Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Astrology December 3rd to 9th, 2012

Monday: Leo Moon

The Moon is in Leo with a spontaneous aspect as the Moon aligns with Uranus, Jupiter and the Sun. This can make us feel more willing to be in the moment, join in or help out. Creating some fun even around work is a good thing to do during Leo Moon time.  The Moon and Uranus set the stage for adventures while the Moon and Jupiter favor travel, learning and writing and make it a good day to have a conversation about opportunities.  If you have a decision to make the Sun helps with confidence and assurance.  Saturn is in Scorpio squaring the Leo Moon and Leo may have serious things to deal with at home. Use a conscious, responsible attitude with money and work if you're a Libra or an Aries. Saturn squares can be quite challenging and this one in fixed signs mean agreement may be hard to reach.  The Leo Moon tonight is good for study or socializing. Love and relationship may be  most challenging, especially for Scorpio and Taurus. Wear orange today.

Tuesday: Leo Moon squares Mercury

The Moon in Leo is square to both Venus and Mercury. Mercury retrograde ended just over a week ago and we are in the degrees that planet traveled then. Doing some final clean up or finally coming to a conclusion or solution is in today's forecast. This is likely to relate to things that came up a couple of weeks ago or back in October. There are processes and things like mediations to work through and the results may not come easily. Yet when we get "there" it's all likely to stick and have a long term effect since this is in fixed signs, Leo and Scorpio. Don't give up today. Be willing to work it through. Leo Moon time is also a good time to do things with and for children and revisit play and creativity.  Plan a fun project including performing, music, or art today and tonight.  The Moon is void of course from 5:08 pm EST until morning. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune

The Moon moves into Virgo at 6:51 am and opposes Neptune an hour later exactly.  The Moon and Neptune in mutable signs means it helps to just be in the flow. Meanwhile don't forget anything important on your agenda since we can space out a bit more than usual. Be sensitive with others and possibly a bit protective with your self. For example, keep private issues private. Keep your secrets safe and avoid gossip or questionable stories.  Saturn and Pluto weigh in with the Moon reminding us to prioritize and organize our thoughts. Keep things simple and communication clear and true. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

It's a good day to see how you can help out or step in and improve a situation. The Virgo Moon often inspires us to serve in practical ways.  If you're a Scorpio perhaps you help out a friend, if you're a Cancer, someone at home or in your family could use your instinctive help or advice.  Pisces, your significant other may need you to pitch in with some of his/her responsibilities today.  The Moon works with Mars and Venus and is good for energy level and personal interactions.  The Moon and Sun square and we'll consider how to follow through and help out while not losing our sense of fun or compromising our ideals.  If you're a Sagittarius, balancing your own wishes with career repsonsibility is part of this square.  Tonight, Venus adds to romance, good communication and feelings whether you're going out on a date or spending time with friends or family at home. Wear pink.

Friday: Virgo to Libra Moon

The Moon moves from Virgo to Libra at 1:35 pm and is void before then beginning at 5:35 am. Get in a workout or some fresh air then. For business those are not the most productive hours unless you're just cleaning up and catching up. The morning has an easygoing vibe as long as you're not trying to overdo it. Mercury is in a good spot for catching up with close friends or doing simple tasks.  The Libra Moon opposite Uranus this afternoon is a time to strive for balance and not go too far in any one direction. Staying neutral in disputes may be the best course of action since Uranus can heat things up.  Unconventional ideas or solutions could get the go ahead today. We might be surprised at what's agreed upon.  Tonight the Libra Moon is social and dressing up a notch might be fun. Wear light blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon squares two planets in Capricorn. Organize your mind, clear clutter and retreat from any kind of struggle over control. There's too much positivity from the Moon and Jupiter to dwell in things that feel like struggle. Jupiter in Gemini opens us to travel, friendship, good times with siblings and family, and business opportunities too! Aim for strong personal or work connections, new experiences, and prosperity. Shopping for clothing, getting hair trimmed, colored or otherwise in shape, and attending to the skin (our largest organ and first impression to the world!) are favored today. Also aim for good impressions on first meetings. Tonight is a nice night out for a date or time with a best friend. The Moon is void from 7:37 pm EST after a beautiful, confidence building sextile to the Sagittarius Sun. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon is void of course until 6:59 pm EST. Today is not designed for shopping so save holiday shopping for another time. It's a good day to relax, create, enjoy music and catch up on things. The Moon and Neptune align later in the day for strong creative drive and also immersion in music, movies or art. Take some time to yourself. Let your brain escape from everyday realities, and if that's hard to do right now take time for meditation, yoga, church, or whatever feeds your soul and spirit. Scorpio Moon time means a meeting with Saturn soon and so today you may need to recharge and mentally prepare for tomorrow's events.  Today's color is maroon.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Astrology November 26th to December 2nd, 2012

Lunar Eclipse Wednesday and lots of Venus activity impacting love and partnership situations this week! A reading may help you navigate! It's also a great and often inexpensive gift for a friend. Email me and we'll set up the tarot or astrology read that fits you best. Readings with photos included for tarot available. Birthday readings come as mp3s! $25 and up.

Monday: Mercury retrograde ends, Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

I first posted this day's forecast for yesterday! That is a very Mercury retrograde type error! Mercury stations direct  at 5:48 pm. (after what may have seemed like the longest retrograde ever with all this Scorpio action!) You can wait until tomorrow to make that decisions or begin that new venture, right? The Sun trine to Uranus in fire signs Sagittarius and Aries puts us in impetuous moods where we don't want to wait at all! New developments will be obvious. The feeling of something about to happen also prevails today. The Moon opposite Mercury on this day day means stubborn negotiations, doubtful compromise, and a confusing day for communication. Venus meets Saturn in Scorpio and we set the limits in relationship matters. You may have to be firm with someone you care a great deal about, for your own good and for theirs as well. Use discipline instead of being ruled entirely by emotion. This is a chance to change unhealthy patterns and get things under control.  Scorpio will feel a sense of responsibility and be deeply and personally affected by Venus and Saturn. There could be many mixed and extreme feelings that go along with that. Taurus will feel this in long term relationships and may have to be the one to put the brakes on.  Outside relationship life, Aquarius can harness this energy to make a very important and fortunate career move.  Leo, set boundaries clearly at home and improve relationships or the atmosphere there.  Pisces you have major life decisions and possibilities to consider as we approach the end of Mercury retrograde tomorrow and Wednesday's eclipse. The Moon is void of course from 7:57 pm for about 24 hours. We're ripe for a lunar eclipse Wednesday. Take your sweet time with everything. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Mars conjunct Pluto

The Moon is void of course in Taurus on this day before Full Moon in Gemini.  Keep decisions and promises to a minimum.  Mercury is no longer retrograde but we'll be into eclipse action again and the changes are happening more rapidly with no more need to wait after today. Move as slowly as you like. Find excuses to delay things if that feels best. Be absolutely certain before acting in important things today. Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn which is dynamic and full of realism, can expose secrets or flaws, and gives us little choice but to admit what has to be done, like it or not.  This is, from my point of view, a very powerful conjunction and you might feel like you can intimidate or force your own will. Use your power carefully and with respect, particularly Capricorn, Cancer in partnership, and Scorpio with words and business dealings.  Aries, this is a huge meeting in your career sector. Use integrity. All of those suggestions are partly so things don't backfire!  Major shifts are occurring this season and this week. Recognize how much even positive change is coming with stress and anxiety and act accordingly, gently or at least without ill will.  The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:58 pm and squares Neptune and tonight we could be easily fooled or deceived by things that look different or better on the surface. Be careful where trust in concerned. Today's color is gray.

Wednesday: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Gemini

The lunar eclipse in Gemini is exact at 9:46 am. It's an eclipse of movement, communication, and learning, and getting clarity around those types of things happens more quickly now that Mercury in Scorpio is direct.  Eclipses bring things into the forefront for rapi change.  Gemini is a changeable, mutable sign of the air element. Our minds are urged, if not forces, to open with this Full Moon. What we didn't want to look at or have the courage or wits to act on now demands attention.  Sagittarius will know this in relationship and partnerships. Gemini experiences this on a very personal level.  Pisces and Libra may suddenly have reason to change residence or even move further away.  Things that have been building hit saturation level now or in the two to four weeks ahead. Sooner rather than later will become our mantra.  Aquarius can have a sudden change in love life and/or luck that should be positive with Jupiter near this Full Moon. Regardless of how difficult eclipse news may be at first, Jupiter is in a good position for the most beneficial outcomes.  Venus has been active this week and today forms a sextile to Pluto, affecting Scorpio and Capricorn and Taurus, perhaps most, and relationship questions may be answered. Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio emphasize affairs, secrets, agendas, and undercurrents in relationship however now they can be out in the light for resolution with a realistic, intuitive approach.  What you've known all along may become obvious today or very soon, finally. Wear white.

Thursday: Venus sextile Mars

Venus continues her work, focused quite a bit on love and relationship, with Mars also at work today. The female and male, yin and yang, reconciling opposites, in Scorpio and Capricorn (again!).  Seeing things from different yet compatible perspectives helps us be solution oriented today.  Cancer and Taurus across the zodiac from this action feels it in partnerships and long term relationships that have been in question.  At best, this increases emotional connection and romance. But considering all the aspects of this fall season, major problems are up for solving and figuring out whether to stick with or move on from r change relationships is a bigger deal than the goings on with happy, newly dating couples.  Mars is at work for progress. Venus in Scorpio can hang on lovingly or desperately. Finding some way of working this out is one idea today.  The Gemini eclipse means Gemini and Sagittarius as well as some Leos will be dealing with relationship eventfulness too. If you're unattached and this doesn't seem to apply to your world, the Gemini Moon today is a good time to weigh out options, pros and cons, study or write, apply for school or travel, and form productive business plans.  Wear gold.

Friday: Cancer Moon

The Moon was void of course since Wednesday evening after the eclipse and Mercury stationing direct earlier in the week. Expect there to be plenty of confusion to clear up now and plans put into action.  There are no more eclipse until spring. We'll be adjusting to the two in November for a good deal of time now and ahead.  The Cancer Moon that moves in at 8:55 am EST is intuitive, emotional, and concerned with security. This time the Moon aligns with Neptune and Saturn for very diverse influences. If you're finding your creative muse again or live as an artist, musician or craftsperson, the Neptune influence may drive your work and feel like a creative high.  One effect of Saturn in Scorpio with Cancer Moon is high motivation to settle unfinished business and move on.  You have to put effort in though, to get past these water sign tendencies to live in feelings and in the past.  This concentration in water signs increases intuition, dreams and metaphysical experiences for any sign of the zodiac.  Tune in.  It would be a great day to get a psychic reading or other spiritual guidance.  The Moon is also square to Uranus in Aries and we won't appreciate additional surprises that throw us off course.  If you're practicing being less reactive, your patience might be challenged if you're an Aries in regard to family and home matters and if you're a Capricorn with your significant other and family or household changes too.  Tonight really depends on what life is like for you now. It could be very romantic or full of close emotional talk and connection if you're a Pisces for example. Or it could be overly emotional and charged with anxiety from things you didn't expect now.  Either way, we're living in the world of feelings tonight. Wear blue.

Saturday: Moon opposite Pluto and Mars

The Cancer Moon opposes perceptive Pluto and warrior Mars.  This leads us to confront either other people who seem to be passive or keeping secrets or even parts of ourselves we're not too happy with.  Things we've bee quiet about or waiting on suddenly demand action.  Cancer Moon and Capricorn planets mean cardinal sign energy which instigates and indicates a pivotal time.  Turning points are likely today.  The Moon harmonizes with Venus & Mercury in Scorpio making tonight a very good date night with excellent potential for strong connection, romance and passion.  Conversation should come easily and could very well include unusual, spiritual and emotional content.  Today, like many other days this week, could be described as intense and powerful.  Today's color is red.

Sunday:  Void of Course Moon, Sun opposite Jupiter

The Moon is void of course after a trine with Mercury at 1:55 am EST until 8:57 pm.  The Sun in Sagittarius is opposite Jupiter in Gemini today, emphasizing big ideas, life philosophies, travel and moving beyond perceived limitations.  On a day like this we may waste time or it could look that way. In reality, we might not do much that can be measured yet we're settling into ways of thinking that change our values and even way of life.  If you don't know quite what to do with yourself today, pick up an interesting book on a topic you'd like to explore, meditate or spend time in nature and just let energy settle in.  The Sun opposite Jupiter can illuminate extremes and make exaggeration more likely or more obvious. Considering the extremes around you, decide what you yourself think and believe and act accordingly.  Align yourself with the side you strongly believe in or find a comfortable place in the middle. It's also a good day to just relax! The Moon moves to Leo tonight at 8:57 pm EST, and the night bubble with a certain excitement and the arrival of or anticipation of new news.  Today's color is purple.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Astrology November 19th through November 25th, 2012

We're in the midst of a two eclipse month and significant shifts on earth and in the universe on 12-12 & 12-21. This is the last week of Mercury retrograde for a while. I would call this an "in between times" week.

If you need a reading to guide you through all these changes, email me and we'll set up the tarot or astrology read that fits you best. Readings with photos included for tarot available. Birthday readings come as mp3s! $25 and up.

Monday: Aquarius Moon

If you need to do planning, the Aquarius Moon helps. We can step away from current issues and get a fairly clear look at dates and possibilities today, and Jupiter is encouraging us to improve and broaden our perspectives. Put on a different hat or set of glasses for a few minutes or hours today and aim to do things differently.  Mercury is still retro, now in Scorpio again, so leave flexibility in the future. Make a plan but don't latch on to every detail or outcome.  Group meetings and work are favored as are gatherings of friends.  Tonight, the Moon and Mercury form an unyielding square and moods and attitudes are gruff and rough around the edges if change is an issue that can't be avoided.  Give each other space tonight and don't push the agenda.  Wear purple.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Neptune

The Aquarius Moon starts the day in a progressive way. In harmony with Venus on her last day in Libra, the two inspire balance, a reasonable attitude, and logical thinking.  This helps us communicate and like minds will work in an inspired way this morning.  Stick with the non negotiables as the Moon squares the Sun, while presenting your perspective in a sensible, fair, respectful (not arrogant)way. Aquarius presents well for the job or role. Scorpio should use reason with family and household members and prioritize what needs to be done there today. The Moon is void from 9:31 to 11:55 am and then meets Neptune in Pisces. This is spiritual, colorful, creative and intuitive. The conjunction can also inspire escape from reality. Try not to completely lose touch unless you can afford the time or the benefit outweights the consequences. The Moon works with Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio giving us plenty of reason to keep it real including obligations we've made, work to be done, and opportunities for business and improvements.  Capricorn, Pisces, and Scorpio, this is a day to keep up with messages and ever changing circumstances.  Tonight, follow through with people and situations you care about. There's a bit of a lost feeling to be overcome by getting things done.  Cleaning the house can help if you're not sure what to do with yourself. A movie is good if you have zero on the agenda.  Wear light blue.

Wednesday: Sun in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio

It's a day of transition this season as the Sun & Venus both move on to new signs. Sagittarius birthdays begin at 4:50 pm EST. The Sun in Sagittarius is good for reexamining our philosophies of life and for travel and active, new experiences. Venus in Scorpio is very passionate yet quite possessive and latched on to the past as far as love goes. With Mercury still retrograde in that same sign, many will be revisiting relationships even if only subconsciously or in dreams. Some will dive right back into one that wasn't so healthy. Tread carefully with commitment now.  Cancer will find this time strong for attraction and Taurus will be in the midst of long term commitment questions, answers and related decisions and negotiations in the waters of relationship.  Today the Moon is in Pisces and we'll flip flop on things easily and may be hard to pin down. If you're indecisive, stay that way rather than giving in too easily.  Tonight is very social and reconnection is in the air! Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Thanksgiving (USA) Void of Course Moon

The good news is, on a day when some reunions are tense, we can more easily let go of problems and feelings during the void of course Moon. If you don't like how something is going, throw in a distraction, maybe one you planned ahead for! Get into games, show photos, take the dog for a walk to break it up. Make no promises today, but say maybe frequently. The Moon is void in Pisces so we'll feel out feelings though we have the help of Venus and Neptune for forgiveness and general ease. Neptune is such an influence, squaring the Sun and aligning with Venus, that we might be spacey or less than reliable, but we'll overlook things readily too. The Aries Moon moves in for fun at 8:12 pm. Don't go overboard though. There's a dangerous Mars/Uranus square tonight so avoid confrontationand anything too risky. Wear red.

Friday: Aries Moon

The Moon is in Aries, and the outlook is both active and challenging.  Uranus meets the Moon and squares Mars and anxiety tends to prevail.  This can lead us to be too rushed, overwhelmed, taken by complete surprise, or confronted in an uwelcome way. Try to take your time, hold your tongue or at least control your anger or other emotions, and realize that other people are stressed out or in a hurry too. For games, today may be overly competitive. Play everything safe! This Aries Moon can also result in power struggles or just plain emotional confusion.  Tonight things look a bit brighter as the Moon works well with Jupiter in Gemini for social plans or learning new material.  Tonight we can be more inventive and open minded.  Today's color is white.

Saturday: Mars sextile Saturn

Mars is working it in Capricorn, today aligning with Saturn for a serious look at the deep, long standing issues. Mars is instigating productive solutions and pushing the envelope for now rather than later. Saturn in Scorpio is psychological and addictive, so breaking patterns in mental or emotional arenas is on the agenda.  Mercury retrograde ends Monday evening so the no excuses time is coming quickly.  Form a plan for getting out of a difficult pattern. Try not to engage in confrontation, but rather to suggest positive steps.  Tuesday we'll be into Full Moon time and out of the retrograde with a lunar eclipse in there too. It's just about go time and today may be the preview. It's also a good day to start on things that can't wait much longer. Or at least form a plan. Wear maroon.


The Moon moves to Taurus at 7:18 am and opposes venus and Saturn in Scorpio, a story that will continue through the end of Mercury retrograde tomorrow. It relates to opposites and extremes, the people and things we feel most strongly about, and things we have trouble letting go of.  This is a tough opposition to work with since it's in fixed signs, and Saturn's challenges are present. There's a very serious air around relationship matters, dealings with the people we love but may be at odds with, Scorpio and Taurus in matters of love and/or commitment, and situations where possessions or possessiveness are the issue.  We do have Mars and Pluto working with the Moon, throwing in practical energy from capricorn that says, "Let's do something about this." It's just that we might want to wait until Tuesday and tough the next two days out for better resolutions after Mercury is direct. Today's color is green.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Astrology November 12th to November 18th, 2012

Mercury Retrograde roll back time! The clocks go back, Mercury appears to and so do the prices of Astrology & Tarot Readings for two weeks. Astrology Mini Sun Sign chart with your Moon and planets by sign and an interpretation for just $50.00. Send birth date and time if you know it. Tarot Card readings also on special for $29! Your reading will be emailed with photos of the cards and layout. Specify the topic or ask for a general reading!


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Monday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

Do what you can to keep your spirits lifted today as the Moon and Saturn meet. This can bring us down or bring up things from the past. Jealousies, grudges, or negative messages we give ourselves. Knowing ahead of time can ward off the darkness of the blues.  The Moon and Neptune form a creative, inspirational angle in Scorpio/Pisces and this is the vibe to go with. Take hard feelings and make music, art, or something else beautiful. Meditate, practice yoga, go to church or wherever you find comfort or beauty. For the practical and clear headed, Scorpio Moon and Pluto in Capricorn provide some serious organizational energy and a reason to plan and carry out steps toward goals. Pace yourself with Mercury retrograde. Tomorrow a new lunar cycle begins for those who want to explore a new path. Connect with an older relative expecially if you're a Scorpio, Virgo or Leo. Wear black.

Tuesday: New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio brings a solar eclipse our way! This accelerates all change and puts things in the forefront that we didn't expect so soon! Solar eclipses are Cancer's and Leo's domain, ruled by the Moon and Sun. Scorpio this eclipse is particularly potent for you and Taurus, this one is about your love and partnership life, such as marriage or another strong alliance.  People come and go from our lives, move away, announce major changes, and go through big life events they didn't know were coming! Cancer could find out she's pregnant, for example.  Leos experience changes regarding home and family. Scorpio may make a big choice about how life will proceed as a result of some unforeseen event. The effects linger for amonth and vibrate again in mid December. This eclipse comes with Mercury retrograde so avoid knee jerk reactions and buy yourself time to decide. Things may go even better as a result of eclipse action though at the beginning it might be an adjustment! Mercury and Neptune can cause plenty of confusion and misinformation today so watch for mistakes and untruths. The Moon and Mercury will meet overnight emphasizing the retrograde qualities already present. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Mercury in Scorpio

The Moon and Mercury pass each other and meet in Scorpio on the way at 5:39 am. Past lovers, old feelings you haven't been able to let go of, and a peak of creativity are in the forecast as a result. YOu may want to act on ideas immediately and that's fine if it involves diving into a project or doing some kind of personal, reflective exercise or work. However if that means drama, lashing out or even reaching out without clear mind and intentions, don't do it! The response might reflect the original feeling behind it and so a grudging remark will lead to another negative exchange.  Mercury moves back into Scorpio and the Moon moves on to Sagittarius. These are not two signs with common understanding. Scorpio hangs on while Sagittarius says forget it.  The upside of their encounter, along with a creative high, could be reconnecting in a strong, emotional reunion with someone important to you. Cancer or Capricorn may experience this today and of course, Scorpio too. If reconciling is what's happening, that is well timed with yesterday's New Moon. But avoid committing to a long term renewal until December or at least November 26th. Aries, an unexpected trip could be sparked today, as could some financial news impacting you. A gift or windfall to travel with would be the ideal! Today's color is maroon.

Thursday: Moon opposes Jupiter

The Sagittarius Moon is opposite Jupiter today as if to say "How much can you open your mind?" This will be the big question we're asking ourselves anad each other. Jupiter in Gemini is intellectual and the Moon in Sagittarius is philosophical.  Both align with out of the ordinary experiences and going for it more than usual.  Break out of stuck ways of thinking today.  On the other hand, going to a great extreme may cause a reaction like a need to scale back. If you're doing something or pushing something to excess or if there's no order in your ways of thinking, the opposition may give you reason to chill out a bit and take it down a notch.  Focusing on education or travel plans will make sense. The Moon aligned with Venus will help us see interpersonal relationships objectively and bring things into better balance.  Venus is in Libra, the sign of beauty and harmony.  Aries you can improve or come to peace with a long term relationship matter under these conditions. Libra you can be more at peace with yourself and family too.  Tonight, the Moon approaches Mars and we want to be active and on the move.  Wear red.

Friday: Mars in Capricorn

Mars meets the Moon in Sagittarius this morning and moves to Capricorn at 9:36 pm EST. The Moon also moves to Capricorn today at 5:35 am EST. The shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn can be from thinking and planning to doing. It takes the energy to a practical, physical level.  Taking on a project that requires building, organization, and a how-to approach is a good idea today.  If you were spinning wheels getting nowhere though you felt the push from Tuesday's eclipse, taking small steps may be easier now.  Venus and Jupiter align too, helping us collaborate and find others we see eye to eye with. Libra, Gemini and Aries get the effect on love relationships while Virgo and Capricorn my get the career and work benefits of this trine.  Capricorn Moon is not time to be dramatic and try to get attention. It is time to get down to the business of things and figure out how to make things work or how to improve.  Wear green today.

Saturday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde

This is a day of possibilities. Mars and Neptune work together leading us to carry out plans and ideas. If you've imagined something and weren't sure how to do it, the conditions are right for a brainstorm today!  This happens in Capricorn and Pisces for a good mix of practical earthy sensibility with artistic ability and intuition.  The Sun meets Mercury retrograde for another of the positive days for reconnection, reunion, and self expression. We'll be more likely to say what's been left unsaid and get some things out in the open.   This happens in Scorpio, a sign that can always use that push to express real feelings and deeper meaning.  The Moon works with Mercury tonight and we're bound to run into people from our pasts. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 7:10 am after an overnight void of course time. The revolutionary aspect of Aquarius Moon in tandem with Uranus in Aries gives today a rebellious and inventive streak. The norm or status quo will not satisfy the Aquarian and Aries mind.  Go for something experimental and with Mercury retro, save permanent decisions for another time. This day is for trying things out or on for size, for hypothesizing and using both intuition and scientific process to see what works.  Wear bright blues.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Astrology November 5th through November 11th, 2012

Mercury Retrograde roll back time! The clocks go back, Mercury appears to and so do the prices of Astrology & Tarot Readings for two weeks. Astrology Mini Sun Sign chart with your Moon and planets by sign and an interpretation for just $50.00. Send birth date and time if you know it. Tarot Card readings also on special for $29! Your reading will be emailed with photos of the cards and layout. Specify the topic or ask for a general reading!


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Monday: Leo Moon

The Moon is still void of course in Cancer as we start the day. With Mercury retrograde so close now, it could be frustrating if you're in the midst of delays or indecision. Yet, it's best not to push too hard this morning. If you move too quickly on something, you're likely to change your mind later or get new, relevant information that shifts your perspective. The Moon moves to Leo at 2:38 pm EST and squares Saturn in Scorpio. We can do some disciplined thinking and work with this aspect. At the same time, criticism given or received may be taken too harshly. Notice how you word things. Saturn gives a strong message about what we're not living up to.  Aquarius could form a binding partnership today. Leo, family and household related matters are to be taken seriously and paid attention to. Taurus, this is similar for you and your significant other will let you know he or she needs more consideration if that's the case.  Tonight, the Moon and Mercury are in harmony in Leo and Sagittarius. The attitude is upbeat, honest, and outgoing.  Make connections for work, study or fun tonight. Today's color is purple.

Tuesday: Leo Moon and Mercury Retrograde begins

Leo is Barack Obama's zodiac sign. He was elected after a series of eclipses that impacted Leo in 2008 near his birthday. (Mitt Romney is a Pisces.) The Leo Moon today engages with Uranus in Aries, Venus in Libra, and Jupiter in Gemini.  Overall, it's a creative, socially outgoing, and adventurous day.  With the air and fire sign energy in action, we'll be keeping up with a fast or strong pace. With Mercury retrograde beginning at 6:04 pm EST it's not the best for long term commitments. If you're making a decision, read the fine print, ask lots of questions, and reserve the right to change your mind if possible.  In the evening the Moon and Sun form a stubborn square. Arrogance or overconfidence can be the result.  These two in very different signs indicate persistence for what we believe in. It will be hard to let go of ideals or people. Control could be an issue tonight. Remember to put energy toward what you can influence rather than frustrate yourself with people or situations that can't be helped or will not yield.  Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Leo Moon trine Mars

The Leo Moon forms a trine with Mars in Sagittarius. The easy going nature of this angle helps things fall together. The fire sign nature of these two signs makes us want to take action, confidently and honestly deal with people and situations even if they're problematic. Mercury is also retrograde in sagittarius not far away so the past may be coming up for a re-do.  The Moon is void of course from 10:27 am EST though the day until 11:35 pm EST. It's good to move slowly and check our facts. Avoid gossip. Expect schedule changes. Making learning a game or competition works with this Leo Moon. The Moon is just about directly opposite Neptune and we can get lost in falsehoods. Use caution with words and with what you believe. The Moon moves to Virgo at 11:35 pm EST. Wear red.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

The theme of caution with trusts and words continues as the Moon squares Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. Honesty or lack of it is a key theme today.  Make decisions thoughtfully. Don't believe everything you hear especially if it involves gossip. Mercury in Sagittarius may have us revisiting an old story today. Make sure it's someplace you really want to go or need to revisit before bothering. Old grudges could come up. Travel is likely to be delayed or otherwise postponed as the Moon in a sign of movement and schedules squares Mercury planet of transportation and communication.  It might truly be hard to accomplish what we set out to do during this Virgo Moon. Take on simple tasks that are unlikely to rely on facts or someone else's word.  Today Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, and Virgo are in line to meet or reconnect with people from the past though this is likely for any sign while Mercury is retrograde until the 26th. The Moon is in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and fixing things, even temporarily, will feel good. Today's color is brown.

Friday: Venus trine Jupiter

Venus in Libra works well with Jupiter in Gemini. This air sign action sparks thoughts and plans for travel to places we've enjoyed before! In this retrograde time of reconnection, we may also make happy contact with people we care about!  It's a positive day to revisit the past in healthy, enjoyable ways.  Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra may get the best of this!  Relationship reconciliation is a possibility, but do so on a temporary basis to see how it works within a month or so. The Moon and Sun are in harmony too and we feel more bright and confident about what we have to do. Adventure and travel will be appealing.  Tonight the Moon is square to Mars and people will tend to be upset if we change plans last minute. Try to work things out ahead of time so you don't disappoint.  The Moon is void from 7:27 pm on. Wear navy blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is opposite Uranus today. This is an off balance aspect that changes the equilibrium and can be felt as relationship imbalance, a curve in the form of unexpected news, or inability to be moderate or calm.  If you're in the mood for excitement, it could be just that.  The Moon is working with Mercury retrograde, calling back the past for another try or a second attempt.  Keep things to a trial basis and leave room to change your mind in late November or December. Agree to try things without commitment if at all.  The Libra Moon also squares Pluto and we'll attempt to make personal progress and review our ways of thinking, but again, things are best left until a few weeks from now if a long term decision is called for. We continue to experience reunions and chance meetings with people we used to know. Wear lavender.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Venus in Libra

This could be one of the truly happy days of the retrograde as the Moon and Venus meet. Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini are 3 signs most likely to appreciate reconnection with family or friends.  Cancer might like a trip back home or to see family.  The Moon also works with Jupiter in Gemini which will feel good and optimistic and may inspire planning, travel and learning opportunities.  If you're shopping, save receipts. We enjoy improving our appearance at Libra Moon time so clothes shopping might be popular today.  Wear pink.