Sunday, June 30, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 30th-July 6th, 2019: Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Sunday: Gemini Moon opposite Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. Ideas and plans requiring support and expansion are highlighted. This opposition may clarify reasons to scale back down or at least not to go overboard. There may be obstacles when traveling or the car may suddenly need repair or require an output of money. Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Gemini Moon squares Neptune, meets Venus and is then void for a few hours starting at 5:48 pm EDT. Overall it's an outgoing, potentially romantic or friendly day. Writing and self expression may be inspired. Dualities may be apparent. Do not be fooled by a sweet talker. The Moon is void, waiting for the shift, from 5:48 to 9:24 pm EDT and these hours are for relaxing and enjoying each others' company, primarily. They are not ideal for big spending or decisions. Cancer Moon moves in, and New Moon comes with a solar eclipse tomorrow. Also, Mars moves to Leo at 7:19 pm EDT. Mercury and Mars both are now in the Lion's sign for courage, heart, and big events and performances. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Solar eclipse in Cancer. There's plenty of positivity with this New Moon. Consider all opportunities and options. Notice if you are being handed a gift and do not be too proud or stubborn to says yes. Uranus aligns with the Moon creating surprising turns of events, and family support or new could be one of those effects. Our roots may be disturbed this month with two eclipses in signs of family, roots, home, water and earth. It may be time to move to more fertile ground and to create the right conditions for continued personal or professional growth. Keep family relationships and dynamics in mind as you move through this first eclipse. Moon and Sun meet at 3:16 pm, eclipse time, putting our souls and forms in synchronicity. Be aware of your body as your vehicle and your tangible form for soul work and bringing your unique gifts and offerings to the world. Drink plenty of water and bathe in it too. Stay close to the earth and waters this week. Wear White today.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon. It's a time when family, our origins, our biology, and traditions come to the forefront. The Moon is opposite Saturn and Pluto and aligned with Neptune in water sign Pisces. Some will feel very creative and reflective, doing inner work or channeling healing, art and other expression. Some may be dealing with a major, deep set fear or conflict. There are connections to the Full Moon eclipse in two weeks also. Confrontation that must happen soon may be clear even if it's not quite time. Things are happening, shifting, changing both below and above the surface. Venus moves into Cancer too, a more settled, loving, sentimental, and family oriented sign for the planet of beauty and love. The heart center is stirred. If it's time to soften more, forgive, or even rest and recharge, allow it. This is not the time to push, at all. It is a New Moon of receiving more than doing. When action must be taken, can you assure yourself that heart and head are both involved and working together. Mercury retrograde is about to begin. Move slowly and steadily. Void Moon 10:25 am to 11:19 pm EDT. Make no unnecessary decisions or statements. It's a god day to simply be. Leo Moon arrives at 10:25 pm for July 4th holiday. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Leo Moon, the sign of festivity, gatherings, parties and shows of all sorts. The Moon meets both Mercury and Mars. With Mars we need to keep ego in check and not argue or express anger unnecessarily. With Mercury, we maybe able to connect with in conversation, enjoy humor and entertainments. Being on either side of the stage is a great way to spend this Leo Moon. Uranus squares the Moon and may create strong conflict or need to change up plans. It can also be dynamic, creative and enlightening. Today's color is Gold.

Friday: Leo Moon void of course from 2:24 am EDT and all day until 12:25 am EDT so for some of you, the Moon changes signs during the evening (adjust times for your zone). Jupiter aligns with the Moon for adventure, spontaneity and expansion. People may be in good moods and open to ideas and fun. Today's color is Orange.

Saturday: Virgo Moon 12:25 am EDT, aligns with Venus in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus. We may continue to hear of changes sparked by the solar eclipse. Today is meant to be earth and water centered like the days that just passed. Gardening, fishing, playing outdoors or doing home centered tasks and improvements are all favored and may come naturally. Be with the ones you love most. Truly connect.  Ditch your cell phone and be together in person without distraction. Old school. Today's color is a rich Brown.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 23rd-30th: Mercury in Leo (Retrograde Coming up!)

Mercury retrograde is July 7th to 31st in Leo and Cancer. What would you like to initiate or structure before that time...the sooner the better as this is the last "good" week for those Mercury influenced decisions and actions. Mercury moves into Leo on Wednesday of this week.

Waning Moon all week long.

Sunday: Pisces Moon. Venus opposes Jupiter, relating to abundance, expansion and heart opening as well as to learning, travel and communications. There's likely some sorting to be done and maybe some adjustments in terms of magnitude such as a scaling down or back. The Moon squares both planets indicating effort required. Moon and Neptune retrograde meet and it's doubly important not to be too frivolous or too trusting of anyone who hasn't earned it. Neptune will square Venus overnight and romantic relationships may be tricky or deceiving too. Notice dualities and trust instincts over words. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus, Mars and Mercury. That's kind of a wacky combination or planets aligning with a sensitive Pisces Moon. Protect your boundaries and hold them strong if you're pressured or unjustly judged or experience something like backhanded praise or passive aggressive behavior. Creativity could burst forth today. Void Moon 7:10 pm to 10:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon follows. Orange is today's color.

Tuesday: Aries Moon squares the Sun. It's a day of sorting, weeding, and letting go. Perhaps you also feel good about works in progress. We may feel very independent and in our own grooves today. Wear Red.

Wednesday: Mercury shifts to Leo and prepares for an upcoming retrograde that will start in Leo and retrace degrees of Cancer. Our summer signs and times also include eclipses in July. July is characterized by the shaking and stirring eclipses bring. More on that coming up soon. (Astrology for Summer Eclipse is this Saturday 10:30 am at Maine Yogafest & if you want to come to learn more & prepare, there's still space! The physical yoga will be on the gentle side.) Mercury is outgoing, showy and magnificent in Leo, suiting performers, politicians, teachers, and kids! The Moon goes through paces with Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Pluto today. Socially and for events, the day looks favorable. For hard decisions, it may be a mixed bag. Wear Yellow.

Thursday: Aries Moon void 3:51 am to 9:32 am EDT, then Moon in Taurus. From the action and creativity of fire to the structure and sensuality of earth. If you've been feeling ungrounded or moving too fast this could be a welcome turn. Uranus is dynamic and unpredictable and meets the Moon while also in harmony with the Sun in Cancer. Sun and Moon are in harmony too. Cancer and Taurus you may really notice the effect in terms of change from outside or within yourself. Uranus gets us out of the comfort zone, generally. This could be an opportunity, incoming news, or some issue you'll have to work out or around. Today's color is a very rich shade of Green, maybe a blue green is best!

Friday: Taurus Moon in harmony with Saturn for building and constructiveness and with Neptune for romance and sensuality as well as imagination and magic. Todays' color is Blue.

Saturday: Void Moon in Taurus from 2:38 pm to 5:09 pm EDT. Avoid major purchases or commitment during those hours. The early hours may be constructive and productive with the Moon and Mars aligned. Gemini Moon in harmony with Mercury in Leo for a party night tonight. Wear Gold.

Find me at Maine YogaFest this weekend in Portland, Maine! And Wild Vibes in South Berwick on July 27th for Shamanic Yoga Journey!

Versatile Yoga Teachers workshop is this Friday, June 28th at east End School Portland, the Maine Yogafest site, from 8:30-3:30. 6 Yoga Alliance credits offered.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 16th-23rd Full Moon Forecast

Sunday: Full Moon is here, exact on Monday morning 4:31 am EDT. Father's Day in the USA. Celebrate all those loving and responsible Dads out there! Mercury and Neptune are planetary players on this Sagittarius Moon day. All is very changeable right now, and you may experience unreliability or lack of honesty. I hope that's not your experience this weekend. But be aware that misleading information or people could affect what's happening. Jupiter and Neptune are square to each other and people or plans may be unrealistic. Sort out what's not worth investing energy in. Today's color is White.

Monday: Full Moon in Sagittarius 4:31 am EDT, immediately followed by void of course time until 12:13 pm. This Full Moon is about letting go, breaking free, thinking for oneself, and mustering up your courage. Capricorn Moon 12:13 pm on, trine to Uranus in Taurus tonight. Keep your feet on steady ground and move step by step, not rushing. Form a new plan or revise an existing one. Ground in realities. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon with active Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Neptune. There may be a throwback to the weekend and some resolution to be found around interactions or events that arose. This appears to be a confronting and problem solving time. Mercury and Mars meet and arguments or deeply held emotions are stirred up. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: From 7:19 am to 10:01 pm EDT the Moon is in the transition time we know as void of course Moon. This is not considered a favorable time for decisions, important conversations or meetings or spending large amounts of money. The sky is full of oppositions which could make for a very challenging time. We may notice defiance and conflict with strong oppositions including the Moon and Mars and Mercury and Pluto. Internal and external, we'll need to reconcile or live with the opposites in a very obvious way today. Aquarius Moon takes over as the void Moon gives way.
Wear Blue.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon with only one aspect, so this may feel like a clearing or more simplicity. The Moon is in a sign of logic and vision. Uranus in Taurus squares the Moon. Think alternatively and explore alternatives. Move out of old patterns and habits, in some cases because you must. Today's color is Turquoise.

Friday: Aquarius Moon, void for 24 hours starting at 10:02 am. Do less while opening the mind to options. Meditate, attune to intuition, and feel potential optimism as the Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter. It might bring on a more social mood  and favors occasions and events. The Sun changes signs and Cancer rules the weeks ahead from 11:54 am EDT on. Neptune begins a retrograde in Pisces. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Pisces Moon begins 10:01 am. Minds may feel foggy or priorities scattered as the day starts. Moon aligns with the Sun and Uranus. Water sign Sun and Moon put us in the zone of feeling our feelings. Allow for your emotions. Sit with something you care about. Take care of the earth and garden, pets and people. Today's color is Light Green.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 9th-15th, 2019: Sun/Jupiter Oppose

Maine YogaFest is coming up so soon, & I'm excited to offer a 6 credit hour training for yoga teachers on Friday the 28th 8:30-3:30 pm. Yogis who are not yoga teachers are also welcome. The material covered is about adapting and enhancing the classes you teach or the practice you do.

Versatile Yoga Teaching: Expanding Within and Beyond Vinyasa at
East End School, Maine Yogafest site, Portland, Maine. June 28th 8:30-3:30 pm
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With your MYF pass, sign up for Astrology Yoga for Summer Eclipse Season
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Announcing Maine Yogafest School of Yoga! Our first 200 hour yoga teacher training is January-May 2020 and applications will be available soon.
I am so pleased to lead this training with Kristine Keegan and Andrea Gleason. Kristine is a reiki master who offers reiki training in Portland (Arcana) and Scarborough (Scarborough Yoga) and she is of course a yoga teacher at those studios, at Sunshine Factory and at EVO Rock Gym.
Andrea owns and teaches at Scarborough Yoga and co-owns Maine Yogafest and sheJAMS.
Applications will be at Maine Yogafest site and Training will be held in Scarborough over the course of 2 and 3 day 10 weekends.
Are you interested? Email me with any questions!

Gemini time in full swing now! Here's your astrology & colors.

Sunday: The Moon waxes all week, moving toward a Full moon on the 17th. We're on an upswing with lots of air and fire energy for fuel. Virgo Moon today is harmonious with 3 planets. The Sun squares Neptune and squares point out where some reconciling could be done or where effort is needed. If something is undefined you might work at clarifying it today. Notice what others or your self are noncommittal or not quite truthful about. What topics or questions are being avoided in terms of direct communication? Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Virgo to Libra Moon, void of course 8:01 am to 8:29 pm when the shift occurs. This is kind of a long void Moon for Monday routines and priorities. Be very careful with details as they may be skimmed over or unclear. The Sun is opposite Jupiter in Gemini/Sagittarius. Things may be exaggerated or come across as unrealistic. Try not to waste energy or be in denial about what's real. It may be hard to get some quiet time or settle nerves. Jupiter, by the way, is retrograde so past patterns may resurface. Clarify your own beliefs. Tonight could be a decent date night. Today's color is Lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon aligns with Venus, harmonious for lovers and business partners. The Moon squares Mercury in Cancer so feelings must be sorted through. Keep a sensible approach, and remember not to take matters or words too personally. Check your facts. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Libra Moon void at 11:15 am EDT until 12:02 am EDT Thursday. Today is best suited to routine and not so well for big decisions from 11:15 am on. There are a variety of aspects between the Moon and planets. Know your priorities and work them gently. Less is more in terms of talk, major decisions, and spending. Use intuition and observe. Today's color is Indigo.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus. Temptations may be strong. Passionate feelings show themselves. Any balance or calm may be disrupted or stubbornness may show itself strongly and in contrasting ways. Some quiet time may be helpful. Stay centered. Today's color is Maroon or any dark red.

Friday: Scorpio Moon with 4 aspects to planets and Mars with a trine to Neptune and an opposition with Saturn. Today appears to be full of agendas and dominant or controlling attitudes and actions. Try to take it easy, to mellow highly charged situations out. Wear Black.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon from 5:03 am EDT through Full Moon on Monday morning. Full Moon vibes expand and radiate through the weekend. It may be a party or adventure weekend. Today, the Moon opposes Venus and people may want more freedom or space in relationships. Or new relationships may feel exciting. But there's likely to be lack of commitment. Spontaneity is more to be expected. Some closures and completions may be difficult to achieve since not all players play their parts. Slow down a little as people may be rushing or not grounded. Awareness and intuition are called for. Today's color is Purple.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 2nd-8th, 2019: New Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer

This week's yoga public classes are representative of my June-September schedule. Ready to welcome you to (even your first!) class at Greener Postures, Scarborough Yoga and Bridge Studio in South Portland Sunday-Thursday. If you're not sure what's right for you, email me for more info. And get your Maine Yogafest Workshop passes now. I'll be leading Astrology Yoga for Summer's Eclipses on Saturday 10:30 am June 29th at Maine YogaFest.

Classes at Bridge Studio: Gentle Chair Yoga series Mondays 4-5 pm now through June 24th
100 Waterman Drive South Portland. There are currently 8 people in this class. Opening the windows to the water and fresh air when weather allows! Join us! Sign up in advance on the Bridge website.

Classes at Scarborough Yoga: Gentle Yoga Tuesdays 9-10 am. This is a friendly, well attended class. Come 10 minutes early for your first class &/or sign up online for ease.

Classes at Greener Postures South Portland (SP) & West Falmouth (WF):
Deep Stretch Sundays 5:30-6:45 pm (SP)
All Levels Heated Flow Mondays 12-1 pm (WF)
Yin Yoga Thursdays 5:30-6:45 pm (SP)

Astrological shifts with this week's New Moon, and sign changes for both Mercury and Venus!

Sunday: The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:48 am EDT. Toss around new ideas and brainstorm, write down thoughts, verses and potential plans on this day before New Moon. New Moon is 6:02 am EDT on Monday and so, by sunrise, you could begin something new. Changes of plans are likely this week as priorities also shift. The mind may fluctuate significantly today and tomorrow. Venus aligns with Pluto today for relationship reality checks. This is more about what you inherently feel and know within yourself than it is about someone else's actions or behaviors. What do your instincts tell you? Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Gemini New Moon 6:02 am EDT. Neptune squares the Moon and Jupiter opposes, all in the mutable signs. Change is in the air, yet there are obstacles to overcome, hurdles to jump, and leaps of faith required. Patience if things don't move as fast or smoothly as planned. It's a process. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Void Moon 11:42 am to 12:17 pm EDT, in transition between Gemini and Cancer. Mercury moves to Cancer at 4:05 pm, but first a direct meeting with the Moon in Gemini at 11:42. This connection is like an important conversation you have before jumping into something new. Plans will be put in place and initiative taken. Cancer Moon moves us from the intellectual to the emotional realm. It also creates the conditions for planting and fishing, literally and metaphorically as well. Focus on family and abundance as well as self care. Today's color is Silver.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon makes connections with Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. Water element, our emotions, dominate the day. Mars is uncomfortable in Cancer as Mars is fire and yang while Cancer is water and yin. Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde and all earth, realities and business like. Neptune in Pisces is quite the opposite, dreamy, imaginative and floating. So our interactions today may be challenging as others may be in a very different mode. This can create frustration or one running from what the other's agenda is. Creatively, this may be a dynamic day if you're without pressure to perform or produce and it 'just happens'. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Cancer to Leo Moon. The earliest hours include a Moon/Pluto opposition and Moon and Venus in harmony. Internal waters may stir then calm. Relationships, intimacy, and personal feelings set up an introverted beginning to the day. From 10:10 to 3:16 pm EDT the Moon will be void of course, and this time is best for routine or simplicity. Once Leo Moon arrives, fixed sign energy includes a square with Uranus. Stubborn personalities or strong feelings amplify. The evening could be party time or in some cases full of stumbling blocks including ego driven interactions. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Mercury aligns with Uranus throwing in variable or blocks to what was 'supposed to happen'. Adjustments are necessary and some may be big and/or unplanned.  News may have some people stunned and/or riled up. Leo Moon aligns with the Sun in Gemini for social gatherings, friendly meetings, and excitement. This may also help with optimism and resilience in the face of unexpected news or changes. Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: Leo Moon for the day, Virgo Moon for evening. Adjust for your time zone as the shift occurs with a short void Moon 5:23 to 5:45 pm EDT. Leo Moon harmony with Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius and square to Venus in Taurus. Performers, travelers, and lovers feel the fire sign passion. Leo Moon and Venus in Taurus make for dynamic partnerships where significantly different approaches, strengths and talents combine. Later, Moon to Virgo 5:45 pm and also Venus to Gemini at 9:37 pm EDT. Venus in Gemini instigates flirtations and our social nature. Today's color is Purple.