Friday, September 25, 2020

The Social Dilemma & Your Weekly Forecast September 27th-October 3rd, 2020

The irony is real. I'm posting here about The Social Dilemma. Obviously we experience the realness of it every day. Last night we watched the film and it confirms something I've been thinking and feeling for months. Kids and any future generations, our physical safety and mental well being, our whole world, and particularly young adults who have higher suicide, anxiety, depression and self harm rates are all in jeopardy.  I haven't got it all figured out yet, but I'm making changes.

I don't want to contribute to this massive problem. What are your thoughts?

Today I'm figuring out my next steps such as changing my email, maybe moving my blog, and immediately taking facebook off my phone. I'm not saying I won't miss it. But my kid who works in tech and many other people I know have little or no interaction on social media. I can do it too. To be part of the solution.

Watch the film. Don't click those links and notifications.
Think out of the box.

Here's your weekly forecast as we move toward Full Moon, the first of two in October.



Sunday: Mercury moves to Scorpio at 3:41 am EDT. These degrees of Scorpio and Libra will be retraced during a retrograde starting in a couple of weeks. You may notice present business and decisions revisited, revised or delayed in mid October and early November. For now, know that Mercury in Scorpio is set on uncovering what's hidden, solving mysteries, researching and persisting for answers and information. Discussions will hold powerful meaning, intensify, and reveal. Aquarius Moon today is opposite Venus in Leo overnight tonight, influencing Monday as well. Venus in Leo is generous while Moon in Aquarius feels for the good of all. Philanthropy, fundraising, drawing people together (safely) and acting out of kindness and goodness are favored. Notice if you're drawn that way. Wear Pink

Monday: "We have got to get it together, we have got to get it together, now." Do you know that song? It comes to mind for this week and this day. I can't say why or how this will play out exactly. But let's take the chorus as an example of today's aspects. If you need to get it together in personal life, Venus aligns with Mars retrograde in fire signs Leo and Aries. The impulse and instinct to work things out and break a negative pattern, especially one associated with some sort of abuse or self centeredness, may finally arise. This alignment happens tonight. Do be cautious though if someone has been physically or emotionally abusive in some way. That person may not deserve your attention or a second chance. Mars retrograde leads to examining aggression. In some cases the retrograde can make things even worse. Trust your gut. Taking things slow is not the strength of a fire sign, generally, but while Mars is retro, be willing to take a snail's pace. The Moon opposed Venus overnight, which may lead to generosity and open hearts. On the other hand, this could point out differences in how you feel versus how a larger group feels. Is your heart in what you're doing or involved in? It's an important consideration. Both Venus and Leo relate to the heart. The Moon also aligns with Mars retrograde. Today, there's a call to action that may be overdue. Again, though, take it slow and avoid anything rash or too fast. A huge theme and a way to guide yourself is to see and feel how female, male and collective energies combine. Void Moon from 3:18 am through most of the east coast's morning. The Moon moves to Pisces at 11:34 am EDT and forms a trine with Mercury in Scorpio for healthy and meaningful communication. Today's color is Light Blue.

Tuesday: Saturn stations direct at 1:11 am EDT. There's still quite a bit of slow down, and reason to move thoughtfully, but some delays may come off hold in a week or so. Saturn will dance back through a few degrees of Capricorn and by the end of the year, back into Aquarius. We have some very interesting and uncommon things coming up, my friends. Saturn is part of the equation, and Saturn relates to authority, wisdom, maturing, lessons, and structures. Mars retro squares Saturn at 5:50 pm EDT. It could be harsh. Avoid jumping into anything. Stay out of harm's way, especially if you know someone could cause harm or deplete you. Enormous or overwhelming challenge will arise for some. The less one can accept and go with slowing down, moving cautiously and waiting things out, the more frustrating and potentially volcanic, this will be. Mars squared Saturn under different circumstances on August 24th and will do so again on January 13th with both planets direct. I daresay we're more likely to be able to act on solutions then. The Moon is in Pisces today and will be Full on Thursday in Aries. Emotions are likely to heighten and peak. Pisces Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn may soothe our spirits tonight. Ground in the here and now. Above all, avoid getting ahead of yourself, overthinking or letting anxiety take over. Here, now, breathing, quieting. Today's color is Green. 

Wednesday: Full Moon's rising. It's exact on Thursday at 5:05 pm EDT in Aries, sign of rebirth. Impulsive and compelling desires and wants are something to be highly aware of and question. If you are pushed or coerced, decline. Opportunities come and go. It's not time to jump into anything you might regret or that could cause harm. Pisces Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn between 7:50 am and 1:30 pm EDT. Pluto's retrograde ends in a few days. Changes in structures and authority are likely and upcoming. This process is muddy, slow, and serious. Capricorn relates to organizations like governments, construction, business and regulations. The earth is implicated. The earth itself. Be mindful of how what we do impacts the environment. In all my years of writing astrology (21!), I have never seen the planets speak more clearly and reflect what's happening in the world more obviously. Void Moon 1:30 to 10:47 pm EDT. Find some time to go outside and enjoy or take extra rest. These are not reliable or productive leaning hours. Keep empathy and boundaries in balance. Today's color is Gold.

Thursday: October 1st. Aries Moon is Full at 5:05 pm EDT, and it is the first of two Full Moons this month. The second is known as a Blue Moon, a term that has more than one connotation. Whatever is rising inside you, or externally, it comes up with a vengeance to be very aware of and careful about. The Mars/Saturn square is still active. It can bring up resentment, anger, negativity, rebellion, and destruction that this Full Moon may also fuel. It's fine to be outraged, but how you act on it can worsen matters. It's normal to feel anger or frustration. Remind yourself that patience is your friend. Healthy outlets for expression and blowing off steam are necessities during this Full Moon. Aries is war, Libra is peace and that's where the Sun is. The juxtaposition and pulls of both are at high points today and this week. Call upon the peaceful warrior and the meaning of that to help you through this week. Bursts of fiery energy may come. Make sure what you do with that is very intentional and will accomplish what you really want. Otherwise, other side channels are a more appropriate release or action. Be mindful and careful of your head, eyes, and anxiety levels. Today's color is White.

Friday: October 2nd. Aries Moon squares Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and meets Mars just before midnight. Full Moon themes and events play out. Watch. Observe. Resist impulsiveness. If you're in a position of authority and must make decisions, call upon your guides for intuition and right action. Right action is a good term for all of us to follow. Squares are challenges that require effort and balance. Look for consensus. Consult your wisest colleagues or advisors. I believe today will require patience, effort, and the highest form of good judgement. We are in the midst of re-creation, and the world didn't get to this place overnight. What can you do to help make things better, more positive, more constructive. Also, what can you not to to aggravate a situation or condition? Tonight, anything could be a little or a lot over the top. Keep matters cool and calm. Escape to a quiet place. It's a better night to stay in and though adventure or excitement may call, you have the option to decline. Venus moves to Virgo at 4:48 pm EDT. Venus is earthy, constructive and also a bit critical of partners and those we love when in Virgo. Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Breathe. The Moon starts waning. There's a bit of relief as the Moon enters Taurus at 11:12 am EDT. First, overnight, the Moon squared Saturn before leaving Capricorn. This square is a continuation of the whole week's aspects. It's a struggle and a lot of work, it may involve demands, and also may show us what's right whether we like it or not. This feels to me like medicine you don't want to take. Rules, regulations, restructure, who's in authority and balance of power are some themes. Taurus Moon in harmony with Venus feels good though. It's comfy, warm, physical, fun, and loving. Take in all the pleasures of the senses. Give yourself time and opportunity to enjoy nature and life. Wear Brown.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Autumnal Equinox: Astrology for September 20th-26th, 2020

 This is the last full week of Saturn retrograde in Capricorn, a dense time of sorting out responsibilities and re-imagining organizations and what constitutes and who is worthy of authority.  It's been months since Saturn was direct and we're about to see the longer term effects and we re-emerge after this regression of the planet of mastery back in it's own sign. Saturn effects can be felt or sensed as time and aging as well.

The Sun changes signs on the Autumnal Equinox, Tuesday the 22nd at 9:31 am EDT. Libra's month is here! 

Last week's New Moon brought a channeled message from Porcupine which is for the two weeks from New to Full Moon. Read it here. 

Peace and Harmony to you during Libra season. It's also a time of logic, sense and strong judgment. (Let's hope!)


Sunday: Scorpio Moon with 4 vastly different aspect to planets Uranus, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. Some effects and influences are turmoil through change, especially emotional disruption, spiritual growth and awareness, and creative power. People may be stubborn about compromise and passionate with their desires and wants. Wear Indigo Blue.

Monday: Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. We are challenged to examine our views and our knowledge and do what's fair, with all of that in mind. What is repressed will want to be expressed. The Moon and Pluto are in harmony for a felt sense of what is deep and true. Mysteries may be solved and secrets may be revealed or extracted. Saturn and the Sun also align with the Scorpio Moon. There's a sense of seriousness and intention accompanying all of this. Assume that others mean what they say and that following through will be expected. Void Moon 2:13 pm for over an hour and then the Moon moves to Sagittarius at 3:32 pm EDT with no other aspects today. Sagittarius Moon may help open to ideas and opportunities and is a good for to study topics you're really interested in. Wear Red.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Venus in Leo, making adventure and exploration pleasurable, especially when enjoyed with a friend. It's a good day for teaching and learning actively. It's also the Equinox, a balance of dark and light, as the Sun moves to Libra at 9:31 am EDT. Practice balance and objectivity. Today's color is Purple. 

Wednesday: Sun in Libra, first full day of fall season, combines with Sagittarius Moon until 7:16 pm EDT. The Moon squares Neptune at 12:20 am and Mercury squares Saturn at 6:38 am EDT. Consider what is really plausible and possible. Also, try not to be discouraged if something is blocked or delayed at the moment. The Moon and Mercury may help open up solutions or talks as the day goes on. The Moon also aligns with Mars for action, however with Mars retrograde try to minimize force or high risk along with actions you take. Restrain impulses and think things through. Share philosophies and see if it's useful to take the personal part out of the equation. Void Moon 1:31 pm to 7:16 pm EDT. The Moon enters Capricorn then and squares the Sun at 9:55 pm EDT. This may point out a real issue or problem that needs objective and fair response. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus in the afternoon. This is a monthly occurrence though now Uranus is retrograde until January of 2021. The retrograde began on August 15th. Uranus generally relates to revolution and innovation. While retrograde, those Uranus things are even more 'in the works' and shape the future. Notice your feelings regarding radical and unprecedented shifts that seem to be taking place. Capricorn relates organizations, corporations, governments and construction among other things and the shifts may be taking place in any of the aforementioned. Think structural change. If you have uprooted, for example moved or are in a transitional place with housing, this time period may be clarifying where and how you take root again. Some changes will be temporary and settle in next year, as early as this winter. 

Meanwhile Mercury and Mars are opposite and debates could easily lead to arguments. Verbal aggression is another result. If communication issues have been problematic, see if you can find where the problem is in order to address it. Today's color is Black.

Friday: Capricorn Moon all day with many aspects including conjunctions with the 3 planets in Capricorn. This looks like a full day with a mix of effort and opportunity. It may not all be pleasant, yet ultimately today could produce something you need such as a job or a constructive attitude or project. Tonight the Moon and Mars square could be conflicted and unnecessary conflict may be avoided. If you can put in effort and be reasonable, a healthy debate and sharing of opinion could help work something out. It's tenuous though, so engage with awareness and end a discussion that turns sour. Tread lightly today. Use your resources to get important things done, such as repairs. Today's color is Brown. 

Saturday: Void Moon from 11:36 pm EDT on Friday until 2:08 am Saturday. Aquarius Moon follows for the rest of the weekend. The Moon and Sun in harmony make this is collaborative and social day. We may act on interesting ideas and work together on common goals, even from afar. At night, the Moon squares Uranus, which is Aquarius's ruling planet. One theme relates to how we can accept major change and new technology or plans. Today's color is Turquoise.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Mars Retrograde, New Moon in Virgo September 13th-19th, 2020

Some of you have asked for more about Mars retrograde. Each time Mars is retro, like all planets, it can fall in a different sign with a variety of aspects throughout the retrograde weeks. This time around, Mars' retrograde is in Aries, home sign for the planet of action, aggression and also sexuality. Mars' energy may feel familiar as passionate desire, as strong motivation, as muscular engagement, and also as fight or flight instinct. Mars is related to the adrenal glands, muscles, and physicality. The sign Aries governs the physical head. When Mars is retrograde, health issues and symptoms of the head may be more prevalent. Take precautions against head injury. 

Anger and other powerful emotions are the area we may feel or observe most during this Mars retrograde. The shadow side of Mars is volatile temper, acting out of frustration, uncontrollable impatience, and violent course of action. With Mars in Aries, any of these can arise with extra strength. It is always our responsibility to curb impulses that could lead to harm. 

During Mars retrograde, delays add to impatience yet one of the lessons is to slow down. This is not a favorable time to start a sexual relationship. Wait on major business decisions. Be careful as you engage in physical activities...extra careful. Wear all the safety gear when playing sports, rock climbing, or anything else you do that involves risk, speed, or physical contact. Mars is retrograde until November 13th, in Aries for the entire period. 

May you, I, and all beings be safe, and may my actions and thoughts somehow contribute to that during this time. (Metta Meditation)


Sunday: The Moon finishes time in Cancer with an opposition to Saturn, still retrograde. Notice how family and home related responsibilities must be redefined and/or fulfilled. Restructure at home, have a family meeting about serious topics such as masks and school safety. Cancer Moon then squares Mars retrograde at 8:05 am EDT and there may be rebellion or rebuttal about any of the above or other hot topics. If the day starts in conflict or something that feels traumatic, know that the Leo Moon arrives at 11:32 am EDT and may be helpful especially as there are no difficult aspects to Leo Moon today. The Moon approaches Venus tonight making way for love, harmony, romance and also fun! Today's color is Purple.

Monday: Leo Moon meets Venus overnight for friendship and generosity. Most of today's aspects are friendly and favorable, including Mercury in Libra aligned with the Moon for good feelings between people and a great day to meet someone you like! If you're attracted physically however, pause and be patient as Mars is retrograde. Take your time getting to know a love interest this fall before jumping into anything sexual. That brings us to the element of surprise. Surprises in romantic relationships are often not a positive experience. You can find out later that someone you thought you loved or cared for is mentally unstable, is hiding something important, or is abusive, for examples. Uranus square to the Moon may create more stubbornness and unyielding than surprises today. However, Uranus is always a wild card so some will deal with the unforeseen which is likely to stall a project or plan. The Sun aligns with Pluto retrograde, in the earth signs, and this may help us face facts and make sensible decisions. Today feels significant for getting something moving and feeling more direction or optimism. Wear Orange.

Tuesday: Leo Moon aligns with Mars in Aries, retrograde as you know, at 11:09 am EDT and is then void of course. This could be alot of fun if you're in the right mood. Just don't let things go overboard, for example let your covid19 guard down and risk others or yourself getting sick. Outdoor adventures, games without physical contact, and performing musically or theatrically are some good examples of action that feels good and can be low risk. Dive into a creative project as an alternate, solo activity, as Leo is the sign of creative expression. Venus squares Uranus today, in fixed signs, so finding agreement may be a chore. Keep the hours simple from 11:09 am EDT through 2:37 pm when the Moon moves to Virgo and we become more study, learning and decision oriented. Today's color is dark Blue.

Wednesday: Virgo and earth sign vibes rise on this day before New Moon. It's a time to reflect, reconsider, and prepare to act. There's energy surrounding reconciliation, revisiting, and deciding how to go forward with business or other plans for growth and abundance. Connect with your true feelings and instincts. The Moon aligns with Jupiter and Uranus, and opposes Neptune tonight. Try not to be taken off course by distractions or half truths (or lies!). Check all information for accuracy before acting on or sharing it. Today's color is Black.

Thursday: New Moon in Virgo at 7:00 am EDT! Starting the day with New Moon may be convenient as this is a favorable time to take action or make announcements regarding your plans and hopes. The Moon aligns with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn overnight, assisting with deep understanding or realizations that may seem overdue or previously unclear. I feel like this week's activity may have a great deal to do with how business decide to go forward for the remainder of the year, or take another route instead. Saturn is the New Moon's supporting player, still retrograde, counseling wisdom and accountability for all actions and decisions. There's gravity during this New Moon, yet also a sense of 'how to' and putting pieces or systems together. Some may change systems to make them more safe or secure, in some way to work better especially for health, wellness, community service, and business, all related to the sign Virgo. There's more! Mercury squares Jupiter which may be experienced as the conversations and meetings about how or whether to expand, learn or teach, travel or offer training. There will be debate. Listen and weigh things out. Void Moon 7:42 am to 2:56 pm EDT. The Moon then enters Libra, for balance. And the Virgo Sun aligns with Saturn continuing many of the Virgo effects previously noted and taking them to the next levels-expression or action. All is meant to be practical, sensible and health conscious during this New Moon. Wear White for fresh starts. 

Friday: Libra Moon blends harmonious and more challenging aspects for today and tonight. Venus in Leo and planet Mercury support the Moon. This assists with friendship, love, collaborations, fun, meeting and connecting with others, and acting with fairness. Jupiter is square to the Moon, and tomorrow Libra Moon squares the other planets visiting Capricorn. This adds to decisions and debates about organizations, systems, government, law enforcement, legal matters, and generally the ways things can work, or not. I see today as favoring personal interactions and raising concerns or challenges related to broader networks and organizations. Today's color is Lavender.

Saturday: Libra Moon with very challenging aspects today. One is an opposition to Mars retrograde. This may be experienced as the polarities of war and peace, meditation versus aggression, fairness versus unhealthy control. Be very aware of surroundings, where your loved ones are, and volatile situations. I would not recommend today for protests, even ones that are intended to be peaceful. Lay low, be safe, take it easy on yourself and do not provoke others. Void Moon 10:29 am to 2:33 pm EDT. Scorpio Moon follows and could either be brooding and down or quietly focused on projects or the one(s) you love. There's a high intensity in today's astrological outlook. Take good care. Wear Black.

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Black Lives Matter


Friday, September 4, 2020

Mars Retrograde, Jupiter Direct Ahead: September 6th-12th Astrology

If the retrogrades intrigue you, notice how they layer in and out as summer melts into autumn later this month. We're in an especially notable retrograde time as Mars joins 'the others' in retrograde status this Wednesday while Jupiter's retrograde in Capricorn ends Saturday. Mars retrograde in Aries highlights anger, frustration and unresolved issues such as use of force or violence. We'll be going back to feel and learn to manage such things. With a serious square to Saturn in Capricorn, power abuse and misuse and struggles over control are coming up big time and delays, major delays, are inevitable as well as wise. 

At September's end, Saturn moves direct, followed by Pluto, both in Capricorn. Saturn and Mars square is exact on the same day Saturn moves direct, September 29th.

Mercury retrograde begins October 13th and will be felt for a week or so in advance. Time significant announcements, technical purchases or upgrades, and legal agreements such as signing binding documents outside of that time. However, it's not easy to pinpoint excellent days for astrological timing during summer and early fall of 2020. So follow your instincts and use your wits. 

Hope you've been well!


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Sunday: We start the week with Moon and Mars meeting in Aries at 12:45 am EDT. It's quite a fiery conjunction and can activate frustration and anger. Alternately, this could be motivating. Mars will retrace this degree during the retrograde, so if something really gets to you today, notice what that is. Be very cautious in any situation that could be violent or aggressive. Staying out of harm's way is the best plan. Void Moon begins with that meeting, and at 4:43 am the Moon enters Taurus. Venus moves into Leo. The Moon and Venus square which may be experienced as conflicts of personalities, opinions, and relationship decisions. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Taurus Moon meets up with Uranus. Taurus isn't a sign that loves surprises, yet Uranus lives in this sign for many years now. Uranus instigates the unexpected. The good news comes in the form of Moon in harmony with the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune. This can make for more optimism and also help with energy for projects such as building, cooking or creating. Enjoy nature and any comforts that are simple and available. Gardening is favored. Wear Blue.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon goes on to align with retrograde planets in Capricorn, Pluto and Saturn, and is then void of course until 5:28 pm EDT. This either helps us sail through the day easily, or if something very important is on the line, the void Moon could interfere by creating an atmosphere of forgetfulness or lack of care. Gemini Moon aligns with Venus this evening for social moods and agreeable exchanges of ideas and conversation. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon aligns with Mercury by morning, encouraging brainstorming, planning and discussions. Hopefully, the Venus effect with carry into the day, making things agreeable and friendly. Venus is in Leo, sign of performances. Enjoy some comedy, music or self expression through the arts. Team up with a friend or collaborator. The Sun in Virgo aligns with Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn for problem solving, at least temporarily. Put structures in place and see how they work. Mars retrograde begins at 8:22 pm EDT. Expect delays now into October. Prepare to be patient. Today's color is Gold. 

Thursday: Gemini Moon is very active in the zodiac today. One major caution relates to being unrealistic and/or having expectations that aren't reasonable. Something that sounded like a great idea may fizzle or show it's flaws. Disappointment is one effect. Use this day to continue to sort out the best plans or ideas. It's not a great day for major decisions. The Moon squares the Sun and Neptune. This points out stuck points and what or whom is unreliable. Wear Yellow.

Friday: The Moon aligns harmoniously with Mars retrograde, yet could activate arguments or debates. Adventurous thoughts and ideas come up and some will act spontaneously, good idea or not. Watch out for impulsiveness. Take advantage of a burst of mental energy for studies or writing, if it comes. Void Moon overnight melts into Cancer Moon time from 4:33 am EDT on. There's likely a desire to mellow out. The Sun and Neptune are opposite for creativity and intuition. Otherwise, this is more a time for family and personal priorities. Fairness may come up as an issue to be sorted out clearly and equitably. Do something that satisfies your quiet side. Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon opposite Jupiter,  and in harmony with Neptune and the Sun. Continue to be realistic with plans and decisions. The Sun and Neptune are on their third day of emphasis. Sun in Virgo leans toward health, service to others, problem solving and grounding in routines and tasks. Neptune in Pisces is romantic, idealistic, imaginative, spiritual and may veil what's real. Notice any ways they seem to apply to you and to family and home. Create a sacred or magical space in your house or garden. Meditate. Try not to count on things that may not come through. We are retracing SO much this year. The ability to hang in, wait, find your best routines, not act impulsively, and stay steady are huge assets during this time. Jupiter is direct in Capricorn as of 8:41 pm EDT. November 12th is our next of three Jupiter/Pluto meetings, and they aim to transform our experience. Today's color is White.