Friday, July 30, 2021

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology August 1st to 7th, 2021

Leo New Moon arrives on Sunday, August 8th!

Sunday, August 1st: The Sun & Mercury meet in Leo for a very social day, excellent for performances, concerts and plays, rehearsals, and other forms of expression. It's a good day for an honest, positive talk. Mercury is opposite Saturn so some topics will have gravity and involve mature decisions. Back everything with heart. The Moon is in Taurus, aligned with Neptune in Pisces for an earth centered day as well. Connect with the land and water and bask in the glory of summer. Finally, Taurus Moon syncs with Pluto in Capricorn for a realistic view of oneself. This is a reminder not to bypass your own feelings and needs. Today's color is Green.

Monday: The Sun is opposite Saturn. Our roles and responsibilities are up for discussion or renegotiating, especially in groups we belong to or places of employment. Take appropriate action rather than toughing it out or harboring hard feelings that eventually need an outlet. Taurus Moon squares Jupiter before the Moon changes signs at 4:46 am EST. Void Moon 3:41 am EST to 4:46 am. Gemini Moon then squares Mars. Those potentially unpleasant squares point out what's difficult to resolve, stuck and unyielding. Decide what's worth confronting and dealing with. Wear Yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn, the Sun & Mercury. People may be more receptive or expressive, making it easier to share ideas, negotiate or find agreement. Since Gemini Moon is square to Venus, that may be more true in the professional areas than in personal relationships. If your love life and relationship feel a little off or out of balance today, that may be the Moon and Venus showing areas of disagreement or different needs. Venus is in Virgo, a sort of perfectionistic place for the love planet. Try not to be overly judgmental or critical of the one you love. Acknowledge differences and find a place of consensus. There could also be some love at first sight and other instant connections as Venus and Uranus align in earth centered Virgo and Taurus. Share ideas, hopes and possibilities with one another today. Wear Pink.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon for tying up loose ends as we move toward New Moon. Is there something to complete or someone to connect with before Sunday and a fresh lunar cycle? Energy may be scattered and people may not show up as planned. Do what you can with what you have while the Moon is in this versatile sign. The Moon aligns with Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius and this may facilitate getting reconnected with people for work and other collaborative projects. From 3:38 to 5:17 pm EST, the Moon is void of course. Cancer Moon moves in for family oriented times and business for the next couple of days. Plan an easygoing evening. Wear Light Blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon in harmony with Mars in Virgo. These two signs often work well together and may be a sign of things coming together, making some progress, and blending creative, emotional and practical sensibilities. The Moon aligns with Uranus much later, for spontaneous occurrences or decisions and for quick problem solving tonight. Wear Blue.

Friday: New Moon in Leo is on Sunday, and Uranus energy powers that New Moon. Unexpected surprises, originality and rebelliousness are some effects due with New Moon. Cancer Moon today supported by Venus & Neptune, and also opposite Pluto. It's a mix of influences and may be helpful in personal interactions and creative endeavors. Internally we may wrestle with our feelings, with trauma that surfaces and with our pasts or our families. The Sun is square to Uranus, foreshadowing feelings or events related to New Moon. You may get word/news of something that shapes your decisions and initiations next week. The reason for your next actions pops up now, showing the way to proceed. Cancer Moon void of course 6:12 pm to 3:31 am EST. Keep tonight simple. Today's color is Black.

Saturday: The Moon moves to Leo at 3:31 am EST and it's clear sailing with no aspects until 9:50 pm EST. Have a Leo day with pleasure, relaxation, recreation, or shopping. Later, the Moon opposes Saturn and brings up a theme from early this week, related to our roles and responsibilities to one another, in larger groups, and maybe even with people we don't know. Saturn has to do with rules, limitations, restrictions, and doing the right thing. This could initiate more covid19 related business around mask wearing, vaccine mandates and other such things related to safety, health and regulation. Other matters include how to be authentic and still be part of a group, how to participate in your own best interests and for the good of all. Today is also a traditional time to reflect and plan, as New Moon arrives in the morning. Wear Gold. 

New Moon in Leo at 9:50 am Sunday, with a square to Uranus in Taurus. More in next week's forecast! Sunday's color is White.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

Leo Season: Astrology for July 25th to July 31st, 2021

Sunday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon, just past full and beginning to wane. Emotional releases are likely. If tears need to come, let them flow, whether happy or sad. Mercury spends a couple of more days in Cancer, the zodiac's most directly emotional sign. Conversations are filled with heart and soul as Mercury opposes Pluto. Some things will need airing out. Aquarius Moon opposes Mars which could result in angry or insensitive actions, so aim for a compassionate approach to counteract that. The Moon is void from 7:14 pm to 11:30 pm EST and then moves to Pisces, almost immediately meeting Jupiter for emotional healing and reassurance. Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Pisces Moon opposite Venus in Virgo. Polarity in our feelings and relationships is today's most prevalent theme. Combine your emotional and practical traits. Add some sense and tangible action to your dreams to manifest a result or product. It feels like a day for photographers to capture beauty and for lovers and partners to act with feeling and sensitivity. Venus in Virgo has an eye for detail and can also be very selective or even critical. Perfectionism arises. Yet sometimes perfection can be found in perceived flaws. This may relate to our partners or best friends. Their shortcomings or flaws may be part of their character. Try to avoid wanting to change people. Having said that, recognize your right to remove yourself from unhealthy relationships. Are you focusing on the small things that matter only a little bit? Or are you aware of unhealthy demands or criticism coming from someone you're in partnership with. If that's the case, what is your next best action or decision. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Mercury moves to Leo today. This is a positive for parties, playfulness, invitations, and self expression in the next few weeks. It's an authentic and strong place for the communication planet. Leo tends to be direct and verbal, creative and demonstrative. Mercury adds to that influence while in the Sun's home sign. The Moon is in Pisces, aligned with Pluto and Uranus in earth signs, and in conjunction with Neptune. There's a dreamy and also spontaneous feel to this. We may do things on a whim or change course with the wind. Whether it's a day off to enjoy or a business day with plans, it's a day for flexibility and finding the flow (rather than fighting it). Surprises may come from outside us, from other people or from within our own attitudes and feelings. Void Moon 9:13 pm until 5:58 am EST. Sweet dreams. Wear Blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon enters at 5:58 am EST, increasing the fire element. Aries is an action oriented place for the Moon. The Moon and Mercury in Leo activate decisions, self expression, and even confrontation. Some will feel adventurous, some will feel determined. The Sun gets involved, forming a trine to the Moon which is generally positive, very outgoing, and can add to courage and confidence. If something has been lingering and waited to be acted on, this may be the day. Jupiter retrograde shifts back into Aquarius and could lead us toward unfinished business, especially in the form of group work, re-inventing and refining, and reviewing our roles in groups. Education decisions may also come up for review. Today's color is Orange.

Thursday: Aries Moon aligns with Saturn overnight for wise decisions. Saturn is retrograde leading to unfinished business and decisions that were previously not well timed or resolved. Aries is really saying act on things, and even cut ties that are inappropriately binding, this week. The Moon is waning for letting go and moving on. Pending break ups are ripe for release. Mars is opposite Jupiter, in Leo and Aquarius, related to groups, crowds, and even places we go to play and have fun. Be extra careful in all these places since Mars is assertive and confrontational. Mars opposite Jupiter may also initiate actions related to travel, cultural initiatives, education such as university and advanced programs. You may experience this as a wellspring of energy and motivation to carry you forward into new or developing pursuits. Things could get competitive this week. Try not to over or under estimate yourself or your competitor. Balanced exertion, effort and perspective is called for today and all week long. Mars moves to Virgo after this aspect. Today's color is Red.

Friday: Jupiter is back in Aquarius, Mercury has been in Leo for a few days, and Mars moved to Virgo yesterday. These  shifts in energy can land us 'in a different place' such as a change of opinion, a transitional time, engaged in an experiment, or realizing what's best after a time of uncertainty. Aries Moon squares Pluto, asking for that real feeling and right action, from within. Check in with, and try not to fight, your own wisdom. Is something overpowering what you know is right and reasonable? If so, why and might you want to interrupt that power? I sense cord cutting here. The Moon and Jupiter are in harmony for projects, plans and inventive solutions or creations. Void Moon 3:38 pm to 4:06 pm EST and the Moon enters Taurus, aligns with Mars, and gets us grounded in tangible actions and steps. Do one productive, positive things with this Taurus/Virgo aspect. Feel some sort of progress. Today's color is Yellow. 

Saturday: This Taurus Moon time is filled with squares and they bring up challenges. Mercury, the Sun (both in Leo) and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius are all squaring the Moon. So how we feel and what we must do could be in contrast. All are in fixed signs, resulting in stubbornness. This can be positive if you must stand your ground and not give in to other forces. It can be problematic is what we must do is yield and give in to something for the greater good or for our own highest potential. What are your hanging or holding onto and is that for your benefit or is it an ego issue? Where are you stuck in relationship to someone else to to your job, and what could soften that? These challenges and how we meet them are also what leads to growth. Fortunately, the Moon and Venus harmonize for romance, for creating beauty, and for bringing out the best in our personal relationships. The Moon and Uranus have their sometimes enlightening, often jarring, meeting in Taurus tonight. Steady does it. Wear Lavender.

Sunday (August 1st): This one snuck in here so someone needs to see it early!

The Sun & Mercury meet in Leo for a very social day, excellent for performances, concerts and plays, rehearsals, and other forms of expression. It's a good day for an honest, positive talk. Mercury is opposite Saturn so some topics will have gravity and involve mature decisions. Back everything with heart. The Moon is in Taurus, aligned with Neptune in Pisces for an earth centered day as well. Connect with the land and water and bask in the glory of summer. Finally, Taurus Moon syncs with Pluto in Capricorn for a realistic view of oneself. This is a reminder not to bypass your own feelings and needs. Today's color is Green.

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Astrology for July 18th to 24th, 2021: Full Moon in Aquarius

                              The Moon will be Full on Friday the 23rd at 10:37 pm EST

I hope your summer's going well. Glad to have the sun back at least for today (Friday morning the 17th).

When I'm not immersed in water, I'm deep in Leaping Waters Yoga studio preparations for opening on August 15th! Come see me on Sundays & Wednesdays for aerial, ropes wall, Chakra Flow, Morning Yoga, Restore & more. Plus the most exciting workshops ever, lined up in sequence beginning August 22nd!

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Happy late Cancer & early Leo birthdays! 


Sunday: Scorpio Moon, known for pulling our attention inward and creating the need for personal space. Mercury and the Moon are in harmony for family gatherings and news. It's a great aspect to create with, as emotions request full expression. Saturn and the Moon challenge one another, in very different, yet both fixed, signs. This also points to next weekend when the Full Moon is close to Saturn in Aquarius. The challenges or debates come up now, for resolving as the Full Moon moves through. Sit with differences and see how they yield or play out this week. The Moon also opposes Pluto with a very Scorpio-like influence. Much of what's really happening is under the surface. Today's color is Black.

Monday: Both dreams and actions are activated today. There could be some hurdles, but the motivation arises and you may also rise to the challenges. Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune for our visionary side. The Moon squares both Venus and Mars in Leo for strong personalities looking to compromise or partner powerfully. There's the tension between fixed signs, but it's creative and passionate tension and good things can come from that healthy sort of stress or debate. The Moon and Sun align in water signs at 12:30 pm EST, and void Moon time begins for nearly 5 hours. Take a little time off or get into the zone with work or creative activity. Sagittarius Moon from 5:08 pm squares Jupiter around 6:30 pm EST. Notice shifts or inner conflicts regarding your lifestyle and philosophy or understanding of life. Travel may prove to be challenging tonight. Wear Purple.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Saturn retrograde brings up commitments, possibly for reevaluation. What might you be learning about promises, adulting, and your agreements with other people, especially groups you associate with? Saturn's lessons relate to promises and how we break or keep them. Mercury aligns with Uranus for news that's very likely unplanned for. Something revealed today takes us by surprise. Some may get acceptances or mail of an interesting nature. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon with a mix of aspects and energies. Go on an adventure with someone you love, or might love!, as the Moon trines Mars and Venus in Leo. It's a fire sign day, to begin with, and everything fun, exciting, and full of discovery is favored. New relationships thrive. Travels may be extra fun, even short road trips or local discoveries. Void Moon is only 10 minutes long, later in the day, as the Moon changes signs at 6:36 pm EST. The Moon and Jupiter are in harmony for hands on healing and also for projects requiring hands on and physical skills. Blend earth and water. Hang out by the ocean or lake. Work in the garden. Bring something to fruition or life. Venus moves to Virgo at 8:37 pm EST and you may find yourself redesigning or redecorating in the weeks ahead. Venus in Virgo appreciates beauty in a particular way that may resemble perfectionism or things being 'just so' as my grandma would say. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon as the Sun moves to Leo for the middle phase of summer. The shift occurs at 10:26 am EST this year. Babies born from then on have Leo as their sun sign. Today starts with Venus opposite Jupiter emphasizing how we manifest love and prosperity. Give some love and tenderness and share some wisdom gently, to someone who needs it. Capricorn Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus, both earth signs. This continues Uranus influence this week, in the form of news and things to respond to. Do some quick problem solving even if it's just a temporary fix. We may need to roll with news and changes this week, as they come, one by one. The Moon is nearly Full and it's likely to be eventful, related to groups we are part of, our community, and our own needs. Hope your surprises are good ones! Today's color is Gold. 

Friday: Full Moon in Aquarius 10:37 pm EST. The Sun is now in Leo, opposite the Moon as always during Full Moon times. This Moon is known as Thunder Moon for summer storms, and as Buck Moon as male deer begin to regrow their antlers in July. The day begins with Capricorn Moon, opposite Mercury for family and home related developments and discussions. Some will find, close on or lease their homes under this Full Moon and it may be the close of other processes too. Neptune and Pluto provide shadowy influences like undercurrents and unspoken or underdeveloped thoughts and feelings. People may need time to themselves to process and sort. Contemplate priorities and next moves. Notice how you really feel versus how you think you should feel. How you really feel becomes more important at some point, and that point may be right now. Void Moon 12:34 pm to 8:12 pm EST, hours intended for doing less, at least in terms of business. These are great hours to clean the house or office, but be careful you don't misplace things that later will seem to be lost. Plain view may be better than 'in a safe place' or out of sight. Aquarius Full Moon relates to our ability to envision, to invent, to see beyond the literal, and to honor and acknowledge our roles in groups and in friendships. Blend me with we in a harmonious way. Be yourself even within the crowd. Aquarius is about uniqueness and is willing to revolutionize and transform. Technology is one of Aquarius's domains. Expect news and significant developments in any of these areas. Renew commitments to yourself and others. Wear White. 

Saturday: Aquarius Moon, full and meeting Saturn retrograde. This may be a final chance at something you passed on or couldn't work out before. Saturn will move back to Pisces and not visit Aquarius again for many years. If you're around 30 or 60 years old, this may have something to do with your Saturn returns, and for all this is related to wisdom that comes with experience. Is it now time for something you couldn't make happen last year, maybe in the fall? If the terms are right, this could be your time for major life decisions and agreements. It's quite serious and intentional, so notice the weight or responsibility this will bring. Later, the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus for an aha or an oh-oh and something new to be resolved. If you or someone else is overly stubborn, this may create a situation, such as a stalemate. Emotions may not be easy to manage or we might shut feelings down in favor of practicality.  Today's color is Silver.