Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekly Astrology February 23rd to March 3rd, 2013

Monday: Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon is exact at 3:26 pm in Virgo. The Moon moves to this sign at 1:52 am and opposes Neptune. Be very aware in any situation where information is unclear or trust could be an issue. The Full Moon with Neptune and Mercury retrograde in opposite Pisces comes with a high chance of deception, lack of judgment and misinformation.  Though we may be under pressure for action and decisions, as always at Full Moon time, this month tread very carefully and use maximum discretion. With Virgo Moon, constructive and physical outlets for wily energy are important.  Today my feel very unfocused, overly emotional, or confusing. Wait on just about everything that can wait.  If your work is technical or with facts and figures, double check everything. Back up all files and information for the retrograde we're in, if you have not already. Avoid major purchases.  Jupiter in Gemini squares both Moon and Sun adding to the Mercury effects.  Entertain ideas without committing to anything, if possible. If not, leave plenty of room to change your mind in a few weeks. This is not a favorable time to start anything new, from business to relationships to system changes. Venus moves to Pisces where she influences us in sentimental ways.  Cancer and Capricorn will enjoy reconnecting with places and are favored for short trips and vacations now.  Scorpio is favored for reconnecting with friends and should be cautious with romance.  Pisces, everything old is new again for you. Revisit good things you left behind. Wear white.

Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Mars opposite the Moon

Mercury retrograde meets Mars and opposes the Moon today. This can be very agitating, activating old problems and stories. Stay out of gossip and do not provoke.  In business move very carefully. The sharing of incorrect or misleading information is probable.  We can easily disturb a bees' nest and end up on the receiving end of an attack.  This is a day to really lay low, censor yourself, and remember not to engage in new business as much as possible. Both old and new situations and interactions with people from the past and from now are involved in potential issues today.  With Mars and Mercury in Pisces, everything is considered a sensitive situation.  Use care and quiet generously.  The Moon is void of course from 1:13 pm on.  Find something soothing and calm to spend your time on this afternoon and tonight. Shopping, signing anything, or making any commitment is practically outlawed today! Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Libra Moon

The Moon moves to Libra at 8:02 am EST. With any luck this will ease some Full Moon tensions and we'll adopt a balanced approach.  Uranus is opposite the Moon so be ready for anything and know that you may need to respond quickly. With Mercury retrograde, simple answers and temporary solutions are best.  The Moon and Jupiter engage in Libra and Gemini for a social night full of ideas, conversation, better study conditions, and more optimism. It's still important to keep things simple, clear, and attend to old business rather than new.  Be very cautious with legal matters and documents, anything that requires signature, and tax or other financial work. Make backups and check your privacy on any kind of account.  Today's color is lavender.

Thursday: Venus conjunct Neptune

The Moon is void of course from 3:37 am on, in Libra. Indecision is the key word of the day and it's the best course of action anyway!  Our judgment will tend to be off and/or we may not have the right information backing up our decisions. Venus meets Neptune in Pisces. This eases personal relationships, heightens our sensitivity and creativity, and is romantic for Virgo and Pisces in long term relationships and Scorpio in newer ones. Pisces, other people should see you in favorable light today.  Our judgment can be clouded though so really take things easy and keep things changeable and plans flexible. Do not commit or sign anything if at all possible.  Taurus, this is a big day for reconnecting with loved ones or close, old friends. Capricorn, do put energy toward career plans today and show that you're ambitious and skilled.  Cancer, do put energy toward home and long term relationship where the Moon and Pluto interact. Today's color is light blue.

Friday: Sun trine Saturn, Sun sextile Pluto

The Moon finally moves into Scorpio at 12:33 pm EST after a long void of course period.  Today and tomorrow there's some strong willed Saturn in Scorpio energy. Keep in mind with serious matters that Mercury is retrograde and maintain that flexibility and don't be too hard on yourself or others.   It's a good day to be organized and show your strengths.  The Sun and Pluto help with self expression and a mix of practical "have-to" and versatile methods of getting things said or done.  Take things seriously and still avoid committing to anything for the long haul.  The Moon works with Venus keeping us connected and sensitive in relationships. This is a romantic date night.  Our passions will be hard to deny. Today's color is black.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Saturn

The Moon has been meeting Saturn every week since last fall however this time Saturn is retrograde.  Mercury is too, and a return to old business is the order as we start the month.  Serious reviews of where we're at, what was left undone or unresolved or what was unsatisfactorily dealt with are necessary.  There are two favorable trines between Moon and Mercury/Sun in Pisces and we need feelings to be taken into consideration and listen to our hearts (while not being totally ruled by emotion). There's no doubt we are more sentimental, emotional, and hitting the depths of what's truly important now, maybe more than ever in some cases.  Take relationships, deep seated feelings, and recurring situations and people who have resurfaced very seriously, and while not making promises you can't keep, connect on a soul level and tap into what means the most to you.  Today is passionate, may be romantic, and strong in emotion.  Wear indigo blue.

Sunday: Void of course Moon, Sagittarius Moon square Neptune

Changeable, adventurous energy surrounds us today with a void of course Moon making it hard to settle or focus.  Do something to get some energy out! Restlessness is likely.  It's a good day for a field trip or simple catch up work.  The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 4:11 pm EST and squares Neptune for more shifting and changing of our minds and our moods. Imagination can help us envision and plan and that's one good use of this square.  Escapism is a tendency tonight for better or worse.  People may not be very reliable. Try and go with the mutable sign flow. Wear purple.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Astrology February 18th to February 24th 2013

Monday: Sun in Pisces, Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Gemini Moon meets Jupiter and this is beneficial for making connections, changing your way of thinking and anything that needs to be put in writing. It's a great day to break through a writer's block or come up with an idea for a story, research or experiment.  Gemini Moon allows for more flexible thinking. Jupiter is bursting with ideas to develop.  Aries and Gemini writers get the ultimate benefit.  Cancer should consider this a big planning day and notice how multiple new ideas and perspective shifts present themselves.  Leo and Aquarius today is a great social day for connecting with people for either business prospects or just plain fun.  You're likely to be surrounded by friends if you seek that today.  The Sun moves to Pisces which is a very nice time of year for Scorpio generally speaking.  Babies born from 7:02 am EST on will be Pisces this year.  The Moon squares Mars today challenging us to change perspective, not fight the flow of things, and move eagerly into new learning experiences. There's some uncertainty in the air and our emotions and intellect may be telling us two different things. Meshing both  might be the answer rather than one way or another. This is not a time to be fixed as you may have felt over the weekend. Mercury retrograde is approaching and our minds change. Entertain an idea you had written off. Saturn is retrograde today in Scorpio and we'll feel the slow down begin.  Don't try to move too fast. Do open your mind and see what's knocking on your door that you maybe shut out before. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Moon square Mercury in Pisces

The Gemini Moon and Mercury in Pisces form a square. This can create a debate between the thinking and the feeling mind or between personalities that tend to lean strongly toward emotion or logic.  The key is to try and be agreeable, willing to listen, and able to compromise.  There's changeable energy at work for the next few weeks like we haven't seen in the new year thus far.  So keep your mind open and malleable and consider a change in perspective or action.  The Moon also harmonizes with Venus in Aquarius. Aquarius you have one more week of Venus's direct influence, and Leo you have one more week with Venus in your sign of long term love and commitment. Use this time to attract, resolve, and maybe make a promise. Mercury is near retrograde so the sooner you commit the better and leave a bit of room to change your course later, even to make slight alterations in a plan you agree to.  Venus in Aquarius in harmony with the Moon is also great for Libra friendships and new romances.  Gemini, this is an active day for you career wise and in terms of how you present your self. The Moon is void of course from 1:48 pm on so we do  our best thinking and make our best agreements before then. Tonight is social and a good night to catch up on writing or studies though the tendency to be distracted is fairly high. Wear white.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon moves to Cancer at 5:45 am EST and works well with the Sun and Neptune today.  There's a feeling of connectedness and potential for creativity. It's a day to act like the chameleon and adjust to circumstances, blend in and find a good flow.  We do have a square with Uranus tonight which often requires some quick reaction time and response to surprises. The challenge here is to be as prepared as you can for something you know might be coming, and then not to overreact.  Face people and any issues head on rather than doing the Cancer sidestep. The Sun is helping with flexibility and Neptune with the ability to overlook faults and be positive or forgiving. There's sentiment, sensitivity to environment and also some defensiveness in the air, but the Moon's support from Pisces makes it easier to deal with.  Sagittarius and Aries, home and family matters become a priority, from relationships to repairs.  Cancer, there's a surprise from your career sector that may be a recurring theme, today and tomorrow both.  Capricorn, communicate well and contact people who might be of support or need yours.  Wear blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon, Sun conjunct Neptune

The Cancer Moon and meeting of the Sun and Neptune highlight the water sign energies. Water signs are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. The creativity, sensitivity, and feeling traits are activated strongly.  The Sun and Neptune help us come up with the most imaginative and unique ideas. Hold a vision and maybe draw up plans now.  This is romantic for Scorpio in new relationships and for Virgo in long term love.  Pisces gets the creative high and Aquarius may dream up ways to make more money, especially from creative work.  The Moon opposes Pluto and this is a monthly cycle which might be hard on Cancer and Capricorn psyche.  Sit tight with difficult feelings and try to work through them positively knowing these are long term demons that are not vanquished in a day, if you're feeling that way.  Allow feelings to arise for revision or other examination. Ask yourself what would you tell your best friend and give yourself the same advice.  Saturn, Mars and Mercury are active with this Cancer Moon, and in general we need to keep feelings, our own and others, in mind as we take actions.  We are close to Mercury retrograde so keep flexibility and avoid saying or doing anything you can't reverse and could regret.  Today's color is black.

Friday: Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde begins overnight into tomorrow, 4:41 am EST, so in the UK and Europe it begins today.  The retrograde happens in Pisces and encourages inner work, a review of your emotional circumstances, relationships and decisions you might want to rethink. In Pisces, Mercury is versatile and sentimental. Reconciliations are likely through March 17th.  Today the Moon is in Leo for optimism. It's meant more as a social day, but if you're mixing simple business with pleasure, that works.  This Leo Moon and Uranus instigate passionate, impulsive moves. Keep things reversible since we are highly likely to change our minds in the weeks ahead, especially about major purchases and our personal lives.  Getting back to a project in progress is in favor! Tonight is meant for fun, celebration, and reconnection.  Wear purple.

Saturday: Mercury retrograde, Full Moon warmup

The Moon in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio impact this weekend with an air of seriousness. This is not the time to be fixed, stubborn or fighting the flow. And yet that is the energy of the Moon and Saturn in fixed signs. Re-examine what you're not letting go of, what's making it harder for you, and consider what you might try out or allow.  Mercury is retrograde so keep things to a trial basis and that includes new relationships and reconciliations. Forgiving is favored though today attitudes may be stubborn.  Tap into the festive, playful side of Leo Moon and remember not everything is meant to be a struggle. The Moon is almost Full and if you feel pressure about a decision, just move slowly and thoughtfully through it.  Today's color is gold.

Sunday: Full Moon

The Moon is in Leo and will be full overnight in Virgo. Today the Moon is opposite Venus in Aquarius for attempts to reconcile any relationship matters.  Venus's last full day in Aquarius is also good for working in groups and finding people we connect with. Mercury is now retrograde and reconnecting with people we used to know happens more easily.  For Leo and Libra, this last day of Venus in Aquarius is a good time to focus on love and what you want a relationship to be.  For Aquarius, it's a time also to make a strong connection with your significant other.  Brand new relationships are not as well aspected while Mercury is retrograde.  The Full Moon brings passionate emotions today and due dates too. Be cautious about commitment, while knowing that during this Leo Moon what we engage in tends to be for the long term.  The Moon moves void of course at 11:50 pm EST. Today's color is pink.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Astrology February 11th to February 17, 2013

Monday: Pisces Moon, New Moon phase

The New Moon was in Aquarius Sunday (Saturday night if you're on Pacific Time). We ride that wave today as we make new plans and initiate projects, relationships, and goals.  Consider how you can start fresh in some part of your life and use the mantra "there's no time like the present". Aquarius, this New Moon especially shines on you for positive change. It's a career Moon for Taurus and a love and relationship Moon for Leo and Libra.  Cancer, the endeavors and financial agreements you make with another are highlighted early this week.  Your partnerships strengthen.  Capricorn, this is a great time to seek employment and increase your earning capacity.  The Pisces Moon today is near the 3 Pisces planets activating all we hope for and dream of.  Don't become complacent or give up too easily. Saturn and Pluto encourage a thoughtful, committed approach to today's business.  Find the flow of things and see how you can make the most of it. The Moon is void of course from noon on so get a jump start on the day and then cruise, knowing what you need to do and having a method and a plan to follow later in the day.  No slacking off tonight either. This Moon phase is too important to waste and too many planets are activating activity from the signs Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn mainly. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

It's Fat Tuesday and the void of course Moon sets the conditions for that kind of celebrating. Business may be slow today, and if you are doing important business, think carefully, get everything in writing and be extra careful with details.  We are prone to both indecision and lack of information.  Keep plans and commitments flexible.  Mercury joins forces with both serious Saturn and thought provoking, insightful Pluto.  Gut feelings and things that you just know but can't necessarily quantify or prove are a driving force in work and decision making we do today. New twists on existing situations may seem to come out of nowhere and things you thought or hoped were forgotten come up for discussion.  Mercury in Pisces is the dominant factor, encouraging intuition and empathy.  Take today slowly, step by step, and don't allow your self to feel pressured.  The Aries Moon moves in at 8:51 pm, instigating and motivating. Today's color is orange.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon fires us up and might even get a bit pushy today.  Things you were able to put off early in the week become more urgent.  The Moon and Uranus throw the monthly curve ball and we need to think before reacting even if there's not a lot of time to spare.  Try not to be too impulsive and look at several possibilities before acting on one if you're taken by surprise today.  Jupiter in gemini helps with broad perspective and all the possible options. Brainstorm and use process of elimination to find your best plan.  The Moon and Pluto form a square which can agitate any questions of power or responsibility. Remind yourself not to take things personally. The deeper feelings and problems we struggle with may be evident and your adversary has those too. Try to see the other perspective or gain some by looking at a matter from an alternate viewpoint.  Aries Moon is active and we'll feel some fire through tomorrow night! Wear red.

Thursday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon in harmony with the Sun and Venus today boosts our moods and our confidence. The Moon and Venus combine for love as well as for ability to get along, forgive, restart relationships with new intentions, and work together in groups.  Venus's influence makes for a romantic or happy Valentine's Day. The Sun's influence helps us feel confident, connected, and intellectually stimulated. It's a good day to learn new material, attend an event or training, and it's good for a date too!  Start new things now rather than wait til later in the month. We're closing in on Mercury's retrograde from the 23rd into March and that is not a good time to begin or enter agreements.  Wear pink today.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Moon moves to Taurus at 5:08 am and forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces today.  This is a good combination of creative ideas and the skill to make them real.  It's also good for romantic and other close relationships. Taurus Moon is sensual, Neptune provides the magic and imagination to create a nice date or intimate time together. Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn are favored in love.  Mars is in harmony with Pluto encouraging us to do something about situations we don't like.  This is also good for facing your own fears or demons head on and constructively.  Today is well suited for work but our personal lives will probably take priority.  Today's color is green.

Saturday: Mars trine Saturn, Saturn opposes the Moon

With Saturn strongly influencing the day, we're aware of the need and even obligation to follow through and act like "an adult". Mars in Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio is a good time to get a handle on what you consider your vices. Work to break addictions and have a plan for dealing with emotional illness and stress.  The Taurus Moon lends strong will and persistence so today is an especially good day to make a decision, stick to a plan and pursue an important goal.  There are other planetary influences at work as well, but Saturn's discipline and structure is the major focus. It's also prime time to accept good advice from knowledgable sources.  Wear blue today.

Sunday: 2nd Quarter Moon

This is the mid point between New and Full Moon and it's designed for progress. The Taurus Moon has an industrious side we can harness if we have work to do.  Constructing and repairing and all physical work including exercise is favored.  The Moon squares the Sun and both intellect and strength are valued and if you can combine both, even better!  Develop a good strategy today.  The Moon is void of course only from 3:31 to 4:50 pm EST, and then shifts to Gemini. The Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and we're likely to be distractible tonight.  It's a good night for socializing and movies. Study may be difficult but writing may be inspired! Today's color is yellow.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekly Astrology February 4th to 10th, 2013

Monday: Sagittarius Moon, Mars conjunct Neptune

The Moon is void of course for a few hours  from 7:31 to 10:45 am EST. Those hours can mean a significant slow down and it's best if we can ease in and take our time.  Messages and transportation can be especially affected this morning as the Moon squares Mercury. Do what you can to avoid mix ups and miscommunication. The Moon moves to Sagittarius and interacts with a number of planets for a day of multi-tasking. It will help to prioritize on a day that could otherwise be scattered and lead to not accomplishing anything solid.  Mars and Neptune meet in Pisces which is also not a very practical force unless you're unleashing your best creative ideas.  Do act on your dreams, but don't get lost in them.  Tonight as the Moon opposes Jupiter, try not to make problems or even stories bigger and more exaggerated than they really have to be. There's a tendency to be dramatic tonight, especially if faced with the unexpected.  It's Mercury's last night in Aquarius and a good time for a community or group meeting and any kind of technical purchase or upgrade. Today's color is purple.

Tuesday: Mercury in Pisces

Mercury moves to Pisces where the planet of communication urges sensitive and compassionate communication, forgiveness, romance, and imaginative work like fiction writing and film making.  Heart to heart conversations are important in the next few weeks and may be more productive before Mercury's retrograde starts on February 23rd.  The Sun and Moon relate in Aquarius and Sagittarius today and this can help our confidence, sense of adventure, and willingness to have an open mind.  The Moon is void of course from 3:42 pm EST through the night. Void of course Moon time is better suited to socializing and relaxation than to work, but if you have to accomplish something, take on routine thinking and work rather than something new or unfamiliar.  Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday: Venus sextile Uranus, Mercury conjunct Neptune

Mercury, Mars and Neptune, all in Pisces, impact this week. Today Mercury meets Neptune. All this Pisces energy puts us in romantic, sentimental, feeling modes.  Mercury and Neptune are imaginative and nostalgic together. The downside is we could put on the "rose colored glasses". Don't tell yourself stories that glorify the past or a person. Try to see things for what they are in the here and now.  For those in creative, arts, and design work or who are connected to water sports, boating, the fishing industry, and waterfront property, this Pisces energy brings focus to your interests.  Plans and business surrounding those are in the forecast and this may mean getting ready for spring/summer season with orders, trade shows, and other planning. Venus works in harmony with Uranus and Jupiter (overnight tonight) for changes of relationship status, perhaps quickly or unexpectedly. Venus in Aquarius relates to Leo and Aquarius in committed or long term partnerships and love.  Aries and Libra may notice this more with short term liasons, friendships or romantic partners. Beginnings, endings and changes in love lives will be noticeable this week.  The Moon moves to Capricorn at 12:55 pm and it's a reminder to keep taking steps toward goals and progress some with projects even if you're distracted by all the Pisces and relationship goings on.   Hands on work is favored today and tonight, for example building, repairing, and organizing physical space. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Void of course Moon

The Moon is void in Capricorn from 7:44 am EST, all day and night long, until 2:16 pm tomorrow. Saturn and Pluto both engage with the Moon early on and we'll have the big things in life on our minds, even if they are not to be decided or acted upon today. . Accomplish very routine, simple things now. Clean, organize with a system you can remember later, and deal with things that were pushed aside. But do not expect your best judgment or most meticulous work while the Moon is void of course and avoid expensive purchases if possible. It's a bit of a foggy influence. Do the things you can "do in your sleep". We'll be happiest if we're busy during this Capricorn Moon. Venus's activity in the last couple of days has our minds on love and relationship and shifts and growth in that area of life.  It may help to occupy yourself with other things as well so you don't dwell on that too much. If love is good then today you may just be reveling in it and unconcerned with the other matters of the world.  Today's color is gray.

Friday: Mercury conjunct Mars

The Pisces conjunctions continue with Mercury and Mars together today. Be careful and considerate as you speak. There's an extra sensitivity to criticism and conflict.  This is a great aspect for creative writers, artists, and those with a message to convey with style.  It can be rough if you have a sensitive topic to broach, though a sincere heart to heart talk can be productive if it's gentle enough.  Tread a bit lightly if you'd rather not end up with a dramatic scene or unintended reaction. The emotional waters are churning and this can be nice for love and romance but extra rough for sadness and breakups and such things.  The Moon moves to Aquarius at 2:16 pm after a long void of course time. This afternoon can be very productive and is also a good time to rally people together and find a sense of belonging and common cause.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Mercury squares Jupiter

The Moon and Venus meet in Aquarius. This aspect favors Leos & Aquarians in long term relationships or committing to that now. It's a great social day for Libra, Aries, and Gemini too. Group meetings, events, and collaborations are nicely timed. The Aquarius conjunction also gives us the right conditions for designing things, like beautiful spaces.  Today we may also want to decide on things and enter agreements. Just realize that with Jupiter and Mercury in mutable signs, the decisions may not be long lasting and the details will take some work.  Still, this is a much better time to initiate than from Feb 23rd into March during Mercury's retrograde. Put a flexible plan in place.  The New Moon overnight in Aquarius instigates fresh starts of all sorts! Tonight is good for a party or night out. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius arrives at 2:20 am. This is also Chinese New Year, welcoming year of the snake which I have not looked up but it would be natural to think this is about shedding old skin. Every New Moon relates to transforming and changing, and this one is Aquarius's yearly gift. Since it is near Venus and Neptune both, the Moon helps along romantic alliances and long term relationships as well. See yesterday's forecast for the signs most involved.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 4:20 pm and meets Neptune, a highly creative conjunction. This is also the conditions for escapism so do that with a film or art rather than in an unhealthy way. We are vulnerable under Pisces Moon tonight.  Wear light blue.