Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Astrology April 2nd to April 8th 2012: Mercury Direct in Pisces

Monday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon urges us to get moving! The Moon and Aries Sun inspire, incite action, and buoy our spirits. Confidence surges or at least comes more easily! The Leo Moon loves to put on or enjoy a great performance. See a play or take in some music. Create displays or anything that will attract attention. Get enthusiasitic and rally others too! The Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus, and though this is very fixed energy, determined and unyielding, it's also generous and growing and expanding is a goal during this Leo Moon. Tonight is Venus's last evening in Taurus, making it a good night for Taurus to attract someone or something beneficial, for Leo to make a career move, and for Capricorn to request a date and aim for best of luck! Wear gold.

Tuesday: Venus to Gemini

Venus is flirtateous and fickle in Gemini during the weeks ahead. We're more flexible and also more willing to make a change as far as relationships go. The Moon and Venus square this morning and we consider the pros and cons of such things. With Mercury retrograde one more day, it may be best to wait before breaking up or making up with permanence in mind. The Moon is in Virgo as of 9:53 am EST, and the Moon and Mars meet forcing attention to details and health. We are our own harshest crtics on days like this, but we can also be critical of others and easily annoyed. Try to take it easy and not get overworked about the little things. Tonight is the final night of this Mercury retrograde so be very careful with communications. Put off big decisions or discussions for 48 hours if you can. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Mercury Retrograde ends

Mercury stations direct in Pisces at 6:11 am, however we should move cautiously and slowly today. The final day, like the first day, brings some of the most intense effects of the retrograde. Go for temporary plans and pencil things in while saving the most important announcements and decisions for tomorrow. The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Pluto and Jupiter which is very constructive. A feeling of accomplishment or being almost there accompanies these earth sign aspects. Work toward goals, leaving the final touches for another day if possible. Changing our minds is common now. Tonight is a good study or work night and favors relaxed, easygoing social occasions. Wear navy blue.

Thursday: Full Moon in Libra

The Moon is nearly Full and moves into Libra at 11:32 am after nearly 10 void of course hours. The morning may get a slow start and we could be forgetful. The Moon opposed Mercury overnight indicating matters need to be resolved and schedules and other issues figured out now that Mercury is direct. The morning hours may be spent analyzing and looking at different possibilities. By afternoon, when the pros and cons are likely to be more clear, it's time to act! The Full Moon pushes for deadlines and decisions. A Full Moon in Libra shines on couples and partners and making collaborative decisions. Venus is actively in harmony with the Moon and with Uranus in Aries pushing for reconstruction. Love and relationships is particularly implicated. Work to make things more fair and balanced. There may suddenly be no choice but to make those changes! Ultimatums come with this Full Moon. Boundaries will be drawn! Today's color is pink.

Friday: Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra is exact at 3:19 pm Eastern DST. It's a Full Moon of justice. Situations that need to be balanced and made right are activated along with relationship matters. The Moon is square to Pluto in Capricorn and underlying themes and undercurrents become evident and play a part in the outcomes today. This Full Moon is less emotional than many and we'll lean toward clear cut decisions and limits. Putting time limits on decisions and using a no nonsense attitude will be two things we notice or have to deal with. Look carefully at both sides of the story or the alternatives you have to choose from. Mercury is no longer retrograde and we're cleaning up and regrouping during this Full Moon time. Tonight's Libra Moon is suited for meeting people and networking. Appearances count when the Moon is in Libra. Wear white.

Saturday: Moon to Scorpio, Venus square Mars

The Moon meets Saturn in Libra, setting a serious tone regarding resonsibilities and anything that needs to be negotiated. Put on your game face, but try not to come on too strong. Let them know you mean business if you're faced with challenges that involve others early in the day. Venus squares Mars in Gemini & Virgo during this Scorpio Moon time. Relationship discussions and disagreements activate. Working through it is in the forecast for the weekend. Everything may seem debatable or cause controversy. If you're not in the midst of that, enjoy the passion and creativity of Scorpio Moon tonight. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Moon opposite Jupiter

The Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto and is opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Stubborn streaks are likely. We may not yield easily in disagreements or differences of opinion. Matters of secrecy and privacy and also things we thought we left in the past surface today. Protect what you don't wish to be public. Keep a secret rather than engage in gossip while the Moon is in a sign that doesn't forget a betrayal or slight. Take things seriously today. Most people around you will be. Wear maroon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekly Astrology March 26th to April 1 2012

Monday: Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus

The Moon and Venus meet in Taurus. Sensory pleasures rule! Appreciation for nature, sights, sounds, beauty, and enjoyment is enhanced! Taurus rules the throat and is a sign of the singing voice, so it's a vocalists' day. Write lyrics, enjoy singing and song! Venus also rules our sense of symmetry and design. It's a good day to redecorate and freshen things up. Create, build and make improvements. Taurus Moon is determined, so keep your sense of resolve. Tonight the Moon remains in Taurus. Persist with tasks that need to be finished or at least in draft from. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Moon in Gemini

The Moon is in Gemini as of 6:43 am. After 6 hours void of course, this morning could find us getting oriented, remembering dates and appointments, and multi-tasking. It may feel like there's a bit too much going on. With Neptune weighing in, if you're not sure, don't trust a situation or rely on someone else to follow through. Double check everything important from messages to calendars. Have backup plans. Tonight, the Moon interacts with the Aries Sun and Mars in Virgo. Debates are likely and we won't tend to hold our thoughts and opinions back. Avoid saying things you could regret. Mercury is still retrograde until Wednesday, April 4th. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon

The Moon remains in Gemini with no major angles to other planets today. Gemini Moon time is mentally active and busy. The sign of duality often has us looking at both sides of the story and trying to sort out facts. We may also feel torn in two different directions and need to handle more than one thing at a time. A bit of anxiety is common with Gemini Moon. This is the sign of brothers, sisters, and cousins, and with Mercury retrograde it may be time to get in touch again. Wear blue.

Thursday: Mercury sextile Venus

The Gemini Moon is void of course from 2:05 to 7:07 pm Eastern DST. Do your best thinking and work before 2:05. Keep up with appointments and obligations since we may tend to be forgetful and very busy today. Venus is in harmony with Mercury retrograde, bringing the past up in the form of old friends and previous relationships. Could it be worth a second try? Pisces and Taurus may be considering that question along with Scorpio and Virgo. Be wary with Mercury retrograde and don't get yourself into something you don't really want. The Moon moves to Cancer at 7:07 pm and a low key night is best. The Sun and Pluto aim to inspire and motivate and could feel like a push, like it or not. Creatively, it's a very good night! Seek your muse. Today's color is light blue.

Friday: 2nd quarter Moon in Cancer

The 2nd quarter is meant to be a time of progress. This month's New Moon was in cardinal sign Aries, and the Moon is in cardinal Cancer now signaling a continuation and extensions of what we took on in the past week. Work toward the next step even if Mercury is forcing you to move slowly. When the Moon is in Cancer we make emotional decisions, so control impulses particularly the ones that stem from strong feelings. Acting on grudges or resentment would be common as the Moon engages with Mars and the Aries Sun and opposes Pluto. Keep responses in check. Fishing and planting and other work that creates abundance and growth is favored while the Moon is in this fertile sign. Tonight, the Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Taurus has us seeking our comfort zone and is more relaxed and optimistic generally. It might be a good night to stay on the home front and spend time with family. Today's color is black.

Saturday: Mercury retrograde action

The Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Pisces. There's a sentimental aspect and a look at the past as a result. This is likely to relate to personal and emotional attachments (more than business) since both are in water signs. It's a decent day to sort through things for spring cleaning as long as you're willing to let some things go. Reconnecting with people from the past, whether expected or not, is also in the forecast this weekend. Mercury retrograde ends on the 4th. With this Cancer Moon, home and/or family needs to be a priority. Tonight, critics will be harsh. Wear blue.

Sunday: Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course from 12:20 am to 4:35 am, in harmony with Venus for this weekend's lovers! Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio are some of the signs charmed by Venus this weekend. The Moon in Leo aligns with Uranus in Aries for an active and potentially exciting or adventurous day. Events now should inspire or motivate us. Competitions form, challenges need to be met. Consider what you can do to stand out and put on the best show. Today's color is orange.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Astrology March 19th to 26th 2012: Sun in Aries & Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Monday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius until 8:05 pm DST and void of course from 4:31 pm until that time. Take action and have meetings of significance before 4:31 since we remember better and give our best input and answers outside void of course Moon time. Aquarius is a sign of logic and mental energy, and Saturn extends wisdom and impartiality also, from Libra. Fair decisions are made on days like this. Revisit plans that were imbalanced and aim for improvement and more sharing of responsibilities. Do analytical and mathematical tasks and check facts twice before submitting, publishing or making statements. Pay attention to details as well as big picture concepts. Aquarius Moon time is a good time for both! From 4:31 pm until 8:05 pm, take a break or do the most easy, routine work. Tonight the Moon meets Neptune in Pisces for high creativity along with lack of ability to deal with reality. We'll tend to want to escape obligations and face facts. It's fine as long as there's nothing too serious to be dealt with. If you want honest conversation, wait. We're more likely to romanticize or idealize tonight. This is the final night of the winter season! Wear green.

Tuesday: Spring Equinox 2012, Sun to Aries

The Equinox is at 1:14 am DST as the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The Moon is in Pisces, opposite Mars in Virgo. There's a pressing need to make adjustments. Be cautious about agreeing to anything that seems permanent. Rather, be willing to try, sample, and review no sooner than a few weeks from now. Mercury is retrograde in Aries until Friday and then in Pisces until April 4th and all of this time is meant for revising and reconsidering. Today with the Moon aligned to Pluto and Jupiter, aim for steady progress and practical applications. Show some work ethic even if that Pisces Moon laziness is less than motivating. We're getting ready for a New Moon on Thursday, so these early days of the week are about preparing and having as much ready and in order as possible. Tonight's Pisces Moon is warmed by Jupiter in Taurus, and we crave security and comfort which might be in the form of a movie and the couch or might be dinner with a close friend. If you're not able to do either, at least the energy leans toward relaxed. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries

There's an urgency and also a sense of hopeful optimism as the Sun and Mercury meet in Aries. Whether you want to get on the road or into the driver's seat, there's an urge to announce plans for renovations, upgrades, and change in general. These changes will tend to be revisions from past decisions, and so now we may go down the road we once decided not to travel. For Capricorn, refreshing the home environment and relationships there is a good plan! Aries is likely to have news, and Sagittarius, reestablishing relationships from the past or revisiting places where you once spent time becomes more likely. Libra will have something to say about prior and current commitments and may want to change them. The Moon is also working with Venus today, for friendship, love and romance. The Moon is void of course all of today and tonight, and that's reason enough if you don't feel like deciding or committing to anything major. Tonight signals down time or working on plans for future launch. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: New Moon in Aries

A New Moon in Aries is a breath of fresh air. It's a great Moon time for clearing away what you no longer need-hence the term spring cleaning. Getting rid of what's outgrown or worn out will be both appealing and mostly well timed. Remember Mercury is retrograde so ask yourself twice before letting things go. This may even be a second attempt to rid yourself of something or someone who weights you down or holds you back. Aries Moon comes with the urge to forge new paths. The Moon meets both Mercury retrograde and Uranus today. Seemingly chance meetings, particularly with people from the past, and other random type surprises happen now. News, announcements, and opportunities arise. Each may not be exactly as it appears at first. Let news settle in slowly. It's worth not overreacting or responding too quickly. Think things through. This is one of those times when things may be constantly changing and one likelihood is quickly replaced by a different, new development. Aries New Moon time can be a stroke of good fortune for Sagittarius. Aries, this is your Moon time for new directions and changing things up, but everything old is new again for you this season. A return to something or someone is in your midst. Cancer, continue to think career, good standing and reputation, and success. It could take just a bit longer with the retrograde until the 4th of April. Today's color is red.


Mercury backs up into Pisces today. Think back to late February or around the first of March and note things you may be going over, rethinking or taking a different course of action on now. That's Mercury at work. In Pisces, Mercury lends the energy of compassionate communication and willingness to revisit, forgive, and re-create. Know your limits though, and be firm with good boundaries especially if you could let someone destructive or draining back in to your life. Virgo needs to keep those limits in love while Taurus and Scorpio may have other people, friends or relations, to keep at bay. Gemini, maybe you could use a second shot at something you were passed over for last month. Make a strong impression! The Moon is in Aries, continuing to urge cleanse, fresh starts, and in some cases bridges that need to be burned. Leave behind what's worn out. The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn which can be deeply emotional even if it's just an undercurrent. Wear white.

Saturday: Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries

The Moon changes signs, shifting to Taurus for the rest of the weekend at 5:43 pm Eastern DST. Saturn frowns on selfish behavior today. Consider all impacted by decisions made now,and keep things as just and balanced as possible as the Moon and Saturn oppose in Aries/Libra. Our personal agendas need equal time with obligations we've made. Follow through may be best before 1:17 pm when the Moon moves void of course. The Sun and Uranus have a fiery meeting at 2:20 pm instigating action, news, and unusual happenings. This may flash you back to mid week with a new twist or development in an ongoing situation. Calm, cool responses are called for over anything that looks like an overreaction. The Taurus Moon pulls us toward comfort zones tonight. We get in constructive mode for the remainder of the weekend. For a special occasion or date, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces have the most enjoyable aspects tonight. Wear orange.

Sunday: Earth sign activity

The Moon meets Jupiter in Taurus, in harmony with Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn. All of this earth sign energy leans us toward construction, repairs, and a methodical, "how to" approach. Figuring out how to accomplish tasks and get physical work done is favored. The Moon and Jupiter have an optimistic influence, encouraging prosperity, growth, and general good feelings. It's a good day to enjoy life, particularly natural wonders. We'll take part in indulgences of food, drink or other sensory pleasures willingly! Today's color is green.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weekly Astrology March 12th to 18th 2012: Mercury Retrograde

Monday: Mercury Retrograde March 12th to April 4th 2012

Mercury starts the retrograde in Aries overnight. If you haven't done so yet, back up anything important and have duplicate copies of documents you might need. Be careful what you communicate and be judicious with purchases and commitments. We tend to change our minds about what we take on now, and even if it's not a change of heart there are other reasons why Mercury retrograde signals a re-do now or in the weeks shortly after. So now we may be rehashing old business, and in April we'll retrace some steps we take now. The Moon is in Scorpio void of course after a favorable trine with the Sun at 2:36 pm EST. Don't be caught off your guard today! The less said the better in many cases. The Moon and Sun align and things happen easily but easy is not always best. Take action only slowly, steadily, and with your best judgment or not at all! Tonight is good for fun and games and physical activity. These hours are not suited to major decisions or promises. It will be hard to hold people to plans or to their word. Trust with caution. Wear maroon.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon is a power surge aligned with Uranus and Mercury retrograde. This may bring reason to restructure, but the breaking down comes first! News of today may shake up the status quo. Old business and things we thought were forgotten or resolved return as priorities and demand attention. Aries and Sagittarius are very much implicated in shake ups this week. The Moon squares Neptune near daybreak and we need to shatter illusions and not allow ourselves to be misled. The tangible reality of earth sign energies helps as Jupiter and Venus in Taurus align with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto also relates to things we've hidden and secrets we've been keeping, but Venus and Jupiter indicate there could be benefits to dealing with what we're afraid to face. Their influence from Taurus is beneficial and may even be comforting. Keep best outcomes in mind and agree to trial basis more than permanent plans now. Tonight is busy and we need to use our heads not lose our heads as Mars squares the Moon from Virgo! Venus and Pluto encourage relationship conversations and emotional connection. Wear purple.

Wednesday: Venus in Taurus, Mars in Virgo

Relationship and love are in the forefront as Venus meets Jupiter and forms a trine with Mars in Virgo! Both aspects are fortunate, instigating love and romances, helping us work things out and creating new attractions! Venus and Jupiter can also provide opportunities, and Leo gets a beautiful career vibe now while Scorpio finds long term love aspects as good as they get! Keeping Mercury retrograde in mind, resolving past injustices is favored though a temporary plan, giving it a try and reviewing the results in April, is the best plan astrologically. The Sagittarius Moon and Mars action from Virgo keeps things in motion and stimulates both the body and the mind to break out of stuck places and get past a plateau. Tonight, the Moon and Sun square in Sagittarius and Pisces and there's a real need for flexibility and willingness to change. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

We experience the monthly cycle of Moon meeting Pluto/. The planet of secrets in a sign of organization and emotional detachment in conjunction with the Moon leads us to pull back, possibly to look with a more logical or objective point of view. Though it can bring up drama in the form of shady business deals formerly made or information withheld when it should have been disclosed, for examples, the Moon and Pluto may also allow us to retreat and seek privacy or solitude. If you've been giving out too much energy or feel burdened, go for quiet meetings rather than big group sessions in the workplace. Find time with reliable friends you can calmly converse with, particularly if you're Capricorn, Pisces or Virgo types. The Moon squares Mercury in Aries and if you can harness that energy, progress is in the air and could push Cancer into the career spotlight and Libra to face relationship or home issues and deal with them. For some, like Scorpio, what you've been quietly working on may be ready to go out to the public now but with Mercury retrograde go for the soft opening and a trial run rather than grandstanding, for now. Wear gray.

Friday: Earth sign action: Capricorn, Taurus

The Moon in Capricorn aims for ease today with a trine to both Jupiter and Venus in Taurus. It may be easier to collaborate and do business. Jupiter has a constructive influence in Taurus and if anything we may want to do more or go too far. Keep scale in mind whether than means space or budget. Venus in Taurus is a great time for Aquarius to entertain at home or make visible improvements there. Today we all want the comfort zone. Cancer and Capricorn, surround yourself with trusted friends. Aries, you may work hard before enjoying the start of the weekend and feel great satisfaction in that balance. Making spring preparations in terms of outdoor work or planting seeds inside is favored today! Tonight is geared more to good friends than out of the ordinary events, and work is as much in favor as recreation. Our instincts should be on, so follow what seems logical. Wear green.


The Moon works with the Sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde for a friendly, social day. It's likely to be eventful too, and surprises include chance meetings with people from the past. Mercury retrograde means revisiting and going back to an old haunt or getting news from family or an old friend is in the forecast this weekend. If you've been meaning to get in touch with someone, you may find him or her receptive now. Mercury retrograde can be forgiving. Make sure you aren't led back into old patterns that no longer serve you though! Getting sucked back in is possible too, and Mercury retrograde in Aries can lead us to do that too impulsively. The Moon is in Aquarius from 12:06 pm on, and those hours are better than the morning if you have anything important to deal with. A void of course Moon in the morning puts us on shaky ground for decisions and could result in impulse buys or words we wish we hadn't spoken. Socially, group events for work or pleasure are a great way to spend the day. Aquarius Moon has community in mind, so find those you belong with and have a good time! Wear turquoise.


The Aquarius Moon working with Aries planets activates the brain. News in the forecast too, and if you've been expecting news that's overdue, it's even more likely to break! Mercury and Uranus inspire innovation and make the new and shiny and attractive very hopeful! We'll be drawn to what's full of promise today. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may question the validity of unorthodox approaches or ides that haven't been proven to work yet. Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius, the fixed signs, notice trigger points are hit by the Moon and planets this weekend. Big ideas and overarching themes are at work for the fixed signs. Wear blue.