Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 29th to August 4th, 2013

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Monday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn

The Moon is in Taurus, opposite Saturn and reaching 4th quarter at 1:43 pm ET. The last quarter of the lunar cycle is for letting go, clearing the way, preparing and rethinking.  As we get ready for a New Moon next week, unhindered by Mercury or Saturn retrograde this time around,  lay the groundwork for fresh starts. Take the time and have the patience to do things well.  Taurus Moon doesn't like to hurry or act impulsively.  It's a good day to set goals, get back on the wagon, and focus your strength toward what you want to achieve.  Work with the hands, and try methods that you may be in the learning process with.  The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Virgo for a grounded, meticulous, and cautious approach.  It's a good night for a date as Venus and the Moon favor romance. Mars weighs in from Cancer and you might broach the topic of how to get along better with a family member, especially if you're a Taurus or Aries.  Patience is a good plan for today, with yourself as well as with work and other people.  Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Venus trine Pluto

Venus and Pluto align in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Venus is the relationship planet, and Pluto is in a sign of ambition and organization.  In love,  you might look for very practical approaches to relationship and decisions you need to make together.  There could be a glance at the past to see how you can learn as you move forward, without dwelling on things that didn't go perfectly.  Venus can be a perfectionist and so are these two signs, so try to lighten the expectations a bit and let things unfold naturally. An organic approach to relationship and partnership can lead to a breakthrough without having to push too hard today.  Important talks will take place.  The Moon is in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, and will be void of course from 11:59 am ET until after 11 am tomorrow.  Mercury is active with the Moon, leading to those discussions and other business, best timed for morning hours.  Solve a problem or make a decision that was elusive or unsolvable earlier in July.  Tonight is for relaxing and enjoying the good, simple things in life.  Wear pink.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon, Mars squares Uranus

Today is full of heat and hot air.  The Gemini Moon initiates this with a flurry of activity and change, especially in mood, at 11:42 am ET.  Mars is square to Uranus and that's where the unpredictable nature of communication and action really stems from.  Be careful with people who have short fuses today.  Things will take us off guard and could become confrontational.  Try to think originally.  Realizing that some things must change, see if it's possible to work with a situation you'd rather not be involved in, or leave that type of situation once and for all.  Pushing will not get us far today.  Step back. Exaggeration and deception is in the air too.  Trust cautiously.  The best part of today is the chance and need to think out of the box.  Big talkers may go too far today. Tonight, stay in the safety zone.  Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Sun are in harmony in Gemini and Leo, automatically activating the expressive and the extroverts.  Find a way to connect with people today, in writing or by phone, on the internet and in person.  It's a people's person's day and a good one for meeting a new friend, supporter, collaborator or date!  The Moon squares Venus in Virgo and in relationships we may be picky about another's habits or details of what needs to be accomplished together.  Try to relax a bit and not be finicky or critical.  It's just the square at work pointing out how we see things differently, especially the air and earth signs. Tonight is good for surprises, socializing and togetherness.  Wear red.

Friday: Venus sextile Mars

What's a sextile? It's when planets align harmoniously two signs apart at the same degree! Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer help out relationships today. The male and female energies of the zodiac organize in two domestic signs, helping smooth things out between couples or even family members in the same household.  Making decisions together might be easier.  It's a good day for a practical talk or work together, and romance might blossom or feel renewed too! The Moon is in Gemini is very social and outgoing. Business sense and work is favored for Gemini and home life is favored too.  Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Taurus love lives and couples are favored today. It's a good night to get out and mingle. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Moon is in Cancer working well with Neptune and Saturn, giving energy again to the grand trine in the water signs this summer. Creative process, finding ways to do business with flair, and organizing inspiration to build something tangible is favored this weekend.  The Moon also meets Jupiter for open mindedness, travel especially if it's somewhere you call home or have family, and sentimental, happy times.  Jupiter is good for learning and opportunity too, and Gemini and Sagittarius can work on prosperity while Taurus and Scorpio zero in on educational plans and exploring new topics as well as any marketing or travel plans.  This is a good day for family get togethers. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Mars

The Moon and Mars meet and this can trigger family issues. It's a good chance to try and work things out though. Stop avoiding something and broach it gently with a no blame attitude.  Venus is along for the ride from Virgo helping to smooth things out, continuing the action of Venus and Mars on Friday. Resolve and forgive this weekend.  The Sun and Uranus combine for explosive energy which hopefully remains positive! Sun in Leo is optimistic and passionate and Uranus instigates originality and new things from Aries.  The New Moon on Tuesday is good for launches and changes and the reason to make them may come by surprise today.  Wear purple.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 22nd to 28th, 2013

I'm a Leo, so it's appropriate that my Aquarius Full Moon news would be about relationship. This is mostly for my radio listeners in Maine, New Hampshire and streaming. Things are changing. The story is here: Two Week Notice

Robin's Zodiac Zone will be part of my new website soon and forecasts will continue! Happy Full Moon! I'm really excited and happy! With Mercury no longer retrograde, it's time for the news!


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Monday: Full Moon in Aquarius, Jupiter conjunct Mars in Cancer, Venus to Virgo

Mercury retrograde is over and Aquarius is a forward thinking sign. Integrate the best parts or learning from the past for positive, healthy decisions that come with this Full Moon. Aquarius is logical and sees clearly. Be observant and know that information should be more clear and the missing pieces fall into place more readily, finally!  The Full Moon brings reason to act on things that have been impending and were blocked, delayed or mired in confusion.  Take sensible steps and with Aquarius at work, an original and unique approach or outlook is likely and could be helpful. See something in a new way.  The Sun moves to Leo, Venus moves to Virgo, and Mars meets Jupiter in Cancer on a very active day astrologically. Mars and Jupiter are about action and opportunity.  Emotional blocks or issues are worth working on.  You may finally find a way to grow and expand something that was not quite ready for change and growth before now.  News will peak. Leo and Libra, this is a relationship full Moon for you with something becoming clear and coming to fruition.  Cancer, Mars and Jupiter favor an assertive, positive stance on personal and business matters both. You have every reason to move forward optimistically as long as you're actively engaged in the process (versus letting it happen to you).  Gemini and Sagittarius, that's true for you in employment and money matters.  Aquarius this is a personal Full Moon with plenty on your mind for consideration and action.  Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Void of Course Moon in Aquarius

The Moon starts a long void time in Aquarius at 10:01 am, a time of highly interesting and original thinking or information. The Full Moon news continues today, yet the void of course Moon can impact our judgment so act and decide logically and with some caution after 10:01. It's a great day for friendship, community, collaborating and brainstorming alternatives.  Be solution oriented. Mix creativity and logic. Don't discount that wild idea. Sit with it for a while and see if it's viable in the next few days or even weeks.  Venus in Virgo helps if you're just back from vacation and need to get organized and look sharp. It helps at home too with practical things that need some extra flair and that extra touch of beauty and care.  Shop for clothes or other things you need personally now that Mercury is direct. Save the bigger expenses for a day when the Moon is not void of course. Enjoy being with people and expand your circle today.  Wear blue.

Wednesday: Moon in Pisces, Venus opposes the Moon. Moon conjunct Neptune

The Pisces Moon sails in at 2:22 pm ET and meets Neptune, inspiring for imagination and art.  This is a great day to create things with color and shape or to take a project in film or music to a new level. Work on your craft today.  It's also a water sign day where we like to relax and be where the water and breezes are.  Aries is a sign that values solo time and personal priorities while Pisces and Virgo may be feeling like collaboration is the key.  Venus opposite the Moon in adaptable signs brings up relationship decisions and discussions and it's good for compromise and  flexibility.  We can attend to most anything today, though it's not the most focused business day where money is concerned.  Do the back work today and market when the Moon moves to Aries later in the week.  Keep relationship a priority since emotions will be easily influenced.  It's a good day to ask or grant a favor, to find support and to have a heart to heart talk.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon is in harmony with planets in Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio.  Things can fall together very easily. If there's a down side, it's that we can fall off the wagon with things we'd set our mind to. Work extra hard to keep a healthy new habit or beat an addictive tendency.  Don't make excuses to yourself.  Be giving but keep good boundaries where they're benefiting you.  Be nice without being a pushover.  Cancer, you may feel called to new interests and to travels as well as decision you had on hold.  Leo, be attentive with finances and property you own, especially those you share with a partner, and Libra, work at career changes you want to make.  All of these things can be very positive and abundance and opportunity may be easier to come by.  Be with people you care about and trust today and tonight if you're socializing. The Moon is void from 2:43 pm ET until the 5 o'clock hour tomorrow evening. Today's color is green.

Friday: Aries Moon

The day is meant to be easygoing and not overdone.  Keep schedule and activities simple and make adjustments as needed during the void of course Moon.  Mix socializing with business, be creative, and explore without having to commit to one course of action.  It's also a good day for vacation time. Venus opposes Neptune and works with Saturn and relationships are multidimensional in obvious ways.  Deepen your connection by being truthful and make a breakthrough. Neptune can be a deceiver so make sure you've got the right idea of the relationship you're in or the intentions in one that is forming. The Aries Moon moves in at 5:26 pm ET for an active, potentially fun but eventful night and weekend. Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Aries Moon, Mars opposite Pluto

Today is like a big instigator. In some cases, this may cause challenge and difficulty as Mars gets confrontational across from Pluto. Pluto is the undercurrent and Mars brings those hidden and tucked away influences right out in the open in Cancer, an emotional sign.  Our deepest fears about security, our families, and our own feelings can be triggered.  If you're bringing up a sensitive topic, know that many people will not feel up for it today or this weekend.  Possibly wait until things mellow.  The Moon squares Mars, Jupiter and Mercury and we have to watch our words and beware of rash decisions and actions.  Put energy into physical activity or a good game.  Lighten the mood.  The Sun squares Saturn too, in Leo and Scorpio, and our stubborn natures come out.  Today may be a tightrope of a walk.  The night features void of course Moon from 10:19 pm on. Be careful and keep your head up. Wear black.

Sunday: Void of course Moon in Aries

The Moon is void all day so put off a big decision. Try to play and be active and get out of your head if you have worries.  Venus and Jupiter align in Virgo and Cancer, which mellows things compared to yesterday. It's a great day to plan social things and just enjoy. It's also suited to working on routine business especially if it's your own work and it's you that will profit.  Domestic things and house parties are favored.  Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 15th to 21st, 2013

Monday: Libra Moon opposite Uranus in Aries

There's nothing quite like a Uranus opposition to catch you off guard.  We experience this monthly so the pattern may seem familiar especially to the cardinal signs, Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer.  This can range from upsetting or disruptive to exciting and wild.  Mercury retrograde until Saturday interacts with the Libra Moon also and comes in the form of old business. Seek justice in imbalanced situations.  Agreements might be best made temporarily with final decisions to come next week. Clarity is very important and may be elusive today.  The Moon and Sun are square tonight and there's a pull between very personal vs impartial judgments and feelings.  However it can be a very good date night or pleasurable evening thanks to Venus in Leo if you're not involved with the cardinal sign matters involving imbalance, injustice or seeking peace.  Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 10:24 am and meets Saturn, now direct. There's an intentional, no nonsense attitude about making breakthroughs and resolving certain business matters. Some may involve the elderly, finances or health.  Take words and advisement seriously.  The Moon harmonizes with Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in other water signs and we can't ignore feelings but may need to put structures in place for dealing with emotional situations.  Delve deep into creative projects and shut out distractions. The Scorpio Moon is very focused.  Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Jupiter trine Saturn and Neptune, Uranus retrograde

The energy is concentrated in water signs today.  The Moon is in Scorpio and Jupiter aligns with both Saturn and Neptune involving all water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  This is great for harnessing creative energy and making things happen. Saturn provides the structure to purely artistic and spiritual Neptune and the wisdom and potential for abundance, good health and growth that Jupiter favors.  Planting, fishing and engaging in other activities that yield a harvest are examples of time well spent. Libra and Gemini  may use the water sign trines to make work or investments more prosperous or worthwhile.  Be conservative with money decisions and spending.  The water signs can use these aspects for personal development. Aquarius and Leo have good career and home aspects for structuring changes. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:54 am to 1:12 pm in Scorpio and then moves to Sagittarius. Today keep expectations realistic as Neptune and the Sagittarius Moon form a square. The Moon and Sun are in harmony early which tends to help moods and confidence.  Give attention to relationships and partners.  Strong feelings are in the forecast, ranging from passion to possible envy. Avoid slighting someone you care about as the Sagittarius Moon can draw attention away from what matters most to other distractions and possibilities.  Mercury is still retrograde until the end of the week so it's important to make sure you're communicating the message you intend.  Today's color is purple.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon, Saturn trine Neptune

The water sign trines continue as Saturn and Neptune are in harmony in Scorpio/Pisces. These two activate deep emotions. There's a spiritual aspect to the day as well and intuition should be very strong. Allow those gut instincts to do their work and avoid trying to logically talk yourself out of what your intuition knows.  It's a good day to be well advised, realistic while remaining creative, and romantic but not with rose colored glasses.  Combine structure with feelings and challenge yourself to be more emotionally healthy or set better boundaries.  The Sagittarius Moon is about personal freedom and exploring philosophies of life and culture.  Have an open mind. It's the final full day of Mercury retrograde so allow yourself time and do not allow anyone to put undue pressure on.  Today's color is turquoise.

Saturday: Mercury direct,  Mars trine Neptune and Saturn

With so many forces at work simultaneously, today may feel a bit confusing.  Keep the effect Mild by planning minimally and going with the water sign flow.  When Mercury moves direct at 2:22 pm, space begins to open for what will move forward soon. Mild disruption or a sense of imbalance as well as a different point of view accompany this shift today. Take your time.  Mars instigates the creativity and imagination of Neptune and that may appear in the form of dream, vision, spiritual experience or even romance.  Saturn and Mars get together for disciplining some of this visionary energy. You might feel that strong urge to get a move on with things, but planning is better than diving in today. Don't let the surge pass by, instead write down ideas or record them another way. Go back in a few days and see what makes sense to follow up on. The zodiac is full of different influences and pulls. The Moon moves Sagittarius to Capricorn and one minute is full of adventure and another a conservative or emotional pull to tradition.  Expect mixed feelings and ideas and let them all live happily side by side with no compelling need to act on anything, just an urge to explore and see what happens.  The Moon is getting close to Full. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon will be full tomorrow evening. Mercury is now direct and it may be easy to see things coming to fruition, full circle, and about to change in significant ways.  The retrograde was in sentimental Cancer, and there Mercury stays for days ahead and we reconcile the past with future action and vision. Consider how to bring memories, experiences and relationships from the past forward with you in healthy, positive ways. Today consider what you've learned and what's worth keeping as you move into another phase of summer.  The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and the shadow side of things is usually evident and at play.  The Moon also squares Uranus and opposes Mercury and it could feel too eventful or pressured.  Keep communication simple and to the point and break news gently and compassionately if it could trigger old wounds.  The Moon is just about Full and Mars is conjunct Jupiter and there's much to sort out, reconcile, and process. This Full Moon pushes for growth and breakthroughs.  With that comes a certain amount of "birth trauma". What brand new world are you opening your eyes to? Let them open slowly or at their own pace.  Today's color is black.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 8th to 14th, 2013

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 Monday: New Moon in Cancer, Saturn Direct

 It's a significant day of summer as Saturn stations direct in Scorpio at 1:12 am ET. This can free some blocked and stubborn energy in Scorpio. Compulsions can be easier to break and patterns change more readily. Be clear about what's holding things up or with someone who tries to have power or a hold over you. Saturn rules Capricorn, maturity, ambition, authority, the elderly and karma. We finally learn lessons that have been staring us in the ace or that we didn't want to believe. Scorpio rules sexuality and aspects of medicine like surgeries. Any of these matters can reach turning points more easily now. The New Moon in Cancer at 3:14 am meets Mercury retrograde. The past surfaces. A chance to resolve something, even temporarily, comes. Letting go of the past in favor of a new, more emotionally healthy, direction is a good way to use this New Moon energy. Astrologically this is like Mother's Day too, and connecting with the mother figures in our lives is well timed. Ask questions and clarify to avoid any Mercury retrograde misunderstandings today. See friends, especially the ones you have to travel to or make time for infrequently. Enjoy a trip down memory lane in some way, but keep it positive and friendly. Release a grudge or emotional habit. Define personal priorities. Put a stop to someone else's obsessive or begrudging behavior with a newly defined boundary. Try going down a new road, even in a familiar place. All of this goes especially for Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio. The Moon is void of course from 7:44 am on. White is today's color.

 Tuesday: Leo Moon

 The Moon moves into Leo at 6:48 am. If yesterday wasn't very productive or felt sluggish, today should provide contrast and a new chance to make things happen. The Leo Moon is optimistic yet also in problem solving mode, square to Saturn in Scorpio. We're more likely to go at tough, long term problems with tenacity and a get it done attitude. The Cancer Sun meets Mercury for another strong retrograde influence, mainly in the form of getting back in touch with people we care about. A visit to someone or some place you used to know or go is in harmony with this conjunction today. Connecting over the past is likely. The key is to make that about good feelings and time, not grudges or negativity. Today's color is purple.

 Wednesday: Leo Moon

 Today leans a bit toward the dramatic side and events while the Moon and Uranus align can be surprising and wild. The Leo Moon loves a good show and tends to be generous and expressive, while Uranus in Aries means never a dull moment. Some news will involve relationship status, especially in Leo, Aquarius, and Aries worlds. Getting back together happens during retrogrades sometimes. Who's with who now may be a big topic today. Couples find reason to celebrate if in love as the Moon meets Venus. Celebrations, surprises, and adventures are in the forecast today. Keep in mind some of this can put off those not in celebratory mode or those who need time to adjust to change. Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Moon is in Leo, sign of children, teaching and performing, until 6:12 pm.  The Leo Moon is good for most any kind of business today and is in harmony with Mars for taking action. We're propelled by Monday's New Moon yet Mercury is still retrograde so try things out, regroup after the 20th to determine more permanent plans. Some of what we undertake now we'll change our minds or tactics on later.  It's a good day to go over material and refresh your memory.  The Virgo Moon moves in for evening and is also good for memorizing, rehearsing, and going over more detailed information.  Tonight improve your work or workout ethic.  Today's color is brown.

Friday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is aligned with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto for work ethic and moves surrounding growth, expansion, prosperity, and organization.  Mercury is retrograde so be meticulous with information and details whole continuing to forge ahead carefully with plans now.  Take slow steps and have someone edit or double check work.  With Saturn now direct, see progress coming where none was to be seen last week.  This is good news for people trying to sell houses or businesses or make progress with health care, things related to elderly relatives, and investments among other things.  Be organized and clear with your communications and make sure you're understood.  Neptune could fog our better judgement from Pisces yet gives us the motivation to stop and relax too. Tonight can be romantic and fun for simple pleasures.  Today's color is indigo.

Saturday: Virgo Moon, Mars in Cancer

Mars is a fish out of water in Cancer from today until August 27th.  This increases tendencies to be passive aggressive, moody and confront in emotional outbursts when emotions overflow.  On the positive side, Mars will be in harmony with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune this month and that can aid in taking action creatively and help break through stuck points.  If you're happily sitting on the fence, not moving on things, and you're a Cancer or Cancer rising, Mars will aggravate things to the point where you must make a move.  Mercury is retrograde in Cancer too, for another week, so be satisfied with steady, measured progress or planning rather than taking immediate action unti after the 20th.  The Moon in Virgo is void of course from 11:26 am to 3:41 am ET tomorrow.  Do chores, simple routine work or have a leisurely day.  It's best not to attempt difficult tasks or problem solving since it may just take longer than usual. Information and directions have missing pieces today.  The Moon works with Mercury retrograde and the Sun so our social interactions and attitudes are likely to be good as long as there's not too much pressure in what you're doing.  Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon moves in and squares Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Today we look for some kind of harmony amidst recurring issues.  Try to see another perspective on a problem.  Collaborate and be willing to listen and try someone else's way with the option of going back to your own if you want to.  Family, home, partnership, and old issues are what's surfacing.  Balance might seem hard to achieve and today is about setting the stage for that with conversations and mediations that could lead in the right direction over time.  Mercury is retrograde so seek temporary solutions and revisit them in a week or two to see if revisions are needed.  Today's color is lavender.