libra Moon all weekend long.
Today's color is lavender. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekly Astrology February 23rd to March 1st, 2015

I'm so pleased to be offering yoga in Yarmouth on Saturday, March 21st, Spring Equinox time. RoZoYo®, my original zodiac yoga for all signs with gallery style readings is coming up. Advance registration required and this room is likely to sell out. Riverbend Yoga Studio in Yarmouth is relatively new to the scene, on Route 1 in the shopping plaza on the left across from the NYA hockey arena. I'd love you to be there for 2015 eclipse readings & yoga in this 2 1/2 hour workshop. 

And I am back at Freeport Yoga Company on March 28th for the first ever Yoga Nidra with gallery style readings. Astrology outlook for all in a casual atmosphere followed by Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation to a deeply relaxed state where you can experience clarity, bliss and rejuvenation.  

Register at Riverbend Yoga link
and Freeport Yoga Co link

Major spring tune ups ahead! Join us in these welcoming yoga communities. Absolutely no yoga experience is required and the March 28th workshop is a comfortable supported meditation without a physical practice.

The heavens are bubbling with newness. Here are your forecasts!

Monday: Taurus Moon, Sun square Saturn

First, note that Venus and Mars met yesterday in Aries inducing states of exuberance, passionate love, and initiating new times in relationships. Act on what you're excited about. Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius especially benefit in the love area. Cancer, career possibilities are all stirred up and you must be willing to lead, be a positive influence and a risk taker, using prior knowledge and ability to make a bold move. Remember that some of you have strong Aries in your chart (for example your Ascendant, Moon or Mercury) regardless of your Sun Sign and apply this enthusiastic energy however it shows up. Taurus Moon is strong for decisions today. The Sun also squares Saturn, and education, global opportunities and travel aspects are stimulated for major adventures and changes. Pisces and Sagittarius host this activity and feel it along with Virgo and Gemini. There's nothing complacent about this period's forecast. Do something positive that lifts you to a different level or shifts your location, body, or thought process. So many aspects in the heavens today, but mainly do what you feel and know on a deep level. Take ideas or feelings and make something of them. Void of course Moon begins at 9:57 pm for more than 24 hours. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Venus trine Saturn
Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga 9:30-10:30
Baby n Me at Scarborough Yoga 10:45-11:45

The Moon is void of course for many hours, arriving in Gemini at 11:54 pm. During void of course Moon, be cautious or judicious with spending, decisions, and anything you need to sign. Today is good for physical activity, building, and creating in the kitchen or studio (which can also be your garage!). Venus and Saturn align in Aries and Sagittarius inciting relationship discussions and decisions. There's no fluff here. If it's due, have a serious talk about where you two are at. The result could be time off from the relationship or going forward with more structure, honesty and understanding. Forget about fear and think more about what you need and how you want to live. Sagittarius is a philosophical place for Saturn, planet of intention and commitment. Today's color is yellow. 

Wednesday: Mars trine Saturn, Sun conjunct Neptune
Hot Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga (formerly Maine Bikram) 12-1pm

This is truly Saturn's week as dominant force. Today Saturn aligns with Mars in Aries and opposes the Gemini Moon. Debates are likely with that opposition. Try to listen and be adaptable and think flexibly. If both parties are unyielding, things could get nasty. Avoid gossip and untruths that will have consequences. Saturn and Mars urge consistent action plans and growth through challenges. Get serious about plans and projects that require lots of energy and innovation. Explore ideas and knowledge you can apply, perhaps immediately. The universe encourages you to bust through stagnant energy, lethargy, and laziness. Move consciously and definitively, or everything around you will shift and leave you sitting wondering what happened. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Void of Course Moon

Gemini Moon is void of course from 3:43 am ET until Friday at 7:50 am. The second long void Moon this week does not provide the most reliable energy. People may forget, be late, postpone, and make errors in judgement. Keep life simple today. Uranus and Jupiter align with the Moon from Aries and Leo, fire signs. A burst of energy, the urge to socialize, and surprising events result. Give things a bit of extra thought before jumping in. Today's color is orange. 

Friday: Cancer Moon
RoZoYo® Yoga for Cancer Moon waxing 12-1pm Breathing Room South Portland (intro package $40 for an unlimited month!)

The Cancer Moon moves in at 7:50 am and lasts until Sunday at 6:34 pm ET. Avoid sensitive topics and issues during the first half of the weekend. Cancer Moon leans toward defensive and unwilling to confront productively. Things also tend to get dramatic  and tense as the Moon squares Mars in Aries. Avoid people who take advantage, victimize or generally drain your energy. Though it's not a good time to confront, the urge may be there. Count to 10 and breathe before you start anything that could take a bad turn. On a happier note, Moon and Neptune lead to romance and sentiment tonight especially for Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn and Scorpio. Today's color is light blue. 

Saturday: Cancer Moon

Void of course Moon starts at 12:53 pm. Get shopping done in the morning. The Moon squares Venus and some couples will need to sort things out and find a place of balance and agreement. Venus rules the skin and it's good day to do something nourishing and hydrating for skin that's weathered or tired. Touchy subjects are best avoided unless you're up for an argument or big deal as the Moon squares Uranus in heated Aries and opposes Pluto in Capricorn, sometimes a dark place. Chill out, eat well and nurture yourself or someone else who needs extra reassurance and care this week. Today's color is white. 

Sunday: Cancer/Leo Moon
Yin Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga 10-11:30 am
Prenatal Yoga at Breathing Room South Portland 3-4:15pm

Void Moon starts the day. Sleep late and keep things simple, ideally. Mercury and Uranus shake things up in Aquarius/Aries. This can manifest as fabulous ideas, invention, and re-creation or it can be startling news. Act on original ideas. Act quickly if something seems out of whack. Be observant. Mercury also opposes Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is the benefactor and planet of honesty and growth. Mercury is the messenger. Developments in all those areas including higher learning opportunities and long distance travel are a couple of the effects to expect. Leo Moon at 6:34 pm is outgoing and creative and extends into the wee hours of Wednesday. Get focused on things that make you happy and excited on Sunday evening and into the new week. Today's color is purple. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Weekly Astrology February 16th to 22nd, 2015

Hello, Zodiac Zoners! My yoga schedule is included with this week's daily forecast. Friday is the astrology based practice, RoZoYo® named for Robin's Zodiac Zone. Thank you for tuning in here every week and for joining me in classes and workshops when you can. Deepen your understanding of these cycles as you add yoga and meditation to your week. Here's to your happiness, health, and spring which is now just one month away! 


Monday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon
Yin Yoga 4-5p Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1

The Capricorn Moon makes it a good business day even though there's a holiday in the USA. Keep things in motion. This time of lunar cycle is also for clearing out anything that's accumulated or bogged down. In the northeast I believe that includes more snow! Balance physical labor with rejuvenating workouts or healing practices like massage. This is earth sign energy. The Moon is void of course from 3:17 pm to 7:13 pm (interesting set of numbers). That's a great in between time to rest, recharge, see friends, or get to the gym or studio. Aquarius Moon moves in at 7:13 with a visionary approach. Do some planning. Venus and Mars align with the Moon today and we get along better. The Moon and Mercury meet at midnight for late night conversations and ideas that come up as you begin to rest. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon
Gentle Yoga 9:30 Baby n Me Yoga 10:45 Lunchtime Yoga 12-1
Scarborough Yoga

This is the day before New Moon. Time to review, clear a path, and plan. The Moon is in harmony with Uranus in Aries for inspiration and quick changes, Saturn in Sagittarius for high level thinking and clarity, and Mercury for putting plans in place and discussing options. Think out of the box. At 6:59 pm ET the Moon is opposite Jupiter and sparking team efforts, the need for compromise, and thoughts about how to expand in creative ways. Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday: New Moon in Aquarius
Gentle Yoga 9:30 Scarborough Yoga
Hot Yoga 12-1 Maine Hatha Yoga 49 Dartmouth St. Portland

This New Moon is at the final degree of Aquarius and is the second Aquarius New Moon in a row. It is out of the ordinary, so think that way and act in accordance. Fresh, inventive methods are favored. It happens at 6:47 pm ET and then moves void of course. The next two weeks are fueled by this energy. The Sun enters Pisces minutes later, at 6:50 pm. On this void of course Moon night, let your creative mind take over. get a break from the mundane and tasks. Listen to music, watch an inspiring movie, or make your own music or art. It's a fine night to attend a performance or event. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Mars in Aries

Mars moves to his home sign and tomorrow Venus follows suit. This is energizing and activating. The Moon is in Pisces, meeting Neptune for creativity and romance. Mercury and Saturn align for agreements and plans, including big deals and decisions. All the elements are in place for making a move, announcement, or final decision. The Moon is void from 6:47 pm to 6:13 pm on Friday. Today's color is orange.

Friday: Venus in Aries
RoZoYo® Aries Flow 12-1 Breathing Room South Portland

Venus, planet of love and harmony,  moves to Aries at 3:05 pm. Spring fever hits early! New love and relationship are in favor. Go on a first date. The Aries Moon arrives at 6:13 pm fueling the energies of newness and mutual attraction. The whole zodiac vibrates with fire, enthusiasm and excitement today. Keep that on an enjoyable level without letting it diffuse to anxiety or urgency. Bubble over a little bit and stay in joy and wonder! Today's color is red.

Saturday: Aries Moon

The heavens show plenty to be excited about. Aries fire-starter of a Moon aligns with Uranus, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. The downside is too much stimulation. The upside is growth, fresh starts, and different perspective to move forward with. Whatever you do, do it with heart as Jupiter in Leo blesses those actions most. Void Moon 7:36 pm ET until 7:22 pm Sunday. Do shopping today vs tomorrow. Today's color is gold. 

Sunday: Venus meets Mars
Yin Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga 10-11:30
Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15 at Breathing Room South Portland

When Venus meets Mars, relationships bloom. Attraction, chemistry, new romance and even new friendships form and grow. In long term relationships, it may be easier to understand one another and refresh things. Revive your love life. Meet new friends. Act on what you're most inspired by. This is like spring in the zodiac before spring on the calendar. Today's color is pink.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekly Astrology February 9th to February 15th, 2015

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Libra

The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Void of course time starts at 6:58 am until 2:05 am ET on Tuesday.Connect for social plans or potential collaborations. It's an outgoing day. The Moon is void of course and Mercury is retrograde until Wednesday, so keep plans flexible and long term agreements saved for later in the week. This is a promising day however. Simplicity is best. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 2:05 am ET and squares Mercury. This aspect contributes to delays and stubborn disagreements. On a milder note, it might just be hard to get things done. It's a tough day to persuade someone who's fixed in ways of thinking. You might save yourself the trouble and wait until later this week. It's a good day to try and organize, focus on priorities, and grab some alone time to do what you want. The Moon aligns with Neptune at 3:15 pm ET for creative thinking, musical diversions, and possibly a nap. Today's color is maroon.

Wednesday: Mercury Direct

Mercury is direct in Aquarius at 9:57 am, but don't rush into anything. Let Mercury get stable for at least one day. The Moon is in Scorpio. Exercise self control and patience. Immerse in an important project. The Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces and is square to the Sun. Save big decisions and purchases for another day soon. Allow yourself to be introverted or solitary if you like. That may help Pluto activate your intuition and get rational rather than needlessly anxious. Venus and the Moon combine for romance. It's a good date night, but maybe not as much for a first date. Begin to unwind and open to possibilities just ahead. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

An active and adventurous spirit moves in with the Sagittarius Moon at 11:46 am and continues through Friday. The Moon is void of course from 12:32 am ET to 11:46 am. Keep those hours simple and relaxed. Mercury, Mars and Saturn align with Sagittarius Moon. Get travel plans settled, work on college and other applications, and generally take action on what you want. Saturn leads to an ambitious, take charge of your own life attitude. It's also a sorting out time. Get rid of what you don't need and anything that holds you back, including fear.  Be aware of escapist tendencies and illusion in the way of honesty tonight. Today's color is red. 

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

Honesty is a theme now. Move past Mercury retrograde (done now!) misunderstandings. Ask for clear information and answers. Today is good for adventures, road trips, and a change of scenery. Uranus adds a surprise factor, so stay alert and be a bit careful. This can also add to spontaneity and fun. Jupiter adds happy tones from Leo. It's a day to learn, experience, and be light in spirit. Try to get any baggage out of the way, literally or otherwise. Clear your own path. I like this better than tomorrow as a shopping day or date night. Today's color is purple. 

Saturday: Valentine's Day

The Moon and Sun are in harmony and that helps us with confidence and decision making. The Moon cruises through Sagittarius until 5:24 pm ET and is void of course at 10:15 am until then. It's not the day to spend lots of  money on a gift. It is a good time to relax and have fun. Capricorn Moon tonight gets a little bit of romance from Neptune in Pisces. The Moon sign is not very demonstrative or affectionate for Valentines Day. Yet it's certainly not awful and you might make the best of very simple plans. The evening is meant to be realistic and down to earth. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon squares Uranus and meets Pluto. Quiet times, studies, and reflection is favored. It's an organizing and weeding out time before New Moon in Wednesday. Prepare for anything from a test to a change at home. With Pluto involved, get quiet so intuition can speak. Stay out of arguments or anything controversial today. Things can flare, especially where matters of dominance and power are concerned. Wear gray.