Sunday, June 26, 2016

Weekly Astrology June 27th to July 3rd, 2016

Happy Summer, everyone! There are some lovely astrological vibes these days. Read on!
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Monday: Aries Moon, Venus trine Neptune

Aries Moon moves in at 3:06 am EDT and 4th quarter Moon is hours later. Trim the excess, the weeds, and cut any destructive cords today. Venus aligns with Neptune starting some wonderful water sign activity as the months change over. Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are full or sentiment, imagination and mystique. It's an exciting time to be newly in love or renewing vows and spending more time together as couples.  We're drawn to the water for enjoyment. Visit the lake, ocean or river and absorb pure nature.  Remove the barriers between your self and the natural environment.  Get in touch with your primal instincts.  Moon squares Sun and trine Saturn for the business deals that need to be done. You can accomplish something with significant effort today. Saturn retro continues until mid August and it's a bout restructuring, sometimes in big ways. Look what happened with the UK vote last week resulting in UK leaving Europe. Sagittarius is world affairs and Saturn is systems and structures.  Reimagine possibilities for yourself too.  Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

Today's Aries Moon has an air of discontent, square to Pluto and Venus and meeting wild Uranus. Anything could happen, and by that I mean it's likely not what you've predicted.  Old patterns are at play as well as relationship dynamics. Uranus is a true wild card, bringing on spontaneity and, on occasion, urgency. Acting quickly is a trend.  This is the last full day of Mars retrograde and Venus is also changing signs tomorrow. It might be hard to hold fast and wait something out, but ask yourself if it could be worthwhile to be patient.  Tomorrow is a significant shift. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mercury to Cancer, Mars Direct

From 3:46 am to 6:03 am EDT and then in Taurus. This is a fixed sign, known for persistence and a love of comfort and sensual pleasures.  Moon and Sun align in a nurturing, romantic, grounded way in Taurus and Cancer.  Connect with the land and water around you. Nature, gardening, fishing and other outdoor activities are favored. Enjoy what's plentiful and satisfying. At 7:38 pm EDT Mars stations direct in Scorpio. Mars is known to stall progress when retrograde. Also, things we're initially quite excited about or begin then lack luster over time. After today it's a much better time for a grand opening, launch of a brand, excellent start to a project, and more momentum overall.  Feelings held in could be expressed more readily. Not all emotions expressed are positive and Mars relates to anger and aggression. Also in Scorpio, Mars is both passionate and jealous or vengeful. There could be emotional releases any time now. Mars direct is generally helpful to developing attractions and there's a great Venus/Mars trine coming up soon.  Also today, Mercury moves to Cancer where the communication planet is tender, sentimental, a bit past focused, and defensive if confronted. Mercury visits Cancer until July 13th. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Taurus Moon opposes Mars, Venus opposes Pluto

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Void of course Moon time starts at 8:19 am EDT and the Moon remains in Taurus after opposing Mars, newly direct, in Scorpio. Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Both oppositions look like a foreshadow, a pre-game of sorts, for Venus trine Mars next week. Relationship is one main idea. Venus and Mars in harmony makes the assist in matters of love and of finding harmony and agreement as well as mutual attraction. Venus and Pluto unearth self knowledge,  possibly fear or awareness of intention, and subtle or subconscious attractions.  Moon opposite Mars instigates long overdue confrontations and the unleashing of strong feelings that have been suppressed. Approach today with a plan. Try to understand your message or emotions so you express them clearly.  Temper less desirable emotions, channel them into creative or productive activities.  If you're sluggish lately, it may now be obvious you need to move on something no matter how resistant you've been.  Keep conversations and interactions private, quiet and peaceful and remember that differences are often exaggerated. Look for the common ground. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Venus sextile Jupiter, Gemini Moon

A bright, uplifting sextile between Venus and Jupiter leads to growth, optimism, and ease. Positive developments in relationship, health, and business matters are some results. If you're waiting for good news, a source of support, or an expression of love and caring, Venus and Jupiter create a very hopeful, "pregnant with possibility" scenario.  Believe in good luck and things turning out better than you ever expected. And if it doesn't happen today exactly, know that the effect began a few days ago and will last through the Venus/Mars alignment coming up in a fe more days. There are plenty of good vibes in the air, especially for love and relationships, as July begins.  Gemini Moon starts at 7:44 am for a socially interesting weekend. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

This is a multifaceted day. As Gemini is known for many thoughts and multitasking, the Moon engages with a variety of planets. Keep your wits about you, enjoy the company and the stories. Conversationalists, humorists and other entertainers will provide plenty of content.  Spontaneity and quickness are to be expected.  Void Moon begins at 11:40 pm EDT. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Sun trine Neptune, Cancer Moon

The Sun and Neptune form a magical trine in Cancer and Pisces. The positives include romance, beauty and mystical experiences. The downsides include illusion, potential denial of realities, and deception. Albert Einstein said "the most beautiful experience is the mysterious", and that typifies this trine.  Enjoy the best offerings and try to avoid idealizing or escaping what's real.  Cancer Moon arrives at 9:20 am EDT for family time and taking care of home and garden.  Cooking nourishing and satisfying food is favored during Cancer Moon, sign of the chef. Nurture what's growing on this eve of New Moon. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekly Astrology June 20th to 26th, 2016

Monday: Solstice, Full Moon

Full Moon is at 7:02 am EDT. The Moon moves to Capricorn at 7:55 am. Solstice is 6:33 pm as the Sun shifts to Cancer and summer begins. The symbols for today included Sailors drawing down one sail to make way for a new one (Solstice degree) and The Pope gives a blessing to the faithful (Full Moon degree.) Freedom, faith, truths and shift out of old paradigms thematically represent what's going on in the heavens.  Mercury is opposite Saturn challenging structures that are outgrown.  Think flexibly as you problem solve. If you've tried the same thing repeatedly, seek another route or method.  Mercury square Neptune is a questioning aspect involving curiosity that precedes learning and answers. Questioning is healthy. Do not take everything at surface value. Look below the appearance or the words for what's authentic. Put your own blessing on everything and everyone around you.  You don't have to be "ordained" to bless. Do it from the heart.  Tension is like a elastic band during this Full Moon. Freedom, knowledge and truth are themes. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Neptune and Jupiter. These are healing aspects.  Soften, yield, and stay present in the physical environment, your body, and in movement.  The Moon and Pluto retrograde meet in Capricorn. Pluto is planet of transformation, and in the Full Moon period, metamorphosis occurs. This is a peak time. Notice how you're responding from the inside. Soul alignment day.  Pay attention to the structures in place that allow for freedom. You can have both. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Mercury square Jupiter

The Moon lines up with Mars retrograde in Scorpio harmoniously, and also squares Uranus in Mars' natural sign, Aries. Mars bestows courage yet also anger. The more aggressive of emotions influence our day.  It's important not to stuff emotions while Mars is in Scorpio, but appropriate expression must be found. Creative projects and outlets help.  Mercury squares Jupiter in mutable Gemini and Virgo. Use flexible thinking around health, problem solving and planning. Consensus can be the result of this square. Scale plans larger or smaller as necessary. Provide structures and templates as you construct or assist others. Moon from Capricorn to Aquarius at 4:08 pm after an 11 hour + void of course time (begins at 4:57 am EDT). Changes in schedules and cancellations or delays could make today challenging. Do explain yourself, as needed. Some things go well with void of course Moon, including valid excuses.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon is in harmony with Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. In all areas up for reconsideration, keep positive vision, draw or write plans up like an engineer or architect, and see how anything could be done better, more efficiently and with more objectivity and maturity.  Be willing to revise.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

Moon aligns with Mercury in air sign Gemini and with Uranus in fire sign Aries. This ought to light some metaphorical fires regarding what needs to be taken care of. Think things out well and brainstorm. Allow all involved to speak for themselves. Make flexible plans that can be changed if necessary.  Original ideas are favored.  Seek and be open to unique solutions to existing problems.  The void of course Moon is 11:46 am EDT to 10:30 pm. Adjust your time zone accordingly. These are not the best hours for solid conversations and agreements, but the earlier hours are.   Something that didn't seem possible or was once too "out there" just might work on a day like this.  Pisces Moon at 10:30 pm, for a sentimental, feeling based weekend. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

The Moon acts with the Sun, Venus, and retro Neptune today. Moon also squares Saturn retro in Sag.
Many things involving relationship, love and mutual feelings go well.  Travel and educational or business pursuits may require revision or hit snags. The more relaxed today can be, the better. Pisces Moon is receptive, and forgiving. Allow for a bit of laziness and a lot of romance.  Wear light green.

Sunday: Jupiter sextile Pluto

The healing influence of Jupiter in Virgo aligned with Pluto retro in Capricorn is distinctly present and peaking. Witness transformation in yourself, others and the world. Earth signs and water signs may feel this more, though if you have important Capricorn or Virgo focal points in your chart, you will too. Pisces Moon for softening around the edges.  Talk through something challenging while staying sensitive and calm as Mercury squares the Moon and aspects Uranus.  Leave volatility out of the mix.  Choose actions and words with care and love. Void Moon 3:55 pm EDT to 3:08 am Monday. Today's color is white.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Weekly Astrology June 13th to 19th, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Yoga is for Scorpio Moon time. Deep hip opening & mind/body connection is part of our Thursday morning free yoga practice this week. Full Moon insights woven into your yoga at Congress Square Park in Portland, Maine 7-8 am. Bring your mat.

Monday: Libra Moon, Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Libra Moon aligns with Saturn retro in Sagittarius in a sextile, a favorable angle two signs apart. Make new agreements around old business and revisions to systems and structures that need improvement. With Mats and Saturn retro, this is not the time to form brand new agreements or establish a system or a building for the first time. This is about re-doing and changing what's been in place. It's an important distinction. Mars retro is not a favorable time to launch a business or start a major project. Saturn is slowing things down until August 13th to help us review and revise the skeletal structures that stabilize us and provide frameworks and templates, personally or professionally.  Neptune joins the retrograde crew today, and will square Saturn on Friday, affecting both this week and next. Financial agreements are not recommended at this time. Other negotiations, especially those in the works for what seems like forever, are up for long term resolution. Justice is a theme today. Be fair in every way possible. Will two retrogrades in a square turn negative to positive on Friday? I don't think so. Be curious, questioning, and wise this week. Neptune in Pisces is duplicitous and deceiving. These retrograde planets in tandem will force out the truth and change systems that are outdated, but this doesn't usually happen overnight. Collectively, be careful about fear of what you don't know,  do not assume, question motives, and beware of what's vague and unclear, all the way through November and particularly this week. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Libra Moon opposite Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus

This is a day of surprises. Uranus rarely delivers what we expect, yet allows for sudden changes, inspired ideas, and avant-garde thinking and attitudes. Originality and out of the blue answers come on days like this. Sun in Gemini relates to communication, commuting, and plans and Uranus in Aries is the unusual and new. It's a huge brainstorming day. Conditions are right for inventing and improvising successfully. Get turned on to something fresh and unique, from fashion to philosophy. Note the unusual among your friends and colleagues and see what there is to appreciate in walking outside the traditional path.  The downside to Uranus activity is freak accidents and startling news. Hopefully that will not happen, but stay very aware and in control of your responses.  It's not a good day to be inebriated or even on strong cold medicine, for example. Lightning speed of any kind is in the forecast today. Moon in harmony with Venus overnight makes for a romantic, fun date. Our color is turquoise.

Wednesday: 2nd Quarter Moon, Moon Libra to Scorpio

From 3:00 am to 9:18 am, the Moon is void of course. Scorpio Moon moves in, and determination and passion for desired outcomes is activated.  Full Moon is next Monday and some of us will pursue a deadline just ahead.  It is a good time for focus and depth, whatever your topic or project.  Becoming more single minded is natural now, as is becoming more private and solitary.  This doesn't mean having to spend all your time alone. It does mean that taking a few hours to do that may result in the productivity or personal introspection you need. Meditation is favored and may be easier than on, for example, a Gemini type day. Define your purpose and outline some steps.  Venus and the Sun in Gemini still favor social times as well. Balance your introverted and extroverted sides with a bit of variety.  Today's color is maroon.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces (retro), Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn (retro). With Saturn and Mars in the retrograde mix too,  relevance to the past flows through present activities. Learn from the past, for example. If being fixed on and pursuing something or someone only resulted in frustration or hurt, consider not repeating that pattern. The Sun and Uranus early in the week, set you up to try acting or thinking differently. Follow up on a great idea, especially if it relates to revising a plan or structure that simply does not work efficiently.  Jupiter encourages growth, prosperity and health and is harmony with the Moon today.  Attend to a health matter and follow up on your plan or "prescription." Drugs are ruled by Neptune, and now I'm talking about the ones that disconnect us from our bodies and clear mindedness. Never a good idea, they can be even more of an issue with Neptune retrograde.  Avoid recreational use or abuse in an attempt to solve depression and problems. Scorpio and Pisces are both prone to issues with substances as are those born with certain aspects in personal charts ( at least that's my point of view), like Saturn in Scorpio (you are now about 33 years old or in your early 60s).  Look for solutions to long standing patterns that could use a shake up in order to create more health, abundance and happiness. Today's color is indigo.

Friday: Scorpio Moon conjunct Mars, Saturn square Neptune (both retrograde), Venus to Cancer

This is a climactic day or a turning point in the season. Monday is the Full Moon and Solstice, however the intensity is present all the way through the next 5 to 6 days. Venus in Cancer from 3:39 pm on is sentimental, warm, and somewhat possessive as well as protective of what we love. Cancer, you benefit from venus's visit in the next 4 weeks, attracting romance, positive attention and heart's desire.  The Moon conjunct Mars retro in Scorpio inspires passion, but is volatile and can stir up repressed anger or other difficult emotions too. It's not a good day to argue. Void of course Moon is 9:52 am to 9:34 pm EDT. The upside is that challenging things may go more smoothly than expected and something that might be a huge issue on another day gets shrugged off or overlooked.  The downside is forgetfulness or just putting your energy into the "wrong" or less worthwhile things (or people). Allow for a margin of error, leave earlier than you think you need to, and have good directions. We may find ourselves lost one way or another today. Saturn square Neptune is much bigger that just today, and quite complex. In a general sense, this aspect works to reveal what's untrue and irresponsible so it can be fixed.  Be careful not to lose your ambition, your ability to think and respond clearly, or your sanity.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon squares Neptune, meets Saturn and opposes Mercury in a continuation of the Saturn/Neptune square forecast of yesterday. The emotions of the situation arise. Sagittarius Moon is a bit philosophical and can struggle with intense emotion. Plus the Full Moon is Monday, still in Sagittarius. Sag, you, among others, could find this weekend very dramatic or thought provoking as well as complicated. Things long overdue take new shape.  Question what you hear and see since Neptune is retrograde and active.  Living in a dream world could be a problem.  Expand your perspective and listen to others, even if you're in disagreement.  Perspective and clarity are necessary now. Truths can be tough to face, and this Full Moon brings them to the surface.  Reconsider what you thought was real, as needed.  One big problem now is the tendency to just want to escape. You can't run from what's inside or outside you either. Avoid the quick remedy and look for solutions to old problems. Mercury is across from the Moon, initiating thought and planning.  Travels are busy and there may be lots of traffic or detours. It's good to have plan b or c to fall back on. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon square Jupiter, trine Uranus

The Moon appears Full and is exactly full at 7:02 am EDT on Monday, the Solstice.  In the USA, it's Father's Day, and an adventurous one. Travel will be busy and could be challenging so prepare for that. In general, I see this as a good weekend to prepare for anything, bring extra supplies, have a pet or child sitter in case you need to spend an extra night, .... It's a good day to put effort into making money or creating other abundance. See what resources are available. Expect to work for what you receive though. Do active or competitive things for Dad's day. A good, spontaneous game you haven't played lately may be a fun way to spend time together. Sagittarius is also the philosophy sign and interesting conversations happen today (but politics may be a topic of caution). World news could peak and be top of mind. Let's hope it's all peaceful. Today's color is red.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly June 6th to 12th, 2016

Thursday mornings 7-8am Robin's Zodiac Yoga on Congress Square Portland, Maine all summer long. Salute the Sun, meet new friends, and see Portland as the sun moves over Portland Museum of Art while we practice. Free for all! Leo Moon Yoga Thursday, June 9th 7 am!

Monday: Cancer Moon, Sun conjunct Venus

This weekend's New Moon is very present in new cycles and making changes.  The symbol for that Moon is two children reading and studying together. Team up to make the journey more fun and to create more understanding. Find someone whose skills or ideas complement yours and see the beauty in differences and common interests, both. Under Cancer Moon, recognize feelings, name your own emotions, and accept rather than escape them.  The Sun meets Venus in a super social, friendly, optimistic conjunction in Gemini. Look beyond your own experience and see that there are people out there to connect with, enjoy good times and collaborations with, and whom you can learn from. It's a great day for meetings, networking, and first dates.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon engages with a handful of planets for varied priorities and experiences. Virgo may enjoy friendship and feel connected. Capricorn relationships include insightful conversations and perhaps revelations.  Aries, family and your household need top priority and at work, expand on good ideas and growth in important projects.  Mercury aligns with the Moon from Taurus, and Taurus enjoys travels or visiting family or puts a plan like that in the works.  Pisces, upgrading your vehicle or technical systems is favored this week.  Mars retro in Scorpio aligns with the Moon so moods change quickly and old emotions might be triggered. Avoid angering someone. Channel feelings into music, art, dance, and housecleaning.  Void Moon 8:18 pm to 2:47 am EDT. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon has no particular aspects today. Beginning at 2:47 am, clear your schedule for fun and games or to attend an event or performance. It's a very social time of the season. Be with people and participate.  If you have big business pending, it's a fine day to deal with that too. Saturn in Sag is retro and about to align with the Moon, overnight.  Choose today or tomorrow, it won't make a great deal of difference from the astrological point of view. Mercury opposes Mars retro tomorrow but that impacts today as well. Problems are tough to move through now with those 2 planets retrograde so if something has to wait and isn't moving, maybe patience is the best way. June 29th Mars will be direct, if you're keeping track.  Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Leo Moon, Mercury opposite Mars

Read yesterday's forecast too. Today is much the same, but busier in the zodiac. Do today what you put off yesterday. The Moon and Venus align and it's fabulous for events. Graduations are nicely timed this week. Celebrate or work hard. Know that Mars could lead to stuck feelings, opinions and ideals that prevent solutions and finalized plans.  So present your case and step back if  more time is needed. Today's color is purple.

Friday: Leo to Virgo Moon

After a short void Moon time from 3:14 am to 9:46 am EDT, the Moon is in Virgo. The Moon squares Mercury and Mars, yesterday's opposing planets. Again, it's not easy to get past stuck points and contentions with Mars retrograde. Don't bang your head against a wall, trying the same thing over and over. Seek an alternative or a temporary plan if need be. Virgo Moon is a time to show versatility and try to be on time. Today's color is brown.

Saturday: Virgo Moon, Moon conjunct Jupiter

Nearly halfway to Full Moon, feel and contribute to progress during this productive Virgo Moon. The Moon interacts with 4 planets.  The most favorable is a monthly meeting with Jupiter, planet of strong health, wisdom and prosperity.  Bring something worthwhile to fruition.  Try blending creativity and logic. Use your talents for the good of others. Be aware that boundaries and patience are likely to be tested.  Study. Spend time outdoors. Have intimate conversations as the Moon aligns with Pluto. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Mercury to Gemini

The Moon is in Virgo, then Libra, void of course from 10:47 am to 8:33 pm EDT. It's a good day to relax and not demand or expect too much.  Venus aligns with Uranus for relationship happenings. For some it will be a pivotal day in terms of love, getting together with someone new, or a quick breakup. Mercury changes signs, joining Venus in Gemini, at 7:22 pm. The social calendar fills. Invitations look exciting and there's excitement and promise in  meeting new people for dating, friendship or business prospects in the days ahead.  Libra Moon moves in tonight with more emphasis on couples, duos, and everything shared. Act in fairness.  Today's color is lavender.