Friday, September 27, 2013

September 30th to October 6th, 2013

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Monday: Leo Moon conjunct Mars

The Moon and Mars meet while Uranus plays along from Aries. This is all fire! Dynamic force and doing things up big is in the forecast today. Leo is a fixed sign so changes and actions made now should be considered long term.  Confidence, assertiveness and extra flair go a long way today. Leo Moon favors the creative, optimistic and active.  Kids may be all stirred up so keep them busy and out of "trouble".  Conditions are right for any kind of decision and the bolder the move, the more likely we'll be to dive in headfirst today. Leo rules the spine and heart so act with a strong spine and lots of good intentions.  Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius may experience generosity. Be willing to receive what's offered if it's in your best interests. Don't be too proud to accept! Aquarius, significant others and partners may need you to sort things through with them. Communicate well and bring up a great new idea with confidence!  Leo, what can you inspire or make happen today! You are really the star and Scorpio may get a share of that spotlight too.  Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Void of Course Moon, Sun square Pluto

The Moon is void during part of the business day so act thoughtfully, cautiously and have back up plans from 12:48 am to 2:52 pm ET.  Harmony and order may not come without some work. Yesterday's wildly active fire sign activity could leave us with many adjustments and some erratic energy today. Let things settle and do routine work. Have conversations you want to go smoothly but write it all down or it will be forgotten.  It's a good day to ask for favors or forgiveness. Mercury and Neptune create some easygoing vibes, but the question is are you being sweet talked? Look for the truth and question intentions or details so you're not misled.  The Moon moves to Virgo at 2:52 pm and is opposing Neptune tonight.  Be flexible. See things in a positive light without ignoring what can be improved upon. And again, do not trust blindly.  Ask questions! The Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, both cardinal signs that want progress.  Have a talk about what's fair.  Avoid hiding information or an aspect of your intentions that will come out later on.  Secrets may be revealed tonight. Being willing to go deep not skim the surface may head off a problem later on.  Be forthcoming and ask someone else to be, if that applies.  Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

This is meant to be a very practical day. The Virgo Moon signals service to others, work for our own benefit, and healthy routines.   See how you can help someone by applying your skills or improving theirs! Accomplish something that's been waiting in the wings.  Make a little noise with meetings, communication,  marketing or do some productive writing or study.  Find or rediscover something healthy and decide it will be part of your daily regimen now.  The Moon works with Pluto and Saturn. Something from last Friday or so may come up for final resolving and letting go once and for all. Work ethic and ethics are important today.  If you're doing alot of mental processing, remember your body needs exercise too and clearing the mind with some outdoor or workout time can help you be more mentally efficient. Efficiency is a good word for today. There's a wheel of fortune aspect at play you may notice as well. Prepare if you can since a New Moon arrives on Friday! Wear brown.

Thursday: Sun opposite Uranus

Today is a wild card. A deal maker or breaker. The Libra Sun is opposite Uranus in Aries at 10:12 am ET. The entire week is affected, but today is the peak of the opposition related to me vs we, fairness and shared finances, responsibilities and feelings, partnership in both love and business, legal matters, and things beyond our control. It's a good thing that the Virgo Moon is in fine shape with Venus and Jupiter in harmony flanking both sides.  Surround yourself with helpful or agreeable people, ask for what you need, be reasonable and aim for fair outcomes.  Negotiate things any time today, but if agreements occur from 2:57 pm to 10:59 pm ET, get some extra assurance like a document or tangible proof of what transpired. Save receipt then too as the Moon is void of course in Virgo.  Keep a practical mindset. Take emotion and drama out of matters as much as humanly possible. Try not to act rashly though you might need to make a quick decision or response. Plan ahead so you can be very diplomatic and no one can call you out as irrational or impulsive. Good luck! Today's color is lavender.

Friday: New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is tonight at 8:35 pm ET. If you're deliberating or debating a course of action or next move, this is the time to get off the fence since next month we'll be in the throes of eclipse action at New Moon time.  In fact, the Sun/Uranus opposition we had yesterday may already have signaled some of what you could be experiencing just two weeks from now.  What did you get a heads up about this week? Make your most well thought out decisions, start anything new, and plant the seeds you want to grow as soon as possible this weekend. Today, gather facts, have conversations, face problem realistically with Pluto in Capricorn involved, and air things out. Then be ready to forge your path, start your project or plan, and end the second guessing by tonight or tomorrow.  There's still that wheel of fortune, potentially chaotic or surprising aspect in the air as Uranus engages with the Moon today after opposing the Sun yesterday. This is very much about legalities, partners, legitimacy and responsibility to another party or person.  Balance and fair agreement are what's called for.  There's an Aries lunar eclipse in two weeks and a Scorpio solar eclipse in four. More than the leaves and temperatures are about to shift and change this fall!!! Today's color is white.

Saturday: Libra Moon

Everyone is trying to find harmony in some aspect of life right now! The Libra activity is putting couples, partnership and interaction with each other front and center. The New Moon last night makes it a very good time to make a plan, try working things out a new way, pitch in a little bit more or less depending which side you've been on, find order and rhythm so there's less tension or wondering. Clear something up by talking it out.  Jupiter in Cancer is urging fairness among family and household members.  Be willing to take up your share of work or responsibility to smooth things out.  Mars in Leo sets us up for exciting social time, parties, events and meeting new people.  Put your confident face on and remember that no one is better than you and someone might be as nervous or unsure as you are, if that's the case.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn & Mercury, Mercury sextile Pluto

The hidden, the undiscovered, secrets, buried memories and mysteries are highlighted with Scorpio activity. It's an intensely Scorpio day and everything Scorpio including investigations, research, medical matters particularly surgeries, sexuality, deep secrets and passionate feelings are activated.  Saturn has a business like and at times challenging influence on our emotions when meeting with the Moon.  Define your intentions. Act accordingly. It's still a great time to initiate things, and today facing a medical decision, family business, or bringing sensitive topics up for resolving or healing is  well timed.  Mercury will be retrograde on October 21st for a few weeks, and in about 10 days you're no longer in the free and clear zone.  If you can make a well planned decision now, then go forward!  Today could feel moody or just deep and thoughtful.  Wear indigo blue.

Friday, September 20, 2013

September 23rd to 29th, 2013

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Monday: Taurus Moon

This is the first full day of autumn and the Moon is void of course from 3:18 am ET on.  Taurus Moon is good for hands on tasks and projects. Build, assemble, sort and create. Yard work, particularly weeding out and preparing for another season's harvest or picking ripe fruits is favored. Under Taurus Moon all the senses are activated and if you can take in sights, sounds, textures, and get a real feel for things, you're in harmony with the Moon.  A square to Mars can be stubborn yet blending two different equally forceful personalities, ideas or approaches could result in something one alone would not accomplish.  Mars is in expressive Leo and we will tend not to hold back ideas, even if they are controversial or opposing someone else's view.  Jupiter in Cancer works with the Moon. For Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces, friendship and romance are favored.  It's a sensual night for cooking and enjoying meals and other pleasures.  Relax or follow usual routines. It's not the best time to introduce new things. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Sun harmonize today. The Gemini Moon and Libra Sun are both in people oriented, communicative signs.  Impressions count  and this can come through in how we dress and present ourselves as well as in our words and messages.  Being friendly and agreeable is more likely than on some other days and may go a long way. Make a good connection in business or work if you're a Taurus or Virgo.  Aquarius, Libra, and Leo are favored for new social contacts, friendships and lucky meetings.  Neptune in Pisces squares the Moon and our ability to understand, communicate honestly and clearly and adapt to change is challenged. Some signs will feel this more than others. Gemini and Pisces host the action and may be among the more versatile as long as everything is respectful. Virgo or Sagittarius may need assurance in personal relationships where changes are happening.  The key to the day is to put your best self front and center, be willing to discuss and listen, and have a sense of humor. Today and tonight can be a lot of fun and a good time for meeting new people or connecting at conferences, in larger groups or in conversation.  Be approachable in situation where that could benefit you.  Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon

With Uranus & Mars actively working with the Moon today, things are bound to move fast. Be careful of fast talkers or agitated souls who won't be able to keep their tempers in check easily.  It's one of those days where one minute it's like this, and the next minute something shifts, in some cases radically. Expect most anything, and mainly avoid instigating conflict or anything too shocking that will have repercussions you don't want.  Move thoughtfully.  On one hand, you could make a great idea work or come to a surprisingly easy agreement. Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius are some signs more likely to have that occur. Sagittarius, you may like the excitement as long as you and your significant other are doing well, but if not it could be the opposite!  Virgo be cautious with business and money even if it involves friends.  Tonight is socially stimulating, possibly too much so. A lot about today depends on your mindset and tolerance for change and excitement.  Wear red today.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:21 am to 3:21 pm ET.  Those hours could be easygoing or confusing. Keep things simple and routine and skip major purchase decisions if possible.  The Moon and Mercury are in harmony but you must read, listen and keep up with communications which could be a challenge. We may tend to skim today.  It's a good day for mixing pleasure or social networking with work, gathering for lunch or a breakfast meeting, and showing appreciation and good humor.  The Moon moves at 3:21 pm and the Cancer Moon draws us to what we care about most, our personal lives and people we love.  Venus and Jupiter set us up for a very nice date night and good feelings so take the opportunity to enjoy time together, find agreement or forgiveness and improve on any relationship by reaching out with positive intention and open mindedness.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon opposite Pluto

Get some pressing business done today. If possible, resolve a matter once and for all. The Moon and Saturn harmonize with Pluto across the zodiac in Capricorn. It's all meant to be very practical, methodical and "by the book". Doing the right, the responsible, the legal, and the family oriented thing is what's most favored.  With the Cancer Moon, domestic matters like moving, resolving things with family or household members, and dealing with home repairs or problems is a priority.  Don't avoid what has to be done eventually. Mercury is retrograde just weeks from now. Now is much more reliable and better for an agreement or plan to be put in place.  It's a no nonsense day. Uranus is throwing a curve ball in which may be felt by Aries personally (it could be good though, just not what you expect!), by Pisces financially or in terms of general luck, and by Libra in relationships to name a few possibilities. Stay on top of business and on your guard today and tonight, all signs.  Tonight is meant for relaxation, being with people we're closest to, and staying in the safety zone.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter, Venus square to Mars

The Cancer Moon is about growth, prosperity, investment, security and feeling protected and protective both.  Cherishing what we have and trying to improve upon it is in this weekend's forecast.  Grow from a stable foundation.  Repair things at home including feelings as well as anything in a state of disrepair. Smooth out the system. Plant or harvest.  This Moon is about abundance and appreciation, especially with family and home.  Have a family gathering.  Venus and Mars square and personalities that don't see eye to eye may face off, but if it's in the name of progress not revenge, air it out! The Cancer Moon is so pleasing with Venus and Jupiter's influence today. Make a date or a longer term commitment, express feelings, get engaged or married before Mercury retrograde begins! Let people know you love them.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Today is meant for festivities. Gather, celebrate, indulge or get a good game going!  Try to avoid business or big purchases since Mercury moves today, an indication minds might change or information may be unreliable or in flux.  The Leo Moon signals time to play, at least in the earlier hours, and then with Saturn's influence, organize in the evening and avoid stubborn opinions that may cause conflict.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for all social plans! Dress the part or dress to make an impression.  Mercury in Scorpio is a fact finding influence and if you have something to research or investigate, outline the questions and the plan and get ready for tomorrow and the week ahead. Today's color is purple.

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 16th to 22nd, 2013

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Monday: Void of Course Moon

Mercury is opposite Uranus, and perhaps you already got some wild news or experienced an out of the blue event or unexpected but meaningful chance meeting yesterday. That's what's in the air! And with the Moon void of course in Aquarius from 4:19 am ET, 1:19 am Pacific and the planet Uranus in Aries also in harmony with the Moon, the outrageous, original, inventive, and out of the ordinary is what's up for today. Just be careful not to let things get out of control since it's a whirlwind of an unpredictable day. Mars opposite the Moon can be stubborn conflict in the name of ideals that can't be compromised. Keep the heat in check and tempers under control. It's a wacky Monday. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon, Full Moon Warm Up

 The Moon moves to our Full Moon sign Pisces at 9:58 am ET. The Moon is Full Thursday and today we'll be distinctly aware of what has to be taken care of before the week is over. The push is on and emotions need to stay under control. Pisces Moon can let anxiety or melancholy take over. Avoid any kind of victim syndrome and get the creative juices flowing and make good business and social connections as Mars and Mercury align. This is also a good aspect for studying and rehearsing and working with a partner or collaborator. Taking things out as we go is one way of making more meaning, understanding and ingraining things on our memory. Mars is in Leo sign of teaching, learning and performing. It's a good day to present or perform and make a strong connection with an audience with Mercury in outgoing Libra aligned to Mars. The Moon and Neptune can distract us or make us feel a bit lost. Refocus and refocus again if necessary. Give yourself a break but not so much that you give up. Relax into what has to be done. Swim with the current but make sure you're going somewhere or get someone to throw you a line! Friendship is what Taurus needs today. Virgo, find partnership and balance in personal interactions. Gemini, its a career day or a day to present well and lose any kind of spacey factor in favor of showing how you can blend creativity and business. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Full Moon

The Moon is is near Full in Pisces, exact tomorrow morning at 7:13 am ET, overnight Pacific time 4:13 am. Venus directs today's activity as the planet of love, partnership and harmony meets Saturn and works with Pluto. The action is in Scorpio and Capricorn, two signs closely tied to Saturn. Saturn is about limitations, challenges and "heavy" topics. Pluto in Capricorn is secrets, undercurrents and getting a handle on our fears. These fears and secrets related to relationship and love come up with Venus in Scorpio. It could be easy to fall into old patterns, revert to fears and distrust. Mainly, avoid actions that will cause lack of trust. With Venus in Scorpio, lack of loyalty is a huge trigger. With the right attitude you can deepen commitment, share intimate information and become closer in love relationships. Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer may be most impacted as well as those with the same rising or Moon signs. With Full Moon pressure at play, there's business to be done however our personal lives will overshadow anything else on today's agenda. Be as open as possible so you don't create any misunderstanding that will sidetrack, lead to drama, or needlessly hurt someone. We'll be sensitive today. Instincts are full on. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces also includes a square between Jupiter in Cancer and Mercury in Libra. It's quite a day to be trying to work out an agreement. Sharpen negotiation skills and keep feelings in mind while being very informed and business like. Walk the fine line between having a boundary or non negotiable while listening and showing you are interested or care about the other view. That's what will make negotiating most successful according to today's aspects. With Full Moons we often need to decide and finalize. Pisces is not the most decisive sign, but alternate plans may work. Find plan C! Do your best to make things happen since next Full Moon is an eclipse and Mercury retrograde time. At the same time, too much pressure can backfire today. Trust intuition, get advice from caring but practical sources. Move with heart while keep distance and boundaries where they are needed. We also have a void Moon beginning at Full Moon time, 7:13 am until 12:58 pm ET. It may all seem a bit complicated. Tonight, stay with trusted friends and environments over the new or more exciting. Wear white

Friday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon will give that little (or bigger?) push if you felt like holding off on something major during emotional Pisces Full Moon time. Aries Moon helps us get out from underneath. Draw on Aries courage, strength and stamina. Cutting ties or letting go works as the Moon begins to wane, but this is also still the Full Moon period and a bold action is well taken for Aries personally, Pisces or Cancer in career and work matters, and Libra, Aquarius or Sagittarius in relationships. Capricorn, the Aries Moon relates to where you live and who you call family. Take any necessary steps to improve or change things there.  Today is meant for assertive actions and if you tend to be outgoing or the dominant person, you might need to take it down just a notch so you don't put someone off.  The Moon is opposite Mercury and our differences in opinion and style become very obvious and potential points of discussion or debate. Mercury in Libra favors listening to both sides and reserving harsh judgment. The Moon is void of course from 9:25 pm ET on. Double check your calendar and make sure you're where you're supposed to be and keep good track of your belongings so they don't disappear. Today's color is red.

Saturday: Saturn sextile Pluto

Saturn and Pluto are in harmony. These two planets combine the structure and ambition Capricorn is known for. If there's a part of yourself or a trait you need to get a handle on, use the will of Saturn and reality check of Pluto to do it. Try to see things as they are, even in glaring light, flaws and all, and move with clear vision and purpose. Take undercurrents or latent parts of yourself that are good and purposeful and give them some structure. Positive action, goal setting, breaking unhealthy habits, and setting our minds to something is favored! The Moon moves from Aries to Taurus at 6:33 pm ET, 3:33 Pacific. The earlier hours are not well suited to shopping and are well timed for personal development and serious decisions, sharing private and relevant information where that can be helpful and getting or giving wise, practical advice. The evening is good for most anything. Make only promises you have every intention of keeping.  Today's color is black.

Sunday: Taurus Moon, Sun to Libra, Autumnal Equinox

The new season begins officially at 4:44 pm ET as the Sun moves to Libra, joining Mercury in the sign of justice, balance, and partnership.  It's a great time to make an agreement and work things out with another party before Mercury retrograde in approximately one month.  The Taurus Moon works with Neptune fro creative work. Garden and kitchen projects and designing and rearranging give a sense of accomplishment today.  The Moon opposes Saturn and Venus in Scorpio and love, relationship, partnership and decisions that need to be agreed upon pose a challenge.  Strong arguments will be made and unyielding attitudes are likely.  Tonight is best for waving a white flag, agreeing to disagree or putting heated topics to the back burner for a while. It may seem like people want privacy or time to focus on personal things. If agreements are made, the terms will be considered long term or permanent and should not be taken too lightly.  Say what you really mean and make sure you're clear about what you agreeing to. Today's color is brown.

Friday, September 6, 2013

September 9th to 15th, 2013

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Monday: Mercury to Libra, Mars square Saturn

Mercury's move to Libra at 3:07 am ET brings attention to anything requiring a final and fair decision in the next few weeks. It's also significant because Mercury will be retrograde beginning October 21st and we want to take care of anything on a time line well before then. Legal situations, settlements, business agreement that involved partnership and disputes or major decisions for couples are among matters likely to activate now. Keep justice strong in your mind and key in your vocabulary. Sharing, equality, and balance are Mercury's work this month. Saturn and the Moon have their monthly conjunction in Scorpio and Mars throws a square from Leo into the mix. This is fixed, stubborn energy and stubborn negotiation skills are required today. A stalemate is a possibility and with Mars and Saturn square, a fight or battle of wills is probably not worth. Standing ground and then walking away so everyone can sit with the problem for a while is the better plan. The Scorpio Moon influences those highly organized, ambitious and even bullheaded today. Strong persistence is likely. The Moon and Pluto align this afternoon and undercurrents and intuition heightens. This is a Monday full of intensity. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Moon trine Jupiter

Settlements and agreements are more likely today as Jupiter in Cancer points out areas for growth and the positives of giving in a bit in the name of progress. The Scorpio Moon works with Jupiter and the Sun, two optimistic influences, increasing resilience, nurturing, and creativity. It should be easier to find that soft point where flexibility and understanding come into play amidst strong emotions and sensitive situations. Business, personal, health, and travel are all positively influenced by Jupiter and the Sun. Make a move. Find some support. It's Venus's final night in Libra, with Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini favored for love, romance, friendship, partnership and social plans. Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Venus in Scorpio, Sagittarius Moon

 Venus moves to Scorpio at 2:16 am and the Moon moves to Sagittarius about 30 minutes later. Venus in Scorpio is passionate and can be possessive. We mean business about who and what we love and feel passion for now. At the extreme, Venus can be obsessive here. But if you're entering a relationship and loving the new chemistry and wanting to be together all the time, the conditions might feel just right. Venus in Scorpio is about commitment for Taurus who may take it to the next level, attraction for Scorpio and Cancer, and Capricorn romance will thrive too especially if it's a friendship turning to love. The Sagittarius Moon works with Mars, Uranus and Mercury for spontaneous moves, travels and initiating plans. It's an interesting day to be traveling, on a field trip of some kind and experiencing something new. Seeing things with new eyes makes sense today and tonight. Go a bit out of your comfort zone. Bust boredom. Today's color is purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon 2nd quarter

The Sagittarius Moon squares the Virgo Sun. Both are mutable signs, heralding change. Going for progress generally makes us feel best at 2nd quarter Moon time. Sagittarius Moon brings a philosophical slant and we'll notice people discussing their ideals and beliefs as part of decision making and conversations. Sorting things out and analyzing will be common today, but not to the point of not acting. Sag Moon is about action and even taking a risk with something unknown or uncertain. The Sun in Virgo is a reminder to be safe and keep some practical considerations and both favor the ability to change your mind or plan later on. Take actions that can be adjusted as needed. Get out of your usual neighborhood or office and see a new point of view. The afternoon is particularly good for a break in routine with the void of course Moon starting at 1:08 pm ET, 10:08 am Pacific. Tonight be cautious around high risk behavior and people who throw caution to the wind. Enjoy but stay grounded and aware. Today's color is green.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 5:56 am. There's a good, strong and maybe serious work ethic and ambition at work as the Moon aligns with Pluto, Venus, Neptune, Saturn and squares Mercury. We'll do what we have to in order to accomplish, feel successful and get tasks out of the way. Capricorn is an earth sign for sensible, calculated action. It's a very solid business day with not too much sentiment and enough objectivity. Anything on the agenda is favored for action. Meetings and conversations might be a bit tense, yet the chance of agreements is still present and remember with Mercury in Libra it's all about fair resolutions. Work and decent financial aspects for Leo and Sagittarius. Relationship agreements for Cancer and a day for Virgo to explore possibilities and maybe make decisions especially about education or travel. Capricorn is at the center of the activity today. Tonight is good for dates and socializing with the Moon and Venus in harmony. Dinner is good, club going is not as stylish tonight. A work out for both body and mind is practically a given day or night. Wear navy blue.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury square Pluto

Quite a bit going on in terms of different influences at work. Negotiating and making intentional and practical decisions is the work of Mercury and Pluto. Some of that will be in long standing situations with past influences at work. Instinct and intuition are heightened. Pay attention to that little inner voice. Agree only if things feel right and be careful about the conditions and terms. It is a day for resolving and fixing, but strong judgment is important and so is the gut feeling! Venus and Neptune are all about romance and love and it's an sexy date night especially for Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer. This is also a great influence for creative flow! At 7:17 pm ET the Moon moves void of course until 8:18 am. Put off shopping or committing for half a day. Today's color is light blue. Sunday: Aquarius Moon The strong willed Aquarius Moon moves in and squares Venus and Mars in Scorpio. It's a very idealistic and stubborn day. The Moon favors collaboration but that does not include compromise today. Our vision of how we want things will be hard to break or bend. Work on what you feel strongly about. Spend time with people who have common vision for the most peaceful and productive day. Allow others their opinions. It's not a great day to debate. Listen and leave it alone. Today's color is silver.