Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekly August 31

We are officially into the shadow of Mercury retrograde, in other words, the degrees of Libra that planet will retrace in September. The retrograde begins on the 6th and ends on September 29th. These are good weeks to vacation, reconnect, lay a little low, make only temporary changes, and choose your words carefully. If you haven't done so yet, back up everything.

The Moon in Capricorn and the morning and early afternoon are best for taking care of business. It's a pretty good day for back to school or routines with the Moon in an earth sign in harmony with Saturn. This is good for organizing, structuring, and being productive. Make well thought out purchases and save your receipts since we're so close to Mercury retrograde. Register the car, pay bills, and do those end of the month things too. The afternoon hours bring a void of course Moon from 2:09 on, and it's very unpredictable, but not bad for cleaning and reorganizing or rearranging. The urge to get things in order kicks in big time. It's also a good afternoon and evening for cooking, simple shopping, and working outside or building something. Capricorn Moon is very hands on and in charge. Tonight, the Moon void of course is good for routine work or socializing. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 11:43 pm EST. Wear black today.

The Moon is in forward thinking Aquarius. It's a social, generally optimistic day designed for getting in touch or back in contact with people or for attending events and gatherings. The Moon is working with Mercury helping us with conversations, problem solving and intellectual work. If you make a decision today though, try to keep it reversible, and that will be true for the entire month. Try temporary fixes and do something on a trial basis only if possible. The Moon opposes Venus today, and opposites will attract or we'll tend to be drawn to people whose strengths complement rather than mimic our own, so it can be a good day to team up. But in long term relationships, this opposition can be tough. Venus is flirtatious in Leo and loyalty is an issue. It's best not to make promises you won't keep this week and in fact throughout the month. Keep love lives simple now. Blend the logical and the creative tonight and come up with something great! Wear bright blues.

The Moon is in Aquarius, sign of friendship, and you may have already started reconnecting with old friends or colleagues, and that will be true all month long. Today has the very fortunate meeting of the Moon and Jupiter which happens once each month. These two in Aquarius think big and out of the box. Dream up something great and just try it, but avoid committing to anything long term for now. As much as possible today should be light and fun and also full of creative brainstorming, social plans, and exploring future possibilities. The Moon approaches Neptune tonight, which signals escapism. Some of us will feel like running, especially from realities and and obligations. Watch out for overindulgence and unrealistic expectations. The potential for fun is good if all else is well! Full Moon warm-up is on for Friday around noon EST. Wear purple today.

The almost Full Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces at 11:58 am. Before that the Moon is void of course and Mercury is square to Mars increasing the chance of mix-ups, schedule glitches, and arguments too. Try not to deal with important business or controversial topics before noon. The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and with Mars in Cancer later at night. This will keep us from being entirely lazy. Try to get motivated for one thing and feel good about it. Other than creative projects, we're likely to be happy to just hang out and not do much tonight. Even with Full Moon deadlines looming and a Full Moon tomorrow. If anything we might be overly emotional or witness dramatics tonight. Wear light blue.

The Moon is Full in Pisces, one of the zodiac's most emotional and creative signs. The feelings that fuel music, art, and drama are in high gear now! This makes for inspired performances, which are best left on stage! With the Mercury retrograde degrees in effect, it also increases the chance of big changes and surprises. The nature of this Full Moon is very, very unpredictable. Sudden, major changes of heart and mind are in the air. The Full Moon is direct at 12:02 pm EST and affects the days just before and through the weekend. Even the best laid plans can shift today, people will be emotional and possibly dramatic, moody, sensitive and easily injured. Creative impulses can be put to good use though. Channel your energy into making and creating. Visit the sea, the lake and other calm, natural places. Don't push or aggravate. Give each other space. Feel free to bail or change your mind and do what's right for yourself. We may be asked to do things we don't want to. Stand your ground. Wear silver.

The Pisces Moon is just past Full and will be void of course from 12:53 to 10:14 pm. The Moon meeting Uranus and opposite Saturn stirs things up big time. It's easy to irritate other people, run into schedule problems and general chaos today. Mercury retrograde starts officially tomorrow night even though we're already into the degrees of the retrograde as you may have noticed in the past week. Reoccuring problems are in the forecast for today. Go for only temporary plans. Some of us will overstep boundaries and good judgment may be harder than usual to come by. There's plenty of disagreement in the air. The best plan is to chill and know this will pass by. Tonight the Aries Moon immediately squares Pluto and power struggles will be common late night. Wear white.

The Moon is in Aries and today is about moving on, cutting ties, airing grievances and putting things up for debate. The problem is we are beginning Mercury retrograde just after midnight and these 24 hours are some of the worst for the effects. Technical problems, communication issues, needless and worthwhile arguments can easily be the result. Do what you can to head those things off. Wait on anything you're not 110% certain about and even then keep things as flexible and reversible as possible. The Moon opposes Mercury and squares Mars sparking all kinds of issues. Libra, the retrograde begins in your sign, and Virgo it will move back to yours on the 17th. As much as possible lay low, keep things simple, and use the retrograde to reconnect with friends and reconsider things thoughtfully and slowly. Wear red today.

Zodiac's Fun Signs

177 votes and the tally is:
Sagittarius is the most fun with 31%
followed by Gemini and Leo, nearly tied for 2nd and 3rd

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mercury Retrograde Prep!

Back up your computer files
and any important documents

File anything legal now! by Friday the 28th if possible but no later than Friday the 4th

Change your passwords and deal with security issues

Say things that need to be understood correctly

Create a calendar-we become forgetful

Change your phone plan if necessary

Buy anything technical, electrical or expensive now rather than in September

Sign the lease!

Pay any bills -we will tend to miss payments

Make schedule adjustments

Apply for or accept a job

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Virgo Poll Results

117 of you voted and the traits most associated with Virgo are:
1. 54 % say Virgo has high expectations
2. 50% say Virgo is hard on themselves and 50% say Virgo expects perfection

Vote in the new poll! Which signs are the most fun?

Weekly August 23

This is a big week for getting things done, finalized, purchased, and ironed out. Mercury retrograde degrees begin on the 30th, so don't put off until tomorrow or next week what you can do now!

The Moon is in Libra, sign of balance and justice. This morning the Moon and Neptune align for good feelings between us and a sense of beauty and harmony in the air. It's a little bit daydreamy and we might not quite be into the business of the day early on. The Moon squares Venus in Cancer at 10:53 am and relationship matters need to be worked out in fair ways, with cooperation as the key element. This afternoon at 2:10 the Moon is in harmony with Mars at the tail end of Gemini, activating our brain power and ability to get things finished or started, whichever is necessary. Don't waste this afternoon's energy! Do something worthwhile, preferably by teaming up. It's a great time to brainstorm solutions and put balanced plans in place. Take everyone's needs in to consideration. It's important to see other perspectives with the Moon in Libra. The void of course Moon is just over an hour long, and the Moon moves to Scorpio at 3:16 pm.The Scorpio Moon, which can sometimes be overly intense, is balanced by the Sun in Virgo. Work on details, creative work, and a step by step approach late in the day and tonight. Tonight is about focus, preparations, creativity, and order. Your friends may want a little space. Watch or read a mystery or tell spooky stories, and invite Cancer and Capricorn to join you. Gemini, Mars last night in your sign is a good reason to show motivation and not put things off. Wear dark red today.

The Moon is in Scorpio, and even though it's an important week to get things accomplished, move cautiously today. Mercury changes signs and that can confuse things. You might notice that people change their minds quite drastically today. Mercury squares Mars, another planet changing signs, moving to Cancer at 1:15 pm. Mars may not be too happy about this shift to a water sign since Mars and emotion don't go that well together. The vibe is cranky, and communication mix ups may be common. It's easy to set off an Aries abut problems at home or with brothers and sisters, and Cancer's temper is tested too. Mercury puts Virgo in a position to act on something and organize life before 4:18 pm. That's when the planet of plans, commutes and communication moves to Libra. Trying to compromise will probably be aggravating today, especially with a Scorpio involved. Scorpio, you're likely to feel that you are right and may not feel like teaming up. Wear gray today.

The Moon is in Scorpio, and Venus moves to Leo today. The fixed signs are in focus, with Aquarius and Taurus rounding out the four. Venus in Leo until September 20th is fun, lives large, and is a big flirt! It's good for gift giving, charitable donations, parties and events, and favors entertainment and the media. Performers and anyone who loves to be on stage can appreciate Venus in Leo! The Scorpio Moon forms a challenging square to Jupiter at 5:14 am EST, and this can be like rain on the parade, plus Saturn weighs in from Virgo further tightening the reigns. Scaling things down or having our sense of freedom challenged is the result. Mercury squares Pluto and realities set in. This might not be pleasant. Don't say more than you have to. The whole day looks pretty stubborn and potentially frustrating, but tonight is the most difficult angle with Mars opposed to Pluto in Cancer and Capricorn. Play it totally safe and watch your temper. Tonight is reactive, so choose your words and battles carefully. Better yet save them for another time. The Moon is void of course from 2:34 pm to 11:16 p then in Sagittarius. Wear black.

The Moon is in Sagittarius square to the Sun in Virgo. Squares aren't comfortable but without them we can't make progress. This one is a tug between structure and freedom, honesty and tactfulness, the big picture and the important details. Trying to mix those things and make it work is the idea. The Sagittarius Moon is a good one for getting out of your comfort zone and out of the usual routine. Learn something, discuss different philosophies, pick up a book, and make travel and school plans. This is a good day to deal with schedules or head out on a trip. Work out details of anything and accomplish a goal or enter an agreement now before Mercury retrograde. Take the attitude that you can do the right thing by someone and still be happy and satisfied. Tonight relationship conversations are in the air and will continue into tomorrow. Giving each other space might be necessary, and so is compromise. Wear green.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, more than halfway toward the Full Moon of September 4th. Put some pressure on yourself to get finances in order, find a job, solidify all plans and agreements and above all, sign any paperwork now. Sunday is the pivotal day when we hit the degrees Mercury will retrace. You'll be glad you pushed something up a little bit if you want something to last, if you want to fully understand what you're agreeing to, and if you hope not to change your mind. Same goes for transportation, so buy a car now rather than next week, and check the tires and systems of the one you drive now. It's also a good day to back up files and organize things since Mercury retrograde is a time of technical problems and losing track of things. Venus and Mercury bring up matters of love and relationship, compromise, and promises. Today is a better day to sort that out than any day coming up for another 4 weeks! Tonight is fun as long as you've taken care of business and can feel a sense of accomplishment. It's a great time to start a vacation, and the entire month ahead works well for time off. Wear pink today.

The Moon is void of course from 1:26 am to 10:44 am EST, and those hours are best for relaxing, sleeping, and avoiding important decisions. The Moon moves to Capricorn Saturday morning and meets Pluto for major reality checks. Face a problem in a practical, down to earth way. The Moon is opposite Mars and disagreements will be common, especially about how to handle things. It's a good day to organize and work on goals and a hard day to work together at the same time. Capricorn and Cancer will want to do things their own way. It might be best to let them do that rather than argue. There's alot up for debate, but reaching compromise is highly unlikely! Agree to disagree. Taurus, your future plans and all discussion and planning around them may feel overwhelming whether you're traveling or going back to school. Libra, family may pressure you and seem to interfere with your plans and other obligations. Tonight things lighten up a little, but a practical approach is still a good idea. Wear blue.

The Moon and Sun are in the earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, pushing us to finalize details, build, organize, work outdoors, figure out money matters and do other practical things. It's a great day to clean, pack, or work the garden or landscape. It is the last good day to make a decision, agreement or promise you won't go back on, for about a month. The degrees Mercury will retrace during the retrograde begin now. Mercury is officially retrograde on the 6th. The days coming up are good for visits with family, visiting old stomping grounds, and slowing things down. They are not so good for major moves, starting new things, or getting or giving clear information. Back up your files and have an important conversation today. Mercury will retrace steps in Libra and Virgo, so these signs and people with these rising signs are affected alot all September long. Mercury retrograde blog coming this week so check back for your sign's outlook. Wear brown.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly August 17th

The Moon is in Cancer, her home sign in the zodiac. Take care of each other and be sensitive to feelings. The smallest slight can be taken hard on days like this. The Moon meets Venus increasing sentimental feelings, and remembering the past is likely. The Moon and Venus also influence our creative sensibilities and it's a good day to pick a new paint color, rearrange, or redecorate at home. Taurus, pull out the old photo albums or call old friends. It's a day of reminiscing for you. Cancer, you're likely to feel inspired and creative. Make something more beautiful or interesting today. Along with the Cancer Moon we have the Sun in Leo in harmony with Mars in Gemini for an outgoing, socially active and very expressive aspect. Leo, Aries and Gemini will feel that most. Aries you might feel like you can take a chance and come out on the lucky side! It's a travel kind of day for Gemini and Aries too. Leo you'll probably be most focused on friendship and get togethers. Mercury and Saturn meet in Virgo, so it's a prime day to work out details, work with facts and numbers. Leo and Aquarius, figure out budgets and ways to maximize profits. Tonight has the romance of Venus and the Moon in Cancer and the excitement of Mars and Neptune. Those two planets activate our dreams and intuitions. Trust your gut. Wear blue today.

The Moon starts in Cancer and is void of course from 3:09 to 9:56 am. It's a good day to cut yourself a break, be able to sleep late, or just clean and organize. No big decisions if possible before 9:56 am EST. The Moon and Uranus connect at 3:09 am affecting the day with surprising news and changes of plans. Be ready to adjust accordingly and maybe act quickly in situations requiring instant action. One caution is not to overreact and make a promise or statement you might want to retract later! The Moon moves to Leo, the sign of Thursday's New Moon, at 9:56 am and we start seriously looking at plans to make sure they feel right. Everything is up for discussion and consideration before this important New Moon, the last one before Mercury retrogrades in September. Take your time with things today. It's a good day for learning, training new employees, or creative pursuits. Leo acts from the heart and rules the back, so get some exercise for both! Tonight expect things to be off balance as Mars and Uranus struggle in a square. Both are in the mutable signs, Gemini and Pisces, so it's a very changeable and potentially unstable night. Lay low. Play it safe. Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Leo, usually a playful, extroverted sign. Today has two sides though since the Moon is opposite Jupiter and Venus works with disciplined Saturn. Venus and Saturn in Cancer and Virgo put safety, caution, organization and structure first, especially in family and other closer relationships. Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Pisces, Capricorn, and potentially all of us, will be working out things with people we care about. Acting in a practical way is favored even though there are plenty of tugs on the heartstrings too. Doing the "smart", realistic thing is favored over just reacting emotionally. The Moon opposite Jupiter tonight tends to make us think the grass is greener on the opposite side, but that will probably turn out not to be true. We overdo things on nights like this. Trying to have a balanced attitude and point of view is best. Outrageous statements may be made and Leo and Aquarius might have the hardest time with the extremes of things. Libra, you may need to mediate between friends and help people find compromises even with social plans. Tonight is a major night for rethinking and making decisions with the New Moon arriving at 6 am! Wear pink today.

The New Moon in Leo is great for changes, and today we'll hear of new plans and decisions made in the last few days. This is the New Moon that will lead us into Mercury retrograde , and by the end of next week you want to have any changes made and actions taken ideally. August 30th is the key date to set as a deadline. Then slow things down, deal with simple matters, and avoid any legal paperwork, commitments, or finalizing things until September 18th. A New Moon in Leo especially favors Leo, people who work in Leo fields like entertainment and media, educators, and anything related to children. The New Moon is exact at 6:01 am EST, is void of course from then until 10 am and then in Virgo. It's another day to act on practical matters and in a down to earth way as the Moon and Pluto work together for realistic approaches. Changing your mind is actually in favor now! Work on schedules and all kinds of plans. Act with vision, like an architect, and draw up plans and start building. It's okay to be a little bit impulsive now rather than put things off unless you're willing to wait another month. Tonight is good for work, study, and planning. Get financial things in order. Wear white today.

The Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign that's often known for perfectionism. Mercury also in Virgo is opposite Uranus n Pisces today, and it might feel hard to get things just right. For that reason there's frustration in the air. The key is to have some flexibility today and realize the New Moon is good for changes. Things you thought were set in stone or very reliable might suddenly shift now. Virgo and Pisces this affects your plans and personal relationships. Taurus and Scorpio, this affects friendships, your love life and social plans. Things go topsy turvy, and we can easily be misunderstood or say things without thinking. Virgo is likely to be very temperamental today, since the Moon and Saturn also meet up tonight. It's a pretty serious note to start the weekend on. Friends may decline invitations in favor of work and dealing with other significant things. It's natural to feel depressed, hard on yourself, or down on a day like this. Keeping a realistic attitude and showing understanding is the best plan. Wear black.

The Moon is void of course from 7:44 to 11:12 am then in Libra for the rest of the weekend. Libra Moon time is about fairness, as well as creating balance, beauty and harmony. It's a good day to do something nice for yourself, especially along the lines of looking better. Shop, get haircuts and other beauty treatments today. The Sun moves from Leo to Virgo at 7:38 pm, and babies born before then are Leos, and after that time, Virgos. This is what we call being born on the cusp. With squares and oppositions, this might not be an easy day for everyone. The Moon and Mercury together encourage productive talks and good communication though. Tonight, relationship status changes are part of Venus and Uranus working in Cancer and Pisces. You may be surprised at who is no longer with who and vice versa! Wear pink.

The Moon is in Libra, and today is more upbeat and optimistic. It's a great day to make balanced decisions, figure out what's fair, work on relationships, make music or art, and enjoy life in general. Libra is the sign of the couple, and twos are favored. Buddy up whether in friendship or love. Being the third wheel will be hard today. The Sun and Pluto align in Virgo and Capricorn, and we can be decisive, realistic, and make positive changes now. The Moon works with Jupiter for a happy outlook. Don't wait on something that can be done today. Get it out of the way since by the end of next weekend, Mercury will be in the shadow of the retrograde and we tend to want to reverse actions we take then or we act with misinformation or lack of good judgment (among other things). Wear light blue today.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poll Results: Most Difficult Sign to Deal With

92 voted and Scorpio gets 24%. Gemini is runner up with 17%
Vote in the new poll inspired by Ken Voight of the band Ruin.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hmmm? Eclipses, Surprises, Upheavals and the News

Eclipses accelerate events so yeah, any kind of event that's likely to occur anyway can be triggered by a lunar or solar eclipse. We've experienced 3 in a row this summer in July and August, coinciding with the deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Kronkite, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and this week Les Paul, and Allen Schellenberger the drummer for Lit. It's been a pretty crazy run with celebrities passing away. Eclipse effects vibrate a month in either direction too, and even though Michael passed away in late June, it was almost exactly a month from the July 22nd solar eclipse. Often things that happen around eclipses are sudden and unexpected, but chances are they are just pushed to the front of the current timeline. Natural disasters often occur at eclipse times too.

Coming up around August 20th and 21st and again around September 4th and 5th, the Cancer/Capricorn/Aquarius/Leo eclipses' aftershocks will reverberate and all kinds of things you thought were set in stone will change once again. Th 2nd set of dates coincides with the beginning of Mercury retrograde so early September will be a time of reversals and changes of plans, favoring anything temporary and flexible over anything too permanent or hard to get out of later. So if it feels like there's nothing you can do right now, you might just be right on. Best course is to just go with the flow and see where the tide comes in.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekly August 10

The Moon is in Aries, the competitor and trail blazer of the zodiac. Aries likes to bring in the new, but today has the sharp points of two squares involving the Moon and Venus, Mars and Saturn! Venus and the Moon both relate to our emotions and relationships and trying to get things in order and harmony will require lots of effort. The people we're closest to are the ones we're likely to struggle with most. Aries Moon is about movement and new experiences, but Venus in Cancer likes to stay close to home and feel secure, so issues around that come up for debate. Tonight Mars and Saturn battle it out since Mars in Gemini is full of ideas and thrives on change while Saturn in Virgo pushes for structure and reminds of obligations and things left undone. Aries and Gemini may want to move on even if there's unfinished business, while some of us will nag and push for perfection or at least closure. Confrontations, tempers, and an unsettled feeling is in the forecast for tonight. Sagittarius is a good friend if you want to go out and play, but games will be taken seriously. It might be hard to just play for fun. Taurus is the most introspective today. Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini are most likely to find relationships difficult. Wear yellow today.

The Moon is in Aries in harmony with the Sun this morning, helping us get on the right track. It should be easier to make decisions and see the brighter side of things. The Moon works well with Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in Gemini and Aquarius, which is great for making contacts, reaching out for advice and making friends. This is a good day to get things done well in advance of Mercury retrograde. Do all new business by the end of August. Sign a lease, make a formal agreement and do any legal paperwork now. Once the last days of August hit, we'll tend to make more mistakes, do things we later regret, or enter agreements or purchases without the best information or even intentions. Make major purchases today while the Moon is nicely aspecting Jupiter. You might spend alot of money, but find it well spent! Taurus, act on both acquisitions and employment opportunities now. Aries, Aquarius and Leo, just enjoy the good vibes today! The Moon is void of course from 4:03 pm on and it's a good night out. It's also a fun night for sports and games or for starting a project of some kind. It's not a good night to make promises or expect friend to be on time. Wear pink.

The Moon is in Taurus from 12:49 am until Friday morning. Tomorrow is a very busy 4th quarter Moon, so it might be best to take care of things today with clear astrological weather! The Moon apsects Pluto in Capricorn for a business like attitude and the ability to face a challenge head on. Taurus Moon is a good time for long term decisions and agreements. Getting our hands dirty, whether actually working outdoors or just diving right into work, is in the forecast. Building, working out, and using our physical energy and strength is favored as is any work around the house. It's a day to make practical decisions or changes you feel very certain about. Scorpio, you're likely to deal with your significant other and family members today and should keep things rational and clear, especially if you're making promises. Capricorn, you're most likely to get a lucky break today. Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Venus in Cancer which can be romantic, especially in solid long term relationships. We'll be into feeling loyal and secure over flirtatious and fun. Wear blue.

The zodiac is full of activity today. The 4th aurter Moon arrives at 2:55 pm indicating time to rethink things and revise plans for the next 7 days. It may be hard to make permanent decisions with so much going on in the heavens today, but it's not a bad day to enter a long term situation if you're ready. In fact it's much better to do that now than in two or three weeks when we are in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. September is not the best time for long term changes, so act now if you can. There are too many angles to look at individually today, but a trine between Mars and Jupiter is good for acting on profitable opportunties, travel or educational plans. Mars is in Gemini and Jupiter is in Aquarius so you two signs as well as Aries and Sagittarius may benefit most from opportunties presented this week. Tonight, the Moon is square to Jupiter and Neptune and honesty will be an issue and collaborations could be difficult-but still may be worth pursuing. Surprises and the unexpected is in the forecast from 11:17 pm EST until daybreak, so keep your wits about you. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Gemini from 6:25 am until Sunday morning. Gemini Moon is a time to be flexible, open to new ideas, and willing to solve problems creatively. This is a day for trouble shooters and puzzle solvers. There are potentially two solutions and two good possibilities for everything which can make it hard to choose! With a New Moon in Leo coming, Taurus may be deciding between two places to live while Cancer may have more than one good job possibility. Exploring options, researching and study are all favored in both our personal and professional lives now. Find information you need today. The Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter which can be optimistic and also too extravagant. There's a tendency to do things up big or even just exaggerate! Gemini can tell a good story today if necessary. Aquarius and Leo you might have to scale things back a bit, if you're being realistic. Sagittarius, it might seem like the right time to get in touch with family or make a visit back home. Libra, a different scene and point of view is appealing t0 you too. Tonight is social and events should be busy and well attended. Wear gold.

The Moon is in Gemini for a very mixed day. The Moon squares Mercury and Saturn making information difficult to get and communication a challenge. Our words can hit hard so make sure you say what you really mean. The tendency is to be harsher than necessary. Try to follow through on plans and commitments and avoid the backlash of Saturn. The Moon works with Jupiter and the Sun and meets Mars for a busy and potentially wild night. Wear black today.

The Moon is in Cancer from 9:13 am on. Before that we have a void of course Moon from 2:19 am, so use good judgment or lay low during those hours. Cleaning up and doing routine things is favored then. The Cancer Moon today might pull us to family and food! Cooking dinner or baking or celebrating with family feels right. The Moon is out of sync with Uranus in Pisces early in the morning and events or news of yesterday may be troubling. The Cancer Moon says be where you feel most secure and with familiar, comfortable friends. It's a sentimental day and a good day to celebrate some kind of tradition, reunion or summer ritual. Wear light blue.