Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Astrology February 29th to March 6th, 2016

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Mary is doing the registration. See if there's space by emailing her at or through facebook.

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Monday: Venus sextile Saturn

Manage relationships with a balance of care and clarity as Venus and Saturn align. It may be easier to lean to the boundaries, restrictions or rules you're creating/abiding by in love and partnership, so make sure there's enough compassion and softness as well. Aquarius and Sagittarius by nature are not all that connected to emotion or may find it difficult to express. This detachment is a double edged sword. To make a breakthrough, the ability to be no nonsense and free of enabling behavior is helpful. However, if you're overly blunt, critical or lacking empathy, the same sword could be destructive. Communicate and act with sensitivity, even if you're freeing yourself of a role or restriction you no longer want.  The Moon squares Mercury, also in Aquarius, at 2:30 am and we make awake with things to say or write.  The Moon meets Mars in Scorpio, sometimes agitating and often activating. Get focused for the hours ahead, void of course from 2:55 pm to 6:56 pm where you can do routine work while avoiding a final word or meeting you want to be remembered.  At 6:56 pm the Moon shifts to Sagittarius, free thinking yet sometimes lacking in feeling.  Tuesday is also characterized by tension between individual wants and needs versus helping, nurturing and staying connected.  Today's color is purple.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

Moon squares Neptune and the Sun, both in Pisces.  There's tendency to run or escape, and you may notice no shows or difficulty connecting or finding agreement.  All of this occurs in the mutable signs, so things can also shift quickly in any direction. Look for some yield in yourself or others.  Also don't be so yielding that you lose sight of or deny your true instincts and feelings. Be intuitive. Work through a creative block.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Venus sextile Uranus

Sagittarius Moon has many influences including a monthly meeting with Saturn. Monday's relationship themes, as in trying to find balance with freedom and commitment, come into play and could intensify.  Venus sextile Uranus in Aries has a quick and unexpected quality that may lead to original and alternative solutions or to unexpected changes in the area of love and partnership especially.  A change of relationship status will be news in some families and social circles, and it could well be the change you didn't see coming. Ideas and inspiration bursts forth on days like this.  Keep Monday and Tuesday forecasts in mind throughout your day and dealings.  At 9:55 pm ET, the Moon is void of course until 5:01 am. Void Moon time is good for relaxation, though it's also a time where time, things, or communications get lost.  Double check late night things, for example the locks on your doors, your alarm set or whether a message actually was received. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon time starts at 5:01 am ET. The lunar cycle is waning toward a Pisces New Moon on Tuesday, with a solar eclipse attached. What can you get rid of, cleanse, prepare or establish in order to enter a new cycle more easily.  Do physical work, managerial tasks and responsibilities, and if you are a leader, act in that capacity.  Moon and Neptune align for creative approaches to practical matters and tasks.  Practice your craft.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Moon conjunct Pluto

The Moon meets Pluto, squares Uranus and aligns in harmony with Jupiter in Virgo and the Pisces Sun.  It's a bit of everything. Ground in reality, be sensible, and welcome unfinished business for resolution. That unfinished business might even be with yourself. Can you face a situation with grace and a productive, healthy state of mind as Pluto encourages transformation? Uranus and the Moon do not see eye to eye today, and superiors experience this with employees or clients as do managers of different departments may clash or disagree on priorities.  Black is today's color.

Saturday: Mercury to Pisces, Mars to Sagittarius, Mercury square Mars

Capricorn Moon is only briefly void of course from 11:05 am to 11:22 am ET, then the Moon enters Aquarius.  Mars and Mercury both changes signs on this pivotal day. Mercury is creative and more malleable in Pisces. It may be easier to bring empathy and understanding to communications and interactions.  Mars is more upfront in Sagittarius, leading to bold moves between now and mid April (Mars will retrograde on April 17th and move back into Scorpio on May 27th). Mercury squares Mars at 12:43 am ET before either change signs.  This creates tension and affects communication, and since both are in fixed signs at the time, there's a stubborn, unyielding nature to the square.  If that happens for you, it may also point to something that will remain unresolved for a while and potentially be revisited in late spring, early summer.  If it seems like a stalemate has been reached, today it could be best to "let it be" for now.  Once Aquarius Moon arrives at 11:22 am ET, community affairs, group projects and other collaborations are favored.  Join with others for an event or gathering of some kind.  Refresh your energy by changing your surroundings, outlook, and by envisioning your ideals realized.  Be quiet enough to feel the shifts in the air as we approach a solar eclipse of beginnings and endings, both.  Make way for the new.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

Two shifts yesterday begin to settle in as a solar eclipse of emotion and healing approaches. Powerful energy leads to decisions and news, but much more will shift in the days ahead.  Make some peace with uncertainty if possible and do healthy, comforting things to burn excess worry, anxiety or physical energy.  Under these circumstances, I personally like to clean and organize.  Know what your best outlet is.  The Sun and Pluto speak of transformation through physical and emotional healing and also facing inner thoughts and unresolved experiences that live on in the body and mind. Creative change is possible. Believe that your actions have impact. The Sun also squares Saturn earlier and you may have to resist perceived or imposed limitations to get you where you want to be.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekly Astrology February 22nd to 28th, 2016

Monday: Full Moon in Virgo

At 6:24 am ET, Moon moves to Virgo and is full at 1:20 pm. Moon and Sun opposition creates Full Moon always, and the Sun is in Pisces.  Precursors and foreshadows of next month's eclipses are in the air, but this looks like a gentle Full Moon overall. There are no other significant planetary aspects, though Neptune is also opposite the Moon at 12:32 am on Tuesday. Virgo is one of the mutable signs, as is Pisces. These signs are characterized by change. Consider methods, feelings, and routines and how a change might benefit you or those around you.  The Moon lights up those places where a shift could be beneficial. This may come in the form of an offer, a health issue, or a relationship crossroads.  Blend heart and head, emotion and logic during this Full Moon. How can you release, purify, and as always, complete something during this Moon time? Today's color is white.

Pisces: relationship
Aries: routine, work and health
Taurus: children and enjoying life
Gemini: family and household
Cancer: communication and travel
Leo: money
Virgo: awakening, roles
Libra: envisioning, plans, health
Scorpio: friendships, networking
Sagittarius: career, roles
Capricorn: life experiences, long distance influences
Aquarius: finances, intuition

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

The monthly meeting of Jupiter and the Moon in Virgo occurs as Neptune, Saturn and Pluto also weigh in.  Growth and abundance are themes. Count your blessings and invite more into your life.
It's natural to contemplate and review your philosophy of life and how you're living it now.  Other people's expectations may be taken into consideration or prompt some deep thinking and soul searching.  Doing is favored over thinking or just conversing though. Make or build, clean and organize.  The state of your environment often speaks to the state of your mind and life. Look around and act accordingly. Create some new energy for yourself as you finish a cycle or get some closure. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Moon sextile Mars

The Moon is in Virgo until 5:41 pm and void of course from 9:22 am until then. During Virgo Moon, tie up loose ends, get physical exercise or work done, and make peace with residual emotions from Full Moon time. Void Moon hours aren't best for significant spending or decisions, but for routine tasks, today is fine. If you're doing financial work or writing, edit tonight or tomorrow since  mistakes and lack of clear thinking are more likely today.  The Moon and Mars align and perfectionistic tendencies come up and could even hold you back.  Brainstorm, give yourself some flexibility, and refine or perfect on another day.  Libra Moon is social this evening.  Today's color is lavender.

Thursday: Mercury sextile Saturn

In contrast to yesterday, this is a decision making day. Libra Moon in harmony with Venus encourages fairness and balance as well as objective perspective.  Mercury and Saturn align in Aquarius/ Sagittarius for forward thinking, vision, and the big picture.  Take a significant step. Today's color is turquoise.

Friday: Void of course Moon

A long void of course Moon in Libra starts at 6:18 am ET. The Moon is contacted by 4 planets with contrasting influences before that time. Mixed feelings and uncertainty could dominate the day, but that's okay since it's not prime time to sign off on or act quickly on something.  Mercury aligns with Uranus at 6:02 pm and this can create feelings of urgency and quick need to respond. Yet if it's not an emergency, sleep on it instead.  Be careful of arguments that could erupt without warning.  The Moon is void of course all night until 6:26 am. It's a good time to keep your wits about you and be smart as well as cautious.  Today's color is maroon.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon comes at 6:26 am and does not aspect other planets today. Take care of personal business. Be loyal in relationships. Avoid secrets that could harm you or someone else.  If you feel like keeping to yourself today, do that. However, it's not meant to be a stressful day. You could decide on something that wasn't quite ready to be acted on yesterday. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so do it like you mean it.  There's little tolerance for wishy washy maybes. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Sun conjunct Neptune

This is a water sign Sunday with Scorpio Moon and Sun/Neptune in Pisces ruling the day. Today is full of harmonious aspects.  There's an ease and flow present.  Scorpio Moon balances any tendency to be too easygoing, as in being a pushover. Keep your boundaries while enjoying just the right amount of social interaction.  Avoid anything gossipy or underhanded.  Be creative! Today's color is blue.

Robin's Zodiac Yoga, RoZoYo®, is at Scarborough Yoga on April 30th. More info on this 3 year anniversary workshop & registration at this link. Thanks for checking it out! Robin

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Weekly Astrology February 15th to 21st, 2016

RoZoYo® celebrates 3 years with the original Robin's Zodiac Yoga with Gallery Style Readings, for all signs, on April 30th, 2016 at Scarborough Yoga. Sign up here. I'd love to see you there! Robin

Monday: 2nd Quarter Moon in Taurus to Gemini Moon

Midway between New and Full, the Moon moves to Gemini at 9:35 am ET (void of course 5:54 to 9:35 am ET).  The Moon aligns with Venus as she touches the final degrees of Capricorn. A sensible, shared decision gives happiness or satisfaction today. Consider what creates security and strength in relationship as you move forward.  Gemini Moon trine to Mercury, just hours later, leads to brainstorming ideas, a way with words, and productive writing or study time.  It's also a good day for fun and socializing. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon, Venus to Aquarius

Venus skips into Aquarius, following Mercury's sign change on Saturday and last week's New Moon in the water bearer's sign. Aquarius is an air sign (that water bearer is somewhat misleading), an intellectual, and the sign of invention and friendship. The Moon is in Gemini, also in the air element. Neptune, planet of fantasy, and Saturn, planet of realism, have opposing effects on the Moon. Confusion or inability to decide or act effectively could be the result. It feels like the sort of day where you can't please everyone, or more than one party.  Saturn provokes a sense of obligation while Neptune urges escape.  Uranus chimes in from Aries and some will act impulsively and spur of the moment. Jupiter squares the Moon reminding us of the healthiest courses of action. But there's tension. Today is full of mixed influences. Think before you speak and act. What feels good in the moment may not seem like the best idea tomorrow. Venus moves to Aquarius for objective perspective on relationship, socializing in groups, and joining others with a shared cause.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Gemini to Cancer Moon

Gemini Moon is void of course from 11:37 am to 2:24 pm. Avoid a tempting impulse buy and wait until a bit later if you're signing off or making promises. Sun and Moon align optimistically. Cancer Moon arrives at 2:24 pm. Be loving and caring. Recognize who and what is dearest to you. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, is across from Pluto in Capricorn and square to Uranus in Aries. This complex variety of aspects influences us individually. Some themes include escapism vs. facing reality and impulse to create. It's a good day to channel energy into art. Have a quiet, heartfelt conversation. Avoid anything harsh.  Recognize your own sensitivities and how you respond. Business should be conservative and sure.  Today's color is black.

Friday: Sun to Pisces, Cancer to Leo Moon

Pisces birthdays begin at 12:34 am ET, as the Sun changes signs. This is the final phase of winter. Cancer Moon sextile Jupiter in Virgo is harmonious around home and family matters and health. Plant seeds of things you hope to grow and encourage. Take care of your land, plants, children, pets and bank account. Mars aligns with the Moon accenting all water sign traits. That includes nurture but also emotional defensiveness or manipulation. Keep it on the positive side as much as possible. Consider whether a grudge is still worth holding onto. We may be very aware of our own triggers today. Try to bring out the best in each other and self.  Void of course Moon starts at 9:36 am until Leo Moon at 9:17 pm ET.  Full Moon warmup begins, for Monday's Virgo Moon. Tonight is a party and games night. Wear purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is opposite both Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. The day is ruled by relationships and how we interact with each other. In both one on one relationships and in groups, willingness to compromise or see the other point of view helps foster harmony.  Leo and Aquarius, long term relationship is the focus of the weekend.  Figure out how to move plans forward.  Significant conversations and decisions will be made.  It's also meant to be a fun, social day.  Some will take sides and create divisiveness. Perhaps that can be avoided by knowing in advance.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is in harmony with Uranus and Saturn and square to Mars. These three planets all instigate in their own ways. So close to Full Moon, Monday at 1:20 pm, this creates sensitivity or boldness. Criticism is unlikely to be taken well. Games will be competitive and serious. Actions have long term effects, and it's not a good time to cross someone, be untrue or raise sensitive issues. Strong focus is an asset today. Show loyalty. Today's color is gold.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone February 8th to 14th, 2016

Monday: Aquarius New Moon

This New Moon always signals Chinese New Year, and this week Tuesday marks Fat Tuesday and Wednesday, Lent begins in the Christian tradition. New Moon in Aquarius is at 9:39 am ET and the Moon moves void of course as Moon and Sun meet. Mars, Saturn, and Uranus contact the Moon prior. Mars forms a square from Scorpio, which is challenging and requires much effort to budge a situation or opinion. Getting the final word or a piece of necessary information could be quite a process. Be persistent, but not to the point of frustration. Know whether it's worth your energy or better to step back for a day.  The Moon is void of course until 3:31 am ET, Tuesday.  This makes a nice day off or at least minimize your schedule. Do some planning, try not to force things into place before their time.  Socialize and gather for a team effort. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune

Moon is in Pisces from 3:31 am to Thursday 4:55 am. Show empathy and understanding today. Being creative and adaptable may be easier today.  Neptune and the Moon emphasize all Pisces traits including intuition and sensitivity.  Easy does it. Do something you enjoy. Be a good listener. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon, Venus trine Jupiter

The heavens are full of activity today. Pisces Moon engages with several planets including Venus and Jupiter. Those two are in sweet harmony, in Virgo and Capricorn. The Moon also forms a trine with Mercury in Capricorn. Relationships benefit. It's a good day to reach a solid agreement you can abide by. There's a blend of feeling and doing that can be described as following the heart or acting from the heart.  Venus and Jupiter are in versatile and practical earth signs.  Back up your words and emotions with positive action.  Be in harmony, be in love. Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus may feel special connection to and emphasis on what happens today. Void of course Moon begins at 11:25 pm ET.  Today's color is green.

Thursday: Aries Moon

At 4:55 am ET, the Moon shifts to fiery Aries.  In this New Moon week, this is a great day to take initiative and get something in motion. There are no planetary aspects.  Get a fresh start, drum up your confidence and drive.  Take advantage of enthusiasm and energy to build, to work on relationships, and to clear the air and your space.  Even more complex situations are up for progress today. Wear red.

Friday: Aries Moon

Aries Moon is busy with many connections today. Recurring patterns surface. The Moon and Venus square and Moon and Mercury square hours later, on Saturday morning. This indicates things to be worked through and likely involves partnership, communication, and balance of power. If you're negotiating, be thoughtful and clear. Overly dominant moves will create resistance.  Where one prefers the traditional and the other something more innovative, take time to understand. Avoid being impulsive or pushy.  Orange is today's color.

Saturday: Mercury to Aquarius

Mercury spends final hours in Capricorn, squares the Aries Moon, and cruises to Aquarius at 5:43 pm ET. Mercury moves on and will leave many with a sense of accomplishment through organization and strong efforts.  Mars and Jupiter align for intense focus and action around health, service to others, growth of business, and other hands on projects.  It's a good time to train, build, and offer your talents to benefit the greater good.  From 5:32 am to 6:36 pm the Moon is void of course. Taurus Moon brings a stable feeling, increases persistence, and makes us appreciate the comforts we have. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Valentine's Day, Taurus Moon

Taurus is the sensualist of the zodiac, and Valentine's Day falls on Taurus Moon this year.  Whether loving or healing, today the power of touch is accentuated.  Moon aligns with Pluto and Jupiter for all sorts of release, transformation and expansion. Apply that to self, relationships, business or other priorities.  The Moon does oppose Mars in Scorpio bringing out stubborn nature in some cases. Do not fight or argue today. No one will win. Avoid anger. Expect passion in all it's forms. Today's color is pink.