Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly Astrology June 4th to June 10th, 2012: Lunar Eclipse

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Monday: Sagittarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

The second eclipse in a series of Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses continues to accelerate and initiate changes. We had similar eclipses this time last year and we could find events now to be linked with what happened around May and June of 2011. Mars and Venus, the relationship planets, are both active with squares and an opposition which puts our love lives and partnerships in the forefront. Sagittarius is a sign of independent thinking and of experiential learning, so opportunities that could take one far from home become more likely. The need for changes of scenery and broadening of the mind and experience could trump everything. Expect news of moves and travels. Working that around relationships and deciding whether to stay together is part of this eclipse's action. Global news is likely too, and how news from distant places impacts our own lives, families, and neighborhoods will be a common topic for thought and discussion. Tonight is about debates and sharing of ideas and plans. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Moon opposite Mercury in Gemini

The Sagittarius Moon opposes Mercury and communication and news are priorities. One effect is being at odds or with extreme opinions or ideas that someone else has a difficult time accepting. Our minds are stimulated and broadening with new possibilities, changes that are impossible to avoid, and an onslaught of information and news. The void Moon overnight is a good time to quietly sit with new news and be careful about strong reactions and, particularly, words. The Moon moves to Capricorn at 8:31 am. Taking care of routine business may seem like the best idea. The Sun and Venus meet, which is great socially and romantically for Gemini and Aquarius. Life is very eventful right now, and Gemini may be feeling this profoundly. Tonight is expressive and a good night to meet people for business or friendship. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon is trine to Mars retrograde in Virgo and square to Saturn in Libra. Act on unresolved matters now. Mars retrograde is a chance to revisit and refine while this planet in Virgo also points out mistakes and details that need reworking. Some of this can be aggravating though we'll recognize the necessity. Saturn in Libra reminds of the serious nature of what we're engaging in now. We won't take things lightly today or tonight. Live up to promises and try to meet expectations. Show ambition to be in best harmony with the Capricorn Moon. Wear black.

Thursday: Mercury in Cancer

Mercury moves to Cancer. This draws us back to home, family and plans surrounding both in the weeks ahead. Decisions are more prone to emotional reasons. Some Mercury in Cancer tendencies are to come across as defensive and feel more sentimental. Taurus, a trip back home could make sense now. Scorpio, your plans may involve seeing more of the world. The Moon moves in Aquarius today at 10:17 am adding some balance with logic and clarity. Look for emotional support of help from a group of friends while the Moon is in Aquarius. Teamwork is favored as are community events. Tonight the Sun squares Mars in Gemini and Virgo and using some restraint, especially with words, could be a good idea. The square could cause us to work too hard and come on strong whether we mean to or not. A burst of motivation can also be part of the Sun/Mars action and fixing, reworking, and finding new alternatives is also in the forecast now. Wear turquoise.

Friday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon in Aquarius aligns with Venus in Gemini enhancing our interactions, especially in love and with friends. It's a good day to improve a relationship, support a friend, get wise and compassionate advice, or attend events where you could form new friendships. The Moon and Sun in sync improves our confidence and clarity, helping us make solid decisions and feel balanced. Tonight Mercury combines forces with Neptune fostering creativity, communication, and providing an escape from the norm. It's a good night for friends and lovers and social events of all kinds. Wear pink.

Saturday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

Saturn winks from Libra to the Moon reminding us of obligations we should take care of, preferably on the early side, today. The Aquarius Moon is good for diligent and focused work as groups or teams. Contribute and do your part if the opportunity is there. The Moon moves to Pisces and meets Neptune from 3:22 pm EST on, and that time is more suited to an escape, a daydream, some creative work, or a romantic night. We are more prone to indulging or being affected by mind altering experiences or substances. Try not to put yourself in vulnerable places. Tonight is made for enjoyment and release of worry and stress. Wear blue.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon has Pluto checking in from Capricorn, reminding us to keep our feet on the ground and deal with realities. Draw upon your talents and strengths and balance creative and productive energies today. Mercury in Cancer may have us discussing, reminiscing, and psycholanalyzing to some extent. Avoid getting too caught up in the past or in emotions that aren't productive, grduges for example. The Moon squares Venus and relationship life is changeable and the areas that need work will be evident. However, this is tension we can work through and come out better on the other side if we have flexibility and are willing. Today's color is green.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 28th to June 3rd, 2012

Monday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon moves in at 2:06 am EST, however today is less structured and predictable than the usual Virgo influence. A variety of Moon/planet aspects keep us thinking and adapting. The Gemini Sun combined with Uranus in Aries add lots of spark to the day and that can ignite fun and festivity or encourage discussions or even arguements. Situations could heat up quickly and we may be impatient or anxious, or, perhaps more positively, excited. The 2nd quarter Moon is today and we may need to make progress and hit milestones on the way to upcoming deadlines. Tonight the Moon and Mercury bring debates, information and news to the forefront. Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon conjunct Mars

The Virgo Moon meets Mars retrograde which may bring up unfinished business and details that need to be refined or agreed upon. We'll be particular about our choices and have little tolerance for mistakes or lack of judgment today. Venus is square to the Moon increasing the chance we'll debate. Trying to work things out in relationships will require plenty of flexibility and also a willingness to be sensible and helpful. An organized, business-like attitude will be an asset today. Tonight we look for reasons to get away, learn new things and break stagnant patterns as the Moon approaches a trine to Jupiter in Taurus. Open your mind to possibilities. Wear green.

Wednesday: Libra Moon, Mercury square Mars

The need to negotiate and find middle ground or consensus is strong, however it may be a challenge to reach agreements today. The Libra Moon engages with planets in Aries and Capricorn bringing many different influences in, while Mercury in Gemini squares Mars and settling will be difficult! Many points of view and an undecided or unyielding nature dominate the day. Gather information and assess situations as well as who the powerful players are, and know that tomorrow could be a bit easier for final resolutions. Tonight, debates and discussions result as we try to make plans. The Moon and Sun find agreement in the air signs, so intellect and logic rule. We may also be more agreeable and sociable in the evening versus earlier in the day. Wear lavender.

Thursday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon in harmony with Mercury and Venus in Gemini and together with Saturn sets us up very well for logical, mature decision making. Stepping up to responsibility, doing what's fair, and resolving disputes is in the forecast. Negotiating, mediating, and finding compromise are all favored. If nothing serious is pending, it's an excellent day for friendship, networking and mixing business with pleasure. Tonight is more of the same with a void Moon starting at 9:31 pm putting an end to important business for the night. Do present yourself well. Libra Moon time values appearances and is about making impressions. Wear pink.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon is in Scorpio as of 8:31 am EST. The Moon and Venus create the story in Gemini, and it's bound to be a romantic one. Events in our personal and love lives should be beneficial and can include reconciliation, decisions made together, dates and occasions! The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Neptune adding to the rose colored feeling about the day! Focus on what or whom you really care about and make it a nice time! Wear red.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

We're in the zone for Monday's lunar eclipse and Full Moon now. The Moon is in Scorpio aligned with Mars in Virgo. Super organization and focus are part of this Scorpio Moon. We'll feel that drive for what we want and won't yield easily. Scorpio, Cancer, and Taurus may put that energy toward relationship matters, while Aquarius can benefit from persistence in career matters and personal development. Today has an intensity that may be more than you bargained for on a Saturday! Wear indigo blue.

Sunday: Full Moon in Sagittarius (Monday), Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is void of course from 5:29 am to 8:32 am and then in Sagittarius, where the eclipse occurs tomorrow morning. This Full Moon impacts our philosophies of life and is opposite Venus, implying relationship changes and negotiations. Globally, news is likely to heat up. Travel may be impacted by global events or on a more personal level because of changes of mind or circumstances. A variety of Moon/palnet aspects means a mixed bag today and people and plans may be unreliable or unpredictable. Lunar eclipses bring changes and effects for Cancers as well as the Moon sign and it's opposite, this time meaning Sagittarius and Gemini. These are often unplanned or sudden. Women in our lives often announce plans and news at lunar eclipse time. Wear purple.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 21st to May 27th 2012

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Monday: Solar Eclipse

Yesterday's solar eclipse in Gemini affects the entire month, and today we're in the midst of developing news and changes. Gemini is a mutable sign increasing the stirred up effect, newsworthiness, and tendency to change our minds and our responses more than once throughout events initiated by the eclipse. Expect announcements and sudden moves that you wouldn't have predicted. Hearing from long lost siblings or friends is likely along with other news from brothers, sisters or cousins, and Aries is in a particular position to have that happen. With Uranus and Neptune involed with the Moon, today could be very unsettled with big adjustments and ever changing circumstances. Situations and people tend toward being hard to read or rely on. Take your time and be meticulous with what you put in writing or in conversation or emails. The metaphor for today is "being thrown a curve ball". It's generally busy too! Tonight the Moon squares Mars and we get picky about the details and might make minor things into arguements. Try to keep things in perspective and act as if everyone is under as much stress as you, if you are. Wear white.

Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Two conjunctions today in the signs Taurus and Gemini intensify decisions, business and relationships. Mercury meets Jupiter in Taurus creating great conditions for long terms decisions that may involved education, travel, building or real estate and business. Make sure you're committed for the long haul if you act now! Taurus is a sign that doesn't give up easily and expects follow through. The Moon and Venus meet in Gemini for interesting connections and meetings between people. Leo may meet intriguing new friends while Taurus or Scorpio may connect with a potential business partner. Aquarius and Sagittarius may find their love lives sparked by this. It's a fun, flirtatious, and outgoing aspect to the day. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn in Libra for work if that's what you need to take care of tonight. The void of course Moon starts at 6:51 pm and you may want to check your calendar and voicemail so you don't miss something important. Wear pink today.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon moves to her home sign Cancer at 7:31 am. Neptune, the planet of imagination, dreams, and sometimes confusion, is active with both Moon and Sun aspects today. We need to make sure we know what we're supposed to be doing. If your thinking doesn't feel clear, put off a meeting or decision for now. Today has plenty of creative potential. The chameleon in us comes out to adapt or blend in as necessary. Fitting in to your surroundings will be an asset verus standing out too much. Tonight, a less than aggressive approach may be best. Getting in someone's face or being too pushy will not go over well and could create issues that can be sidestepped. Go about your business quietly for best results today. Wear light blue.

Thursday: Mercury in Gemini

Mercury, the planet of news, communications, and our intelligence, moves to Gemini at 7:12 am. Mercury in Gemini adds to the change we've been experiencing or noticing around us. This is a time of changing our minds, exploring new interests and different perspectives, and it's also geared toward commuting differently, buying a vehicle, and changing phones or plans and other technology upgrades. The Moon is in Cancer today, and the Cancer Moon may not be comfortable with all the transitions. Opposite Pluto and in harmony with Mars, the Cancer Moon finds us mentally and emotionally stirred up. There's an urge to figure things out in order to feel more secure. We'll want things to be predictable during an unpredictable time overall. Tonight, home may seem like the place to be, perhaps reorganizing or cleaning up. Our environment will seem to reflect our moods. Wear black.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void in Cancer from 10:34 am to 6:11 pm. Today is best taken slowly without much stress or pressure. Particularly with decisions and purchases, do not be pushed to make up your mind or open your wallet during the void of course time. Cleaning, taking care of simple work or repairs, and getting ready for family or guests makes sense. We're satisfied by making our environment clean and comfortable and being domestic. That includes preparing food and working the garden or landscape too! The Leo Moon tonight brings on party time! Mercury is square to Neptune so keep your wits about you and don't be scammed or fooled. It's a very good night for parties and other socializing as the Moon and Mercury prepare to align in Leo and Gemini, two of the zodiac's most outgoing signs. Wear purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon

The Moon works with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus today. It's a spontaneous time and the Leo Moon favors happiness and good times including performances, entertainment, and games. It's a nice day for a special event, but with Uranus in Aries having an influence, a Plan B is good just in case of last minute changes. Find something to celebrate and people to spend time with. We're not meant to be isolated today. Wear gold.

Sunday: Leo Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury

The social aspect of the weekend continues as the Sun meets Mercury. It's a people person's day and meant for positive interactions, meeting new people and spending time with family or friends. Like last weekend, we may reunite withour brothers and sisters or cousins, ruled by Mercury. News from them is likely too. The Sun and Mercury may initiate agreements, negotiations and things that must be put in writing and it's a favorable time for that. Mercury sextile Uranus keeps things ever changing and situations may be hard to keep up with as develpoments, possible related to last Sunday's colar eclipse, continue. Today is also meant for a good game or party. Wear yellow.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 14th to 21st 2012

Monday: Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Pluto. Mercury also forms a trine to Pluto in Taurus and Capricorn. This is suited for working out a deal of some kind. Put things in writing, make business agreements or take action on personal matters. Business of a sensitive nature is in the forecast today. Pisces Moon favors compassion and understanding when dealing with others. This Moon sign is very emotional and expressive. Outlets such as music, art or writing can helps us through moods or days like this. The energy is mostly agreeable and positive though, so ask for what you need and listen to others. We may be more likely than usual to indulge a request or just give someone time to talk or vent. The night could easily evolve into long phone calls or late night discussions. We're in a story telling mood. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Mars retrograde in Virgo

The Pisces Moon is void of course from7:59 am to 5:45 pm. This could seem like a lost day, be very relaxing and creative, or turn out to be frustrating because you can't quite get things going. Mars retrograde in Virgo starts at 10:33 am. The mutable energy of the day leaves us very much in flux, but does work if you're in transitional phases. There's ambiguity about things which can be forgiving if you want to put something off or just feel undecided. The Moon squares Venus bringing up relationships questions particularly for Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini. The Moon and Sun work together helping our align our inner desires with the actions we take. The Moon is in Aries tonight, which can make us feel more energized or on the other hand, feel pressured. We may need to tell someone or be told to back off a bit for the next day or so. Wear red.

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

The Moon and Uranus are fast, spontaneous and sometimes combustible when combined. Today is fiery with some earth energy thrown in as Mars and Pluto align. There could be too much going on, too much pressure to act in uncertain or quickly changing circumstances, or we may feel highly motivated to finally act on something that was shelved for a while. Mars and Pluto can help us clear out clutter and confusion if we're willing to take on the work. Reorganize some part of your life or your space under this trine. Pluto is bringing up what we've pushed aside or hoped would go away on it's own. The Moon and Pluto favor speedy action though we don't want to be too impulsive along the way. Make sure you're giving things enough thought. The Aries Moon is about breaking new ground and making attempts. Wear orange today.

Thursday: Aries Moon

The Moon in Aries works well with Venus in Gemini if you're looking to make a new romantic connnection or take an adventure with the person you love being with most. Today is about movement including travels and good connections including romantic ones. In business, our social network counts and emails and news will be buzzing today. The people and things we care about and are interested in personally will be priority. Topics that bore us or are obligatory only will be avoided or abandoned. High interests may include home life and better routines for Capricorn, career and other personal plans for Cancer and Virgo, romance for Sagittarius, and friendship and love for Gemini. The Moon opposes Saturn at 5:44 pm EST and is then void of course until 6:03 am. Social plans can be spontaneous and it's a good night out though Saturn's influence could leave some feeling a bit guilty or like they should be two places at once. Taking care of a responsibility before fun might leave you feeling more at ease. Wear pink today.

Friday: Moon in Taurus

Two days before the solar eclipse in Gemini, you might feel major changes coming even if you're not sure what they are yet! The Moon is in Taurus as of 6:03 am and we're in the right zone for solid decisions and commitments we can fulfill. The Moon aligns with Neptune today, and we'll stay in touch with emotions while doing what needs to be accomplished. Today is a little less "bull headed" than some Taurus Moon days. Neptune adds an escapist effect and a movie or field trip will be appealing. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Solar Eclipse in Gemini

The solar eclipse in Gemini is tomorrow. This weekend think back to last year around the end of May and the month of June and see if some of the events of that time coincide with what's going on now. That could be in the form of unfinished business or a further development in what the news was then. The Moon is in Taurus and so is the Sun today, but both will move on tomorrow. This is a day of rethinking, getting things ready for major transitions, and also could be a day of news we didn't anticipate. The eclipse tomorrow could quickly move a situation that seems stagnant today. Be ready to roll with whatever comes along. At the same time, do be both in the moment and forward thinking at once. Perhaps you can anticipate what's next and have a few alternate plans. The Taurus Moon in harmony with Pluto and Mars grounds us in what we need to accomplish today. Wear brown.

Sunday: Sun in Gemini, New Moon in Gemini, Solar Eclipse

The Moon is void of course from 8:35 am to 7:05 pm in Taurus. Those hours are a transition to a new cycle as the Sun shifts to Gemini for the last phase of spring at 11:16 am followed by a New Moon/solar eclipse tonight. The Moon meets Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus first with very postive vibes and benefits including improved communication, reason to grow and expand, prosperity and health. Act on any situation you could improve or heal! The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:05 and the solar eclipse occurs at 7:47 pm EST. A Gemini eclipse related to brothers and sisters, communication, and news. A solar eclipse also impacts Leo, ruled by the Sun, fathers as represented by the Sun, and other men in our lives. Rapid, unexpected change and turns of events are likely. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Astrology May 7th to May 13th. 2012

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon squares Neptune and Mars putting the astrological action in the mutable signs, signaling change! Sagittarius Moon represents and initiates change that broadens our perspective and experience pushing us beyond our comfort level. Expect to be required or at least requested to think differently and reorganize. From daily routine & work protocols for Cancer to home routines and schedules for Virgo and financial realignments for Scorpio, shifts in both mindset and action are urged now. The Moon also lines up with Uranus in Aries, and this can feel fast and leave little room for stillness. Centering yourself for what's ahead, just post Full Moon, is a good idea today. A ready for anything attitude is better than trying to resist change today. Sagittarian thirst for adventure is called for. Tonight, find yourself out of your comfort zone doing what you normally wouldn't on a Monday night. Wear purple.

Tuesday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The Moon opposes Venus in Gemini. Opening our minds to new ways of being in relationships is part of the tension. Can you rethink relationships and your expectations of significant people in your life? There's a call for change in how we relate, think, and behave in one on one partnerships of any kind. Share philosophies, perspectives and plans. See how they coincide and how they are out of sync and decide what you can both accept and live with. Travel, education and other opportunities that sometimes separate couples are some of the highlighted issues you could be wrestling with. Saturn and Mercury align with the Moon today helping us discuss and deal rationally. Apart from relationships, we may find our minds being challenged with new information and enlightened moments. Picking up a book on an area of interest makes sense today or tonight. Explore something you might try or get involved in. The Moon is void of course from 9:34 to 10:00 pm EST and moves into Capricorn then. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus is a time of methodical and committed decisions. Act now on things you really want to grow and thrive and that you really want to stick with. For example, commit to a relationship, whether through engagement or renewed promises to each other. Initiate a building project, like a home, business or renovation, or even a garden start up or expansion. Make sure your interest level and desire for success are high since it may be hard to quit things we start during Taurus times. The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and aligns with Mars for constructive approaches and good reason to get out of bed or off the couch and do something! Wear brown.

Thursday: Mercury sextile Neptune, Capricorn Moon

Curiosity and inventiveness activate as Mercury and Neptune align. Figure out an alternative way to do something, or change the variables and compare the results. Learn by being curious and asking questions rather than simply accepting what you assumed or accepted as fact. Mercury and Neptune feed the imagination. This can be used for writing and creating. The Moon is in harmony with the Sun and Jupiter today helping us with confidence. Saturn squares the Moon from Libra reminding us to take another perspective into consideration and be fair in our dealings with others. The Moon is void of course from 3:11 pm on. Make purchases and significant decisions before that time. Tonight, a void Moon in Capricorn is best for handling simple things or just relaxing. Wear blue.

Friday: Moon in Aquarius

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 1:03 am and squares Mercury in Taurus. We'll want to stand by our friends and stick with our ideals rather than compromise today. This square is very strong willed. The dominant sides of our personalities may come out in full force, but that doesn't always mean controlling or opinionated. The loyal, diligent sides can show too! What won't go over well is slighting someone's family member or good friend or questioning someone's ideals. The Moon and Uranus align for forward thinking as well as acting in the moment, spontaneously. Tonight is good for spur of the moment gatherings and friendship in general. Wear turquoise.


The Moon in Aquarius favors community and events where we gather around a common cause or celebration. From a neighborhood clean up to a class reunion or graduation parties, invite a group to participate! We'll appreciate and enjoy companionship, the support of others, and also more festive gatherings. The Moon and planets in Taurus do exert a stubborn influence in the late day and evening hours. This may come out in the form of strong opinions and willfulness, yet the Moon's aspects with Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Libra should keep moods pretty stable and relationships balanced. Smooth things out before they escalate. It's a void of course Moon from 8:52 pm to 7:42 am. We can be easily distracted or forgetful, but the positive side is a relaxed attitude. Wear purple.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Neptune, Sun conjunct Jupiter

It's a pleasure seeker's day as the Sun meets Jupiter for prosperity and happiness. Overflowing with good feelings is in the forecast, and the Moon meets Neptune and we can more easily overlook imperfections. Mercury and Mars also align for proactive discussions where you can actually accomplish something and you're willing to yield or do your part. The Moon in Pisces is forgiving and understanding at best. Tonight the Moon opposite Mars means we need to look at both sides and aim for flexible solutions, even if just for now, not forever. Today's color is green.