Friday, February 28, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone March 1st-7th Astrology

Mercury remains retrograde for another full week and slightly beyond, backing into Aquarius on Wednesday the 4th for revisions and reconnecting with others and with groups, to revisit what's unfinished or unresolved.
Daylight Savings time begins at 2 am EST on Sunday the 8th! One more week and our relationship with daylight and darkness begins to shift.

Sunday: Taurus Moon starts the day, trine to Pluto and Saturn, speaking of long term plans. But stick to small steps as Mercury is retrograde until the 10th. Void Moon from 10:52 am EST, and expect serious considerations and grown up stuff as it begins. Gemini Moon takes over at 2:21 pm EST with a Mercury retrograde square so as ideas are thrown around, no major decisions or commitments are recommended. Listen and share without committing. Try to avoid debates. Yellow is today's color.

Monday: Gemini Moon squares the Sun and Neptune in Pisces (late night/overnight into Tuesday). This is highly unreliable and deceptive. Ask lots of questions. If you're at a creative or intellectual standstill, walk away and let your mind refresh rather than pushing through. This is a tough day for a good business decision and not so great for relying on friends either. Wear Light Blue.

Tuesday: Gemini to Cancer Moon. Venus in Aries squares Saturn before changing signs and there are some sharp edges to relationship decisions. It feels more like going your own way versus being willing to compromise. Ego may get in the way of love. The Moon and Venus are in harmony and less intimate, more social or surface level relationships and interactions get better vibes. Void Moon 9:20 pm EST to 11:25 pm when the Moon enters Cancer and aligns with Mercury retrograde helping us connect with true feelings and emotions, remember the past and lessons learned, and maybe resulting in reconnection with old friends. Today is all about relationship. Wear Pink.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon. Mercury steps back into Aquarius for revisiting, rejoining or reuniting, and revising or changing perspective and vision. Projects may go back in order to go forward differently. Reconnecting with a study or work group may be necessary and helpful. There's a team effort feeling in the air. Cancer Moon opposes Mars and it's cranky and activating. Venus moves to Taurus at 10:07 pm EST, a more comfy and sensual place for the planet of beauty and love. Sun and Moon move into harmony late night, encouraging relief from stress or the rat race. Find your sanctuary tonight. Wear White.

Thursday: Whoa, lots of changes this week. Could you slow down, tune in and notice how this is influencing you today? Cancer Moon means connection with feelings and emotions. The Sun and Neptune are favoring creativity, romance, and nurturing. Moon opposing Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto may be pulling or pressuring. Find balance between work and rest, or just rest. Tune out the pressure. Most things can wait and you need some replenishing and down time I suspect. Take care of family and you. Today's color is Black.

Friday: The Moon is void overnight, from 2:11 am and the Saturn opposition until 4:27 am EST. Buy yourself time Thursday into Friday. The vibe is beginning to shift, slowly but surely Mercury retrograde is ending soon and Leo Moon is more hopeful. Leo Moon has to take us through two squares before the lightness sets in. Venus and Uranus indicate this is relationship stuff and also unforeseen or unplanned for news. Coming to agreement may not be easy. But Leo Moon means more optimism and feeling that things will work through even if your efforts seem to be going nowhere. It's a mixed day. Lay low and keep your chin up, reassuring yourself and sensing the ways you are strong and have courage. Today's color is Purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon is a little out of sorts, trying to look at the bright side and silver linings while perhaps also frustrated or in waiting mode. Do something for pure fun or intentional personal growth and learning. Get a little stronger and see the light. Get together with old friends today and tomorrow as the Moon is opposite Mercury retro overnight into Sunday. Reset the clock as Sunday begins the daylight savings time. At 2 am we go forward an hour with the clock. One advantage to our phones is they reset themselves (I think so, but always double check!). Today's color is Orange.

This weekend, Sunday the 8th at 12:30 pm-1:30 pm Community Class led by my yoga teachers in training, for Sea Change Yogathon. Sea Change brings yoga to places and people in critical need-in prison, in halfway homes or shelters, in recovery from addiction or cancer, trying to get their feet back on the ground and head straight. Please come! Or send us a donation at this link. Help us contribute to Maine's mental health and wellness. Sea Change sends yoga teachers out weekly to many locations where grateful people receive yoga to ease their transitions and feel human and resilient again. Link to contribute.
Thank you so much for any contribution! And maybe come to our community class! This is Maine Yogafest School trainees' first public teaching and we would love to have you!
March 8th, Sunday Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1 Scarborough Maine. Cash and check donations to Sea Change Yoga at the door.
Many thanks!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Pisces New Moon, Mercury Retrograde & Winter Home Stretch

It's bitter cold here in South Portland, Maine today, but wherever you are can you sense and almost see the end of winter! We are four weeks from spring Equinox and so far here in New England, there are no major storms in sight. We really didn't have even one blizzard this winter, so I'm thinking there's March snow coming, which is common after all. Mercury is retrograde, and this is a time for going inward to feel the feelings and envision the future without needing to rush into anything major. Like the plants, we sleep and dream, ready to bloom and re-emerge in our own time. This Mercury retrograde may stir the subconscious and bring old feelings up for forgiveness and healing. On the other side, you feel renewed life force. Take it easy on yourself, and give others their time to process. No major decision making is recommended now, so if it can wait and there's not a pre-March 10th end date, give yourself the gift of time. Minds and emotions are changing and you just might do a complete 180 in your thinking. Maybe you actually do not yet have enough information to know what you want.

Yoga Nidra is enormously helpful  through emotional processes. I'll be at Greener Postures for Yoga Nidra tonight, February 21st 6-7 pm for Yoga Nidra (3rd Fridays at the South Portland studio).
Intro to Yoga Nidra is February 28th at Breathing Room in South Portland. Sign up in advance only.
Full Yoga Nidra Teacher Training will continue through the weekend there. Sign up is also on the website and advance sign up is necessary.

Happy New Moon! Here's your forecast.

Sunday: New Moon in Pisces 10:32 am EST. Pisces Moon time begins at 1:37 am EST and Mercury is retrograde in the sign of the fish as well. Mercury and the Moon combine forces for powerful thoughts and perhaps inspiration. Emotions and thoughts require equal attention. Mars is activating from Capricorn, encouraging 'doing', yet it's important not to act on impulse now, especially where other people are involved and with communication. Words could hurt or have a reverse effect if they're spoken impulsively during this strong Mercury retrograde New Moon. Venus squares Jupiter, raising significant questions about how to grow in relationship as well as how to design or redesign anything from your home to your garden. Take time with these things, and save big decisions for a few weeks out if possible. White is our New Moon color.

Monday: Pisces Moon aligns with Jupiter, softening some of yesterday's conflict whether inner or interpersonal. Work on vision, draw or write your plans, move mindfully. There's not a rush, remind yourself. Neptune meets the Moon to stir imagination and romantic feelings. The Sun aligns with Mars, energizing, and all this happens in Capricorn and Pisces, signs that complement each other in the earth/water elements. Connect to the earth and water around you. Visit beautiful, natural locations and bask in the features of water and land. Wear Blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon connects with Pluto and Saturn early, then moves void of course at 9:12 am EST. You may awaken with important priorities on your mind or calendar. A realistic and creative approach is called for. Buy time where you can. Tax stuff is on many minds, but personally I'd rather wait until after the retrograde. Try not to run from emotions or responsibilities this morning. They both need your consideration. Sun and Mercury meet for another VERY retrograde type day. One positive is that people are likely to reconnect, by chance or by plan, and get back in close touch or make amends. Aries Moon 1:47 pm EST can gently get things moving along or into flow. Keep it at a rolling slow retrograde pace. There may be pressure to give answers or decisions. As your astrologer I have to advise that you wait or leave lots of room to change your mind. Maybe is a good word to use these days. Even if it's a very hopeful maybe, it's better than a promise that can't be kept. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Aries Moon squares Mars in Capricorn. There's a lot of fire energy in the air, yet the stubborn blocks appear and can cause frustration. Systems and administrative issues, delays and stalemates are some likelihoods. Mercury retrograde aligns with Mars for a whirl of ideas, maybe too much going on in the mind, in some cases lots of excitement. Just go slow, slow, slow. You may be inspired and follow up with your best plans to date, but there's more ahead so keep things flexible and pencil in dates or leave room for edits of all kinds. Wear Yellow.

Thursday: Aries Moon squares 3 planets in methodical Capricorn and I suspect it's going to challenge our productivity, our fears, and our approaches to problems and projects. A lot of patience is required through these squares. Negotiations may be hard due to lack of listening and the urge to push an agenda through. That's just not what's working during Mercury retrograde. Long term rifts could be created. Take it easier. For your love life, Venus and the Moon meet and create excitement around new connections and romances. It's a spring fever feeling. Void Moon time starts 10:24 pm EST. Today's color is Black.

Friday: At 2:30 am the Moon enters Taurus, followed by a meeting with Uranus and sextile to Mercury retrograde. The results include going back to things, maybe by mistake or by surprise. Keep your feet on steady ground, even if you're taken aback this morning. Taurus composure may be required. The other aspects of today involve Uranus, Mercury retro and Mars, and there's activation and about faces, and potential conflict in the air. Save all work and make copies or make sure. Do nothing you suspect you'll regret. For example, don't take chances. In relationships, Venus in Aries favors the new or renewed and Venus squares Pluto so there may be some fears or other shadowy feelings about what's going on between you and another right now. I'm going with Black again as it's a color of protection and absorbs to dissolve. Wear your dark crystals like onyx, hematite and black tourmaline. Stay grounded and steady. Black is our color.

Saturday: Leap Day! Yes, an extra day of winter. Taurus Moon aligns with Neptune and Jupiter for creating, daydreaming, and dates. This can also be a day for abundance. See some rewards of your efforts and enjoy the pleasures of being alive. Green is today's color.

Robin's Zodiac Zone really appreciates your contributions. Offer a donation and I'll be sending you individual good wishes and intentions as I see your name. Loving Kindness! Robin

Appreciation, Thank You

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Mercury Retrograde & Feb. 16th to 22nd Forecast

Dear Zodiac Zone friends,
Mercury retrograde time is here. So is the last half of winter season!
Pisces, emotional, sensitive, artistic, vulnerable, inner child, end of life, waters, the past, subtleties
Aquarius, genius, intelligence, logic and creativity, vision, circulatory, groups, friendship, objectivity
Mercury is retrograde between these two signs from February 16th to March 4th in Pisces followed by 5 days retrograde in Aquarius before stationing direct on March 9th.
Pisces and Aquarius approach the world and think/feel very differently. Expect lots of flip flop of opinions and courses of action during this cycle. I feel it's a good time to focus on your vision, allow yourself and others to revise, and tune deeply into your heartfelt purpose. No matter how far or deep you are into a process, relationship, or situation, it's rarely too late to change course. There are exceptions, and in those cases, a shift in perspective, a reaching for support, and the adaptability of Pisces is necessary. If pride is getting in your way, transform it. Ego prevents smooth sailing, and what we can't or don't acknowledge now, finds us later anyway. If it's time to let go of an idea or plan, let it happen, with grace.

Sunday: Mercury retrograde begins officially at 7:54 pm EST. The first day can be a doozy. Avoid misunderstandings. Clarify information. Let others feel their feelings. Try not to be dismissive. Sagittarius Moon square Mercury may result in impatience or insensitivity as well as travel issues. Mars changes signs too, moving to earthy Capricorn at 6:33 am EST. Courses of action may change. Reality check time. Remain clear headed as tides turn. Today's color is White.

Monday: Mercury retrograde until March 9th means take it slow. Avoid impulsive actions or diving into plans or purchases that weren't well researched or though out first. We start in the emotional sign Pisces, so you may notice moods including self doubt in your self or others. Sagittarius Moon all day, with only one planet involved, Neptune. Neptune throws in uncertainties or denial and illusion. Clear thinking may be difficult today. It feels like navigating under foggy conditions. Keep life simple. Use your intuition, and also check the facts. Wear Purple.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon void from 4:03 to 5:37 am EST and then Moon shifts to Capricorn. Pisces time begins at 11:57 pm EST, so most babies born today are Aquarius! Change is in the air and some of that is literally up in the air. We may have to be content with not knowing or doing, for now. Mars has a different idea, meeting the Moon in Capricorn for action around organizations and systems. Uranus aligns with the Moon and system or leadership changes may be necessary of happening. Everything needs time to process and settle, whether it's welcome or unwelcome change. If you can keep changes minimal, that might not be a bad idea. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon, Sun in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces aligns with the Moon. I feel this is a helpful aspect as it combines two different yet compatible sensibilities. Adjustments can be made with more ease. Actions and emotions sync up. Jupiter favors growth and prosperity. Neptune adds to the creative influence. Venus in Aries is one reason why some will go their own way rather than go with the flow of change in their current situation. Venus in Aries forges new territory, often solo. This may be experienced as a split between aligned minds and one departure. Wear Blue.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon has her monthly meeting with heavy duty Saturn and reflective, shadowy Pluto. All 3 of those adjectives describe today's goings on. It may help that Jupiter aligns with Neptune in another Capricorn/Pisces angle which feels fertile, abundant and fills us with inspiration and creative energy. Void Moon, the transitional time, is 9:18 am to 2:42 pm EST when Aquarius Moon sets in. Tonight, negotiating through unforeseen events and developments is likely. Nothing is written in stone these days, so realize one change may be followed by another. Today's color is Silver.

Friday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Venus in Aries for team efforts and restarting projects. Campaigns come to mind as an area of concentration. Some will meet with or join groups aligned with their personal convictions. Mars aligns with Uranus for taking actions. Remember Mercury is retrograde so if the actions have long term impact, choose wisely and always leave room for later adjustments. These days just before New Moon also lean toward reflection, indecision, rest and the pause between things. Wear Turquoise today.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon is void of course beginning Friday 11:08 pm until 1:27 am on Sunday. This is good vacation day though travel delays or changes require flexible arrival and departure times. It's a day for best friends to get together and to follow up on inspired ideas. Pisces Sun in harmony with Uranus in Taurus favors creative thinking and imaginative ideas and alternatives that deserve consideration. Be optimistic about potentials including happy surprises. Dark Moon tonight. Do something special with light, flame, water, intentions, and vision as you prepare to refresh and move forward consciously. Bathe in salt, swim, light a green, light blue or white candle, write in a journal, draw your plans and dreams. Wear Green.

Pisces New Moon is in Sunday at 10:32 am EST!

Many thanks! Robin

Appreciation, Thank You

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mercury Retrograde Upside Down Time

tarot card from Light Seer Tarot
Wednesday yoga series at TULA in South Portland, Maine 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Hang like that girl! Turn your perspective upside down and all around with Ropes, Slings, Chairs, a great class for yoga teachers and frequent practitioners accustomed to their yoga practice. Feel something different. Do more with support or do less and support in rest.
There's room for weekly drop ins in this series. Sign up online in advance to assure your set of ropes, sling and yoga chair. TULA is on Ocean St in the Mill Creek area of South Portland. Parking is plentiful in the lots and on the street.
Let's hang!

Mercury retrograde starts on the 17th in Pisces and moves back to Aquarius before stationing in the water bearer's sign on March 9th. We start in water and return to air. Sounds like evaporation to me! This could be your chance to take a watery, emotional situation and get logical with it. Or some will need to live in the present emotion for a little while and feel relief and more clarity as the emotion takes its course and wanes again. This is a beautiful time to immerse in creative process and allow something from your imagination and dreams to manifest.

Check back for blog posts as I'm giving a go to integrating my blog with Robin's Zodiac Zone, making it all one. No worries, your astrology forecasts will still be here every week!


Thursday, February 6, 2020

February 9th to 15th, 2020: Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is set to begin on the 16th, and almost for certain we'll feel that this week or realize later on that events and actions of now will have retro type effects later, for example in March. On Sunday the 9th, Leo Full Moon illuminates the sky. And that is how our week begins!

Sunday: Full Moon in Leo at 2:33 am EST acts powerfully with Mars in Sagittarius. This fire Full Moon brings action and movement such as long term decisions and changes. Leo is a fixed sign, so it's a good idea to feel very sure of what you're committing to. Things decided now may be challenging to reverse. Physical attractions will feel powerful. Bravery and courage are traits of this Moon time. Void Moon 11:08 am to 6:39 pm EST and then in Virgo with an earth shaking trine to Uranus. Hope for a good surprise! Today's color is White.

Monday: Virgo Moon opposite Mercury and Neptune and trine to Jupiter. Plans will be made and adjusted. Different opinions and agendas will need consideration. Feelings could be easily hurt and sensitivity is at a high point in the wake of Full Moon. Jupiter in Capricorn reminds us to be practical even with major decisions and plans. Today's color is Brown.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon void from 1:26 to 6:37 pm EST. Commitments and promises are best made before this void time begins. Allow for some flexibility with everything as we approach Mercury's retrograde when adjustments tend to be necessary. This looks like a serious business like day as the Moon aligns with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Wisdom and reflection are called for. Judgment calls are best made conservatively. The Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius which can be bold and impulsive with actions. This may be experienced as a conflict between sensible/cautious and risk taking personalities. Libra Moon moves in at 6:37 pm EST and opposes Venus overnight. Relationship differences are in the forefront. Wear Lavender.

Wednesday: Libra Moon opposes Venus and squares Jupiter in Capricorn. Very different and in some instances conflicted perspectives will be evident. Partners seek compromise. Workplace matters may be hard to resolve both practically and fairly. What one sees as fair, another may see as impossible or impractical. Negotiations and mediations may result in stalemate or be pushed to another date. Today's color is Pink.

Thursday: Libra Moon squares Saturn and Pluto and is in harmony with Mars and the Sun. In business matters, detachment and objectivity help to take the emotion out of necessary decisions. This goes for personal business too. There's a sense of 'do what you have to do'. The Moon aligning with Mars and the Sun may increase optimism, willingness and readiness. Think out of the box and beyond the options you've considered because the answer or option may  be something new or that unlikely or far reach possibility. Void Moon 4:40 to 7:37 pm EST and the Moon shifts to Scorpio then opposes Uranus late night. Be careful who and how you interact tonight. Wear Black.

Friday: Valentines Day with  passionate, provocative Scorpio Moon and deep shades of Red for today's color. Uranus opposes the Moon at 12:54 am, and there's hardly a way to predict the effects except to say be cautious about how you let your guard down. Protect your privacy and drive carefully. Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune sync with this Scorpio Moon and that's good for romance, intimate conversations, creativity, sensible investments and action around goals. Do keep in mind how close we are to Mercury retrograde and it's good to keep some wiggle room in commitments made now. Today's color is Maroon.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto and Saturn and squares the Aquarius Sun. There's intensity in the air. Everything holds great power and weight. Our deepest fears or other emotions may be stirred or challenged. The fixed sign energy of Moon and Sun mean we may not yield easily and that persistence can be expected. It will be difficult to change an opinion or plan. Try to be sensitive to others as disappointment isn't likely to be taken well. Wear Indigo.

Thank you, and Happy Valentine's Day and Full Moon! Wishing you Love and Good News during this interesting and potentially intense week!

Appreciation, Thank You