Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Horoscopes September 29th to October 5th, 2016

Hi everyone! New Moon is on the way. Mercury retrograde is done. Jupiter is in the sign  of harmonious agreements, partnerships and romantic love. 

Saturday, come to Freeport Yoga Company and sync with Libra New Moon! Yoga for the season and gallery style readings with info and insights about the fall season for all signs. 1-3:30 $45

Saturday, October 15th, come to Greener Postures in South Portland for Full Moon Yoga, an exploration of the Warrior Full Moon in Aries. Todd Glacy plays many instruments including percussion to awaken the warrior within. Yoga mythology and astrology inspire this practice. Todd played in my class Sunday night, and the gong meditation was divine! Relish the soundscape and extended savasanna with new perspective on the yoga postures we call "warriors".
I hope you can join us for this very unique practice. Register in the studio or online at 1:30-3:30 $35

Happy New Moon this weekend! October is fruitful, a powerful time to explore your heart's desires.
Local friends, I hope to see you soon!  Please say hello if we meet!  Robin

Thursday: Virgo Moon void 6:06 am to 3:52 am EDT on Friday. Moon conjunct Mercury direct. A revisiting of unfinished business. Working out the kinks. Solve a persistent problem. Find alternative and flexible approaches. Exercise and relax. Save important decisions for Friday or Saturday. Yellow.

Friday: Libra Moon 3:52 am. New Moon in Libra 8:11 pm EDT. If it's very important to you and requires agreement from others, momentum or luck, perhaps wait until after New Moon to initiate. New Moon power is strongest from 8:11 pm eastern time zone through the next two weeks. The closer you time to New Moon, the better.  However, the Moon does meet Jupiter at 12:54 pm EDT, making it a day for settling matters, calling a truce, developing healthier relationships, and receiving good news or profits. White is today's color. 

Saturday: Libra Moon lines up with Saturn and squares Pluto. Show your serious side. Put intention and feeling behind your actions. Immerse in meaningful activities. A day of wisdom. A time to face problems, inner demons, and life decisions. Venus trine Neptune makes it a lovely time for dates and other romantic and creative pursuits. Light blue is today's color. 

Sunday: Libra Moon void of course 11:43 to 3:43 pm EDT. New Moon power is still strong. Initiate when the Moon is not void of course for more reliable results. Avoid urgency and acting too quickly. Ask forgiveness when the Moon is void of course and the interaction is likely to go smoothly.  Be very clear with your actions and intentions. Scorpio Moon 3:43 pm aligns with Mars in Capricorn for focus and getting work done.  Indigo blue is today's color.

Monday: Scorpio Moon trine Neptune, conjunct Venus and sextile Pluto. It's an intense day with positive aspects. People may seem preoccupied. Take care of business. Check privacy settings. Focus on your top priorities. Soul searching, spirituality, and contemplating heavy or difficult topics is natural on days like this. Be objective and not obsessive.  Passions are magnified. Maroon is today's color. 

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon void 9:04 pm to Wednesday 4:26 am EDT. Do your best thinking and make decisions or purchases outside those hours. Always be careful and know your directions and destination on a void Moon night.  Again, concentrate on strongest priorities. Sun sextile Saturn and Moon sextile Mercury makes it a good day for attention to detail, wise advice, fair business deals and legal agreements. Expect long term impact of actions taken now. Black is today's color.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon 4:26 am EDT. Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto, Mars square Jupiter. A multifaceted, potentially complex day. Realizations and awakenings especially regarding relationship and love. Debates and activity around legal matters and personal situations that are imbalanced.  With directed effort and healthy intention, you could make a big breakthrough with someone or something that has been resistant or blocked. However, the urge to run away from problems and responsibilities is strong too. Red is today's color. 


Aries: There’s a spiritual or ethereal aspect to your experiences this week. Dreams leave strong impressions. Conditions are right for a metaphysical encounter or a sign of angelic presence watching over you. Release judgements in order to believe in what you cannot see. Love is in the air too, and you can take it to the next level with this weekend’s New Moon.

Taurus: Venus and Neptune contribute to romance and passion in new and seasoned relationships. A friend could become a lover as the planets align. Intentionally create some lightness and fun with your partner.  New Moon leads to changes requiring new routines and organization. For example, some Taureans will adopt pets following New Moon.

Gemini: Libra New Moon is a beauty for Gemini love, luck and children. Jupiter blesses those areas of your life for an entire year. Set an intention for what you hope to grow into, for example to meet the love of your life or to birth a new child or creative project.  Initiate your heart’s desire close to Friday night’s New Moon.

Cancer: Fresh starts and refreshed relationships are favored by this New Moon. This is most true in your home and with family even a distance away.  This Moon begins a cycle of growth, rebuilding and the kind of prosperity that helps you purchase or upgrade property.  Establish house rules if needed. Claim an area of creative or sacred space to call your own.

Leo: You’re likely to be on the road more for the next few weeks. Excursions have the blessing of Jupiter and energy of the Sun. Even if you travel for emotional or business like reasons, tune into the freedom of being away from routine.  Forgiveness and understanding surrounds your family. Venus and Neptune conjure ancestral memory and legacies, piquing your awareness.

Virgo: Friday night is your annual New Moon of prosperity, and it’s especially powerful because of Jupiter’s proximity. As close to Friday night as possible, reach out for the earthly goods you want and need. More profitable work and the resources to make things happen are two examples of what’s in store. With Mercury direct in your sign, request what you hope to receive.

Libra: What a beauty of a New Moon. Fresh starts all the way around for you, Libra. Do what you want with none of those retrograde issues or fears. Mercury’s been providing some quiet inspirations, and now it’s time to act. Initiate a process, even the ones that take time. Refresh your look and your outlook with plenty of star power backing you up.

Scorpio: The New Moon’s effect is subtle for you. It could appear as a brighter perspective, more hopefulness, and a vision for yourself. Venus and Neptune provide a more direct experience of creativity or romance.  Gratefulness, awe and bliss are manifestations of this planetary trine.  Blessings extend to your kids. Believe in miracles and love.

Sagittarius: Friday’s friendly New Moon helps you start new relationships of any kind. A collaboration forms. Someone you meet or reconnect with moves into a more important and expanded role in your world. Jupiter aims to attract supportive and prominent people to you in the months ahead. Begin a romantic, profitable or otherwise mutually beneficial friendship now.

Capricorn: Jupiter propels you into a year of career growth, and this New Moon is fuel for a first or next step. Take advantage of offers and resources, get certified and update your resume. The weekend is productive while New Moon has maximum power. Simultaneously, Venus and Neptune create harmony and romance in your social life and give you a way with words.

Aquarius: Friday’s New Moon inspires philosophical thinking. Your perspective undergoes a shift or at least some reconsideration.  Education, travels, and life experiences shape the course. You may step into roles of teacher, mentor, student or volunteer. Venus sweetens the career deal this month. Meet with someone influential who appreciates your work.

Pisces: Post eclipses and Mercury retrograde, life moves in a new and definitive direction. Stay in the flow and be confident. Venus and Neptune lead to dreams of distant places, and if you’re truly called, go. A well timed escape refreshes you, and you can make it a romantic trip for two if you choose. Whatever New Moon brings, trust your gut feelings as you move and decide.

copyright Robin Ivy Payton 2016. Do not reproduce without permission.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Autumn in Robin's Zodiac Zone: September 22nd to 28th, 2016

**New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Readings
Saturday, October 1st at Freeport Yoga Company in Freeport 1:00-3:30 pm
Sign up in advance at FYC site or either studio (Freeport or Yarmouth)

**Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon with Live Drumming and Gong by Todd Glacy
Saturday, October 15th at Greener Postures in South Portland 1:30-3:30 pm
Sign up in either studio or online

Experience your yoga in a new way or for the first time. Beginners are welcome!


The Moon is waning, and harmonious New Moon in Libra is September 30th 8:11 pm EDT.

Thursday: Autumnal Equinox (Sun to Libra) at 10:21 am EDT. Balance of dark and light. Daylight will wane from now to Winter Solstice in late December. Mercury stations direct and squares Gemini Moon. Moon opposes Mars. Debates and sorting out. Keep flexibility in your mind, agreements and arrangements. Changeable day. Lavender is today's color.

Friday: Cancer Moon 4:33 am EDT (half hour void Moon precedes this). Venus to Scorpio, where she's passionate, possessive and strong willed, 10:51 pm EDT. Mercury trine Pluto. Face realities. be sensible. Act from the heart. Emotions are stirred and moods change quickly. Light blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon opposes Pluto, square Uranus, sextile Mercury direct. Void Moon at 9:42 pm EDT. Work through problems, look for answers both inside and from wise advisors. Sentimental time. Black is our color.

Sunday: Leo Moon 9:48 a EDT. Moon square Venus. Passion. Pride could get in the way of progress. Moon sextile the Sun and Jupiter in Libra. Social time, good for meeting new people and mingling.  Purple is today's color.

Monday: Leo Moon. Have some fun. Build socializing and creative methods into meetings, business, and learning. Pluto direct in Capricorn 11:01 am EDT.  Sun conjunct Jupiter in Libra for justice and optimism. Promising developments and news. Gold is today's color.

Tuesday: Mars moves to Capricorn 4:07 am EDT, leading us to a  more productive, motivated period of time. Void Moon in Leo 4:52 am EDT to 5:43 pm. Save shopping for tonight or tomorrow. Hang out with friends, enjoy free time, Virgo Moon 5:43 pm trine Mars in Capricorn at 6:27 pm for a productive study or work night. Navy blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon with a variety of aspects. Reorganize, be practical. Recycle or repurpose. Clear out useless items and clean the house. Let go of preconceived ideas. Brown is our color.


Rise above and move beyond any maladies or chaos related to Mercury retro and September eclipses. Autumn arrives Thursday, and Mercury stations direct in Virgo. Clear up confusion and channel your most organized, together self.

Aries: Mercury pauses before moving forward, giving you a chance to breathe, consider, and clarify. Prep for a decision about communication, routine and functionality. Mercury aligns with Pluto, reintroducing you to an aptitude or aspiration you’ve yet to fulfill. Define where you want to be and on what terms.

Taurus: Planet Venus slides into Scorpio where she plays with your heart, either tugging you closer to a partner or revealing feelings you’ve kept hidden and unexpressed.  Mercury instigates crushes, on people or other loves.  Questions of loyalty, love and the long term come to the forefront. Secrets, temptations and passion dominate this week.

Gemini: The Sun/ Jupiter meeting on Monday brings you good luck. From harmonious Libra, these two hopeful and expansive heavenly bodies favor love, creative projects and your kids. Use this week to resolve, initiate, and celebrate, especially in the areas mentioned.  Get together around a shared vision, with a compatible partner, before September ends.

Cancer:  Positive developments involve family members, home or both. The Sun and Jupiter in Libra burst with good news related to a home improvements or a move. Optimistic news or communication comes from brothers, sisters, and other immediate family. Venus moves to Scorpio this Friday, and it’s time to find out or immerse in what it means to truly love.

Leo: Relationships with sisters and brothers become more relevant as the Sun and Jupiter meet. Are you due to reunite with biological family? Shared experiences bond you together in a new way. Travels, motivated by either family or work, are favored. Trust that things will fall together easily and magically as the Sun and the big planet join forces on your behalf.

Virgo: Mercury sits for a moment before continuing the Virgo journey. You too can pause and enjoy a slice of autumn. The world awaits an answer, the conclusion you’re drawing through research and soul search, but all will be well for a few days or a week.  Monday offers nice timing for job and money matters. Give relationship questions all the time you need.

Libra: Venus puts you in a better position for a new or second job and for balancing financial matters. If you’re in partnership, you two may decide to spend or invest some money for pleasure. Start an account for a specific reason, like travel or a wedding. The Sun and Jupiter shine brightest on you on the luckiest Monday ever, September 26th.

Scorpio: By nature, you’re private and protect your feelings and own best interests. However, the Sun and Jupiter provoke your inner optimist.  Good things are genuinely brewing while Venus visits your sign for a month, helping you attract a date, future employer, or more harmony with people in your life. This weekend, enjoy a road trip or event with good friends.

Sagittarius: The duo of Mars and Saturn has undoubtedly instigated you and challenged your inner peace.  You need ample time to recharge as some transitions occur. Send Mars off to Capricorn next Tuesday, and with that shift an adversary or problem moves further from your zone. Mercury direct smooths out career situations after a chaotic or unproductive time.

Capricorn: Jupiter is dedicated to improving your career life in the next several months. On Monday, the Sun adds power and energy to the same cause. It’s an ideal time to interview for or accept a position that makes you happier. If you’re going abroad or in school, plans and schedules smooth out too. The transformation and adaptation is becoming complete.

Aquarius: Renew your passport and check frequent flyer miles. Distant clients, conferences or audiences call you away.. In the name of art, business, education or service to others, be ready to go. The Sun and Mercury combine for answers to your questions about financing or health. Most of all, make sure information resonates with your sixth sense before you act.

Pisces: Looking ahead, one final eclipse will rock your world near birthday time. Just fyi. In the now, you and your partner share news or make an enlightened decision. You’re more clear about your heart’s desire. A declaration of love, loyalty or intention shouldn’t come as a surprise.
This Jupiter year expands your intuition. Start to trust yourself even more.

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Robin's Zodiac Zone September 15th to 21st, 2016

Two more free RoZoYo® yoga flows on Congress Square Park Portland! BYO Yoga mat.
Mondays 4 to 5 pm for the rest of September. Thanks for a fun season of outdoor yoga!

September 25th, Sunday 2-3:30 pm Yoga Nidra (completely restorative and guided) with Journey to a Spirit Guide or Animal. This workshop is about half full and does require preregistration.
Sign up & more info at this link.

October 1st, Saturday 1-3:30 pm New Moon Yoga with Readings for all signs at Freeport Yoga Company. Register in advance, please, to assure enough space. Libra New Moon practice to balance and clear the air after two eclipses & Mercury retro! Rejuvenate & move energy around.
Sign up here or in studio.

Full Moon Yoga for the Warrior Moon at Greener Postures South Portland on Saturday, October 15th 12:30-2:30 pm. Live drumming and gong with Todd Glacy providing the soundscape. This will be a one of a kind practice with yoga mythology, astrology and sound in a personal exploration of the Virabhadrasana poses and the warrior within.
Sign up at either GP studio or online here.

Okay, it's eclipse time! Here goes!

Thursday the 15th: Pisces Moon nearly full. Moon and Neptune meet. Moon squares Saturn. Can you maintain focus on what's real and not run away or deny? That is today's challenge. Channel stress or emotion into music and art. Express yourself without insensitivity to others.  Light blue.

Friday the 16th: Lunar eclipse in Pisces 3:05 pm EDT. This is the 2nd to last of the Virgo/Pisces series. The next is in 6 months.  Changes. Clear communication is needed but may be hard to facilitate. Transformations and growing pains. This change or this news may not be easy. Adaptations are required. Ease in. Do not be overpowered. Ground in routines. It's an emotional one for sure. Breathe well through the next few days as eclipse events continue to unfold.  The upside to this; a creative peak. Silver is our color. (Void of course Moon starts at 3:05. Try not to plan too much or expect too much after that time)

Saturday the 17th: Moon to Aries 12:22 am EDT. Mars trine Uranus. Quite a wild day. Use caution. Enjoy adventures while keeping your head up and eyes open.  Take no unnecessary risks, and be careful around fire and heat.  Some will be energized. It's an extreme day on either end of the spectrum. Orange is our color.

Sunday the 18th: Aries Moon meets Uranus, Venus opposes Uranus and the Moon. Focus on relationships, fairness, and responsibilities to each other.  Everything might seem like a bit too much right now. Avoid pointless arguments or topics you know will antagonize. Void Moon starts at 4:11 pm. Pink for harmony today.

Monday the 19th: Taurus Moon begins at 12:58 am EDT. Venus and Mars align which may help relationship strain. Fairness to each other is of the utmost importance, especially through changes and separations.  Philosophies of relationship pop into our brains and conversations today. Is your role or your intention about partnership of any kind changing right now? Put intention behind your actions. Build things and follow the plan. Brown is today's color.

Tuesday the 20th: Taurus Moon in harmony with the Sun in Virgo, Mercury and Pluto. Mercury retro aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. Revisiting, sentiment, inner focus. Ideas. Deal with practical things and pay attention to "random" thoughts that may lead to problem solving or creating something.
Re-create with more information or awareness. Blue is today's color. Void Moon 11:32 pm EDT.

Wednesday the 21st: Last full day of summer season. Gemini Moon 1:53 am EDT. Let go of outdated ways of thinking or old grudges you can be finished with. Move on in your mind even if you're waiting 'til Mercury's direct to depart or finalize something. Allow the mind to wander, creatively and in a relaxed not frantic way. Negotiations and meetings of a serious nature may be difficult yet necessary. Brainstorm today. Finalize in the future. Yellow is our color.


Like a book or film with a surprise ending, this week’s lunar eclipse delivers unanticipated twists. Final breakups, resignations and other once-and-for-all type news trigger emotional peaks. As Mercury retro opposes the Full Moon, make every effort to avoid misquoting or misinterpreting this week.

Aries: Temporary confusion or mental angst provokes anxiety, overexcitement or lack of sleep. Keep major decisions to a minimum since information can change in the blink of an eye while Mercury is retrograde. Take care of emotional drain with good boundaries and self care. Be tactful and wise as you prepare to break free.

Taurus: During this lunar eclipse of friendship, some move closer, others go. You may create distance or boundaries with one or two  due to money issues, infidelity or another breach of trust. On the plus side, a bud, mentor or associate could give you a great lead or introduction that changes everything in the best possible way.

Gemini: Eclipses fuel changes around both your home and professional life. This extends to shifting your goals and rethinking priorities. As a boss or colleagues departs, you move around with different roles and responsibilities. Give a bit of time before deciding it your situations are suitable. Meanwhile, Venus instigates flirtations and fun.

Cancer: Career, education, travel and home are all under the influence of late summer eclipses.  You’re once removed from many of the biggest changes the season brings. For example, Pisces or Virgo friends or significant others influence your present experience. Exciting or eventful travels or relocation are likely for you or for a family member as a storyline concludes.

Leo: You’re most likely to land the major contract or receive news of property or other legal settlement. Mercury direct, after the 22nd, is a better time to sign and finalize if you can buy yourself some time. Check your invoices and account statements for any kind of imbalance or privacy issue. Finally, prepare for some wild fun and, potentially, a spontaneous trip.

Virgo: Events circling around your lover, spouse or close associate shift the energy around you. You could be feeling moody, uncertain or excited, whether news is positive or negative, Exhaustion may accompany September’s duo of eclipses. Transitions push the extremes of breaking up or deepening commitment and other indelible, personal change.

Libra: Different things occupy your time. A heavier schedule means extra affort to stay healthy and balanced. Too little to do might make you depressed. The eclipses bring extremes to be reconciled.  Jupiter just started a year long tour, hitting every degree of your sign, in the name of positive change. Lighten up, flirt and divert during a final Venus/Libra week.

Scorpio: A Pisces eclipse centers on love, creativity and  kids.  Stay focused and close to whom and what is dearest to your heart. Offspring, young or older, require extra support or attention through changes. Scorpio love lives turn in one direction or the other. Use your instincts more than control, and follow a natural course and creative flow this week.

Sagittarius: Friday’s eclipse signals transitions including moving, settling a property issue, and other potent changes in your household. Stay close to residence and connected to family matters this week. Mars and Uranus join forces in spontaneous, unexpected ways, so this week and next are anything but routine.

Capricorn: Shine brighter,  step into an honorable position, and be recognized for your talents in the coming months. A whole year of Jupiter’s influence forwards your career and leads you to new roles. This eclipse leads you to new surroundings, city, wilderness or classroom. You’re going places you could not have considered last year.  

Aquarius: This Full Moon eclipse initiates change in your earning power and related collaborations. Negotiate fair compensation. An associate’s status change impacts your working conditions, and Mercury retro leads to communication issues for another week. Attend to creative licensing, trademarks, and how your intellectual property is credited or shared.

Pisces: This Full Moon eclipse continues  a two year series in Pisces and polar opposite, Virgo. It’s normal to feel a bit rattled or unsure about career, your significant relationship, and how to move forward. The universe is taking care of it though. There are fewer debatable decisions and more that become obvious when you least expect it. Take the path that’s clear.

find me at for yoga schedules, workshops and more
Happy beginning of Autumn on Thursday the 22nd!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 8th to 14th, 2016: Jupiter to Libra, Mercury retrograde

Come to very unique and special New Moon and Full Moon yoga/astrology workshops at Freeport Yoga Company or Greener Postures in South Portland October 1st and 15th. The 1st includes readings for the group and the 2nd includes live drumming and soundscape by Todd Glacy. See and to sign up!

Right now we're between two eclipses with Mercury retro in Virgo. It's an unusual combination, so do what you can to maintain or restore  your balance...frequently! Robin

Thursday the 8th: Purple is today's color. Sagittarius Moon meets Saturn, aligns with Venus in Libra and squares Neptune. People will appreciate being taken seriously. Try not to be dismissive.  Pick and choose what you trust and believe. Team up with a partner for travels or other adventures.

Friday the 9th: Jupiter moves to Libra after a stay that began in August of 2015. Jupiter in Libra focus is harmony and justice now into autumn of 2017. Libra, consider this a year for opportunities and a growth spurt in knowledge and experience. Jupiter looks out for the best where partnerships are concerned and provides a healing force where there's relationship challenge. 2nd quarter Moon is in Sagittarius, and the Moon is void of course as of 8:51 pm EDT. The Moon and Mars energize, but may also increase bold or harsh attitudes and actions.  Avoid tactless or temperamental people. Red is today's color.

Saturday the 10th: Moon to Capricorn at 8:55 am EDT. Saturn squares Neptune highlights realities and escapist tendencies. Break things down into small tasks or pieces you can understand. Try not to bail out on what's important or skip out on responsibilities.  Black is today's color.

Sunday the 11th: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto. Green is today's color. Venus in Libra is square to both the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Justice is called for. Be fair as you divide responsibilities and better manage a workplace or household. Notice what's subconsciously communicated and other undercurrents that inform more than what you can see or hear.

Monday the 12th: Void of course Moon 6 am EDT to 5:28 pm. Mercury square Mars. Sun conjunct Mercury. This is a very uncertain day especially for having accurate information imparted, conversations that require clarity, purchases, building and constructing, or mediations.  Today is about reconnecting and announcing overdue news. Gold is the color of the day.

Tuesday the 13th: Aquarius Moon, Sun square Mars in Virgo/Sagittarius. Use some restraint and a very thoughtful approach to decisions. Think forward while learning from the past. Commit to a course of action though you might revise the plan later since Mercury is retrograde.  Be logical. Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday the 14th: Void of course Moon 11:31 am to 10:23 pm EDT. Morning ( or before 11:31 am adjusted to your time zone) is best for focus and reliability. Great day for an afternoon off or for routine work. Also mix business and tasks with socializing and fun. Some things will happen or be initiated quickly. Think before you act or respond. Pisces Moon time starts at 10:23 pm EDT.
Today's color is light green.

Register for Yoga Nidra with Invitation to an Animal Totem or Spirit Guide on September 25th, Sunday 2-3:30 pm at Scarborough (Maine) Yoga & I'll see you then! Preregister, no drop ins.
Link above, register in studio or visit

Horoscopes: We’re at the peak of Mercury retrograde in Virgo, a time for revision and reconnection with long lost friends.

Aries: The revolving world of Mercury retrograde brings a project or idea back to life. Take a different approach this time. Jupiter starts an optimistic relationship year. Your perspective on love and commitment is due to shift. Open your mind to the relevance or return of people and things from your past.

Taurus: Reconnect with friends, hobbies and projects you’re passionate to pursue. Get back to things you love during Mercury retrograde. Slow down and take breaks from the action.  Jupiter prompts love to blossom and travels to be fun. You’ll thrive in a highly creative learning environment and will procrastinate or neglect boring tasks.

Gemini: Return to places you’ve called home,  where you feel at ease. There’s  a chance you’ll be helping out or visiting family.  Jupiter’s Libra year is lucky. Begin by open your mind and letting go of negative perceptions and limitations. Love is not only possible, but may feel better than ever between now and next autumn.

Cancer: Home and family take higher priority for a full year.You’ll improve or move your living quarters or do more business from home. Welcome additions to the family including a baby or a relative who needs to stay with you for a while. Brainstorm ways to make your home bigger, safer, or more vibrant in the months ahead.

Leo: The Sun and Mercury lead to a bonus that’s been in the works for you. A gift or bump in salary are two possibilities. Look into trainings, conferences and fields to major in. You’re set to succeed as teacher, presenter or student in the months ahead. Leo’s audience or client base expands exponentially too. “Pass Go” and collect hundreds or the equivalent in value this week.

Virgo: The Sun and Mercury retrograde lead you to revisit what’s positive. The Sun always has an optimistic slant, and this time friends, plans and projects come back to brighten your world. Decide what’s worth reviving. Take a second look and see promise now in something you gave up or lost track of. Also, consider better job prospects from this week forward.

Libra: Jupiter moves to Libra on September 9th, giving you 13 months of extra luck and love. Pursue the areas you want to grow into while the big planet is on your side. Some Libras will fall in love, others will have their first baby. Some of you will excel in school or a new profession. The Sun and Mercury spark brilliant ideas and give new life to a dream this week.

Scorpio: You’re most likely in the zodiac to connect with an old friend or revive a romantic relationship. While Mercury is retro, you may just dive in though it’s best to make no promises. This lover or friends seems to read your mind, finish your sentences, and answer questions before you ask. Reach out to the person this reminds you most of.

Sagittarius: Reconsider that job offer you keep refusing or lead you never follow up on. Mercury and the Sun have one last blast in your career sector, and it’s time to move on or renegotiate. Look for ease and enthusiasm in a new situation. Ace the tryout for a lead role on stage or playing field as well.

Capricorn: Mercury retrograde and the Sun bring on a major life change, perhaps one that’s overdue.  During this eclipse month, you’re gently pushed to finalize the details and make a move. Travel abroad or across country for a temporary or long term stay. Immerse fully in school or training. Your options increase now and for months ahead.

Aquarius: A project, property or legal agreement involving another person or group just might settle while Mercury is retrograde. Get clear on the terms and finances involved. The Sun and Mercury favor prosperous, promising outcomes, with room to adjust for growth later on. Your Jupiter in Libra year brings travels and opportunities to learn or teach in your field of expertise.

Pisces: September eclipses influence you strongly. Cruise through changes with a calm mind, and keep your plans private until it’s truly time to share. A sensible, yet heartfelt, discussion helps you clarity the direction of a personal or business relationship. Take your time since there’s a Pisces eclipse just ahead, and by the end of the month you’ll take the definitive step..