Friday, July 24, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 27th to August 2nd, 2015

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

An unpredictable Monday as Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. Trines indicate ease, but in these fire signs there's a volatile aspect. Go with what you know rather than being too adventurous or taking unnecessary risks. Neptune relates to imagination and sometimes deception. People may misrepresent, intending to deceive or convince.  Back off from people who push and question information. Make sure what you engage in is valid and true.  Unique and original thinking can be an upside during this Sagittarius Moon. But remain skeptical and wise rather than naive and fooled.  Today's color is white. 

Tuesday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo for big thinking and bold action. There's a philosophical spirit as Jupiter is also Sagittarius's planet ruling higher education and global perspective. At 9:36 am EDT, the Moon moves void of course and during this time draw upon your best possible judgment and act with thought and information to support your decisions.  It's still not a day to take unusual risks or gamble considering yesterday's activity is still relevant.  Void of course Moon also plays a role, from 9:36 am to 2:47 pm. Perhaps let something sit and simmer before you decide. Jupiter in Leo is generous and magnificent. Sagittarius Moon is free thinking. We could tend to go overboard. With a little time, see if your enthusiasm for something continues to bubble.  Capricorn Moon arrives at 2:47 pm and aligns with Venus retrograde at 3:44 pm EDT. Reach an agreement this afternoon, as a couple or partners.  This is a good time to have an overdue discussion about how to proceed.  Overall, it's an agreeable day. Wear green.

Wednesday: Full Moon warmup, Moon conjunct Pluto

The Full Moon, a Blue Moon, comes Friday morning. The Moon is in Capricorn, industrious and traditional, in harmony with Neptune and together with Pluto. Neptune adds imagination to tasks and projects as things come due. Complete and celebrate a success in the next two days. There's a subtle note from Pluto that may keep us inwardly focused. It's a good day to take care of personal and professional things and get the job done.  The later hours will be influenced by Thursday's outlook so read ahead. Today's color is black. 

Thursday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, Moon opposes Mars

The Capricorn Moon is out of sorts with Uranus retrograde in Aries and Mars is opposite in Cancer.  Aggravations may be hard to deal with. There's definite conflict between the tried and true and new methods.  Potential for arguments and frustrations of old business is high as Saturn retro also aspects the Moon. This Full Moon, Friday morning, is meant for celebrations, originality, and resolving things. Try to work through the tough stuff. Moon is void of course from 2:50 pm to 5:40 pm EDT and then in Aquarius.  Moon is full at 6:43 am, the 2nd time this month which is why we call it a Blue Moon. Meet a deadline or obligation so you can enjoy it. Today's color is turquoise.

Friday: Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury opposes the Moon

Mercury is opposite this Blue Moon, and tomorrow Venus and Jupiter also in Leo exert their Full Moon influence.  Agreements and peaceful resolutions are favored.  Leo/Aquarius energies dominate for a social, extroverted, community oriented weekend.  Venus moves back into Leo at 11:27 am during her retrograde time. One thing strongly advised against is cosmetic procedures, surgery or tattooing.  Avoid the urge to make that sort of change. Aquarius and Leo, this is a lovely full moon for love and relationship. Libra and Aries, friendship and luck are favored for you.  Today's color is white.

Saturday: Moon square Saturn, Moon trine Uranus

A trio of retrograde planets are active during this Full Moon time. Uranus, Saturn, and Venus retrograde and a fixed sign Full Moon equal return to prior business for long term plans and solutions. There may be a strange mix of new developments, finalizing, and trying to please everyone. News usually comes with Full Moons, and this month I do expect many completions but also pending action delayed for a few weeks perhaps.  Focusing on Venus and Jupiter in Leo, celebrations are favored and maybe other business needs to be put aside so it doesn't spoil someone's event.  Try to enjoy people, open your mind to something you didn't expect, and act in good faith.  It's possible something can be put in the past and moved on from once and for all during this Blue Moon. From 6:02 to 6:36 pm the Moon is void of course. This Pisces Moon night is sentimental, creative and influenced by Venus, planet of romance and love. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Pisces Moon, Mercury trine Uranus

Interesting information and ideas come up as Mercury in creative Leo and Uranus retrograde in trailblazing Aries combine.  A crazy idea might be just the thing. Pisces Moon has a soft, romantic influence, quite different from those two planets but when you put it together, there may be ease in adjusting or accepting what's new. The Moon meets magical Neptune and aligns with mysterious Pluto. Tune into what's beyond or out of reach of the 5 senses. Intuition heightens.  Instincts are your guide.  Saturn turns direct in Scorpio at 1:53 am. It might feel like a dramatic pause as this planet stations for a bit before actually moving degrees forward. Today's color is green. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 20th to 26th, 2015

Monday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon aligns with Mercury, Mars and Pluto. Decisions and resolutions come. Things may fall together more easily than expected. Moon and Pluto occupy earth signs for practicality while Mars and Mercury in Cancer tap into the watery nature of emotion and sensitivity. The downside is Mars can be defensive or actively avoid while in Cancer. Muster up the courage to deal honestly and effectively.  Between New and Full Moon, this is the time to sort something out, get things started and nurture what's in progress. Virgo and Cancer have helpful, caring traits we can draw upon in ourselves or receive from others today. Wear navy blue.

Tuesday: Sun trine Saturn

The Cancer Sun and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio line up for decisions that have been long in progress. Information recently received may be part of agreements and solutions reached now. 
Void of course Moon hours are 6:07 to 9:23 am in Virgo, and then Libra Moon creates the conditions for negotiating, finalizing, and seeing another perspective.  News and announcements are probable as a result, whether this comes today, yesterday or sometimes during this week.  If there's a return to resolve "old business", Sun and Saturn lend energy to family, property related and health matters. Today's color is black. 

Wednesday: Sun in Leo, Mercury trine Saturn

A continuation of yesterday's business, Mercury aligns with Saturn for final decisions and announcements.  There's an emotional tone since both are in water signs. Topics of sensitive nature and a gentle approach go together.  Avoid harsh or insensitive comments. Saturn is retrograde so some decisions may take a bit longer to go into full effect.  Take a long term outlook and be able to see beyond the moment.  Patience might be required. The Moon is in Libra today for weighing options and dealing fairly. The Sun moves to Leo at 11:30 pm EDT for the height of summer. Today's color is yellow. 

Thursday: Mercury to Leo, Sun conjunct Mercury

More news in the forecast as the Sun and Mercury meet in an expressive conjunction.  Mercury moves to Leo at 8:14 am. Jupiter and Venus in Leo harmonize with Libra Moon, and though the Moon is out of sorts with or challenged by Pluto and Uranus, the positive energy is stronger than the heaviness. Courage and strength may be required, but the outlook is good for mustering up the energy needed.  Partnership, marriage, creative projects, and matters revolving around children are highlighted for best efforts and positive outcomes today. The Sun and Mercury in Leo favor performances, honest declarations, opening up communication, and announcing good news. Void of course Moon time begins at 2:12 pm, and Scorpio Moon moves in at 10:07 pm EDT. Today's color is gold.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon in Scorpio is quite different from Sun and Mercury in Leo. Two squares lend stubborn streaks, but sometimes being fixed is a good thing.  We won't back down or give in easily with aspects like this.  People will tend to hold their ground, their boundaries, and be tough to convince otherwise.  That may be advantageous as Neptune harmonizes with the Moon, subtly influencing and trying to soften out the sharp points.  The problem can be escapism or lack of full honesty.  Trust your instincts and don't give in too easily when you have previously decided what's best in a situation (or relationship).  Today's color is indigo blue. 

Saturday: Venus Retrograde, Mars square Uranus

Mars/Uranus action may remind us of and relates to the New Moon
of July 15th. If you were challenged about a week and a half ago, this could be a sequel.  Know what calms you, and take care of your emotional life in healthy ways.  The Moon aligns with Pluto and Mars for deep thought before responses. Effectively put energy, even anger, into creative process.  Venus retrogrades in Virgo for one week beginning at 5:29 am EDT. Venus will be back in Leo on July 31st. Virgo, notice any subtle (or louder) relationship rumblings that may include a chance to revisit love, reconsider a relationship decision or be more subtle in your desires. Possibly your relationship needs more attention and time.  Late August Virgos and Leos may notice this most now. Today's color is maroon.

Sunday: Uranus Retrograde, Sagittarius Moon

Void of course Moon 5:14 to 8:24 am EDT. The Moon meets Saturn in Scorpio and then cruises to Sagittarius. The day starts with a serious tone. Squares indicate things to be worked out, possibly scaled down or answered for.  It's a no excuses kind of morning. Sagittarius Moon lightens things as the day goes on with trines to the Sun and Mercury. Find some freedom and fun as the weekend winds down. Perhaps you can settle a dispute or difficult problem and then relax. Sunday's color is purple.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology July 13th to July 19th, 2015

Monday: Gemini Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

Versatile thinking, problem solving and creative process are favored under Gemini Moon with Mercury and Neptune aligned in the water signs. This balance of intellect and emotion is great for writers.  Combine words and images or use imagery in convincing ways. This is an asset to marketing strategies. In your personal life, brainstorm and reach solutions that take feelings into strong consideration.  The Moon in Gemini and planets in Leo bring out expressive, extroverted traits.  This includes humor, friendliness and willingness to jump in. It's a great day to entertain.  Today's color is light blue. 

Tuesday: Gemini to Cancer Moon, Venus square Saturn

Venus is about to leave Leo, and today forms a square to Saturn retrograde. These planets strongly suggest we get a handle on relationships, take responsibility for our commitments and bring more balance to our interactions with those closest to us. Venus is passionate and loyal in Leo and Saturn means business in Scorpio. On this day before New Moon, consider how you want to engage in relationship. It'll be a make or break time for some. Revisit promises you've made and see if you can make good on them or must you break the contract. In fixed signs, there will be long term implications and feelings from what's decided now. The Moon is in harmony with Neptune. The potential problem here is escaping rather than dealing up front with strength and courage.  Cancer Moon from 2:14 am into Thursday morning. Pink is today's color. 

Wednesday: New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer is at 9:24 pm. The hours before that are for planning and reconsideration. This is a challenging New Moon with Mars opposite Pluto conjunct the Moon and Mercury (this is a simplified way of saying there is concentrated energy in Capricorn and Cancer). It's probable many will face shadow aspects of the self or of situations. Mars in Cancer doesn't know how to deal with anger, passion, and other strong energy and may suppress it. That rarely has a good result! Channel darkness into creativity. Communicate with spirit in whatever way makes sense to you. Look beyond the physical world for guidance if this is a difficult time.  Cancer relates to home, ancestry, family, and emotion. This is the sign of the Moon. It's likely to be a  highly emotional, sensitive time. Letting go of a suppressed secret or releasing a strong emotion in a productive, positive way could be a very healing experience. This New Moon makes way for exactly that. Move lightly and be nurturing wherever you can. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Leo Moon, Mercury conjunct Mars

Yesterday's New Moon themes ring through the week. Leo Moon moving in at 10:15 am is most likely to be helpful since Cancer is heavier and more emotional.  Void Moon is 7:24 am to 10:15 am EDT. Avoid major statements and decisions then.  The Moon and Mars connect at 12:04 am & Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio at 7:24 am EDT.  This activates us for what must be done, even if we're moving reluctantly.  Our emotional bodies, beyond the physical and mental, may be hurting or just vibrating with release.  I suspect there'll be more tears than usual this week, but hopefully they'll be tears of joy or finality that help clear us for new experiences.  Surrender and purge are two words that come to mind for this New Moon. Leo Moon encourages more playfulness, lighter hearts, and social energy. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Leo Moon

If the week's been murky, fogging the brain, or you've been under the weather in any way, Leo Moon is freer and clearer today. Plan something fun. For the most part, the weekend ahead is meant for celebrations and festivities. Today is great for the party hosts to get caught up in fun preparations and for everyone else to pull themselves "up by the flip flop straps" since it's summer-or maybe the swimsuit straps, and do something active and fun. Or at least try to see the best in things, silver linings and shining possibilities. Today's color is orange. 

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon, Venus to Virgo, Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus

It's another peak in the bold, bright Jupiter/Venus in Leo time. This period is ending soon and this weekend may be a culmination of things that were building for a year or more. It's a fine day for a wedding or other special event.  Count your blessings. Uranus is active with the Moon and Mercury which does lend a surprising, spontaneous or sudden aspect. Hopefully this will be a good turn or events, but in some cases flexibility and quick thinking will be called for. Venus moves to Virgo at 6:38 pm and the Moon shifts to that same sign at 8:47 pm.  It's a transitional day prior to Venus retrograde which begins on the 25th.  Venus will move back to Leo on the 31st, a time that may mimic or recall this particular day.  Today's color is rose (pink or a soft red will do).

Sunday: Moon opposite Neptune

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. Try to stay realistic with expectations. If you're questioning your own judgment or someone's word, hold off on anything that requires a solid decision. Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, and we may feel very changeable in mood or opinion. A fluid approach helps with versatile thinking and problem solving in alternative ways.  Enjoy the water and earth, from lakes to woods, mountains to sea. Today's color is blue.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology July 6th to July 12th, 2015

Monday: Pisces Moon, Sun opposite Pluto

The Sun opposes Pluto and it's a good idea to question your motives or the intentions of someone else.  This opposition can lead to unreasonable or unwise action or speech.  Pluto is the significant player today as this planet of the hidden also aspects the Moon. The surface of things and what's deeper and behind our actions may be very different.  Some will put on a brave or happy face even if underneath there's anger or sadness.  With a Pisces Moon and Sun in Cancer, it's likely to be more passive than outwardly aggressive. Yet it's still something to be aware or careful of. Notice this in yourself and question the possibility it's arising in your interactions with others too. Moon and Sun are in harmony for water signs traits, water sports and pool/boat business, and for fishing, planting and resourcing things you need. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Pisces to Aries Moon

From 10:36 am to 12:38 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Slow down and put off major purchases or transactions during those hours. The Moon squares Mercury in Gemini (last day) and is in harmony with Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Adapt a plan or project based on the present circumstances. Things that shifted, since spring for example, need a second or third look now.  Today could feel a bit like a Mercury retrograde as you resolve old business and return for more thought or revision, but it's really Saturn back in Scorpio and the last day of Mercury in Gemini at work.  Aries Moon from 12:38 pm on gives the impulse to move on things.  Today's color is red. 

Wednesday: Mercury in Cancer

The thinking planet moves to Cancer at 2:52 pm.  It's an introspective and personal placement for Mercury until July 23rd.  Problem solving around family, household, and care of children or the elderly activates.  Intuition is heightened and we'll move a bit slower or more thoughtfully than during Mercury in lightning-like Gemini. Aries Moon squares planets in Cancer and Capricorn and meets Uranus. This can be challenging and relate to things that could never have been foreseen.  Some of this will also be old patterns resurfacing with family, career, or home life.  Mars aligns with Neptune and helps with intuition. Trust your instincts. This is more about what you feel in your bones that what you see with your eyes.  Do not trust foolishly or act in anger.  Cool the Aries fires with calm presence of mind.  Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Aries to Taurus Moon

The Aries Moon is void of course from 9:47 am to 3:49 pm EDT and then in Taurus.  Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Venus colors the day brightly. Energy level, stamina, and optimism are the benefits.  Socialize, be active, and immerse in your passions.  The Taurus Moon aligns with Mercury in Cancer in the evening.  This favors smaller gatherings at home or in good restaurants, centered around food, gardening or by the lake, pool or sea. Enjoy life, and maybe a sweet conversation, tonight. Wear green. 

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Moon of long term results, commitments, and promises, Taurus Moon  is in harmony with Pluto, Mars and Neptune.  Reap what you've sown. See the results and products of your efforts. Stay focused, show loyalty, and build on a foundation.  Trust where it's been earned and not if you feel unsure.  Act with certainty.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Taurus to Gemini Moon

Taurus Moon opposes Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, and squares Jupiter and Venus in Leo. These angles require effort and attention. Some of this will be old business resurfacing for more permanent solutions. The squares to planets in Leo are more about how and how much to expand, open the heart, and move forward dynamically, with passion and motivation. Taurus Moon time can be reluctant or more fixed in ways, but planets in Leo are encouraging, optimistic, and generous.  Find your way to move past "problems" and into long term plans and solutions.  The Moon is void from 5:52 to 8:16 pm EDT and then in Gemini for a social night. Wear yellow. 

Sunday:  Gemini Moon, Sun square Uranus

Keep interactions balanced and actions thoughtful during this Gemini Moon with the Cancer Sun square unpredictable Uranus.  It's a good time to curb impulses, slow down, and use logic. Gemini Moon squares Neptune, the escapist planet. Distinguish reality from imagination.  It could be a good day to immerse in creative and inventive ideas.  Stay grounded. Substances that alter the mind add to problems or misconceptions today.  Today's color is blue.