Friday, October 22, 2021

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 24th-30th, 2021: SCORPIO SEASON

Sunday~Gemini Moon floats ideas around with Mercury in Libra adding contributions to the mix. Interactions with siblings and partners may involve making plans, figuring out what's fair, and doing any sort of business together. The Moon opposes Venus in Sagittarius, pointing out differences and contrasts in ways of thinking. This can come up in our speech and how we understand each other, or do not understand clearly. What one word means to one can be different for another. Create clarity, be honest, but be tactful too. Gemini and Sagittarius are two signs that could be at odds or need to agree on something. The Moon also squares Neptune in Pisces and issues around reliability is one potential result. Another is skirting around issues, being in denial or avoiding and making up a story in defense of that. Today is a mix for sure. Wear a calming Blue.

Monday~Gemini Moon aligns with Jupiter overnight, for expanding connections and building on current ideas. Growth in conjunction with others could include how to collaborate and lift each other up. Expand your media presence or do some marketing. The Moon and Mars are in harmony at 10:11 am EST. This also relates to our relationships and how amicable and balanced we are in doing business, for example. This may also come up in partnerships of any kind, especially in twos, duos, and situations where two must pitch in equally yet differently, to make things work. Mars urges decisions and action. The Moon is then void until 5:00 pm EST. This afternoon may fly by or feel unusual. Cancer Moon aligns with the Scorpio Sun tonight. Emotions pull at our attention. Family relationships, inner feelings, heartstrings, and focusing on personal matters is most likely. Today's color is White. 

Tuesday~Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus, Venus squares Neptune, and into the wee hours of Wednesday, the Moon squares Mercury at a degree of Libra that was traced during the retrograde. The whole picture looks kind of funky and out of sorts or out of sync. Some issues around self esteem, true love, ability to be compassionate with self or others, and distorted perception come up. It may feel like nothing  is perfect enough or good enough. Also, some will board the emotional roller coaster. Some may have the emotional crash. If there's something you can do to feel grounded, stable, realistic and/or kind, do that. Today's color is Light Green.

Wednesday~ Cancer Moon squares Mercury at a degree of Libra that was touched on during Mercury retrograde. Going back over something, such as family business, is one effect. Also, we may need to revise for a finalized plan or decision that was in temporary mode or just isn't working out. The Moon aligns with Neptune and opposes Pluto. All of this is likely to draw us inward, and so today people may need personal time and feel absorbed in their own worlds. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday~ The Moon squares Mars at 2:02 am EST. This aspect feels emotionally and mentally challenging and could have affected Wednesday evening too. Can we sleep something off and refresh with Leo Moon? Answers may vary. Leo Moon time starts at 5:07 am EST. Leo Moon squares the Sun and opposes Saturn, both of which are difficult, involve responsibility, commitment and intensity. Focus is required. It may not help to be overly emotional. Honor your heart without giving up sensibility. Helpfully, Venus aligns with Jupiter for generosity, open minds and growth or maybe forgiveness. Some will find their place in a group and feel good and worthy in a new role. Today's color is Gold.

Friday~Leo Moon with mixed influences from Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Libra. The Uranus aspect is tough and may include things we don't want to accommodate or adjust for. Mercury in Libra helps with negotiating the fair deal and going with a solid decision. Leo Moon is generally upbeat and open to some fun. Friday night plans are one way to release some of the stress that may have been held or in process for over a week now. If you don't feel very social or are happiest with safe distancing, watch a concert or comic from the comfort of home. Leo is a centered sign and today we may have to re-center ourselves.  The Moon will oppose Jupiter overnight. Wear Orange.

Saturday~The Moon and Venus are in harmony in fire signs. This can lift spirits and help us get along. Team up for adventure or creative pursuits. Take in some art or a different scene. Notice what lights you up. This happens in the midst of the Scorpio Sun square to Saturn and for some people this will be quite serious and heavy. On a day that can be light, also acknowledge your own or someone else's 'darkness' or important priority. Not everyone can come to the party today. The void of course Moon 3:05 am to 2:09 pm EST ends with the Moon's move to Virgo. Meanwhile, Mars moves to Scorpio at 10:21 am EST. The two actually align at 2:22 pm EST. Generally, we'll see where we need to focus and organize. Today is kind of all over the place. Some will go out and have fun while others tend to intense and necessary life things. Whatever you do, know your intentions and focus energy accordingly. Today's color is Midnight blue.

Virgo Moon for Halloween highlights earth element and simple celebrations. New Moon in Scorpio is Thursday the 4th. 

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Wishing you well! 


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Friday, October 15, 2021

Mercury Direct & Full Moon in Aries October 17th-23rd, 2021

 WMPG is my newest radio home. Thanks for listening to shows over the last two months. I'm bouncing around time slots and days right now. Join me Friday, October 22nd for seasonal vibes, new indie & alt music, and more in the Halloween spirit (my favorite!!!). On Thursday, I'll be answering the phones during Begathon 1-3 pm. WMPG is true community radio. Support local, non commercial radio where the real soul of radio still lives on, with diverse programming and hearts fully invested in what airs. & dl the free app!

Listen back to shows you missed and see my Thursday, October 14th 3-5 pm playlist. 

Full Moon is here! Mercury and Jupiter pause direct before moving forward again. Wishing you luck, health & ease.


Sunday~Pisces Moon emphasizes softness, dreams, the subconscious and feelings with a conjunction to Neptune. A challenge might involve getting too lost in emotion. Pluto is in harmony with the Moon and square to the Sun. Consider how to channel and act on realizations, reflections that come from self study and self awareness to the next level. What arises from within affects external life and interactions. Justice and partnerships are two relevant themes. The fair and just answer may emerge for action and decision soon, perhaps at this upcoming Full Moon. Intuition strengthens during void of course Moon from 7:24 pm EST to 6:04 am when the Moon moves to Aries. A quieter night works best with this combination. Today's color is Black.

Monday~Jupiter stations direct at 1:30 am EST and Mercury direct begins at 11:17 am EST. Today is for pause though! Remember not to rush things and to think matters out fully and see perspectives beyond your own. Aries Moon tends to emphasize 'I' and 'me' so thinking about the whole picture and effects on another person can require extra focus. Aries Moon time starts at 6:04 am EST and is leading us toward Full Moon on Wednesday. The Moon aligns with Saturn in Aquarius for decisions and commitments to one another and within groups of connected people. If you're agreeing to something, make sure you're fully in. Saturn holds us to our promises. Mars trine to Jupiter activates what's been on hold and really needs decisive action. This trine at 10:36 pm EST does not mean you have to do it now, with urgency. Mars sometimes brings that compulsion. Instead stand with Jupiter newly direct and contemplate what offers the most growth, healing, prosperity and fairness for all involved.  Today's color is Red.

Tuesday~Aries Moon directly opposite Mercury newly direct in Libra. Answers and information will be requested or demanded. Conversations and planning may need to happen even if we are not quite feeling ready or prepared.  Partnership decisions and discussions tackle that 'me' versus 'we' question. What's in everyone's best interests and makes the most sense. Act and speak from a sensible and unselfish place. Otherwise arguments will easily trigger. Things that have been unsaid may be spoken loud and clear today. Fortunately in some cases, the Moon's alignment with Venus in Sagittarius encourages harmony. The more adventurous and new idea will probably win. Some will decide to go their own way rather than compromise.  The air and fire element results in movement, change, and leaving any cloudy, cluttered past in favor of a clear, inviting future. The Moon will appear Full. Clarify your goals and intentions. Aries rules the head, yet holds the contrast of instincts over intelligence. Stay out of lizard brain which often lives in and reacts to the past. Now is not then.  Today's color is Orange.

Wednesday~Full Moon in Aries is the Hunter Moon, the sign of the warrior, action and newness. Some will burn bridges intentionally, to cut cords, free themselves from oppression or toxicity. Some will act impulsively instead. Take your time in contrast to the Aries influence of fire and moving on. Jupiter, Mars and Pluto interact with this Full Moon. Things that have required patience, now require action. Take your observations, intuitions, and experiences over the past several weeks or months and go forth with that decision you've been waiting on. Also, notice if something truly needs more time, seems imbalanced or unfair, and does not take care of you as well as someone else. Mars opposite the Moon can be very activating. Breathe through the urge to strike or act out. Act and decide with a calm mind for your highest good and for no unwanted backlash. Full Moon 10:57 am EST followed by hours void of course. Be extra thoughtful and careful midday into Taurus Moon time beginning at 3:59 pm EST. This Moon sign helps ground some of the fiery energy that's been around all week. Settle into something decisive and/or calming. Invite relief after a stressful or overdue conclusion whether that's a final project, a midterm exam, or something that really needed to be aired out. White is today's color.

Thursday~Taurus Moon means business, and yet there are shifts in the air. Uranus and the Moon meet once a month in this sign and two different effects are 1. feelings of instability & 2. unintended results. The second can be really great such as varying a recipe and finding out it tastes even better, or trying an alternative and adventurous approach to something and finding out how well it works. Uranus is a catalyst for change. If you thought you knew exactly what was happening and today you find out that's not the case, this is the Uranus effect. Be open to revisions. There is unyielding energy from Saturn and the Moon, yet yield is likely what's needed. Today's color is Green.

Friday~Mars squares Pluto. We may feel this as fierceness about fairness. It could manifest as agitation about something that's unspoken, an undercurrent, something undeniable yet difficult to face. Since it's at 12:20 am EST, this may be in process from yesterday or the day before when the Moon was Full. Taurus Moon grounds in realities. Some will feel very creative today as the Moon and Neptune align.  Highly sensitive situations and emotions arise. One question is what to do, as Taurus Moon influences a definitive and hands on approach. Void Moon begins at 4:35 pm with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Follow your intuition and inner knowing. This is the final day of Libra birthdays as the Sun moves over the final degree and heads to Scorpio before 1 am EST Saturday. Today's color is Black.

Saturday~ The Sun enters Scorpio for the height of autumn season, at 12:51 am EST. The Moon moves to Gemini at 3:57 am EST. What a difference from yesterday's picture. Some will feel lighter emotionally. It may be easier to let go and have your attention drawn away from the heaviness. The Moon aligns with Saturn for important group meetings and decisions. It's a good brainstorming day, and also a time for finding some clarity within a group of people, such as consensus. Gemini Moon is social too. Peek out into the post Mercury and Jupiter retrograde world. Keep your mind open and also aware. Today's color is Yellow.

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Friday, October 8, 2021

Mercury Retrograde & Waxing Moon October 10th~16th, 2021

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Autumn vibes!


Sunday~Sagittarius Moon continues themes of Friday & Saturday by engaging with the Sun, Mars and Mercury retrograde. Go forward with the learnings and experiences of the past integrated. Feel the fire and inspiration of following your purpose and truth. Let the path emerge rather than forcing anything. Keep fairness in mind and honor culture, heritage, and the two sides of everything. Be deliberate with your actions, movement, and how you pursue your path versus the kind of action that is actually escapist as Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune. Saturn is about to station direct overnight which may free up energy in some area, such as buying home or land if that's been stuck in process. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday~The Moon is in Sagittarius aligned with Jupiter in Aquarius overnight at 12:30 am EST.  Void Moon begins then until 1:15 pm EST. Capricorn Moon time with no planetary aspects today. Connect with the land. Hiking, landscaping, organizing, and anything related to property is favored. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday~Capricorn Moon squares Mercury retrograde, the Sun and Mars in Libra. This may bring up questions of what to do in fairness and justice, in legal matters, and in planning. Things you've been thinking about, reflecting on and maybe developing plans for come into focus for more action. Capricorn Moon also forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus. Sometimes this feels like uncertainty or instability, and how to move forward with plans may be dependent on reinforcing the security and foundation you can then build on. Saturn stations direct at 10:17 pm EST. Today's color is Brown.

Wednesday~Capricorn Moon aligns with Neptune and meets Pluto before moving void of course until 4:47 pm EST. Spend a bit of time with your visions and daydreams today. Great things can emerge when the imagination runs wild. Venus aligns with Saturn newly direct. Sense harmony with your sense of purpose and belonging, including the people and groups you're involved with. New sense of commitment may arise now. Aquarius Moon moves in at 4:47 pm EST. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday~Aquarius Moon meets Saturn and is in harmony with Venus and Mercury retrograde. Uranus squares the Moon. Some of the matters in the forefront involve systems, strong foundations, the strength of groups and collaborations, and reorganizing any of this as Mercury retrograde ends soon (October 18th, Monday).  Consider who, including groups of people, you align with and whether they match your intentions, goals, philosophy and your energy. Let this help guide you. Today's color is Silver.

Friday~Aquarius Moon trine to Mars and in conjunction with Jupiter. The Sun in Libra also aligns with Jupiter and the Moon. All of this is air element which means thinking, sorting, analyzing, and sometimes results in indecision. Let's look at some other traits of these planets. Mars is action and assertiveness and currently in the area of equality and justice. The Sun is forthcoming and expressive, and Jupiter is about expansion, growth and things that spread and transmit including ways of thinking. Jupiter is in inventive, original Aquarius. Original ideas may come up for decision. Look at the possibilities. Long void of course Moon from 8:33 AM EST for taking it slow and being cautious and not overdoing anything. Pisces Moon begins at 10:22 pm EST. Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday~Pisces Moon squares Venus and aligns with Uranus. This could feel emotionally chaotic or stimulate a lot of feelings. Relationships could feel out of sync and misunderstandings or mixed feelings could occur. Mercury retrograde is in harmony with Venus for plans, meeting new people, and relating generally with others. That may sound like a conflict~ do we get along with others today or are we misunderstanding or in conflict? I think our more close, personal relationships are more likely to be confusing or complex while interactions in a broader sense may be interesting or show potential. Mercury and Jupiter station direct on Monday, and if something can wait til then for finalizing, that may be astrologically more in favor. Today's color is Pink.