Friday, April 24, 2020

Taurus Conjunctions Continue April 26th-May 2nd, 2020

Taurus, like all signs, has 30 degrees. This week the Sun & Mercury will both cross the 6th degree of Taurus, also the place of Uranus. Uranus, the rebel, the rabble rouser, the wild card planet, in earth sign Taurus, challenges and disrupts our values, possessions, and earthly goals. Apply that to any circumstance during COVID19 and see how these conjunctions are playing out, including April 23rd New Moon/Uranus meeting. The New Moon represented a big shift around abundance, goals, and the symbolic 'pot of gold'. Uranus's 'job' is to shake things up, disturb the usual, encourage innovation. The current shaking of all we know leads to fresh perspectives, ideas, and changes to say the least.

The Sun, Mercury and Uranus highlights degree 6 of Taurus, symbolically represented by A Bridge Built Across A Deep Gorge.  This week will show our bridge as either stable in dissolving our separateness and supporting all, building security through financial and other support systems. Or, the bridge built will be shaky and unstable, encouraging separateness. Taurus is a sign of humanness, the body, the ground we walk, and also the throat, communication, the bridge between the head and heart. More about these two conjunctions in the forecasts ahead.

Gratuities are encouraging when they come. Thank you.

Robin Ivy Payton

Appreciation, Thank You
Sunday: Mercury in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn before moving to Taurus. These two offer news related to power, leadership, and a struggle for truth in reporting and transparency between people and governments as well as other large organizations, employers, and global entities. There may be changes in travel restrictions/freedoms. The Sun meets Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus standing up for and loudly expressing the need for truth, freedom and self expression regarding employment/unemployment, consumerism, financial security, and management of the earth and resources. This could come across as rebellious, persistent, and strong willed also with long term implications. It may require upheaval in order to re-order and re-organize.
Gemini Moon meets Venus, aligns with Mars and squares Neptune. Mars and Venus are helpful to relationships and communication and collaboration while Neptune brings the truths into question. Be aware of dualities and trust your instincts. Yellow is today's color.

Monday: A day of news. Gemini Moon aligns with Mercury to deliver the news, personal or global. There's a sense of movement and tangible change. At 1 pm EDT the Moon moves void of course for 28 minutes. Cancer Moon begins, followed by Mercury's shift into Taurus. Here's where some long term decision making is called for. Cancer Moon forms a sextile with Uranus overnight, this week's planetary force. We're likely to act on what creates family and household security, to make changes in plans, have family meetings, and adopt a new set of 'rules' or protocols. White is today's color.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus. Will this free us from stay at home orders or make it clear that we need to change our routines and plan to be home indefinitely? Time will tell, but this idea is highlighted. The Moon and Sun align and we take care of family and home first. Earth and water are in harmony. Spend some time outside. This is favorable for gardening, planting, fishing, and metaphorically learning to provide for ourselves. Mercury, the newsmaker and news breaker, squares Saturn which speaks of rules, limitations and what's responsible as well as good for us. Silver is our color.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, enhancing creativity, reflection and the water element in any way. Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn oppose the Moon bringing our sense of safety and ability to cope, to re-organize and transform into the spotlight. Moodiness, uncertainty and emotional swings may come with this. At 3:29 EDT until 9:06 pm EST, the Moon is void of course. These uncertain hours can decrease clarity for decisions or important conversations.  Leo Moon begins by opposing Saturn at 12:27 am Thursday, affecting tonight. Serious topics include how to work together for the greater good and personal reasons as well. We are looking at long term decisions and need to have open minds and plenty of patience. Saturn's lessons are slow and methodical, always. Wear Purple.

Thursday: Leo Moon shows her more serious side this month, the part of Leo that perseveres, is resilient and strives to educate, share and make things work. The Moon is opposite Saturn and square to Mercury, Uranus and the Sun in Taurus. Leo is a highly creative and courageous sign, and those traits are called for as we navigate enormous change and learn to do things in very new and unprecedented ways. Mercury meets Uranus and we need ingenious people and ideas in order to build that bridge over the deep gorge. What's called for is the engineering mind, the one who builds the sturdiest, most long lasting bridge, the one who is courageous and willing to risk standing apart and saying this is what needs to be done and this is how we will do it. Will that person or entity guide us or will the gorge be insurmountable and unsafe. This is the edge we come to now. Today's color is Gold.

Friday: Leo, Gemini, Aquarius. These are today's signs, and they are the extroverts. Themes include leadership, teaching, learning, communication and news, and human connection for the greatest good. How we join forces is incredibly important to build that bridge and let everyone know how they can take part. The Leo Moon aligns with Venus and Mars. In compatible signs, they tell us how to get along, cooperate, be innovative, lead, and be optimistic while doing it. There's a tremendous need for cooperation and bringing others on board, and sharing of talents. Void Moon begins at 12:04 pm EDT. Put great minds together today. Wear Yellow.

Saturday: Virgo Moon begins 1:35 am EDT. The Moon aligns with Uranus for constructive and alternative problem solving. Consider what was once outrageous and unthinkable, as necessary. Virgo Moon is versatile in both thinking and emotional process. The Moon aligns with Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, putting into practice and motion what has been decided and made clear this week. Wear Brown.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Sun in Taurus & New Moon April 19th-25th, 2020

I hope you're all healthy and coping. Every day can feel different. You might feel more in tune with the Moon, Sun and planets than ever if you're mostly at home. The weather matters. I hear you saying you feel best when the sun is shining and there's no storm to add to anxieties or possibilities of power outage or the fence blowing down. The sky is dark now as we prepare for Wednesday night's New Moon in Taurus. Planets and stars shine bright in the midnight blue/black space. One is Venus, currently in Gemini, inspiring new ideas and increasing interest in sharing, connecting virtually, forming friendships based on interests, intellect, games, and also potential future plans and partnerships.Venus in Gemini favors writers, jewelry and craft makers, and ideas. Write down your ideas as Venus visits this intellectually expressive sign.

Earth Day and New Moon rise together this year, on Wednesday, the 22nd. The earth is showing signs of repair because we are doing less. How do we integrate this clear and present information and proof and move forward differently when we eventually return to our workplaces and activities after distancing? I think about this often and I have no answers. I do favor us collectively considering this and making a few choices about ways to keep our air and water clean and ourselves healthy. If you haven't read about 5G, maybe do. I participated in a forum about 5G last year so I researched it and I didn't like my findings. I'm not sure what we can do to stop this other than inform our cell phone carriers that we are against their 5G networks. I'm just riffing on what my instincts tell me along with the present and projected environmental impacts.

What's on your mind? New Moon in Taurus may be your catalyst to new intentions and manifestations! Monday at 7-8 pm, come to Astrology Yoga for New Moon & we'll gather our energy around exactly that, and do some Taurus style yoga. Sign up at TULA and we'll send you the zoom link on Monday!


Sunday: The Moon is in Pisces, happily sharing energy with Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. This is emotionally creative, restorative, healing, and transforming. The Capricorn planets remind us to stay grounded in those processes and present in time. Avoid getting lost in emotion, denial or imagination in an unhealthy way. The Sun moves into Taurus at 10:45 am EDT. Happy Taurus birthday time! Void Moon starts at 7:31 pm EDT. Tonight, notice depths of interactions and conversations. The mood may be intense, intimate, emotional, or reflective in a heart and soul centered way. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Red is our color for today's Aries Moon, beginning at 3 am EDT. The Moon aligns with Saturn, planet of commitments, growing up, stepping up, and taking responsibility. Saturn is in Aquarius, a sign of friendships, groups, and the collective consciousness. This is a traditional, authoritative planet in an inventive, forward thinking sign. The Moon in Aries leans more toward Aquarius's ways, lending energy toward original, unique, and paradigm busting plans and actions. Tomorrow the Sun squares Saturn, so Saturn ruled things are in focus this week. Saturn governs organization and order including governments, agriculture literally and also the idea of we reap what we have sown. Saturn relates to maturity, wisdom from experience, slowing down, elders and elderly, rules and boundaries. It's going to be an interesting influence this week. Astrology Yoga tonight at 7 pm EDT for one hour of intention setting, preparing, and taking care of the neck and throat chakra. Sign up at by 6:30 pm EDT.

Tuesday: Aries Moon is encouraging new beginnings this week. After New Moon Wednesday night may be the best timing, yet the Aries Moon gives energy and enthusiasm for upcoming fresh starts. Today you may clear the way and plan. Venus and Mars align with the Moon, helping us get on the same page and combine forces with others. The Moon and Mercury meet for new ideas and communication around them. The Sun and Saturn are in one of those challenging squares we've been
feeling, this time in a new pair of signs, Taurus and Aquarius. It's stubborn and conflicting, may involve traditional vs alternative ways, and does not make it easy to see eye to eye. Respect issues come up. We may need to be tolerant or to hold our ground even in the face of adversity. Some things will go well and easy today, with those we get along with. Some things, maybe in the broader sense and global setting, will be very difficult and unyielding. Orange is today's color.

Wednesday: First, Aries Moon squares Pluto and Jupiter, reminiscent of last week's Sun squares. This may give us more insight and perspective on some of life's challenges and the actual earth's challenges and messages to us. These planets aim to heal, transform and grow. First, challenges and obstacles must be faced and met with respect and action. The Moon is void from 8:32 am to 3:36 pm EDT and then enters Taurus, sign of Earth Day and tonight's New Moon at 10:26 pm EDT. Taurus is a sign of loyalty, commitment, and long term effects. Be quite certain of your actions this week as Taurus energy means they will be tough to change or reverse. For example, if one marries under Taurus Moon, divorce may not be easy or a good option, ever. If one divorces during Taurus Moon, don't expect to get back together. If you take a job, it will be one you stay with. If you give an answer or reply, you'll be held accountable to it. Overnight, new developments shift the landscape, so there's no hurry tonight except to set your intention and back it with the strength of the bull. Wear White.

Thursday: Taurus Moon and Uranus collide in a burst of eventfulness that results in sudden change, altered course, little choice but to yield or go forward much differently. Events of the last few weeks may suddenly take on new meaning. What you thought you were doing...may be out the window, scrapped for a new goal or way of approaching the present and future. You/I/We had no idea, so forgive yourself and do your best to shift your plans. New Moon favors change in a long term way. If there's no external event to influence this, it may come from within, an awakening and realization. Here are a few possibilities: You become pregnant (Taurus is exactly this kind of energy-mothering, nurturing, growing). Your employer goes out of business (Taurus is work and tangible resources). A major project cannot go forward, perhaps due to the virus. Whatever the surprise, go slowly and without impulsiveness and do not take the risky route. Taurus values security and safety and the comforts of family and home. This New Moon will turn many around to see what they already have, own, or value. It's more about staying put, staying fixed, feeling strong roots than it is about moving on. Notice what you're entrenched in or have available to you that is healthy and secure. The world is changing, what supports you? Today's color is Yellow.

Friday: Taurus Moon squares Mars (very challenging and stubborn) and aligns with Neptune, quite the opposite. If you can, avoid a confrontation. We won't easily come to terms. Creative flow can go really well though, and it's a favorable time for planning and planting. The Moon also aligns with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn and those two have been major planetary influences during these two weeks. Solutions and choices may seem more obvious and clear. Grounded approaches, hands on and very realistic, are favored. Void Moon starts at 8:43 pm EDT. Wear Light Blue.

Saturday: The void Moon gives way to Gemini Moon time at 3:20 am EDT. Pluto begins a retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury squares Pluto. Pluto awakens what's been hidden, buried or removed from sight. We can't hide long from the truth. Today may include resisting the truth or the realities. Those who can and are willing to, may find interesting and original plans and solutions as the Moon and Saturn align in air signs, full of intelligence. Saturn says do what's most sensible, yet innovative. We are still adjusting to 'not what we thought or expected' even one week ago. Mercury squares Jupiter in Capricorn and this may lead to re-imagining educational programs and how or whether we travel. Jupiter rules education, culture and global business and travels. My prediction is that we find out schools and programs will be offered differently, even later this year for the new semester. How and when we can travel is also a topic. Perhaps we don't find out today, but those involved in making these decisions are in discussion and at work on this. There may not be easy agreement and there's plenty to be worked through. Today's color is Blue.

New Moon Gratuities for Robin's Zodiac Zone much appreciated. It's a labor of love and life purpose. Thank you! Robin

Appreciation, Thank You

Friday, April 10, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 12th-18th, 2020

This is the last week of Aries Sun! Mercury is in Aries, Venus in Gemini, Mars & Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. Mercury aligns with both Venus and Mars late this week putting plans in motion and communication, contracts, and personal interactions in the forefront. Happy Easter & Passover to those celebrating! Mercury in Aries helps with new or alternative ways of connecting during the holidays. It's a time of re-invention.

Monday nights, Astrology Yoga through Meet me on Zoom and align your body, mind & spirit for the week. 7-8 pm. This week, we honor our structure and stamina and the next right  action during Capricorn Moon.  I'd love for you to join us, move and breathe well, adjusting in any way you need to!   Robin

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon void from 7:46 am EDT to 8:05 pm when the Moon enters practical Capricorn. Moon and Sun in harmony boost mood and help with decision making if needed. Today looks favorable for enjoyment, time off, sense of adventure in the earlier hours and tasks or following Sunday night routines in the evening. Some will stay up late with studies, projects and papers. If the square with Mercury leads to frustration, leave your book open or workspace set up for Monday and Tuesday. Wear Green.

Monday: Capricorn Moon for two productive days in a row. Work through issues and problems today. You may need to be persistent, emotionally detached, and businesslike. There's a Moon/Uranus trine that can lead to quick changes or turnarounds and surprising developments or reactions. Try not to be triggered or react too strongly. Give yourself and others a chance to process and think. Monday's color is Brown.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon aligns with Neptune and Jupiter and meets Pluto in the sign of the goat. There's plenty to be accomplished and taken care of. Approach projects and plans both creatively and constructively, in a step by step, patient way. Consider how to learn or expand and engage in either or both. Today is about skills and bringing them forth, and about resourcefulness and how to manifest what you need. Near dawn the Sun and Pluto form a square. They are so different from each other, and you may notice how conflicting opinions and approaches play out. Also what is shown and expressed on the surface, what is focused on and communicated may be different from what is going on inside or is hidden. So read body language, ask questions and try not to take things at face value without some further investigation. This may be especially true in employment, work, administrative and organizational situations, though it could cross into personal life too. Void Moon starts at 7:47 pm EDT. Wear Blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon takes over at 3:37 am EDT. The Moon meets Saturn, encouraging agreements within groups and teams. Some long term changes may be announced or negotiated. Venus, Mercury, Mars and Uranus all aspect the Moon. Temper or control issues may be a problem. However, there's plenty of energy around brainstorming, finding solutions and getting along that helps balance that. Keep fiery feelings in check. Be rational and visionary in Aquarius style. Take the high road and the sensible yet innovative route. Work together. The Sun forms a square with Jupiter and yesterday's power issues may be more easily resolved, but with optimism and persistence. Effort and willingness are called for. Turquoise is today's color.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon meets up with Mars. Mars is a rebel in Aquarius, known to overthrow the norms and throw out the rules. Today take action on your vision and beliefs. Also, have your allies in place. This kind of Mars action isn't always popular, but can get things moving in new directions. Group work and mentality is activated. Hopefully it's for the greater good! There's always a chance of this becoming negative, controlling or too forceful. When positive and intentional, actions are for the good of all. Today's color is Red.

Friday: Moon and Sun are in harmony and this is the Sun's final aspect in Aries. It feels decisive, outgoing, forthcoming, powerful, collective, and leadership driven. At 10:34 am EDT, the time of this sextile, the Moon moves void of course until 2:29 pm EDT. It'll be interesting to find out what gets the go ahead today. Dynamic, meaningful, impactful, and related to beginnings, things move forward. The Moon moves to Pisces at 2:29 EDT and connects with Uranus in Taurus after midnight. Emotions may roller coaster overnight. Stay in your comfort zone and try not to invite unnecessary conflict or stress. Wear Pink.

Saturday: The Sun spends one more day in Aries, shifting to Taurus at 10:45 am EDT on Sunday. Aspects are somewhat conflicting and lead to results and solutions for some and uncertainty for others. Mercury in Aries and Venus in Gemini are in harmony for agreements, personal relationships and finding harmony, promise and optimism. A phrase that comes to mind is, "this just might work". After the overnight angle with Uranus, Pisces Moon squares Venus in Gemini requiring we sort through feelings and try to make some meaning of messages that come from either within ourselves or from others. Finally, Mercury in Aries aligns with Mars late night. The overall feeling is that things get the go ahead, a continuation or yesterday's energies. It may take some thought and consideration, but actions and decisions are likely, even with mixed emotions. Get as clear as you can before giving your word. We move into the second portion of spring in the morning, and it's truly a new phase. Wear Yellow.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 5th-11th, 2020: Libra Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra, sign of objectivity, balance and partnership happens Tuesday at 10:35 pm EDT.
Justice and profound realizations rise with the Moon this week.
I sincerely hope that you and yours are well, content, managing in healthy ways, and stay that way.

Gratuities are welcome as my yoga studios are closed indefinitely. Yet I am so grateful to do readings, teach my tarot group and offer yoga from home. Come to a class if you can, especially Astrology Yoga on Mondays 7-8 pm through TULA, to sign up! This week we get together on the eve of Full Moon for a nurturing flow full of Libra harmony.

Peace, friends! Robin

Sunday: Virgo Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus (which may also impact Saturday night) and opposes Neptune in Pisces. Clear thinking may not come easily. Changes, developments and their emotional influences, and Neptune's foggy essence may cloud the truth, the answers, the most effective approaches as we move toward Full Moon. Remain grounded in what's real and present time. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Virgo Moon is active with 4 planets overnight into morning, moving void of course at 9:29 am EDT after agreeable angles with Pluto and Jupiter. Notice optimism, opportunities, and sensible options. The most sensible, grounded approaches win for the next few days. It is not a time for taking risks. Libra Moon time begins at 6:52 pm EDT. The hours in between favor only simple, rote tasks and should be left uncomplicated. Saturn, Venus and Mars engage with Libra Moon tonight and overnight. Effects include who we partner with and how, ways to cooperate, compromise and take action together in duos or teams.  List pros and cons and let ego go which may mean letting go of an expectation, hope or plan in favor of what's most fair, equitable and realistic. Today's color is Lavender.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Libra, a sign of harmony and grace, at 10:35 pm EDT. This Full Moon isn't strongly influenced by any one planet. Mars and Pluto have the closest aspects, one in harmony, the other a square or a challenge. Acting together with common vision and mutual respect is favored. Letting go of old patterns and anything no longer relevant or suitable is challenging and may be necessary. Mars and Uranus may really rock our world during this Full Moon, with new actions, developments, shake ups and significant reason for change. Complete about faces and 180 degree turns will be common as there will be no other choice. And these planets are in signs that don't yield easily, so the letting go and restructuring of ideas, plans and hopes will be really stubborn and in some cases, extremely hard. Mercury in Pisces aligns with Jupiter and Pluto in Pisces, and this is the healing effect. It will come from words, conversations, and perhaps divine messages and signs. Stay aware of information that comes to you spontaneously, spiritually, and intuitively and is related to your plans and how you live your life. White is today's color.

Wednesday: Full Moon is in full force, squaring the very planets Mercury aligned with on Tuesday. Can you step back and be objective even about your personal feelings and plans? Evaluate what truly makes sense. Remember that ego is attachment to accomplishment, particular roles and what you think identifies you or gives you power. We are called to diminish ego in favor of what's just and in some cases what serves your partnership or other relationship. Libra is the energy of WE. Void Moon 1:24 pm to 4:17 pm EDT, leading to Scorpio Moon, a very intense emotional sign. And this Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn which is challenging at best. Stay intuitive and centered as anything could be thrown our way with these planets involved and the Moon blazing bright and strong. Illuminations and realizations often don't come easy. Check in on those you love as some will be taking things very hard or going through anything from emotional turmoil to catastrophe.
Wear Black.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon continues to act strongly in opposition to Uranus and square to Mars. There are creative and intuitive peaks. Simultaneously, powerful feelings arise due to circumstances that are beyond control. Try to keep reactions and responses in check to minimize unnecessary drama, anger and other fiery exchanges. Laying blame or adding to guilt or shame will not be helpful. Our challenges include keeping both external and internal peace. Tonight, the veil could feel thin, spiritual and psychic experiences occur or are more easily tuned into as the Moon and Neptune align. Wear Indigo.

Friday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury creates a bit more ease in even uncomfortable circumstances. Healthy outlets, art, music, meditation, and writing may feel inspired. It's natural to want time to yourself, to reflect or feel organized. Conversations may include intimate information. Be trustworthy. From 3:35 to 4:35 pm EDT, the Moon is void, and then Sagittarius Moon fires us with more enthusiasm and shifts the energy. Original thinking leads to action. Mercury spends final hours in Pisces for this season. Have a heart to heart. Today's color is Purple.

Saturday: Mercury moves to Aries, an innovative, trail blazing sign for the planet of communication, travel and planning. New ideas are in the works. Revised plans are likely. Initiating your self to a new way of living or working makes sense. Use this time to brainstorm without judgment. Take time though to decide and not act impulsively.  Fire energy dominates the day. You could feel restless or the opposite, very engaged in learning and exploring new things. Keep the mind active with interesting information and activities. The Moon and Saturn show that agreements may be made more readily and with long term impact. The alternate plan becomes the reality. Feel settled about a decision. Get restless energy out through movement-run, yoga, dance, play, make things. Today's color is Red.

Appreciation, Thank You