Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 30th through May 6th 2012: Full Moon in Scorpio May 5th

Monday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Leo Moon in harmony with Venus overnight is agreeable and outgoing, so we start the day willing to collaborate and see the bright side. We'll stick with strong opinions though and dig our heels in if necessary as the Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus. Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius are most likely to demonstrate strong will and will go their own way rather than compromise too much. The good news is it can happen without a fight, without drama. The Moon aligns with Saturn at 10:17 am EST and is then void of course until 7:02 pm. Get serious about work this morning. Show your abilities and better traits. The day is well suited to recreation too, and a good game of anything is a great idea under Leo Moon. The Virgo Moon tonight says focus on the basics. Organize and be helpful if you can. The Moon opposes Neptune tonight and we may lose track of time. Wear brown.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon meets Mars

The Moon and Mars in Virgo activates us to pitch in and work for worthy causes or friends. This conjunction can also aggravate matters, for example we become too picky or criticize others. Minding your own business works best today, unless you're willing to help and get involved. If you're not going to offer solutions, it might be best to stay out of others' affairs. The Moon aligns with Pluto and the Sun emphasizing earth sign energies which results in us fixing, building, producing, and showing ambition. Tonight is more of the same with conditions right for study, working with finances and money and synthesizing information including in writing. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The void of course Moon in Virgo lasts from 6:59 am to 10:04 pm. The Moon aligns with Jupiter first, for positive feeling and, in some cases, good luck! Capricorn and Taurus are mostly likely to have the stars on their side with a calculated risk and Virgo joins those signs in new opportunities. The Moon is square to Venus in Gemini and the most changeable part of our world today involves love. If you're criticized or accused of infidelity or other distractions from your relationship, that's one effect. We may also just feel bored or fickle about our love lives today. Outside love life, we may have lots of ideas about creative endeavors and feel unsure which to pursue or how to move forward. Choices may be hard to make. The Moon moves to Libra at 10:04 pm. Tonight some will consider the benefits of collaborating or being partners versus going it alone. Compromise is in the air. Wear lavender.

Thursday: Libra Moon, Venus sextile Mercury

Situations surrounding Relationships, partnerships & love are in the spotlight with the Moon in Libra and Venus active in the zodiac. Look for resolutions that are fair and that everyone can live with. Separation, divorce, and related matters included, be objective and don't give over too much or too little. The Moon squares Pluto and is opposite Uranus, making it evident that things must change no matter how much one party wants to hang on. This week can be make or break time. Appearing calm on the surface or in the face of stress is a good plan. There are plenty of undercurrents, but Libra is about how things appear and how well you present. Save emotions for the privacy of your own home rather than be deemed dramatic or unstable. Today presents challenges with a square and an opposition and a good chance of surprises, yet tonight Mercury and Venus align, which is welcome and helpful for social plans and a break from deeper issues. Wear blue.

Friday: Scorpio Full Moon Warmup

The Moon will be full on Saturday night. Moon in Libra can see both sides of the story and there's a tug between wanting to hang on or remain undecided and realizing that it's time to accept and adapt. Saturn and the Moon meet reminding us to be just, mature and fulfill promises. We could be judged by our actions and the surface of things, so putting on a good face even under stress may be a good idea. The Full Moon tomorrow brings due dates, yet today's Moon sign and opposition to Mercury means it's tough to get things done. Aim for settlements and solutions and put as much in place as you can. Partnerships and collaborations are a focus with Libra Moon in harmony with Venus. Steps to resolve disputes are worthwhile. Forgiveness is worth seeking. Initiate a new plan if the present one isn't working while Mercury is in Aries, a sign of leadership. Our best judgment calls come by 2:02 pm EST, then the Moon is void of course. Tonight, the Moon moves to Scorpio at 10:20 pm and we really start feeling the deep, emotional nature of this Full Moon. Wear black.

Saturday: Full Moon in Scorpio

Extremes come with this Full Moon. Heaviness may lift or settle in. Moods could be dark or euphoric. Deep emotions are stirred. Scorpio Moons unearth the hidden, yet may also be so full that we stuff some strong reactions or emotions away. Harmonious angles with Neptune, Pluto and Mars should be helpful this weekend and encourage the persistence and will of Scorpio. Neptune in Pisces influence could lead to escapism though, and we need to be careful and conscious where alcohol, medications and other mind altering substances or experiences are concerned since we can lose ourselves in them easily now. Self medication and dropping out could be an effect of this Scorpio Moon, yet the passion and romance and urge to express what is felt by the soul and heart can win out instead. Mercury is opposite Saturn today as well, leading us to get a handle on relationship problems, legalities, communication and what needs to be agreed to in writing. In some cases ultimatums will be issued and boundaries will finally be set. What we focus on is what we get this weekend since Scorpio Moon is fixed on ideas and/or actions and can not be stopped. So get your mind set on the positive, accomplishment, or some serious date action. The Moon is exactly Full at 11:35 pm EST daylight savings. Wear white.

Sunday: Full Moon

The Moon is void of course in Scorpio from 8:14 am to 9:39 pm EST, It's best not to have a fixed schedule or matters of great significance to deal with. Getting routine things done, cleaning, organizing, and relaxing are well timed today. Emotions will tend to be highs and lows. Our judgment could be affected and emotional decisions should be avoided. Let things play out and see what tomorrow brings. The Moon is opposite Jupiter in Taurus. This is good for growing and expanding. The energy around us, in people and situations, is likely to feel stubborn and unyielding however. Put off shopping for anything electronic, expensive or that you can't exchange or return if you change your mind or your needs. The Sagittarius Moon tonight can open us up to ideas, help us relax more and let go of emotional baggage. Wear red today.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 23rd-29th 2012

Monday: Moon to Gemini

The void of course Moon this morning can help us relax into the day. A Taurus Moon to start gives a steady influence, but being too lax could lead to lateness or completely forgetting what we had planned. Check your schedule this morning and give yourself plenty of time to settle in before the official business of work or school begins. The Sun and Mars in Taurus and Virgo allow for delving right into hands on work, projects and encourage us to help out or volunteer today. See where your talents can best be put to use for the good of all today! An industrious attitude is likely. The Moon moves to Gemini at 1:05 pm and squares Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo tonight. Being adaptable is the best plan, but may be challenging, particularly for those 3 signs in home life and relationship/career demands. Tonight avoid anxiety and shut out the multiple distractions that surface. Think beyond the obvious tonight and find new approaches to old work or problems. We like to discuss and debate under Gemini Moon, and that may be the source of a fresh idea. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini

The Gemini Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Uranus early, and later meets Venus. These aspects activate our minds and add to eventfulness. With the first two planets in fire sign Aries, today is communicative, action oriented and in some cases involves uncharted territory. Taking a pioneering, ahead of the curve approach may come easier than you'd expect. Venus and the Moon encourage shifts in love and relationship and being willing to discuss, plan and think things out together. That conjunction also stimulates conversation and like minded connections. Sudden romantic interests develop over common interests and mutual friends now. Aquarius and Gemini experience this most directly. Sagittarius, refreshing a long term love or business relationship makes sense for you. Wear pink.

Wednesday: Mercury square Pluto

Think decisions out carefully and deliberately today as Mercury and Pluto form a square in Aries/Capricorn. Avoid being too controlling or giving over too much information to another party who might misuse or misunderstand it. Make sure your intentions and actions align. We are prone to careless errors or faulty judgement calls. The Moon is in Gemini trine to Saturn, and this energy in the air signs means advice is worth seeking. Aim for fairness and equal division of labor or resources. The Moon is void of course from 4:31 pm on. Tonight, personal priorties take precedence and we'll appreciate help or guidance rather than figuring things out on our own. Tonight is suited to study groups, and though it's not a bad night out, work or more serious business may be clearly a better use of time. Wear black.

Thursday: Moon in Cancer

The Moon moves to Cancer at 1:42 am EST. Cancer Moon time is very personal and our priority is our own comfort and security. We'll take care of our loved ones too, but other things may have to wait. The Moon squares Uranus and though we might not be in the mood for disturbances, the balance may be disrupted with developments we couldn't predict or prepare for. Mars in Virgo and the Sun in Taurus work with the Moon for practicaly approaches and tone down drama for drama's sake. Look for real solutions and get help if you're thrown a curve. The Cancer Moon is caring so we should be able to find helpful friends or other sources. Moods are changeable today and tonight as well. The Moon opposite Pluto tonight favors quiet and the comfort of family or home. Wear light blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon

The Moon and Mercury set the tone for significant discussions and emotional talks. The need to express may over rule fear of someone's reaction. Speak with care and remember how sensitive Cancer Moon time can be. Like the crab, Cancer can sidestep when intense feelings are involved so there could be passive aggression or no response. Give others time to process and try not to push for reactions or answers. The Moon's alignment with Jupiter in Taurus brightens the mood and keeps us interested and involved particularly with things related to home, family, reunions, and special events. Today is sentimental. The Farmer's almanac shows this Moon as a good time for planting and fishing, and in the modern business world you can also maximize other means of increasing prosperity. Wear pink.

Saturday: Moon in Leo

The Moon squares Saturn overnight, and that could cause some to wake up with negative attitudes. This morning may seem heavy, and Libra and Cancer who host the square could feel it most or be involved. The Leo Moon has a lightening effect from 12:10 pm on. Optimism increases as the weekend goes on. Social events and performances are well timed today and tonight. Wear orange.

Sunday: Leo Moon, Sun trine Pluto

The Leo Moon is resilient. Even in difficult situations, Leo's strong and brave nature can be solution oriented and creative. The Moon is square to the Sun making decisions a challenge, but once you choose a course of action you're likely to stick with it when the Moon is in Leo. The Taurus Sun is equally strong willed and forms a trine to Pluto buoying our spirits and putting us in practical modes. Later the Moon and Mercury urge us out of our shells if we've been working hard or avoiding the social scene this weekend. Today's color is gold.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 16-22 2012

Monday: Mercury to Aries

The Moon moves to Pisces at 1:38 am EST and meets Neptune for a daydream effect. It could be hard to get out of bed and started today unless you have very exciting, creative prospects for the day. If you do, it's time to go all out with your wildest imaginings and see what you can transform to reality. The Moon opposes Mars and we need to be flexible and not overly judgmental or critical to make the most of the day. People will tend to be sensitive and reactive if cornered. It's not a great day for debate unless you're willing to concede or leave matters undecided in the end. Tonight is active in the heavens as Mercury moves back into Aries where the planet of communication and planning spent time retrograde a few weeks back. This likely means we retrace some steps, settle some unfinished business, attempt restarts of things that were put on hold, and also change our minds about things we decided or began during the retrograde in March until April 4th. The Moon works with Pluto and is square to Venus tonight. Mysteries may be solved. Metaphysical and spiritual experiences occur and may seem more obvious than usual. Venus and the Moon indicate fickle nature in romance and a need to work things out flexibly in long term relationships. Emotional talks are likely tonight. Wear green.

Tuesday: Moon void of course

The Moon is void of course in Pisces from 10:34 am until Wednesday at 11:59 am. This is a better day to relax and enjoy routine than try anything out of the ordinary. We can be forgetful and may be lazier than usual. The Moon and Jupiter in Taurus align favoring comfortable, easygoing day. It's best not to have big meetings or decisions, but if that's inevitable, plan for the early hours before 10:34 am EST. Tomorrow versus today, we'll want to get motivated and put plans in motion. Planning is well timed today. Write everything down and schedule meetings and eventfulness for tomorrow afternoon. Go easy on yourself and other people. Plant, work around the house, exercise your creative side, and/or be outdoors today. Tonight is more of the same. It's a good night for movies, music, close friends and other leisurely activities, and not a good night to pressure or be pressured. Wear purple.


The morning starts slowly, ideally, or with confusion possibly, as the Moon is void of course in Pisces, sign of imagination and dreams. We could be overly emotional or sensitive. Take the early hours easy and allow yourself extra time. For example, leave early rather than be criticized for being late. Make sure you have what you need when you leave home. The Moon is all systems go in Aries at 11:59 am with Mercury in Aries also pushing for action and new business. Make your move this afternoon or night. Things that are overdue or pending come up for decision and resolution today. It's best if you've thought out and planned since Aries Moon can be impulsive. Tonight, we are very much in the moment and may need to react quickly. Unexpected opportunities and news are part of the Moon's meeting with Uranus. The status quo won't seem good enough any more in stagnant situations and relationships. Wear red.

Thursday: Sun enters Taurus

The height of spring arrives as the Sun moves to Taurus at 12:12 pm EST. The Moon is in Aries pushing for initiations and initiative. Start or restart a project, makes decisions, and take an active role. The Moon squares Pluto for some soul searching. try to identify the route you really want to pursue. If you're not quite ready to commit, the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday is the time to aim for. In that case, put things in place now for action just around the corner. It's a career New Moon for Leo and a relationship time for Scorpio while Taurus makes very personal decisions and changes well in the weeks ahead. Aries. it's the time to focus on money and how you earn, spend and save. Tonight the social effect of Moon and Venus suggests we go out and meet new friends or gather in groups and it's very flirtatious therefore a good night for singles to mingle, especially Aquarius, Gemini, Aries and Sagittarius. Wear yellow.

Friday: Moon opposes Saturn

Saturn is the planet of lessons and without Saturn's influence we wouldn't grow or face challenges and responsibilities. The Moon opposite Saturn isn't always easy, yet it's an opportunity. Get past a block, focus on a problem and get wise advice. Saturn in Libra is urging choices around partnership and relationship, and justice is the work of Saturn in the sign of balance and fairness. Check on legalities, resolve or settle a pending matter, and do the right thing by people you've been in partnership with. The Moon is void of course from 3:35 pm until 12:05 am EST Saturday. We're getting ready for a New Moon by morning, therefore today we plan, get things in place, and reconsider past decisions in favor of new routes. Tonight's Aries Moon is more serious and reflective than usual. Fulfill obligations before pleasure, and make logical decisions. It's a good night to call parents, grandparents or other trusted elders for perspective. Wear black.

Saturday: New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon in Taurus combines with easygoing angles to planets in Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo. This New Moon is favorable for commitments, new experiences and decisions you hope will have long term affects. The earthy, hands on nature of Taurus prevails today and we can take on projects that require creativity and elbow grease as well. Build something. Dive in with a can-do attitude. The sensual nature of Taurus New Moon makes it a good day for love and romance too, and Scorpio and Capricorn indulge. It's a date night, but also a good night in the comfort of home and good friends. Wear white.

Sunday: Conjunctions

It's an interesting day of conjunctions as Jupiter and the Moon meet in Taurus and Mercury and Uranus do the same in Aries. Conjunctions strenghten the effect of the planets involved and the element of the sign. The earth element is emphasized in Taurus favoring building and growth. Tangible results and progress are in the forecast. Jupiter is the planet of learning, travels, and philosophies of life, therefore we can get very solid and strong with our endeavors in these areas and make long term decisions now. Mercury and Uranus are the bearers of news and developments that lead in new directions. Some of this may come as a surprise this weekend. Be ready to act quickly. We have the optimism of the Sun and Neptune aligned adding to positive feelings already present. The only danger is being unrealistic. Try to see things for what they are and act accordingly. In other words, don't be fooled. Today's color is green.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 9 to April 15 2012

Monday: Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is void of course from 2:56 to 11:12 am EST and then moves to Sagittarius. Starting with a void Moon means we have to be extra alert and double check on things, particularly our belongings and where we need to be. Try not to miss morning meetings or other obligations. The Sagittarius Moon is a break free time, and fun will pull us away from duties. Venus and Uranus add to the effect and may not be best for our focus! Today is a dose of spring fever! Authority figures could criticize or frown on carefree attitudes, but the spirit of Sagittarius Moon is likely to prevail! Tonight, Venus is opposite the Moon and love is less than reliable unless you're off on an adventure together. Sag and Gemini notice that most, and Aquarius may enjoy flirting and socializing tonight. Today's color is purple.

Tuesday: Moon and Sun align

The Sagittarius Moon and Aries Sun are in agreement today, in the fire signs, inspiring adventure, new endeavors, motivation and also an urge to break out of stuck situations. Turning over a new leaf works. Leaving behind what drags you down may feel easier than you thought. With Mercury moving forward again we really want to move forward. Education and travels are spotlighted by this Sagittarius Moon as well. Tonight the erngy level will be high and we'll act without too much deliberation. Wear red.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon to Capricorn

The Moon is void of course from 7:06 am to 1:02 pm EST. During those hours patience can be practiced. Exercise, routine and relaxation or some good house cleaning are favored over meetings, shopping and important decisions. Saturn sends out a word about what we're responsible for. Take care of something that's been pending. The Moon moves to ambitious Capricorn this afternoon and there's a need to boost productivity and show responsibility. Tonight, a reasonable, mature outlook helps as the Moon squares Uranus in Aries which can throw us into a stir. Stay grounded and logical as much as possible. Capricorn Moon time is not the best for dramatics or excuses. Wear black.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon and Pluto do their monthly dance in Capricorn and we're sometimes reminded of what we'd like to forget. This is often a chance to face or resolve something though. Don't get pulled into the dark, but instead see your shadow and come to terms with it. The Moon and Jupiter boost moods and our ability to get things accomplished both today and tonight. Earth signs will dive into projects while water signs appreciate the calm and peace we can create on a day like this. Balance work and rest. Wear green.

Friday: Mars Direct

Mars moves direct in Virgo. This can also slow things down and if you're a Virgo, anger may have been an issue while Leo and Aquarius may have had financial setbacks or employment issues of just too many expenses. Mars direct will help us muster more physical energy. Get back on track with exercise today. Squares indicate challenges early in the day, but they can be worked through with effort. The Moon is void from 1:05 to 5:48 pm and tonight's Aquarius Moon is better for social plans. It's the Moon sign of good friends and community. Join a group or get together with friends and come out of any shell you may be hiding in. Friends provide support, and Aries and Libra should feel free to reach out and see. Wear turquoise.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

It's a social day and a good day to make plans for the present and future both! The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Gemini, making it a fine time to meet friends old and new, network, and attend events. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Sun opposite Saturn

The Aries Sun opposes Saturn in Libra and it's a showdown of me versus we. In other words, how much do you want to collaborate and agree and how much do you need or want to just go it alone. Firm boundaries and guidelines may be set and we'll want to abide by them. Legal and other matters of justice are highlighted. It's a day to try and reach compromise or plans everyone can live with. You can't please everyone today, but doing the right thing is the main idea. Wear white.