Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekly December 31st 2012 to January 6th, 2013

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Monday: Leo Moon

The year ends with the Moon in Leo, and this is good for resilience as well as for celebrating. The Leo Moon helps mood like the sun takes the edge of the cold in winter.  The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Sagittarius, making the assist in personal relationships and understanding, setting the tone for adventures and new experiences, and encouraging freedom and high spirits.  Mercury changes signs, moving to Capricorn at 9:03 am. On days when Mercury moves, our minds are also going through a shift so your answer later on this day could vary from what you said this morning or yesterday.  The Moon is void of course from 4:52 pm until 12:35 am on the 1st of a new year. Tonight is festive and relaxed and not overly wild but should still satisfy party mentality! Today's color is purple.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune

The Moon moves to earth sign Virgo for New Years Day at 12:35 pm EST. Around that time we have Mercury and Neptune in harmony, and Neptune becomes the influence of the day.  This planet fuels imagination and creativity, yet also rules deception and illusion. Today do a reality check and make sure Virgo's tangible, earth influence is at least as strong as any story you might tell yourself regardless of reality or any falso hope you cling to.  Overnight, be truthful and on the other hand, don't allow yourself to be misled.  The Moon works with Mercury newly in Capricorn today. This is good for both mental organization and removing clutter and rearranging physical spaces.  Gemini and Libra may want to do that at home today.  Virgo and Capricorn, you might find yourself doing this because it's how you start over and it's second nature to you.  Getting into hands on projects and natural environments are good ways to spend time today.  Wear brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is mostly harmonious with planets today, like Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, and this can help us deal with challenge or difficulties productively.  The Moon also works with the Capricorn Sun for a hands on approach. Dig in and get something worked out, repaired or resolved.  Be goal oriented with personal things, and take steps.  With others, Virgo Moon is often oriented toward helpfulness and service. Volunteering could be one result of this Virgo Moon.  We're likely to show effort, responsibility and results without too much prodding or resistance.  Start or finish a project.  Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Libra Moon, Mercury squares Uranus

The cardinal signs are at the epicenter of today's activity: Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer by default at the 4th point of the square. Mercury and Uranus in Capricorn/Aries form a square that leads to power struggles, discussion of how to resolve unexpected situations, and authority issues.  Words and ideas may be tossed around in unethical or harmful ways even without malice or intent, but some of this can lead to greater reactions we don't need. Speak carefully today.  The Virgo Moon in the morning squares Venus in Sagittarius which is often uncomfortable in love and relationship. Earth and fire signs for example, may disagree and go about things in ways that cause misunderstanding.  The void of course Moon is from 7:15 am to 8:11 pm when the Moon moves to cardinal Libra. Tonight we strive for some moderation and balance though Uranus across the zodiac continues to throw in chance elements and the ide we need to deconstruct before we recreate.  Today and tonight appear unsettled and we need to be willing to work through or we'll feel like tossing the towel in.  Today's color is turquoise.

Friday: Mars trine Jupiter

Libra Moon is the element air, and that relates to ideas, intellect, and the ability to reason. See both sides of situations, plan together aiming for compromise, and consider the givens in decision making.  Mars and Jupiter are both active in the zodiac and they form a trine along with other individual aspects to the Moon. What this mean to us is the activation of warrior energy. Overthrowing the norm including out own stagnant ways of thinking is favored today.  Mars in Aquarius takes a strong stand for ideals and also growth through community and technology.  Jupiter in Gemini is mentally expansive and aims for opportunity and learning including writing and other improved communication.  The Libra Moon is reasonable and strives not to be judgmental.  Open new channels of thinking for your own growth today. Get out of a stuck place. Defend what you really care about and prioritize, especially in terms of your ideas.  Tonight is good for best friends and dates, one on one interaction and is socially buzzing or suited to thinking things out and planning as a team, preferably a team of two. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Moon sextile Venus

The Libra Moon works with Venus in Sagittarius today. This sets the conditions for an adventure, especially as a duo. Dates that include winter sports, travel out of town, and unusual setting or food choices work especially well!  This sextile is also good for planning together.  If you're not part of a couple or duo today, shopping for clothes and taking care of hair and skin are favored for all!  Do something that makes you feel attractive and pampered as Libra Moon rules the appearance and Venus is the planet of beauty.  The evening features a relaxed void of course Moon from 6:13 pm to 1:09 am EST. Wear pink today.

Sunday: Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

The Moon is in Scorpio and Mercury meets Scorpio's ruler Pluto in Capricorn. There's a tendency to be hard on ourselves today.  Deep, complex feelings or issues arise and need to be talked about and possibly resolved.  The Moon also meets Saturn in a monthly cycle we've had since early October. The serious nature of things is highlighted today, and dealing with stubborn, long standing matters is the main idea.  Commitment is a theme for Taurus, and for Scorpio, commitment to self, goals, and health is first priority.  Libra and Aries, be wise with money and consider financial advice.  Today's color is black.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekly Astrology December 24th to December 30th, 2012

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Monday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is in Taurus until 2:13 am tomorrow. The sign of the bull is a stable one for the Moon and we can more easily draw upon our grounded, practical, and strong traits. This is good if you have last minute holiday things to do. Take a simple, step by step approach, perhaps from a list.  Go about your business with method and creativity both. The kitchen is one of Taurus's favorite spots and it's an inspired day for food preparation and other decorating and preparing for guests.  Aquarius is one sign in the mood to be home and be hosting festivities.  Capricorn is likely feeling the social mood or holiday spirit kick in as the schedule clears.  Leo could have a good career day and Aries may enjoy the bounty of the season and feel abundant in gifts, friendship, or a holiday kind of bonus.  Christmas Eve is for singing this year as the Moon moves through one of the signs of the voice.  Taurus rules the throat so put on a scarf or other neckwear for social gatherings.  We like to indulge ourselves under this Moon sign too. Green is today's color.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon

There are many aspects of the zodiac to talk about today, but let's focus on three. First, the Moon moves to Gemini and will meet Jupiter. This is especially good for reunions with brothers, sisters and cousins.  We can expand upon our relationships with open hearts and minds. Recognize someone else's perspective even if it doesn't match your own and see your connection improve!  The Sun in Capricorn is square to Uranus in Aries and this is fiery and brings out the yang qualities including competition.  Respond to any last minutes changes, especially ones you wouldn't have chosen, with a can do, take charge attitude.  A bit of struggle between the traditional and new exists with this square and we may have to incorporate both as Uranus in Aries goes against the norm.  Tonight, Mars moves to Aquarius where the warrior planet really takes a strong stance for ideals and works for breakthroughs and to correct injustices against groups of people. Community and service oriented action and scientific, inventive energy is highly charged during this winter period.  Happy Christmas! Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Saturn sextile Pluto

The Moon is in Gemini and we enjoy being socially busy and even doing business, writing, and catching up on phone calls.  The Moon is opposite Venus bringing love and relationship into the forefront. We're warming up for the Full Moon, and Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini are most likely to have attention  on relationships, from friendship things that need to be worked out to developments in romantic and/ or married life.  Sort things out and try to find balance or compromise two of you can benefit from.  Emotion and even anxiety can peak between now and the end of the week. Saturn in Scorpio forms a sextile to Pluto, and though this is considered a positive aspect, the topics activated are some of our most challenging demons. If you're dealing with important issues, things related to elders, depression or addiction or secrets, do so thoughtfully and with soul searching for the most intuitive and realistic approach.  The Gemini Moon puts us in the mood to go out and have fun or stay busy and surrounded by family or friends at home. Tonight is made for get togethers.  Today's color is black.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is opposite Mercury overnight at 1:50 am EST. Emotional debates and talks can be the result. Decide if you're up for that before you bring up a sensitive or confrontational topic. With the Moon almost full, situations that have been brewing tend to peak as do feelings and reactions. Think and breathe before you speak, write, or overreact. Cancer and Capricorn are most likely to experience that in long term relationships. For Gemini and Sagittarius it could be about money or possessions.  The Moon is void of course from then until 3:06 pm and moves to Cancer, sign of family and home favoring get togethers or time alone at home. The Moon works with Neptune inspiring some imagination, creativity, music and art as well as dreams.  The Moon is Full at 5:21 am tomorrow, and with the Moon in her home sign, we're filled to the brim with emotions, sentimental memories and feelings, and a creative high is possible too.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon is exact at 5:21 am EST in Cancer, the Moon's home sign. Cancer is an emotional and sensitive sign whether it's expressed or suppressed, and Cancer can be good at suppressing and putting on a hard shell. At this Full Moon time, Saturn adds energy from Scorpio and Pluto is opposite in Capricorn with the Sun.  Uranus in Aries is nearly at an exact square too, adding edgy, impatient energy.  Full Moon time brings up what's been building and this Full Moon's seething with underlying issues, unexpressed emotion and sentiment. There's also the potential conclusion and solutions that can come from Full Moon pressure leading to decisions, and with Saturn and Pluto involved some of this is related to elders, ancestry and psychological issues.  The long void of course Moon begins at 9:43 am and runs all the way through tomorrow, so use careful judgement about everything and move slowly. Today's color is silver.

Saturday: Cancer Moon

On this day, with the Moon just past Full, try to take it easy or deal competently with what needs attention. Though Cancer is a "feeling" sign, it may help to take some emotion out of the equation.  Cancer is the sign of nurturing and if you're in a favorable position, see where you can help someone else out.  Much of today is a continuation of yesterday. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Leo Moon

The Moon moves into Leo and will stay in this glowing, festive sign through New Year's Eve. It may take a bit to get to the festivity though, with so many aspects in the zodiac calling for a busy time.  The Sun is active, meeting Pluto in Capricorn. Ambition, important conversations, and goals are activated and with the Leo Moon, we will feeling like making constructive decisions.  Resolving things in a more permanent way feels more possible. We're more resilient that during the Cancer Full Moon which could encourage wallowing in problems or feelings.  The Sun also works with Saturn in Scorpio continuing work around addictions, the elderly, and long standing problems.  Deal with things before the holiday.  Today's color is gold.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Weekly Astrology December 17th to December 23rd, 2012

The Solstice, 12-21-12 and the holidays are all upon us! Need a reading as a gift for someone? For as little as $25 I can make you an mp3 or written forecast for you or someone on your gift list! Sag and Capricorns with birthdays now will especially appreciate the attention!

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Monday: Mercury opposite Jupiter

It's a day of discussion, negotiation, and potential opportunity as Mercury and Jupiter oppose in Sagittarius and Gemini. This is the time to get everything out on the table, honest and visible, and sort it out. These planets are in mutable signs so leave some flexibility and room to grow in plans you agree to.  Finalize something before 1:12 pm when the Moon moves void of course, and have meetings then too if you hope details will be remembered and adhered to.  The void of course Moon in Aquarius is till good for intellectual work all afternoon although routine tasks are best accomplished then.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 7:46 pm EST and meets Neptune for increased creativity and thirst for extra sleep and dreams as well. It's a good music or movie night as long as the subject matter is light! Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon has a variety of interactions with 5 different planets today! We're likely to feel mixed too.  Decisions may be difficult, but if you feel confident, go forth! Pisces Moon tends to bring up lots of emotion so make sure you have enough logical brain working if you committing to anything.  It's a good day to remember or reestablish boundaries. Pisces Moon is prone to saying yes out of guilt or misplaced loyalty.  Be true to your self. Pluto adds some Capricorn energy to the day which may help us be realistic and willing to face problems constructively. Tonight, the Moon forms two squares and we have to put forth plenty of effort for progress or resolution and communicate very clearly as the Moon engages with Mercury straightforward in Sagittarius.  Work out a business plan or personal matter with someone tonight.  Wear green.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Uranus

An excellent day for opportunity, reaching agreement on terms, and unanticipated opportunity as Mercury and Uranus align in fire signs!  Keep up with calls, emails and connections that could lead to something good! Act on matters you know you could settle up and anything you want to upgrade.  At best, today brings surprisee opportunities and the answer Yes!The Pisces Moon working with Mars in Capricorn is great for blending organizational and creative energies, business with pleasure, art and music.  Aim for something amazing today. Intuition should be strong. Tune in, connect one on one, and enjoy being in big groups too. Wear purple.

Thursday: Aries Moon

The Moon moves to Aries at 2:43 am after just a couple of void of course hours.  The Aries Moon, still fueled by last week's New Moon in Sagittarius, renews our enthusiasm, gets things moving quickly, and could cause some urges to do things now or never. The zodiac is very busy today and we're likely to feel scattered with lots of options too.  The Moon and Uranus add trail blazing, independent and in some cases rebellious energy to the day so we may be surprised at someone's actions or changes going on around us (or with us!). It won't be easy to settle for the norm or the boring, routine with this Aries Moon. Jupiter in Gemini acts in tandem with the Moon for communication and plans especially with brothers and sisters, and a very social and busy night.  Today's color is red.

Friday: Solstice, Sun to Capricorn

The Solstice is at 6:12 am EST as the Sun moves to Capricorn on this most talked about and anticipated date. it's a good day to honor the earth with the Moon in this earth sign. Make a change. Be less wasteful or extravagant. Simplify and enjoy the basics fully. It's a good day to build or work in the kitchen, and take a down to earth approach.  The Moon is in harmony with Mercury, in Aries and Sagittarius. it's a beautiful, inspirational, and activity inducing trine. This is a day to turn over a new leaf, do something about a situation that bothers you (or worse), and make a healthy change.  Find a World Peace meditation or do something else that helps you feel plugged in, and especially, be in nature for a bit of time today.  Happy Solstice 2012! Today's color is gold.

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Sun sextile Neptune

The Sun and Neptune in Capricorn and Pisces inspire us today. Spirituality, intuition, and insight are some of the key words. Problems that need solving benefit from down to earth Capricorn with compassionate Pisces energies. It's a good blend for taking everything into consideration.  Mars also squares the Moon while still in Aries early this morning and we get proactive and confrontational if necessary.  The Moon is void of course from 7:57 am to 1:25 pm and then the Moon connects with Neptune too. Imagination could take over, but you don't want to get caught up in ideas that may not be true. Be curious, ask questions, focus on what's real and important to you. If that's love and relationships, Venus is opposite Jupiter tonight and it's a chance to work something out together, considering a partner's feelings and prespective. Honesty. open mindedness and retaining some independence even in partnerships is the idea tonight.  Today's color is green.

Sunday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn in Scorpio

Fixed energy in the forecast today makes change a challenge. It's not an easy day to convince someone to change their mind or plan.  The Moon opposite Saturn brings up some dark or difficult topics including dealing with the older people in our families, especially if you're a Leo Sagittarius.  Scorpio may be at odds with significant others and have very strong opinions today. Taurus, the same for you.  The Moon is at work with Pluto in Capricorn which is somewhat more constructive but still indicates work and dealing with underlying or back-burner issues. Wear navy blue today.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weekly Astrology December 10th to December 16th, 2012

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Monday: Moon conjunct Saturn, Mercury in Sagittarius

The Moon and Saturn meet in Scorpio. Many will revisit their tough stuff today.  Saturn is the influence of authority and elders and wisdom from experience.  If you deal with older people, issues around that will be important and/or intense. This is now a monthly occurence since early October so consider this the 3rd round in a few months and make sense of the pattern.  Authority issues may be more quietly present yet deep and strong as an influence.  Channeling that anger or resentment or displeasure with bosses, parents, or others in charge instead of letting it blow up is a challenge today and Aquarius and Gemini might feel it in career while Scorpio is in the personal midst of it and Taurus may feel a partner is trying to control things to an extreme.  The Moon aligns with Mars and Pluto so there's a heavy Capricorn influence at work and sometimes it means control is hard to  let go of. Mars adds an organizational and task oriented feeling so it can be a productive day! Mercury moves to Sagittarius tonight where the planet of communication and travel instigates honesty, clearing the air, and learning by experience for the next few weeks. Wear black.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is void of course after a meeting with Venus at 8:08 am. Relationship matters become priority. Passion intensifies as does jealousy and the need to control. In best situations, love will happily consume you while in struggling relationships we'll tend to obsess and over analyze.  Respect is key today. The Sagittarius Moon is coming in later to remind us how good personal freedom feels. Meanwhile, Neptune squares Mercury and the Moon and deceit becomes another issue to confront.  We're not likely to "get away with" anything today. Speak the truth or remain quiet.  If you get the feeling someone is trying to dupe you, go with that instinct. Ask questions today.  The Moon is in Sagittarius from 5:22 pm on,  meeting Mercury for philosophical talk, exchange of ideas, setting off on travels, and favoring changes of routine.  Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Moon opposes Jupiter

The Sagittarius Moon and Jupiter in Gemini face off. Both are mutable signs which indicates change, and today changing our minds, altering the scale of things to larger or more modest, and entertaining new ideas is in the forecast.  Travel and learning experiences are well timed. There's a restlessness that longs to be satisfied with something other than the same old.  Keep an open mind.  Opportunities are in the air for Virgo in career, Scorpio in employment or other financial matters, and Leo and Aquarius for general luck! Aries, communicating well is high priority as is taking care of anything that needs to be put in writing or consulted upon with experts.  The pace is likely to be fast, and though Sagittarius Moon isn't always the most grounded time, keeping up with emails, messages and other work is one way to avoid criticism. Lack of attention and responsibility is one area that could cause trouble or unrest today. We're also prime for changing our minds about some of our bigger life plans. Tonight, get your ideas and plans in order for tomorrow's New Moon. Wear red today.

Thursday: New Moon in Sagittarius

Today's New Moon highlights educational and travel plans. This is a good time to send applications, get acceptances to schools or programs, book flights and expore options in those areas.  The New Moon arrives at 3:42 am and it's game on! Act on things you've been holding off on. Uranus is direct today in Aries, adding a sense of movement in the larger universe, beyond our personal interests too.  There's a sense of forward motion and it's prime time to direct our drive and energies to what we desire.  Talk to someone who can help you with possible options for change if you're a Libra. Libra you may also work on family business or relationships now.  Gemini, renew or revitalize a partnership in love or business. Capricorn and Cancer, set your routine so you have some personal time regularly this month and take care of your health as a daily regimen from vitamins to your work out.  Sagittarius, this is your best time of year for change.  Let something go today too, resentment for example. The Sagittarius Moon eases the process. The Moon is void of course from 3:42 am to 4:43 pm EST and then moves to Capricorn for a night designed for accomplishment, work and study. Today's color is white.

Friday: Mercury trine Uranus

The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto which is a pattern you might feel familiar with especially if you're born under that sign. Pluto brings us to face realities and contemplate the undercurrents at work.  A bit of meditative thoughtful time may clear the head today.  Mercury and Uranus are at work in the fire signs and a clear mind can help as we get the urge to act quickly and in the moment.  Today is made for decisions, new course of action, and moving on things even if it means taking a bit of a chance and staying open to things working out this way or that. In other words, don't get too attached to one outcome. Give something your best try. Capricorn Moon is work oriented and this is a good day or night to get things done! Wear gray.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Mars

If anything has been in your way this week, in the wake of a Thursday New Moon, the Moon and Mars shout "let's go, let's get on with this!" today.  The Moon is in Capricorn until 4:53 pm with only a short 48 minute void of course time, and Mars sends the impetus for action, solid work on goals and solutions to problems. Figure out how to make something work with the Moon and Mars in this hands on, organizational earth sign. The Aquarius Moon that follows equally equips us to move on goals. It's a good night for a party, gathering or community event too as the Moon and Venus align before the Moon changes signs. We're set up for a hopeful, productive day and optimistic, social night.  Today's color is silver.

Sunday: Venus square Neptune

The Moon is in Aquarius in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini, continuing good vibes from last night even if Saturn's influence has you coping with serious life matters.  The air sign energy helps us with open minds, changing perspectives, and ability to cooperate.  Venus and Neptune in Scorpio and Pisces add emotional content including sentiment, romance and melancholy. It's good to be with friends today and if you're not feeling good, follow the Aquarius Moon, sign of community and best friends and gather with your tribe.  Today's color is turquoise.