Thursday, February 15, 2024


Sunday, February 18th ~ Gemini Moon until 10:21 pm ET. Mercury & the Sun align with the Moon in air signs Aquarius and Gemini. Neptune is square to the Moon. We may feel expressive, social, outgoing and full of ideas or conversations. We may also resist schedules and responsibilities. It could be a good vacation type day. Ideas and the mind may shift and change easily and more than once. The Moon is void of course for just 4 minutes and moves to Cancer at10:25 pm, followed by the Sun entering Pisces at 11:13 pm ET. Today's color is Blue.

Monday ~ Cancer Moon aligns with Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus. Saving, investing, and making home and family more stable, secure and comfortable are all favored. It could feel good to stay close to home and somehow make things better there. Sow seeds and/or reap benefits. Work on anything due soon, such as anything coming to fruition by the end of the month. We are between New and Full Moon, a time for progress, a trait valued by Cancer, where the Moon is today. Wear Light Green.

Tuesday ~ Cancer Moon in harmony with Uranus in Taurus could mean a quick change of course, maybe due to new developments or news. Prepare to think or decide rapidly.  Have plans B and C prepared, just in case. Wear Light Blue.

Wednesday ~ Cancer to Leo Moon with void Moon hours 1:38 to 8:40 am ET. Leo Moon favors a change of pace and things may continue to happen fast. The Moon opposes Pluto, Venus and Mars in Aquarius. Venus and Mars are to meet at 2:14 am ET tomorrow. Relationships are in focus and require attention. Some of that may be fun and it could feel like a second Valentine's Day for some partners or in new relationships. Make decisions together, as couple and also in groups or workplaces. Work with differences rather than seeing them as drawbacks. Share equally in every way. Wear Purple today.

Thursday ~ Leo Moon square to planets in Taurus. Things we have little or no control of may come up today. This could be frustrating. Notice where yielding or letting go of control could create more ease or peace for yourself. Creative differences can turn out to be beneficial, so give effort to compromise and opening to different ways of doing things. Venus and Mars meet in Aquarius highlighting all the ways we connect with each other. Positive connections are abundant now. Feel where you are drawn, belong, feel welcome and able to be your authentic self. Mercury is about to leave Aquarius. Aquarius you may notice this as one solid decision made or conversation accomplished. Some will also have made new friendships during the past few weeks. Today's color is Yellow. 

Friday ~ Mercury in Pisces begins 2:29 am ET. This is a sensitive, emotionally connected place for the communication planet. It may in various ways draw our attention to coastal areas, water in all forms, emotional shifts, imaginative projects and dreams. Leo Moon is void of course all day, since 11:18 pm last night. Today could be good for getting happily lost, being out of routine and seeking some excitement or inspiration.At 8:38 pm, the Moon moves to Virgo and opposes Mercury at 11:52 pm ET. There may be discussions about how to change routines or habits to be more beneficial or mutually agreeable. The Moon is nearly Full. Today's color is Indigo.

Saturday ~ Virgo Full Moon at 7:30 am ET. Saturn, like Mercury, is opposite the Moon and is also in Pisces. Both oppositions indicate decisions to besettled and agreed upon. This Full Moon is serious about the details, about health, and about getting things finished or moving in the right direction. Jupiter aligns with the Moon for prosperity and good luck. White is today's color. 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Astrology for Feb 11th-17th, 2024

Sunday ~ Pisces Moon in harmony with Venus and Uranus highlights what's new in the realms of love, creative collaboration, sense of beauty and emotional shifts. Tap into beauty, vulnerability, and romance. Wear Light Green today.

Monday ~ Overnight Pisces Moon with Neptune and fueled by Mars activates dreams including the ones you're building on a tangible level. Void Moon 7:32 am to 8:26 am before the shift to action oriented Aries Moon, aligning with Pluto for self awareness and self discovery. Notice what comes up on a personal and soul level. Act with that piece of wisdom or memory in mind. Today's color is Rose Red (the softer reds).

Tuesday ~ Aries Moon takes self awareness into consideration for clear communication today. Mercury aligns from Aquarius, highlighting group dynamics, clear thinking and honesty. Venus and Neptune are doing a different dance, in Capricorn/Pisces, more focused on love and making togetherness work. At 1:00 am ET, Mars shifts to Aquarius continuing themes of how we connect and make things happen, together, in groups and through networks. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday ~ Mars meets Pluto, and that may apply also to last night. Passion, strong urges and desires, deep feelings acted upon, and other Scorpio type traits and feelings are amplified. To watch out for: strong expressions of anger or overly competitive drive. To pursue: acting on deep wisdom, passion projects, strong connections that feel soulful. Aries Moon in harmony with the Sun and square to Venus. If there's conflict, we'll tend to speak our mind and work through resistance. Void Moon 5:21 am to 10:02 am ET. Taurus Moon follows with a mix  of aspects that indicate working through those stubborn blocks and trying to get business and personal things resolved. The Moon grounds in to do list, responsibilities and emotional sensibilities tonigh, for doing and seeing what's realistic. Avoid excessive stubbornness. Wear Pink on this Valentine's Day for Taurus Moon, and know that Green works well today too.

Thursday ~ A day of opportunities as Taurus Moon meets expansive Jupiter, squares Mercury for negotitions and settling deals and interactions, and meets Uranus for the surprise ending or turn of events. Wear Blue.

Friday ~ Venus enters Aquarius at 11:05 am ET. Tis the season and cycle for joining groups, working on common vision, and creating beautiful and harmonious products and networks. This is prime time for team building, improving the quality of colleagial relationships, and planning large gatherings, festivals, and other celebrations, particulary those focused on 'togetherness' and connectedness. Taurus to Gemini Moon at 2:39 pm after about 4.5 hours void of course. Let today have a slow, unpressured start if possible. Sit with any stuck feelings or roadblocks and see if they dissolve and transform as Gemini Moon aligns with Venus, Pluto and Mars in Aquarius. The Aquarius energy is strong and magnificent today and may help us feel more social, collaborative and outgoing. Tonight, Mercury squares Uranus and it could be hard to find the right way to communicate and express. Avoid blurting things out without forethought. Today's color is Turqoise.

Saturday ~ Venus meets Pluto in Aquarius. This could feel new and different! The two met on January 1st, 2023, yet in a different place & energy. Our desire to belong, be accepted and be loved intensifies or comes into the forefront. We may realize something regarding love and the depths of our feelings. A deep appreciation for where and with whom we feel welcomed and valued is highlighted. Some could lean into obsession about these themes/topics. Notice if your behaviors go over the boundaries. Find healthy ways to express love and gratitude for others in your life. Gemini Moon's monthly Saturn square is today and often involves antsiness about commitments or obligations. Explore your feelings around spoken or unspoken agreements and see if any changes are needed to create more comfort or more ability to follow through. Today's color is Purple.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Aquarius New Moon Feb 3rd-10th, 2024

Sunday ~ The Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:28 am ET and aligns with Pluto, two signs away, in Aquarius. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, sexuality, and undercurrents including the subconscious. There's some Phoenix like energy in the air and that may raise things that were buried or thought dead to the surface. Today is fire element, fueled by air, the sstuff of dreams put into action. Saturn is square to the Moon, for mixed emotions and maybe some struggle around authority or mastery. Mercury is on the threshold of Aquarius. Whatever has to change may become very obvious. Today's color is Turquoise Blue.

Monday ~ Mercury is innovative and forward thinking in Aquarius. The shift happens at 12:10 am ET. Mercury meets Pluto for inner wisdom and connection with larger groups we bleong to and affiliate with. The Moon remains in and moves through Sagittarius, a sign that appreciates movement and variety. The Moon and Sun are in harmony and we may feel like joining, getting together, and coming out of hibernation. Read Tuesday for more about tonight. Today's color is Purple.

Tuesday ~ The Moon and Neptune have their monthly 'should I stay or should I go' square. This may not be very decisive and leans toward escaping responsibilities. It affects Monday night more than Tuesday as it happens at 12:06 am ET. Void Moon from then to 7:08 amET.Capricorn Moon in harmony with Capricorn's ruler Saturn at 7:18 pm. This tends toward decisive, productive and sensible.Jupiter and the Moon are in harmony for building and getting important and valuable things done. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday ~ There's lots of harmony in the heavens today, with Moon in Capricorn aligned with Uranus and Neptune and meeting Venus. Venus is also in trine with Uranus. Relationship news could be eventful. You may hear of engagements and new cohabitation. This can also be creative and relate to brilliant plans setting in motion. Mars in Capricorn in harmony with Neptune is also highly creative and could favor music and film makers among other things. When things are in ease like this, sometimes other things that are not quite as welcome happen readily too. So if something has been just barely hanging on or hanging in, it could fall apart as it was destined to. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday ~ The Moon meets Mars overnight calling for action and constructive approaches. We are now moving toward New Moon. The action could be releasing old indeas in favor of what's more of this time and changing scenarios. Void Moon 2:52 to 8:59 am ET, and these hours may be wobbly or uncertain. Stay grounded. The Aquarius Sun squares Uranus and starts the day at 5:46 am ET. Evolution and revolution are in the air. We'll tend to resist or witness others resisting the norm, the usual and the expected. The Moon meets both Mercury and Pluto. Bigger, different and wild ideas take shape and yet, they may feel like things you should've always known. Tap into inner wisdom and intuition. Today's color is Silver.

Friday ~ Aquarius Moon continues and New Moon arrives at 5:59 pm, which begins the void of course Moon time.The Moon squares Uranus for more of yesterday's themes including alternative and cutting edge plans, ideas and launches. Lunar New Year is tomorrow also. Today indicates a threshold and a crossing into new territory. Wear White. 

Saturday ~Pisces Moon time starts at 8:42 am ET. Jupiter and Saturn fuel this Pisces Moon so it may be very productive, fertile, abundant, and wise. This looks like a day of decisions, news and things coming together. Wear Green today.

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