Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 27th to February 2nd, 2014

New Moon in Aquarius this week! Mercury retrograde on deck for February 6th!

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon today is suited to many things including learning, traveling and exploring ideas. We are setting up for a New Moon this Thursday, and if you have options, get informed about what you could start later this week. Mars and Mercury are both acting with the Moon from Libra and Aquarius. Air feeds fire and there's plenty of energy to fuel original ideas and plans that take you out of your usual surroundings or comfort zone.  Apply to colleges before Mercury retrograde complicates February. Put a bit of a push on for what you really want. Have an open mind and try not to judge or speak too bluntly.  The Moon is void of course from 5:02 pm ET til after midnight. Have fun but make no promises tonight. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

Getting things in oder, finding out the rules or boundaries, and the how to or best approach is today's mission. Capricorn Moon is prime time to accomplish. Hands on training, direct experience and very good planning are favored. With a significant New Moon for long term plans coming on Thursday, line up the rest of the week's work and maybe next week's plans too. The Moon meets Venus retrograde for revisiting and refining decisions in our love relationships and business partnerships. Prepare for new starts together and figure out who will be in charge of what from February 1st on. February is mostly Mercury retrograde so what can you finalize today or by the end of the week? Make sure progress is part of your plan. Today's color is gray. 

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

Some of this mid week Capricorn Moon time is about rules, boundaries, traditional ways of doing things, and figuring out the best method in any situation or project. Be practical, stay involved and if you delegate check up on things.  Planning worth a lot these days before New Moon Thursday afternoon. Outline your next steps. Take some action with tangible results. Scale back a little if things are exaggerated, dramatic or extravagant. Don't think too far ahead. What can you get done now? What will you need for later this week and next. Beyond that, you might be taking things out of proportion.  Jupiter is opposite Pluto and if you can leave an old feeling ,idea or grudge behind, you may be lighter and move quicker.  Also let go of unrealistic expectations and focus on what IS manageable and good.
The Moon is void of course from 11:47 am ET until 11:33 pm. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: New Moon in Aquarius

The Moon and Sun meet at 4:39 pm ET and Uranus throws in Aries enthusiasm and an invitation to change things up. This New Moon in the sign of friendship, community, and technology makes it likely support comes from unexpected people or places, maybe even far away or previously unknown to you. Draw up plans or start the ones you've been holding onto for a while. Architects, designers, engineers, groups that work for causes, and those who blend art and science share energy with this New Moon. Metaphorically too, act as designer of your own life, path, and grow your web of connections. With Aquarian energy, acting as teams and collaborators is the way to go. Being inventive, original, and free up for creative thinking is favored.  Today's color is white.

New Moon Keywords by sign:
Aquarius: self expression, partners    Pisces: vision, planning         Aries:  community
Taurus: opportunity         Gemini: studies, travel           Cancer: shared resources, publicity
Leo: relationship, travel    Virgo: refresh routines           Libra: love, fortune
Scorpio: home life, family  Sagittarius: news, relatives   Capricorn: finances, work, home    

Friday: Mercury to Pisces, Venus Direct

This is a busy day in the zodiac with multiple priorities and changes. Mercury moves to Pisces for compassion, sensitivity in thought and word, and creative expression. Days ahead of Mercury retrograde, finalize business sooner than later and rather now than in February. The retrograde begins on the 6th officially. Venus is direct in Capricorn and couples may finalize decisions that have been pending.  Venus will remain in Capricorn until March, an extended time in one sign for the planet of love and partnership. Capricorn this is good for manifesting and attracting what you need.  Jupiter is opposite Pluto and it's a good day for conversation about scale of things, extremes that can be brought more into balance, and growing past old hurts or events. Healing a piece of the past may be well timed with the New Moon as well. Mercury and Mars urge action and communication which can take several forms, one being compromise, another being extroversion. It's a favorable time to join a group of like minded people.  The Moon is void of course after 11:45 am ET. Plan light or fun schedules following that time. It's a changeable day and serious meetings are better timed for pre- noon time as well. Moon and Mercury meet once the Moon moves to Pisces at 10:45 pm. It'a a good night for socializing, dates, music, writing and art. Today's color is green. 

Saturday: Pisces Moon

February 1st arrives with Pisces Moon and harmony amongst Moon and planets. Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Venus take part in supporting artisitic, soulful Pisces Moon. Spiritual practices and pursuits may draw us in and news or talks about faith, mysteries, churches, and what we believe or do not believe in become topics of thought or discussion. Intuition may feel strong and obvious. It's a good day for romance and not a bad day for business though we are now very close to Mercury's retrograde and Pisces is a changeable sign so it might be hard to settle on any decision now.  Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course from 11:38 am to 11:55 pm ET. On a "big game" day in the USA, void of course Moon may contribute to schedule changes, people being late to the party, or even to errors in judgment by players. Void of course Moon tends to make us less grounded and contributes to that feeling of things being "up in the air". Saturn and the Moon are in harmony early in the day. If you have an important talk or meeting scheduled, do what you can to make sure the details are remembered and the message is crystal clear. Details may be overlooked later on. The Moon moves to Aries at 11:55 pm. This sign can be overly ambitious or quick to react. Take your time and act thoughtfully. If it has to be fast, make sure there's not much risk involved. Today's color is black.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 20th to January 26th, 2014

 Monday: Virgo Moon 

During this Virgo Moon we'll want to take care of things. The Moon and Jupiter are closely aligned for taking care of the people and things dearest to us. Today, Venus retrograde in Capricorn forms a trine with Virgo Moon activating our compassionate, caring, helpful qualities. Forgiveness and genuine acts of kindness can be the result. Virgo and Cancer may feel very protective and loving in relationships. Capricorn is in line to experience that too and it's a good time for taking care of yourself as well, Capricorn. Acting with sensitivity and understanding will ease even situations that are "Saturn-like" as Saturn weighs in from Scorpio with words like should and must. Meet obligations with grace and a smile. It's a very good day to feel good about helping someone else out and going out of your way to do something kind.  The Moon is void of course from 3:55 pm ET until 7:43 am Tuesday. Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon moves in and the next two days we'll revisit the theme of fairness, seeking justice and balance in situations that are out of whack. Christmas and New Years were similar times astrologically with the cardinal signs all activated. If you're working on a long term matter regarding balance of responsibilities, legal proceedings, or something even more oppressive, this is a challenging time though each revisiting is a chance to progress, resolve or break free. The Moon and Sun align today in Libra/Aquarius and a focus on community, like minded allies and friends, and confidence in dealing with people is enhanced.  It's a good day for team efforts, joining groups, and being objective about ideas. See another point of view. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Mars in Libra

Dynamic squares, oppositions and even a meeting of the Moon and Mars make for an active day that could require plenty of stamina and mental energy. Cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn host the planets and Moon at work. A goal is progress in all situations where logical and fair decisions are needed. This may not come easily and is a recurring theme especially for the first half of this year while Mars is in Libra! Resolving sooner than later could relieve you of the pattern although you want to agree, compromise and settle only under the most balanced and just circumstances. Otherwise, continue to persist and muddle through. Confrontations could escalate so be prepared to just walk away or have a plan B or a backup if you think that's a possibility. Family, business relationships and agreements, legal matters and unanticipated changes are all in the mix today.  Wear the color black. 

Thursday: Libra to Scorpio Moon

The Moon is void of course until 4:43 pm ET, 1:43 pm Pacific. The void Moon may help us relax though simultaneously can add to forgetfulness or a sense of not being focused or grounded. Move at a steady pace and try not to rush. That goes for decisions too. Buy yourself time until the Moon moves to Scorpio if you need to give an answer. Scorpio Moon has the fixed quality for longevity. Make sure you mean what you say or what you agree to since you will be held accountable.  The early hours are social and may included a long lunch, mixing business with pleasure and collaborating on projects. From 4:43 pm on, we may be more inwardly or personally focused, want some privacy or time away from the usual, and can get seriously into study or any activity that needs sustained attention. Organizing things is a good plan for the evening too.  Wear maroon today.

Friday: Mercury trine Mars

Could it be a day where things happen easily with cooperation? Quite possibly! The Scorpio Moon has support from Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. Going back to take care of something left undone or unresolved in relationships is a good idea with a week left of Venus retrograde. Mercury works with Mars in Aquarius and Libra, helping us step back and be objective and rational.  Scorpio Moon is also up for romance and passion. Clear the air and find forgiveness or a truce regarding a grudge or misunderstanding that's been long lasting and in the way. Get important business done too. Focus, organization and work ethic are favored along with personal interactions.  Today's color is red.

Saturday:  Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

The meeting of Moon and Saturn adds intensity to whatever is happening. It may help with concentration but also lead to obsessing in some cases. Do you need to take it down a notch? Ask yourself if you're being too hard on yourself or some aspect of your life. Saturn is also square to Mercury in the morning, in two fixed signs. This is unyielding, persistent energy that can be used to advantage if you must stick to a plan or could become a disadvantage if there are blocks from others or you're getting in your own way. Try to clear the mind with meditation or outdoor exercise or some other healthy practice that helps you release tension.  There's a tendency to be sarcastic or harsh with words. We could easily say things we don't mean or be taken the wrong way. Think as you verbalize and avoid that problem. Today is about clear, meaningful communication, putting actions behind your words and following through with what you promised.  The Moon is void of course. It's not a good day to buy big ticket items or shop in general. If you have no serious business, immersing in a creative project or even housecleaning could feel great! Simplify in whatever way you can. Tonight the Moon moves to Sagittarius at 10:13 pm ET for night time fun. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

Take a little trip or do something spontaneous today. Stress release is in the forecast. Sagittarius Moon and Neptune urge us to break free of problems for a while.  The Sun in Aquarius aligns with the Moon for an outgoing, adventurous spirit.  Uranus is at work too, so things may not go quite as planned and instead take other turns. Be flexible and keep an open mind.  Get out of your usual routine. Today's color is light blue.

Friday, January 10, 2014

January 13th to January 19th, 2014

There's a Full Moon in Cancer this week. Know that cardinal signs may be experiencing stress or challenge. Acting defensive is one effect of the Full Moon, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra and all the active planets in Capricorn right now. Structure and order help. It's situations where everything is up in the air that will cause the most strain and result in arguments, strong moods, or withdrawing rather than meeting challenges.

This is the sign of our household and our biological or childhood families too. Interactions with parents and elders may take on great importance. Full Moons can be a time or resolutions. Settle business, forgive, take care of something significant, and through it all be sensitive, respectful, and positive. With Cancer Moon and planets in Capricorn, a sensible attitude is called for, where feelings don't dominate but have their rightful place. Emotional high tide is likely and you don't want it to cause flooding during this water sign peak! How much you can acknowledge another or others and still go about your business and accomplish the tasks and goals at hand is the key to Full Moon success without drama. Cancer represents home and family, Capricorn relates to our aspirations. Mars in Libra urges fairness to all and Uranus in Aries is the wild card pitching us one thing after another to keep it exciting or chaotic.  These are the 4 high energies at work this week and intermittently over a period of time this year. 

One idea to consider is how to be personally successful without creating insecure feelings in your most significant others. Another is how to put together a virtual "first aid kit" containing a scale to weigh out options and measure for balanced interactions, a pillow to soften your landing or someone else's, sneakers as a reminder to be grounded and keep moving (high heels won't do!), and a real list or book of short meditations as a got to if news or changes shake you up. David Baird's Thought Patterns for a Peaceful Life is on my coffee table right now, and it's a small square book you can carry anywhere so I'll recommend that one today.

Capricorn-personal peaks,news                   Cancer-relationship commitments, decisions
Aquarius-inspirations for work, health           Leo-internal processes, busy schedules
Pisces-fortune, fate, love                             Virgo-supportive allies, friendship
Aries-career, home, family                           Libra-career, growth & development
Taurus-communication, news, learning         Scorpio-opportunities, training, travels
Gemini-financial decisions, employment        Sagittarius-privacy, legalities, enlightenments

Monday: Gemini to Cancer Moon
The Moon is in Gemini and last night's trine to Mars lives on while the Moon is void of course. The brain is stimulated though there may be nothing to do or no reason to act on information quite yet.  Mercury is newly in Aquarius as of Saturday, and logic wants to prevail. Try not to over think and also, on the other end of the spectrum, not to forget or lose track of what's important. A fair share of contradictions makes decisions difficult or ambiguous. It's often good to wait until the Moon is solidly cruising one sign. Socialize and read, research and gather facts today. Later, at 7:25 pm the Moon is in Cancer and the Full Moon warms up for a peak Wednesday.  The Moon and Neptune approach a trine, exact at 2:41 am, for daydreaming or night dreaming, and that can be where inspiration for something is born. Be creative or make romantic plans for tonight. Wear silver.

Tuesday: Cancer Full Moon
The Moon is full in her home sign at 11:52 pm tomorrow night. Cancer relates to family, house and home, and our deepest feelings.  Feeling sentimental is natural.  The Moon opposes Pluto and we look at the past to resolve the moment. Uranus in Aries so close to the Full Moon can be fuel for anxiety, or enthusiasm. It all depends what's happening in your world, but that feeling something is about to happen and it's not in your full control is what we're experiencing.  Confrontations could be explosive so make sure it's worth it or that you approach the subject with tact and perspective.  Those not ready to confront or solve will be defensive under Cancer Full Moon. We'll protect what we perceive to be our best interests, whether they are or not.  The Moon meets Jupiter at midnight which is the highlight and the best work of this month's Full Moon. Jupiter encourages love, blessings, learning and expansion. We may want to eat or consume too much. It's a comfort food kind of day or night. Can you moderate that a little bit? We may indulge in anything healthy or unhealthy in large doses to feel comforted and good. The positive way to work with Jupiter is to try and expand your mind, opportunities and how much you accept challenge and believe in yourself or a family member.  It's a Full Moon with many possible priorities and outcomes. Keep feelings in mind. Be protective but not the point of holding things back that need to happen.  Look at old photos, listen to your favorite tunes and find inspiration.  Today's color is light blue.
Wednesday: Cancer Full Moon
Full Moon in Cancer is 11:52 pm ET and 8:52 Pacific and adjustable by time zone of course.  Regardless of the exact time, we are in Full Moon mode for the entire business week, Monday to Friday at least. Cancer is the sign of home and our biological family, ancestry, older age, and what and whom is dearest to us.  Our instinct is to protect and to intuit during this Moon.  The Moon square Mars and opposing Venus makes relationships so important through all of this week's action. We may argue, forgive, love intensely or find ourselves on opposite sides looking for that sweet spot of agreement or truce. Saturn urges wisdom, reminds us of loyalties and encourages long term decisions only. Matters of family, elders, legacies, and health dominate this Full Moon. Creative souls may feel introverted and wrapped up in work or processing. Some may not get what the fuss is all about. They're lving a different life.  This is a very sentimental, psychic, soulful Full Moon. Whatever you do, do it with heart, positive interests and healing in mind.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Leo Moon, Venus square Mars
The Moon moves to Leo at 8 am ET. This is a good follow up to last night's Full Moon, action oriented, optimistic, fun loving and lighter.  Full Moon themes continue in regard to family,households and protecting interests. Decisions, deadlines, and emotional peaks continue. Venus square to Mars puts love, relationship, and difference that need to be reconciled in the forefront today. Try to think out of your usual pattern, be more logical if you're emotional generally and more practical if you tend to live in the world of ideas. Bring it down to earth and see what you can make happen! Talk about it without prejudging. Listen. Have some fun. Today's color is orange.

Friday: Leo Moon opposes Mercury, Mercury trine Uranus

Leo Moon is a great time to celebrate! I hope you had some good news or an accomplishment worthy this week! Moon, Mercury & Uranus are all tied together for sudden changes, brilliant ideas, last minute plans, and reasons to agree especially where community, group, and team projects are involved.  Mercury and the Moon are in fixed yet very people oriented signs. Listen to another point of view. One problem might be so much talk you can't get a word in. Aim for balanced collaboration.  Right and left brain can work very well together today. Leo Moon provides the outrageous and creative while Aquarius Moon satisfies the technicalities and inventiveness. One must allow the other in for best results! Mercury and Uranus practically assure a newsworthy day. Hopefully that's all good. Take your time responding and reacting if things take you off guard.  Tonight is a party night with Mars and Leo Moon in social signs.  Wear red.

Saturday: Leo Moon square Saturn in Scorpio

Leo Moon is void of course from 3:51 am to 8:23 pm ET. It's ideal for relaxation and fun as long as some heavy business isn't weighing on your mind. Taking care of something early, if not yesterday, will help with that Saturn influence related to obligations and intense circumstances.  If you can do only one thing that makes you feel better and helps you relax, for example a phone call, a plan for Monday, a small step toward a large goal, do that and then join the festivities or make some space for your own priorities this weekend. It's not a great time to shop. It is a fine time to gather with people, participate in a game, attend or be part of a performance or do creative things.  The Moon moves to Virgo tonight, and it's less fired up which may feel more comfortable to the more introverted and those who have to work this weekend. It's the last full night for Capricorn babies & birthdays this season. Today's color is indigo blue.

Sunday:  Virgo Moon opposes Neptune 

Virgo Moon is active with Neptune for blending practicality and imagination. Getting to the details with art, writing, projects at home and any endeavor requiring attention to the finer points is favored. Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are flanking the Moon for supporting players and stability as well as potential prosperity and expansion. It's a good time for learning, studies, business and personal realizations or resolutions. Virgo is a sign of service to others and we may feel called to contribute. Overall today has very beneficial aspects.  Wear blue.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly January 6th to January 12th, 2013

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Monday: Mercury sextile Saturn
In my reading for all signs for the month of January, the main idea was to finalize things. Today, Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury in Capricorn form a sextile which could make it easy to decide on something long term and initiate or follow through on significant matters. The planet of wisdom and work and the planet of communication and movement join forces. Commit to a project, goal or relationship. The void of course Moon in Pisces starts us off at 4:44 am ET and the Aries Moon arrives at 2:45 pm which may be a better time for announcements, signing documents and making final decisions.  Aries is an action starter and there was a great New Moon on January 1st that's still powering us now. Make a serious move today. Double check all work especially things put in writing in the morning and early afternoon hours.  End of the day is a good time for business.  Wear red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon opposes Mars, Mercury conjunct Venus
Today is filled with energy and eventfulness as the Moon meets Uranus, always a wild card, and opposes Mars the action oriented planet. Uranus can have a startling effect and Mars is the warrior, currently working long term in Libra to settle injustices.  Major issues surrounding fair treatment are sparked this week. Those who've been treated unfairly or silenced will suddenly speak out and make things public or demand that the situation change. Expect ultimatums, surprises, and potentially some chaos that will ultimately restore more balance. And this is only one aspect of the planetary activity! There are a number of squares which involve much effort to make progress. Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra, the cardinal signs host that action.  Career, legal matters, business, and shared responsibilities are some themes here. Mutable signs, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces may find this is much about business and work. Fixed signs, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo experience this as communication issues and improvements and travel, study, transportation and educational plans. Also, for all of us, Mercury and Venus retrograde meet in Capricorn for practical and sensible talk between partners about money, living arrangements, how to make routines and work smoother, and other revisions that could occur in relationships, arrangement of space, and large administrative systems too. It's a big day with themes that carry through the winter and the week. Wear yellow.

Wednesday: Mars square Jupiter
Mars is relentlessly at work in Libra on justice, legalities, and balance between partners and in families. Today Mars squares Jupiter in the sign of family and home. With lots of effort, it's a day to improve, structure, and find more equality and balance in family relationships and also in business matters. Growth is the result, but work is required. Confrontations may be the precursor. Mars in Libra until mid summer is pushing us to see another perspective, take our share of responsibility and not more, and become more objective and less self centered.   Working to get it right once and for all is a great plan right now! Mercury and Venus are also impacting the week significantly. Communication is key and our significant others and partners in business must be a priority in decision making and rethinking past actions with the intent to revise.  Capricorn energy means no funny business. Be straight up and honest in all dealings. Drama and manipulation will only cause frustrations and regression.  The Moon is void of course from 11:22 am ET to 9:24 pm and then in Taurus.  Grounded, constructive energy sets in even further. Tonight and tomorrow, think long term and mean business.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Taurus Moon
Taurus Moon can be good for work ethic as long as you enjoy what you're doing! With some luck and effort already put in, things may seem to happen effortlessly today as the Moon works readily with Neptune and Pluto. Act on what you feel sure and steadfast about. The physical, earth element dominates and our energy is well channeled into hands on, constructive tasks where we can see and show the results.  Building anything, strengthening the body, creating and growing things are all in favor. Enjoy the fruits of labor and maybe a reward for your effort as Taurus Moon appreciates the good things in life. Wear green today.

Friday: Taurus Moon opposes Saturn
There are several aspects to consider today, but the Moon opposite Saturn is the stongest and most serious. Make sure you mean what you say and know the consequences of what you do. It's a day to follow through, meet expectations as well as possible, own up, and respect elders, managers and others who are in authority or could be helpful supporters.  Jupiter, the Sun and Venus all send good vibes to the Moon from their respective signs. Relationships benefit.  Do the right thing today. You'll know what it is. Even if it's not your first choice it's in your best interest in the longer haul. Show confidence and ability.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Mercury in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Venus
The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:26 am ET. Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet, changes signs at 4:35 pm. There's a changeable influence, and sometimes that's a good time to be still and patient.  The Capricorn Sun is today's grounding influence, meeting Venus retrograde and in harmony with Saturn. This helps with relationships, confidence, and working through problems and plans. We'll tend to be talkative and want to be in the company of others. Gemini is the zodiac's storyteller and gatherings will be entertaining and social.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Gemini Moon
Gemini Moon is a good time for socializing, learning, reading and discussing ideas.  The mind is active and wants stimulation and interest.  Explore a possibility or talk to someone interesting to spark new ideas or help with problem solving. Fill out applications and do other paperwork. Mars and Uranus work with the Gemini Moon so we may be inclined to debate. Keep it easygoing and avoid needless arguments, particularly about topics that don't directly impact your day to day life.   It's a great day for a good book and writers could be inspired too! Wear yellow today.