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Your Birth Chart

Have you ever wondered what your Moon sign or Rising Sign is? I'm doing personal charts once again. Your chart will cover the Moon, Sun, and planets, what signs they fall in and how they work together to make up your personality and preferences. If you're a Leo who always felt more like a Cancer or a Pisces who relates much more to Aquarius's description or horoscopes, you'll probably find out why! Send your date and location, and birth time if you know it, and I'll get started! $150.00 can be paid by paypal using the email

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"It's a wise person who rules the stars and a fool who's ruled by them." (Daryl Martini, the Cosmic Muffin)

Robin Ivy

Weekly Astrology March 5th to March 11th 2012: Full Moon in Virgo

Monday: Venus in Taurus

The Moon is in Leo square to Jupiter in Taurus, and Venus moves to Taurus at 5:25 am EST. Taurus, like Leo, is a fixed sign. The strongest personalities will pull others into their orbit today. Rally supporters for your idea or cause. Be willing to learn and look at situations creatively. Jupiter says expansion plans benefit and happen through strong effort this week. Leo is considered lucky and charismatic, and Venus helps Leo land opportunties and be looked upon in the most favorable light in the weeks ahead. Taurus, that's true for you also! Persistence and willfulness will be evident today. What is it that you're not giving upon and willing to work for? Focus in that direction now. Uranus meets Mercury in Aries and aspects Leo Moon stirring up news, changes, and favoring the brand new. Announcements may come as a surprise. Reaction time and the ability to make a good decisions with long term impact will be important in some cases tonight. Don't make a mountain of a mole hill though. We could tend to dramatize and exaggerate in the face of stress. Wear gold.

Tuesday: Virgo Full Moon warmup

Venus and Neptune align, and romance is in the air! Creativity is also enhanced! Today may feel like spring fever. Leo Moon time is outgoing, enthusiastic and fun. Events, performances, and recreation are in favor! This would be an excellent vacation day, but if you're doing business or school things,rehearse material, be social, express ideas in writing, and make work seem like play. Romantically, Venus is in Aries, Neptune is in Aquarius, and those signs as well as Leo, Sagittarius, and Libra get plenty of good vibes. Social plans and arts or music events are well timed tonight. Gather people together or make a date! The Moon is void of course from 8:27 to 10:27 pm EST. Saturn weighs in with advice and some work ethic for those who need it. Optimism should be high! Wear pink.

Wednesday: Virgo Full Moon

The Moon will be Full overnight tonight, in Virgo and very close to Mars. Situations that can easily activate or antagonize amp up! Perfectionism peaks and we may be as critical of ourselves as of others. It's a very busy day in the zodiac. There's loving energy from Venus, which can also mean a creative burst, from the sign Aries! Jupiter encourages us not to skimp, but instead for full force with strong intent, from the sign Taurus. However that Mars proximity throws in an aggressive and picky or nagging influence, so not matter how positive and energetic we feel, wrenches will be thrown in the mix and problems will need to be deciphered and hopefully resolved. Pisces is prone to relationship agitation while Aries may feel too much work stress or health concerns. Tonight we all need to steer clear of unnecessary confrontations or arguements. Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Virgo Full Moon

The Moon is Full at 4:39 am and then void of course until 11:50 pm. Full Moons are often a call to action, to resolve and finalize things. In Virgo, the details are important during this Full Moon, which is not many days ahead of Mercury retrograde. Today has a tendency toward significant confusion. Double check everything from schedules to money to the messages contained in emails. Are you sending it to the right person? Could it get into the wrong hands or be misconstrued? Be as meticulous as possible today. It would be great to have nothing important to deal with since this would make a nice day off! If you have a test of other challenge, the void Moon might help you relax, but make sure you're focused enough to pull off the results you want! Expect travel delays and communication or technical difficulties. Tonight is most suited for working to meet a deadline, cleaning the house, and catching up on studies. Wear brown.

Friday: Libra Moon

We'll be reacting to news and deciding how we feel about events of this Full Moon today. With a Libra Moon, looking at both sides, being unsure how to respond, and questioning the fairness of things. When the Moon is in Libra appearances beocme important. Aim to present your best traits today. If you're on the verge on a significant move or decision you may notice that information and factors continue to develop and change. If you feel like waiting is best, trust that instinct. Heat of the Full Moon will begin to diminish tomorrow. Tonight could be fun if there's not too much to be dealt with or worried about. Libra is a people person's sign so at least talk to a good friend. We'll start to notice people getting back in touch. Wear lavender.


The Libra Moon meets Saturn. Serious business needs attention. Libra is the sign of law and justice. Just past Thursday's Full Moon, deal with deadlines you might have missed. Be sure both sides of the story are taken into consideration. There's little point to avoiding what Saturn brings up now. If it's challenge, burden, responsibilities, and issues of fairness you can be sure it's Saturn in Libra at work! Act with wisdom, maturity and good counsel. If you're not in the Saturn zone, Libra Moon time favors meeting people, pairing up for work or adventure, and adding music, movement or dance to your day. If you're meeting a tax deadline, Libra Moon powers the brain and intellect as well, and now is better than next weekend when Mercury starts a retrograde until April 4th. Wear black.


The Moon moves to Scorpio at 12:24 am. In the USA, Daylight savings time begins at 2 am so set the clocks one hour ahead. Venus and Jupiter, planets associated with love and luck, are opposite the Scorpio Moon. Deliberate and feel focused about your next move. This is not a time to take things lightly. Consider future implications of your actions. Scorpio Moon time can bring out grudges or vengefulness so we don't want to "start" something controversial now if possible. Even if you must, be sure of your long term plan and trust strong gut instincts a Scorpio Moon is known for. With Pluto and Mars weighing in from earth signs, we're looking at some very tangible shifts and an intense, eventful day, particularly geared toward Scorpio and Taurus and also hitting key points for Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn and Virgo. Use intention and stay focused. Wear indigo blue.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly Astrology February 27th to March 4th 2012

Monday: Taurus Moon

The Pisces Sun and Taurus Moon blend water and earth sign energy today. We'll act on feelings while adopting a practical, workable course of action. Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn harmonize with the Moon further encouraging an organized and realistic approach to both problems and plans. Building, cooking, creating and experiencing first hand should be part of the plan during this Taurus Moon. Show tangible results, at work if you're an Aries or Sagittarius and in relationship matters if you're a Scorpio. Taurus, spend time with friends today and collaborate on team efforts. Tonight we aim to satisfy the senses and feel gratified or appreciated. Wear green.

Tuesday: Sun in harmony with Pluto

The Sun and Pluto combine in Pisces and Capricorn for an enthusiastic day. We may quietly experience satisfaction from our own efforts. Aim for success and results. Confidence gets a boost, particularly for those two signs. Scorpio and Leo, ruled by the Sun and Pluto, may feel more optimistic and see good signs for the future as well. Brainstorm ideas and different methods. The Moon and Mercury work together in Taurus and Pisces for positive communication, willingness to learn, and more understanding. The Moon is void of course from 2:46 pm until later tonight. Keep a realistic point of view in mind then. Neptune gets involved with the Moon and sometimes clouds the details or our judgement. Move forward cautiously and carry plans out methodically. Don't get sidetracked! The Moon moves to Gemini at 10:27 pm EST. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Leap Day 2012

This Leap day arrives with the duality of Gemini Moon time. This can make us both enthusiastic and undecided! With the Moon and Uranus in Aries in harmony, it's best to slow down and think! Our impulses are strong, but asking yourself if you're ready or certain is a good idea since we could act too quickly, without accurate information or judgement. The Moon and Sun are square and that means stress or sharp edges and quite a bit to consider in the forecast tonight. We're likely to be multi tasking or considering our options. Take your time. It may be hard to focus tonight. Wear light blue.

Thursday: Gemini Moon, Mercury's last day in Pisces

The Gemini Moon and Mars in Virgo form a square today. Both signs are Mercury ruled, therefore we need to be careful and meticulous with communication or we could be misquoted or misunderstood. Situations or events that block scheduling and planning become evident. We have to work harder to reach agreements and get things booked. As we get close to Mercury retrograde it's a good time to get definitive answers and feel confident everyone is on the same page. On Mercury's last day of this cycle in Pisces, ask a favor or broach a topic that's been shelved for a while. Mercury in Pisces is more sentimental, generous and forgiving than Mercury in Aries which is just ahead. Decisions may not come easily today. Push through obstacles. Get agreements in writing and start saving receipts again. We'll need to refer back to things taken on now. Tonight, study and absorb important information. Wear red.

Friday: Mercury in Aries

With the Cancer Moon, the urge to see progress is strong! The void of course Moon from 8:14 to 10:08 am is a time to keep it simple and take your time. Mercury moves to Aries at 8:41 am EST, and when the planet of communication and commutes changes signs, it's best if we slow down and think. Saturn encourages us to work out legal and partnership agreements, from Libra, sign of justice and balance. Planets in Aries, Mercury and Uranus, accelerate and may cause issues to be forced into the forefront. Expect breaking news today! Meanwhile, Neptune fuels those of us working on creative projects, especially those that are purely original, innovative and non-business related. Tonight surprises and changes are likely. Wear white.


The Moon in Cancer opposes mysterious Pluto, and the Sun in Pisces is opposite Mars. Our moods will be impacted and we need to try not to agitate others because of our own feelings. Projecting, blaming, and dredging up old wounds won't accomplish much yet the tendency is there. Remember Cancer Moon time is very sensitive and can be reactive. Mars in Virgo can be overly particular and critical. If we can get past hurts and moods, the Sun and Mars in harmony with the Cancer Moon attempt to give us physical and emotional energy. It's a good day to be creative, enjoy music, minimize competition, and avoid drama. Today may require your adaptive, chameleon-like self to appear. Be adaptive and look for progress without too much sentiment about the past. Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces and Virgo may have to work harder at positivity and not feel overburdened or too strongly challenged. Wear blue.


Challenging squares to the Cancer Moon dominate the early part of the day. Injustices become obvious. Relationship problems weigh us down if they're a factor. Venus, in Aries, opposite Saturn in Libra aims to release relationship tension. Imbalances need to be corrected and there's an urgency about more so than usual. This is a make or break opposition and the effects will last days on either side. Expect changes of status and an end to the status quo if things are not working well. This can also be a chance to step up and make a commitment if a lack of decisiveness is the issue. All in all, aim for fairness to each other. After an hour void of course, the Moon moves to Leo at 6:17 pm EST. The Leo Moon makes it easier to shake off tension and end the weekend with fun or at least with a good talk as the Moon and Mercury in Aries align. Wear purple.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekly February 20th to February 26th 2012: New Moon in Pisces

Monday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries is spontaneous in love and relationship. Last minute plans, instant attractions, and excitement about romance is in the forecast. The Aquarius Moon favors collaborations too, and we'll be attracted to groups we can work with or share common interests in. Aquarius, today is about communication and networking. Contact a big client or someone who can help with school or business plans. Aries, being part of team can add to your success or enjoyment during this Aquarius Moon. Taurus, work on career plans and how to showcase your abilities to get the job or the role you're hoping for next. It's a good day socially for all signs. Attend an event or plan one. There's plenty of enthusiasm in the air, and if you're not feeling it, an Aquarius or Sagittarius might be the one to go to. Tonight, on the eve of the New Moon in Pisces, go over details of a new plan, adopt a different attitude or set goals. Don't skip over the details! A step by step outline is a good idea tonight before the Pisces Moon allows us to just feel and maybe forget the logic behind the original idea. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon in Pisces is very favorable today! Arriving at 5:35 pm to be exact, use the earlier hours to prepare, gather information for a decision, or get your head on straight so you can move straight forward! Pisces New Moon is an emotional fresh start, a boost out of the blues, and a general nudge to change direction if the present path isn't making you happy. The Aquarius Moon in the morning in harmony with Saturn is a very good time to seek advice and think clearly. The Moon is then void of course until 5:35 pm and during that time the less said or done the better. Play it close to the vest as they say! It's a great time for meditating or playing, be it music, art, or fun and games. The Moon meets both Neptune and the Sun and is in harmony with Jupiter! Wondrous possibilities become evident, and I particularly like that Jupiter in Taurus throws in a constructive influence. This New Moon is about growth, flexibility, creativity and planting new seeds! Virgo and Scorpio may relate in relationships and true love. Taurus and Aries have beautiful business and practical influences at work. It's a career Moon for Sagittarius and Pisces gets the whole package for any kind of change and fresh starts. It's also a fun and decadent Fat Tuesday is that's how you want to spend it! Wear white!

Wednesday: New Moon in Pisces

Yesterday's New Moon continues to fuel the week. You may notice people are more understanding and compassionate, traits of Pisces Moon. The Moon meets Mercury so that shows up in actual self expression from talks to written communications. We are likely to be more empathetic this week if we've been caught up in our own work or problems. Today is a decent problem solving day. Allow for some flexibility if possible, either with schedules or with commitments. A trial basis may be easier to agree to than a fixed plan. The Moon opposes Mars which can sometimes cause tempers or bursts of emotion. If you feel that building, channel frustration into cleaning or physical work while Mars is in Virgo and we like to do something tangible in order to feel better. That's the word for tonight, and do go easy on each other since overnight and the morning are prone to arguments or general disagreements. Pisces and Virgo need to be careful of this in personal interactions, as well as Aries and Libra who might be more likely to be irritated by work, legal or money issues. Wear green.


The Moon is in Pisces, void of course all day. Mercury, in that same sign, opposes Mars. This can cause some tension, anxiety or even argument. It might be hard to identify why we feel a bit off balance in some cases. We are prone more to emotional strain, explained or unexplained. Speaking calmly and clearly and letting someone know you understand will help, while speaking without thinking could create issues. We could hurt someone without even knowing we're not being sensitive if we're in a hurry and not tuned in. Pisces Moon favors that intuitive approach. Notice expressions and body language and respond accordingly. If in doubt, say nothing or otherwise play it safe today. Have some boundaries with things that might be personal. Save bigger commitments for another time and keep some flexibility for yourself. Maybe could be today's key word! Tonight, the Moon moves to Aries at 9:48 pm, and it shouldn't be surprising if things quickly fire up, peaking again tomorrow with all kind of new developments, ready or not! Wear yellow.

Friday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

The Moon meets Uranus in fiery Aries! These are the ingredients for both excitement and anxiety. New situations stare us right in the face and chances are we need to be a bit braver or bolder than usual. An original, unique, and pioneering spirit is called for. Sometimes we don't initially like the results and surprises Uranus initiates. An unanticipated opportunity could make Aquarius or Leo very happy today. Sagittarius, play it safe and hope for good luck, but take no unnecessary chances. Pisces, don't be impulsive with spending. You may need that cash flow for something you didn't expect right now. The Moon squares Pluto later on, and Capricorn this could quietly agitate you. Taking it out on your housemates or family is a tendency today, but is clearly not a good idea. Power struggles are present. Best case scenario, we have something to get very excited about though the details may require some attention to detail and some discretion too. Tonight, work is a challenge, and wild parties will happen. Wear red.

Saturday: Mercury conjunct the Moon

The Aries Moon and Mercury meet, and the Sun and Jupiter collaborate in Pisces/Taurus. All of this points to a very active, eventful day! The conjunction in Aries pushes us to start new things, make announcements, and agree to change. It's a decision maker's day. The Sun and Jupiter add optimism, enthusiasm and a balanced blend of creativity and the ability to carry out plans. Start building something today! Wear orange.

Sunday; Taurus Moon meets Jupiter

The Moon is void of course from 7:52 am to 9:29 am and then in Taurus. An early opposition to Saturn could give the day a harsh start or perhaps we just practice some restraint and discipline. The Moon is in harmony with Neptune and meets Jupiter as the day goes on, prolonging some of yesterday's positive feelings, energy, and imagination. With Taurus Moon, don't just dream it, do it! Be constructive, persistent, and methodical. Take some time to enjoy your surroundings, the outdoors, the comforts of home or whatever pleasurable experiences come your way today. Wear green.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Astrology February 13th to 19th: Mercury in Pisces and Valentine's Day Forecast

For Valentine or birthday gifts,order a personal zodiac zone forecast. Delivered by email, in writing or as an mp3. Contact me for info! Readings are $22 and up and make a very creative, original gift!

Monday: Moon in Scorpio, Mercury moves to Pisces

The Moon is in strong willed Scorpio, opposite Jupiter in equally dominant Taurus. This finds us fixated on goals, possibly obsessed with winning, and in exaggerated moods. Use this drive to push forth with plans, bury yourself in important projects, and pursue desires relentlessly. Just don't cross personal boundaries in the process! Scorpio Moon is a time to appreciate and respect privacy. Mercury spends final hours in Aquarius, and this is favorable for logical decisions and processes and for getting impartial advice. Saturn helps out with wisdom, from Libra sign of moderation and balance. After Mercury and Saturn align in air signs, for intelligent moves and clear communication, Mercury moves to Pisces at 8:38 pm EST where the planet of news and information is perhaps more gentle and forgiving yet not as clear and direct with the message. Make stronger choices and schedule meetings where things will be negotiated and decided this afternoon rather than after 8:38 pm tonight. Tonight is designed for creative work, writing, and art forms of all kinds. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Valentine's Day Astrology

Valentine's Day is part Scorpio and part Sagittarius Moon times. If this were embodied in a person, she or he would beg you to stay forever and then go out and flirt with other attractive prospects or promise to stay true but leave you behind for a great, worldly adventure! The earlier part of the day seems most suited for lovers, with Mercury and Neptune together in loving, romantic Pisces, helping us choose the right words while being understanding and generous too. The Moon squares the Sun, Neptune and Mercury in succession after noon time and the Moon moves to independent, philosophical Sagittarius at 7:56 pm EST. If adventure is what you crave and changes agree with you, you may get exactly what you want. However if loyal and reliable is what you're hoping for. there could be disappointment, delay or other reason to be patient. Tonight, some of will be rethinking things,and that goes beyond our love lives. There's an urge to break free of restrictions and experiment with something else. Wear purple.


The Sagittarius Moon is feeling more agreeable and easygoing today with two trines. We'll let go of expectations more easily and go with recent developments as the Moon works with Uranus in quick acting Aries and with Venus for new love and fresh ideas. Everything new and untried is appealing, while stagnant or repetitive is a problem. Travel plans are encouraged as is moving, starting new classes or programs, and experimenting with different ways of doing the same old tasks. Venus is the strongest planetary influence, putting relationships in perspective, and as Venus squares Pluto in Capricorn we'll want structure around personal matters that have gotten out of hand. A solution oriented approach is called for and without that come partners, lovers and other parties with agreements may call it quits. Tonight is prime for ultimatums. Reorganize your relationship life if need be. Otherwise, the Sagittarius Moon favors an unscheduled approach to the night. Wear red.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon in Sagittarius squares Mars in Virgo this morning. There's a tendency toward arguments about disorganization or unreliability. Look responsible, clean up your work space, go over expenses and correct any errors or imbalances. The Moon stays in Sagittarius until 11:03 pm EST and is harmony with Sun and Saturn. We should feel more confident about advice we're getting and general direction we're headed in if we've been asking for clarification before acting. Confidence is boosted for Aquarius and Sagittarius and Leo may be enjoying a stoke of luck this week. Mercury and Jupiter call for decisions and encourage sharing of ideas and philosophies. New information and ideas can be very helpful today so don't shy away from the conversation, especially Taurus and Pisces. Wear yellow.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon aligns with Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus. Constructive is the key word. Whether you're dealing with sensitive or emotional matters or business and organization, listening is important as speaking. Mercury in Pisces says be understanding, but also be clear! The Capricorn Moon doesn't accept excuses for slacking off or acting in unreliable ways. Show some initiative and put effort behind your intentions. Ambitions may be rewarded with lucky, expansive Jupiter in harmony with the Moon. It's great for earth signs Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, and in work and money matters, Sagittarius and Aries also experience the benefits. The Moon and Pluto meet in the afternoon and new information or revelations could be the result. Capricorn, you experience this each month and if it brings up anxieties, processing things physically with a run, a workout or even house cleaning might be helpful. Cancer this puts emphasis on relationships and commitments and the secrets or underlying influences at work. It could be a day of serious considerations where partners are involved. Tonight the Moon squares Venus in Aries bringing some tension to relationships that lean toward power struggles. A relaxed approach to the night is best. Keep expectations of others reasonable and balanced. Today's color is black.


There's a Capricorn Moon and three varied aspects at work, all aiming to ease transitions and decisions. Capricorn Moon and Mars in Virgo help with the practical things that need to be done and figured out. Working on taxes could be one way to use this influence, especially if motivation has been lacking. Planning, scheduling and communication is also eased by Mercury in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, though we may not like every topic that comes up, we should be able to deal with things as necessary. Those two planets are also helping to solve mysteries and uncover missing pieces of plans or information. Seek answers today. The Sun and Saturn team up in air signs, Aquarius and Libra, for solid, confident decisions and advice. Justice is a priority. Look at information fairly and without too much emotion or attachment to a personal agenda. Gather information, make sure no one is being treated unjustly, and take action. This may help with big life decisions, business or technology upgrades, and everything legal. Tap into the older, wiser part of your personality or ask advice from someone more experienced. Keep communication open and free of drama today. Things are bound to be accomplished, ready or not! It's the final night of Aquarius birthdays. Today's color is gray.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon and Pisces Birthdays Begin!

The Sun enters Pisces at 1:18 am for the final phase of winter. After just about an hour void of course, the Moon moves to Aquarius at 5:28 am EST. A forward thinking approach is best under Aquarius Moon. Try not to look back or let too much sentiment rule decisions. Aquarius is about using intellect and rationality. As the Moon combines with Uranus in Aries, brand new idea spark! We may want to jump on board with a new project or otherwise react quickly. There's a spontaneous attitude at work. Jupiter in Taurus attempts to remind us to stay grounded amidst excitement. It's natural to want to be extravagant and original or unique today. Do something to stand out if it's to your benefit! Aquarius Moon time rules friendship and community. Get together in groups and seek out causes you're interested in or find common interests as the core of a new friendship. Libra and Aries get the friendship aspect of this most for the rest of the weekend and may need to rely on or give advice to friends. Leo, this Aquarius Moon exhibits a combination of focus on your significant other and discussion or weighing out of options for either or both of you and some of that is likely to relate to career. The Sun and Neptune meet in Pisces for romance, creativity and escape from the ordinary tonight. Wear blue.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Astrology February 6th-12th: Full Moon in Leo, Venus in Aries

Monday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course from 7:31 am to 8:24 am and though it's a short one, the Eastern timing hits the morning commute. We tend to be forgetful or confused, so make sure you know where you need to be and what you need to get the job done if you have an early start!  The Leo Moon is nearly Full and we need to get structure around plans and ideas. Work creatively to make things happen on time this week. Leo Moon time is full of enthusiasm and acting quickly is in the forecast early this week.  Jupiter and Saturn square the Moon today, encouraging an optimistic but controlled approach.  Get advice and look at pros and cons before diving in head first! Aries and Sagittarius should be energized by this Leo Moon. Taurus, get legal and financial input before acting on any situation that requires it.  Scorpio, this Full Moon relates to your image and career.  Present at your best! Wear purple.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is Full in Leo at 4:54 pm EST.  This morning The Sun and Mercury meet in logical, technical master of the zodiac, Aquarius.  It's a big day of decisions that have long term impact.  Take everything into consideration and move forward with strong sensibilities and with future plans in mind.  Technology and improvements are in the spotlight. The Leo Moon amps things up with vibrance and glamour.  It's not the time to think small or conservative. Mercury in Aquarius is a major player during this Leo Moon, having a boomerang effect at Full Moon time, creating big news, reasons to act, and tie together loose ends. The more amazing the better during Leo Moon. We want to be wowed. Paint a bright picture and rally people around to make it happen.  Cancer is likely to meet a deadline and be working hard. Scorpio is favored for the spotlight along with Leo. Libra and Aries will enjoy friends and events.  Gemini, this Full Moon is a bringer of news in your circle, be it business or family. Tonight is Venus's last night in Pisces. Use this if you need to reconcile or make up. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Venus in Aries

Venus moves to Aries at 1:01 am just after the Full Moon.  Venus in Aries favors new love and fresh starts.  It's exciting and can feel like spring fever!  Sagittarius and Aries are favored in love with Leo and Libra getting a boost too!  The Full Moon's effect is still in action today with news and conclusions and due dates giving us reason to work hard and stay on top of things. The Moon moves to Virgo at 12:32 pm after less than an hour void of course. The change of Moon sign may make us feel more serious and more analytical.  Keep some flexibility in your time if possible.  Tonight the Moon works with Jupiter in Taurus and we're encouraged by positive attitudes and willingness to learn.  With the action in earth signs, physical work or workouts help us feel like we're on track.  It's also a night to help out or be on the receiving end of favors.  Virgo is the sign of service to others.  Wear navy blue.

Thursday: Venus and Uranus in Aries

Venus meets Uranus in Aries! This can be wildly eventful for relationships and creative endeavors particularly.  Libra turns of events in your long term relationship and other surprises connected to love or other partnerships in the forecast this week. Aries, one of those big "aha" moments hits within days on either side of this.  You could make dramatic changes as a result once this new information really sinks in.  Sagittarius, something unexpected that intitially takes your breath away makes you rethink everything and has the capacity to be very fortunate once you adjust!  For all of this an awakening is due, and for many it will relate most to relationship and love.  You might even suddenly believe that love at first meeting is possible.  The Moon is in Virgo in a practical trine to Pluto exerts a contrasting influence and helps keep us grounded and dealing with the day to day tasks even if some of today's news is stunning one way or another.  The Moon reaches Mars in Virgo after midnight (EST) further activating both the Aries influence and the earth sign activity, making us feel like we must do something about problems and positives both! It's an action oriented evening as we aim to make the most of new situations and connections.  Wear red.

Friday: Long Void of Course Moon

From 12:11 am to 2:54 pm EST there's a long void of course Moon in Virgo.  Expect plans to change and, if possible, remain very flexible with options, decisions and schedules.  It's a day of adjustments.  The Moon, Mars and Uranus are the major influences at work, much like yesterday, and we're dealing with surprises and unanticipated news and events. With activity in Aries, we want to blaze new trails and forge into different territory.  Do that slowly and with  care today during void of course Moon time which is more fertile for forgetfulness or missteps.  At 2:54 the Moon moves to Libra and is opposite both Venus and Uranus activating relationship events yet again!  Conditions are right for changes of status including married to single and vice versa.  New love is in the air too, especially for Sagittarius and Aries. Tonight is for social butterflies. It's a great date night as long as you're not already in disagreement in which case it will be hard to find compromise.  Wear pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Moon squares Pluto so be sure to act in fairness and avoid being too judgmental.  This is a very good day for social plans. Libra Moon time favors us meeting new people, networking, connecting with friends, and dating.  Three may be a crowd since Libra is about couples, duos, and best friends. Collaborate and enjoy work more too!  Two heads are better than one is a phrase that makes sense today.  Listen to another perspective or a friend's story or advice.  Above all don't isolate yourself while the Moon moves through a sign that helps us meet, negotiate, and connect.  It's another good date night and one on one rules over going out in larger groups. Wear light blue.

Sunday: Moon meets Saturn

The Moon works well with  the Sun, Neptune and Mercury. Socials plans thrive! A party or event is well timed. Make a favorable impression by being conscious of appearance and manners.  We can even handle those superficial but necessary encounters with aspects like these!  Before the Moon moves to Scorpio, there's a conjunction with wise and serious Saturn.  Justice is the theme and we may be discussion how to divide things or responsibilities and fulfilling obligations we've made. Honor commitments and your elders for best results.  It's Mercury's last day in logical, strong willed Aquarius.  A solid decision may be better timed today than tomorrow. Tonight creative and organizational pursuits are favored under Scorpio Moon. It's also a good movie night.  Wear maroon.