Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 27th to May 3rd, 2015: Full Moon in Scorpio

Monday: Leo/Virgo Moon

The Leo Moon squares Mercury in Taurus at 10:12 am and is then void of course until Virgo Moon hits at 9:07 pm ET. The Moon square Mercury brings creative thinking to the forefront. In places of disagreement, be more open minded, listen to each other and find permanent solutions. These are fixed signs so once agreement is reached, we'll tend to stick with the plan.  During void of course Moon, aim to be more light, playful, and heart centered.  Bouncy energy may bother some and resonate with others. Kids and some adults will find it hard to concentrate, so try to keep tasks and learning easygoing and fun.  Virgo Moon is good for late night studies and organizing. The Moon squares Saturn overnight adding even more focus on structure.  It might be easy to get things done today if you're relaxed and more difficult if you're unsure or tense. Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

The Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Learning, training, and education in general is in the spotlight. Commit to a program of study or agree to take the next step in training or certification of any kind if you feel ready.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for earth sign things, like garden plans, landscaping and building.  It's a doer's day, so go beyond the thought process and produce. Neptune opposes the Moon tonight which is good for productive dreaming, imaginative homework, or a movie after a long day. It's not the most trustworthy though, so share information carefully.  Be flexible but not to the point of bending over backwards in a situation that doesn't deserve so much accommodation. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Sun trine Neptune

The Moon is Full in Scorpio on Sunday. This week, move toward completions of all kinds.  Virgo Moon trine Pluto and Mars should help keep us on track with projects and plans. Pluto may unearth an issue or two to be confronted constructively. Act on things that have been overlooked or neglected with the energy of Mars in physical Taurus. The Moon squares Venus in Gemini. How we communicate plays a significant part in outcomes today. Venus relates to relationship and both Virgo and Gemini, the signs involved, relate to words. Manage what you say or write and how you phrase things.  Restrain yourself from strong criticism or assumptions if you want to maintain peace, love and friendship or collegial relationships in the workplace.  The Sun and Neptune are just the right mix of water and earth, add a spiritual, connected aspect to the day, and might fuel both compassion and romance as needed. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Mercury in Gemini, Libra Moon

Moving void of course 8:23 am to 10:03 am, the Moon then shifts to Libra.  Decisions may be pending or required early today as Mercury and the Moon align at 8:23. Give your word outside those void of course times.  Use early morning to process and weigh things out.  Libra Moon aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius. Intelligence is today's theme. The world of ideas, thoughts, and possibilities is activated. Feed your brain, your spirit and your body in healthy ways.  Read books and consult other resources.  In the body, Sagittarius relates to the liver and Libra to the kidneys. Drink lots of water (add lemon!) and purify your body in whatever ways you choose. We're moving into Full Moon time, and feeling good helps with Full Moon moods.  Mercury moves to Gemini, another sign of the mind, at 10 pm. Mercury in Gemini is very communicative, relates to siblings, and ideally gives us a way with words.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Libra Moon

Expect a variety of influences on this Libra Moon day.  Jupiter favors friendships and good decisions. Pluto and Uranus stir feelings and create unusual or surprising circumstances.  The Full Moon warmup is here for Sunday night.  Libra Moon traits include judiciousness, balance, and ability to compromise. Keep these in consideration as you move through a potentially busy Friday on all fronts.  Keep your wits about you if you're out tonight or traveling in unfamiliar areas. Libra Moon can keep us too much in our heads. Find balance and stay grounded. Today's color is lavender.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon in Libra, Moon trine Venus

With so much void of course Moon time, don't allow yourself to feel pressured. The Full Moon is a time of decisions, completions, news and deadlines. However, void Moon is not the best time for a big expenditure, spontaneous risk, or major decision unless you've truly done your homework on these things.  Know what you're getting into or receiving for your money. Relationships can have happy, ease filled time on days like this.  On the other hand though, Mercury and Saturn oppose tomorrow and the weekend is filled with serious considerations. Full Moon is Sunday at 11:42 pm ET and the feeling and events linger into the early days of the week. Scorpio Moon moves in at 9:47 pm. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Full Moon in Scorpio

The Moon is Full in Scorpio at 11:42 pm ET. Everything is magnified, and some things may feel bigger or more overwhelming than need be. Try to keep feelings in check, especially jealousy, regret, or vengeance.  Allow for some quiet meditation or rest. Remember under this fixed sign Full Moon that things do change. You're not stuck, even if it seems so in this moment.  Make long term decisions if you're ready. It may be hard to change things you agree to now.  It's a solid time before Mercury retrograde (May 19th-June 11th), so as long as you plan to be in for the long haul, go with a promise, contract or major announcement. Mercury opposes Saturn in two very different signs from Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius. This relates to wise decisions and also learning and growing through challenge and experience.  It's a powerful Full Moon with some vibrations from last month's April 4th eclipse. New developments in ongoing stories are to be expected. Seal a deal or put something to rest.  Today's color is gold.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Astrology April 20th to April 26th, 2015

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Monday: Sun in Taurus

The Sun moves, signaling the second phase of spring, at 5:42 am. Taurus birthdays begin! The Moon is also in the sign of the bull until 7:28 pm, void of course since Sunday at 7:07 pm. Get simple, practical things done. Avoid overly complex information or tasks. We're fueled by Saturday's New Moon, and this may feel like an energetic day. Physical exercise, work, and hands on learning and building are favored by Taurus Moon. Gemini Moon 7:28 pm is opposite Saturn at 2:00 am ET. Debates happen as many ideas are tossed around. It may be hard to take criticism tonight. Deliver any judgments with care. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Venus

The Moon and Venus meet in Gemini. Business and pleasure mix well under these conditions. Mercury squares Jupiter and discussions of plans, travels, higher education, and bringing projects or spending to scale is likely.  Many ideas can be exchanged on a day like this. Mars forms a trine to Pluto in earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. This may help us raise questions or information that's been hidden or ignored.  The planets and Moon set us up for discoveries of all kinds. Follow natural curiosity and seek information. Bring up ideas you think are worthwhile. Brainstorm. Meet people for fun or work purposes. It's an extroverted day.  Gemini and Taurus are very busy and central signs of activity this week. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Mars conjunct Mercury, Venus trine Jupiter

The Moon is void at 1:38 am ET, but there's good reason to think much will be accomplished regardless. Mars and Mercury put plans in motion, and that included contracts. Taurus relates to building, food, farming, and gardens to name a few thing that might get a big push or the final word to get started now.  Venus and Jupiter are so favorable in Gemini and Leo, helping relationships form and blossom, encouraging growth and love, anything related to children, media, publishing and positive, fair business exchanges.
Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo feel the love.  Taurus, Virgo and other signs may feel the growth in terms of abundance and opportunities.  Mercury is also in harmony with Pluto for receiving word and information you need to move forward.  Today's color is green.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon arrives at 12:25 am ET. Today is continuation of all the planetary action this week. Re-read Monday-Wednesday and also consider the new cycle that began with last Saturday's New Moon. It's time for action rather than indecision or letting things lag. The Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Neptune today which should generally bring ease.  Today's color is light blue.

Friday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is in Cancer, impacted by Pluto, Uranus, Mercury and Mars. It's a mixed day. Cancer Moon tends to be sensitive to moods and the environment.  This can be felt as overstimulation or need for peace and calm. If you feel that, turn things off to get a bit of solitude and think clearly.  Planting and fishing are favored in the almanacs. In urban life this can translate as activities that result in profit or growth.  Void of course Moon begins at 1:04 pm ET. Today's color is white. 

Saturday: Leo Moon

At 9:13 am ET, the Moon shifts to Leo. Saturn influences the business of travel, education, and children today.  Use wisdom and advisement in decisions.  Know that you've thought things out clearly.  Halfway between New and Full Moon, aim for progress.  It's a good night for social gatherings and performances.  Today's color is orange.

Sunday: Leo Moon

The Moon meets Jupiter, a shining influence on this weekend's events. Open mindedness and blossoming are two possible outcomes of this conjunction.  Children are ruled by Leo, as are performers and leaders. Venus and Uranus combine forces for surprising relationship events, announcements and status changes. Today's color is purple.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weekly Astrology April 13th to April 19th, 2015

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Monday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is opposite Jupiter, square Mars and sextile Uranus. Quite a combination for a Monday! Opinions and plans need to be aired out. Though compromise might not come easily, Jupiter pulls in that direction. Aquarius Moon has objectivity, so perhaps step out of the emotional context to see what's in plain sight, true and not worth debating.  Mars in Taurus can be unyielding, however Uranus adds new ideas and perspective in an effort to re-create what's outgrown or too traditional. Bottom line: freshen your perspective, listen to each other, and then decide if you want to hold onto a way of thinking.  Take advantage of the inventive, higher level thinking mode Aquarius Moon represents.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Mercury in Taurus
Gentle Yoga 9:30 am
Baby n Me 10:45 am both at Scarborough Yoga

Aquarius Moon until 4:12 pm ET. Use forward thinking as you solve present problems or come up with new ideas. The Moon is waning for shedding what's no longer needed. Mercury and the Sun are in harmony from Aries for an eventful, but hopefully easygoing day. Moon is void of course at 3:45 pm and turns things over to Pisces at 4:12 (a very short void Moon). Good time for a power nap! Pisces Moon could be a bit cranky or require an adjustment as two squares form. Venus and Saturn bring up what's not being taken care of, including relationships. Mercury shifts to Taurus at 6:51 pm ET putting the long term stamp on decisions and plans made in the next few weeks. Today's color is light green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon
Hot Yoga (Bikram) 12-1 Maine Hatha yoga
Flow at Breathing Room South Portland 6-7:15 pm

Pisces Moon is malleable, creative, sensitive and emotional. There's more ability to yield during this part of the week. It's a day to let go of what you can't control or don't need. Make space for new things coming with Aries New Moon and the next phase of spring (Saturday is the New Moon, Monday the Sun moves on to Taurus). Venus is opposite Saturn, continuing what they started yesterday. Relationships that are going through complicated times need some serious attention. This happens in Gemini and Sagittarius so it's not very grounded or certain, but Saturn is pursing truth while Venus is flirting and maybe creating dualities in love lives. Gemini and Sagittarius may also be at the point of deciding to commit to other things, like longer term plans, studies, or work options. Try to take things seriously while Mercury in Taurus is pushing for what's lasting. Void of course Moon is 5:37 pm  ET until 5 pm Thursday. Today's color is black. 

Thursday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon is void of course until 5 pm ET.  Expect noncommittal attitudes and answers. That actually might be the smart thing early in the day. The Aries Moon moves in at 5 pm and aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius for action. More wisdom in dealing with change can come from Saturn in Sagittarius. Seek solutions, advice from those more experienced and/or older. Movement is favored over anything stagnant and unchanging. Today's color is orange.

Friday: Aries Moon

It looks like a varied and eventful day with Aries Moon and many planetary influences. The most notable is Mars square to Jupiter in Taurus/Leo. Debates will be intense, though they may end peacefully. Mars in earthy Taurus and Jupiter in fiery Leo are an interesting combination. This may come in the form of people who challenge you to grow and change. It may feel like a push, like you're being told what to do. Try to listen though and not automatically resist. Taurus and Leo are both "doing" signs, but in different ways. Someone with a very different method could feel like an enemy or a threat, but consider what you might learn or how you might benefit from giving his/her way a chance. Take your time with decisions today. Aries Moon can feel pushy too. Weigh out options. On this day before New Moon, perhaps you buy some time and decide Sunday or Monday.  Jupiter is the strong planet today, in Leo for expansion, creativity and growth. Uranus adds excitement and/or a feeling of instability. Today's color is red. 

Saturday: Aries New Moon

New Moon in the first sign of the zodiac at 2:57 pm ET means initiation, leadership and start of new cycles. Brave, assertive energy wells up and calls for action. The Sun and Moon act together with no direct aspect to other planets today. Pure, fresh and dynamic, consider rebirths of any kind, pioneering and forging ahead, spring cleaning and purges of what's no longer useful. In with the new! Moon is void from 2:57  to 5:31 pm ET. Taurus Moon grounds us in decisions and actions taken now. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Taurus Moon, Neptune square Venus and sextile Mercury
Yin Yoga 10 am Maine Hatha Yoga
Prenatal Yoga 3 pm Breathing Room South Portland

Neptune has both an imaginative and sometimes dark influence. This planet is very active today with three aspects including a sextile to the Moon. Romance may be blissful. Hopefully that feeling is real, if so. Neptune can deceive or create an illusion. Writers, film makers and artists may find inspiration. Manipulative people may have their way. There are pros and cons all over the place. Enjoy without expectations for the future. Be happy but not gullible. Flirtations may not lead to anything, but could be fun for the moment. Void Moon starts at 7:07 pm ET until 7:28 pm ET Monday. Today's color is light blue. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly Astrology April 6th to 12th, 2015

Monday: Sun conjunct Uranus

Scorpio Moon relates to emotions and may feel quite intense just two days after the lunar eclipse. Loyalty will be valued and recognized.  Mercury aligns with Jupiter and the Sun and Uranus meet in Aries. The Sun conjunction brings news and developments related to the eclipse, as this happens in Aries, the opposite sign to the Full Moon we had on Saturday. Exciting, unsettling and surprising are some words you might use to describe what's going on now and during the last few days.  Strong feelings and opinions are likely to be expressed. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon
Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 & 
Baby n Me 10:45-11:45 am Scarborough Yoga

Scorpio Moon is void of course at 4:42 pm ET until 1:08 am Wednesday. Mercury is active again today, squaring Pluto, aiming to disclose information and secrets. A release of information could send things in a whole new direction and may allow for more movement forward. Squares are stubborn though, and you'll have to work to get the info you need. Be persistent, a Scorpio Moon trait. Evening is for relaxing and taking care of personal priorities. The Moon opposes Venus, making relationship questions and status a focus, especially for Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn. Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Mercury conjunct Uranus
Hot Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga 12-1pm
Gentle Yoga at Breathing Room 4-5:15 &
Flow 6-7:15 pm

The Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign of movement. Mercury and Uranus meet in Aries for brilliant plans, wake up calls, and reasons to act immediately. Interesting messages and opportunities come unexpectedly. Jupiter is direct at 12:59 pm, and though you may not have noticed Jupiter retrograde, it's one more planet in favor of forward motion.  Saturn meets the Moon, saying choose wisely even if you have to move quickly.  Today's color is purple. 

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon trines
Gentle Yoga 9:30-10:30 Scarborough Yoga
Restorative  6-7:15 pm Greener Postures W. Falmouth

Trines help things fall into place. They are a sign of ease, and we have four today! Sag Moon is in harmony with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus.  Time to remove blocks, refresh what's stale, and actually accept offers or confirm plans. It's a good day for travels, field trips, and a new point of view. The void of course Moon begins at 1:45 pm. Get something settled before then. The Sun and Mercury meet just after midnight for more announcements and news. Today's color is yellow. 

Friday: Capricorn Moon
Hot Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga 12-1pm

Moon to Capricorn at 8:47 am. The Sun/Mercury conjunction overnight means word comes today. Things you anticipated during the last few weeks, effects of the eclipses that went by March 20th and April 4th, and other statements mark the end of the week. This happens in Aries, sign of leadership, initiator of change, and pioneer.  You may find yourself venturing into new things, not necessarily by choice.  The Sun and Mercury also contribute to original designs and ways of thinking and can lead to invention and creation.  Some statements will be strong, since the two meet in expressive and assertive Aries.  Capricorn Moon and Mars in Taurus favor building and bold business moves. This trine happens at 10:36 pm and will impact Saturday too. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon is for getting things accomplished. The Moon is waning, and it's a favorable time for clearing old things old. Get rid of what's not useful. Capricorn is resourceful and during this Moon you could find new purpose for things you haven't been using. Do some feng shui at the home or office.  The Moon engages with 3 planets and the Sun for a variety of influences. The most notable is the square to the Sun in Aries. This can add to power struggles. Ask yourself if it's truly worth it and what you need to prove, before you go down that road.  Is the answer really that each of you have strengths to bring and neither has to dominate? Venus moves to Gemini at 11:28 am. Flirtatious, interested in people and socializing, Venus in Gemini may also inspire speakers, writers and teachers for the month ahead.  Planting and other outdoor plans are favored by the Moon. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon, Mars sextile Neptune
Yin Yoga at Maine Hatha Yoga Portland 10-11:30 am
Prenatal Yoga at Breathing Room South Portland 3-4:15 pm

The Moon is void of course from 4:15 am to 1:44 pm ET, and then moves to Aquarius.  Mars is in harmony with Neptune, strengthening imagination and creativity. See beyond limits today.  Artists, builders, and those who work the outdoor land or sea scapes may feel this sextile as inspiration, motivation, and ease.  Move past a mental block today. Start doing and let your process unfold. Today's color is turquoise.