Friday, April 26, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 28th to May 4th, 2019: New Moon in Taurus

Sunday: Aquarius Moon void of course from 5:44 am to 6:11 pm EDT. The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter for interesting meetings and opening the mind. Pisces Moon this evening. Seek something different for a refreshed perspective or interaction. Today's color is Turquoise.

Monday: Pisces Moon lines up with the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn begins a retrograde at 8:54 pm in Capricorn. Emotional sensitivity and attention is strong.  Today's color is Light Green.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon with aspects to 5 different planets. You might call this a multifaceted day and some things could feel out of sync. Moods are shifty, and people may be very sensitive. Even if you're reluctant, there are indications of what needs to be taken care of, including emotional well being. Thoughtful and gentle is the way to go. Void Moon starts at 5:57 pm EDT for the night. Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday: Aries Moon time begins 6:24 am EDT. Mercury brings the story and the action with a sextile to Mars and a square to Saturn retro in Capricorn. This feels like time for a fresh start and to put some energy or closure on things that have been hanging out waiting for attention. Break the stalemate. Today's color is Red.

Thursday: Aries Moon meets Venus, Mercury squares Pluto and aligns with Jupiter. Mercury is planet of planning, words, contracts, conversations, meetings, and travels. Mercury is having a busy mid week, and action is called for. Some of this may feel very retrograde, retroactive, and in some cases long overdue. The Venus/Moon conjunction can be exciting and inspiring and spark romantic connections. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Aries to Taurus Moon, void in transition from 4:47 am to 4:18 pm EDT. Overnight aspects show today to be full of activity. We may feel energized on this day before New Moon. Mercury is the final planet to be in aspect, a conjunction with the Moon at 4:47 am EDT. This sets up a very communicative and travel oriented day. If you're thinking of a new car, bike or other vehicle, the pull will be strong.  Changes and refreshes are favored. Press restart today or overnight into the weekend. Tonight the Moon meets Uranus so be extra aware and tuned in. Emotional situations may be stirred or shaken. Wear Yellow today.

Saturday: Taurus New Moon 6:45 pm EDT. There are no other aspects with planets, only this meeting with the Sun. Strengthen your will and resolve. Make a bold move and make sure whatever you do or say, that you mean it. Actions have staying power and are hard to take back later when the Moon is in Taurus. White is our New Moon color.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 21st to 27th, 2019: Pluto Retrograde

Sunday: Happy Passover and Easter. Tomorrow is Earth Day. There are many celebrations of spring and we are right in the middle of the season now as the Sun shifted to Taurus on Saturday. Today starts with a void of course Moon that closes as the Moon moves on to Sagittarius at 11:59 am EDT. Mercury & Venus are in harmony with the Moon for adventures, day trips, and pleasant or mind opening conversations. Today's color is Purple.

Monday: Earth Day. Sagittarius Moon opposite Mars. Be aware of the possibility for strong debates or arguments. Note if you're bringing up a topic that could instigate or irritate. The Sun meets Uranus in Taurus. This could lead to a break with tradition or usual ways of doing things. We might be pushed to consider alternatives whether we invite that or not. Uranus shakes things up, the Sun is expressive and both are in strong will and earthy Taurus. It may be easier to understand the impact or effects once in hindsight. Overall, today has a bold streak. Wear Brown.

Tuesday: Sag Moon is void of course, in the between time, from 7:44 am EDT to 6:50 pm. Moon meets Jupiter as void time begins. Under this relatively long void Moon we may want to stray off the usual path, have some escape time, and to do less and experience spontaneously. Read a book with a wildly interesting topic if you're enjoying downtime and want some inspiration. Capricorn Moon 6:50 pm EDT leads us to results oriented thinking or tasks. The Moon aligns with Uranus for some aftereffects of yesterday's Sun conjunction with that planet, and we internalize and process whatever has come by surprise or chance. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Pluto begins a retrograde in Capricorn and will backtrack 5 degrees between now and October 3rd. It's subtle, generally. If Pluto is in a prominent or loaded place in your own birth chart perhaps you will notice more. Pluto is retrograde about 40% of time so it's not necessarily an unusual thing, but this time Pluto is close to Saturn and some serious reflection and finalizing may take place. We may work through tough processes of letting go, that happen over a long period of time. Simultaneously or alternatively, gifts and talents and heart's desires or life purpose may be arising for your recognition and eventually action. Pluto retro can point out what we've been trying to control that cannot be controlled. Capricorn Moon in harmony with the Sun and square to Venus and Mercury. Notice what you need to do something about and 'get going' on. It may be in relationship or business/career. It's a strong reasoning and decision making kind of day. Today's color is Black.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon void of course 3:48 pm EDT until 5:27 am on Friday. The Moon meets Pluto and Saturn (see yesterday's post for insight) and is in harmony with Pluto. A soft, reflective or thoughtful approach is called for, even if you have a difficult situation or task to deal with. Remember that everyone has feelings and not everyone sees the world as you do. Today's color is Gray.

Friday: Aquarius Moon in effect from 5:27 am EDT through Sunday afternoon. Moon squares Uranus and the Sun and aligns with Venus. Challenges and obstacles may be showing up this week, but many can be worked through. 'Where there's a will there is a way' may be relevant. Also though, some things have to be let go of. People, for example, can't be changed or controlled by your will. If new romance or re-inspired love is part of your world right now, enjoy an evening together. Venus in Aries sparks those flames. Other gatherings and parties are also favored. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon aligns with Mercury and Mars. Notice what inspires or drives you. There's a go for it feeling about these alignments. It's also socially interesting. Notice who you connect with or meet. Mars squares Neptune encouraging us to review our ideals and be flexible with expectations. Today's color is Blue.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 14th-20th, 2019: Mercury & Venus to Aries & Full Moon

This spring we have a 2nd Libra Full Moon on Friday the 19th with partnership decisions as the highlight. Two planets move to the opposite sign, Aries, as we navigate balance in long term relationships.

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Sunday: Leo Moon with easy aspects to Jupiter and the Sun in fire signs. Jupiter and the Sun are in harmony too, for good fortune and feelings. Venus aligns with Pluto and we see and feel beauty. Acknowledge your feelings and allow for sensitivity. Some will be generous or receive massive kindness. Void Moon 9:38 pm EDT. Today's color is Gold.

Monday: The Moon shifts from Leo to Virgo at 6:14 am EDT. Moon lines up with Uranus in earth signs, and Venus squares Jupiter as the Moon squares Mars for some interesting dynamics. Notice what's been going overboard and needs some scaling back. Stay away from argumentative people. Take care of personal business, finances and reinforcing good habits. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune, trine to Saturn and Pluto. The Moon also squares Jupiter. We may come to some resolutions today. Be creative with solutions and find some flexibility. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon void from 12:29 am to 7:22 am EDT, and we're warming up for a Full Moon on Friday. The Moon moves to Libra our Full Moon sign (again!) at 7:22 am, and Mercury moves to action starting Aries. Venus and Mercury both oppose the Moon in Virgo/Libra. Negotiations and the balancing act between personalities are part of this day. Libra is a sign of legalities, marriage and justice. Notice what's amping up or ready to be announced in those areas. Today's color is Pink.

Thursday: Libra Moon square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, spotlighting the cardinal signs and themes of progress and the need to be decisive. Mars and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon. We're encouraged to move on pending matters and reminded of Full Moon closure and deadlines this week. Weigh pros and cons. Be wise with words and wording. Today's color is Maroon.

Friday: Libra Moon is Full at 7:12 am EDT and the Moon moves to Scorpio at 8:41 am. This is our 2nd Libra Full Moon in a row, somewhat uncommon, and appears to be another chance or another 'go' at partnership decisions and agreements. This could instead, or simultaneously, be about a legal matter. Full Moons aim for closure, the end of a chapter, and clearing out the old to prepare for the new. Uranus is opposite the Scorpio Moon, indicating surprises turns of events and unexpected outcomes. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Taurus season starts at 4:55 am EDT. Venus moves to Aries at 12:11 am EDT, and the Moon stays in Scorpio. It's Passover and the eve of Easter. Neptune and Saturn form different yet both harmonious aspects to the Moon. We can be both practical and creative at once and these planets remind us. Scorpio Moon deepens intuition and feelings or identification with spirituality. Today's color is Indigo.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 7th-13th, 2019: Jupiter Retrograde

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New Moon as I write this! Initiate, Announce, Act.


Sunday: Mercury and Saturn align. The Moon is in harmony with both planets plus Venus and Neptune. It's a day to form agreements and make commitments. Also, act in practical, thought out ways and make those types of decisions. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Void Moon 4:29 am to 5:15 pm EDT. All the planetary/lunar aspects point to ease. This is a day for routine work, outdoor activities, and perhaps a bit of leisure. It's not a strong day for meetings or for producing or going over fine details, at least until Gemini Moon moves in at 5:15 pm EDT. Go with the flow. Tonight, write a paper, fill out paperwork, study or socialize in an easygoing way. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon. Make an announcement, share news, develop a plan. Be careful with petty aggravations if they arise. Mars and the Moon meet so words must be chosen carefully and sensitively. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Jupiter retrograde 1:01 pm EDT. Now forget I told you that since Jupiter is retrograde for half our lives and we'd never get anything done if we waited it out. Lots of planetary action today. Mainly, Venus and Neptune meet in Pisces, romantic and heart centered. The Sun and Saturn square in power signs, Aries and Capricorn so there may be issues about control and efficiency, methods or terms. Gemini Moon void 1:27 to 11:31 pm EDT. Avoid spending money then. Try to be on time and remember commitments. Cancer Moon moves in late night. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Family may surprise us today, for example by breaking out of a rut or pattern. Stay close to the earth and water. The answers are in nature.  Today's color is White.

Friday: A very busy Cancer Moon with 6 aspects to planets and the Sun. Other action between planets included, everything is on the table for discussion, renegotiating, and sorting or settling. Since it's Cancer Moon, emotional, home and family matters are priority. Void Moon 7:23 pm EDT.
Today's color is Black.

Saturday: Leo Moon begins 3:50 am EDT. Leo Moon generally favors shopping, parties and performances. Yet there are two squares dominating the day. One indicates stubbornness or strong opinions that may be unyielding. We need to check our egos or ignore others' on ego trips so as not to engage in silly arguments or power struggles. The Sun squares Pluto and that may be a trigger too. Moon aligns with Mars for adventures if you're free of issues with others or even within yourself. Keep those adventures healthy and safe. Today's color is Orange.

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