Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 28th to November 3rd, 2013

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Thank you for being here, and enjoy your Halloween week and the anticipation of the Scorpio solar eclipse on the way. Invite change because it's coming anyway!


Monday: Void of course Moon in Leo

The Moon and Venus form a fire sign trine at 8:26 am ET as the Leo Moon moves void of course until 11:45 pm. Venus in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo are optimistic, active and dynamic by nature.  Take a road trip, break out of the usual 4 walls, open your mind to a different way of doing things, and surround yourself with enthusiastic people.  We will tend toward distraction, and it may be in the happy form like something that takes you away from work, news arriving between eclipses, or a reason to go out and socialize.  Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius are favored in relationship and romance today.  It's a great day for an adventure. Timing may not be reliable and people will need reminders in general. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Saturn

The Moon in Virgo meets Mars and Mercury retrograde meets Saturn today.  We may be picky, critical or work hard to meet up to certain standards.  Old business becomes relevant again. The Sun in Scorpio aligns with the Moon and organization and confidence become important.  The key is to stay up to speed, get something productive done, and be able to show some results or have good explanations for lack thereof.  You might be harder on yourself than the boss, your parent or anyone you need to answer to, especially if you're a Virgo or Aries perhaps, feeling the pressure is on. However, with the Moon and Mars in Virgo we also have to focus on not tearing each other down out of frustration. Minimize criticism with Mercury retrograde adding to sensitivity or misinterpretation.  Do get your work done and try to honor due dates and be on time. Today's color brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon flows a bit more easily today with Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter in harmony. These sextiles with water sign planets ease feelings. Work and productivity and other serious issues still remain important, but there's less of an edge. Be willing to work on something and figure out a temporary plan. Keep long term agreements to a minimum or build in flexibility. Trouble shoot and be constructive under this earth sign Moon. Hands on and direct involvement is favored over delegation right now.  Jupiter adds a healing force from Cancer. Let an old grudge or wound go while the Moon is waning.  The Moon squares Venus tonight and relationships require work. Collaborating requires compromise. Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini are likely to experience this. The Moon is void of course for the entire overnight from 10:48 pm ET on. Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Libra Moon, Happy Halloween!

The Moon moves into Libra at 8:20 am. Mars and Pluto, in earth signs, form a trine and are working in harmony. Mars is the activator and Pluto is deep, powerful forces. Tomorrow is full of squares that further deepen the impact of Libra Moon, Mars and Pluto today. Cardinal sign activity tomorrow will instigate, aggravate or trigger reactions. With that information, proceed to make a potential agreement, compromise or plan before different moods and attitudes set in. Libra is about justice and equal responsibility and seeing the other point of view.  You might be able to convince someone of your plan today, especially if you make a concession. As far as Halloween, complementary, couple and best friend costumes rule, so team up! Today's color is red.

Friday: Uranus square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde

It's a wild, unpredictable Friday, just 2 days before the eclipse, with an active Mercury retrograde, and Uranus and Pluto pushing every button available.  Imagine what happens when you push every button and that's what we have today! Keeping secrets and revealing information both, working for progress and putting a hold on simultaneously.  The urge to get back in touch and the questioning of what will happen if you do, the willingness to work something out and the inability to settle on a plan.  Eclipse news may break this early and includes word of people leaving or returning, changes with Scorpio or Taurus and possibly Leo on the home and family front and Aquarius with career and leadership. Saturn makes sure we're plenty challenged to step up, act "grown up", take things seriously, and not try to escape.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

On the eve of the Scorpio eclipse and New Moon, do you find yourself questioning or changing your mind? Try to wait out the eclipse and another week before you make a final decision. Everything is so changeable right now! Today it's natural to rethink. Old information becoming public, people from the past back in your midst, and the uncertainties that come with breaking news are all in effect.  This can be a very creative, romantic, plain old nice day and evening so try not to over think or make a big deal where there may not be one. At least not yet.  Venus and Neptune work with the Moon. It's an especially good night for a date or time with an long time friend.  Movies, music, simple pleasures should be enjoyed and concerns can be put aside if they're not urgent. New things are coming that will shift your changing mind yet again, so hold on. Today's color is indigo blue.

Sunday: Moon, Saturn & the Sun conjunct in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse

 Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is exact at 7:50 am ET. It's a hurry up and wait type eclipse near Mercury retrograde. Change is practically demanded, yet all the pieces may not seem to be in place.  For this reason it may be frustrating or confusing to adjust to or know how to take news we receive now.  Saturn is in a challenging and dominating position in complex Scorpio. Resist the temptation to react too quickly to anything sudden. Virgo, this is about communication and maybe family. Taurus, your primary relationships are involved and a partner could be experiencing or creating strain for you.  The Sun and Mars are working together and can be actively instigating positive solutions, but Mercury is retrograde so take your time, put a band aid on it, hang in and make sure all the information, truth, and possibilities are out in the open and on the 11th Mercury will be direct.  Breathe. Find something to focus energy and attention on, and keep tempers in check.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 21st to 27th, 2013

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Monday: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

The day begins with a void of course Moon in Taurus and Mercury now retrograde in Scorpio at 6:29 am ET. It's a difficult day to change plans since we'll be fixed on how things were supposed to be and the order of operations. However, all indicators point to changes of plans and doubts that may prevent things from going forward. Take your time. Avoid major decisions and above all, major spending especially  on things that run on battery, electric, or other power sources. Yes, that includes cars and cell phones! If you have to enter an agreement, try a temporary plan. One of the potentially nice things about Mercury retrograde is reconnection with people and places from our pasts. Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio and Virgo, all aligns for this happening in your world in the next 3 weeks. Be careful with travel planning. You might want to buy that insurance or buy the ticket you can change more easily. The retrograde ends November 10th.  The Moon is in social Gemini from 12:14 on, and though energy is scattered today, the Gemini Moon now waning helps us let go and forget. It could be argumentative though. Choose battles only if absolutely necessary as Mars squares the Moon. Try not to be a perfectionist today. It will only be frustrating.  Do some writing, download some music, find something intellectual to delve into. A good book or conversation could go a long way tonight. Reminisce about happy things! Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Moon opposes Venus

Gemini Moon is opposite Venus, planet of love in free thinking Sagittarius. Exploring and relationship may sometimes seem like opposite forces, yet this is a reminder that love doesn't have to limit or tie you down! Find a great place to revisit with your significant other or best friend. If Tuesday is not the day you can, explore options for this weekend or next! Doing new, out of the ordinary things together helps duos get in sync with the opposition. Discussing new ideas and also going back to revisit old plans you didn't follow through with is favored for couples and other partners too.  Bounce thoughts around. Leave things flexible and open ended. This is not the time to get fixed on one goal or plan.  Trial basis of any kind is the way to go now with Mercury retrograde. That goes for work too, and Aries or Libra might enjoy a short term assignment or job change, such as filling in.  Cancer is back up for an overdue recognition or promotion. Show strong ability now, Cancer. Taurus, you are prime for revisiting relationship discussions, issues, or even considering getting back together with a former partner.  In general, the surprise factor is high today after the Aries/Libra eclipse Friday and Uranus at work with the Moon from the sign Aries. Think fast. Think temporary. The Moon is void of course from 8:35 pm ET through tomorrow. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Sun in Scorpio

A milestone in the fall season arrives as the Sun moves to Scorpio at 2:10 am ET. The Moon is void of course and there is not a single connection between Moon, Sun and planets. In a way this is a free and clear day. With Mercury retrograde, proceed slowly and cautiously. Research and gather information. Scorpio has a concentration of activity with Saturn and the Sun, Mercury retrograde and an upcoming eclipse on November 3rd so Scorpio and Scorpio rising signs, you may know or feel that much is pending.  Leo, this is about your home and family as well as whom ever you live with. Pay attention to relationships now and go easy on each other. Real estate is also part of that story and it may be time to make a change in where you live. If so, take your time.  This is not an ideal time for any of us to sign a lease or purchase. If you must, make sure you understand and have the right advisement, like an attorney or experienced, trusted person to go over things.  Aquarius, privacy and  money should be a top priority. Don't allow someone to take advantage of you.  It's not a good idea for any of us to lend money or mix friendship and business now, especially if that's a new possibility rather than a business agreement that already exists. The Cancer Moon moves in at 11:36 pm ET. Happy Birthdays, Scorpios! Today's color is blue.

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Thursday: Cancer Moon

Several aspects impact us today as the Cancer Moon engages with Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, Sun in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries! As you can imagine, all these influences can have different results and result in different priorities. Aries, home or family news is likely. This may be a new development on an existing situation or a recurrence.  Capricorn, your focus is on quiet, calm talks with a partner. Virgo, friendship and enjoyment may be your focus today! Lucky you! Creative souls may take advantage of all the water sign energy instigating imagination and emotion from which art, music, film, poetry and stories are born! Prioritize and keep business simple.  Keep new material or changes in systems to a bare minimum if at all.  Cancer is an emotional sign and there's plenty going on under the surface today. Wear black.

Friday: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

This is an optimistic day full of positive and easy aspects. The Cancer Moon meets Jupiter and has a healing effect along with opening opportunities and hearts, both! Forgiveness, reconciliations, reunions, breakthroughs, and personal connections are favored.  Cancer gets the best of this! Pisces, find reasons to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. You may have reason to travel and really expand your horizons soon! The news could come right now! This is a lucky sort of day for Pisces, and Virgo may feel very blessed by the people in his/her life now!  The Scorpio Sun connects with Neptune enhancing the creative and bringing romance and passion to love lives. It's a great date night and a good night to get cozy at home too! Reunion is in the air! Void Moon begins at 4:31 pm ET and all business should be done by then! Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Leo Moon

The Moon moves to Leo at 12:12 pm ET. The Moon and Sun square beginning a streak that lasts through the weekend. Though things may not be easy to work through, it may be worth it to try. Tomorrow's aspects are even more challenging IF you have troubles or major concerns. If you're in the clear,  you can probably make this a fun day or night. Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius are most likely to be facing a big concern.  Temporary solutions are favored.  Wear gold today.

Sunday: Leo Moon squares Mercury retrograde and Saturn

This could be a tough day or just a stubborn day for getting anything done.  Keep life simple! Past issues, people you use to know, home and family things that need resolving, and business with a complex aspect are some possibilities.  Leo Moon is usually optimistic and resilient. Uranus is throwing in changes and chance events.  Tread lightly and plan something fun.  Today's color is purple.

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October 14th to 20th, 2013

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Monday: Moon opposite Mars

 The Moon opposes Mars in Aquarius and Leo, fixed signs. Expect strong opinions to be broadcast and discussed. There's good reason to find community, work together, and gather around causes or plans with the Moon and Libra Sun in harmony. Maybe one or two people try to dominate, but the vision is there and the job gets accomplished. Let things roll off you if others insist things be done their way. The goal and the collaboration are the focus, after all. The Moon is void of course from 4:28 to 5:06 pm and then moves into Pisces. We feel dreamy, creative and seek fun escapes from the usual tonight. All in all, this is a nice day to be with other people sharing different experiences, from projects to film or music as long as there's not a point of contention in which case it will be strong and stubborn. Today's color is light blue.

 Tuesday: Mars in Virgo

 The Moon is in Pisces, square to Venus in Sagittarius. Relationships with Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini may find things to debate and work through. The big question is how much freedom in a relationship is healthy and good? Scorpio and Aquarius may find this relates to business and work relationships too. Pisces Moon tends to bring out the giving and compassionate in us. Mars moves to Virgo where the planet of physical action gets going with the to do list, financial plans, analyzing stats and progress and motivating us to get everything organized and cleaned up. Not a bad idea on the brink of Mercury retrograde. Back up files and make duplicates and put them in safe places. Make sure you're on time and remember things like appointments and meetings. Today's color is green.

 Wednesday: Venus trine Uranus

 The Moon is void of course from 3:15 am to 9:16 pm ET in Pisces. Spaciness and forgetfulness may be more common than usual. Get lost in creative or pleasurable pursuits. Business may not go anywhere very quickly or clearly. If you need something done you may have to push through it, harnessing energy and focus. Time to vacation, play, work at what you love most, or spend time with people you care about is more in line with today's energy. Venus and Uranus shake things up with relationship surprises and unexpected collaborations and partnerships. Travel could be exciting or chaotic. Be ready for anything. Our sense of adventure and presence in the moment is essential today. The Moon moves to Aries at 9:16 pm. Going out, having fun, blowing off steam will be appealing. Be careful you don't go too far. Wear orange.

 Thursday: Aries Moon

 We're likely to find our edge, our brink or our threshold today as the Aries Moon and Uranus meet. This is a monthly conjunction, however today we are close to Mercury retrograde and already in the degrees Mercury will backtrack. In addition, we are closing in on the Full Moon of tomorrow and may already have gotten eclipse type news. The fire sign quality will tend to shake us initially, but events now however sudden may not be all bad. The Full Moon is a peak and the eclipse accelerates things. Women in our lives may announce changes and surprises and Aries and Libra are also strongly impacted or involved. Some shifts take adjustments but are good in the big picture. Try not to judge a breakup you hear of or a quick move someone makes. We'll see the effects of this eclipse for over a month and experience another in two weeks! Respond slowly. Buy time. Use words and statements with care and caution. Talk with most trusted friends to sort things out. This eclipse affects Capricorn home life, Pisces and Virgo financial matters, Libra love and relationship, and Aquarius travel and news. Today also features Venus in harmony with the Moon and relationships, new or renewed, are exciting and passionate. Do new things and get out of boring routines. Today's color is red.

 Friday: Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aries

Listen to your sign's area of impact here:

 The Moon is Full at 7:38 pm ET and the 2-3 days prior and ahead are the eclipse zone. Watch your temper and your responses. What you don't want to do now is act too quickly. We are right at the start of Mercury retrograde and there's good reason to wait things out even if you feel urgency! The eclipse is basically supported by Mars. It is at a square, a challenging aspect, to Jupiter in Cancer, and family things and situations involving the mothers and other matriarchs in our lives come up. News from Mom could be surprising. Eclipses like this take us off guard with their events and news. Maintaining composure is a good plan. Try not to jump to conclusions that may turn out to be false. There's another solar eclipse in two weeks and we are in the midst of sudden shifts and more to be announced. Take it slow. Find your comfort zone. Be with supportive people and be sure to put yourself in a priority spot as far as what comes first or at least close! National and international news is likely to peak especially where conflict and leaders are concerned. Aries is the sign of face and head, war and courage, initiations and the child within. Today's color is white. 

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Mars opposes Neptune

 The Taurus Moon's earth quality may help ground us even with lunar eclipse changes and news swirling like the wind or feeling more like a hurricane! Doing practical work, tasks, outdoor planting or gardening, and getting physical workouts are good ways to manage stress or waiting. Neptune is opposite Mars in Pisces/Virgo. Daydreams and impractical plans pull in one direction and constructive ideas in the other. If you're not going to take action or help out, don't expect someone else to do it for you. We might have unrealistic expectations of ourselves or of someone else today. Virgo, you're in the mode to take over and it might be less frustrating for you if you do! There's a bit of laziness in the air added to Mercury nearly retrograde creating uncertainty. Keeping today simple and tackling one project that will be satisfying is probably a good bet! It's a good day to fish, plant and garden, and cook for the group! Today's color is brown.

 Sunday: Taurus Moon opposes Mercury and Saturn

 There's very stubborn opposition with the Moon across from Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury retrograde begins officially first thing Monday morning and is already in action at a hot spot in Scorpio, making negotiating and communication very challenging. Mercury in Scorpio leans toward hiding feelings or information. Saturn is a tough influence too. If you are compelled to make an important decision, be certain you have all the right information and that you can change your mind. Sometimes business cannot wait, yet this is a very tricky time for anything of significance. On top of that, schedules may seem to fall apart. The upside is the Moon's harmony with Jupiter in Cancer. Family reunions, warm welcomes, and celebrations may turn out very well! Keep things low key and play nicely. Loyalty is supremely important with these aspects. It's better to stay out of any kind of conflict. Wear blue today.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 7th to 13th, 2013

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Monday: Venus to Sagittarius

Venus, planet of love, harmony and partners moves to adventurous Sagittarius at 1:54 pm ET for about a 4 week stay. Love and freedom might not always seem to be partners, and this time of year you might need to let go a little and allow a lover, best friend, or other type of partner in life some space to grow and change. This doesn't mean losing a close alliance so much as recognizing we are each individual and not always attached at the hip in a healthy relationship (by the way Sagittarius is the sign of the hips!). If you feel like you're doing life solo and partnership in love or business is not part of your life you may revel in your own freedom, find new friends who are free spirited, and take pleasure in out of the ordinary experiences or travels.  Aries travels are well timed now, and Libra will enjoy a long weekend or even a day trip to expand perspective and get a change of scene.  Leo and Aquarius are favored for meeting new friends will common interests and passions or very different perspectives that open the mind in a new way. The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Cancer and creativity is piqued and the heavens are in order for healing the body or the soul. Mars will square the Moon overnight which can agitate sore or resentful feelings. Could they be coming up for final resolution? Find some peace. Venus is happily at work tomorrow too.  Enjoy the beautiful aspects! Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon conjunct Venus, Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

The Moon and Venus line up for exciting personal connections. Travel, especially with a partner or friend, for business or pleasure, is timed to be very enjoyable and maybe eye opening.  The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 8:21 am ET (void of course from 12:54 am until then). Even if you wake up nervous or cranky, the day appears interesting and stimulating enough to let you forget overnight issues. On another note, there's a serious, intentional business type aspect working as Mercury and Saturn meet in Scorpio. Ask the important questions, investigate and research, and form agreements or find long term solutions you can live with.  Wishy washy, unclear information or answers will not be satisfactory today and you could find yourself in a situation where you must tell the truth no matter how risky or painful.  Integrity and excitement are both good key words for the energies playing out today and tonight.  Wear purple.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon and Libra Sun

The expansive Sagittarius Moon, sign of philosophy and beliefs, is in harmony with the Libra Sun. We strive for balance, objectivity, and freedom in thinking as the Moon and Sun align.  Make a favorable impression, be friendly, and try not to show your judgmental side even if you're skeptical. Listen and reserve or withhold judgement. Conditions are right to settle a legal or partnership matter successfully by opening your mind to a new idea as Uranus in Aries aligns with the Moon too.  It's also a great day for good friends to launch adventures and ventures. The New Moon of last Friday is still powering these days as we move closer to Mercury retrograde. If you're ready, make a decision, take a bit of a leap into something new, approach someone about an opportunity or for friendship or love. Today is an extrovert's day, and even if you're on the introvert end of the spectrum you may find that reaching out gets you just what you were hoping for. Act on your wishes and hopes.  Uranus, planet of rebellion, inventiveness and also destruction has been very active with planets and the Moon and you may notice this effect yet again.  Come up with something incredible and original or tear down to rebuild. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon, Venus square Neptune

The Moon is void of course from 6:10 am to 11:17 am ET and those are hours to be patient and not rush (which can be two different things!) Heat and impatience may be exaggerated this morning, but Mars in Leo adds great energy for workouts and other physical work.  The Capricorn Moon at 11:17 am brings in hours more suited to decision making, shopping and business.  Venus is square to Neptune and the Moon works with this same planet, the planet of dreams, imagination, magic and sleight of hand. Be aware of any discrepancies in information or people who are talking but not matching it with action. Protect yourself against any kind of deception.  Use this energy to fuel the imagination, art, creative work, and vision for travel, new fields of study and other possibilities. Venus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces align for changes and working through things that could impede those plans. See if you can dream up a "way" to make something that seems just a bit out of reach, happen! The Capricorn Moon gives the practical method and organization to this creative energy.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon is busy with lots of different priorities and possibilities today, but the common threads are maturity, organization, and work ethic.  Capricorn will  be taking life seriously and interacting with people both socially and professionally. Mercury and Saturn support the Moon from Scorpio guiding long term agreements, promises and step by step plans.  Scorpio, communication is your key word today and that includes with family relationships.  Scorpio and Taurus may have good reason to travel of be in learning environments late this week.  The Moon opposes Jupiter in Cancer, and Cancer and Capricorn you and your significant other will be making some intentional plans and decisions. Cancer you have the added influence of Uranus square to the Moon so career news may be thrown into the mix.  The Moon is square to the Libra Sun tonight, and Libra, you could host a gathering at your place and surround yourself with family.  Smaller gatherings with good friends and relaxing and unwinding into the weekend is favored over bigger events. The Moon moves void of course at 8:04 pm. People will be busy and occupied generally with so many influence playing out.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon, Sun square Jupiter

The early hours feature the void of course Moon in Capricorn until 2:00 pm ET.  Get a workout, catch up on things, don't spend too much money, keep important decisions to a minimum or keep them very flexible.  At 2 pm the Aquarius Moon moves us into a very social part of the weekend through Sunday. The Sun squares Jupiter and reasoning with family members and deliberating about home projects, whether to move, or how much to expand and change things is one effect.  Sun in Libra is reasonable and moderate and Jupiter in Cancer is concerned about how things feel. Intuition is one guide and financial sensibility is another. Make them work together for best result. This is a decent time to make decisions before Mercury retrograde October 21st and the eclipse rumblings of the week ahead.  Identify your philosophy around something and keep your actions aligned with your mindset.  On a simpler note, enjoy the people around you with the Moon in a sign of community and friendship! Today's color is silver.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

This weekend can be very festive! Today the Moon aligns with Venus for adventures together, with friends or a date, and Uranus adds excitement from Aries. Hopefully it's the good kind of upheaval where things turn out much more fun than planned or you see friends you didn't expect to see. Uranus is rebellious too and can turn things topsy turvy. It's good to have plan B just in case something shifts at the last minute.  Saturn and Mercury remind of work we have to do and bills we need to pay and people we need to contact or respond to. Find a way to mix work and socializing so you'll feel like you lived up to a responsibility but still had fun.  Today's color is turquoise.