Friday, June 26, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 28th-July 4th, 2020

Sunday: Libra Moon in harmony with Venus overnight leads to romantic connections and also peaceful settlements. Mars and Saturn align to strengthen collective forces and work in and for the community. Mercury retrograde squares the Moon today too. The effects may be disagreeable, related to fairness and equitable treatment. Another effect is pointless debate, particularly among family or household members. Wear White.

Monday: Libra Moon square to both Pluto and Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn. This could create difficulty either processing pros and cons, making decisions or coming to terms with employers, government, or other large organizations and their representatives. The Moon begins void of course time at 9:02 am EDT. If there's something you can do to relax and take your mind off things you can't control, ease into that. At 6:48 pm EDT the Moon moves to Scorpio. We close in on the 2nd Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of this year. It's unusual, transforming, revealing and awakening. Healing of some kind may take place, though we must go back, review and acknowledge for this to happen. This is part two of three this year. Today's color is Indigo.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon. Jupiter and Pluto meet overnight for truth, healing, and digging deep for honesty and reflection that leads to growth. These planets are retrograde so you may be pulled into past memories and feelings. It could be instantly cathartic or very difficult, like pulling teeth. Mercury is retrograde and angled with  Uranus in Taurus for rapid developments around previously unresolved matters. Some will be resistant to change and progress, yet it's impossible to keep things as they are. Take good care with mental health, not waiting or ignoring for yourself or someone else. Major shifts are taking place. It can feel disturbing or revolutionary and exciting. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: The Sun is in harmony with Uranus at 2:07 am EDT. It's a high energy aspect happening in Cancer and Taurus, signs related to family, stability, and security. Those matters are spotlighted and energized, though the way that plays out is anybody's guess. Expect this whole day, weekend ahead and period to be news filled and eventful. The Sun is expressive and Uranus is a rebel. Scorpio Moon aligns with Jupiter and Pluto, the two that met on Tuesday in such a profound progression of their 3 conjunctions this year. There's sure to be some meaningful action and reflection around transformation, intimate relationships, and healing from the past. Meanwhile Saturn backtracks into Capricorn, his home sign. Saturn represents Father Time. Note what that personally means to you. And realize that also there are wider implications about the world, governments, and large organizations like corporations. Saturn moves back to unfinished business in these areas and others. Saturn and the Moon align for serious business and what feels like reckonings tonight. Karma, reparation, and restitution in any form come to mind in relation to this. Sagittarius Moon moves right in after that aspect without skipping a beat. Take into consideration any interactions with any entity considered in authority, from a boss to parent to government official or judge. It does feel like a judgment day, or night. Wear Purple, for wisdom, today.

Thursday:The Moon will be full and eclipsed on Saturday/Sunday 12:44 am EDT in Capricorn. One sign closer as the Moon now in Sagittarius aspects Mars at 1:35 am EDT. The Moon and Venus are opposite in Sag/Gemini bringing the truth around relationships prominently forward. Half truths may create problems. Ask questions to define what's real. Movement and shift in love and romantic relationships is  likely. Venus in Gemini is flirtatious and changeable. Sagittarius Moon will burn truths into plain view, one way or another. Also, Sag Moon is not that loyal, wanting freedom and flight. Some may end relationships under these circumstances. Some may do their best to avoid the issues. This is a very fiery day, so whatever is happening is action oriented, easily heated up, and potentially volatile. It could also feel adventurous. Today's color is Red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 9:06 am and then moves void of course, the transition time, until 12:48 am EDT on Saturday. The Full Moon warmup is in full swing. These hours are unreliable and may also be unfocused. Take good care. Read a mind opening book or engage in other interesting studies. Move energy through the body with yoga, swims, or an easy run. Keep activity fun and not overly strenuous through Full Moon. This eclipse of the Moon relates to the legs and knees and bones. Go easy as the rising energy can lead to overdoing and injuries. Oh yeah and then in the US we have the holiday which means even more reason to take it slow and not overdo. Tonight be careful with fire of any kind including fireworks while the Moon is in Sag until after midnight. Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday: 4th of July, 2020 and a lunar eclipse at once feels intense. Emotions may be suppressed during Capricorn Moon. They are more likely to be expressed as dominance or authoritarianism than in healthy ways. This sign is challenged by emotion and opposite Cancer, the sign of emotions and the Moon. That's where the Sun is, and hence the eclipse at 12:44 am EDT on Sunday technically, though it's on Saturday in some time zones. Capricorn Moon square to Mars leads to power plays and struggles. Moon opposite Mercury retrograde will create some reconnections, maybe between lovers, though it may also cause significant confusion in communication. Uranus in Taurus aligns with the earth sign Moon. One effect, literal or metaphorical, is an earthquake. The ground lacks definite stability as the Moon and Sun eclipse. What can you do to maximize your safety and sanity while protecting those you love in the same way. What's needed is reassurance that all will be ok. A safe holiday is recommended due to astrological conditions and the accelerated action eclipses bring. Wear Gold today. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Retrograde and Summer Eclipses 2020: June 20th-26th

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Sunday:  At 2:02 am EDT, the Moon moves to eclipse sign Cancer. And at 2:41 am, the solar eclipse in in happens as Sun meets Moon at 0 degree of Cancer. New Moon eclipses are about beginnings, new cycles, and changes at an energetic, accelerated pace. This eclipse will be followed by a lunar eclipse, more about endings and letting go, in two weeks. It's an odd time to have a solar eclipse as so many planets are retrograde including Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune as of tomorrow night, and Pluto. Mars and Uranus are not retrograde. Most of summer is influenced by retrograde planets and the upcoming 2nd meeting of Jupiter and Pluto this year. It's astrologically clear that our worldly experience is being transformed and will not go back to being what some call 'the same'. With this eclipse, noticed change that asks to be embraced. Family and home related matters are strongly connected to the sign Cancer. The Moon is in harmony with rebellious Uranus in persistent, strong Taurus. Find emotional strength in unusual or unexpected places or people, as needed. Old fallbacks or habits are looking to be replaced. New understanding and connection is necessary. Default networks may fall away. Notice if that idea resonates with something in your life. If your birthday is now or soon, this is a major year of change for you, whether you know it yet or not. Today's color is White.

Monday: Neptune retrograde begins in Pisces late tonight at 12:31 am EDT. For a couple of days we have 5 of 7  planets retrograde. It's true that some past injustices or unsolved mysteries could be solved/resolved or there will be new action surrounding such things. Otherwise, try not to be in a hurry or to take action without lots of thought. Patience is a lesson now for sure. The Moon and Mercury retrograde meet on one of the peak days of this astrological season. Everything from the past is in focus. Forgiveness and renewal could come as a result of the eclipse as well, especially within families, for Cancer, Capricorn, or with parent child relationships. The Moon opposes Jupiter and Pluto and there's a lot of action around these two retrograde in Capricorn this year and on June 30th when they meet again. It's about major transformations, so today there maybe developments in things that won't happen overnight but are in progress. Healing and opening the mind and heart are one aspect of this. Also, matters related to government, organization are in processes of change we cannot even see or know, yet. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon aligns with Mars in Pisces for acting with feeling and creative expression. To avoid: defensive and overdramatic behavior. People will want their needs taken care of and to feel secure. Everyone wants that after all, but today we may notice and hear about it more obviously. From 3:20 am to 8:33 am EDT, the Moon is void of course and then moves to Leo. Early risers, take those morning hours easy. Leo Moon aligns with Venus which feels good and adds to social occasions and generosity. Moon opposes Saturn which can point out opposite sides, yet lead to possibilities for teamwork and agreements that take all opinions into consideration. There could be a lot of work required to getting this right enough for signatures or commitment. Make some time for leisure or games under Leo Moon. Wear Purple.

Wednesday: Leo Moon squares Uranus. Our challenge is to be reasonable and hold steady. Also, this could have related to yesterday's events. Try not to lose your cool, take it out on others or stubbornly block something that needs to change. Some of that is likely to happen, just make it not you that perpetrates and keep yourself centered. On the other hand, news could be wildly exciting and change everything. Both of these are possible. One person's good news is another's disappointment. Void Moon starts at 6:05 pm after a Venus connection making tonight loving, friendly and potentially sexy and adventurous. 
Today's color is Gold. 

Thursday: Venus direct overnight at 2:48 am EDT in Gemini. Leo Moon has only minor activity before moving to Virgo at 1:05 pm EDT. It's a good morning to have off or have social type meetings with colleagues. Plan very little business for the first half of the day. Rest or do something fun. Virgo Moon aligns with the Sun and squares Venus tonight. Overall this feels optimistic, productive, and may reconnect us with something or someone we've been missing. Wear Pink.

Friday: Today has harmonious aspects, yet they look kind of unreliable or unstable since Mercury is retrograde and Uranus is always a wild card. Virgo Moon and a mixed forecast. Reconnecting with friends or with an abandoned job or project could be on the plus side. Old issues coming back up and curve balls affecting plans could be the other side. Overnight the Moon opposes Neptune retrograde which mainly feels like unrealistic thinking. However, it could lead to creative imagination and strange dreams. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: Virgo to Libra Moon. We are almost a week from the solar eclipse and by this time it's possible we're knowing and noticing the projected effects and changes. Yet there's so much in the air, I wouldn't place any bets on anything quite yet. Libra Moon begins at 4:16 am EDT after an active overnight that may influence this morning's news, personal or global. Mars is a force today, opposing the Moon at 4:02 pm EDT  just before the Moon moves to Libra, sign of peace. Mars is the warrior. Forces may pit against each other and even inner conflict may arise. Libra Moon aligns with Saturn for group alliance. Mars enters Aries, his home sign. Mars activates and charges, powering up when in Aries. Though Mars' color is red, we need to cool it down some. Today's color is Libra Lavender, for more ease. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020

Here are your forecasts for June 14th-21st. I included a bit about next Sunday since the solar eclipse is Saturday Pacific time, and Sunday EDT and in most of the world. 

Sunday: The Moon wanes in Aries, a sign that activates and therefore can energize and inspire, or bring up feelings of restlessness or discontent. Venus is retrograde and in harmony with the Moon, from Gemini, and Mercury in Cancer squares the Moon. Venus is relationships and friendship which are in favor. Mercury is communication and in the sign of family, which may require work or lend toward stress or strain. Today we begin a 'big' week with Mercury retrograde beginning and a solar eclipse one week from today. Tread lightly and remember self care. Wear Gold.

Monday: Aries Moon aligns with the Sun. The Aries/Gemini harmonies we experience early this week lead to social connection, decisive or confident attitudes and sometimes optimism. We also have squares again with the Moon square to Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, especially potent this year and month. This feels like reason to revise and restructure even in a large sense, in institutions and governments. Those planets are retrograde so this doesn't happen overnight, though there may be some related activity this week and month. Void Moon starts at 8:49 pm EDT and may contain unrest as things, in some cases, are broken down or taken apart for eventual rebuilding. Take the night easy and consider safety and security. Today's color is Red.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon time starts at 5:35 am EDT and will be in conjunction with Uranus later tonight. It may be challenging to hold one's solid ground and stay balanced or even tempered. If there's anything you can do to create atmospheres of comfort, simplicity, and peace, that may be helpful. The Moon squares Saturn in Aquarius and differences of opinion and methodology will be strong and stubborn. Make an effort to listen, cooperate or allow for differences, peacefully. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: The Moon connects with Uranus, the combustible one, a planet of volatile energies, at 12:15 am EDT. Tuesday's forecast is still applicable. Mercury is on the brink of retrograde, beginning on the west coast at 9:59 pm there, at and 12:59 am EDT on Thursday. Mercury aligns with the Moon, bringing news. But do not believe everything shared today. Statements or announcements made in good faith will be subject to rapid change. Today is changeable and unpredictable. Take good care of yourself and those you love. Avoid arguments and confrontations. Reserve judgment and responses. It's not a favorable day for business or major purchases. Lay low. Keep it simple. Wear Yellow.

Thursday: Mercury is retrograde in Cancer now until July 12th. Get back to projects and focus on home during this time. Rearranging and preparing for mid summer changes is part of this retrograde. Mind you, at the moment, the majority of planets are retrograde. This signals a time of learning, going back to attempt more wisdom, to repair what needs fixing, and to slow down our responses. Rushing is likely to create regret. All planetary aspects are harmonious today, so perhaps you notice things that happen easily without resistance or pressure. Void Moon 8:02 am to 5 pm EDT makes it a day for leisure and flexibility even if you are working. Gemini Moon from 5 pm on. Mars aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. These two are known to highlight desires when they combine forces. Inner most feelings may be expressed or realized. Today's color is Light Blue. 

Friday: Ok so, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are retrograde until Venus comes out of that status and Neptune dives in next week. It's a lot of retrograde and particularly unusual during eclipse time which continues with Cancer's New Moon/solar eclipse on Sunday. (This year Uranus retrograde begins August 15th.) Today's Gemini Moon meets Venus for social connections and ideas about redecorating, redesigning, and also sharing of ideas about harmony and peace. Summer and the Solstice come about between Saturday and Sunday depending on your time zone. This turning point is such a cusp with an eclipse. One feeling could be that you are right on the verge of something and neither in one place or the other. The eclipses often move things more quickly, however at this time with so much retrograde energy, there may be a push forward and lots of pull back. Or there may be much to settle before the forward type actions can actually occur. Give yourself plenty of pause and reflection time when you feel at the crossroads or immersed in change. It's the dark Moon, also known as balsamic. So we'll see all the stars if the skies are clear. Void of course Moon in Gemini from 5:48 pm on, and today's color is Black.

Saturday into Sunday: Gemini Moon squares Mars and Neptune in Pisces on Saturday. The Sun moves to Cancer at 5:44 pm EDT, and this marks the Summer Solstice. The mutable energies are strong on Saturday and I daresay nothing is to be taken at face value or trusted blindly. The Solstice brings our longest amount of daylight. Also the Solstice will be live broadcast from Stonehenge this year, so look for ways to witness this virtually.  Overnight into Sunday, a very 'Cancer' start to the week, the Moon enters her natural sign at 2:02 am EDT, 11:41 pm Pacific, followed by solar eclipse as Moon and Sun meet at 2:41 am EDT. More about this in next week's forecast. Know that eclipse season leads to unexpected, accelerated, and dramatic changes. Cancer is the sign of home, family and the United States. Capricorn is the sign of structures such as governments and other institutions and corporations. This is the polarity of this solar eclipse which tends toward new things, initiations, movements forward. Yet Mercury is retrograde in our eclipse sign. Question anything that seems questionable and make only strongly informed decisions and statements now. There's a lot of room for confusion and lack of clarity. What can we do to minimize errors? Saturday's color is White and Sunday's is Light Blue.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 7th-13th, 2020 Shadows of Mercury Retrograde & Preparing to Be Still

Mercury retrograde begins on June 17th, and this week is the preparing time. Some things planned now will have to be revised and what you buy, you may need to return or you may find that payments, deliveries or usefulness of such items is not as expected. On the 17th/18th depending on time zone, Mercury joins Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde, and on the 22nd/23rd, Neptune also stations retrograde. Venus is the one planet that will move direct in later June, on the 24th/25th. Prepare to reflect, revise, revisit, change plans, experience delays and unpredictability. Communication may present challenges and we're encouraged to do less and to be more patient and still this month.

We are experiencing a very uncommon time and also a series of opportune moments this year. Jupiter and Pluto are the big story, with 3 conjunctions in 2020, the next of which is on June 30th. They are nothing less than transformative. How they play out on earth depends on human responses and behavior. The 3rd of the conjunctions completes a very rare cycle on November 12th, 2020.

This summer we are between eclipses, the first was last Friday's Full Moon. 

Use this time to learn, reconnect emotionally, forgive and make amends. Other business may be on hold, and patience is called for. 

Sending love,

Sunday: Earth sign energies remind us to ground, feel the earth, our feet, our seat, our anchors in the physical world. Capricorn Moon aligns with Uranus. Whenever Uranus comes up, it's a catalyst for change, sometimes radical shifts. Mars also aligns with the Moon and whenever Mars comes up we know there's activation. Currently Mars is in Pisces and this could activate compassion and sensitivity in it's highest form, or it could lead to repressed, unhealthy anger and bottled up emotion. Let's hope the first is the one that dominates. Mercury is opposite the Moon, and the question and effect is how will we use organization and structure while honoring emotions, families, particularly the feminine and the mother, and nurturing growth rather than destruction? News may surround those topics. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and Jupiter retrograde. I think we'll find our Capricorn Moon times to be very significant this summer. The next one will be a lunar eclipse, around July 4th. Jupiter and Pluto meet three full times this year, and this is extremely rare. The last two were in December 2007, and December 1994. The next time after June and November of this year will be 2033. That gives you an idea of how significant it is that the two meet three times in 2020 with an agenda of transformation through illuminating what's been in darkness, repressed or oppressed so we heal that through education, expansion and spiritual alchemy. That process is highlighted today. After the Moon, our emotions, meets Jupiter, planet of spirituality, beliefs, and higher learning, void of course Moon happens from 2:06 pm to 8:54 pm EDT. Read a philosophical article or listen to a podcast with social and global justice or universal law information as the topic.  The Aquarius Moon moves in and meets Saturn, the planet of law and boundaries. Our agreements, especially social agreements such as mask wearing during pandemic and other ways we contribute to the greater good, are in sharp focus. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon square to Uranus in Taurus and trine to Venus in Gemini. The latter is social, collaborative and may bring beautiful connection, forgiveness, and retrograde action around relationships. There's an opening and ease around what's overdue. The square is tougher, though it may help us ground in what we feel most strongly for. Fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus can be persistent and relentless with both ideals and methods. Groups may act from strong, even radical, senses of purpose. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon and Gemini Sun align for writing, intellectual work, and also sharing of ideas and socializing. Void of course Moon from 10:35 am EDT on makes this a good day for recreation and leisurely plans versus business and major decisions. Today's color is Yellow.

Thursday: At 5:32 am EDT, after a long void of course time, the Moon enters Pisces. Pisces Moon squares Venus retrograde and aligns with Uranus in Taurus tonight. Note that these are the planets Aquarius Moon interacted with on Tuesday and re-read that day's forecast for more insight. Before those aspects, at 5:37 am EDT, Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Of the many possibilities here, one may work through a creative block, struggle and make attempts with words or vision, engage in empathy and compassion even under challenging conditions, and wrestle with change. The tension of a square is motivating while not easy. Effort is required in order that we express ourselves and engage in discussions and emotional healing. Avoid getting stuck in unrealistic expectations. Wear Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon meets Mars and Neptune and aligns in ease with Mercury in Cancer. Water sign energy calls attention to emotions. Try to allow for your feelings and others' sensitivities as well as other emotions. Mars in Pisces can feel antsy like energy you don't know what to do with. Think nurture, self care and care of others as well as artistic and spiritual outlets and practices. Wear Light Blue.

Saturday: We are only a few days from the beginning of Mercury retrograde. It's an emotional revising of the past. We cannot revise history, our own or collectively, however we can heal. Attention to emotions continues today as the Moon wanes and contacts Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Feel into the issues of your tissues and the past injustices, oppression, and even successes and expansion patterns of organizations, businesses and governments for clues as to how these retrogrades and conjunctions are opening long closed doors. Pluto and Jupiter ask they we be set free somehow, from the past. Pisces Moon squares the Sun in mutable signs, and Mars and Neptune meet in mutable Pisces. Mutable means changeable, versatile, flexible. Our willingness to change, be compassionate and feel is called up. Void Moon 8:45 am to 5:03 pm EDT. Aries Moon aligns with Saturn for organizational and collective agreements and initiatives. Today's color is Orange.