Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekly December 2nd to 8th, 2013

Monday: Sagittarius New Moon

The New Moon is at 7:22 pm in Sagittarius and the hours before that are geared toward working through transitions.  Prepare for upcoming changes you know about by making decisions, revising plans as needed, and moving with an open minded attitude. Forget a fear in favor of forward movement. Sagittarius is bold and this New Moon is a reminder that everything we ever tried and accomplished or experienced and found joy and excitement in was NEW at one time. The anxiety before jumping in is normal, and unless you're taking a crazy unnecessary risk, new experiences from travel to facing an audience to launching a project or business or having an important relationship conversation are essential to living your life fully!  Neptune might add a somewhat surreal feeling if you're venturing into new territory. Uranus throws excitement and possibly anxiety in, especially if there's an unexpected twist today. If no change is in your plan this month, explore a new area of interest or possibilities for travel. Sagittarius, this one is about very personal and heartfelt change.  Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Mercury sextile Mars

The New Moon in Sagittarius last night is the impetus for you to make a move this week with aspects as favorable as can be.  Mars is both the helper and the instigator, providing the physical energy and versatile thinking of earth sign Virgo. The tendency will be to want perfection or at least to do things "right". Try not to get so extreme that perfectionism holds you back. Sagittarius Moon says try it and review the results.  Mars also combines forces with Mercury for focus and tact, especially where written or spoken agreements are concerned.  Aim for progress and get up the courage you need! Red!

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon, Mercury to Sagittarius

The Moon is in Capricorn. Ground in tasks and negotiate business. Suggest a new approach. Make a good deal for yourself. Show what you can accomplish. This may seem most relevant for Sagittarius, Aries and Capricorn.  Scorpio also has some favorable employment and financial leads in the stars. Capricorn likes reliability and Uranus may toss in some unanticipated surprise that forces a shift in plans. React with a sensible response and buy time if you need it as Mercury moves tonight. When Mercury moves, the priorities and messages tend to change too. Mercury in Sagittarius may open a door that was shut and our minds to more possibilities.  The sign changes happens at 9:42 pm. Be conservative with business decisions that might need one more day to solidify.  Studies, projects, and building or repairs are favored.  Tonight, pay attention to conversation and leads.  Some will work late to get ahead or catch up.  Wear black.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Venus in Capricorn

The Moon and Venus meet in Capricorn. What an opportunity to reach compromise or even better! Jupiter is across the zodiac which is why middle ground might be the answer. Venus, planet of harmony and relationship, gets minds on the same path.  Couples making life decisions like where to live or how to invest money and other collaborators and partners looking for creative solutions and agreeable or even inspiring plans are favored.  Working together is in the forecast today. Saturn reminds us to follow through, get good advice and act responsibly to each other.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon is inspired and exciting as Mercury and Uranus add ideas, discussion and awakening energy. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and today's actions should be considered long term or permanent. Don't agree to anything you feel "iffy" about.  Mercury in Libra is about looking at two sides to every story and seeking balance in point of view and reasoning.  It's also creative with ideas and words. Uranus provides the open ended question that is often posed "What if...". Since there's no way to know unless you move forward, take well planned steps now. If a twist in the road is too uncertain, hang out and wait. There's a sense of collaboration and community in the air and it's a good day to help, join, be hired, or team up.  Events are inspired and social tonight. Turquoise is today's color.

Saturday: Mars in Libra, Void of Course Moon

At 7:11 am ET the Moon moves void of course for about 20 hours. Sometimes the brain seems to take a vacation during this in between time. It's not the best day for a big judgment call. Saturn squares the Moon pushing for long term decisions. Act with only the best advisement and certainty.  The Moon and Sun boost moods and our social sensibilities. Attending events and getting out for fun and excursions without too many pending cares is a great way to spend the day.  Mars moves to Libra for a longer than usual stay at 3:41 pm.  Issues around fairness and shared responsibility, couples and partners, are up for decisive action at intervals now until late July 2014! Mars will engage in opposition with Uranus and square Pluto at Christmas in particular, so if there's anything you can do to avoid a potential holiday conflict or outburst, get on that now! Forewarned is forearmed and Mars can be protective as well as aggressive. Libra, you may notice that glossing things over is the easiest way this month. We want to live authentically yet sometimes the depth can be too much. Dismantle situations that could becomes explosive and spoil a holiday.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Moon meets Neptune for a very Pisces type day. Our emotions, spirituality, compassion or creativity may be heightened. The Moon aligns with Pluto and is square to Mercury. Communication is an area of struggle today not only to find the right words but also to speak someone else's language.  Consider your audience along with your own perspective in order to get the point across. Sometimes on a Pisces Moon day we can be successful with persuasion since others become more impressionable or more empathetic.  Pluto and the Moon can be a good team if you're trying to sort out feelings and resurrect something with the intent to understand it and find peace around it. Keep that personal though and avoid bringing up what you think other people's issues are.  Today's color is green.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly November 25th to December 1st, 2013

Monday: Virgo Moon & Mercury conjunct Saturn

The 4th quarter Moon is in Virgo. The need for organization will be evident. Make some order and get into a routine you can take through the holidays.  Neptune across the zodiac could cloud judgement about who our allies are. The Sun and Moon square off in Sagittarius and Virgo who tend to have almost nothing in common. Reliability is not today's strongest quality. Differences may be more evident than likeness. One who is timely and another who takes her sweet time or one who wants to spend and another who thinks thrifty will have difficulty finding compromise. Mercury and Saturn meet in Scorpio, a sign of lots of action the past 6 weeks or so. Revising plans and judgments will be common. Words should be used very intentionally. Agreements will bind and be hard to reverse if you make them now.  The more conservative is the stronger pull if you have to choose one way or another. Expect to hear that someone has changed his or her mind about what you thought was all set. This time it's for real. Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is actively in harmony with planets in Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. This is favorable if you're trying to work out a plan, repair a relationship of any kind or make a business deal. Saturn advises and provides the wisdom and advice. Venus takes a detached yet caring stance from Capricorn where love, family or other personal relationship is involved. Jupiter favors family business, healing and health, and emotional balance.  Mercury and Saturn move apart and work with the Moon today helping us feel good about things we've determined, decided and moved on in a permanent way this week.  It's more of a work than play day, however getting together to celebrate a victory or blend pleasure with business works well! Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

Better that you did significant business or had those big conversations or meetings yesterday or Monday. The void of course Moon leans toward scattered, unreliable, or at best simple routines.  Mars has us thinking we have to do everything and do it now! There's a sense of urgency that may be best ignored. Minimize expectations. Simplify. Take on one thing at a time. Work from a list. Leave early to arrive on time. Mercury and Venus make it a good date night and help with personal conversations and agreement. It's all very serious though, so don't take love or partnership discussions too lightly! At least one partner is very intent on the outcome! The Libra Moon adds to the partnership vibe and tends to be symbiotic and balanced tonight from 5 pm ET on.  Jupiter is throwing a word in too, which is always a good thing as long as you're not exaggerating or over promising.  Be reasonable about everything today and tonight. Wear lavender.

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day USA, Hannukah Begins, Libra Moon

Venus is opposite Jupiter during the Libra Moon, creating that T square effect we've been experiencing all fall. Can you find middle, happy ground in relationship? With family? There's an urge to do just that and Jupiter wants all forgiven especially with family. Home should be a sanctuary today. Uranus is always a wild card from Aries though. Things could go either way and if it goes the extreme way, things could feel out of control.  Do work for better relationships. Try not to break big, surprising news that someone will find disagreeable or sad. Emotions are at stake. Libra Moon really wants peace and harmony. Mercury says it's possible if you're conservative and spot on with your words and conversation. Pluto says be careful what you bring up especially if it's in the past and barely relevant to anyone other than you personally. Go in with a positive attitude and a smile. The surface of things can be skimmed to keep peace. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

If you're black Friday shopping the stars are not cooperating. The void of course Moon is less than ideal so save all receipts. Libra Moon is void from 6:13 am to 11:03 pm ET. It's a better day to spend some time with someone you love or want to get along with better. Forgiving and trying to work things out is on Libra Moon's agenda, squaring Jupiter and Venus. Family and love relationships really ought to be the priority today. Wear indigo blue.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

The Sun and Uranus whoop it up today in fire signs Sagittarius and Aries. Definitely lively, potentially wild and chaotic or outrageously fun, these two will leave no quiet place undisturbed.  The Moon is in Scorpio, a sign that may find this whole fire sign trine doubtful and hope for some solitude especially to work on creative projects, inspired by Neptune in Pisces. Do see music, find beauty, appreciate art or create some of your own.  Balance between solitude and still finding the party is possible. Have a half and half day for the most satisfaction. Conversations will be deep and topics are important as the Moon and Pluto combine forces. Wear maroon.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon is in Scorpio. Get fully involved in what you do today. Saturn intensifies the focus and intention. The Moon and Mercury meet for tying up loose ends on any stray business or decision that needs to be finalized. Venus and Jupiter help keep spirits high and encourage positive thinking. At 8:34 pm the Moon moves void of course so take care of most things before then and relax for the evening. A sigh of relief will  be in order for some! Today's color is red.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekly November 18th to 24th, 2013

Coming soon, Robin's Zodiac Zone will be found at You will be redirected to make it easy to get your usual weekly forecast and more!

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RoZoYo in Tampa at Bella Prana Yoga on January 19th, 2014!

Monday: Gemini Moon

The Gemini Moon aligns with Uranus in Aries and squares Neptune in Pisces. A wacky day is in store post Full Moon. The positives include heightened creativity and out of the box thinking, spontaneous action, and a-ha moments where we finally "get it". The down sides included too much going on, especially in the mind, chance of irrational thinking and odds of acting on a wild idea that's too far out to work.  Choice of words is important today. Put words to your vision or vice versa, work on the pictures to go with your story, statement or plan. Reign it in a little bit and be realistic if you feel yourself going too far.  Be wary of fast talkers, a deal too good to be true (it probably isn't), or a false impression. Ask questions with the curiosity Gemini Moon urges. Act with facts. It's a social day and night too. Meet interesting people on your journey today, but don't trust too readily. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Mars sextile Jupiter

Mars rules the day. The planet of action, bravery, and athletics is in Virgo for a hands on, service oriented, and sensible approach to problems and other situations.  Jupiter is in nurturing and conservative Cancer. Work on projects, building, crafts, and anything related to health or food. Help someone out. Ask for what you need too. Mars and Jupiter are very constructive, progressive, and versatile working together in these signs to get things done, make life more comfortable or feel more secure, and extend service to others.  Mars squares the Moon in Gemini as the void of course time begins at 10:59 am ET. Disagreements could flare with the square. Choose words carefully again today so you don't unintentionally put someone off or criticize too harshly. The void Moon is catch up time yet not an ideal time to start new business or make a final decision. Do your most important work of the day before 11 am ET. Aim for progress and satisfaction. It's a day to put energy where you think you can reap great rewards either solid and tangible or in strength of character. We'll tend to be very protective of what we care about.  Red is today's color.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

At 6:23 am the Moon moves to home base, Cancer, sign of home, family, security, and comforts. The Moon aligns with Neptune and designers, artists, and sellers of waterfront property are a few who feel the benefits.  Being drawn to the water is natural today. Take a walk near a lake or ocean if the weathers allows. Outdoor work like planting, harvesting and fishing are favored in the almanacs. Get things more ready for the winter season. Anything related to family and home becomes a priority and the Cancer Moon gives relaxed, happy energy to take care of tasks. The kitchen is a creative hub today. Mercury and Pluto align tonight in Scorpio/Capricorn for a realistic and constructive approach to deep seated problems and also for meaningful planning and conversations.  Spend the evening with someone you can trust, plan with, and get honest with or work solo on matters of personal significance.  Be intentional with whatever you do tonight.  Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Sun to Sagittarius

Babies born until 10:48 pm ET are Scorpios, then the Sun changes signs for the last phase before the Solstice and official arrival of winter.  Sagittarius Sun time is more extroverted and actively seeks. Adventures, travels, new ideas, and learning are Sagittarius domain. The Moon is in Cancer and interacts with several planets for a busy day in the zodiac. Prioritize. Relationship and all partnerships matters are up for discussion and possible compromise to reach workable plans. Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio remind us of long term consequences and taking relationships into consideration as we make decisions could ward off possible problems if we act without others' input.  Jupiter puts a blessing on everything, and especially home and family, tonight. It can be a lucky day for Cancer and Pisces, Aquarius is favored to feel accomplishment and peace around a health or work matter.  Virgo, friendship is the focus of the day.  Wear white.

Friday: Cancer to Leo Moon

The Moon and Mars team up at 2:11 am ET and the void of course Moon lasts until 6:56 pm. Moon and Mars activate us and might also affect sleep and dreams. The kids might be up early! Be ready to roll this morning and be flexible since the void of course Moon may mean cancellations, forgetfulness and changes in schedule. Go about routine tasks. Bake and do other domestic things.  It's not the best day for a business decisions unless it's practically done before this morning or you wait until 7 pm ET. Have a routine day as much as possible, expect some moodiness especially if lack of sleep was involved, and take things as they come, one by one. The Moon and Sun are in happy agreement tonight in Sagittarius and Leo and can really boost moods, optimism and energy! It's a great night to get together, dress to impress and feel good, and be outgoing! Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon, Venus sextile Saturn

There's plenty of potential for fun and games today. The Leo Moon combines with Uranus for outrageousness, so if you want to go all out, over the top and create a stir, the fire signs are with you! Simultaneously, Venus the planet of love and partners is in practical Capricorn and aligned with Saturn. Relationship things that need to be dealt with should be approached in a no nonsense way with no drama and with an intention to go forth with an organized plan. Manage things better together, even if you're apart now. Today's color is gold.

Sunday: Sun square Neptune

The Sagittarius Sun squares Neptune in Pisces. The Leo Moon is void of course from 3:59 am until Monday at 7:11 am ET. Go for a change of scenery. Imagine and envision how to get out of a stuck place and form a creative plan to make that reality.  Travel is appealing as long as you're not on a strict schedule. The void Moon doesn't help with timeliness. Allow extra time and flexibility to the day's plans. It's a great day for games,  making things, and acting like a kid or being with them! Take your time, enjoy the moment, be outdoors and soak in the environment. Find inspiration. Don't be too hard on yourself or expect too much of others. Follow through is not today's strong suit. Just see what unfolds as the weekend wanes and take advantage of moments or spontaneity. Wear turquoise.

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 11th to 17th, 2013

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first days of Mercury direct. This is often called "clean up time" after any mess or lack of clarity in the past few weeks. Time to defog the windows and move at the speed limit again!

Maine workshops in December!

December 6th, Friday at Noon, make time for a special New Moon Yoga class designed especially for winter with postures for the immune system and for inviting in fresh energy, changes, and winter with a focus on postures related to the winter signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Sign up now at . Breathing Room is in Broadway in South Portland & I look forward to being back in that inviting space with some of you!

December 7th, Saturday at Noon, a 2 1/2 hour RoZoYo Workshop and that means yoga and gallery style readings for all signs! You get a real insight into your winter astrology forecast and experience postures for your sign and insight into all signs so you can pass the word along to family and friends! Registration is already on, so do it asap at Greener Postures West Falmouth studio is the location and it's where I taught my first community classes during training. I can't wait to be back and see all my GPY friends! and maybe YOU too!


Monday: Mercury direct, Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces, a sign of ebb and flow, and Neptune adds to the feeling of fluidity and inspiration. Imagination can fuel projects or plans. Work on your music, novel or blog.  Artistic expression may be heightened, and Mercury helps with the words to go with the music or the thoughts behind the art. Discussing and learning in these areas is favored too.  Easygoing communication and formation of plans is positive with Mercury now direct too!. Things begin to take shape and you might see the bigger picture more easily.  Venus, Pluto and Saturn are all in agreement with Mercury, Neptune and the Moon so things are looking up! It's a nice day for love and friendship and a decent day to get business on track too. Gravitate to what calls you and don't push an agenda. Moon opposite Mars creates an emotional tug o' war tonight that looks like a bit of Mercury retro hangover or a misunderstanding or plan that needs to be sorted out, finally. Get in the flow of Pisces Moon with green on today!

Tuesday: Void of Course Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

There's a void of course Pisces Moon from 9:24 am ET on. This is not great for organization. Check calendar, email and voicemail early before you miss something important! The Moon, Sun and Jupiter in Cancer work so well together this morning though, today is not to be wasted! A creative, nurturing, healing aspect is in effect. Work with it. Family matters are one area you can work on effectively. The Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio/Cancer lead to breakthroughs in emotional matters and peaks in our intuition. This would make a great day for a reading, exploring art or a metaphysical topic, going through family photos and doing something cool with them, or finding new (or old) music to listen to and inspire your work.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Moon conjunct Uranus is at work again, with action in Capricorn creating questions and tensions.  Venus and Pluto in Capricorn will intensify any relationship things going on, and this is likely to effect Cancer, Capricorn, and maybe Aries and Libra as well. If things are going fine, this may not apply to you. It's more of a recurring theme you know about already.  The Aries conjunction is either exciting or overpowering, depending on how it plays out. Surprises and plenty of action abound!  It is a week to finally take initiative and work toward due dates. The Full Moon is coming on Sunday and is a need to conclude or finish in many cases. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Venus square Uranus

The Moon is in progressive Aries square to Jupiter. Breaking of of family habits or changing relationships that aren't healthy becomes more likely with both this square and Venus square Uranus. News of separations, discussions about changing things to see how they work out, and even ultimatums come with these two squares. The Full Moon is Sunday, and struggles now are the precursors to conclusions that will be drawn within days. In most cases, these make or break times have been a long while in the works and the eclipses have turned the lights to green or at least to yellow, for action.  Libra and Capricorn, right across from Aries and Cancer, feel the effects with family and significant others.  For Cancer, career related activity and decisions are impacting home life and choices.  Pisces may find work and travel combine. Venus is in Capricorn for a long while, encouraging Capricorn to attract the right situations and people even if that means major change or sudden realizations that stun, initially.  The Moon is void of course from 3:57 pm to 9:49 am tomorrow. Deal with things before then, and breathe of sigh of relief. It's a social night. Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Moon opposite Mercury, Pluto conjunct Venus in Capricorn

The Moon opposes Mercury in Taurus/Scorpio, and considering Mercury just moved direct on Sunday there are sure to be repercussions of things initiated in the past 4 weeks. For Taurus/Scorpio, also going through an eclipse series, much of this has to do with commitment, relationship and decisions that you make with a partner. It may not be easy to negotiate, but it will be evident you need to during this Full Moon. Plow through it. Aim to have at least some flexibility as this will not work with an all or nothing attitude.  Venus and Pluto are asking the tough relationship questions and some will relate to money, ambition vs. relationship, and ability to be resourceful and creative with what you have. This will affect couples and partners more than individuals, although Capricorn will be most strongly affected regardless of relationship status. This will come up again this winter, but maybe you can half way or all the way resolve and clarify things now. This will require the courage to face realities, the past, and put something to rest for good. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Full Moon in Taurus, Moon opposite Saturn

The Full Moon is all business, in Taurus opposite Saturn and with repercussions from the previous eclipses.  There are good reasons to make permanent decisions, figure some longstanding situation out, and hold your ground once you commit.  Venus, Pluto and Mars support the Moon, but there's no kidding around.  Do what you mean, say what's in your heart and mind, and make a solid agreement with yourself to follow through.  The Moon is exactly Full at 10:16 am Sunday.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Full Moon in Taurus

The Moon is Full at 10:16 am and then moves to void of course time until 7:07 pm. There is probably no doubt in your mind as to how this Full Moon is playing out. Some likelihoods include relationship for Scorpio, health and routine for Sagittarius and Gemini, decisions for Taurus, financial, career and work matters for Leo, Libra and Aries, home and family situations for Aquarius, communication and travel for Pisces and Virgo, and friendship/alliances and other relationships for Capricorn and Cancer. This Full Moon is about long term agreements and promises. If you're not really meaning it, do not start or agree to something now. Loyalty is key! Plant, manifest, set your sights on abundance and enough of everything. Breaches of trust or security will result in grudges and/or long term effects. Today's wolor is white.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 4th to 10th, 2013

Monday: Scorpio Solar Eclipse/New Moon

The eclipse occurred yesterday morning and you might start the day with news and new developments. Eclipse events are not always anticipated and this one will have permanent, long term effects.  These things will also take time to sort out. Make agreements very cautiously with Mercury retrograde for another week.  The Moon is void of course and today is likely to be confusing or even misleading in terms of what to do. Hang on. Stick with routine thinking and tasks.  Don't take on anything out of the ordinary. Tell people that timing is better a week or two from now and search for answers and get better information before giving an answer. At 3:14 pm ET, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and squares Neptune, yet another reason to be wary about trust. Question even your own intuition and distract yourself from things that are compelling you or taking up too much space in your brain.  Do work on creative things, read, discuss philosophy of life in a general way and avoid communicating anything that could be misinterpreted. This is Venus's last evening in Sagittarius and it's suited to exotic or adventure based dates and flirtations. Purple is today's color.

Tuesday: Venus to Capricorn

Venus moves to Capricorn at 3:43 am and will spend a good deal of time in this sign due to a retrograde in December. Venus will encourage a practical, business oriented way of being in relationship that may include discussions about and decisions based on things like property, real estate, career plans, financial and insurance matters. More than just about being in love, it's about how we handle things in relation to the person we're with. This includes business partnerships too and how we approach our agreements and obligations to each other. Venus in Capricorn is traditional and will move relationships toward settling down, nesting and making financial decisions. Cancer, Venus is in your sign of marriage, and Virgo, Venus is in your sign of romantic love.  Capricorn may end and begin the year very focused on partnership and also appearance and being attractive in any way.  The Sagittarius Moon  moves void of course at 11:48 am ET until late tomorrow afternoon, as if to say "you're not going to get much permanent done this week anyway, so go out and find something interesting to explore." It's a good field trip day. The eventfulness of the eclipse and news of the week may make you want to get away for a while anyway. Today could be too fiery for our own good. This could make some excitable and others very nervous or agitated.  The Moon and Mars are not cooperating on anything except for change being the constant. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon, Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun meets Saturn in Scorpio. Though this may lead to a breakthrough and seem to give word of energy breaking up making it more possible to communicate, act, and do business, be careful. Mercury is still retrograde and it's important to do nothing on impulse. However, organizing around a good possibility and lining up some good advice and supportive people could be a very good effect of this meeting! The Moon is void of course until 4:44 pm. This can make us forgetful, speak without thinking, not take feelings into consideration, and add to other possible blunders.  It's good to be "out of the office" or behind a closed door. Tonight the Capricorn Moon is more pragmatic and grounded, meets Venus for relationship harmony and practical discussions, and works with Neptune and Mercury retrograde which may smooth things over if need be. The probability for forgiveness and workable plans is there, but move slowly. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto

The Capricorn Moon and Pluto have us working through themes that keep resurfacing. Some of this could be painful, complex or often put to the back of the priority list or our brains. Post eclipse, is some of this worth trying to work through once and for all now? If you're a Capricorn you may be asking yourself very personal questions. Cancer you may be posed with these questions and motives in your primary relationship. Pisces, do you know who  your friends and allies really are? There are many aspects and potentially many demands or priorities in this day. Our thoughts may be ongoing even if there's nothing to be done on this particular day. Let your mind steep those ideas like tea. Take your time. Next week is better for any long term plan or announcement. Tonight, Venus and Neptune say it's love, music, art and romance or nothing! Take advantage of that and be with people you love being with. Today's color is black.

Friday: Mercury sextile Venus, Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course and Mercury & Venus are conspiring in Scorpio and Capricorn. This could bring couples back together or get some talking and thinking about it. A try or trial period is best while Mercury is still retrograde for a few days (until Sunday at 4:12 pm). Other unfinished business also comes up for discussion. Brainstorming possibilities is good, while committing to a plan is not recommended now. The void of course Moon adds to the other reasons not to spend freely or buy technical things including cars, phones, phone plans, or other transportation or media. If you can wait until next week, things will be looking ore promising.  The Aquarius Moon moves in at 6:30 pm ET for gatherings of all kinds. The Moon squares Mercury tonight and it may be noted in unwillingness to change plans, too much uncertainty, or people from the past you're not sure you really wanted to see this season.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Mars sextile Saturn

Mars and Saturn interact in Virgo and Scorpio. Trying to get organized and activated for whatever's been sitting waiting for attention is some of this duo's work.  Physical and practical work and aiming to take care of health related matters is favored.  Mercury is retrograde, but simple things can be taken on without that excuse. Make repairs, adopt a healthy plan and try it out, reorganize and systematize for efficiency. These two could make some of us argumentative or edgy too, so approach things with care. Mercury and Neptune are  in highly creative mode, and Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces are beneficiaries of that angle and may also enjoy romantic times this weekend.  The Moon is in Aquarius, known for blending logic and a serious mind with creativity. There's room for both today and personality and circumstances will drive the mood and activities of the day. Scorpio may be recognizing the reality of matters and Libra may be doing that in the work and financial sense.  Today's color is silver.

Sunday: Mercury Direct 4:12 pm ET

The Moon is void of course and Mercury stations direct. Keep all business to a minimum and save decisions. Anything that can wait a day or three is worth pushing off a little bit.  The 2nd quarter Moon, a square to the Sun, is a milestone in the month and means a good deal as we move into the first days out of the retrograde and clean up messes and confusion and get productive with changes occurring and Full Moon deadlines.  Plan for action you can take later in the week when there's more information or clarity.  Take today off if you can.  Relaxation and flexible plans rule. Pisces Moon arrives at 9:36 pm ET. Today's color is light blue.