Friday, October 30, 2020

Mercury Retrograde Ends on Election Day: Astrology for November 1st-7th, 2020

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead, Full Moon, & the end of Mercury retrograde. November is very significant astrologically, as Jupiter & Pluto move toward their 3rd meeting of 2020. This is an unusual as the year itself has been. Perhaps this transformative conjunction signals the major shift we need, as a country, a world and a planet. 

Sunday: The Full Moon vibes are still very present, and the Moon remains in Taurus today. Taurus rules the neck and throat. Wear a scarf if it's cold, a necklace with a special stone or metal if you need psychic protection or communication energy (I choose labradorite or turquoise for this), and sip an herbal tea for dry or sore throat. Mercury squares Saturn and the Moon and Saturn align. Saturn energy challenges us to do our best and take responsibility seriously. Planets in Capricorn all come into harmony with the Moon today. These 3 planets are very influential for the rest of the year and especially the next two weeks. Sticking with routines may be helpful as many things seem turbulent. Capricorn appeals to our sense of structure and the good feeling of doing meaningful work. Void Moon 9:29 pm EST, and this is the first full day of the time change. Make sure you turned any clocks back. I'm leading a restful Yoga Nidra for today's seasonal time transition and pre-election strain or anxiety. Tune in on zoom at 4 pm with the link Breathing Room Yoga Studio sends you once you sign up. No experience is needed. Bring a blanket and pillows and just rest and listen. This guided meditation may change the way you deal with stress, pain, and self care. Today's color is Turquoise.

Monday: At 5 am EST the Moon enters Gemini. The mind fills with studies, problem solving, or perseverating about problems or fears. The best part of today is the social, friendly alignment of the Moon and Venus, favoring friendships and getting acquainted. Pink is today's color.

Tuesday: Election Day has finally arrived. Mercury retrograde ends today at 12:50 pm EST. As Mercury stations, one way or the other, we often experience the peak of confusion, technical issues, and miscommunication. Do as little as possible. Stay in the neutral and patient zone. The Moon is in Gemini, influenced by Mars retrograde in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. Both could be problematic. Mars retrograde in Aries is the shadow side of anger, aggressions and actions. People may have big trouble handing their emotions, especially if overwhelmed. Watching the news constantly cannot change anything today. Please give yourself long breaks where you do healthy, wholesome things and get all of this out of your mind and aura for a bit. Neptune's dark side is duplicity as well as deceptiveness.  Our thinking may not be rational and clear. Separate from negativity and please get off the internet sites and do not follow negative threads. Misinformation could be a big issue. I will tell you right out that my intuition all along has said, truth and good sense will prevail in this election. I still feel that and I'm sticking by it. But today looks very difficult for truth and right action. There are things to overcome and emotions to be managed. Yoga teaches us of impermanence, and this situation will evolve, transform and pass by. Wear Yellow, to help with focus and re-centering.

Wednesday: The Gemini Moon is void of course from 8:49 am to 4:45 pm EST. The last aspect at 8:49 am is a trine to Mercury newly direct and not yet in motion. Again, information and communication may be unreliable, spread too easily, and be very distracting. Take today easy. If you took vacation this week, you may have made a sensible and mentally healthy choice.  Cancer Moon takes over and still it's a favorable time to be in your comfy clothes, comfort zone, home with some healthy treats and a solid meal. Try not to overdo anything. People may be defensive and immersed in their feelings or family priorities. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon with contrasting and contradictory influences today. Mars retrograde and Venus square the Moon and both strain relationships. Sometimes it comes in the form of healthy stress that we need in order to grow and progress. But we may be impatient or lash out and that's only making matters worse. Venus in Libra could help us confront matters kindly and objectively. Can you be like Venus today? Supportive and/or easy angles occur also. The first is between the Moon and Uranus and that can go either way. It could really stir the emotional waters and our sense of security. On the other hand, it may help surface ideas that were not previously considered. This can assist with problem solving and finding alternatives. The Moon and Sun are in harmony for love, compassion, and our deepest emotional wisdom. Tune into emotional intelligence. Wear White.

Friday: Mercury squares Saturn. This tests our willingness and ability to agree, negotiate and decide based on the information we have.  Mercury is newly direct, so my advice is do not rush into terms or react too quickly to information. This square is followed by 3 oppositions between Cancer Moon and planets in Capricorn. These planets are incredibly influential this season. The main idea is to 'get it together' and right now that means preparations and plans (even if they need to be altered.) Capricorn is a sign of reality, tangible results and action that builds and constructs. Cancer is emotion based. Today there may be strong discrepancies between what the emotions desire and need and what steps need to be taken because they are sensible. Putting both together is the ideal, if possible. Do not go against intuition, yet do take stock and see what has to be done. Can you honor both? Cancer Moon ends the evening with a square to Saturn, the planet mercury squared this morning before dawn. The action is in cardinal signs that value progress. At 8:27 pm EST, the Moon enters void of course time, the in between hours, until 2:18 am. Wear Black.

Saturday: Leo Moon. Could the be a break in the action and a chance for fun or celebration of some kind? Maybe just a little bit. This weekend, something may brighten your outlook or experience. There is a tough square with Uranus at 5:49 pm EST. That may require creative thinking or a genius response. Work on creative problem solving, and persist if it's important. The Moon approaches harmony with Venus and Mars overnight. This could be a date night, a time for romance or friendship. Keep your social interactions safe though. COVID 19 is real and we're in a crucial time. Purple is today's color.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Halloween Full Moon Week October 25th-31st, 2020

Today, Friday the 23rd I'll be at Thomas Knight Park South Portland 12:30-1:30 for Astrology Yoga. Walk under the bridge and you'll find us. Please sign up through Breathing Room. Halloween Yoga & Spirit Guide Meditation is open for sign up now too! We are finding that connection with spirit guides happens naturally through nature. Feel it for yourself! Outdoor yoga is great in cooler weather. Wear a warm layer over a long sleeve t. Bring a blanket if you want it for the close of class.

Happy Halloween! My Halloween playlists are on my spotify channel and you are more than welcome to treat your ears to either a heavier or a more gothic or danceable mix! Two hour mix right here!

Our Full Moon is a Blue Moon, the 2nd Full Moon in one month. Mercury retrograde moves back into Libra. The Sun is now in Scorpio.

Sunday: The Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio. The solar fire energy fuels the strong waters of Scorpio and the power of Mercury to stir up, uncover and unearth what's been hiding. Whether an essential piece of information, a long held secret, or one's true feelings, things come up from the depths. The Moon has been void of course since 5:54 pm EDT, Saturday, and now moves into Pisces at 5:18 pm and meets Mercury a few hours later. Another Mercury aspect affirms that certain things will be communicated, there will be emotional responses or reactions, and time to process will follow. The Moon and Sun also align before midnight in water signs Pisces and Scorpio. Listen carefully and research well. Intuition peaks. Today's color is Blue.

Monday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus at 10:44 am EDT. If Sunday did not bring the predicted revelation or surprise, today is the day. Yesterday's aspects flow through Monday with Uranus in Taurus adding what would be least expected. One way this happens is internal, such as feeling something you did not anticipate feeling. The action is in emotional waters of Scorpio and Pisces as the Moon moves toward Full. Full Moon is on Saturday, Halloween, in Taurus. Today's activity foreshadows what's growing toward Full. Wear Green today.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon meets the deceptive, yet romantic, planet Neptune before daybreak. Wait a few hours for more clarity. Buy yourself some time with any important action or conversation you need to have this morning. The trio in Capricorn are ready to provide more structure and sanity as they all aspect the Pisces Moon favorably. The emotional tone of this week is balanced by Capricorn's ability to detach and be real. Pay attention to things you may be in denial about or hoping for a different outcome with. Be sensible about dreams and ideals. You don't have to give up on your dream, but it may need financing, scaling down, or a more balanced give and take. Blend left and right brain strengths, and stop driving yourself crazy if you're trying to save something or someone who isn't responding to your feelings or efforts. Void Moon 8:46 pm EDT. Mercury and Venus both change signs, moving to Libra just after 9:30 pm. Mercury moves back to Libra and Venus moves forward, so they are far apart in this sign. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Full Moon is on Saturday. Mercury and Venus both shifted last night, to Libra. Mercury is retrograde, retracing steps from earlier this fall. Unresolved matters are coming up again. The Moon shifts to Aries at 4:45 am EDT, opposing Venus in Libra which sets the tone for today. Partnership, relationship, love, unrequited love, passion, and strong differences between us are highlighted. Mars retrograde is not too far from the Moon. This may feel urgent or frustrating. Our patience levels with one another are likely to be tested for the next couple of days. Today's color is Red.

Thursday: The Moon and Mars retrograde meet at 2:33 pm EDT. A thoughtful awareness around our feelings and how we act on them is essential. Avoid regrets. Channel urgency into creative outlets or exercise. Be careful with exercise since we could tend to push too hard today. Aggression is an unfortunate yet potential result when the Moon and Mars combine as they do today. On the other hand you may feel driven about something you're working on. Still, this conjunction may lead you to expend too much energy in an unproductive way. Orange is today's color. 

Friday: The Moon is nearly Full. On Saturday, I'll lead Halloween Yoga and Spirit Guide meditation live and outdoors. It may be chilly, but we will still meet. Sign up is through Breathing Room studio. We'll meet in South Portland or Cape Elizabeth and the location will be emailed to you. Back to the forecast, things may feel very amped up, heated or oppositional. Planets in Capricorn square the Moon while Mercury retrograde opposes. Issues include justice, objectivity, leadership, and communication including truth. Find yourself some peace and quiet if you can. Void Moon from 12:12 to 5:19 pm EDT. Full Moon in Taurus is at 10:49 am Saturday, so consider it full both tonight and tomorrow. Wear Gold.

Saturday: Full Moon in Taurus 10:49 am EDT, fueled by Uranus which meets the Moon and opposes the Sun. Uranus is electric, inventive, awakening, alerting, sudden, shocking, rebellious and uncontrollable. Destruction and recreation are themes. We enter eclipse season with this Full Moon that precedes a lunar eclipse in Gemini a month from now. Things may feel ungrounded, chaotic, or take on a life and flow of their own. It may be best to let things take their course without trying to control. Find order where you can. Stay in a healthy routine and out of harm's way in every way. The Sun is in Scorpio, the unseen while the Moon is in Taurus, the tangible manifestation we feel and experience. Things that have been hidden or are invisible may show themselves in ways that are undeniable. Our Full Moon color is White.

REST more. The Yoga and Science of Sleep and Rest may help you understand the importance of both. Join me for this online workshop through Scarborough Yoga on Sunday November 8th 4-6 pm. I'll offer some thoughts, strategies and practices that help you rest at a time when sleep is elusive for more people than ever. Sign up there or email me for information and sign up


Monday, October 19, 2020

Astrology & Halloween Yoga in October (plus a glimpse at the future)

Hi everyone! 

For the past few weeks I've been teaching astrology yoga outside in South Portland on Fridays at 12:30 pm. I'll continue through October or longer depending on weather and interest. I've fallen  in love with Fall yoga outside! (much more so than summer yoga outside! It's actually much more comfortable in the coolness and it's been about 60-70 degrees at that time of day.)

Astrology Yoga-your yoga & your forecast! Fridays 12:30 pm Thomas Knight Park in South Portland. We meet even in light rain and so we may be underneath the bridge. It's a super cool spot! Sign up in advance.

And on Saturday, October 31st, I'll offer you an outside class on Halloween, which is the date of the 2nd Full Moon of October, a Blue Moon. We'll do this in the afternoon as temps are often cooler and it's getting dark earlier then. Wear a costume or other Halloween inspired makeup, colors or clothing. I have a goth-y kind of playlist planned and a new speaker with big sound! Location will depend on the number of people as we'll safely distance our mats. We'll be in South Portland or Cape Elizabeth, possibly in the same place I hold class on Fridays. Bring a blanket and your yoga mat.

Halloween Yoga with Spirit Guide Meditation Saturday, October 31st 2 pm 

Astrology Yoga & Halloween Yoga are hosted by Breathing Room. Sign up on their website!

Here's the rest of my yoga schedule, all taught on zoom so you can be comfy at home:

Monday 9-10 am Yin/Yang Yoga through Scarborough Yoga

Wednesday 8-9 am Gentle & Restore Breathing Room

Thursday Flow & Restore 5:30-6:45 pm Breathing Room

All classes have a balance of active movement and meditative relaxation.

Breathing Room classes are recorded and sent out to everyone who signs up. If you can't be there live, you can practice with the recording later, for 48 hours.

Glimpse toward the future...
I am leading a yoga teacher training right now, and we've been learning online and outside. The outdoor component of our training has been awesome! So awesome that I want to continue teaching this way in 2021 and beyond. This spring I plan to offer a 200 hour yoga teacher certification training online and outdoors with lots of outdoor meetings in South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough. Dates are likely to be March-June and you'll be teaching by summer. If you're interested and would like to know more, email me. I'm happy to answer any questions or speak with you by phone. Also, you can look at Scarborough Yoga website's teacher training link. Training outdoors is magical, and you will learn to teach online and outdoors as well as in studio and indoor locations. Train in nature as you connect deeply and strongly with your own true nature.

Here's a couple of photos from recent training days.

Peace & Respect!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Mercury Retrograde Shenanigans: October 18th-24th Astrology Forecast

 Mercury retrograde has been flirting with a direct opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Monday night is the peak of this opposition. The effects carry out all week.

Set up the best conditions and scenario to get your ballot in and see if you help a neighbor, friend or within your community so that EVERYONE gets to VOTE. Preserve democracy. If you're casting your first vote ever, feel your part in this historic election. 


Sunday: Scorpio Moon aspects five planets in a row. The Moon alignment with Venus may help partners feel more forgiving and open to working together. Moon and Neptune in water signs also encourages going easier on one another. You may also experience this as spiritual experience and inner healing. Venus opposes Pluto with emphasis on realizations about relationship and love. The Scorpio Moon forms sextiles, harmonious angles, with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Feelings may be easier to express, even for those who tend to hold things in. The expression is more likely to be business-like however. Declarations of love may not gush forth so much as reveal themselves in sensible, rational, even calculated or long thought out ways. Actions may be more telling that words. Libra Sun squares Saturn today with a focus on agreements. Legal matters may be put on hold. Void Moon 5:43 pm to 12:43 am EDT when the Moon moves to Sagittarius. Today's color is Purple.

Monday: Sagittarius Moon is in the upward cycle between New and Full. Mars and Jupiter squared overnight, and tonight the Mercury/Uranus opposition is exact. Mars is retrograde in Aries and reflective of the anger and hatred we are seeing through the news now. Retaliation or misuse of force or power could be an effect of this square. Pay attention to your instincts and channel difficult emotions in the healthiest ways if they arise. Jupiter may help keep Mars energies in check. Structure may be a good thing while restlessness could have undesirable effects. Uranus and Mercury interplay brings out inventive ideas, radical and sudden news or statements, and surprise changes in plans or change of mind.  Keeping up with rapidly developing situations is one aspect of this day. Another is being able to think or act spontaneously. Today's color is Red.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon with four aspects including a sextile to Libra Sun. This may help certain matters go forward. Keep Mercury retrograde in mind and allow for future flexibility. This may not be the best time to get locked into something or fully commit. However, decisions may be made more readily with less overthinking. Neptune, Mars and Venus are the other planetary players, all reminding us that our actions affect others from partners to adversaries. Be authentic and own your actions. It may be a good day for fun, travels and social plans. Void Moon 11:38 pm EDT to 2:44 am. Wear Light Blue.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon. This is an interesting part of the waxing Moon cycle since the Moon will meet all three planets in Capricorn tomorrow. Capricorn traits include organization, structure, industriousness, ambition and leadership. Today, the Moon aligns with Mercury retrograde and we may get involved in unresolved or unsolved matters. Something may be resolved, at least temporarily. You may come up with a plan to try out and decide on permanently later on this season. Set up favorable conditions for anything that could be successfully accomplished tomorrow. Old business is definitely up for action right now. The Moon and Uranus align in earth signs, which may bring up inventive solutions and unpredicted changes. Venus continues to stimulate relationship and partnership matters, and when aligning with Pluto may help us face relationship realities, feelings and fears. If you've been overly critical or hard on someone, maybe you are able to see this and mellow out a bit. This earth sign alignment can be constructive and productive in close, personal interactions. Wear Black.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon meets the trio of planets in this sign, one by one, into the overnight. Technically, the Saturn conjunction is after midnight on Friday at 12:35 am. First, Pluto and Jupiter are in conjunction with the Moon. Neptune also weighs in from Pisces and Venus, from Virgo. This looks like a day of 'things coming together', though I also believe some things will remain unclear. Approaches and actions produce results and effects as the Moon meets the three, all of whom were retrograde during this summer and into fall. Things that were put off or couldn't be handled are back in the forefront. Do your best to put together step by step plans, to work within structures, and to be solution oriented in order to work with this powerful confluence of Capricorn energy. Leaders may emerge. Plans for growth or even reduction emerge too. This is all about how to go forward in business or on the home front, with building and in workplaces. There are sympathetic and loving tones from Venus and Neptune, softening the sometimes emotional detachment of Capricorn. Also, this is the beginning of Scorpio time as the Sun changes signs at 7 pm EDT. Babies born earlier are Libras. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: Capricorn Moon meeting Saturn means double business. This serious conjunction overnight will show up in reality checks and in a big way. Void Moon 12:35 am to 8:17 am EDT. The morning could get off to a challenging start. All in all, people will be focused on their responsibilities and excuses may not be welcomed. The idea here is 'Do what you're supposed to do'.  Aquarius Moon from 8:17 am until Sunday after 5 pm. The Sun and Mercury retrograde are square to the Moon. Our challenge is to act for the good of all, not only in personal interests. Energies are very fixed today, which can mean not alot of flexibility or leeway. Today's color is Silver, a color that lights the way. 

Saturday: Aquarius Moon square to Uranus and aligned with Mars, two planets that affected earlier days of this week. Something may very well catch you off guard. Anxiety could be heightened. Also, alternative, radical and unusual ideas or news are likely. Again, we are called to act for the good of all as we have this opportunity to help co create a more peaceful, loving, enlightened world. Venus and Saturn also align today as we harness energy to improve our personal relationships and trade chaos for a real plan. Today's color is Turquoise.

Astrology Yoga Fridays 12:30 at Thomas Knight Park South Portland. We can practice even with light rain, under the bridge. You can also tune in and take class on Zoom! Sign up at Breathing Room ME website.

Halloween Yoga! So much fun! Come in costume or in Halloween colors! On Saturday, the next Full Moon, October 31st at 2 pm. Also through Breathing Room!

Interested in Yoga Teacher Training? I'm leading a training now and planning the next one for spring. It will be led at an accelerated pace so you'll earn your 200 hour certification and be teaching by summer. We'll meet online and outdoors for most of the training! I have to say we are having such a magical and soulful time learning outside.

If you're interested, please email me while I'm planning the schedule!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Mercury Retrograde & Libra New Moon, Fall 2020

 As the Moon wanes, Mercury retrograde begins.

I'm teaching astrology centered yoga outdoors and online Fridays at 12:30 pm. Sign up is through Breathing Room. If you miss (or take!) class, you'll get the recording to use for 48 hours. Shift your energy, increase your resilience & engage in self care and understanding with this one hour per week. 

I'm also teaching Halloween Full Moon Yoga outdoors! Sign up, come in costume or theme, and get in touch with spirit. Literally.

Happy Masktober! 


Sunday: Leo Moon squares Uranus in Taurus and Mercury in Scorpio. Mercury is on the verge of retrograde, so this degree will be retraced in about a week. The Sun in Libra is square to Jupiter in Capricorn. Squares mean effort in order to make progress, change, or reach consensus. We may experience resistance or strong opinions that don't easily yield. There's a call for new and untried ideas and methods. Things may not sit well and people may not be willing to compromise. Change is is in the air, though resistance is also at play. Talk things out with trusted and loyal friends or colleagues. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Jupiter aligns with Neptune today. The influence is spiritual, compassionate and potentially healing. Empathy may lead to compassionate action and creative ways of helping. Leo Moon aligns with the Sun and with Mars retrograde. This foreshadows New Moon in Libra on Friday which is opposite Mars. We may be in the midst of amping things up. Be aware of your motivations and tune in to the actions and motivations of others around you. This is a volatile time. It is the last day before Mercury retrograde, though the effect may be felt now. If something is confusing, buy yourself time to think or decide. Perhaps even a few weeks of deliberation would be of benefit.  Mercury aligns with Venus and relationships may be developing. If you're invited into a new alliance, whether romantic, friendly or otherwise, take your time. This is not the best time for initiating new romances. Things often turn out unexpectedly during Mercury retrograde. Today's color is Gold.

Tuesday: Mercury's retrograde begins in Scorpio, and will move back into Libra. The retrograde is official at 9:05 pm EDT and ends ( I kid you not!) on Election Day, November 3rd. What they call the 'October surprise' may be extra interesting and out of the blue, related to the past and the mysteries signified by Scorpio. It could be extra shocking or salacious. This not only relates to the election, but also to other news and our own lives. Mercury digs deep while in Scorpio. A revelation or discovery may come as soon as today. There will need to be plenty of fact checking, clarification, and research for accuracy. Neither doubt nor believe what you hear until it is shown. The Moon is in Virgo, aligned with rebellious Uranus, leading to uncommon ways of doing things. The Moon also aligns with Mercury retrograde for the release of secrets, facts, and hidden information. The Sun is opposite Mars and it's something to be wary of since some will act against justice and fairness, at minimum. Some may act out against fairness and act violently or vengefully. What a day of aspects. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon is harmonious with 3 planets in Capricorn. It's a constructive and productive influence. We may seek to help, figure out, work on, organize, and build. Virgo Moon opposes Neptune for a contrast between earthly and spiritual priorities. These two can come together in compromise and blend for understanding of our purpose beyond money, power or the mundane. Void Moon starts at 6:47 pm EDT. Wear Blue.

Thursday: Libra Moon time as we move toward a New Moon on Friday. Libra is concerned with fairness, strong judgement, impartiality, equality, and sharing. The Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn resulting in reflection on values, attitudes and our ability to reason. Be willing to reflect, review, and engage in calm discussion or debate. The irrational will be obvious and may be called out while the Moon and Sun are in Libra. Today's color is Purple.

Friday: New Moon in Libra is at 3:31 pm EDT. This New Moon aims to set things right where there's imbalance or disharmony. Squares to planets in Capricorn and opposition to Mars in Aries indicate this will not flow easily though. There's likely to be resistance to fairness, revolt versus peace or selfishness versus impartiality or sharing. Set your intentions deliberately. Visualize and work for peace and justice. Void Moon from 6:11 pm EDT after a Moon/Saturn square involving responsibility and culpability. For some, it is time to face the music, to face consequences. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon time begins at 1:05 am EDT. The Moon meets Mercury retrograde and opposes Uranus. Information that's been difficult to extract is likely to be revealed. Research, ask questions, be persistent and align with the truth. Uranus indicates a wild card in personal, private affairs. Wear Indigo.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Capricorn Planets Now Direct October 4th-10th, 2020

The long summer months and autumn weeks of retrograde planets in Capricorn is now over. Pluto stations direct on Sunday at 9:32 am EDT, following suit with Saturn and Jupiter recently direct. These three planets have more in store for us in 2020 as they form conjunctions before the end of the year. November 12th marks the third time Jupiter and Pluto meet during this particular year. Like everything else about 2020, this is rare and unusual. With any luck, we come through that transit wiser and more aware spiritually awake, as well as in good health. 

I hope your Full Moon week went smoothly!


Sunday: Pluto moves direct in Capricorn. Pluto is linked to things we cannot see, but definitely feel in the subconscious. Things that cannot be explained or easily understood are often in Pluto's domain. The pandemic is partially Pluto-like energy. Viruses are ruled by Pluto. So are mysteries and anything that's been repressed. Pluto will meet Jupiter in November putting closure to a trio of uncommon conjunctions all of which happened since April of this year. Let's hope for the best during this transformation. Today, the Taurus Moon opposed Mercury overnight and meets Uranus just before 7 am EDT. There may be a chance to bring opposing views or ways together. Compromises may surprise us. Keep your ears and mind open to great and perhaps unusual ideas. Be careful around any kind of unstable land or structure. Uranus in Taurus is sometimes like a landslide or deconstruction. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: Taurus Moon aligns with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and with Neptune in Pisces. All of this is harmonious and certain things may come together easily. Create, build, reconfigure. Romance and sensory experiences heighten. We may seek comfort and also solutions. Void Moon 2:41 pm to 12:03 am EDT. The best business hours are before 2:41 pm. After that, recheck on the details of meetings, conversations or time schedules to make sure they're not forgotten or ignored. It's a decent night to socialize. Wear Blue.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon moves in at 12:03 am EDT. The Moon squares Venus at 8:41 am EDT and brings matters of the heart into the forefront and maybe into question. Assure someone of your intentions or love, if you can. Venus in Virgo is particular and sometimes critical of the one she loves. Moon in Gemini has a certain dual nature that can indicate playing both sides, sometimes not being totally honest. Talk through points of contention. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon aligns with the Sun in Libra at 5:18 am EDT. These are not very decisive signs, and doubts may present themselves and delay action. However, moods may lighten and people may feel friendly and talkative. This afternoon the Moon squares Neptune, adding to duplicity and unreliability. Tonight, Mars joins the party or problem, whichever it may be. Mars retrograde in Aries fuels impulses. Mercury opposes Uranus and messages may come across as shocking or revealing. Today looks like a total wild card. Stay steady. Try not to overreact or act too quickly. Void Moon from 9:57 pm EDT to 11:45 am on Thursday. Keep those hours chill and non confrontational. Today's color is Lavender.

Thursday: Void Moon in Gemini until 11:45 am EDT. These hours may contain missed appointments, absences, lateness, confusion or choosing to relax rather than put effort forth. Double check your calendar and commitments, if any. Cancer Moon time comes along with no aspects until the overnight. Get home related things taken care of. Plan a romantic or cozy night at home. Cook an extra nice dinner. Donate to a food pantry or shelter and take care of someone not as fortunate or abundant at this time. Wear Light Blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon in harmony with 4 planets during this day and night. The Moon also has one opposition to Jupiter and one square, to the Sun. The action is mainly in cardinal signs. These signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. They are the initiatory signs, the first sign of each season, for example. Initiative, progress, decisions, and how much to conserve are some matters of the day. Focus on how to do things, ways to be productive or constructive, managing others and managing home and business. Growth and direction are two of today's topics. The evening closes with a sweet trine to Neptune, that may feel creative, warm or highly emotional in a sentimental way. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Cancer Moon opposes Saturn and Pluto and is square to Mars. All of this may bring up or highlight difficulties. Venus and Uranus align for relationship status updates or changes. Void Moon from 12:04 pm EDT until Leo Moon takes the reigns at 8:24 pm EDT. This has potential for more fun, joy, and/or confidence. Emotions may smooth out a bit. Today's color or Orange.