Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Astrology October 29th to November 4th, 2012

Monday: Taurus Moon

Full Moon in Taurus is at 2:15 am EST. Mercury changes signs, moving to Sagittarius, just a few minutes later. The Full Moon is supported by Neptune in Pisces for spirituality, compassion, and creativity. Saturn in Scorpio, across the zodiac, adds importance to the events, actions, and decision we take during this Full Moon. The time may be due for a decision that required lots of deliberation.  Get good advice and look to the voices of experience.  This Moon is goal oriented and is about figuring out how to accomplish things in the best possible way.  Taking dreams and ideas to reality is the work of the Moon, Mercury and Neptune today. Mercury and Neptune square and our minds are very changeable and malleable today. It could be the right time to convince someone that your method or idea can work!  Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn, this Full Moon highlights relationship events. Sagittarius, it's problem solving time and you should not ignore a puzzling situation at home. Look for solutions.  Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius so if you're on the brink of a major move or decision, this is the last really good day, or postpone until after November 26th.  This Full Moon demands that we do what we can especially to create security, positive working environment, and if you're a Scorpio or Taurus, a stronger relationship or other collaboration.  Tonight the Moon is void of course from 5:01 pm until Wednesday.  Mercury in Sagittarius prompts us to apply to college, training programs, or for travel opportunities. Do that tonight if the due date is soon.  Taurus Full Moon is great for baking cakes! Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon, Sun sextile Pluto

The Moon is void of course so we're best off doing routine things. With the Moon just past full, it's likely we may be dealing with due dates, news and events that need to be handled asap though. The Sun and Pluto work in Scorpio and Capricorn, and business and personal things that have been secret may have to be revealed. Deal with an emotional situation in a logical way and avoid some anxiety or drama.  It's a good day to find that elusive piece of information you needed, so ask questions tactfully. An air of reserve and authority will help when interacting with people. Both Scorpio and Capricorn like to keep private matters private.  It's not a good day to be involved in gossip or hearsay.  Take decisions seriously if you have to commit to anything, though with the Moon void you might just want to put promises off until tomorrow later in the day. It's a good day to bake, clean, prepare for parties or cook a big dinner.  Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon, Happy Halloween!

The Moon moves to Gemini at 2:40 pm. After such a long void of course Moon, we may feel we have to reconnect with people or business we pushed aside a day or two ago.  The early hours of today are just like yesterday, good for routine or holiday and party prep. This afternoon the Moon squares Neptune and a revisit of a Monday Full Moon theme, probably about trust, might be necessary.  Creative juices could be flowing for last minute Halloween things too. The Moon opposite Mercury indicates reasons to negotiate and discuss, and tonight's plans may change or be up for debate late this afternoon.  Travel plans may need revisiting or revision too.  The Moon aligns with Venus for a Happy Halloween night, full of friendship and festivity, in Gemini and Libra.  Leo, Aquarius, and Aries love this Moon/Venus action too! Team up as a duo, partners or couples with the Moon in Gemini, sign of the twins. Wear yellow. Your Halloween forecasts are here.

Thursday: Venus opposite Uranus

Two aspects dominate the day and night. Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and you may feel like you're revisiting relationship situations from late September's Full Moon time. Sudden changes of status happen with an opposition like this.  We might enter or end love relationships quickly.  Other partnerships are implicated too, and some will find out things that change their feelings.  Unexpected announcements, departures and actions will change the course of relationships today and this week.  Gemini hosts the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter which is open minded, communicative, and generally optimistic and beneficial. If there's a down side it's exaggeration. Try to to make something bigger, better or worse than it really is, in your mind.  The brain is a powerful tool, and we sometimes believe our own stories so make yours good and not too unrealistic! Wear red.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

The Gemini Moon is void of course and it's the second long void Moon this week. Sometimes it feels like we get nothing done or spin our wheels without focus on days like this one.  The Moon opposite Mars may have us edgy or inexplicably nervous or rushed.  Travel plans suffer delays or we make changes to original plans.  Today is best suited to the flexible and easygoing among us.  Type A personalities feel crazy with the disorder!  If you can change your mind at the flip of a coin and go with the flow it can be a good day for road trips and simple adventures.  It's a good day to get lost in a book or in writing you do yourself.  We are very close to Mercury retrograde and today will contain the reversals, transportation issues and technical or communication glitches of a retrograde day, I would expect.  Tonight is social though changeable and unreliable. The Moon is void of course until 3:43 am EST. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon, End of Daylight Savings Time

Today is busy with plenty of conflicting influences. The Cancer Moon squares Uranus and Venus in Aries and Libra. Relationships undergo change or strain.  Cancer Moon likes comfort and reliability and today could very well be lacking in those qualities.  Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn particularly face relationship and love life challenges.  Venus squares Pluto and we need to face facts where love and trust are concerned.  We aren't likely to be very forgiving and grudges sometimes come up or begin under these circumstances.  Today is well spent with family, taking care of people we love, and dealing compassionately with emotional situations.  Cancer is the sign of home and it's a good day to take care of things there.  Today's color is white.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 am.  The Moon is in Cancer in harmony with the Sun in Scorpio. This encourages us to express ourselves, create and enjoy music and art.  The Moon is once again void of course all day long, from 3:37 am to 2:30 pm tomorrow.  If this week has been strange or confusing and includes change and indecision, the void of course Moon times extended along with the close proximity to Mercury retrograde after a Full Moon are more than enough explanation! Take it as easy as you can.  Attend to home and family matters. Work at your art. Wear blue.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Astrology October 22nd through October 28th, 2012

We're approaching Mercury's Sagittarius/Scorpio retrograde November 6th to 26th. Getting things decided, sorted out, and initiated prior to the start of November is a good plan unless you can wait until December! At least we won't have the retrograde during most of the holiday shopping season. How's the Saturn in Scorpio trend suiting you? October brought in plenty of new astrological energy. If you want a reading on these new trends ($25 and up), email me
I hope you enjoy the forecasts! Halloween forecasts are also posted below this week, sign by sign!

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Monday: Sun in Scorpio

The Moon is in Aquarius with a stubborn square to Saturn in Scorpio at 4:00 am EST. We start the day with unyielding attitudes and possibly deep concerns.  The Aquarius Moon's tendency to step back and apply logic helps.  Saturn in Scorpio can be dark and pessimistic. Uranus works with the Moon from fiery Aries and we're reminded that many things are out of our immediate control. Today may be hardest for those who resist change. Being progressive and thinking out of the box aligns best with this Aquarius Moon.  Tonight, the Sun moves to Scorpio at 8:14 pm EST (babies born before that are Libras with Aquarius Moon). The Moon and Mars align in Aquarius and Sagittarius and we want to be on the move. Shaking it up, changing things up, acting with strong intention is to be expected tonight.  Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: Sun trine Neptune

The Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and the Sun with Neptune! The positivity is in the air and water signs and by default impacts all signs! We'll tend to see the benefits and hopeful sides of situations.  The air sign action in Aquarius/Gemini favors intellectual tasks and creative solutions that work! The Sun and Neptune in Scorpio and Pisces boost our creativity too and can help us channel stress into art and music. We do have to be careful of too much imagination or  idealism taking over though! Enjoy exploring ideas and experiencing things that open your mind and your heart.  Tonight the Moon squares Mercury in Scorpio and discussions will be serious and opinions strong. The tendency will be a stalemate so it's not worth pushing to the point of arguement.  The Moon is void from 9:27 pm to 7:00 am EST. Stick with resolutions and decisions tonight.  Wear blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune

Neptune influences another day this week as the Moon moves into Pisces connecting with the planet of illusion and imagination at 7:00 am. Be aware that you might get lost in dreams and oversleep! The subconscious mind is at work. Aries you might feel like you worked out a problem in your sleep! The Pisces Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. We're ferreting out hidden information and becoming aware our undercurrents and subterranean influences. Be intuitive and not too trusting. Neptune can be deceptive, and Aquarius or Leo could be misled in a financial deal or lured by a job that's not what it's advertised to be.  Virgo and Scorpio  get the romantic influence but should be realistic also about a lover's flaws.  We can overlook certain things today which helps us not get too worked up but could also lead us in the wrong direction.  Double check your judgment. Otherwise enjoy a creative day designed for a fun escape from the usual with a little luck! Wear green.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun and Saturn meet in Scorpio at 4:32 am EST. Though the Moon in Pisces forms two squares to planets in Gemini and Sagittarius, the story really lies with the Sun/Saturn Scorpio action today.  Here are a few ways it will manifest. People who deal with and live with addiction may find strong reason to change. This could come in the form of a health issue that requires ending a habit once and for all. That sort of news or realization and mental issues like breakdowns are triggered by Saturn now. Rock bottom will arrive for some.  For those of us not in an addiction cycle or not prone to psychological issues, other health issues should get attention. Don't let a longstanding concern linger now! Look into it! Aside from health, Saturn can bring criticism especially from an employer or parent. Try to take criticism constructively and look for what you can take from it even if you feel it's unwarranted.  Gemini may feel this effect at work. Aquarius could get a rough review of his or her work or performance.  This is a day to get serious about what you want to stick out vs what you want to change.  Tonight, Mercury and Venus in harmony help us relax and enjoy other people's company and this may be especially good for Cancer, Taurus, Virgo and Scorpios who've experienced some stress or miscommunication. Today's color is black.

Friday: Moon opposes Venus

The Moon moves from Pisces to Aries at 3:31 pm EST and is void from 11:04 until then. Before 11 use Mercury's communication skills to settle on a decision or negotiate a deal or a personal relationship matter.  The Moon opposes Venus at 11:04. One on one relationships that have a lot up dor discussion or are in flux may feel more confusing or at a crossroad today.  Pisces and Virgo feel this in long term relationships while Taurus and Scorpio may find this more true in newer relationships or friendships. Neptune has been active in the zodiac this week so don't be deceived. Trust actions over words for sure.  If you can find compromise, it's a great day to shift into better times as a couple but this will require some willingness to change on both sides, most likely.  The Aries Moon moves in at 3:31 pm and we'll want to forget problems, start anew, blow off the hot topics of the week and move forward independentlyand/ or feeling great about our partnerships. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon meets Uranus overnight, and that can indicate a wild time and an extreme turn of events.  Check your messages this morning. Avoid impulsivity that could involve you in problems.  The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and motivation kicks in. We're pushed or feel pressured, even by ourselves, to take action.  Questioning authority and determining who's in charge and how much clout we have is in the forecast today. The Aries Moon is competitive as Mars adds energy from fire sign Sagittarius. There's a thirst for adventure and newness.  Tonight, parties are timed with Aries Moon and Jupiter in social Gemini. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Venus in Libra

Venus moves into Libra, sign of partnership, at 9:04 am EST and spends about a month.  During this time, seek harmony, forgiveness, improved relationships and new partners. Love, friendship, and business duos form and thrive.  Today, the Moon continues to push emotional buttons and trigger impulses in Aries. Selfishness could be an issue. Putting self first and being selfish are two different things, and it might be time to take care of your self. It's acting without thinking and manipulating that create the issues however.  Mars in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter and we are strongly aware of, if not arguing over, extreme points of view.  Be careful of anything put in writing that could be harmful or contentious.  This opposition can add to fanatical thinking and action.  It might be best to lay low and keep things simple today if possible. Disagreements will be hard to settle. Mars in Sagittarius can be too much fire and some will act on jealousy or against others without regard for the consequences.  The other side of this opposition is it can break us out of stuck ways of thinking like a bolt of lightning.  Avoid confrontation if you can. If not, use Jupiter in Gemini's way with words and keep exaggeration at bay.  Wear purple.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Forecast Sign by Sign

On Halloween this year the Moon is just past Full, waning in Taurus and Gemini. Earth sign Moon, void of course in Taurus, starts the day and is suited to cooking and preparations through mid afternoon. If you need to make something or bake something, the Taurus Moon provides just the right energy and a relaxed breather after Monday's Full Moon peak. The Gemini Moon moves in mid afternoon, rejuvenating our social selves and putting us in the mood to gather. Magicians, wizards, genies, twins, and partner costumes that match or complement fit the Gemini night. The Moon aligns with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and Libra respectively. Today's color is yellow.

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Scorpio: Halloween passions activate as the Moon travels your signs of love and marriage as well as other steamy affairs! Mercury and the Moon favor secrets kept. The message from the other side may not be your imagination at all, as these two heavenly bodies align in signs related to the afterlife. Pay attention to dream messages and signs that seem like omens. Venus is positioned to give you plenty of treats. You are one who may play tricks!

Sagittarius: It's a date night for you with the Moon favoring Sagittarius lovers, and Venus working your end for charm and attraction. Team up in matching costumes and win the costume contest! Gathering with friends is also fun as Mercury in Libra provides the perfect invite or group to hang with. You're the kings and queens of this Halloween!

Capricorn: The sugar will go to your head and a Halloween hangover could be yours if you're not careful! Whether you like a quieter celebration with a few scary movies or are willing to rally with your Libra and Sagittarius friends, the idea is not to push yourself to do anything you're not really into. More than other signs, I see you working and making a few extra bucks today or tonight, happy to count the dollars in a paycheck over candy in a pillowcase.

Aquarius: Halloween fun for you, Aquarius. All your friends are up for the action, and Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini make festive companions. Aquarians get to the most parties, do the most monster mash, and travel with a noticeable pack, dressed to impress.

Pisces: The party's probably at your place, and even if not, you have the Halloweenie-est places in the neighborhood. Costumes, candy and other treats. Venus has you favored as a contest winner or maybe you're on stage tonight, in the spotlight, ready to entertain. Pisces' Halloween is sweet and memorable!

Aries: Spending Halloween with family will be fun, if you're in proximity, Aries! You could weave a great ghost story for the kids tonight. If you happen to be away from home, that could be especially good too as Venus travels Sagittarius and new experiences and places are full of excitement! You may have to negotiate plans before settling, but once you figure it out, this Halloween is one of your best!

Taurus: If you're the host or helping out, today you'll be comfortable in the kitchen or even cleaning and decorating. The Moon in your sign favors Taurus to create a festive mood! The Gemini Moon later means business for you, and you could rake in some cash working tonight!

Gemini: Ease into Halloween, as the Moon quietly shifts into your sign this afternoon. Even if you thought you didn't have plans, chances are you will! It's a very social Gemini night. You make a great wizard, witch or magician this year. Think alchemy and turn something to gold!

Cancer: The mystical side of Halloween is what you want to celebrate. Rituals, remembering ancestors, revisiting favorite Halloween stories, and other slightly introspective activities will do. It's a good day for you to get your cards or your palm read. What's the fortune teller's take on your story? Don't be afraid to join your Leo, Libra, or Aquarius friends for a night out too!

Leo: Halloween conditions are just how you like this year. The Full Moon on the 29th may have you really celebrating something that transcends the holiday and makes you very pleased and proud. The Gemini Moon at night is party ready! You're with friends in something that sparkles or is inspired by nature,if not both! Gemini Moon is about Leo friendship, wishes and dreams. Go wholeheartedly into Halloween.

Virgo: Virgos working and performing at Halloween events get the right vibes for success as the Moon moves to Gemini! It might not be all fun and candy. There's more to it for you as the Moon puts you in the spotlight for your talents. Now if that includes costume making, you might be a contest winner. Venus in Sagittarius makes it a good night to entertain at your place or do some nesting there in Halloween cnadle light. A smaller gathering will suit you best.

Libra: Mercury graces your sign and works with the Gemini Moon Halloween night. For you, a Halloween road trip or even bigger excursion is an exciting opportunity! Or maybe your costume is the exotic choice and you're play acting at being from a far away land. Being out of the usual neighborhood and routine, possibly creating a new Halloween tradition, is how you'll be happiest. Air and fire sign friends like Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius would love to join you, wherever.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly October 15th through October 21st, 2012

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Monday: New Moon in Libra

The New Moon means time to initiate, restart, or make a change. This lunar cycle begins at 8:02 am with the Moon in Libra. Jupiter is closely aligned in Gemini, favoring intelligence and communication. Collaborate with the New Moon in the sign of partnership. Couples and partners may find a new chance or revival this week and next. If it's worth trying to work out, this is your time! The Moon is void of course from 8:02 am until 8:06 pm EST, which  may help us relax while not helping concentration. We can be mentally distracted or feel unbalanced, and it's best to save your word and stick with it after 8:06 pm.  Mars and Uranus meet at 6:33 am setting up the whole day to be active but probably chaotic or even strange.  It's a time that's hard to plan for, and we'll be acting on the fly. Try to avoid being reactive. Give yourself time instead even if it means making something or someone wait. The Moon is in Scorpio tonight, aligned with Neptune and our passions become our priorities whether it's our creative drive or love life.  The Moon also meets Saturn for serious focus and intentions that matter.  We'll be serious about what we take on or decide tonight. Wear maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon

Mercury and the Moon, both in Scorpio, align with Venus in Virgo today. This is great energy for designers and decorators. Putting ideas for color and style together with the skills to make it happen is one talent of this combination.  Mercury is also helping with communication generally, and talking things out is favored.  Virgo may have family or friendship things to iron out and Cancer may relate to that too. Leo can use this Scorpio energy to improve things at home from relationships to actual home improvements.  Mercury and Venus combine for lovers who are trying to make decisions together.  Gemini or Leo may be talking co-habitation and Taurus and Aquarius could be in a more general place of better communication with a love or business partner.  Focus is the key today. Use the Scorpio intensity to zero in on your most important priorities.  Tonight, Venus and Jupiter square and Virgo and Gemini and Sagittarius and Pisces by default could feel upset or unsettled by a partner or room mate problem.  We might make problems bigger than they are and tomorrow's perspective could be more realistic.  The Moon starts a long void of course time at 10:23 pm EST.  Patience is called for. Wear indigo blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon to Sagittarius

Restless energy will be common with this void of course Moon. We'll do best occupied with something that takes our attention in one direction and keeps us busy. Even mindless work could be very good if you're putting off a conversation or bigger task.  The void of course Moon is not really designed for a major decision or purchase. The oncoming Sagittarius Moon has us feeling the fire inside too. If there's a grudge or something you want to get off your chest, think it out calmly and wait until you can handle yourself in a way you won't regret.  Today, people could be edgy or blunt or too emotional.  The Sagittarius Moon moves in at 8:26 pm. It's good for getting some distance and possibly perspective. Think about the quote "live and let live". Decide if something can be let go or whether it's even your problem or decision in the first place. Get out of your own way and do something fun or freeing.  We could be too concerned with other people's business on days like this. Pay more attention to your own priorities. Tonight the Moon squares Neptune and emotional situations will be difficult to navigate for many signs.  This aspect can be a distraction, but a bit of escape might be just the thing! Wear purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

After a Monday New Moon, the sign Sagittarius says fire up and move on things!  Identify what can move you forward and try not to get stuck in daydreams unless you can turn them into something real, like a vacation! Aries and Capricorn, you're likely to be most in the mood to book travel.  The Moon meets Mars, and opposes Jupiter, activating our minds. Sagittarius may be in the mood to debate, if not confront on the more extreme side.  Virgo and Pisces both have planets highlighting career and home and may be very busy and a bit conflicted. Libras who write or are students can benefit from the Sagittarius Moon's philosophical outlook.  Cancer, throwing yourself in to work makes sense but take care of your health too.  This is a good time in the lunar cycles to get things done and settled, particularly since Mercury retrograde starts again the first week of November. Tonight is for adventurers. It's not the best if you're trying to stick with a schedule.  Remind yourself where you're supposed to be if that's relevant.  Today's color is red.

Friday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The Moon is in Sagittarius and will be void of course from 4:27 to 9:41 pm EST. The hours before that are much like the past two days, so revisit those forecast. There's a relationship element thrown in more-so today as Venus contacts the Moon from Virgo. There can be a tug between what we really want to do and what we promised on days like this.  Gemini, relationship and home situations provide some challenge and reason to negotiate.  Sagittarius, make sure you look good on career and work life. Venus is working in that arena with you for about 10 more days and you want to take advantage.  The Libra Sun works with the Moon, helping us remember to be fair and establishing a bit of extra confidence or assertiveness if needed. Leo and Gemini may find this is a lucky or advantageous day as well. Contact someone who can provide a break for you if you're a Lion or Twin.  Tonight, the Moon is void of course and time tables may not match. People will tend to run late. The Moon moves to Capricorn and is in harmony with Neptune in Pisces, taking some edge off if you've been rushing or pressured.  Tonight has mixed influences, but if you're working, Saturn is providing some focus.  We can get a bit down with Saturn's influence, so surround yourself with the positive and ward it off! Wear blue.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon sets us up to make progress. Saturn throws in focus and purpose from Scorpio. The Moon also meets Pluto, Take a realistic look at a problem and form plans for how to solve it.  Saturn in Scorpio brings issues like addiction into focus. If we've become too extreme in any way, this is a good time to change that, become more moderate or get a solid course of action together to end a long standing habit. Uranus in Aries is a wild card influence today. Just when you thought something was under control, the situation changes. Be ready to think quickly and clearly.  Tonight is fine for work or easygoing social plans. Wear black.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon trine Venus in Virgo

The Moon is in harmony with both Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio. If you have research to do, Mercury is your supporting player! Ask the right questions and work on writing and other projects today.  Venus and the Moon help us connect on an emotional level. Resolving personal issues is favored today. Communication may be simple, yet clear and improved.  Choose words carefully, aiming for quality over quantity.  Tonight the Moon and Sun square and we feel the need for progress with long term assignments or things tha should be worked out between two parties.  The Moon moves to Aquarius for an impartial outlook at 11:32 pm EST. Today's color is silver.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly Astrology October 8th through October 14th, 2012

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Cancer

The void of course Moon in Cancer makes it a good day to just hang out and maybe take care of a few things that have been waiting for your attention. It's a better day to clean than shop or buy. Browse and make decisions at another time. Consider options without committing.  Love and attention will be sought after.  Actions speak louder than words if you want to show someone you care. If you can relax or make home a more clean, comfortable place, that's time well spent.  Don't overschedule or be pressured for your word.  Some alone time and privacy may be what Leo wants and Aquarius may want to dive into a project and shut the world out too.  It's 2nd quarter Moon, a time to show or make some progress, but take it steady and slow. The Sun and Jupiter create an air of optimism and confidence tonight. Tomorrow is better for final decisions though. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

The Moon moves to Leo at 7:55 am and we start a busy day in the zodiac. The Sun trine to Jupiter overnight is optimistic and we might set off on adventures or new ventures with excitement. With this happening in Libra and Gemini, air signs, we may overflow with ideas and options! Venus in Virgo forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn at 4:04 am EST which is both positive and realistic for our relationships and friendships. Rather than idealizing or expecting too much from each other, we should be able to relate and understand each other more. Then the Leo Moon adds to the happiness and enthusiasm or makes it more likely we'll feel some of that. Saturn in Scorpio is the devil's advocate though, and attempts to put a damper or dark shadow on plans will probably be met with a shrug or some Leo willfulness. We'll tend to do what we want and act on what we hope for regardless of a warning or possible pitfall in the outcome.  Tonight is meant to be active, creative and spontaneous.  Do watch your words with Mercury in Scorpio. A bit of jealousy or competition is probably based on the past or in fear and worry. Show loyalty and be reassuring to ward some of that off. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune

Planets in Scorpio dominate the day along with the Leo Moon. Both are fixed signs looking for long term effects and commitment.  Mercury, planet of communication and news, aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. We make discoveries and breakthroughs with this aspect, particularly where information and decisions are involved. We are freed up to take actions that were blocked or delayed. New pieces of the puzzle fall into place and it's all systems go! Saturn and Neptune have very different influences, however working together they can give exactly the encouragement and support needed to take ideas to the concrete level and make them real and tangible. This is a truly good day to ask for support, revisit a plan that didn't fly the first time, and break news that's been pending.  The Leo Moon is resilient in the face of change and in harmony with Jupiter and the Sun for positive interactions with others in both business and personal matters.  Go for it today! Tonight, take possibilities and form plans to achieve those goals.  Act with intention, be assertive about your priorities and enjoy exchanging ideas and conversation.  It's a good day to find out who's loyal and where resources or emotional support can be drawn from.  Wear purple.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

The Moon is void of course all the way through 3:23 pm. In Leo, the Moon makes for a good day to connect for friendship, business or opportunities and a day for learning experiences that go beyond the books.  Relax into rehearsing, improvising, and getting ready for performances and presentations.  Try not to be pressured. Give definite answers late in the day or tomorrow since the void Moon isn't great for best judgment calls.  Learning and training go well under Leo Moon and Virgo Moon too, but make notes since we'll tend to forget the details.  Fun and games are very much favored today. Even getting work done can become a competition or game.  The Virgo Moon from 3:23 on is better with the details and practical tasks while aligned with Saturn in Scorpio. Tonight is good for study and fine for other plans though work may take precedence. The Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius for independent thinking. We might not listen carefully or take criticism or direction well. Wear navy blue.

Friday: Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo

Relationships benefit from the Moon and Venus in Virgo today. Pisces and Virgo may especially notice this with spouses and significant others.  Venus in Virgo doesn't let you off the hook if you've been neglecting relationship or responsibilities to each other, but this planet in Virgo is flexible and forgiving if you are willing to put effort in or want to reconcile. Taurus and Scorpio also enjoy a good day socially and in love and romance.  The Moon also aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury in Scorpio helping with solutions and troubleshooting. We can get more organized and on track today.  Scorpio, Capricorn and Virgo should feel progress and accomplishment in both work and with personal relationships.  Ask for advice or help, negotiate and find more effective ways to work or communicate. Tonight the Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini and is then void of course from 7:48 pm on. Exaggeration and having more ideas or bigger ideas than we can follow through with is one effect. If you can just take tonight lightly and relax or enjoy time with friends, that's the best plan. We might have to ignore the loudest one in the group tonight.  It's a good date night though with the Moon and Venus creating feel good vibes.  Wear pink.

Saturday: Virgo/Libra Moon

The Moon is void of course until 7:02 pm then in Libra through Monday's New Moon. Prior to New Moon rethink your priorities and what you want to devote attention to or finish.  The Virgo Moon today is best for relaxation and routine. Since the Moon squared Jupiter last night, scaling down, spending less and budgeting might makes sense or be up for discussion. Virgo Moon is time for practical attitudes and solutions. It's also a good day to study and catch up on things that became lost in the shuffle. It's a good day for exercise and organizing too. The Libra Moon tonight is nearly opposite Uranus and could cause us to feel some aftershocks from the Full Moon two weeks back. Balance, calm and grace may be called for. Energy could be scattered or chaotic.Tonight can be a fun night out too, however,  as the Moon aligns with Mars in active Sagittarius. Wear black.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is a time to work your balance. Find moderation, make or keep the peace, and maybe be an observer rather than engaging in something that might result in arguement or misunderstanding. The Libra Moon and Pluto want progress, but how to go forth may be up for discussion. Negotiating could result in consensus, but it's likely that undercurrents will be at play.  On this day before New Moon, consider your options, set a goal, and decide if something needs to go and be done with it. Tomorrow is a fresh lunar cycle. Wear lavender.