Saturday, June 19, 2021

Full Moon in Capricorn, Mercury Direct June 20th to 26th, 2021

Sunday: Libra to Scorpio Moon, Jupiter retrograde in Pisces begins, and it's the Summer Solstice! This astrologically eventful day begins with Libra Moon in harmony with Gemini Sun, a partnership and agreement oriented combination. Intentionally enter new collaborations, friendships, and harmonious alliances. Things may shift as Mercury goes direct, so leave room for alterations and adjustments in the weeks ahead. Temporary or flexible terms work well for now. You may feel more decisive with Moon and Sun together. The void Moon time is 6:52 am to 7:58 am EST, and Scorpio Moon follows. The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Pisces for healing, forgiving, and psychic sensibility. Sixth and seventh senses activate! Look beyond what you can see. The Moon square to Mars is sometimes conflict oriented, however today it's a Scorpio/Leo thing that feels more like creative tension and interaction of contrasting energies to bring about something giant and magnificent. Work through creative differences and see what manifests! Jupiter retrograde begins at 11:06 am EST. The Solstice is at 11:32 pm EST when the Sun moves to Cancer. The true first day of summer is Monday. Today's color is Purple.

Monday: The first 24 hours os Summer season are in progress with the Moon in Scorpio and Sun now in Cancer. All sorts of planetary influences are in play, from tense squares and oppositions to ease loving trines. Let's focus on those! While stubborn differences may be obvious or relentless, Neptune and Venus lend romantic, creative, and intuitive influences that may ease family and partner relationships. Some will be celebrating reunions and reconnections. Water sign energy puts emotions and love in the forefront. Feel and hear intuitive guidance. Venus and Neptune align with one another which is magical for lovers, especially Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. Earth signs will also appreciate this. Make art, music and other creative expressions. Today's color is your favorite shade of Blue.

Tuesday: We are on the way to Full Moon in Capricorn. Mercury stations direct, which means it's not in motion yet, at 6 pm in Gemini. Void of course Moon is 2:43 to 8:55 am EST and bring very reflective hours. You may feel you're on the brink of a decision or direction change. The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 8:55 am EST and is square to Jupiter in Pisces, now retrograde. This may be a test of faith or a leap of faith you need to make. It comes with contrasting fire and water elements. Tune into the spirit of things and the heart and soul of matters. Be willing to sit with conflicting feelings so you can clarify and see the way through. The Moon aligns with Mars in Leo tonight, for activity, action, drive, and movement. Mercury is newly direct so keep that in mind. It looks like a potentially fun night, good for games, outdoor fires, and celebrations of summer. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon is a sign for learning in a higher order and experiential way. Saturn aligns with the Moon and groups form or restructure to work and learn together. Some will make decisions about education, begin classes or apply for things that broaden experience. Travel restrictions or rules may play a part in today's considerations. The Sun and Jupiter collaborate for abundance, healing of family relationships, and positive outlooks about options and, yet again, educational opportunities. What is offered or an option to help with your personal growth? Take the second half of the day slowly as there are oppositions and squares that indicate we need not push through, but take time and reflect, rest or wait something out. The Moon is Full tomorrow and the pressure may be high. Venus in Cancer opposite Pluto reminds us to nest and notice what or whom feels like home. Tend to emotions and nurture yourself. Void Moon 10:09 pm to 9:05 am EST. Wear Light Blue (lots of blue this week!)

Thursday: Capricorn Moon arrives at 9:05 am leading to Full Moon when the Sun and Moon oppose at 2:40 pm EST. This Moon is supported by Jupiter, retrograde in Pisces. It lends a sensitive, empathetic quality, even to business activity and decisions. The focus may be more on emotional situations, such as agreements within families, reconnections and re-openings. The Moon and Jupiter encourage and cultivate abundance, generosity, and balanced interactions. Yesterday the Sun was in harmony with Jupiter directly, and this quality radiates throughout this part of the week and lunar cycle. Also, thinking back one month, we had a lunar eclipse with mercury retrograde. Some of what could not happen then can happen more reliable now. There may be closure and healing around situations along with opportunities for success and moving on. Today's color is Gold.

Friday: Capricorn Moon just past Full, continuing and accentuating Full Moon decisions, completions, and increasing news of other people's changes. Some of this has an element of surprise as Uranus in Taurus aligns with the Moon. Literally or otherwise, there's a shaking of earth and breaking of ground. Structure may need to come down or apart to make way for rebuilding or realignment. Goodbyes lead to hellos. There's a sentimental vibe as Neptune aligns with the Moon, potentially speaking of what could have been and also of what can come to be. Hold your vision. Neptune joins the retrograde planets at 3:21 pm EST. Today's color is Green.

Saturday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon. You may feel like you've gone through a transition or three this week, with Mercury direct, a Full Moon moving through, and the beginning of summer to name a few of this week's influences. Give yourself a break and some understanding today as the Moon meets Pluto drawing attention inward. Do you need some alone time? The Moon is opposite Venus also highlighting love, home and family in the early part of the day. It could be a chance for a heart to heart talk or just being together quietly. At 10:09 am EST the Moon enters Aquarius with no aspects for the rest of the day. It's a reset after Full Moon. You may move from emotional waters to clear thinking. Venus enters Leo for a festive part of summer during the next month. It's a good night for get togethers and events. Take time for yourself, then enjoy the company of others. Wear Turquoise today.

Peace, friends! Robin

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 13th-19th, 2021: Mercury & Saturn Retrograde

Sunday June 20th is the next Yoga Nidra & you can listen through zoom & get the recording to use again. Sign up through Breathing Room ME or come into the studio that day 5:30-6:20 pm, with advance sign up. Rest is your best ally. Yoga Nidra is a resting practice that helps you re-set.

Sunday: Sacral Chakra. Cancer Moon in harmony with Neptune overnight and opposite Pluto at 7:16 am EST. This highlights our inner world including rumination and imagination. Have a gentle morning that allows time to process feelings and dreams. Some will grapple with ongoing and important personal topics. Talk, write or draw to sort it out. Void of course Moon from 7:16 am to 2:22 pm when the Moon moves to Leo and the shift is from inward to outgoing. The Moon meets Mars for action, activity, adventure and party time. Watch out for ego or excess in the form of competition that ruins the fun. The Sun squares Neptune tonight. This attracts us to out of the blue ideas and 'what if' thinking. Confidence may wane from overthinking. Sleep on it. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Third Eye Chakra. Leo Moon square to Uranus, a monthly occurrence that pairs with a Saturn opposition today. Saturn and Uranus also form a direct square of their own. Squares require work and persistence. Be ready for most anything including stubborn or sudden problems that may either need immediate resolving, or in other cases that nothing can be done about today. We are likely to revisit group dynamics that may be stern or unpleasant as old business comes up for the next 48 hours and the whole next week of Mercury retrograde as well. Things that couldn't be solved or agreed upon before return for contemplation again. Review and consider alternatives. Avoid long term commitments until after the 22nd. Tonight, the Leo Moon approaches a sextile with mercury retrograde which can lead to more pleasant and social reconnection. Today's color is Purple. 

Tuesday: Throat Chakra. Leo Moon aligns with Mercury overnight and with the Sun this afternoon. The vibe is outgoing, creative, and spontaneous. Notice who you happen to see by chance and other seemingly random connections. People get back in touch. You may also connect over business and shared interests. Express your ideas and process in conversation, as extroverts do. The Sun & Mercury retro are in Gemini, and this may be experienced as 'all over the place', not quite focused but very much interested and actively engaging. Live in the moment. Void Moon time from 4:10 pm to 11:02 pm EST for a fun evening. Virgo Moon follows. Avoid gossipy conversations and uncharted places during this spontaneous but uncertain time. Go with what you know. Today's color is Gold. 

Wednesday: Heart Chakra. Virgo Moon opposite Jupiter in Pisces. Forgiveness, sensitivity, and compassion are in the air. Acts of kindness, caring and service can lead to healing and feelings of well being. Notice where you could step in to offer something to ease suffering or create abundance. Stay grounded in tasks that take your mind off things you can't control. We are likely to live in our hearts and be attuned to feelings today. The Moon also aligns with Uranus in Taurus, requiring that we stay grounded as anxiety inducing situations may present themselves. Pause, breathe and avoid overreacting or acting too quickly. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Root Chakra. Virgo Moon squares Mercury in Gemini. The effect may be lack of clarity and new problems to discuss or resolve. The Moon opposes Neptune, so avoid and question unrealistic thinking and denial. The upside comes with harmony between Venus and the Moon, and this especially helps with family relationships. Pluto and the Moon align for emotional clarity and facing fears or demons confidently. Finally, the Moon and Sun square and void of course Moon time starts at 11:54 pm EST. Get comfortable with indecision and waiting things out. Again, temper the impulse to control. Honor the process. Today's color is Indigo.

Friday: Throat Chakra. The Moon enters Libra at 4:54 am EST. This morning may involve inner or external conflicts of interest and opinion. The contrast between impartiality and judgment could come across strongly. At 12:32 pm EST, the Moon aligns with Mars in Leo for active involvement and socializing. Strong personalities lead the way. A friend may call you to come out of your shell and do something interesting or get involved in a team effort. Today's color is Blue. 

Saturday: Third Eye Chakra. Libra Moon in harmony with both Saturn and Mercury retrograde leads to revisiting group dynamics, partner decision making, and unresolved differences this weekend. Venus and Pluto square the Moon indicating this may not be easy or immediately resolved. Consider options and listen to one another. Fairness, equal treatment, and justice issues come up. Have a partner, ally or best friend by your side or just a text away. Support someone who needs it. Give wise advice. Today's color is Lavender. 

Chakra Flow is Thursdays 5:30 pm through Breathing Room in South Portland, both online and in the studio. Visit Breathing Room ME to sign up. Even if you don't 'do yoga', you can listen, watch and increase understanding of the chakras, for emotional balance. Welcome as you are! Robin

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Solar Eclipse New Moon June 10th & 4cast for June 6th-12th, 2021

On Thursday evenings I teach Chakra Flow, a yoga class about subtle awareness, personal intuition, and energy balance and alignment. When you practice noticing and observing through postures and meditation opportunities, it becomes more natural to notice when imbalance occurs and possibly to understand why. People come back to this class week after week because it feels useful and goes beyond exercising the body. I tell you this today because I'm inspired to try something this week. I'll add a Chakra focus to each daily forecast. Let me know if it's useful to you.

Know that you can attend Chakra Flow virtually and also receive a recording if you don't want to take class live on Thursday at 5:30 pm. There's plenty of chakra learning and self study and the conditions are set up for reestablishing a healthy inner flow. You can sign up at Breathing Room ME for either live in person or virtual with recording. The studio tends to fill as we allow for socially distance mats. Masks required for unvaccinated students and if you're vaccinated (which over 70% of Mainers are! Yay, locals!) you can practice without or with your mask. I am no longer wearing mine for class. Maybe I'll see you online this week as we tend to the heart and throat, our 4th and 5th Chakras. 

Have a gorgeous weekend!


Sunday, June 6th: Heart Chakra. The Moon wanes as we move toward Gemini's New Moon & solar eclipse at 6:53 am EST on Thursday. Waning Moon means time to reflect and invite new priorities and intentions. It could bring up the emotional aspect of finishing, perhaps more than the technical completion of, a task, project or relationship. Taurus Moon from 1:46 am EST until Tuesday afternoon. The Moon is happily complemented by Venus and Jupiter in water signs, balancing for relationships, emotional life and favoring abundance and growth. This day is bright gem during the current retrogrades. Use this time for doing good, seeing the positive and feeling your place in nature, family and everything. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Throat Chakra. Taurus Moon meets Uranus and squares Saturn. These two aspects range from radically different to contradictory. Some strong possibilities include feeling pressure, really needing to get 'the job' done, and a need for spontaneous decisions and actions. Thinking and acting while right on the spot isn't always comfortable. Ask for extra time if that's possible. There may be some urgent situations that don't allow for that. Tap into Taurus's hands on style and use your skills to recreate something that just didn't work out as planned. With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, keep group goals and vision in mind and try not to over control what is not solely your decision. Taurus rules the neck and throat and relates to our voice. You may feel compelled to speak up about injustice or strongly suggest a new approach. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Third Eye Chakra. Taurus to Gemini Moon with void of course time, the transition phase, from 11:07 am to 2:47 pm EST. The earlier hours look productive and pleasant overall as Taurus Moon aligns with Neptune, Pluto and Mars. Dreams may take tangible shape. If you wake up with a great idea (Neptune),  follow up (Mars). Pluto assists with self reflection and contemplation of current priorities before new Moon. The solar eclipse is sure to bring something you would not have envisioned. Make flexible plans and be willing to reorganize in July or late June. Have a broad outlook that leaves room for something even better or more necessary. During void Moon time, exercise, nap or otherwise check out of technical and analytical work. If you must do such tasks, edit and recheck once the Moon is in Gemini. Gemini Moon 2:47 pm EST, leading to Thursday's solar eclipse for fresh starts, particularly ones you didn't know about! The Moon and Jupiter in Pisces form a square reminding us how versatile and adaptable we need to be. Notice shifts in your relationship with something, someone or your own perspective changing. Notice where there's excess, if there is. Practice moderation. Today's color is Violet.

Wednesday: Solar Plexus Chakra. Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn. Revisit collaborative projects. If you begin one, the brainstorming process is favored today. Keep decisions flexible and adjustable while Saturn and Mercury are retrograde. Share ideas, converse, have a lunch date. Use light activities or atmospheres to deal with even very important topics and work. Include everyone who wants to be included in the process. This is a day to connect. Wear Yellow, balancing the dark sky during balsamic Moon. 

Thursday: Crown Chakra. New Moon is exponentially more powerful and fills the environment with change during this solar eclipse. The changes roll for two weeks to a month, so even if they're not immediately evident, know that news for weeks to come is initiated today, and also two weeks ago with the lunar eclipse. This is probably the most changeable period of the year. Uncertainty is natural now. Mercury retrograde is a huge influence, meeting the Moon at 8:37 am, less than two hours after the eclipse at 6:53 am EST. Mercury in Gemini increases feelings of being scattered, jumpy and anxious. If you are unsettled about a decision, could it be put off for about two more weeks or longer? Generate ideas, act on them later. Set flexible new intentions, daydream, draw and write. Be careful with belongings as you do New Moon cleaning. We could tend to lose things, toss something important, or let go of something and later wish we hadn't. Neptune squares the Moon and we may feel (or want to be!) very ungrounded during void of course Moon time from 1:38 pm EST. As the Sun meets Mercury at 9:13 pm EST, some announcements or information will be premature. Do not trust everything you read or hear. Wait for proof and verification. Try not to act too quickly or share misinformation. Allow more time to process. The other effect of this conjunction is that we reconnect with people we haven't seen or spoken with in a long while. It's likely to happen by chance. Notice who you cross paths with or hear from! Today's color is White.

Friday: Sacral Chakra. Void Moon time ends at 3:23 am EST as the Moon enters her home sign, Cancer. Emotional waters are stirred. Jupiter aligns with the Moon for creativity, abundance and intuition. Immerse in water, cleanse and feel renewed on this day after New Moon. Taking care of home and family is favored. Family relationships and tending the home fires can be grounding after a few days of airy Gemini energies. Mars moves from Cancer to Leo at 9:34 am EST. Mars is more comfortable and useful in the fire element. We may experience this as more energy, increase physical exercise, and feel the urge to perform, take center stage and actively engage in learning (especially learning creative or performance related things). Take a class during these next several weeks. Develop a new skill! Today's color is Orange.

Saturday: Heart Chakra. Cancer Moon meets Venus for romance and other good feelings between us. Forgiveness, love and compassion increase. Spontaneous reunions and spontaneous feelings are likely as the Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Our sense of place may be related, so sudden desire to move or discovering a place without searching are some possible ways this manifests. Ground in strong relationships, family and love. Feel what is truly important and create a memory of that. We may feel sentimental and/or attached. Today's color is Light Blue.  

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