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Weekly February 28

The Capricorn Moon meets Venus and aligns with Uranus in Pisces. Capricorn Moon helps us get organized and encourages ambition and progress. It's a work oriented day and that goes for physical workouts too. Re-think fitness goals and business plans early in the week. Organize your desk, workspace and calendar. We'll tend to be reasonable with each other as the Moon approaches Venus, so it's a good day to reconnect or forgive and move ahead. It's a good study, writing or marketing/business day for Scorpio, and Sagittarius you may want to improve your work situation or seek new employment. Leo, nose to the grindstone and maybe plan a business lunch with co-workers to improve collegial relationships. Cancer, put work into any and all partnerships. Tonight is surprisingly social and last minute plans work well. Virgo and Capricorn, it's a nice night for love and friendship with Venus and the Moon together in a very favorable spot for you. Taurus, consider your next venture or adventure and connect with far away friends. The Moon is void of course at 11:03 pm EST. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Aquarius and Venus also moves to the sign of the water bearer at 9:39 pm. Venus is really no more romantic or sensitive in Aquarius than she's been in Capricorn. Both are signs where Venus is emotionally & romantically on the detached side. Venus in Aquarius does help draw us to groups we belong in and increases our sense of community and collaboration though! It's a pretty good placement for Leo, Libra and Aquarius where love is concerned since those signs feel in a similar way and the chart placement is right! Aries, Venus may help you attract new friends during the late winter. Today new relationships and friendships may form in unexpected ways or places. The Moon also aligns with Jupiter in Aries opening our minds and encouraging expansion and new experiences. Tonight, big gatherings are well timed. If you're working, experiment, use logic & engage in scientific thought. Wear turquoise.

The Aquarius Moon aligns with Saturn, and ideally we structure our efforts and energy. Planning, envisioning, being more productive, and finding the right partners to work with can be the result. Saturn and the Moon are both in air signs, suggesting we think things out, weigh our options, and look at things objectively. It's a good day to step back and do the logical thing. We're getting ready for a New Moon on Friday and that can be a crossroads. Prepare for or make a logical decision. The Moon is moving toward a meeting with Neptune, so make sure you can trust people or situations, especially tonight and tomorrow. Neptune can cloud our judgment. Be discriminating and err on the side of caution. Wear blue.

The Moon meets Neptune in Aquarius before moving into Pisces at 11:47 am. That conjunction at 9:36 am is followed by a void of course Moon for about 2 hours. During that time, contemplate before acting, and that may be a good idea in general all day. The New Moon is great for initiating things tomorrow. Today is very creative although we may find ourselves daydreaming more than doing. Leo and Libra, relationships may become very romantic unexpectedly. Capricorn, be careful who you do business with and how you spend money, but do go for a dream job if the opportunities arises, especially in a creative field. Tonight with a Pisces Moon, Mars also in Pisces aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, lighting a fire under us for changes. Move away from feelings and problems that are better placed in the past. Wear pink.

The New Moon in Pisces arrives at 3:46 pm EST. Mars, the fiery warrior planet is right nearby, urging real action and adding a more assertive feeling than Pisces is known for. This new Moon is versatile, creative and dynamic, with no planets out of sync. It's a very positive day! Strengthen weak points, act intuitively and pay close attention to your hunches. The Pisces New Moon time is about tuning in to both feelings and the environment. Use 6 senses today. Tonight is best for being with close, trusted friends, seeing or being a part of performances, and generally improvising to make things better. Wear white.

The Moon meets both Mercury and Uranus in Pisces for an eventful day. There's hardly a way to plan for this kind of astrological action. Go with the flow, expect surprises and turns of events. The New Moon yesterday leans toward changing our course and changing our hearts or minds. Pisces is a very insightful, intuitive sign so really trust that inner voice or that feeling you can't shake. Mercury and the Moon led us to declare how we truly feel, putting us in a vulnerable spot. Capricorn speaks from the heart. Virgo deals with relationships and conversation about commitment of lack thereof. Pisces, it's very much about you this weekend. Wear light blue.

The Moon moves to Aries and will meet Jupiter at 6:43 pm EST. All of this Aries energy after a New Moon helps motivation, new endeavors, and energy level in general. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, relates to prosperity, learning and also luck. Good things may come by "chance" or without lots of planning today. The Moon does square Pluto which sometimes instigates a power struggle or challenge through undercurrents rather than what's right up front and honest. New and fresh is appealing now over anything stale or stagnant. Wear red.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly February 21

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We're set up to meet some challenges today as the Moon and Saturn meet. It looks more serious business than just a Monday holiday in the USA. Saturn encourages or pushes us to face realities, make mature decisions, and stop ignoring problems. Use today to get your act together in some way if necessary. Spend time on things that require deliberation and objectivity. Get advice. Libra this is directly in your sign and you may be getting used to this cycle. Take the next step in the process. Aries, this is relationship and commmitment oriented. Are you doing what you really want to or are you following someone else's lead all the time? Virgo, consider business and employment decisions seriously. The Moon squares Venus in Capricorn adding to the relationship equation. Some intense couples' debates and questions of who we want to align ourselves with and why are in the forefront today and tonight. It's also a Mercury day as the messenger planet moves to Pisces, really shifting the vibe to more emotional thoughts and actions at 3:54 pm EST. Mercury in Pisces is creative but vulnerable. Artists may thrive creatively but find themselves in personal upheaval. Emotions are sparked tonight. Pisces, make healthy personal connections only and stay away from people who drain you. Virgo that goes for you in close relationships and Scorpio for you with friends, who may seem to be all over the place, only confusing matters. We might look back on today as a pivotal or unusual one when all is said and done. Wear light blue.

Harmonious aspects in the zodiac will be welcome as the Moon moves to Scorpio and works with heavenly bodies in Capricorn and Pisces. The Sun and Moon form a favorable trine with a nice combination of determination and willingness to change. Mercury, newly in Pisces, helps us act with more feeling and compassion for other people, tempering the sometimes edgy Scorpio Moon some. The Moon and Pluto say we must deal with secrets and private matters and may have to fess up, but it easier with the two in harmony and if forgiveness is needed it's more likely than on a usual Scorpio Moon day. Today has it's own intensity, but things we think will be difficult may not be after all! Deal with things calmly and creatively. Mars moves to Pisces at 8:08 pm, It's not the most comfortable sign for the most masculine warrior planet, but Mars in Pisces helps us channel emotional energy in productive ways so it's a good time to start painting, playing music or building things again. Whatever pastime makes you feel good is worth your time, including art for art's sake. Wear red.

The Moon moves through Scorpio mostly uninterrupted and that's how the day should be! Work through personal business and stay focused. It's a do not disturb sort of day when we can really accomplish or just attend to our own priorities. Scorpio Moon is organized and determined. It can be an addictive sign so if you feel a little bit compulsive or driven strongly, use it in a positive way! What we don't want to do is fall back into old emotional habits or patterns. Tonight, the Moon aligns with Venus which is good for our personal relationships, with siblings, family or romantic connections. Reach out to people and have heart to hearts or just enjoy good company and trusted companions. Wear maroon.

After just about 1 1/2 hours void of course the Moon moves to Sagittarius at 7:26 am and the last quarter Moon marks the evening. Sagittarius Moon may activate some of that fiery Full Moon feeling from the end of last week which can be good for motivation! We'll want to break out of ruts and get past stuck points today. There are squares in the zodiac that say this may be easier said than done, however since they involve Pisces and Sagittarius it's more a matter of how-to rather than whether to. Figure out best possible ways to move, learn, and break down barriers. Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini, this can be very much your day to make a breakthrough! Tonight is full of opportunity and thirst for travel and other new experiences. Leo, Aquarius and Aries, social plans suit you. Pisces and Sagittarius you might be working hard on something important to you and work the time and effort. Wear purple.

The Moon is in Sagittarius and the Sun meets Mercury in Pisces. Both signs are mutable, and we need to have flexibility today. Willingness to change is important with the Moon in a sign that hungers for new experiences and also truth. Be honest or get called out on it! Jupiter in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn suggesting we figure out what things from the past hold us back. Make progress today. Tonight also, there's a strong need to go with the flow, deal with things as they come up, and if you're a Sagittarius or Pisces especially, you have last minute plans to make or interesting conversations to be had. Wear yellow.

The Capricorn Moon kicks in mid afternoon at 2:32 pm. The morning may be happy go lucky or unmotivated, but the rest of the weekend is meant for problem solving, arranging, planning, and getting work done. Be productive and get organized! Wear black.

The Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of the goat. With a Capricorn Moon, we feel best when accomplishing things. Make repairs, do hands on work, or even get a start on spring cleaning. The Moon and Pluto meet which tends to bring up things we need to face but would rather not. Deal with situations constructively and without too much drama or emotion. The Moon and Jupiter form a square bringing up questions of who is most capable and should be in charge. Catch up on work, start or finish projects and repairs. Wear brown.

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Now that the Leo Full Moon did her work and moved into Virgo, the weekend can be used for unwinding, particularly Saturday. Virgo Moon is working with Venus in Capricorn for problem solving in relationships and in business partnerships. Relationships might seem like "business" now. There's a time for everything, so go ahead and treat love that way if it's what makes sense. Handling nitty gritty details and trying new ways to manage the everyday things is recommended this weekend. Simple social plans will feel good. The weekend should be about relieving pressure, not piling more on. Sunday is an important day for communicating clearly and hearing both sides of the story or taking a different perspective. Mercury is very busy during the second half of the weekend, continuing Full Moon stories, adding to information, and urging discussion and conversation. Be forewarned that antagonistic Mars meets Mercury so you can stay calm in the face of anyone who comes on too strong.

The Full Moon energized the fire signs. I even heard from a Sagittarius friend and a Sagittarius Moon sign friend as well as some Leos on Thursday and Friday. The power of a Leo Full Moon will stay with fire signs for days! Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius personalities, harness that energy and ride with it by acting on your goals and intentions.

For air signs, Libra and Gemini, the Full Moon highlights friendships and good connections. Be with the social and networking energy of it and put yourself out there by attending events or writing cover letters if that's the case! Aquarius, you experience the Full Moon time a bit more intensely, with strong emotions and love likely to be involved. Next to Leo, you are the recipient during this Full Moon and can take things to the next level by actively participating. Make your desires known and find the "partners" that can help you make things happen. You and Leo may have a similar or even shared experience this month.

Earth signs, post Full Moon action in Virgo and Capricorn really help with the practical nature of life and ease any Full Moon changes or news. A hand on approach to work or problems and easy going time with friends is ideal for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn this weekend. Also pay attention to money matters. Doing your taxes or working out a budget is well timed too.

Water signs, Cancer and Pisces, you may feel least affected by the Leo Full Moon or it might just feel confusing! The Moon opposed the Sun, Mercury and Mars, none of which are in your "element" unless you have fire Moon or rising sign or strong Leo or Aquarius in your chart. You're probably best off just riding the wave and may find the earth sign info above to be most relevant.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is the water sign in focus during this February Full Moon because it lit the part of your chart dealing with image, career, and recognition. The world was watching, Scorpio, and you can use that to your advantage if you've been kicking some serious ass at work or on stage in some way. Revel in that spotlight and receive the attention or promotion that can go with that. The one draw back can be if you haven't been performing to your maximum potential, in which case you might hear about it. Good luck!

Next week's forecasts are on the way Sunday! Enjoy your weekend!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Full Moon 2-18-11

I may write a blog on this Friday's Full Moon. It would include a forecast for each sign. If you contribute to Robin's Zodiac Zone this week I will send you a forecast for your sign whether or not I publish a full forecast. Just email me your birth date and use the paypal link.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly February 14th

The Moon is in Cancer, a sentimental sign. Today's oppositions can pose emotional challenges since Cancer Moon time is sensitive and Capricorn planets tend to be detached. Venus, the planet of love, is in Capricorn and that could make it hard to get what we want from relationships. The Moon squares Jupiter in Aries this morning as if to say don't overdo anything. If you're celebrating Valentine's Day, the stars lean toward keeping it simple. If you go in with big expectations today the oppositions make it more likely you'll be disappointed. If you're not in relationship, avoid being overly sentimental or romanticizing the past. We'll tend to do that today, but it may not be based in the now or reality. The upside to the day is that Cancer Moon time can be romantic and expressive. Let people know you care about them and take good care of friends and kids who may be moodier than usual. Virgo and Pisces, friendships are important today. If you're at odds with friends, it may feel difficult. Cancer, Aries and Capricorn, everything is intensified from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other! Aries, career may be your big priority, and it's a good day to work on that. Wear white today.

The Full Moon warm-up begins as we move toward a Leo Full Moon on Friday. The Moon is in Cancer again today, square to Saturn in Libra. Expect defensiveness and other similar reactions. It's not the easiest day to confront things, but Saturn lets us know when there is no other choice. If you have to deal with something serious or difficult, do it with a sense of fairness and objectivity. It's better not to get too worked up because the Cancer Moon can be reactive. You might notice the Cancer Moon tendency to sidestep things too. That includes passive moves and resistance. Family matters and legal matters heat up and there's a push for some reasonable resolutions. Tonight the energy is in the water signs, Cancer and Pisces, which fuels our creativity. Do something productive with emotional overflow, if that's the case. Make, write, perform. There's a sense of drama about tonight. Wear blue.

The Moon is void of course for just two hours before moving into Leo at 4:14 am. Today is optimistic though the Full Moon feeling will be present. The Leo Moon combines with expansive and fortunate Jupiter in Aries. Keep an open mind and heart. These signs motivate, and the attitude is forward thinking and active. Healthy competition, games, creative projects, and dynamic presentations and performances are favored. Today is not meant to be lazy or boring. Make bold moves. Enjoy as things may come a little bit easier today. Plan travel and other events. Leo Moon time brings out generosity. Cancer, this is a good career or money day. Leo, you're drawn to bigger and more interesting things and you may want to explore new opportunities. Libra, friends and significant others affect your plans now, but probably in positive ways! Listen to what a friend has to say or what your significant other suggests. Wear red.

The Moon is nearly Full in Leo, a sign of strength, ruler of the spine and heart. Act with confidence and do things that increase your power or influence. Signs like Leo and Aries may do this naturally, and Scorpio you should follow suit because you are most likely to be in the spotlight or up for promotion or recognition during this Full Moon. Aquarius, this is very much your day too as the Sun and Neptune meet, feeding your imagination as well as romance and creativity. Mercury and Mars are in Aquarius opposing the Moon and there's a need for compromise or agreements. Collaborations will be strong but may include healthy disagreement and debate. Try to keep it workable and avoid getting too personal (or taking things too personally). This is a day to look and present your best and make an impression. Pisces, put energy into work. Gemini, put effort into communication, studies and things that are coming due. Deadlines are in the forecast when the Moon is Full so we maybe working overtime tonight. Wear purple.

There's a Full Moon in Leo and the last hours of Aquarius Sun pass by. The Sun moves to Pisces at 7:28 pm, for the last weeks of winter. The Full Moon opposes Neptune and Mars in Aquarius overnight, and though the Leo Moon tends to be active and optimistic as well as extravagant and showy, there's a bit of illusion to overcome. You might feel like going too far with something or like trusting someone or something deceptive. Mars in Aquarius is rebellious too, and this Full Moon could lead in a very new direction, blasting norms and shattering illusions in favor of real, long term prospects. Debates are likely with the energies in fixed signs Leo and Aquarius, and Venus and Saturn square off in Libra and Capricorn really bringing up relationship, legalities and other imbalances. The Full Moon in Leo urges stability and balance. The Moon shifts to Virgo for most of the day at 4:39 am, and is in harmony with Capricorn for seeking good solutions. Expect lots of stirring up, a dose of the dramatic and creative solutions. Tonight, the Sun settles into intuitive Pisces until March 20th. We might lean toward calm, quiet events after an eventful day. Wear gold.

The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Venus in Capricorn. This is good news for most any plans, business or pleasure. Today can be relaxing or work oriented. If you missed a Full Moon due date, this is a good catch up day. If you've been missing time with friends, call and make plans while Venus and the Moon favor relationships and create an easygoing attitude. Taurus joins Virgo and Capricorn as another earth sign smiled upon this weekend. Today's color is navy blue.

The Moon moves to Libra at 4:01 am. There are a series of conjunctions in a busy chart overall. Mars, Neptune and Mercury form 3 conjunctions in a row, and Aquarius energy dominates! A need to make firm decisions, revamp, and recreate is in the forecast. Leo this hits your relationship sector so expect things to be decided or confronted. Aries, Libra and Aquarius may also experience relationship issues or decisions including the need for compromise as the Libra Moon opposes Jupiter. Aquarius is related to the mind and the nervous system and we could hit overload on those fronts today! Consider actions you take now to have long term implications, and that includes conversations. Wear turquoise.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Offer

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Thanks! I just started using a counter on Robin's Zodiac Zone about 2 weeks ago and it started at around 87,000. Last night this site, in this newer blog form, reached 100,000 views! 

I'm not sure how far back that counter reached so the tracking really begins now. Robin's Zodiac Zone was born online in the summer of 1999, moved to an html format about a year later, and moved to "blogger" in the summer of 2009. 

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly February 7th

The Aries Moon sets up Monday with a square to Pluto in Capricorn and sextile (harmonious) with Mercury in Aquarius. You can still ride the wave of last Wednesday's New Moon and initiate business and other connections.  The square throws in potential debates about who's in charge or has seniority.  Aries represents the young and fresh while Capricorn is more the elder and traditionalist.  A tug between the two is likely.  This time in the lunar cycle is generally good for decisions and there's no significant retrograde getting in our way, so take a leap of faith.  Tonight, the Aries Moon may make us impatient and though we may not relish obligations it's a good idea to try and meet them as Saturn is nearly opposite the Moon sending a word of discipline.  Wear yellow.

The Moon in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra and issues of fairness and obligations we've made to each other are priorities.  The Moon works with Mars in Aquarius for an assertive, action oriented attitude. Move on things today and don't run from responsibilities.  The Sun in harmony with the Moon helps our moods and boosts both work ethic and our ability to have fun.  If we're dealing honestly and fairly this can be a productive and balanced day.  Tonight is good for work or fun.  Wear orange.

The Moon is void of course from 2:31 am to 6:22 am and then moves to Taurus.  The Moon aligns with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn for working out relationship and partnership matters.  Today is suited to figuring out what suits everyone best. Divide up chores and work according to who's most able to do the job.  In relationship and love, Venus in Capricorn is practical and down to earth without romantic illusions.  It might be time to work out finances, set up business accounts with a partner, or contemplate  moving in together as a couple, especially for earth signs and Cancers.  Tonight Venus and Pluto meet in Capricorn stirring up hidden agendas and issues you've been avoiding, especially for couples, Capricorns, and Scorpios with regrade to business more than love.  Protect your privacy and avoid gossip tonight.  Less said may be better, but at the same time don't avoid problems that are exposed. Take an unemotional approach.  Wear brown.

The Moon is in Taurus, a sign known for stubbornness (though I prefer to say persistence!). The Taurus Moon today really may be unyielding with squares to both Mars and Mercury in Aquarius.  Talks and debates may come to a standstill. Difficult discussions may be saved for another time.  Today we're likely to see how opinionated if not self righteous some people can be.  Strong personalities will assert themselves.  Taurus likes an organic, hands on way of solving problems and Aquarius takes a more intellectual, forward thinking approach. If you can meld the two the results are great, but finding that balance and the right people who can work with you, instead of against you, will be the challenge.  A stick with it attitude is in the forecast either way. Tonight, the Moon and Sun continue to Aquarius/Taurus action for powerful but confrontational forces and meetings.  Wear green.

The Moon is in Taurus, moving void of course from 2:27 to 5:20 pm.  Do important business before that time, and have meetings and work out details early in the day too.  The void Moon in the afternoon helps us relax and is a good time for physical activity and routine chores.  Before the void of course Moon, make a confident, long term decision or promise.  In the evening with the Moon in Gemini, socialize, meet new people, and be willing to alter plans as necessary. Tonight is friendly and ma be fun but is not very reliable and we'll tend to change our minds easily.  Wear blue.

Saturday (the 12th)
The Gemini Moon is frantic to get it all done at once! It's an optimistic but fast paced day as the Moon aligns with Jupiter in fiery Aries and Mercury in quick thinking Aquarius.  Our brains may be working overtime, and we may need to slow down and think clearly to avoid impulsiveness.  Do paperwork, write, communicate, and study as the Moon and Mercury favor intellect.  Sales people will tend to talk a good talk today. Make sure you're getting the whole story since Gemini is a sign of duplicity.  Tonight's parties are well timed. Conversation will be flowing.  It's a people person's night.  Wear gold.

The Gemini Moon is even busier and more active in the zodiac today! The good news is trines fill the heavens which tends to make us outgoing and optimistic. Even writing a paper or studying for an exam should feel easier and more relaxed today.  Do harness some energy for work, yet that can be balanced with socializing and good times as the Moon works with the Aquarius Sun and Mars.  Today is suited to most anything other than long term commitment! Gemini Moon time is for flirting and trying things out more than committing.  Wear light blue.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius 2-2-11

The New Moon in Aquarius is energized by Mars, the warrior planet urging bold changes and a brave, assertive attitude! The Moon also aligns with expansive Jupiter in Aries for initiation and adventure.

Aquarius: Change your course! The New Moon adds excitement and charge to your plans. Act on your dreams. Take the blueprint and start building!  Jupiter in Aries makes it a good time to announce your plans to the world!

Pisces: Your dreams activate and even during sleep you're doing lots of planning and processing. Allow yourself down time and take good care of your health.

Aries: Friendships form and your social network is an important piece of the puzzle now. A friend or colleague gives you a lead. A friend introduces you to a friend. Use your connections and above all do not isolate yourself! It's time to open up and broaden your interests and your circle.

Taurus: The New Moon in Aquarius is a great time to spotlight your talents, make a favorable impression or change your image. Career change or expansion is possible.

Gemini: Take it to the world! You might want a change of scenery. If you can't travel, explore new ideas. Your philosophy of life could shift now.

Cancer: Financially and in partnership this is a favorable time. Make an agreement. Settle something.  Be generous and collaborate.

Leo: Love and other significant relationships receive energy now, which is a help if things have been stagnant or out of sync. This New Moon is very compatible with all of your goals. Jupiter in Aries adds a global feel and sense of adventure.

Virgo: New habits, routines, and ways of doing things come with the New Moon. A burst of energy helps you achieve goals, catch up on work, and be more active. Think health.

Libra: Love and luck is the work of this New Moon. Enjoy.

Scorpio: Refresh things at home and in family relationships.  The energy of fire signs, optimists, and adventurers appeals to you now. Surround yourself with all of that.

Sagittarius: Speak with honesty, act with integrity. It's a communicative, expressive Moon time for you. Respond rather than react. Think, then do. A change of scenery is appealing if you can manage it. Writing and marketing your work is favored.

Capricorn: Excellent New Moon for finding the right gig, adding to your income, and getting finances in more stable order.  Apply for the job or the raise. Get what you've been working for in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shamanic Journey Weekend Blog

I did a weekend workshop with Allie and Evie of True North in Falmouth, Maine and Spirit Passages. If you're curious, here's the link to my blog and a few photos!