Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly August 30th


The Moon is in Taurus. Slow and steady is the idea. Be goal oriented and accomplish something simple. Hands on, practical work is favored, for example repairs during Mercury retrograde. Return to finish a repair or project you abandoned.  Music and dancing are also favored with the Moon in Taurus, ruled by Venus the planet of harmony!  Taurus rules the singing voice and is a physical sign.  The Moon is in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Virgo so there are lots of reconnections with people and revisiting of situations and places forecast for today!  Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn are likely to reconnect with friends. Scorpio may revisit communication with an ex. Or Scorpio you may just have to reconvene a conversation wit your significant other now. Be careful what you agree to!  Leo, it's a career day and a decent time to review where you're at and see if there's retroactive  money or salary due you.  Wear brown.

The Taurus Moon squares Neptune setting up the day. Neptune is both magical and imaginative and unrealistic and deceptive.  We can be sucked in byt things or people that look good but have no substance or don't have good intentions. Play it safe where trust is concerned.  There's a tug between practical, realistic goals and big dreams today.  Try to get the big, global vision broken down into logical, manageable steps.  Taurus is persistent, so take a can do attitude, but don't expect it all to happen in one day!  Connecting with creating people and community efforts is favored. Outdoor work and play is favored too. Connect with nature under Taurus Moon.  After about one hour void of course, the Moon moves to Gemini at 7:13 pm EST and is in harmony with Uranus and Jupiter in Aries for a very active, social, friendly night!  It's a good night out and a great night for games of all kinds.  Strategize about upcoming plans! Call on Gemini and Aquarius for social plans tonight! Wear blue.

Waning Moon in Gemini with aspects that indicate distraction and a certain amount of frustration!  The Moon works with Saturn in Libra, and our ideals come into play.  Trying to get it right and done fairly is likely and that's generally a good thing. However with Moon in Gemini there's two sides to the story and what we believe is fair or right may vary! Expect multiple perspectives today! Decision making may be difficult, as the Moon and Sun square in Gemini and Virgo, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Mercury is retrograde until late on the 12th.  Tonight the Moon and Mercury retrograde don't see eye to eye, and plans will change! It's a very changeable day and night! Virgo and Gemini, the action is overwhelmingly in your signs! And you are both ruled by Mercury, so if you don't really know how you feel or what to do, don't be surprised and just take a step back and let things simmer.  Aries and Cancer you may be especially prone to misunderstandings.  Wear yellow (for clear thinking).

The Gemini Moon aligns with planets in Libra and Aquarius for a social, easygoing day.  A light schedule and a chance to get together with friends is ideal today!  It's best to avoid important decisions and to try not to press people for definite answers.  Let the day unfold and have fun! Mercury retrograde connects us with old friends, and the Gemini Moon puts us in the mood to entertain, talk, meet people, and collaborate on ideas and inspirations!  Pull off something by working as a team!  Consider joining a group you're interested in.  Gemini is an air sign and we'll tend to connect with like minded people.  Keep it simple and fun tonight! It's a good date night for Aquarius and Libra especially, and a fun night for any kind of party or gathering.  Wear pink.

The Moon is void of course from 1:40 to 2:50 am and then moves to Cancer.  Cancer is a sign of sentiment, and with Mercury retrograde there's alot of feeling, from love to melancholy, in the air.  There's a bittersweet feeling about leaving, returning to a place you call or once called home, and surrounding family events.  The Sun and Mercury retrograde meet in Virgo for one of the most "retro" days of the entire period!  There's a call to the past and alot of reminiscing and remembering.  It's also a very psychic kind of day. Go with intuitions and trust your instincts.  There are too many planetary aspects to mention individually, but the Moon opposite Pluto always brings up realities and sometimes secrets.  It's bound to be an interesting start to the weekend as many emotions are stirred!  Wear white today.

Venus and Neptune, the two romantic planets, harmonize! The Cancer Moon adds to the sentiment and today is all about our connections with each other, from romance to getting back together with family.  It's a day of reconciliation too.  A feeling of wanting to work things out pervades the day, and even if it's temporary, uncertain in terms of the future, or just for the day, getting along and showing love and affection is in the forecast.  Enjoy the moment.  In the evening the Moon squares Mars and  it's a bit more of a struggle if there are injustices and imbalances that can't seem to be made right.  Selfishness will create issues but if you can get out of your own head for a day and remember what really matters, today can be quite nice.  The romantic aspects favor Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, and Aries most! Wear light blue.

The Leo Moon is in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn.  Reigning things in and gaining control is in the forecast.  Put your mind to something and make it happen. Leo Moon is a time of positive attitudes.  Jupiter is urging new things and experiences. Just remember we have Mercury retrograde for one more week and take it step by step with room to change course if necessary.  Saturn in Libra continues to remind us of what's good for us and fair to all.  Saturn and the Moon combine to help us cut ties with what no longer serves us today.  But this makes the day sound very serious, and there's alot of potential for fun too!  Leo is a sign that likes to enjoy life!  Plan something social and do it up!  Balance responsibility with time to let loose. Wear gold today.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Retro in Virgo and Pisces Full Moon

Virgo and Pisces, two of the three mutable signs, are the scenes of the action this week!  Mutable means changeable, therefore build in room to change your mind or your plans.  Engage in things on a trial basis, and if you have to make a permanent decision go forward with flexibility. For example if you accept or start a job now, the work may be different from what you anticipated.  If you start a relationship there may be misunderstandings right from the start or this person may turn out to be very different from what you expected. Putting a first date off until after September 12th might not be a bad idea!  The big idea during this Mercury retrograde is keep expectations to a minimum and get into a flow where you can alter your course for any reason.

As the other mutable signs,  I see Gemini, ruled by planet Mercury, and Sagittarius as signs most strongly affected during the retrograde and Pisces Full Moon. Situations regarding both home and career peak and shift.  For all four mutable signs (not exclusively, but in a concentrated way), this is a time of reworking, reviewing and altering. Knowing when and how much to forgive will be very important, the most significant part being forgiveness of self and a release of any inner judgement or demons that hold you back and make patterns hard to break.  Using Mercury retrograde as a retrospective and reflective time can be really productive! Allowing the retrograde to bring back negative patterns or habits is counterproductive.  Knowing that gives you the freedom to choose your course, rethink what you want, and prepare for a new launch around September 13th!

If your Moon sign is one of these, your experience may be very much inner process,  whereas if your Sun or rising sign is Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius or Virgo, the changes may be evident through your appearance, habits, relationships, and roles.

The Pisces Full Moon:
On Tuesday at 1:05 pm EST, the Full Moon is exact, almost directly across from Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Pisces is emotional and Virgo has perfectionist tendencies. The nervous system may be on overload for many of us!  With Neptune also close to the Moon, the tendency to avoid and use escapism is strong but is also counterproductive! Rather than ignore things, and rather than being very harsh on yourself or others, try something out and see how it works.  For example, see how it feels to get out of a usual habit, for example smoking pot.  Instead of "quitting", explore how it feels to not engage in that habit.  It's not a time for permanent decisions as much as it is a time for experimenting with alternatives.  If you always expect someone else to do a chore, try doing it yourself with no expectation of thanks or anything.  Just try it.   Instead of being annoyed with a habit or character flaw of someone close to you, let it go and just remember that it's not yours. Do something other than nag or complain. Even if that just means walking away.  This Full Moon may be dramatic or overly emotional but only if you engage in that and buy into it! I see the positive part of this Full Moon as willingness to change, let go, break a mindset and try on a new "outfit" or role.

It's a Full Moon of creators, actors, artists, fishermen and women, versatile thinkers, sea and lake dwellers, givers, lovers, romanticists, meditators, saviors, and helpful people.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo August 20th to September 12th:
This retrograde comes with the usual technical difficulties and altering of schedules, delays, and cancellations.  Socially and in business, per usual, people from the past return whether unexpectedly or not!  You may be tempted to revisit a job or relationship. It's best not to do that without careful consideration and clear intention that you have to be able to easily change your mind again.  It may be even more favorable to just wait out the next few weeks and avoid an ordeal later in September.

Mercury is information and details and Virgo likes things to be seem-less. Frustration over details, dates, and fine points is inevitable! Plan B is a necessity as are "rain dates" and rain checks. 

This might be a good time to go back to a project that needed more attention and see if it's still viable.

Instead of letting worries take over, write down things you should take action on and then decide if you WANT to. If someone else is driving those anxieties and they are not your own priorities, Mercury retrograde may give you a chance to let them go!  Try to work out of judgment of yourself or other people and into what's productive and worthwhile.  Use the retrograde to consider what you want to act on in mid September and through fall, from relationships to tasks to choices about how to live your life.

Quick sign by sign outlook!

Pisces-Peaks and conclusions, lots around relationship and communication and the potential for some big events! Remain flexible and open! Wave a white flag if you need a truce.  Avoid drama and/or escapism

Aries-Work and health. Take care. Don't overdo. Find outlets for anxiety and job stress. There may be sweat over the details.

Taurus-Friendships and social circles. The need to mediate or compromise with people. Reconnecting with friends. Reset your priorities and wishes.

Gemini-Being very open minded and flexible while establishing good boundaries where they're needed.  Realign things at home and juggle career responsibilities too.  Be forgiving with yourself and clear with others.

Cancer-Look for future opportunities. Make time to read, explore or go on vacation. Communication is very important and misunderstandings could be rampant. Try to be clear and keep that in check.  Launch a marketing campaign or schedule big events after September 12th!

Leo-Rework finances or your employment situation. Seek out money or other things owed to you. During the Pisces Full Moon protect your privacy, don't overspend and allow for romance!

Virgo-This period could seem a bit overwhelming! Take it easy on yourself and those closest to you. Try not to let frustrations block the good things!  Relationships may seem out of balance. Do things on a trial basis.

Libra-Take care of your health, rethink your daily routine. Try a new approach but with room to change your mind. Plans B and C are good and might be necessary. Keep work flexible and rest and recharge as often as you can!

Scorpio-Reconnect with people and revisit familiar places. The unexpected could be just what you need! Friends play a big role now and may lead you to your next adventure or venture!

Sagittarius-The Full Moon is home oriented. Changing residence, focusing on family or even your pets, or reworking your space to be more functional all make sense.  Slow down during the retrograde and review where this summer has led you.  Consider career options or your next big role! Flexibly!

Capricorn-On the move! Vacation or business, you're not likely to sit very still. Brothers and sisters and family news during Full Moon time is mixed with your own big plans.  Allow for stops along the way. Don't be too focused on one thing so you can't see the other possibilities!

Aquarius-Full Moon time brings work deadlines and other due dates. As much as you can get things in order; finances are a good example.  The retrograde pokes at matters of money and privacy. Check accounts and protect personal information.  You may feel very psychic and have lots of deja vu moments during this time.  Follow intuitions.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekly August 23

People will say the summer is ending now, but it's really only the third phase of the season as the Sun moves to Virgo today!  The Moon remains in Aquarius, nearly Full. It's helpful that the Moon is in an objective air sign, also forming trines with Mars and Venus in Libra. Friendship, collaborations, networking for business or work, and even love and romance are in favor today!  It's a good day to meet people, reconnect with old friends or let someone know you're interested in getting to know her or him better.  Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius appreciate good vibes on their love lives or social lives in general today.  Virgo, collaborating and sharing responsibilities works for you as a deadline approaches.  Pisces, the Moon almost full in your sign may have you contemplating and feeling like playing the Hermit today.  Tonight is social, creative, and imaginative.  Wear silver.

The Moon moves to Pisces at 10:11 am EST and is Full during the 1 pm hour this afternoon.  Pisces Full Moon time is both creative and emotional and with Mercury retrograde even more changeable than usual!  Be willing to let go, change plans, and be flexible with people.  This Full Moon is nearly opposite Mercury retrograde so it brings up the past.  Leave lots of room to change your mind, not even just once but maybe twice!  This is true not only for today but for the weeks coming up.  Avoid promises. Forgive if it's appropriate, but don't forget what's good for you out of loyalty or love for someone else.  We have to keep some good limits or boundaries at a time when alot of vulnerabilities come up!  Go with the flow as much as possible.  Stay surrounded by good people and avoid harmful influences or overindulgence which could hit very hard tonight.  Wear white.

The Moon is in Pisces directly opposite Mercury retrograde at 10:04 pm EST.  Full Moon misunderstandings, misinformation, and retroactive activity dominate the day and night.  Avoid gossip and needless drama.  This is an emotional high tide! Some of those emotions may not be negative, for example compassion or kindness.  We'll tend to feel to the extreme though.  Mercury retrograde is not the best time for an important discussion yet some of us will feel the need!  If you have to air things out do that without certain expectations and without needing to set solutions in stone! This is a mind changing period of time!  Things decided now may not make any sense in a month!  Keep options open and attitudes and solutions flexible.  Make the most of the day by going with the flow.  It's a good day for reconnecting with an old friend or forgiving and forgetting if that seems to make sense.  Pisces and Virgo have to watch out for relationship misunderstandings.  Libra you might experience mis-communication in the work place.    Scorpio and Taurus you're likely to be reconnecting with old friends. Wear green.

The Moon is in Pisces and the Virgo Sun works with Pluto in Capricorn today. It's a good day to stick with routine and do practical things in creative ways! Come up with alternate solutions to problems, take a more optimistic, productive attitude, and amidst all of this keep a trial basis in mind.  It's not the best time for permanent plans or promises.  Capricorn and Cancer, enjoy any chance to travel or explore a course of study.  Leo, look into an employment opportunity and possible financial plans or investments.  Again, keep things flexible and changeable while Mercury is retrograde until September 12th.  Tonight the Moon meets Uranus stirring up emotional situations and potentially creating some chaos or unexpected change.  There's a short void of course Moon from 9:59 to 10:49 pm and then the Aries Moon arrives and with it a feeling of impulsiveness!  The Moon and lucky Jupiter will  meet overnight, so the urge to go for opportunities is strong. However, sleep on it and play a bit on the safe side tonight.  Wear red.

The Moon Jupiter alignment in Aries pulls us toward new and refreshing, adventures and opportunities.  Just remember Mercury is retrograde and make sure there won't be any regrets. Leave room to move in a different direction if something just doesn't go as planned.  It's a great day to head back to school or off on a journey especially if it's somewhere you've enjoyed before!  Another side to the day is the Moon opposite Saturn and square to Pluto which won't be much fun if difficult dealings are part of the day.  Compromise may not be easy and situations are likely to get intense! Cope with responsibilities. Paying fines and owning up to errors, being challenged to "grow up" and being sure to divide everything equally are all likely today depending on your personal circumstances.  It's a do the right thing kind of day.  Tonight could be confrontational. Steer clear of aggressive people. Think before you react. Wear yellow.

The Aries Moon is opposite Venus and Mars. Fairness is absolutely the word of the day!  Selfishness will create issues. If you're all about you someone is likely to call you out.  Couples and ex's will have the most trouble with this, but even best friends or business partners might go head to head.  How much to pair up versus go solo is a big question. Libra may go for pairing while Aries may see advantages in independence.  These two signs host the action either way.  Sagittarius and Gemini are more involved in the friendship or romantic aspect of this and have some negotiating to do with social calendar, dates and friends.  Today is meant to be active and include a good game from whiffle ball to the big league, whether you're fan or a player.  Wear orange.

The Moon moves to Taurus at 10:35 am after about 6 hours void of course. The morning should be kept simple. There will be a tendency to have to recover from last night, one way or another. The Taurus Moon is a grounding influence. The Moon works with the Virgo Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. It's a good day for outdoor work, building, repairing, and other recreation in the wilderness (or at least in a city park!) Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, and Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo are likely to be revisting the past in some way.  Green is today's color.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly August 16th

The Moon is solidly in Scorpio until 1:34 am EST on Tuesday.  Scorpio Moon is about focus and helps us dive deeply into projects and information.  The Moon is in harmony with Mercury which is nice for private investigators or anyone seeking information.  Getting to the depths and the truth are part of today's agenda.  Skimming the surface will be less than acceptable.  Deep, powerful conversations are in the forecast, and Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer are likely to experience that.  Seek solutions to problems and find the hidden piece of the puzzle.  Jupiter is across from Saturn today stirring up Aries and Libra issues again, including justice and equal division of labor or responsibilities.  Pisces and Virgo might also relate this to money and matters of business partnership.  The blog below on partnership applies so refer there for more on Saturn in Libra.  Scorpio Moon isn't usually simple or carefree but it's a chance to get to the heart and soul of things.  Tonight the Moon and Neptune square and our intuitions are strong and imaginations fired up! The potential for drama is there along with great creativity!  Wear indigo blue.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, the zodiac's philosopher and free spirit! Air feeds fire as planets in Libra and Aries align with the Moon.  Being active, motivated, fair and honest is the idea today.  Saturn and Venus work with the Sag Moon and we explore and maybe alter our ways of thinking.  Bringing things more into harmony and clearing the way for new experiences is possible now!  Freedom comes with responsibility and finding that balance is one of the day's missions.  Tonight Venus, Mars and the Moon encourage good times, balanced relationships, and exploring. Get out of usual routine and open your mind.  Wear purple.

The Moon is in Sagittarius,  sign that like to be on the road, in the wilderness, or anywhere the scenery is different from every day.  But Mercury in Virgo is calling us back to obligations and paperwork and other practical things that need tending to.  Ideally we balance that and take care of business while also making time for fun and exploration.  That can mean exploring ideas too, through a book or conversation.  There's some debate today, most likely about freedom, independence and needing to break free of whatever is holding us down.  It's a good day to buy books or do anything related to higher education including visit campus, apply to a program, or make travel plans.  We are so close to Mercury retrograde now that we should leave room to change our minds about anything and everything!  Tonight create some good times, delve into an interesting topic, or take a ride across city, county or state lines! In other words, do something different!  Wear yellow.

The Moon starts out happy and free in Sagittarius, however in the midmorning (EST) the squares kick in and we are very much challenged!  The Capricorn Moon arrives at 10:17 am and before that a Moon/Uranus square shakes things up!  Today is about problem solving, trying to deal with situations productively, and trouble shooting. In some cases this will be big, unplanned for schedule changes and in some cases turbulence in our personal lives.   Capricorn, you need to step up and be a leader or at least forge a path for yourself! Gemini, Aries, and Libra this is very much about the alliances you've formed and getting things into balance and righting any injustices.  Libra, some of that is likely to be taking place at home or with family today.  Aquarius, you may feel like keeping your opinion to yourself for now. Allow yourself some privacy or down time today.  Cancer, home, family and career are all demanding some attention this week!  Tonight is affected by the Moon/Pluto meeting this afternoon.  It's serious and involves a reality check and a practical outlook. Rework something this week.  Make sure it's worth it though.  Wear black.

The Moon is in Capricorn, Mercury starts a retrograde, the Leo Sun is opposite Neptune, and Venus meets Mars! Suffice to say it's a big day in the zodiac, especially where relationships are concerned.  Libra, Aries, Leo and Aquarius, those with Moon or rising signs also, experience the love, partnerships aspect most directly!  Venus meeting Mars in Libra is great for couples or any romantic encounters, however Mercury retrogrades today as well, so it's best not to start new things!  The more today can be about fun or relaxation, love and good times, the better!  Put business on hold, take the day off, deal with the inevitable changes and technical issues calmly and rationally.   Mercury is about to take us into the land of settling old business.  Relationships and love are so much in the forefront today! Keep things fair and open and don't make any commitments now.  Tonight, have conversations but don't make promises as the Moon is in harmony with Mercury newly retrograde in Virgo. Light and fun is good! Wear blue.

Saturn squares Pluto and the Moon is in Capricorn. Today has the potential to bring up problems and difficulties of all kinds. Remember Mercury is now retrograde and keep decisions flexible.  All sorts of issues from relationships to living situations to business agreements come into play.  In some cases it will be very tough to negotiate or settle on anything.  Capricorn, Libra and Virgo may feel the most pressure.  Pisces, you live through that vicariously because of your partner or someone else close.  Communication gets muddled and confused when Mercury is retrograde.  Do what you can to avoid misunderstandings. Watch as skeletons come out of the closet! Protect your privacy.  Scorpio, misunderstandings or gossip is likely to be around you or about you.  Keep today as simple as possible. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 9:37 pm and the evening improves a bit.  Wear turquoise.

The Moon is in Aquarius and we're warming up for Tuesday's Pisces Full Moon. There's plenty of potential for fun and time with friends. It might help to detach a bit from any dramatic or unrealistic people or attitudes.  Saturn trines the Moon acting as a reminder to be fair with each other and to stay away from negativity.  Take action toward something you've envisioned and with Mercury retrograde always leave some room to change your mind.  Wear yellow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Partnering and Unpartnering

Saturn and Venus in the sign Libra are giving us every opportunity and all the signals necessary to make clear decisions regarding partnerships.  Partnering or dissolving partnerships in love/romance, business and creative pursuits makes sense as Saturn gives clarity while Venus shines the spotlight on relationships.  Saturn doesn't play games or mince words, so while Libra can be a romantic sign, the Justice aspect of Libra is activated now for a long period of time.  

Two very intuitive people I rely on for insights made related points recently. One referred to some tarot cards of the Swords suit (like spades in a playing card deck). She said they are about deciding-like Saturn in Libra, the swords are mental energy suited to logic.  Decide what your partnership story is now.  Picture the future or present of a designated partnership, love or business, and tell yourself the story of it.  Try to do that without thinking, and just use your intuition or imagination.  How does that story of a waning or developing relationship play out? I think that simple exercise can give you some important information and clarity.  And that is Saturn in Libra!  Unattached to the outcome, fueling action with intention and balance in mind.  

The other idea had to do with putting an "exclamation point" on situations.  If you're dragging baggage, being less than decisive, or caught up only in emotions, Saturn in Libra shifts focus to the pros and cons, pluses and minuses,  and the question of mutual give and take, and urges us to give the final word.  If you're literally not quite finishing your sentences or if you're constantly being cut off, if someone is discounting your needs and feelings and not letting you express what's honest and true, decide to add that exclamation point! ! That can be to end that final chapter in a partnership that doesn't serve your highest good any more or it can emphasize and illustrate an "a-ha" moment that lets someone know you're ready to take partnership to the next level. As in Game On! 

Saturn and Venus in Libra are strong punctuation, conscious collaboration, clear intention, move forward together or move on.  Saturn accepts no excuses and in Libra can correct imbalance and end a stalemate.  Venus in Libra wants us to attract those we can be in harmony with.  Balance your partnerships like the Libra scales this month.  Co-create something.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekly August 9

The Moon is in Leo which is great for an extended weekend.Thew New Moon in Leo is official at 11:08 pm EST and with it comes vibes from last month's solar eclipse. Change is in the air again! Leo Moon has lots of resolve, and as a fixed sign helps with long term decisions. This New Moon is optimistic and fired up! Get motivated for new endeavors, relationships, and pastimes, and leave the past behind. As a fire sign, Leo helps if you need or want to burn a bridge, rid yourself of a problem, person or bad habit. Press restart tonight, tomorrow or in the week or so ahead. Jupiter is a player today, aligning with the Moon and oppositeVenus in Libra. Lots of relationship happenings are in the forecast with that opposition, particularly for Libra and Aries. Jupiter has a lucky influence for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini especially now. It's a good night for fun and fortune!  Wear white.

The Moon is in Leo until 7:01 pm. We'll experience the Moon void of course from 3:10 pm until the Moon shifts to Virgo.  Leo Moon time is great for creativity, fun, and vacation like plans.  It's not a great dya for solid decisions since the Moon opposes dreamy Neptune, potentially putting us in a fog especially after 3:10 pm.  The earlier hours include a square between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn which can be tough stuff in relationships and includes being stared in the face by reality. Putting the past behind is still in the forecast and it's a good idea to settle that before Mercury retrograde begins on the 20th. We start tracing those Mercury degrees within days now.  When the Moon moves to Virgo tonight, and for the next two days, getting business done and details worked out is important. Put things on the calendar now versus waiting a week.  Tonight is more relaxed and flexible.  Earth signs including Taurus like this!  Wear black.

The Moon is in Virgo, together with Mercury. Our perfectionist tendencies are activated and we may be picky with others as well as hard on ourselves.  Virgo is health conscious and we had a New Moon Monday night so it's a good chance to adopt a healthier habit or lifestyle.  Communication is important today and Gemini, you may need to work out a home related problem or plan. Virgo, you're in the middle of negotiations and have something important to say so don't squelch it!  Get things out in the open and deal with them in practical ways today.  Leo and Aquarius, deal with financial matters and seek new opportunities, deal with the bank and anything you co-own.   The whole week is meant for starting new things, and for Taurus, Pisces, and others that mean relationships as well. Get to know someone better.  Tonight is relaxed and easygoing and can include work or social plans.  After 8:04 the Moon is void of course for tonight and the next 24 hours!!! Best to get things done and over with today!  Navy blue is today's color.

The Moon is void of course all day long! The less that has to be done the better! At least stick with routine and easy tasks that don't require big thinking or decisions.  Our biggest decision today should be what tool to use or cleaning solution to buy.  Virgo likes things orderly, healthy and clean.  Get sorted, work out, solve simple problems.  Avoid making commitments and expect changes of plans.  A flexible go with the flow attitude is best.  Tonight the Moon moves to Libra where there's lot of action around relationships and partnerships for now and the rest of the year!  Read more about this in a separate blog post above (August 9).  Tonight is topsy turvy, potentially exciting or unsettling in love and relationships.  Libra and Aries host this action which also impacts Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini in love and friendship, among others.  Expect an interesting night out and new developments with friends if not with you directly.  Wear light blue.

The Moon meets both Venus and Mars in Libra. This is excellent for relationships, either way. Mars gives us a chance to confront any imbalance and Venus makes it sweet in the end!  Venus is urging harmonious relationships and interactions.  Mars is working for justice.  Work out something in your love life or partnership once and for all!  This is a very good decision making day with the right amount of logic and feeling. Legal matters are also up for discussion and resolution.  Go for equal, shared, decisive, and balanced as well as beautiful today whatever you need to deal with!  It's a good day for music and decorating and any project that needs collaboration, symmetry, and sense of design or fashion.  Tonight is a date night or night for best friends. Pair up! Gemini and Libra should make dates for the weekend and Sagittarius will love a big party or anything festive!  Leo, a road trip or visit to friends will feel right! Cancer, throw a house party or dinner at your place. Wear pink!

The Libra Moon is in harmony with the Sun in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius! It's a festive, romantic, fun day in the zodiac!  Weddings are nicely timed and so are other parties and events or even a casual date could turn out to be much more amazing than you expected!  Tonight the Moon moves to Scorpio at 8:26 pm. It's more introverted in general but also fuels passion and romance as long as jealousy and other negativity isn't part of the picture.  Wear red.

The Moon is in harmony with Pluto and if you need to be productive or deal with some realities, this is a pretty good day for it.  Get focused and organized. Show work ethic if you need to. In personal relationships, take an objective no nonsense point of view.   If life is feeling dramatic, today is a good time to bring it back to earth and take practical action.  You might also feel like alphabetizing your books or cds and doing other things that make you feel in control.  Wear black today.