Friday, March 27, 2020

Zodiac Zone March 29th-April 4th, 2020: Mars & Saturn in Aquarius

Sea Change Yogathon is Sunday 9 am to 6 pm and it's a free stream. I'm leading a restorative/yoga nidra session 10:45 am to 12 noon. Grab a pillow or two and a blanket and enter the chill zone!
Sea Change yoga teachers serve those who need yoga most and there's never a charge for these classes. Portland Community Recovery Center, Long Creek, prisons, jails, children's programs, yoga for cancer recovery are some of the Sea Change offerings. I hope you enjoy Sunday's programming at

Mars moves to Aquarius this week. It's an innovative and rebellious place for the warrior planet.


Sunday: Gemini Moon is social, intelligent and collaborative. Follow up on brainstormed ideas and plans. Moon and Sun are in harmony in Gemini and Aries, agents of change. The Moon and Mercury square for exchanges of ideas and negotiating through conflicts or adjustments. Today's color is Gold.

Monday: Mars changes signs, to Aquarius at 3:43 pm EDT. Mars gets community efforts and missions moving and activates group energy. Mars can instigate rebellion and willfulness while in this sign. Mars is closing in on Saturn and this week will show the effects including strong opinions and persistence with goals. It may help you harness your drive and motivation to change circumstances and ultimately to change the world. Saturn tends to be constructive. There is some 'danger' of feeling destructive as well. More about this in the days and weeks ahead. Today the Moon remains void of course in Gemini from 11:10 am to 7:43 am EDT on Tuesday. You could feel all over the place and not quite know how to effectively use your mind. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon 7:43 am EDT through Friday early afternoon. Mars Saturn meeting is the story of the day. There's a seriousness and urge toward committing to long term plans. This can also be creative and alternative thinking is favored. Actions will be strong and meaningful, impacting the long haul. Wear Black.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon for April 1st, a new month, & the Moon is growing in light aka waxing. Cancer is the Moon's signs. Emotions are powerful and are a priority. Make sure you don't shut down and instead find the outlet for healthy release. You may feel very creative or into home projects and family dynamics. Mercury favors heart to heart talks. Some may feel defensive or retreat rather than deal up front. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: This time in the lunar cycle, midway New to Full, is meant for making progress. You may notice things amping up. It could create pressure if you're being required to give an answer. Pressure is probably not what we need right now. Buying yourself time is wise. Moon opposes Jupiter and Pluto and there's lots of mixed and conflicting emotions. From 12:49 to 2:26 pm EDT the Moon is void of course, in transition, and then in Leo. Leo Moon opposes Mars and Saturn within hours. In fixed signs, this means pressure to commit, perform, and demonstrate. Collective energy is strong and powerful and feels like an uprising. Keep it positive, friends. Some will feel overwhelmed with all the oppositions today brings. Uranus squares the Moon from Taurus. Loyalty, commitment, follow through are our key words. It may not be an easy one. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Venus moves to Gemini, where the planet of harmony and relationship favors meeting people and enjoying company and intelligent discussions. Online friendships may form or grow. Romance is in the 'air' literally as you communicate by email, cell, and zoom chats instead of dating. Leo Moon aligns with Sun in Aries, all fire, perhaps fueling optimism, positive action, creating products and performances and initiating new ways of doing things or being. Mercury and Neptune meet in Pisces, poetic and imaginative. The truth may be in question in some circumstances. Can you be both optimistic and realistic at once so you're not in denial or tricked? Void Moon from 3:29 pm EDT on. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Venus aligns with Saturn in the air signs, asking for decisions, commitments, and also making innovative plans appealing. There's a void Moon however, and our judgment can be off or we may feel scattered not knowing where to focus attention. Void Moon ends as the Moon shifts to Virgo at 5:18 pm EDT then squares Venus. Venus is the dominant planetary player and this is about relationships and talents, specifically with relation to conversations, ideas, contracts and words. Jupiter meets Pluto in Capricorn calling for healing old wounds. This also indicates a shift in the balance of power in organizations (maybe even in our country). There's a sense of major changes happening and it's not overnight either. Jupiter conjunct Pluto happens again in June and November of this year completing a hat-trick of meetings on November 12th. This maybe bigger than we can feel or know in the present moment since Pluto sneaks up, relates to the subconscious, and to deep internal challenges, fears and eventually release. Today's color is Black.

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tarot Lessons & Reiki Sessions at Home

Is your tarot deck collecting dust or hiding in your sock drawer? It could be supporting you in multiple ways during social distancing and far beyond. My tarot group was full due to limited space. Now, via Zoom online platform, I can open it up! I'll accelerate your learning during the first 3 sessions which all will be held online. Drop in at the newly dropped drop in rate of $25 a session. All Levels of readers from beginner to professional are welcome. I'll impart my experience and knowledge taken from 25 years (gulp!) of reading professionally.
Make friends with your deck and maybe make friends in this group! One of my close friends is someone I met when I was refining my tarot skills in the 1990s! If you stick with the group, you'll have a chance to read for each other, building your confidence in a guided way.

The timing for this group is right on! I'll keep the number manageable so I can answer questions and give you personal attention, know your name, encourage your process.

All of the current participants read Robin's Zodiac Zone so you have that in common!

Preregister for March 25th for $25 or
Preregister for all 7 sessions for $160

Live sessions 6-7:15 pm Wednesdays. If you can't make it, you'll have access to the same live content for one week, at you leisure, until the next session.

Online Reiki sessions are also available via Zoom. Get together and prepare to rest while I offer energetic support and some guided visualization and sensing. Dropped rate while we social distance is $40 for $45 minute session. Schedule with me at
Venmo, paypal and personal checks accepted for all services or donations.

I hope you're hanging in there, maybe discovering something new, and feeling safe and secure at home. If that's not the case, perhaps I can offer some of the support and inspiration you need.

New Moon in Aries is Tuesday! Rebirth. Here's to one of the biggest New Moon shifts of our lives!

Robin (also my paypal)
Venmo @Robin-Payton-1

Friday, March 20, 2020

Zodiac Zone March 22nd-28th: Sun & New Moon in Aries

Sunday: Mercury aligns with Uranus for totally unprecedented or unexpected news, twists and changes of plans, and especially may relate to travel, contractual matters, emotional decisions and conversations that bring out either the previously unknown truth or major, life changing realizations. This happens at 9:19 am and is the most prominent influence on this Pisces Moon day. Neptune is the other planetary player encouraging romance and imagination. Just don't be lured by shiny things or people today. Look for the truth and stay out of denial. Believe not what you want to believe. Believe what's real. Today's color is Bright Blue. Wear or visualize electric, bold blues.

Monday: Pisces Moon in harmony with a few planets helps with smoother transitions, forgiveness and adapting to change. The prominent aspect today is Mars meets Pluto at 1:21 am EDT and it's a time of both prodding and poking at fears and anxieties and also for releasing them. If you can let go of a fear, you'll feel emotionally free and possibly more ready to take action, following your soul's plan, your soul's lead. This is about letting go of earthly attachments (not possessions so much as ego driven actions and plans). You are evolving and you decide how. Important: Run from uncertain situations, sketchy people and anything that feels shadowy or dark today. Void Moon from 10:51 am to 8:58 pm EDT. New Moon is at 5:28 am EDT on Tuesday, tomorrow. Monday, you can make space for new ways, a complete rebirth. Wear Red.

Tuesday: Aries New Moon is an energetic burst of newness, spring, rebirth, regrouping, and acting on behalf of your self. Take self care and self love seriously. Feel and notice what lights your fire, inspires, offers hope and promise. Stoke that fire! Many people will need reassurance and hope for what's ahead. Can you get steady in your own fire center so you can extend whatever your gifts and talents are to others. Aries is Me in order to then extend to We. Relationships may be ready for rebirth. These challenging times may put you under the same roof to work something out together or forever let it go. Springtime arrives whether you are social distancing, employed or not, sick or well. This New Moon is our collective new beginning. It's going to be different, I practically assure you. The more we are able to let go of before and make this a new kind of after, the more we are aligned with what's really happening. Today, remember that most things are not personal. This is not about you. It's about the earth, the future, the present, and everything. White is the color of the day.

Wednesday: Aries Moon squares two planets in Capricorn. We'll be dealing with stumbling blocks and difficulties such as strong differences of opinion. Leadership is needed. We may try to control what's not in our control, really. Use your energy wisely. Try not to buck authority or directives, so much as wait things out. Today's color is one of personal power and centered self. Wear Yellow.

Thursday: Aries Moon void from 3:16 am EDT to 9:37 am EDT. Allow things to be simplified as the day begins. Taurus Moon follows and a grounded approach is called for even as the ground may seem to shake below. Lean into what roots and grounds you. This is not a day to take chances or risks. Moon squares Saturn and negotiations will be challenging and stubborn. Moon and Uranus meet in the monthly dance party that can shake things up in any manner. Hold steady, friends. It's a day for loyalty, family loyalty, letting people know they are valued, working on projects and reconstructing, and cooking, planting and taking care of home. Today's color is Green.

Friday: This looks like a welcome relief. If the weather is nice, enjoy nature and your backyard. Plant things indoors if you have the supplies. Ground in earth. Show love. Offer gifts. Taurus Moon aligns with Mercury, Neptune and Venus aligns with Jupiter. Positive thinking and actions are favored and likely. Love thrives. Major decisions are favored. Have important conversations that lead to promise, commitment, prosperity and abundance. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: This week has been about new starts and making space. Today, Venus and Jupiter highlight relationships and abundance from 12:02 am EDT, so really this began last night. Good things come of this! Something may become more easy including forgiveness. Taurus Moon is happy with aspects to several planets in Capricorn and Pisces.  From 7:05 to 9:08 pm EDT we have a void of course Moon for slowing down and reflecting or resting. Gemini Moon follows. Terms will be negotiated as the Moon aligns with Saturn. Inventive ideas are worth pursing. We are called to invent and agree to new ways and to learn new things now. Venus and Pluto align for resolving things that hold us back from intimacy and trust. Today's color is Blue.

Tarot Lessons online Wednesday March 25th for 7 Wednesdays. 6-7:15 pm EDT. Class was full but now you can drop in virtually for $25 each or $160 for 7 sessions. Learn tarot and feel confident reading for yourself and others. Throw away the book and learn to trust your own wisdom. I began reading publicly in 1995 and I love training new readers. Can I support you in this journey?
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More info on offerings during social distancing. Keep doing it. It's what will accelerate the process and make this more manageable not to mention decrease illnesses.

Happy New Moon! I hope you can feel some brightness!


Cards from the Light Seers Tarot

Thank you for being part of the widespread, tuned in Zodiac Zone community. Your donations encourage me to keep yoga and meditation and collective card readings coming your way via online platforms. This week I placed a couple of collective readings on my instagram at Robin Ivy Payton. One message comes from Raven, the bird! Take care, everyone!  Robin


Friday, March 13, 2020

Zodiac Zone March 15th to 21st, 2020 & Meditation for Wellness

Facebook live video includes a collective 4 card tarot reading and a guided meditation for rest & wellness. If news and talk about the virus disrupts your nervous system and your sleep. try listening. Note that my dogs did bark a couple of times during the video. I'll post another soon.

It's very likely I'll offer an online yoga class this weekend, aimed toward immune system wellness.
Stay tuned here and on facebook for info.
Wishing you the best as we hunker down and decrease or minimize the spread of this virus.
If I can help, if you need an online reading or private online yoga or meditation for you and your friends or family, reach out to I will keep fees reasonable for services such as these.


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Honesty and truth are the themes of today, and yet it may seem that there's duplicity or misrepresentation present. Moon in Sagittarius is the facing of honest emotions, yet Neptune in Pisces dives underwater to escape or become invisible, not wanting to deal with realities. Channel this fire/water energy into creating a good story, such as a novel or some other adventurous project that requires both imagination and motivation. Wear Light Blue.

Monday: Mercury moves back into Pisces but is not yet to where the retrograde began over a month ago. We are still retracing steps and revising decisions and plans (big time, huh!). The Moon and Sun square which is also very challenging to decision making, compromise and the union of mind and  emotions. Void Moon 5:34 am to 12:25 pm EDT. The morning may feel 'all over the place'. Capricorn Moon takes over with a bit more certainty and a resolve to get certain things organized and settled this week, around Wednesday/Thursday. I think this is going to be a strong need and a positive force. Today is about getting grounded in whatever needs to be done and taken care of. Today's color is Brown.

Tuesday: The Moon and Venus align. This will assist in relationships, collaborations, organizing to get things done and working in harmony. The Moon and Neptune align for a combination of productivity and creativity. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: I see this as a real get it done day, with settlements, agreements, contracts, employment situations, organization and systematizing all in favor. The Moon meets Mars for energy, Jupiter for expansion, Pluto and Saturn for dealing with things realistically and seriously. The Moon and Sun are in harmony with both emotions and practicalities coming together for consideration as we move forward. Void Moon 8:48 to 9:16 pm EDT. Aquarius Moon through Friday. Today's color is Turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon for collective work and vision. The Moon squares Uranus overnight and there may be surprise turns of events. The Sun and Saturn in harmony indicates that emotional decisions will be made, agreements formed and action to back the words. The Sun's last action in Pisces is with Saturn, planet of responsibility, growing up, and acting wisely. The Sun changes signs and spring begins at 11:50 pm EDT. Babies born before then are Pisces, after 11:50 pm it's Aries. Adjust for your time zone. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: New Moon will be on Tuesday, in case you're keeping track, looking for fresh energy. Today the Aries Sun really takes hold and it's spring. Mars meets Jupiter in Capricorn for lots of action within and surrounding big organizations, corporations, and the world of employment and productivity, the economy, and resourcefulness. Some will use this energy to take steps that ensure their personal security and prosperity. The Moon remains in Aquarius, void of course from 5 am EDT on. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: The Moon is in Pisces beginning at 8:33 am breaking the spell of a long void of course Moon. Pisces Moon meets Mercury and aligns with Uranus and there will be decisions, news, revisions that have been due and lots of communication including emotional conversations and feeling based actions. Saturn moves to Aquarius where the planet of wisdom influences the world, groups, the collective and people around 28-29 years old who begin Saturn return now. Saturn will move back to Capricorn this summer and then back to Aquarius again. But for the weeks ahead, Saturn works for the greater good and gives us messages about how important community is. Wear Light Blue.

Yes, I am one of those humans missing some regular paychecks as, for example, my college yoga classes are canceled for the semester. Your donation will encourage me to keep yoga and meditation and collective card readings coming your way via online platforms. Thank you! Robin

Collective Reading & Meditation for Well Being, March 13th, 2020

I just posted a short meditation with facebook live. You're welcome to try it as a way to chill and feel more at ease. It begins with a 4 card reading and a chance to get settled. I hope some of you find this helpful and if so I'll offer more.

I welcome donations and will likely offer some yoga classes as soon as tomorrow, Saturday, so check back and join me. We're in this together. I hope to help support you in not feeling isolated.


Gratuities appreciated. Your donations will encourage more meditations and readings from which all can benefit.
Be well!


Friday, March 6, 2020

Full Moon in Virgo, Astrology March 8th to 14th, 2020

Full Moon in Virgo Monday at 1:48 pm EST. Mercury retrograde ends at 11:49 pm EST on Monday. Reorganization, grounding and lots of processing to be expected this week.

Sunday: This day before Full Moon is also the start of Daylight Savings time at 2 am when the clocks go forward. At 6:47 am EDT, the Moon moves to Virgo, our Full Moon sign. The Sun and Neptune join forces in Pisces across the zodiac. Sun and Neptune lead us to dream, feel inspired and in some cases, lead us to drift from course in a romantic, idealistic fog. That can be nice for a while, but Full Moon encourages sensible, grounded realism too. Uranus is a wild card today, aligning with the Moon and meeting Venus in Taurus. Instant, romantic connection is one result. This looks like love at first sight, spontaneous and unexpected attraction, and therefore a jolt of energy or instability to the heart. It's a butterflies in the stomach day. You may sense something happening even not knowing yet what it is. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Virgo Full Moon aligns with Mars for motivation, Jupiter for inspiration and abundance, Pluto for desires and compulsions that come from deep inside. The Moon also opposes the Sun as always during Full Moon, and Neptune too. Those two met yesterday in Pisces so there's a continuation and development of the romance and inspiration theme. You may feel highly creative or on point intuitively. Yet there's a pull between what's real and what's only an illusion or daydream. Mercury stations direct tonight. Misunderstandings could easily happen now. Be very clear with communication, expectations, and follow through. Promises now may not turn out reliable or as planned. This is a time for revising, reorganizing, seeing the holes in plans, beginning to fix errors in judgment or thinking, and to fill in the blanks. It won't all come today though by any means. During this Full Moon, try to be sensitive rather than critical, forgiving rather than blaming, open and flexible rather than rigid. There's going to be many adjustments and about faces in the days just ahead. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon void of course 4:32 am to 6:04 am EDT and then off to Libra! Saturn influences our day from Capricorn, reminding us to reorder and revise in the most wise, sensible and responsible ways. Today's theme is strong judgment and impartiality in dealing with other people. You may need to sit with things longer before deciding. The Moon still looms Full and a sense of heaviness or things pending will be felt even under this airy Moon sign. Today's color is Lavender.

Wednesday: Libra Moon engages actively and it may feel like a new day, new perspective dawning. Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury act with the Moon. Effort is needed. Willingness to look at different options and make concessions will be helpful. Things aren't likely to go strongly in favor of one way or one person so much as to fan out and include multiple ideas and compromises. Things may be developing though, finally in some cases. Recent business and conversations are revisited for more perspective and alignment, maybe even harmony. Pisces Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn align for growth and balance in left and right brain activity. Wear Blue.

Thursday: The Moon moves to Scorpio at 5:28 am EDT after a short void of course time beginning at 4:12 am. Saturn is a morning influence again. See Tuesday's forecast which was similar. Uranus in earth sign Taurus speaks of rerooting, replanting, shaking things up, and it may not be comfortable. Some will need to uproot in order to resettle, and this can be home but also in business and in relationships which are highlighted by the Moon also opposing Venus. Scorpio Moon rules the deepest, most compulsive and passionate feelings, and with a Venus in Taurus opposition, major relationship stuff comes up. That may include vengeful or jealous feelings, anything related to infidelity or loyalty, and perceptions or feelings that are not easy to change. Today's color is Maroon.

Friday: Scorpio Moon aligns with 4 planets and with the Pisces Sun. This is good generally as it may provide some relief, creative solutions or outlets for emotion, and increased emotional well being. Strong feelings may linger but soften into forgiveness or understanding. Intimate talks and times and very centered focus highlight the end of March's Scorpio Moon time. Wear Indigo.

Saturday: Void Moon 6:06 am to 7:09 am EDT. The Moon is in Sagittarius for the rest of the weekend. Adventurous, open to new learning and experiences, and full of fire, the Moon is paired also with a different set of influences, from the earth signs. So you may experience this weekend as free and clear, spontaneous and wild. Or, Mars and Neptune, the Sun and Pluto may have you diving inward, exploring the inner landscape, your memories, priorities, feelings, fears and impulses in a more reflective, processing sort of way. Go out or go within. Today's color is Purple.

Make the tip jar full like the Moon! Wishing you a fulfilling and prosperous Full Moon! It's a good time for intentions around abundance which includes both money and all your other resources and blessings.   Robin

Appreciation, Thank You