Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 1st to April 7th, 2013

Monday: Void of Course Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

The Moon is void of course until 1:35 am tomorrow. The Sagittarius Moon today inspires a sense of freedom. Making our own choices and schedules is preferred over other people's agendas.  If you have a plan that involves other people and you're managing it, you may need to alter due to lack of timeliness or commitment on someone's part.  We will also lean toward forgetful. Slack is required on all fronts today, yet there's optimism and friendliness with the Aries Sun trine to Jupiter.  Present and future possibilities seem hopeful and it's a good day to make a connection with someone who can help forward your plans.  New and innovative ideas guide us into more open territory.  Get plans in order for travel, studies, and endeavors you're hoping to begin soon. Tonight, create the space and time to do what you want, explore ideas through books or conversation and be out of the usual Monday routine. Wear yellow.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

There are a variety of influences adding both purpose and complexity to the day. Under a Capricorn Moon, with ambitions and goals to work for, Saturn chimes in with wisdom and maturity from Scorpio and Pluto adds a strong undercurrent of importance too.  Uranus throws a curve and this morning is about adaptation, maybe on a moment's notice or suddenly a reality sets in after a honeymoon period in a new situation.  Neptune can add a sense of illusion or disillusion but either way it may not be real. Watch out for perceptions that create anxiety or on the other end of the spectrum, too much optimism. Today is suited for defining what you need to work at, adjusting to new or ever changing situations in a practical way, and above all determining what's real so you can take the appropriate steps.  Don't believe everything you hear or the stories you tell yourself. Aim for realism, the here and now and goals for the future and ground in the work of achieving.  A variety of aspects overnight tonight may have you working overtime.  Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon Void of Course

The 4th quarter Moon lands overnight and this is a time of reestablishing priorities.  The Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus makes us aware of potential obstacles or opinions out of line with our own. We're seriously contemplating and considering decisions even overnight so sleep could be affected or dreams may be part of the problem solving going on subconsciously.  The Moon is void of course from 6:35 am EST on.  Mars in Aries is the planet with the last word at that time and we'll want to act on our concerns and plans and not let anything get in the way today.  Try to use well thought out plans and a method even amidst any madness.  Capricorn Moon is a good time to catch up on things.  Make simple decisions, repairs, and take on routine work and projects.  It's good to be busy and productive, and if not do physical workouts as an outlet for Capricorn earth sign energy.  Tonight the Moon remains void of course and is good for getting work done or easygoing social plans. Wear gray.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius from 4:41 am on, in contact with Uranus and Saturn. One connection is all about innovation, invention and out with the old and outdated.  Saturn however pulls the reigns in a bit from Scorpio, reminding us not to throw out the baby with the bathwater as the saying states.  Be mindful and thoughtful in the midst of exciting changes and possibilities.  Keep feelings in mind above all since Saturn in Scorpio can worry, hold a strong grudge and do anything not to let go.  The Aquarius Moon and Uranus create rushes of enthusiasm and also the unanticipated,  and impact Cancer career and finances, Leo relationship and travels, Aquarius friendships and other networks of people, and Capricorn home and money matters.  Tonight is good for either work or socializing. Wear turquoise.

Friday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon works with Jupiter, the Sun, Venus and Mars.  The effect is optimistic, full of opportunity and action oriented.  We're in the last lunar phase so it's a productive time to rethink things and prepare for a new course.  Jupiter in Gemini for intelligence, Venus in Aries for passion, Mars in Aries for steps forward and the Aquarius Moon provides the vision. Act on something that means a lot to you today. Both day and evening are good for social events, conferences, and community thinking and work. Wear red.

Saturday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune

The Moon moves to Pisces at 9 am EST and meets Neptune. Today's focus is spiritual and creative.  Immerse in your own artistic or expressive medium or attend events where art, music or film are celebrated.  Pisces Moon is giving and compassionate.  Intuition is strong.  The downside is we could be misled by people or things that look good on the surface but have a different undertone.  Be a little bit wary. Tune in. Give attention to pets, older people, and others who may need extra care. Wear light blue.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

Venus and Mars meet in Aries overnight. For relationships this is either passionate or leans to the volatile side. Be careful to avoid pointless arguments or blow ups. It's fiery energy and in newer and renewed relationships, things may feel great. Aries is the warrior and we'll go for what we want and in some cases be demanding and in others just show enthusiasm for the next steps.  The Moon is in Pisces for more of what was in yesterday's forecast with an even more changeable streak as the Moon squares Jupiter, shifting our perspectives.  It may be easy to see two sides of a situation and therefore be hard to settle or decide.  Today's color is green.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Astrology March 25th to March 31st. 2013

Monday: Virgo Moon void of course

The void of course Moon that starts the week will either help us relax or drive us wild. If you're working with a deadline and you need other people to get back to you and agree to things, the early week void of course Moon will cause frustrations.  Messages are more likely to be missed and necessary things seem to be missing or lost.  Timeliness  may not be a strong suit either.  Monday's early morning planetary alignments call for responsibility and good discretion today. Saturn and Pluto encourage us to take things seriously, go deep with the details and the care and thought in our actions and work.  Jupiter is square to the Moon reminding us to open to possibilities and communicate with wisdom.  Flexibility is a trait to hone, and the more organized you are, the easier it will be when plans B and C are needed in the next couple of days.   The Full Moon warmup is in full swing, and Mars action tomorrow is a forceful precursor.  Try to stay diligent and feel productive.  Tonight is for simple work, reading, and finding ways to unwind.  Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: Mars trine Jupiter and square Pluto

The Moon is void of course all day. We lose track of time and space. Check your calendar and bill pay. What's due that you might not have dealt with. The Full Moon tomorrow looks rather stressful and unforgiving at the onset.  Be careful with big decisions, but do take care of all small tasks.  Mars and Jupiter do encourage exchange of ideas and discussion or philosophical topics and also plans for the near future. Leave decisions open to review. Its more of a day to form the plans than to take actual action, unless tonight seems like the right time once the Moon is in Libra at 5:32 pm EST. Before then, take care with anything that could be prone to mistakes or lack of information.  Mars and Pluto in Capricorn form a squares and the deepest of relationship matters rise to the forefront.  Pluto has buried feelings in Capricorn, a sign that likes to avoid or deal with feelings only on the most practical level.  Pluto is supremely emotional and private.  Cancer, Capricorn Libra and Aries are the most heavily impacted, and also people those with Moon or rising signs. The Full Moon is about relationship and partnership generally and things that have been in the works, even unspoken feelings, come to a peak this week.  There's no doubt, separations will result as the Moon in Libra is on opposing sides with Mars, Venus, Uranus, and the Sun. However, this can also create the kind of chaos and tension that draws partners back together through awakenings to reality and aha moments.  There's a lot to deal with this week and some of it may be the beginning of a process to come.  Full Moon tomorrow is a time to be fair, see each others' perspectives, try not to over react and maybe wait on important decisions since this week is so volatile and vulnerable.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Full Moon in Libra

Be sure to read yesterday's pre Full Moon forecast. You've experienced the Full Moon for about 48 hours already by the time it peaks at 5:27 am.  This Libra Moon, sign of couples and partners, negotiations and justice, is mainly about love and relationship, marriage and divorce, and legal agreements between partners.  The Moon is challenged by planets in Aries, creating disconnection and in some cases contentiousness.  Uranus throws in events and realizations you may not have expected, yet sometimes that's the deciding factor and will help with progress in the near future.  Living with some chaos and upheaval is the theme of the week.  The planet of good outcomes is in harmony with the Moon. That's Jupiter, which in Gemini helps with ideas, the ability to think things out, and hopefully open communication.  Pluto is active again today, continuing and amplifying the idea that feelings and things we've stored away and hoped would not resurface do need attention and examination now. Be willing to face the deeper currents, the difficult stuff of relationships and see how your actions affect another.  Aim for understanding, some kind of balance, listening as well as talking, and overall compassion today.  The Moon is void of course from 2:15 pm EST until tomorrow at 8:53 pm. Wear white.

Thursday: Void of Course Moon

With a Libra Moon void of course, do only what's necessary today. Decisions are not recommended. Give things time if at all possible. The Full Moon likely has us sorting out something big and most likely relationship and partnership related.  The Sun and Venus meet today, a bright spot in the week, in the sign Aries.  A new start, especially with love, is favored.  Get excited about something. See how you and  lover or friend can go forward together.  Begin to move out of Full Moon anxiety. Mercury and Saturn team up in Pisces and Scorpio to help us get some understanding around feelings. A heart to heart talk is well timed today as long as you're not making demands or a huge decisions. Brainstorm and be open minded.  Venus and the Sun also both engage with Uranus, the planet of reconstruction. Perhaps something that looked pretty grim is beginning to take a turn for the better. It could be one of those days when you prepared for and were experiencing the worst and there's a surprising silver lining.  Look for the surprise better than expected outcomes today.  Be willing to be wowed! This is a very fiery Aries day and high motivation and strong sense of adventure and pioneering are activated. The Moon moves to Scorpio at 8:53 pm.  The night is mixed and it could be hard to settle down or stop thinking or working, either one.  Wear maroon.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

The planets are working it today! Saturn has a monthly meeting with the Scorpio Moon with a no nonsense, business like agenda.  Mercury in creative, intuitive Pisces squares Jupiter in Gemini and the challenge is to communicate well and try to focus conversations and plans.  Don't lose sigh tof the core issues at hand today. Deal with one thing well and thoroughly and write other ideas or things to do down for future reference.  Mercury is the major planetary player, also engaging with Pluto in Capricorn. A balanced mix of emotional and logical energy is called for. For example, act with generosity but not to the point of cheating yourself.  Be compassionate and help someone out without getting into drama or feeling drained later.  Use a creative approach but make sure you're able to carry out the steps realistically too.  Scorpio Moon rules sex, surgery and other medical procedures, investigations and mysteries, death and the afterlife and metaphysical topics.  This Moon is busy so ideas in these areas are swirling around, maybe as undercurrents or maybe impacting in very direct ways. Try not to be afraid of topics that are hard to talk about or think about. Instead allow things to come up for serious resolution and a plan that will work.  The Moon is again void of course from 4:25 pm through tomorrow night, and stress release is in the air after this week's Full Moon events.  The party could get wild! Wear black.

Saturday: Void of course Moon

Keep today very simple and maybe a little bit adventurous. Expensive purchases are not recommended and if you give your word make sure you really can follow through. The Moon is void of course in Scorpio until 11:13 pm EST. This is a good day to regroup, have a bit of time to yourself, do something that makes you feel connected to nature or the power of the universe. When the Moon is in Scorpio we tend to feel things to extremes. The Sagittarius Moon is bringing a more free spirited attitude so do something productive with feelings like envy, vengefulness or discouragement if they come up today. Wear purple.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is in Sagittarius and it's a good day to take to the road, get a change of scenery, spend time outdoors and feel rejuvenated.  The zodiac is busy, but most notable and positive is Venus in spring sign Aries and Jupiter in Gemini adding outgoing, expressive and open minded energy to the day. This helps all kinds of relationships and fires us up for exciting, fresh starts.  There are squares in the zodiac tonight related to Aries, Capricorn, Pisces and Sagittarius. Deal productively with struggles for power and control, take care of what's within your control and let go of what isn't.  Progress is called for and the question is who will lead the way.  Today's color is red.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Astrology March 18th to March 24th 2013

Monday: Gemini Moon

Mercury is direct. You could feel a holding pattern today, though things are definitely in the works and about to take shape.  Take your time, but this is a decent day for a well thought out decision. Communication steps up and clarity is important as delays dissolve and we're ready for breakthrough thinking.  Brainstorm ideas, weigh them out, choose what to act on first.  Brothers and sisters are ruled by Gemini and if you need to connect on family matters or plans, today is a good day to reach out.  Intellectual work is favored. With Gemini Moon sometimes we are very much in our heads, so getting outside or to the gym helps ground you in your body too. Find some balance between mind and body. Wear white.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, 2nd quarter Moon

Today is meant for progress. First the Moon is in Gemini square to Venus for working out something you and a partner disagree or haven't reached consensus on. Keeping some flexibility in the decision is a good idea, if possible, since Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs and new information or better plans may surface soon.  At 1:27 pm EST the Moon squares the Pisces Sun and is briefly void of course. This can shake our confidence some, but it passes by quickly as the Moon moves to Cancer at 2:55 pm. We'll be more centered on how we feel than how to take action as the Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces.  Nurturing is the key word for tonight. Take care of your self too. Wear blue.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon, Spring Equinox at 7:02 am EST

Here in New England it feels great to write the first day of spring forecast! It's not the only transition! Mercury is now direct, Venus moves to Aries tomorrow, and the cluster in Pisces we lived with for weeks during winter is breaking up. This helps us move out of mainly emotional waters and into some fire energy for making things happen.  Many re-dos are in the forecast with Mercury retracing steps this week.  Today's squares and a Moon/Pluto opposition put realities in front of us so we can get the work done.  Some of this may not be fun or welcome yet getting these things out of the way is a big assist as we move into a new season. Be willing to start fresh, respond rather than do the Cancer type sidestep. Pluto's process only recurs over and over until we "get it".  Cardinal signs, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries could feel a bit frantic or overwhelmed today (and that goes for those with rising or Moon signs there too). Stay grounded in how you feel and don't underestimate feelings of vunerability. But react and act without drama, which we could otherwise get caught up in. Lean on family and friends or be the one there for someone else. Many things are brought up from the depths today. Wear black.

Thursday: Venus to Aries

The Cancer Moon makes no aspects with other planets today. Home, family and personal matters will be priorities. Cancer Moon lets us know what may have been neglected and who or what we must take care of. That includes ourselves, and if you're a Cancer get something you need taken care of. Capricorn, relationship benefits from attention this week. Pisces, you may be busy with kids today or have plans with someone you love.  Venus makes one last Pisces impression, and Pisces you can make an impression too. This is good for Virgo forgiveness and love and for Leo and Aquarius financial matters.  Venus moves to flirtatious and action starting Aries at 11:15 pm EST. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Moon in Leo

The Moon is in Leo. This looks like a busy, active and surprising day.  Mars and Uranus combine in Aries which may be over the top with unexpected activity and possibly too much force or aggression.  Destroying to recreate is the theme here, and it can feel like chaos during reconstruction.  We'll tend to go all the way with things.  Nerves may be on edge much more than during a usual Leo Moon.  The Moon is in harmony with many planets though, including Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini. Things may fall together quickly and easily.  It's too much speed, force, or agitation that creates problems, so try and slow things down just a bit.  Tonight has a serious Saturn streak. Responsibilities weigh heavily and putting extra hours in to get things done may make sense. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon in Leo

Resisting the tempation to shop til you drop might be a challenge today, but I'd recommend you keep purchases simple and scaled back! Leo Moon is playful so enjoy fun and games instead! Satisfy the need for simple, good times, be generous with love and compliments, pay attention to the kids, and take the dog for a long walk. In contrast to yesterday, serious business is best put on hold. If you didn't accomplish something all the way yesterday but everything is in place, maybe bring it to conclusion as long as it doesn't involve signing a document or initiating new business today. Wear orange.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Moon is still in Leo for a decadent breakfast date or good game of anything this morning. The Moon moves to Virgo before noon and looming deadlines call us to work.  Finding a sense of accomplishment with studies, cleaning, or bigger projects is most satisfying and necessary too with a Full Moon coming Wednesday. That Moon is not very easygoing or forgiving so it's also a good time to clearly understand what the teacher, boss, or significant other needs from you in the coming week and head off a potentially major disturbance on Tuesday or Wednesday. Today's color is brown.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekly Astrology March 11th to March 17th, 2103

Monday: New Moon in Pisces

Fresh starts are in the forecast and even with Mercury retrograde, it's a good day to put new plans in place and begin on a trial basis. You can review in a week or two and see if you need to reset again then. The Pisces Moon especially favors emotionally new beginnings and outlooks.  Letting ourselves feel out a situation, change our minds or paths, and tip toe into new waters all make sense today.  The Moon meets Venus and the Sun, both energizing and positive.. Venus helps with balance in renewed relationships. Giving and receiving equally as friends, lovers and partners becomes more natural and more likely.  You may decide to reconnect with someone you had written off or become estranged from, or you might just forgive each other and move on as friends. Scorpio and Taurus are most likely to experience this in friendship.  It's also a great day to begin or get back to a creative project.  The creative and romantic juices are flowing freely with this New Moon. The void of course Moon begins at 3:51 pm and daydreaming and lack of focus takes over tonight. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Mars in Aries

The Moon and Mars both move to Aries, and today will range from active and dynamic to all out wild! Things that haven't been dealt with or confronted come up, possibly with short time lines attached. In some cases, this could be an ultimatum and that is not a good idea with Mercury retrograde since you my wish you'd left more time or more wiggle room in about a week's time.  Do deal with things and bring them up for resolution, but do not attach quick, direct consequences for someone who does not meet your expectations. There's new energy and information coming soon. With the New Moon yesterday the need to begin is strong, but steps should be put in place rather than jumping right to the desired final outcome or product. Try something out this week. See how it goes. Make plans you can change a bit next week. Uranus is also in the mix encouraging us to break down in order to rebuild.  Disassemble something and see what you need to replace it.  Make true commitments sparingly but do agree to try, to revisit soon, and to take steps that don't have to be permanent.  It's a good but competitive day for games and other events where power and strength are a factor. Draw out your fire energy and make something happen today. We may lean toward taking risks.  Mars in Aries is pushing us to go forward fast now, but Mercury is retrograde so plan that journey well first. Wear red.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon has been working with Jupiter for opportunities including travel and studies. If you're working toward either, this is a good week to take steps. It's just not the best for paperwork or applying for such things.  Double check and copy anything you send out, pay for, or commit to. Understand the fine print as much as possible.  The Moon squares Pluto this morning and is void of course all day after 4:02 am EST.  You could spin your wheels without going anywhere so if you think that's the case, conserve energy and do something else instead.  It's a day to be active, enjoy the spur of the moment, and initiate action where you know you can't go wrong.  Socially, it's all good unless there are competitive friends in the mix. Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is void of couse in Aries until just after 3 pm EST.  Start by avoiding unnecessary debates. Get a good workout if you can, early in the day.  How we expend our energy and what we give ourselves over to is important today. Make sure it's not a waste of time.  During Aries Moon, taking care of yourself, making independent decisions, and taking small steps is favored.  Lead by example rather than words, follow those who are not pushing too hard, creating no win or ultimatum situations.  Today is good for a clam attitude and dealing with things one at a time.  The Taurus Moon after 3 pm is solid, grounded, up for a big dinner or some other little indulgence and enjoying life's pleasures. The Moon and Neptune work together tonight for caring and creativity, listening to each other and enjoying art and film.  Wear yellow.

Friday: Moon opposite Saturn

The Moon is opposite Saturn. Both are in fixed signs so understand what you're agreeing to. You'll be expected to follow through and it's hard to get out of what we commit to when signs are fixed.  Life's heavier burdens and work are in the forecast for today. Take care of something that will make you feel better and take some weight off your shoulders or mind.  The Moon is at work with Mercury retrograde too, bringing people back and topics once shelved up for new discussion.  Reconnect with someone you've been  missing or thinking about.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Pisces which is quite nice for lovers; romantic, sensual and inspired.  Virgo and Scorpio might get the benefit and it's good for every sign.  Friends and families might improve relationships and ease communication too. If you've been hard on each other, let up and enjoy time together instead this weekend. Cooking, baking, designing, gardening or preparing to, and other domestic, hands on, and building tasks are favored. The Moon and Sun combine for a higher level of confidence and commitment and good feelings in general. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Mercury stations Direct

The Moon is in Gemini and Mercury is direct at 4:03 pm EST. Mercury squares the Moon at that time. It's a final and strong blast of Mercury retro, bringing up all kinds of plans for adjustment and topics you may have avoided for a few weeks as well. The Gemini Moon is also very social and meeting friends, chatting and story telling are a fun way to spend the day. It's best not to take on very important decisions or to get into debates where there's no solution as of now. Today's color is yellow.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Astrology March 4th to 10th, 2013

Monday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde

The Sun meets Mercury in Pisces on a day that also features several squares.  The Moon is in Sagittarius, another mutable sign. This means change, change and more change! Leave room for adjustments later, but don't be surprised by shifts in your own attitude or someone else's previous words or decisions. This is a huge day for reconnecting with people you used to know. Taurus and Scorpio may notice this unexpectedly, with old friends. The Sun and Mercury are very expressive so we may say what we should or could have said long ago.  Reconciling is likely if you reach out and try.  Jupiter is opposite the Sagittarius Moon.  We see opportunities and decide to go for it, possibly without a lot of contemplation.  Growth is favored so long as you can try something out without getting locked in. Venus squares Jupiter and Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius Sun and rising signs are in the relationship zone and this is a priority early this week. If something is wrong, try a new way of resolving now. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

From 10:48 am to 7:14 pm EST, the Moon is void of course in Sagittarius.  Today is best spent relaxed or at least with the freedom to prioritize whatever you choose. It may not be easy to follow the rules or the schedule. Things may seem delayed or unreliable more than usual.  The Moon and Mars form a square and impatience can be the result. It's a great day for a field trip or travel that has no pressure or strict time line.  Work ethic and organization is more easily improved with tonight's Capricorn Moon. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

It's a very busy day in the zodiac. The dominant energy comes from Venus in Pisces interacting with Pluto, Saturn and Mercury retrograde. Working and focusing on love and relationships is Venus's aim today.  Connecting with ex lovers as well as old friends is highly probable.  If you're trying to forgive and feel good together again or revisiting old business or even places, as a couple, Venus is working with you and for you today.  There's no sign of the zodiac unlikely to feel this effect today, either directly or through the experience of someone else close to you. Review a relationship or reconsider one today.  Wear pink.

Thursday: Mercury retrograde activity

Mercury retrograde engages with Pluto and Saturn today. Those two planets in Scorpio and Capricorn currently inhabit each other's sign. Pluto in Capricorn is Scorpio's ruler and vice versa. One effect is perfectionism or disappointment in ourselves for lack of organization or not being true to tradition. Loyalty is a good practice today.  Mercury is stimulating things from the past in multiple ways. Something you thought was over resurfaces. Another comes up for a revised plan.  People from the past reconnect and resurface.  We will tend to take matters seriously and may worry.  Try to replace worry with wonder and approach that off balance feeling when unexpected things crop up as potential opportunities to get out of a rut or old way of thinking.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Aquarius Moon

Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Gemini are in harmony Aquarius Moon. The vibe is optimistic and we'll tend to act without much hesitation, especially where innovative ideas and expansion plans are concerned. We won't appreciate those who put a damper on things and they will be in our midst too as a square with Saturn brings out the naysayers. Many will follow through with plans regardless of the drawbacks presented. Just continue to leave room for adjustments and changes later since we are in the middle of Mercury's retrograde time now. After March 17th, things may be a bit different and your focus may change too. Do take advantage of today's enthusiasm. Collaborate and foster good relationships of all kinds. The Moon is void of course tonight so don't lose your way or your bearings. Today's color is turquoise.

Saturday: Mercury retrograde square Jupiter

The Moon is in Aquarius, sign of friendship and community. The Moon is void of course as of 5:08 pm yesterday and all day today so try and relax into what's going on. Gathering at events, celebrations, and reunions is favored.  Going away or out with old friends is one of the ideal ways to spend this weekend.  Mercury retrograde in Pisces squares Jupiter and there may be more progress with old business. Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs and the potential for change of mind and exploring different ideas and alternative is high.  A return to places once loved could result in feeling different that you thought you would.  Stick with a best friend today. Loyalty is important this weekend. Wear blue.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Neptune and Mercury

The Moon meets Neptune and Mercury retrograde, all in Pisces. Reconnection, forgiveness, compassion, romance and all the sentimental parts of emotion are activated. This is very much about the past and integrating previous friendships and relationships and even love into present time again.  Be truthful and forthcoming and easy on each others' feelings too.  If you're working, get creative and use your imagination to dream up new approaches.  Today's color is green.