Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly Astrology May 6th to May 12th, 2013

Monday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus

High hopes and aspirations come with the Aries Moon. Optimism and plans excite us under these aspects, yet it's also smart to be realistic and Pluto's influence with the Aries Moon might be just enough to keep a sense of what's plausible.  Uranus and the Moon's monthly meeting in Aries tends to be eventful, sometimes puts us off balance, and can be a time to get back to your own priorities versus dealing with other people's ups and downs.  Stay out of power struggles that can arise when Aries and Capricorn energies are both at work.  Important conversations are likely tonight and tomorrow as Mercury and Pluto align. The topic is how to make things work better and one method is to stop being evasive or keeping secrets where honesty is called for. Wear red.

Tuesday: Mercury conjunct Mars & trine Pluto

Mercury the planet of plans and communication of all kinds is the key player today. Mercury and Mars urge us to put action behind ideas and plans with long term commitment. It's a day of promises and agreements.  Mercury and Pluto help us gain needed support or air things out. The Moon is in action starting Aries and along with the usual Aries need for progress, this is also a time to "cut the fat" and let go of what's not working. Perhaps as part of the other plans up for discussion, there's a need to streamline. The Moon is void of course from 8:40 am until 6:09 am tomorrow so it's not a bad idea to keep an agreement or the finer details open for a final decision under tomorrow's Taurus Moon. Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Moon sextile Neptune, Moon opposite Saturn

The Moon is in Taurus from 6:09 am EST. The Moon's harmony with Neptune and opposition to Saturn are very different influences.  The first is romantic and creative.  This may benefit Cancer in personal relationships, though Cancer may want to avoid a serious contract today unless there's absolute certainty of the terms.  Taurus and Scorpio could find themselves in power struggles or inner struggles with the Saturn influence.  Pisces may find all of the above is true all at one time.  Negotiating today is tricky. The less serious your business, the easier and more relaxed you can be to enjoy the sensual and loving Neptune/Moon alignment.  Saturn is also retrograde during this period, until July, so entering contracts may be more difficult or include more delays than usual. Leo may find that with home buying or moving while Scorpio and Taurus experience that personally and in committed partnerships, business or love.  We're in the midst of a solar eclipse that is exact with tomorrow's New Moon, so the universe is very stirred up with change and urging new things even while you might feel on hold or unable to reach agreement. The game breaker could happen faster than you think, especially Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius in career plans. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Solar eclipse, New Moon in Taurus, Venus in Gemini

This is a peak day of spring astrology as Venus changes signs on the same day as the 2nd of 3 eclipses in a row.  At 11:03 am Venus moves to flirtatious, fun Gemini. The weeks ahead are great for meeting new people, networking socially and possibly finding romance and love if you're a Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Leo.  Leo, the solar eclipse also relates directly to you, ruled by the Sun. This one is in Taurus, and for Leo it's about career and change in role while for Taurus it could be that as well as anything that greatly impacts how life goes on from here forward.  This is a change day and the effect lasts into next month and even vibrates at this time next year!  Mercury and Mars are right near this eclipse pushing hard for agreements that are permanent and actions that bring solid, tangible and long term results.  Eclipse usually enlighten , bring clarity and surprises. This one is about new beginnings.  The solar eclipse New Moon is at 8:28 pm and the Moon is void of course from then until Friday at 5:21 pm. The night has potential for fun and high energy as long as the eclipse doesn't bring unsettled news your way. Today's color is white.

Friday: Moon conjunct Venus

The Moon conjunct Venus puts us in a good place for love and romance as well as harmonious meetings where things need to be talked out.   The changes with an eclipse can be an adjustment, so it's nice to have Venus along for the ride today, smoothing things out, seeking balance and romance under a potentially relaxed void of course Moon. It's best not to have too much business or too much that has to be responded to quickly today.  It would make a great day off from routine.  In the wake of the solar eclipse, news will continue to develop, minds and patterns shift, and so today is unpredictable! Let the planet of love lead the way. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

There are a variety of aspects influencing the day, With Gemini Moon social events and situations to negotiate, alternative ideas, and communication all activate today. The strongest and most notable influence is the Sun meeting Mercury in Taurus at 5:10 pm really instigating some decisions as a result of the solar eclipse we experienced during the past 48 hours.  Have a good, productive talk. Promises will be made, Long term commitments are likely. Things are changing and some decisions may come as a surprise even for the person agreeing to commit.  Yellow is today's color.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini

Today is meant for joys and blessings. The Moon and Jupiter align for good marriages and partnership agreements, love, business connections and other prosperity and happiness. Travel is also a pleasure today. Wear green today.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 29th to May 5th, 2013

Monday: Capricorn Moon

The Capricorn Moon in harmony with Mars, Saturn and Neptune lets us know it's time to get a move on things that were put off.  Daydreaming productively is allowed since that vision can be something to act on.  Mars gives an immediacy and the urge to take steps and be goal oriented. Neptune provides the creativity and Saturn lends the structure. Take something important on today and see how constructive you can be!  Tonight is very good for studies and making serious, intentional plans of any kind and working toward them.  Mars opposes Saturn as we move into Tuesday, and it's good to be a bit extra careful in any questionable situation, place or with anyone too extreme.  Watch out for each other and use strong discretion. Wear green.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

The very early hours may be unsettled emotionally or newsworthy as the Moon meets Pluto and squares Uranus. It might be that there's too much going on or something disturbing or distracting comes up. Since it's the overnight in some time zones, you might wake up to news or a problem to be resolved early in the day. Pluto could also influence your subconscious in dreams.  Hopefully anything is shaken off easily as the Moon and Venus align in the earth signs. Make something more beautiful, work in the garden, build and do other hands on projects or construction. This is also constructive for problem solving in relationships. Build on solid foundations and make things even better!  It's a nice date night yet it's also a good time to get work done. You choose! It's Mercury's last night in Aries so go forward with a plan you started on recently. Wear gray.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Mercury in Taurus, Sun trine Pluto

The Moon is in Aquarius as of 10:20 am EST and the Sun is in harmony with Pluto today. This all looks quite optimistic and innovative. Even the Capricorn Moon earlier is good for productivity and organizing. We are however in the shadow of a Mars/Saturn opposition that can be quite difficult.  Stay out of any place that feels dangerous or volatile, just in case.  People act out their frustrations at times like this.  Stuck situations become more emotionally charged.  There's both resistance and persistence at work. It can be better to step away from something where there seems to be no answer or action, at least for a couple of days.  Hopefully, the Aquarius Moon takes over with friendly, social, forward thinking to temper that struggle of an opposition.  Mars/Saturn happens in Taurus/Scorpio, the same signs most directly impacted by last week's eclipse.  Mercury moves to Taurus where we put ideas into action and bring them to real, tangible form. Start building something or working on it so you can show and see the results.  Have vision and act on goals today.  Wear turquoise.

Thursday: 4th Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The 4th quarter Moon in Aquarius is good for sticking to an action plan. With the Moon waning it's natural to consider something or someone that needs to be cut from the plan or let go of, but the Aquarius Moon is inventive and can fill a gap and helps with thinking and problem solving.  The Moon squares the Sun and Mars in Taurus urging constructive methods again today.  There's no stalling or waiting recommended> be with the program or you could get left behind. Aquarius is collaborative and forward thinking. Let go of resistance to progress if you can.  The Moon and Jupiter align for a social night and also a good night for learning. Today's color is silver.

Friday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius. There's an original and inventive element to work done today. Collaborate with someone you'd never have expected to be a compatible thinker and you could be surprised!  Aquarius has a rebellious streak and we may know we can do a better, more original version than anyone else. Go with that feeling and create a new method or product.  Mercury and Jupiter are helping in that department too. We're enlightened with ideas and open to alternatives as they work in Aries and Gemini. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

The meditative nature of Pisces Moon makes this a good day to settle the mind, relax, and take it easy on yourself and others. It's a great day for yoga or working in the garden or a walk on the beach. Find your zen place.  Time with friends is good to balance the sometimes solitary feel of Pisces Moon time. Take some time for privacy, creative process or plain old quiet, but it's best not to isolate yourself during emotional Pisces Moon times. Balance the inner world and get together with close, trusted friends too.  Today's color is green.

Sunday: Mercury opposite Saturn

Topics of controversy or disagreement peak today with Mercury opposite Saturn in Taurus and Scorpio, willful fixed signs. Issues of control, deep secrets or ingrained attitudes contribute to any oppositions we experience or situations that need mediation. An impartial third party could be a good buffer.  Mars and Pluto align in Taurus and Capricorn for practical actions that need to be taken.  The Moon moves from Pisces and a void of course time from 12:00 to 9:03 pm EST to Aries for the rest of the evening.  Venus and the Moon contribute to good feelings between friends and lovers.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 22nd to April 28th, 2013

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Virgo

Today is Earth Day and the Moon is in earth sign, Virgo. The void of course Moon is in effect from 2:02 am EST when the Moon squares Jupiter setting the stage for communication and possibly commuting challenges and altered plans.  How we communicate especially about expansion, changes, and philosophical and intellectual topics is very important today.  This action in the two Mercury ruled signs can lead to misunderstanding.  Versatile thinking and willingness to compromise and change even a stubborn attitude is favored.  Venus is opposite Saturn and in love relationships and other close partnerships this brings up serious matters.  Taurus and Scorpio host this action which also comes into play at Full Moon time Thursday.  Be willing to face a serious reality, listen to the other side of the story, and avoid using sarcasm or sharp tones with each other.  It could be challenging to just remain calm and cool today.  Take it easy on yourself and others as much as possible. The Virgo Moon struggles with perfectionism and expectations.  Tonight our minds might be scattered. Find relaxation. Wear pink.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

We're moving into Full Moon time and this one is a lunar eclipse. News may have already begun to break this week, related to Scorpio, Taurus, and Saturn ruled matters involving regrets, the elderly people in our lives, and disorders such as addiction and mental illness. The good news is that eclipses move energy more rapidly and these matters that have been stuck may hit breaking points that result in change, clarity, and long term decisions.  Today's Libra Moon is across from Uranus with an opposition and we may be taken by surprise.  Situations or relationships may feel unpredictable or imbalanced.  Though Full Moons call for answers, today might be a better day to wait it out and not react too quickly.  Hold onto your impressions, observe, hold back communication that could stir things up unnecessarily.  Tonight Mercury and Jupiter put us in the mood to share ideas and socialize.  Remain neutral if you're uncertain about any kind of conversation or decision.  Today's color is lavender.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon in Libra

Another long void of course Moon today results in indecisive and uncertain energy for many of us. It's natural to be on the fence about something, and if the Full Moon is bringing pressure for answers, use the Libra method of stepping back, being objective and making lists of the pros and cons.  Consider both sides of the story.  Be careful what you believe without getting all the facts.  We can rush to judgment of other people on a day like this too, and that might be a mistake.  Mercury and Pluto align which can create gossip or expose secrets.  Privacy issues may be something to deal with this week.  Even inadvertently we could leak information, breach trust or make a less than stellar judgment call.  Take your time today. Put something off if you feel unsure.  Be fair.  The Sun and Neptune set us up for a potentially pleasurable evening in the midst of a serious Full Moon time.  Enjoy something from a good dinner to a great book or movie!  The night can include romance and creative expression.  This is good for writers, storytellers, and romantics!  The Moon will be Full at 3:57 pm tomorrow afternoon and it's full of surprises, news, and dramatic changes.  Wear blue today.

Thursday: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, Full Moon

The lunar eclipse powers an already extreme Full Moon opposite Mars and in conjunction with Saturn. These are fixed signs, not known for compromise or giving in.  Saturn related matters require wisdom, sage advice and sharp judgment.  Matters of the elderly, real estate, mood disorders, addiction, & compulsions are some of the Scorpio Saturn issues coming to a peak.  The eclipse can bring sudden solutions, endings, and significant transitions.  Taurus relationships are impacted and Taurus and Scorpio should put extra effort to keep peace or avoid strained matters related to commitments, separation and partnership.  If you make any kind of decisions or take steps toward something today, be very sure since there's a long term effect in place.  If you commit to a positive new behavior or goal you should have the power of persistence on your side!  Leo, the eclipse is about family and real estate as well as home and you may make decisions or have changes thrust upon you in those areas.  Aquarius, this is a career Full Moon and you may be faced with a contract or other career opportunity that shifts your life.  Cancer and Capricorn, who you spend your time with and how you use your free time is a matter to consider. Place importance on this as you see how others affect your life. You might decide to change some of your social relationships or activities now because you feel they don't serve you well.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Full Moon, Moon opposite Venus

The Moon is void of course in Scorpio from 4:56 am on. The Full Moon & eclipse are in effect and Venus opposite the Moon continues the themes around commitment, loyalty and relationships.  This eclipse of extremes in Taurus and Scorpio, strong willed signs has an all or nothing effect. It will hard to hang in there with someone who doesn't give their all and with Saturn in Scorpio it could be work to fully commit and open your heart due to fears.  This is an important time to cross a threshold, see someone else's intentions clearly and state your own commitment to yourself to to a relationship or partnership.  What we value and are loyal to is the work of this Full Moon. It's also a good time to break a habit or addiction once and for all. Get the wise advice that can help if that applies.  Wear indigo blue today.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 7:32 am EST and after a Full Moon Thursday, blowing off steam is in the forecast for the weekend.  Moving forward, breaking free, traveling and experiencing different things is favored today and tonight.  The Moon and Neptune square so trust and honesty could be questionable, but there's a dreamy, imaginative, adventurous streak too.  Today's color is red.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon, Sun opposite Saturn

Ripples of Thursday's Full Moon and eclipse come with the Sun opposing Saturn. Thsi could feel like a full moon day.  Honest talk, news and changes as well as long term decisions, possibly as a result of the eclipse, are in the air now.  Try to be a forthcoming and open minded as possible.  Some of this may come as as surprise and there's a stubbornness that might have to be overcome.  The Moon opposite Jupiter in Gemini is geared toward the multiple possibilities we can consider in the midst of abig transtion time that will continue right into June with two more eclipses ahead.  Wear purple.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 15th to April 21st, 2013

Monday: Venus in Taurus

Venus moves to Taurus at 3:25 am. This is a sensual, earthy place in the zodiac for the planet of beauty and love.  This is when gardeners act on their inspirations and artists who work in multimedia or sculpt become enthralled with their projects.  Venus in Taurus is hands on with work and affectionate in relationship.  We're moving into a time of commitment and Venus in Taurus is loyal in love and passionate for lovers.  Aries begins a good period for seeking new work and more prosperity.  Leo enters a prime career time, and Pisces is ready for heart to heart communications with people dear to them.  Aquarius may want to improve home life or living situation in the weeks just ahead, and Virgo may feel called to places far away and books that take them places.  The Moon is in Gemini for most of the day, until 10:49 pm EST. Gemini Moon is busy and changeable. It's a good day for making social and business connections, especially before void of course time begins at 3:41 pm.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Cancer Moon makes contact with 6 planets today so there's much more than one influence at work. Just remember Cancer Moon traits of sensitivity and sometimes defensiveness and act accordingly. People may tend to take things personally or misunderstand as the Moon and Mercury in Aries form a square this morning.  It might be necessary to work in your own self interests. Tonight in particular, you might find others to be reactive especially under stress or if pressed for something.  Uranus makes the evening unpredictable.  Move slowly rather than too fast with answers and reactions to avoid interpersonal problems. The Moon is also opposite Pluto which sometimes brings up our inner issues and fears. Today could become challenging and it's best to take your time and ask yourself if you're overreacting.  Tonight personal and family matters are at the top of the list.  Wear white.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Mars in Aries

The Sun and Mars meet in Aries for high intensity emotions and actions. It's great if you can channel that into something productive from work to moving into a new field or path. Aries likes to initiate and move in new directions.  The downside to this meeting is potential confrontations and quarrels.  There's a bold, fiery effect with the Sun and Mars which is excellent for acting on passions yet difficult in cases where anger, resentment or other hard feelings are present.  The Moon is in Cancer, a very different influence so while one person will be energized today, another may feel like retreating and not dealing. Today's color is red.

Thursday: 2nd quarter Moon, Leo Moon

The Moon is void of course from 8:31 am to 11:13 am and at that time moves to Leo.  The Moon squares Mars, the Sun, and Venus indicating challenges to take action, make significant long term decisions, and be sensitive and hold high regard for relationships.  Loyalty and commitment are very important in all we do today.  Let people you care about know you're considering them as you make personal decisions.  The Leo Moon is also creative, resilient, and tends to see the bright side.  Tonight, Venus and Neptune align for making music, art and romance.  Wear purple today.

Friday: Leo Moon, Sun to Taurus

The Leo Moon urges action today. Uranus in Aries connects and puts new ideas in our midst. Suddenly moments of clarity come. Today's square to Saturn before sunrise could put a very stubborn spin on the day, but maybe that helps you stick with a plan and fulfill a responsibility you'll feel good about later (if not in the moment).  The Leo Moon favors extroverts and those with an optimistic attitude.  Try to go forward with something you feel strongly about.  Don't give up too easily today or tonight.  The evening has Leo Moon and Jupiter aligned which is good for the spirit and for socializing and learning. Events are nicely timed for a festive atmosphere.  Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Mercury conjunct Uranus

This is one of those day when "if you least expect it, expect it" applies astrologically. The meeting of Uranus and Mercury sparks news, communication you didn't expect quite now, and happenings that couldn't be predicted. The Moon is in Leo which helps us react in positive ways with hopeful attitudes. The Moon aligns with Mars and the Sun in Taurus so today is very strong and determined and that is how we'll tend to act. There's a sense of not giving up even if there's adversity.  The Moon moves to Virgo at 9:08 pm EST and Mars enters Taurus at 7:48 am. Mars in Taurus is less impulisve than Mars in Aries and more about endurance and stamina. Persevere in a tough relationship situation if you're Scorpio, a career move if you're a Leo, and with financial matters, Libra and Aries. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Moon is in Virgo. As much as you may want to be practical and get something accomplished, Mercury in Aries square to Pluto could bring news or feelings you weren't prepared for. This could be a distraction at minimum. Certain things may need to be said. The Virgo Moon today works best with some flexibility. Let perfectionism go and be realistic about what you can do and control as the Moon works with Saturn in Scorpio. Fulfill obligations without excuses to be  most in harmony with the day. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 8th to April 14th, 2013

Monday: Pisces to Aries Moon

The morning may be slow starting with a void of course time in Pisces, not the most speedy sign in the first place. It would be common to lose ourselves in emotional waters, daydreams, and time. Check the calendar and be prepared not to miss something you can't make up easily!  It's a creative time and a good day to meander, putt about the house and sort things out without needing to finish.  People will connect and even appear out of nowhere today. If you've been missing someone's contact, give a call. Emails and texts will be more easily overlooked. The Moon in Aries from 3:02 pm on brings a different rush of energy and in getting ready for Wednesday's New Moon, there are things to be done and responded to.  A bit of urgency sets in tonight and lasts through tomorrow. Try to be prompt but not pressured. Take your time but don't let things fall by the wayside. Pacing is the key to the next couple of days. Wear orange.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

The destruction/recreation energy is in full swing today.  What do you need to let go, tear down, or say goodbye to in order to rebuild? Identify that and make  plan. There's no need to act in haste, so take the Moon Uranus pressure off yourself and think and plan then act tomorrow or later in the week.  It's a day to "sharpen your ax" for efficiency when the right time comes to chop that tree down. Also, decide what you will plant in it's place.  It's a great day to spring clean and rid yourself of things no longer useful or needed.  The Moon and Jupiter provide good dynamics for social or work related gatherings, networking and collaborating though the extroverts in the group will most likely take over.  The need for leadership is strong though. Impulsivity should be avoided though it might be tempting for Pisce with money, for Aries with personal declarations, for Aquarius to communicate and reply, and for Capricorn at home. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: New Moon in Aries

The New Moon today brings a strong urge for change. Everything new is the message of Aries Moon. Venus and Mars get things going for Aries personally, and in relationship matters for all of us.  If you've been holding back from someone or unsure of yourself in relationship, this is the New Moon that helps you make the shift.  It does not have to be today, but the next two weeks are a good time to sort things out with your partner or to begin or renew  relationship and start fresh.  You can't hold on to old things, unresolved feelings, or grudges and act with this cycle. There's a need to let go what's been holding you back and move forward with fresh energy.  This helps all signs but most directly impacts Aries and Libra in love relationships, Leo and Aquarius in relationships that need stronger, more honest and open communication or in long distance relationships, and Cancer and Capricorn in relationships at home or involving choices about career and co-habitation.  Capricorn may find a better place to live if that's a goal.  Taurus may feel quiet and private about what's going on this month and may wait a month to announce changes. Taurus Moon moves in at 11:22 pm EST.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn

Commitments, obligations and actions with long term effects are today's focus as Taurus Moon opposes Saturn. There's nothing frivolous about today's business so don't let the Neptune effect distract or fog your vision.  Go with tried and true, loyal friends, your most trusted advisors and strong judgment.  It's not a good day to take a risk that could have adverse consequences.  It is a good day for long term decisions you want to endure.  Take your time, be methodical, have direct contact and involvement and don't trust others to act on your behalf if it's not absolutely necessary.  The Moon works with Pluto for organization, an authoritative stance and a willingness to face realities and deal constructively.  Neptune might still point you in the direction of the escape hatch if you're faced with something tough, but I don't recommend it. You'll only have to prolong and repeat the process and may cause a grudge while you're at it. Show your responsible self.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon is very solid for getting things done. This week and next are about launching and initiating.  Taurus provides longevity and commitment.  Make a good decision for yourself or give someone the answer they're waiting for if you are sure! There's no wavering or feeling on the fence. It's meant to be a decisive day.  The New Moon on Wednesday propelled us to this point and the wave will continue to build so act on your own time table, but today is great for starting new habits you want to last.  Romantically Taurus Moon favors Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer for relationship decisions.  Business wise it might be a good day for Aries and Libra to form a partnership, accept a new job or do financial planning.  Tonight is suited for working or being with your closest friends rather than at bigger events.  Wear pink.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon moves to Gemini at 10:13 am. Today is meant to be social and since the Moon and Mercury harmonize near sunrise east coast time, we're bound to have last minute invitations or meet friends spontaneously.  The urge to get together, tell stories, catch up and laugh comes with this Gemini Moon.  The Moon squares Neptune so do be wary of someone who might not be honest or assumes an identity. Otherwise, entertain and be entertained! Get in touch with siblings, old and new friends.  Mercury moves to Aries at 10:37 pm and things we've been waiting for can wait no longer. We'll be asking for decisions and action on pending matters after tonight.  Wear yellow.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Moon meets Jupiter making this a great day for opportunity and networking with others who share your profession or strong interests.  Jupiter brings knowledge, blessings and a worldly perspective.  Today explore something or somewhere new to you.  Venus spends her last day in Aries, so Aries take pleasure in Venus's favor. The planet of love and relationship has been working on new and renewed relationships for weeks and will settle into sensual and comfortable Taurus to start solidifying budding romances tomorrow.  Today's color is yellow.