Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekly Astrology August 27th to September 2nd, 2012

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August 31st Blue Moon Forecasts for All Signs

Monday: Moon opposite Venus

The Moon opposite Venus stirs up emotion today. Venus in Cancer is sentimental and nostalgic. Romance could be complicated by conflicting feelings. Cancer and Capricorn host the action and are likely to experience this in long term committed relationship or about relationships that have ended or changed. Pisces with new love interests may be excited while also seeing some duality or the pros and cons of a love affair. Virgo, friendship and love can both be implicated and a friend may introduce you to someone of interest or friend could become a lover, changing that relationship! Our emotional and love lives are likely to be our priority today. Putting energy into a gift or occasion for someone you care about is one way to channel those feelings. If you don't quite know how to feel and are confused you're likely to be in plenty of company! If you can concentrate on work, the Capricorn Moon fuels your ambitions! Tonight, to commit or not to commit is the question. Wear pink.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course in Capricorn from 6:33 am to 1:38 pm EST. These hours are best kept simple and routine. It's a good time to catch up on things. Make mental notes in case you lose your place later on! The Moon is square to Saturn in Libra which can be challenging in terms of power and who's in charge. Showing commitment and responsibility may ease tense situations. Capricorn Moon likes some cooperation especially on matters of efficiency and business. Our stubborn traits are further activated as the Moon moves to Aquarius at 1:38 pm and squares Mars in Scorpio. There may be little chance of getting someone to give in. We're not likely to be feeling flexible and could be easily agitated if someone is persistent or demanding. Today, trying to detach a bit emotionally is a good idea since these two Moon signs are not most comfortable in the world of feelings. Act and speak with logic. Wear blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Sun trine Pluto, Mercury trine Saturn

The Sun brightens Pluto's dark side and Mercury and Saturn activate negotiations. It's a more optimistic day if you're trying to make an agreement or get a project off the ground. The Aquarius Moon is fixed but also progressive and scientific. From making a technological upgrade to a legally binding contract, the planets have an encouraging effect. We'll look for ways to work with what we have with Sun and Pluto in earth signs. The fire and air of Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Libra are a good combination for learning and an enthusiastic but balanced approach to anything. Communication should be direct and impartial or objective. Today we may have the right combination of passion for our priorities and recognition that we aren't the only creature on earth with a feeling or opinion. With a Full Moon on the way, we might use today to get a step ahead. Tonight, a talk about a serious matter can be civil and fair. It's worth channeling energy into writing, study, reading or learning new material too. It's also a decent night out with friends while the Moon is in the friendship and community sign. Wear turquoise.

Thursday: Moon opposes Mercury, Full Moon warmup

The Aquarius Moon is opposite Mercury in Leo. There's plenty to be discussed, sorted out, put in writing, and finalized, and the Full Moon tomorrow adds some incentive or pressure to get things done. These two are fixed signs, so consensus or compromise is not immediate, but the end result should be dynamic! Inventiveness and expressive combine for best results. Saturn adds wisdom and intelligence from Libra. Long term implications of our actions should be a significant consideration. Our best decisions and actions come by 1:48 pm and then our judgement and confidence may be affected by the void of course Moon until 6:31 pm. It's a good day to put effort in early then celebrate a job well done! The Moon and Neptune meet tonight and we'll be in no mood to work unless your job involves creativity and imagination. Tonight is a floaty, shifting Pisces Moon night meant for ghost stories, dreams, and howling at the Moon! Movies, music and romantic evening plans are well timed. Today's color is green.

Friday: Full Moon in Pisces, Blue Moon

Intuition, love and luck in the forecast with the most beneficial and harmonious Full Moon of the year. Pisces Moon aligned with Venus, Mars & Pluto favors reconciliation and romance and is supremely creative! Harvest what you've been nurturing, literally and metaphorically as well. It's a growth spurt, and some of that may be emotional intelligence. Dealing with feelings in productive ways and moving out of low places could be easier now. Pisces Moon is a time for friendly support, but do keep strong limits since we can be extra compassionate and open hearted during this Full Moon. Keep relationships healthy and positive without denial or excuses. Mercury changes signs too, moving to Virgo at 10:32 pm EST. Wear light blue.

Saturday: Mercury in Virgo

After extra time with the retrograde phase all in Leo this summer, Mercury moves to Virgo. A Mercury in Virgo phrase might be "How can I help out?" Making decisions about how to be of service and lend our practical talents is natural during the next few weeks. On the other hand, if you need people with certain skills to pitch in to a project, especially one that is community oriented, it's time to get the word out and ask! Personally, our actions will lean toward the practical and, in some cases, ambitious. Identifying needs and figuring out how to get them taken care of is Mercury in Virgo's work. The Moon is just past Full, still in that peak time, and working with Venus. Home life, getting settled and adapting to new circumstances and seeing how things feel is in the forecast today. Mercury opposite Neptune helps us see the possibilities even if they're not tangible yet. Daydream some. Don't over book your time. Wear yellow.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

Today might feel more like what we expect from a Full Moon. News and eventfulness dominates the day as the Moon and Uranus meet in Aries. We get more fired up and that can take the form of competitiveness, motivation or aggression and a feeling of agitiation. If you need a fresh start, circumstances of today may help you let go of the past and realize something different has to come next. Surprises are often the result of this monthly conjunction. We can be thrown off balance. Take a breath or two before reacting today. Venus is about to square Saturn and we get serious about relationships in make or break mode. Expect status updates and changes. Wear red.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Astrology August 20th to August 26th 2012

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Monday: Libra Moon, Saturn, Mars

Libra energy prevails early this week, and both Monday and Tuesday are about seeking what's fair or balanced and accepting nothing less.  There's a serious streak influenced by Saturn and a strong urge to take action fueled by Mars and also the Leo Sun.  Some will be fired up and fight for what they believe is right and just.  Libra is an air sign, related to intellectual processes. Taking an objective stance will help with decision making.  Getting out of our emotions and into logical thinking is a benefit.  With Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Venus in Cancer all square to the Libra Moon, much negotiating is likely and multiple areas of our lives may be considered and impacted by settlements, resolutions and new roads we choose now. We are still urged forward by Friday's New Moon and fresh starts are well timed all week.  Tonight communicating calmly is important and relationship problems may come up for discussion particularly for Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn.  Jupiter is offering a broad outlook. Try not to limit yourself and think things have to be only one way or the other.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Libra Moon conjunct Saturn

This is a day of serious business. Reasons to step up to responsibilities and act with a mature outlook become evident. Saturn has only weeks to finish business in Libra, sign of justice and partnership, where this planet has been working for nearly two years.  Divide and share equally or fairly and do what's right by each other.  Seal a partnership deal, or on the other end of the spectrum, dissolve a joint venture or relationship that hasn't worked and shows no sign of improvement.  Saturn lends the wise and sometimes even grave perspective.  Aim to see things for what they are and not make excuses or have false hopes.  Legal matters can be resolved once and for all on days like this.  Rising to a challenge may put you in good standing today. Appearances matter too, so make sure you look the part and are dressed appropriately for the occasion.  Tonight, get advice or perspective or even stories from the older or wiser and see how they fit in to your experience.  Wear black.

Wednesday: Sun in Virgo

The Virgo birthdays begin at 1:07 pm this year as the Sun moves to Virgo for the last third of summer.  The Moon is void of course for part of the 3 o'clock hour and moves to Scorpio at 3:54 am. The Moon is in harmony with Sun just before they both change signs. This can be a boost for decision making or confidence.  The Scorpio Moon works with Pluto encouraging a realistic, pragmatic outlook and with Neptune in Pisces so we keep creativity in mind too.  Creative and practical problem solving are in the forecast.  Tonight Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Gemini align for special events, social plans, and learning.  Keep your mind open and listen for ideas and information that could be valuable!  We should be in the mood to meet new people and talk about ideas of importance, be it business or friendship.  Wear navy blue.

Thursday: Mars in Scorpio

Mars changes signs today at 11:24 am EST.  This once every two years visit from Mars activates confidence and courage for Scorpios. This planet activates and energizes and may also antagonize in order to move and change stagnant, unproductive situations.  Mars in Scorpio is about relationship and partnership matters for Taurus, finances for Libra and financial as well as legal and medical matters for Aries, and romance and luck for Cancer.  Those are generalizations but may give you an idea what to expect for the next 6 weeks or so.  Leo may want to make improvements and renovations at home and with people who share living space. Sagittarius may have many things or one situation of focus where things need to be contemplated and kept quiet for now. The sign of the archer may need some respite or recovery if life has been stressful.  The Moon is in Scorpio too, void of course from 5:34 am EST until 6:50 tomorrow morning.  Keeping things calm and on the uneventful side is a good plan.  If we make decisions or have big discussions that could be too emotionally based. Avoid impulsiveness.  Tonight the Virgo Sun approaches opposition to Neptune and for the next couple of days we'll be more creative with problem solving and flexible with plans if we follow the Sun's lead.  Wear maroon.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon, Sun opposite Neptune

With the bulk of the energy in mutable signs, Sun in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces, & Moon in Sagittarius all active together, the need for flexibility and willingness to change is strong.  The squares between Moon and Neptune and Moon and Sun indicate challenges to be worked through and versatility appears to be the key.  If we're stuck in ways of thinking or doing, we'll reach a stalemate or watch everything shift around us and be unable to participate.  The Sun opposite Neptune can bring out impractical attitudes or idealistic thinking though, and Sagittarius Moon is more likely to shrug things off or let things go, for better or not. Therefore, we may need to consider whether skirting the issue has value or is just more procrastination.  There is an escapism mentality on days like this, though if you recognize that you may be able to do your best creative thinking and move out of stubborn patterns.  The Moon works with Uranus in Aries tonight and the party could get wild. Also, keep your wits about you in case of need for quick reactions or chance events.  Today's color is red.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is opposite Jupiter and in harmony with Mercury, still in Leo.  The mood is adventurous and expansive. In fact, we may want to consider scaling things down a bit since Jupiter can have us going to extremes.  Everything may seem very changeable, on a whim or at a moment's notice.  Changes in thinking, perspective and even emotions are in the forecast with Jupiter in air sign Gemini related to mental states and the Moon in philosophical and global Sagittarius, dissatisfied with boredom or lack of freedom.  The Moon working with Mercury favors social encounters and events and exchanges of ideas. Planning travel, preparing for educational experiences, and delving into subjects of interest and also new experiences are part of this Sagittarius Moon time.  Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon, Mars trine Neptune

Mars in harmony with Neptune in the water signs, Scorpio and Pisces, draws us to water sports and locations on a physical level. Another aspect of this trine has to do with spirituality and what makes us feel connected and find deeper meaning.  On the down side it can lead to escapist or risky behaviors with substances as a means of seeking something we lack while on a higher level engaging in soul searching and improving our psychological outlook by means such as meditation or connection to nature are among the results of this angle.  Today we could decide to do those "spiritual" practices on a more regular basis or to try one and see if it's fulfilling a need.  The Moon is in Capricorn from 9:58 am on (void of course prior to that time from 2:39 am EST). The void of course hours, overnight in some time zones, are a time to be cautious and avoid drama.  The Capricorn Moon will meet Pluto in the usual monthly cycle which gives us a chance to face and deal with realities, and after yesterday and Friday this may be a big shift into practical mode.  The Moon works with Mars and the Sun and our focus and productivity should feel worthwhile.  Get something accomplished and try to see things as they really are and deal accordingly.  Helpful people may appear exactly when you  need them. Wear green.

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Weekly Astrology August 12th to August 19th, 2012

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Monday: Cancer Moon

The Moon lands in Cancer at 4:27 am EST and meets venus today. The people and things nearest & dearest to us take high priority. The conjunction is beautiful for Cancer, and favors Capricorn and Pisces in love and for happiness.  Neptune in Pisces is in harmony with the Moon bringing out our creative, sensitive and intuitive traits. There's a psychic tendency that tunes us in, and at the same time can make us more sensitive to our environment. With Venus so close to the Moon the sensory stimulation should be positive and not likely to creat agitation.  Tonight the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus and situations become more challenging if they involve surprise news or old business.  The Cancer Moon leans to the defensive side, but the crustaceans more passive, sideways moves may be more favorable than acting it out.  Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is in Cancer with no aspects to Sun or planets which could make for clear sailing. Cancer is a cardinal sign and we like to see progress during this Moon time. Aim for accomplishments and take advantage of a day to organize, clean, dig into the work pile or shop. Tomorrow Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto directly and that's in the air already bringing up relationhip issues, particularly things put on a backburner. Some challenging one on one issues may come up now. The New Moon is on Friday so it's natural to be thinking and reconsidering for fresh starts and decisions soon. Tonight home, family, and the most secure, familiar activities works well. Wear black.

Wednesday: Mars conjunct Saturn, Venus opposes Pluto

Dealing with serious business and heavy topics is in the forecast as Mars meets Saturn in Libra urging justice and Venus and Pluto stir up relationship based issues. It's a day of soul searching, however action around these matters is likely as well. The New Moon is on Friday and today you may find yourself more reluctant to act and more apt to be thinking things out. With Cancer Moon we might avoid the issue or hide in our shells. The Moon squares the two planets in Libra, really pushing for fair resolutions. Trying to be objective, gain some insight and detach to get outside perspective may be the best course of action.  The Moon moves to Leo at 2:05 pm and meets Mercury later in the evening. Unfinished business, reestablishing contact, and finding positive ways to express ourselves comes with this Leo Moon. Wear purple.

Thursday: Leo Moon

On this day before the New Moon, we often plan a next course of action and with the Moon in Leo, a fire sign, we're even more likely to let something go and aim for a clean slate in the days ahead.  Venus squares Uranus for what might seem like strange news regarding couples, for example unexpected or unlikely connections or endings.  Venus is in Cancer and Uranus in Aries, so the opposite signs are also involved, Libra and Capricorn.  Pisces in newer or budding relationships may also be impacted.  The Leo Moon also acts with Uranus in Aries today. Uranus is a rebel, looking for dramatic shifts and possibly creating shock value.  The Leo Moon is generally optimistic and creative, and the two together instigate like pranksters.  The Moon and Jupiter favor open minds and social adventures.  There's nothing boring about today whichever turn it takes. We're likely to be kept guessing.  Tonight is for outgoing souls.  Wear pink.

Friday: New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo is exact at 11:54 am.  New Moon in Leo is expressive, creative, and full of enthusiasm. This particular Leo Moon is supported by Saturn and Mars in Libra.  There's both active and sensible influences at work, helping with good, long term decisions. Figuring out what's fair and what we can all live with is more possible now than it was days or weeks ago.  Find balance between  responsible and excited, mature and adventurous!  New endeavors are more in favor now than during July's New Moon since Mercury was retrograde then. Delayed plans may be more feasible now.  The Moon is void of course from 1:55 to 8:33 pm, so earlier is better for announcements you want to be heard and processed and decisions you can feel confident about.  The Moon moves to Virgo, and tonight, be judicious where trust is concerned so Neptune across from the Moon doesn't leave you fooled or bamboozled.  Wear gold.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon works with Venus and Pluto. Some of the relationship goings on this week may be more easily figured out and practical resolutions discussed.  The Moon in Virgo and Venus in Cancer call for down to earth approaches.  Any of use may see reason to yield and be more flexible today. Cancer may improve communication and have a productive conversation or plan. Virgo may have friends to sort things out with.  Capricorn has similar aspects with regrade to relationship especially.  Tonight, Mercury and Uranus stir it up in Leo and Aries, instigating fun, but also unafraid to disturb the status quo. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon has no angles to other planets or the Sun today. Consider it a day of rest or productivity. Virgo is the sign of service to others and people may be receptive to helping out.  Look for where your energy or talent can be best put to use and appreciated. Virgo is an earth sign leading us to organize and work at growing things, from home projects to gardens.  If you have studies or writing to catch up on, this is a good day for it.  Wear brown.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Astrology August 6th to August 12th, 2012

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Birthday readings are $25 in mp3 or written format! An original, one of a kind gift! Wedding charts are $60.00 and include the happy aspects of the day! 3-4 month individual charts can be purchased for $120.00 Contact me for more info at

Monday: Aries Moon
The Moon in Aries meeting Uranus is bound to instigate something you didn't anticipate today. For some this creates anxiety even when everything will turn out fine.  Jupiter and the Sun help out from Gemini and Leo, so surprises may turn out better than you expect though they could seem like curve balls at first.  Being willing to change and adapt as necessary will be an asset. Avoid power struggles that happen when two different personalities try to be in charge. That could be Capricorn or Aries, and maybe Libra and Cancer, the other two in the cardinal signs family.  Pluto is square to the Aries Moon today and while some things will be powerfully placed right in front of us, others will surface from undercurrents that may be better faced honestly and head on.  Aries rules the head, and with this Aries Moon take care of a headache or avoid injuries to the head. Tonight is adventurous and potential fun with Leo and Aries leading the way!  If you're doing business, optimism is the key word.  Wear orange.

Tuesday: Venus in Cancer

The Aries Moon opposes Mars and Saturn and Mercury spends the last full day retrograde this season.  With those influences at work, things could be very unsettled or contentious.  Plan to disengage from any controversial topic or avoid any issue that could cause strong disagreement.  Mars and Saturn are seeking justice but it's not likely we'll find it easily now, and Mercury would indicate even if you do feel like you reach a plan or settlement, it isn't likely to stick.  You may even change your mind tomorrow.  Sit on things that can wait.  Venus changes signs too, moving to Cancer at 9:43 am for about a month. Venus in Cancer until September 6th leans us toward settling down, beautifying the home, and spending time with our nearest and dearest.  There's a romantic and attractive influence for Cancer, Pisces, and Capricorns in committed relationships.  Scorpio may find travel very appealing and also find positive influence comes from far away and outside the usual sphere.  Aries you're likely to move, make changes at home or do some settling in. Mercury retrograde ends overnight at 1:40 am in Leo. Wear white.

Wednesday: Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct and that's a good time to stand still, observe and evaluate before a next move.  The Moon moves to Taurus at 3:28 am EST and promises and commitments we make will have long term impact so if you need a day or two to think, take it!  The Moon and Mercury square almost guarantee that we'll be asked for answers and decisions. Think of ways to stall a little if you need the time.  Discussions will be full of strong opinion and everyone contending that his or her way is the best.  The Moon and Neptune make it a great day to do hands on work, plant, landscape and create beauty.  The Moon and Pluto align tonight for practical chores and thinking and doing things like creating a better environment an figuring out how things can work better.  It's more of a homebody's night.  Relax,  and say maybe or no if the answer isn't truly a resounding yes. Wear green.

Thursday: Venus trine Neptune

The Taurus Moon is square to the Sun in Leo. Fixed opinions and ways of doing things is the idea. Rely on the tried and true and your most reliable friends.  Show loyalty where it'd needed and will be appreciated.  Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are supremely creative and favor natural surroundings including working in them.  Finding inspiration in nature, including the ocean and landscape is favored. Simplicity rules the day.  Notice beauty, create a romantic atmosphere, and enjoy the pleasures of life, particularly organic ones.  The Moon is void of course from 2:55 pm on making it a good day to end business early and enjoy summer times.  Wear blue.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon waits until 4:11 pm EST before moving to Gemini. As on all void of course Moon days, take it easy and keep it light or deal with routine matters rather than begin anything complex. Shopping is best done after 4:11 pm. The Taurus Moon leans toward being outdoors, in the kitchen, and working to make things comfortable and secure.  The Gemini Moon later and tonight is in harmony with Mercury and very social! It's a great night for a party out or at home! Pisces' house might be a good choice!  Aquarians and Leos will want to be surrounded by friends.  Gemini will talk a good talk tonight! Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon meets Jupiter for a mentally expansive day and night! This may include reading and researching, great flow for writers, and stimulating discussions.  Getting used to this pattern may feel good now that Jupiter is in Gemini until June 2013.  Travel is favored as well as other new experiences! Even if you have nothing planned, keep an open mind and see what comes along to interest you!  News will probably raise some eyebrows today. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

The Moon harmonizes with Mars, Saturn and the Leo Sun. This should help create optimism even if there's work to be done. If there's not, all the better as Mars and the Sun urge activity, games and good times!  Saturn's influence can make mental work easier including weighing pros and cons, figuring out what's fair and choosing words carefully around sensitive topics.  The Moon is void from 5:49 pm on. Wear white.