Saturday, May 30, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 31st to June 6th, 2020

Our Full Moon message comes from Mouse. How can this small animal with many predators enlighten us? The answer is in the details.
Mouse is a totem of organization and speaks of getting everything in order. In the process, Mouse reminds us to pay attention to the finest details. In the big picture, we are to systematize our knowledge and focus on depth. Mouse points out that something that could at first seem insignificant may have great importance. This is a time to look at everything with scrutiny and care.
For mouse's full message, head to my 'everything' blog. (robinivy.blogspot)

Sunday: Virgo to Libra Moon. The void time is 5:17 am to 10:38 am EDT. Virgo Moon and Jupiter are in harmony early, then Libra Moon and Saturn align midday. Today appears to be mostly harmonious. Justice and equality are themes. Libra Moon square to Mercury in Cancer results in communication and trying to resolve justice matters and family dynamics and may extend more broadly to our nation, the USA, as we have a 4th of July Cancer birthday. Seek fairness in all dealings. Today's color is Lavender.

Monday: Libra Moon aligns with the Sun and with Venus, the planet of harmony and beauty. Air sign action means coming up with ideas, exchanging information, and socializing. There are also currents of how to make peace and seek fair outcomes before Full Moon on Friday. Notice what friendliness and collaboration can accomplish. Join forces. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Libra to Scorpio Moon. This week's topic is truly fairness, equality, justice and injustice and the Scorpio Moon adds intensity and relentlessness. The national news reflects this. What can you/we do to minimize extremes and unfair decision making or action, even violence. Libra is the sign of peace and of serving justice. The Moon squares 3 planets and opposes one today challenging us to reconcile these matters. Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus overnight into Wednesday, which is often  comes about in the forms of destruction or metaphorical earth quakes.  I know that sounds intense, just remember not all destruction is a bad thing. Sometimes the walls need to come down and it's time to reinvent. The Full Moon warm up will feel obvious. Indigo is today's color. 

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus, aligns in harmony with Mars in Pisces. Action will be backed by emotions. Like most things, that can translate positively, with heart, or negatively, out of anger or envy. So be mindful of your emotions as you make decisions, and remove yourself from any situation that becomes heated or where someone is agitated or unpredictable. On a different note, the Sun and Venus have a social meeting in Gemini, which is good for friendship, sharing of ideas, and leads to announcements and news. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon void of course 7:36 am to 1:17 pm EDT after easygoing angles with Pluto and Jupiter, both retrograde in Capricorn. The Moon is nearly Full, and the Moon has been in an emotionally charged sign. Morning may be quiet, reflective, and internally focused. Some will want space, privacy, and time to process. Some may move in the direction or organizational changes and practical, retrograde type action such as preparing space for partial re-openings or getting back to projects left incomplete. The Sagittarius Moon moves in, ready to be Full at 3:12 pm EDT on Friday. Saturn and the Moon highlight the importance and necessity of social contracts and wisdom/regulations around travel and gathering in groups. Saturn's lean toward rules and limitations is in Aquarius, sign of groups, friendships and technology. The Moon in Sagittarius leans toward freedom, philosophical outlooks and global matters and concerns. With the Moon in her fullness, interesting information and news comes to light. Mercury is a major player in tomorrow's forecast, and the messenger planet has announcements to make. Notice how this plays out. Today's color is Purple.

Friday: Full Moon in Sagittarius, fire sign of free thinking and movement. This is the first of a two year cycle of Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses. (though the next two are in Cancer/Capricorn). Change is in the air. Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus for changes and news. Harkening back to Moon opposite Uranus earlier this week, developments can be unforeseen, stimulating, rattling, or the opposite of what's expected. Sag Moon opposes Venus in Gemini, which looks like a lot of movement and perhaps momentum in personal relationships. The Moon also squares Mars in Pisces, the third mutable sign active today. This Full Moon brings evolution and may involve personal, family, and world. Keeping an open mind may be helpful. Resistance often leads to suffering and angst. Can we go with the flow in a very wise and informed way? Today's color is White. 

Saturday: Void for course 12:10 am to 3:11 pm EDT. Twilight zone time. Today could feel strange, like an in between time or you may be asking yourself, 'what just happened?'. I can't say what the many transitions you, I or the world will be going through today, but I suspect they will feel different and prominent. Just when you think nothing could be stranger or ____________ (add your own word), you may find yourself in the midst of an even new readjustment or circumstance, or with a changed perspective or plan. This week is one of major change. Sag Moon and lunar eclipse contributes to weeding out, burning away and letting go. The Sun squares Mars in Pisces continuing yesterday's Mars activity. Keep your action full of heart and well informed. Blend reason with emotion. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 24th-May 30th: Mercury in Cancer & a Season of Retrograde

Animal message from Hawk for the cycle beginning with New Moon in Gemini on May 22, 2020

This week Mercury moves to Cancer on Thursday. The retrograde will be in Cancer from June 18th to July 12th between 14 and 5 degrees of Cancer. June is full of retrograde action.
Here's your forecast for the rest of May, minus the 31st which lands next week!

Sunday: The Moon meets Mercury in Gemini, and these two represent storytelling. You may feel inspired to document or share your present experience. Communication is today's theme with news, writing, phone conversations and other ways of connecting highlighted. It could be important to stay up to date with information, emails, and what's generally going on around you. Some will receive communication that requires answers and replies. Personal communication and broader sources of news will be percolation today. Gemini Moon void from 7:09 am to 10:32 pm EDT and the Moon then shifts to Cancer. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: The Moon is in Cancer, and Uranus is the planet playing a significant role as the Moon and Mars both connect with this Taurus anchored influencer. Uranus disturbs the balance, shifts our footing or perspective, and sometimes changes everything in one fell swoop. Every month we have Uranus aspects, so this may feel no different or could stir up something you wouldn't expect. Mars sextile Uranus is a wild matter, energizing us both emotionally and physically. So you could feel very stirred up, adventurous, excited or even agitated. Things may come to the surface that you couldn't have predicted, and therefore we need to pay attention to anger or other uprisings in order to moderate and take care of them in a reasonable way. The Moon also aligns with Uranus adding to the feeling aspect as Cancer rules the emotions. Today, moods may be up and down or extreme. Wear White.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune and opposes planets in Capricorn, repeating a monthly pattern. Currently those two planets are retrograde. We'll revisit unfinished business, attempt to reorganize, and revise plans. Also Neptune adds to creativity and imagination. Put right and left brain abilities together and manifest results today or over time. Today may be the planting of the seeds or a major move toward your finished product or successful plan. Void Moon 9:06 pm EDT to 2:33 am tomorrow. Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Leo Moon time starts at 2:33 am EDT. This looks like an active day with group dynamics and responsible agreements courtesy of Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, relentlessly holding on to stability as Moon and Uranus square, and a happy alliance between the Moon and Sun which may make us feel decisive and outgoing. It's a mixed Leo Moon, depending on your circumstances. The relentless holding could create stress. The Moon/Sun dynamic could release feel good vibes. Today's color is Gold.

Thursday: Leo Moon aligns with Venus retro for reconnections and reunions. Someone may get back in touch. You might feel like redecorating with things you dig out of boxes or basements, bringing them back to life. Beautify something today. At 9:30 am the Moon moves void of course for the rest  of the day. Business may not be worth pursuing. Find something to enjoy. Mercury moves to Cancer where the retrograde begins in a few weeks. This happens at 2:09 pm EDT. Mercury in Cancer is reflective and sentimental. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: The Moon enters Virgo at 7:40 am EDT and aligns with Mercury shortly after. It feels like the home front or family business is where today's energy leads. Take care of house, family, property, and simple tasks like cooking, gardening and cleaning. Family members or close colleagues can problem solve and plan together well today. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: The Moon opposes Mars and Neptune in Pisces. There's a pull between practical, realistic options and idealistic dreams. Venus has the middle ground in Gemini, full of ideas especially the ones abandoned at some earlier time (maybe last year?). Revisit an idea that may now make sense, isn't too impractical, and blends your dreams with real action. If you're in conflict with someone, look for an answer you can both live with as you share possibilities without judging too quickly. Communicating well and fairly is the key to getting anything accomplished today. Some will choose to live in daydreams instead. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wishing you all the best, safety and contentment. May all beings be well, feel freedom and bliss.


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 17th to 23rd, 2020: Sun in Gemini & Retrograde Planets

The Sun will move to Gemini this week, while 4 planets are retrograde through May and well into June. Looking ahead to June, that's when Mercury retrograde happens next. What do the retrograde planets mean? This can vary from one person or organization to another. One general part of the process is to slow everything down and revisit anything unresolved.

Jupiter and Pluto are retro in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius now, then back to Capricorn on July 1st, and Venus is retrograde in Gemini until June 25th.

Here's the forecast and colors for the week ahead:

Sunday: Taurus Sun trine to Jupiter is a beautiful thing. Pisces Moon also aligns with Jupiter making it a grand trine, and the Sun and Moon are in harmony. The Moon moves between Pisces and Aries at 9:36 am EDT after almost 6 hours void of course. Aries Moon and Saturn retrograde are in harmony. Basically if you have to choose a day to do something important, this looks like a good one. Prosperity, filling the senses, creating music or something else, and finding harmony in relationships, all are favored. Planting is preferable under the Pisces Moon while clearing and weeding is favored more during Aries Moon. Act on something you care deeply about. Today's color is Orange.

Monday: Aries Moon aligns with Mercury in Gemini for friendliness, sharing of ideas, planning, and acting with intelligence. We may feel flexible, versatile, outgoing, and optimistic. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Aries Moon void at 4:33 pm EDT after squaring planets retrograde in Capricorn and saying hello to Venus retrograde in Gemini. Retroactive action is likely, such as resolving or revisiting an old issue, getting back in touch with a friend, and revising plans and agreements. The evening is best spent simply, without extra work, pressure or stress. Taurus Moon 10:10 pm EDT squares Saturn retrograde in Aquarius overnight, seeking permanent or semi permanent commitments. Wear Blue.

Wednesday: Taurus time ends at 9:49 am EDT as the Sun moves to Gemini. Taurus Moon has a bit of business to do before then and some will act on long term agreements first thing in the morning, if not last night as the Moon squares Saturn retrograde and finds harmony with Mars in Pisces. Taurus Moon and Uranus have their monthly meeting and sometimes that results in changes, news and more reasons to adjust and stabilize. Hopefully it won't be too unsettling. Venus in Gemini squares Neptune creating uncertainty, especially with communication, feelings and romances. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: Taurus Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto. It looks like a good day to enjoy nature and to go easy on yourself and others. Simple pleasures are favored. New Moon is tomorrow. Reset intentions and plan to manifest for your highest potential and good. Wear Green.

Friday: New Moon in Gemini is at 1:39 pm EDT. The zodiac is buzzing with activity including Mercury and Venus meeting in Gemini leading to reconnections of a romantic or partnership nature. Some people will forgive and start talking again. Forgiveness is another possibility. The Sun and Saturn align in air signs for exchanges or sharing of important plans and ideas. Restrictions may be changing in one direction or the other as Saturn rules boundaries, standards, limits and also wisdom. With New Moon in Gemini, intentions around writing, communicating, studying, and doing business are in the spotlight. It's also a time to move forward (or retrograde?) with flexible thinking and perhaps not attached to doing things one way. Wear White.

Saturday: The Moon and Venus meet favoring reconnecting with people you care about and have a strong connection with. Yesterday's forecast applies to today as well. Gemini Moon void of course overnight into Sunday.  This may not look like other Memorial day weekends, but it does look social and people will find ways to get together. Today's color is Pink.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone for May 10th to 16th, 2020: SO MUCH Retrograde

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day! The Moon moves to earth loving Capricorn at 5:39 am EDT. Mercury trine Jupiter in earth signs too, and the Sun in earth is in tune with Neptune in watery Pisces. All in all it's good vibes with a high likelihood of interesting developments as Uranus in Taurus aligns with the Moon. The heavens help us with creative ways to earn, learn, construct and in some cases destroy to later re-create. We're likely to back our actions with feeling and that's usually a good thing. Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Saturn now turns retrograde in Aquarius and will eventually back into Capricorn. This happens yearly, the retrograde part. It can delay things. Maybe this isn't such a bad time to move slowly. Saturn is like a time release teacher, and we take as much time as needed, sometimes over and over year after year until we get the lesson. In Aquarius, it is lessons for and of the collective, all of us. Regroup. Mercury moves to Gemini. When Mercury moves there can be confusion or quick changes of mind or plan. Mercury is also square to Mars, the agitator. If we are irritable or frustrated, there are astrology aspects that explain that. Take your time with anything needing to be decided or resolved. Avoid major purchases. Surround yourself with optimism wherever it may come. The Moon is in industrious Capricorn. Use that energy for home projects and yard cleanup versus business transactions. Today's color is Black.

Tuesday: Void Moon in Capricorn 6:30 to 11:39 am EDT. These hours are best for simplicity and routine. Sleep a little longer or immerse in a project that makes you feel good. Aquarius Moon follows and Mercury aligns with Saturn. You may find a retroactive piece of information or form an action or solution to go with that! Today appears to be social and better for decisions or agreements. There's a hint of the past and future mixed with the present moment. Take it all in. Today's color is Turquoise.

Wednesday: Mars moves to Pisces, Venus shifts retrograde in Gemini, and the Moon is in revolutionary, forward thinking Aquarius. Variety. Many influences. Lots of change this week. Planets in 'new' signs mean we experience or feel differently, shift after shift. It's time to look at the whole picture. Mercury in Gemini (mutable, air), Venus retro in Gemini (mutable, air)-these two relate to our minds, communication, relationships and hearts. Hearts and minds may do flip flops.
Mars in Pisces is fire in water, not very effective unless you're creating music or art and those may feel inspired. Saturn retro in Aquarius-mixing traditional and innovative energies (fixed, air). Jupiter and Pluto continue the journey in Capricorn (earth, cardinal). Pluto is retrograde and Jupiter is about to be. (I know!)  Neptune is in Pisces (water, mutable). Air sign energy dominates in terms of changes, and that means intellectual and favors writing and inventing. It's an interesting mix to say the least. Today's color is Yellow.

Thursday: Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn begins. So we have Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto retrograde through the summer. Venus is retrograde for few weeks too. What this means includes backtracking, reviewing and revising what was previously planned or decided, slowing down down down if you hope for the best long term results, and learning through reflection. This slew of retrogrades during COVID19 looks like no coincidence and also, even if you consider it coincidental, influences and impacts our actions and the results of them. Now let's take another example instead. It's not prime time to sell a house and get your best price nor to buy one you plan to stay in long term. It's probably not the best time to make a decision about a relationship unless it's clearly harmful for you in which case, always decide and get out. Venus may lead some in the direction of flirtation with infidelity or back into communication with someone (for better or is it for worse?). Void Moon in Aquarius 10:03 am to 9:24 pm EDT. Moon then shifts to Pisces. Hang on and sit with decisions for now. This looks like Hanged Man in the tarot deck. When I see it I always say 'waiting is wise, wisdom comes through patience' at this time. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Moon in Pisces. Taurus Sun trine to Pluto retro in Capricorn. Realizations come from within and may actually strengthen your resolve or confidence. Stand in your two feet and let the sun energy pour down over you. The Sun nourishes and contributes to growth. Pluto is darker and lives in the hidden places. This reminds me of a snake coming out to sun itself. I don't particularly like snakes, by the way, but this image is one of transformation, shedding of skin and having grown out of something. Come out of hiding and acknowledge the darker feelings in order to transmute them. Sense your grounding. Feel your emotions. Let them be and allow natural shifts to occur with no pressure. If you're in grief, acknowledge that. It's okay and valid to feel loss. Can you also feel the Sun and light? See what's always or still there to help you take care of yourself. I see some strength in validating emotions today. There's a LOT going on in the heavens, along with on earth. It's not your imagination and you don't have to feel bad about feeling what you're feeling. Leave some opening for light though. Create something magnificent today. Take a swim? Maybe a bath or foot soak will be more do-able. Wear Green.

Saturday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune monthly. Here we are again, being with emotion, maybe feeling longing or dreaming of romance, travel or someone we once loved. Love, Art, Spirituality are today's themes. Overindulgence could be a problem. Be careful and aware if you consume alcohol, drugs, or any hallucinogen. A little could go a long way. Sleep may be very appealing today. Balance it with walking or running, yoga or meditation. A walking meditation or stroll by water could be ideal as Pisces rules the feet. Moon also aligns with Pluto continuing the Sun's work yesterday. We are traveling inward today and tonight. Wear Blue.

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Take care, everyone!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Full Moon in Scorpio May 3rd-May 9th, 2020

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Sunday: Full Moon is Thursday at 6:45 am EDT in Scorpio. Now we warm up and feel emotional energy expand. Virgo Moon squares Venus and opposes Neptune. Venus and Neptune also square one another. Planets in these mutable signs suggest change, and the squares lead to conflict/resolution and negotiation. Follow the flow to resolve any issue with others or within yourself. Be sure to look at situations honestly, as that can be a challenge on this day of dualities. Later, planets in Capricorn are in harmony with the Virgo Moon. Problem solving and sensible approaches are favored. Ability to focus may wax and wane today. Enjoy the earth and waters as these elements are highlighted.
Navy Blue is our color.

Monday: Libra Moon from 3:09 am EDT through all of Tuesday night. Moon and Saturn align for agreements between two or within groups. These agreements are commitments and involve terms. Justice is a theme today. The Sun meets Mercury in Taurus, leading to news and announcements of things such as engagements and business decisions. Consider these announcements binding and for real. We are closing in on a powerful Full Moon in an fixed sign. Also, cooperation is necessary during Libra Moon, or at least we fare better when we can work together, compromise, and put two different opinions or ideas together for an even better outcome. Let someone know you are loyal or willing to collaborate. Today's color is Lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon aligns with Venus and Mars. Personal relationships, partnership, generosity and other kindnesses benefit from these lunar trines. A whole different set aspects involve Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Fairness is a topic especially in regard to business, employment, and organizations. The Moon squares influence individuals, businesses, corporations and governments working through things, facing realities, truths and potential solutions. Void Moon starts at 10:31 pm EDT. With luck we can build last week's 'bridge over a deep gorge' and trust that it will be strong enough to hold us. Visit each other by phone online or with safe distancing in place. This Libra Moon inspires the need to connect. Today's color is Indigo.

Wednesday: The Moon is just about full, moving to Scorpio at 3:05 am EDT and Full on Thursday morning. This is Buddha's Full Moon, known as Wesak or Vesak, when Buddha is said to have been born, enlightened and passed from earth. Some believe the spirit of Buddha visits earth on this Full Moon, each year. Our collective spirituality is highlighted and also tested, as the Moon is in a stubborn square to Saturn and opposite unpredictable Uranus. Some will seriously struggle. If you sense that, do your best to reach out to help a friend or family through what presents as a spiritual void.  For others,  a sense of passion, commitment, and faith will lead to major decisions and actions. Uranus is the wild card, opposing the Moon. We experience this as extra-ordinary, inexplicable, or out of the blue events. And this Full Moon sets up long term change. White is today's color.

Thursday: Full Flower Moon at 6:35 am EDT just minutes after a Mercury/Neptune alignment. Highly creative and expressive energy rises with the sun. Full Moon is supported by Neptune and opposite Mercury. Expect news to be flowing, emotional responses, inspired endeavors, and plenty of reasons to reflect and go inward. Some will need space, and it's best not to force or push a situation. Allow things to unfold and reveal themselves naturally. The Moon and Mars square tonight, in fixed signs, and arguments or conflicts could heat up. It's not a favorable night to bring up issues or emotional triggers.  Under Scorpio Moon, an offhand action or comment could result in a longstanding grudge or rift.  Quiet the fires with mutual understanding, respect of boundaries, and compassion. Romantic and intimate talks may reveal true feelings. When the Moon is in Scorpio, emotions are strong and undeniable. This is also a sign of spirituality, intuition and beliefs. Sense with the third eye and recognize what you 'feel in your bones'. Void Moon starts 10:39 pm EDT. Create an atmosphere for peace, comfort and rest tonight. Wear Blue.

Friday: In the wake of Full Moon, we're in an aura of self awareness. The power of the mind and of motion takes over with Sagittarius Moon at 3:15 am EDT. With Full Moon wisdom and awakening, we can take the appropriate actions as Saturn and the Moon act together. Align with other minds and souls who share your philosophy or strategy. Share insights and find that some extroverted processing shines even greater light. Today and tomorrow, the conditions appear right for figuring things out and moving forward in wise and responsible ways. Wear Purple.

Saturday: Mercury aligns with Pluto in Capricorn for clearing out mental cobwebs and corners. An energetic cleansing can be paired with physical clean out of attics, basements, and other spaces where things accumulate. Mercury in Taurus inspires building, gardens, and other projects, coming at them with a plan and a patient, step by step approach. Move forward with your vision and begin to construct in a tangible way. Mercury then forms a trine to Jupiter, also in Capricorn, for around abundance, prosperity, employment and also organization of space and other plans. We may hear news related to travel, transportation and education in the next few days as Mercury stimulates planets in Capricorn, and then Aquarius. Green is today's color.