Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekly Astrology March 30th to April 5th, 2015

Monday: Mercury in Aries, Leo Moon

The Leo Moon is void of course at 9:57 am ET until 2:12 Tuesday afternoon. These hours are not ideal for major purchases or final word. It's a good catch up time though. Do the most simple, routine things, and have someone check your work if it's important not to make any errors. Have a system if you're cleaning or filing things since we often forget what we undertake during v.o.c Moons. Leo influences a fun and creative day, with a focus on children too. Mercury moves to Aries at 9:44 pm for a few weeks of quick decisions and reason to get going on things that have been put off. 
Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon, Mars in Taurus
Gentle Yoga & Baby n Me Yoga 9:30 & 10:45 Scarborough Yoga

Void Moon starts the day and at 2:12 ET the Moon is in Virgo. Mars moves to Taurus at 12:26 pm. The first half of the day is less focused and could be less productive, but the earth sign energy influences us to make and do, figure out how, and show results this afternoon and evening.  The Virgo Moon aligns with Mars newly in Taurus. Use all your senses, take a hands on approach, and get it done your way so you'll be satisfied.  Virgo Moon is square to Saturn and details will be very important and may need clarifying. Try not to avoid what needs to be done or aired out.  Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon
Hot Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland 12-1
Restorative Yoga at Greener Postures West Falmouth 6 pm

The Virgo Moon favors a flexible, productive approach. Set and move on goals.  It's a good day to do taxes or other financial tasks, write, study, or cook, clean and repair things.  Detail oriented activities are favored.  Edit and go over things to make sure you understand or have done the best you can. Tomorrow Mercury and Saturn align in Aries/ Sagittarius and that impacts more than just one day. Today, enter agreements, move on things that are due or overdue, take a serious, responsible approach to personal matters and health. It's a good time to adopt a new healthier way of being. Mercury in Aries is urging people to step up as leaders and help things move forward. The Moon is opposite Neptune and aligned with Pluto. Bring creativity to your productivity. Don't run from a responsibility. Face a fear or underlying reason. Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Mercury trine Saturn
Gentle & Restorative Yoga 9:30 & 10:45 Scarborough Yoga 

Void of course Moon is from 5:01 am ET until Friday at 3:07 am. This isn't the best for scheduling, shopping or reaching a final agreement, yet those things are due. Full Moon eclipse in Libra is Saturday and we are in the midst of that energy now. Conclusions, final products, and negotiations are part of this Full Moon. Justice is called for. Respond in a new way to old problems or matters that have been cycling for a long while. Though the effects will go on and repercussions will be felt for as much as a year, agreements and partnership decisions come with this lunar eclipse. Lunar often indicates changes with the women in our lives from mothers to sisters, grandmothers and significant others or best friends.  Libra and Aries have been experiencing this eclipse pattern and may feel it most as personal changes and relationship events.  See yesterday's forecast for Mercury and Saturn alignment in place today. The goal is truth and forward momentum.  The Sun and Jupiter bring blessings on new endeavors, children, and creative, innovative projects.  Today's color is gold. 

Friday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is opposite Mercury in Aries and in harmony with Saturn in Sagittarius. Interactions will be strong, decisive, and ideally balanced today. Expect final outcomes, make or break, and news from couples and business partners regarding next moves. The lunar eclipse is Saturday at 8:06 am exact, though today we're just as likely to hear the news or feel the peaks as we are on Saturday and Sunday. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Libra Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse 
RoZoYo® Yoga & Readings A Life Enchanted Somersworth NH 1-3:30 pm

Full Moon in Libra relates to partnership, equality, justice and balance. Sometimes things have to fall out of balance in order to be restored. This eclipse shakes things up as Uranus and Pluto are involved. Those two had their 7th of 7 squares nearly two weeks ago, and this eclipse continues a pattern in Libra/Aries that started in October 2013. It could be rocky and bring up questions about situations that have been weighted heavily on one side, especially in one on one relationships.  Also, the matter of self vs. couple/duo comes up. How well are you doing in your collaborations, professionally or personally? That may be indicative of how you experience this eclipse. Legal matters are also prime for peaks and conclusions.  What happens now vibrates most strongly for two weeks, wanes a bit for two, and stirs again during May's Full Moon in one month.  Jupiter is on the Moon's side, supporting from Leo for stability, creativity, and blessings on children, expansions and educational plans to name a few. With Uranus opposing the Moon, some of this may seem unorthodox, rebellious, chaotic, or entirely unexpected.  Take some time to get your footing whatever the eclipse may bring, and remember this is felt for a few days on either side so by Saturday it could be already well in progress or not quite obvious yet. Void Moon begins at 11:59 am ET. Full Moon color is white. 

Sunday: Sun square Pluto
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Prenatal Yoga at Breathing Room South Portland 3 pm
Deep Stretch at Greener Postures South Portland 5:30 pm

Pluto has been a strong, though sometimes subtle, influence these late winter/early spring weeks. Again today, Pluto in Capricorn has a say. The Sun in Aries is expressive, assertive and new while Pluto in Capricorn is more detached and deep, stirring feelings, old wounds, and emotions like fear. Pluto is the shadow side while the Sun is brazen and bright. The square between these two can create conflict within your self or with another. The quickness of Aries and mysteries of Pluto don't really match. The Moon is also opposite Mars, Aries ruling planet and there's potential conflict there as well. That one may manifest more as stubborn arguments. It's not an easy day to sway an opinion, especially among the fixed signs, as this occurs in Scorpio/Taurus.  Scorpio Moon moves in at 3:04 pm. Dealing with your self, your own priorities or problems, first may be better than trying to coerce or influence someone else. Scorpio Moon is spiritual, intuitive, and private, favoring personal intentions and processes.  The Full Moon eclipse is still playing out. Today's color is indigo. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Astrology March 23rd to 29th, 2015

Monday: Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon negotiates as Mercury in Pisces softens strong opinions. Be willing to listen and perhaps yield to a good idea or change of plan if the research has been done and the conditions feel right. Moon and Jupiter challenge us to learn and do things more creatively. Pluto continues to delve deep into the psyche and eclipse effects continue, urging us to face depths and possibly fears. Mysteries can be solved or long term decisions  made on days like this. Actively seek information. Void of course Moon begins at 10:25 am ET until 9:23 am tomorrow. This is best suited to things you don't have to think too much about or analyze.  Build, repair, plant (indoors, perhaps), and cook. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon, Venus sextile Neptune
Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 & Baby n Me Yoga 10:45-11:45 am
Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1

Venus in Taurus aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Romantic and creative, these planets inspire us with beauty, attraction and love. Venus in Taurus influences commitment and settling in to a relationship or even a home.  Aquarius may want to nest, clean, or move to a better living situation.  Scorpio has the urge to couple or deepen a relationship.  Leo benefits in career and recognition for talents and strengths.   Taurus, you are energized for weeks ahead, to attract what you want and need.  Moon opposite Saturn in Gemini/Sagittarius is part of the quest for truth, and nothing less will do.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for confident decisions and statements.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Sun trine Saturn
Hot Yoga Maine Hatha Yoga 12-1pm
Yin Yoga Scarborough Yoga 4 pm followed by Gentle Flow 6 pm

Saturn encourages wisdom and mastery. In Sagittarius, Saturn influences higher learning and worldly experiences and also points out the truth again and again, if necessary.  The Aries Sun and Saturn are in harmony. Use your power wisely, not abusively.  See where there's an opportunity to clarify. Show respect. Leaders need to step up where there's a lack of order.  Uranus and Jupiter support the Gemini Moon today with quick thinking and expansiveness.  Try to be open minded, even if that doesn't mean changing your mind. Take in ideas and information.  Apply for programs, college, or global opportunities. Explore. Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

Gemini Moon is void of course from 8:35 am to 3:45 pm. Unwind, release mental energy, write, and breathe deeply.  Create a feeling or space of calm.  People will tend to be active, social and scatter brained, possibly multi-tasking and not necessarily focused enough to finish.  Communicate clearly.  Cancer Moon moves in at 3:45 ET. Home and family are Cancer's domain.  Have a nice meal. Be gentle with advice.  Connect on an emotional level. Notice who needs some extra care.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Moon trine Mercury
RoZoYo® Yoga at Breathing Room 12-1pm (final date for this class) 

The Cancer Moon aligns with Mercury, in Pisces until Monday. Have sensitive conversations. Though there's a defensive nature to Cancer Moon, it's a good time to aim for resolution or forgiveness. Broach things gently, with compassion and an ability to see how the other party might feel.  Attend to home related issues or just enjoy refreshing your space for spring. In business, action leans conservative, like saving and investing, and also personal in terms of relationships with clients and the public. Today's color is blue. 

Saturday: Cancer Moon

Yoga Nidra with Gallery style readings at Freeport Yoga Compnay
1-3 pm. Register in advance on the site or in studio

Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mercury and square to Mars. The square can make people edgy and ultra sensitive. Be thoughtful and avoid potential disputes or moods. Mercury and the Moon bring more ease with communication and plans. The comfort zone may feel best today. Take care of people and things close to home. The void of course Moon is 9:58 pm ET until 1:46 pm, and that's when Mars prods the Moon. You can head off an argument by thinking before you act boldly or insensitively. Quiet talks are favored.  Wear white.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Yin Yoga 10-11:30 am at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland
Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15 pm at Breathing Room South Portland

Leo Moon arrives at 1:48 am ET, brightening outlooks and creating enthusiasm. The Moon and Sun are an inspiring pair today, with fire energy of Leo and Aries. Initiating and pioneering, lead the way to exciting ventures, travels, and changes. It might be easier to feel enthusiasm rather than anxiety about change.  Saturn in Sagittarius adds the 3rd fire sign to the mix. Saturn encourages the wise move versus the reckless one.  Curb impulses without losing excitement. Today is the day for a next, right move. It could be a small action, a step, or a bigger decisions to step out there and go for an opportunity. Leo, Aries and Sagittarius are likely to feel the inspiration. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio may pursue something practical and worthwhile related to prosperity and stability. We are all midway between eclipses and positive responses to change have lots of power now. Act with best interests at heart and with courage while the Moon's in Leo, the heart and spine sign. Today's color is red.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekly Astrology March 16th to 22nd, 2015

RoZoYo® Yoga Postures & Gallery Style Readings this Saturday, March 21st 1-3:30pm at Riverbend Yoga Studio Yarmouth, Maine. Register at or at the studio this week, by Friday. Space is limited.
The solar eclipse happens on this day, as the Sun shifts to Aries! What a great day to clear your energy with yoga & astrology. Email me your birthdate once you register.

Monday: Aquarius Moon, Uranus square Pluto

From 4:02 to 6:14 am the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Aquarius. It's a day of finishing business of all sorts. Mercury squares Saturn (retrograde) and Uranus squares Pluto. A challenge to settle or finalize something comes on this last exact square of Uranus and Pluto, the 7th since June of 2012.  Uranus destroys to recreate and Pluto unearths what's deep within. Globally, this can trigger protests, revolutions, and other sudden events. Personally, allow and acknowledge your true feelings and motives for actions. If you're inviting huge change, or even something that will result in chaos for a while, it's best you are honest with yourself about the reasons. Pluto calls for a look within. The Phoenix's rise from the ashes is a metaphor you can associate with this Uranus/Pluto square, which impacts far beyond one day. Just know this is the end of a pattern.  Aquarius Moon helps architect dreams and plans as you finalize agreements and in some cases burn a bridge to make sure you don't try to go back. At minimum, important discussions take place today. Old vs. new, traditional vs. radical are themes. Today's color is turquoise. 

Tuesday: Venus in Taurus
Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 Scarborough Maine Yoga
Baby n Me Yoga 10:45-11:45 same location

Today is dynamic as Uranus and Mars form sextiles to the Aquarius Moon. Actions that create change are likely, and this can be exciting or unsettling. The Moon is also opposite Jupiter in Leo for more about consensus and compromises. Deciding on the scale of something or how much to spend or invest are a couple of way this manifests (Cancer and Capricorn). Exciting events in personal lives (Leo and Aquarius) may also require some collaboration and sorting out.  Venus moves to Taurus, an earthy spot for the planet of love and harmony, inspiring beautification of the home and other spaces and a physical focus in our relationships (sex and affection). Comfort and love are themes for the weeks ahead, especially Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio).  The solar eclipse arrives Friday and the vibrations are in the air already. The void of course Moon begins at 2:18 pm. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon
Hot Yoga 12-1 Maine Hatha Yoga Portland
Restorative Yoga 6-7:15 pm Greener Postures West Falmouth

Pisces Moon moves in at 6:58 am ET. Mercury and Neptune are active in Pisces too. Emotions, dreams and imagination peak. Mercury and Neptune meet at 4:49 am. Art and writing benefit from this burst of creativity. Neptune's downside is the urge to escape. Using mind altering substances including alcohol could have stronger effects than anticipated.  Minimize anything that clouds your judgment.  Venus harmonizes with the Moon and our sense of beauty is enhanced.  Today's color is pale green. 

Thursday: Pisces Moon

The Moon waned and will start a new cycle with a powerful solar eclipse at the tail end of Pisces. Metamorphosis and transformation are characteristic of this time as are endings and beginnings. Think what's coming full circle, but realize there is rarely a way to prepare for an eclipse. They have their own agenda and you are less in control of the events and more in control of your decisions and responses to changes around you.  The Moon aligns with Pluto, planet of mysteries. Intuition is important. Today's color is black.

Friday: Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Sun to Aries, Spring Equinox
RoZoYo® Eclipse Yoga (Gentle Flow/Restorative) 12-1 Breathing Room South Portland

Today is both simple and powerful. The familiar journey into spring begins as the Sun changes signs at 6:45 pm. Before that, a New Moon (solar) eclipse in Pisces at 5:36 am rolls in and then the Moon moves to Aries at 6:28 am. On the cusp of the last and first signs, this eclipse is about endings and beginnings. The sabian symbol for this degree of Pisces is a boy who idealizes a rock formation that resembles a face. Over time he grows to look like the image he's been focused on. You may find yourself transforming and morphing into what you've idealized for a very long time. Starting anew always requires leaving something in the past. This could be a part of yourself you'd like to shed or minimize or it may be a place or relationship that must go so you can regenerate. Eclipse events are usually unpredictable in terms of how these things occur. For two weeks, this Pisces eclipse power is strongest. On April 4th, there's a lunar eclipse in Libra to continue the pattern of change. Saturn and the Moon harmonize in Sagittarius and Aries at 2:14 pm ET, in a quest for raw, unadulterated truth. Today's color is white. 

Saturday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus and Mars
Full RoZoYo® Workshop with Readings 1-3:30 pm Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Maine (advance registration required)

The phrase "off to the races" comes to mind with this action in Aries, sign of initiations, birth, and battle. Try to stay away from the latter. Uranus and Mars can be a destructive influence. If you're battling, make it your demons you're out to destroy. The Jupiter/Moon trine in Leo/Aries is energy of re-creation. Play may be rambunctious and competitive, but you don't have to lose the spirit of fun. Today is highly favorable for new endeavors, yet volatile with the warrior planet and the rebellious one both having their say. Don't go too far with things or forget to be sensitive and caring in your enthusiasm or pursuits. Void of course Moon starts at 6:51 pm to 6:40 am ET. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Taurus Moon
Yin Yoga 10-11:30 Maine Hatha Yoga Portland
Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15 pm Breathing Room South Portland
Deep Stretch Yoga 5:30-7 pm Greener Postures South Portland

The Moon in Taurus can make things feel more stable. If the eclipse was tumultuous or the Aries conjunctions un-grounding, root in physical work, yoga or healing, building and tasks, and organic processes. Venus, also in Taurus, aligns with Pluto for a realistic assessment of relationship and the role you want when in partnership.  Single or committed, feelings about love and one on one relationships are up for enlightenment (particularly for the earth signs and Scorpio.) Today's color is rose/pink.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Astrology for March 9th to 15th, 2015

Hello and happy March! There's much to know and experience in March and April, a very active time astrologically. The first Thursday night of each month, I'm appearing on Ultrasounds on WMNF Tampa, Florida, with Eluv. Thursday, March 5th who can be heard at WMNF as a rebroadcast. The segment is about 15 minutes into the show (10:15 pm ET). I'll be back on April 2nd, same time. Here's the link.

March and April RoZoYo® Events in Maine info: I'm at Freeport Yoga Company, Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Enchanted Wellness Somersworth NH, and Breathing Room South Portland for events coming up. See their websites. Advance registration only.

Peace peace peace~ Robin

Monday: Scorpio Moon
Gentle Flow at Breathing Room South Portland 4 pm

The Scorpio Moon comes along at 9:10 am ET with no aspects to other planets today. Clear your mind and hone in on one or two important matters. Scorpio Moon time is geared toward acting on long term investments and decisions. Act with permanence in mind. Farmer's Almanac says it's a good day for planting and fishing, and in our culture use that as a metaphor for initiating, producing and reaping benefits from your efforts. Emotionally, Scorpio Moon holds on and is both loyal and possessive. Try not to hover or invade personal privacy even if you're outrageously curious or interested. Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Mars trine Jupiter
Gentle Flow at 9:30 & Baby n Me Yoga 10:45 Scarborough Yoga

Jupiter influences with a square to the Moon and harmonious aspect to Mars. Jupiter expands and opens, doors and minds. Planet of wisdom and culture aligns with active Mars. Education, learning through travel and experience, and acting on expansion plans is favored. Scorpio Moon is where some resistance comes in. This sign is not keen on quick change and there will be some convincing to do if you're involved with Scorpio type people. If you're eager to jump into something new or untried, give the more cautious folks a chance to think about it. State your case and, if you can, show evidence of how things will work or look. Jupiter and Mars are enthusiastic about applying knowledge and skill, right away. Open your own or someone else's opportunities to grow. Neptune and the Moon combine for imagination and versatility. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mars conjunct Uranus, Mars square Pluto 
Hot Express26 12-1 at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland

Take your time, hold your temper and don't trigger anyone else's as Mars and Uranus are an explosive combination in Aries. Mars and Pluto have repeatedly formed this square and it's not an easy pattern. On the upside, you can purge something once and for all though it may require burning a bridge, metaphorically speaking. Sometimes that bridge is all within yourself, with Pluto involved. Strong awakenings and acting in the face of fear are a couple of today's themes. Bravery and strength are called for. The Moon moves from Scorpio at 7:30 pm ET and is void from 3:46 pm to 7:30. Be especially calm and safe during those hours since judgement wanes and today is already full of possible stressors. Wear indigo blue for intuition and higher consciousness. Rise above any indiscretion or fury. Transformations are in process.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon, Mercury in Pisces

Read Wednesday's forecast above since aspects like those last more than one hour or one day. All of that is still applicable. Mercury moves to Pisces until March 30th, at 11:30 pm tonight. Today and tomorrow are impacted. It maybe better to wait a couple of days if you're making an important final decision since Mercury rules information and thought processes. As Mercury shifts, go easy on yourself and others. People may feel sensitive or  more introverted. Sagittarius Moon and Saturn meet in a quest for truth and wisdom. Jupiter and Uranus act with this Moon, urging change and openness. Open your mind to ideas, but don't be pushed into anything too fast. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Sagittarius Moon
RoZoYo® Flow at Breathing Room 12-1 (Melissa K will guest teach for me)

The Moon aligns with Mars, Venus and the Sun. Moon and Sun are square. Working on self confidence and deal with resistance courageously. Without squares there would be no growth, so consider the Moon and Sun as a healthy amount of stress and challenge. Mars and Venus are in harmony with the Moon helping relationships thrive and encouraging us to be active and involved. Avoid being passive or giving up. Don't rush, but also don't procrastinate. Slow, steady steps.  Void of course Moon at 7:11 pm ET until 2:40 am Saturday. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon, Saturn retrograde

Saturn is retrograde as of 11:02 am ET. Don't worry too much about Saturn retrograde since though things may move a bit slower it's usually a wise thing. Saturn will remain retrograde in Sagittarius until June 14th, then move back into Scorpio for unfinished business, and shift direct again in early August. Capricorn is Saturn's home sign, so this is a very Saturn/Capricorn day and it's also Satur-day, the natural day related. Capricorn values order and accomplishment. Saturn urges responsibility and owning your actions and words. Mercury aligns with the Moon for discussions and plans. Neptune aligns for creative thinking and a bit of softness or whimsy.  Productivity will feel necessary and/or good today. Wear green.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Pluto
Yin Yoga 10-11:30 at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland
Prenatal Yoga 3-4:15pm at Breathing Room South Portland

Capricorn Moon meets Pluto, squares Mars and Uranus and aligns with the Sun in Pisces. Mixed emotions, revisiting disagreements or strain, and trying to find some softness, forgiveness, or ease characterize these aspects if you can blend them. Try not to get too caught up in "what's wrong." Look for solutions and avoid old triggers that accomplish nothing but grief. Seek a companion or partner who complements you in skill or approach. Do something worthwhile together.  Rearrange at home or work. Today's color is gray.