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Robin's Zodiac Zone September 1st to 7th, 2016

Yoga Nidra with Invitation to a Spirit Guide or Animal Totem Sunday, September 25th 2-3:30 pm at Scarborough Yoga (Maine) Register at this link or in the studio at 433 US Rte 1.

by Meg Yates #artmonk

New Moon Yoga with Gallery Style Astrology Readings at Freeport Yoga Company (Maine) Saturday, October 1st 1:30-3:30 pm

September starts with a solar eclipse/New Moon in Virgo at 5:03 am EDT. The Sabian Symbol for this degree of Virgo is two faces peeking out of the shadows. The eclipse is solar, indicating beginnings, and this one is about seeing beyond any cloudiness or dark, to what's illuminated and bright. Prospects become more clear, though Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd so it may be wise to let decisions unfold rather than jump impulsively into the unknown. Neptune, Saturn and Mars challenge the Sun and Moon at eclipse time, and this could cloud judgment and appear as limitations or opponents. However, some of this will disappear. Choose your battles or choose not to fight the flow or the adversary, and wait situations out. If you must act quickly, expect terms and responsibilities to change in the fall. Sometimes things turn out even better than you hoped or planned! Huge transitions mark September, and that's how we'll remember this month. Here's where we're at during this third phase of summer:

 Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo Moon waxing toward Full/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th
Mercury retrograde in Virgo
Venus in Libra, Mars & Saturn in Sagittarius
Jupiter finishing 13 months in Virgo on September 9th
 Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn (they stay in one sign for many years)

Move gracefully through all these shifts by developing patience and choosing calm responses. If you do, everything around you will respond. Environmental drama does not have to steal your happiness or peace.

 Cheers & Happy Labor day weekend! Robin

Thursday: Solar Eclipse in Virgo, Sun square Saturn. Find flexible or experimental approaches. Try to avoid permanent agreements, promises or forcing decisions. Change happens naturally and inevitably. Make peace with that. The boys and men in our lives, fathers and grandfathers, Leos, Pisces and Virgo are most influenced by the eclipse. Sagittarius is challenged. Pisces must remain grounded and realistic. Capricorn discovers and explores. White is today's color.

 Friday: Mercury conjunct Jupiter & the Moon conjunct both planets, in Virgo, Sun opposes Neptune. Be realistic and authentic. Make plans and agreements on flexible terms or temporary timelines. Important and overdue discussions. Interesting developments and eclipse type news. Void Moon 6:13 to 8:55 pm EDT then Moon in Libra. Lavender.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Venus in Libra. Partnership, seeking agreement and harmony. Mediate, negotiate, dance, make music, remain undecided if it feels right. Social day for parties and friendship. Pink.

Sunday: Libra Moon opposes Uranus, squares Pluto and void at 8:30 pm. Shop for simple things. Save receipts and avoid the major or electronic purchases. Socialize, mix pleasure and work. Collaborate. Avoid drama and impulsive action. Void of course Moon overnight. Be safe. White.

Monday: Void Moon until 8:38 am EDT. Scorpio Moon with no aspects. Retreat to your sanctuary or a beloved place. Focus your attention fully. Lose the tendency toward scattered mind and energy. Experience spirituality in any manner. Maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune, Pluto and the Sun. Silver linings. Seeing past shadows or romantic ideals. Attention to business. No BS allowed! Creative approaches. Indigo.

Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto, Venus sextile Saturn, Moon from Scorpio to Sagittarius, void of course 8:43 to 9:20 pm EDT. Balance freedom and responsibilities. Fulfill obligations. Look for harmonious agreements. Be practical and fair. Turquoise.


Aries: Between last September and now there’s been growing impetus to change day to day life, achieve optimum health, and remove some overriding stress. Thursday’s eclipse can force changes you put off or couldn’t quite manage. Address your biggest concerns in the most practical manner. This is a chance to re-imagine routine.

Taurus: Friends and acquaintances from the past pop back into view while Mercury is retrograde. Look for interesting reconnections while traveling, returning to school or attending a conference or event. You’re likely to see someone in an entirely different way. Be willing to change your opinion as a shadow or illusion is removed this week.

Gemini: The push pull of Mercury retrograde and a solar eclipse could drive you a little crazy as September begins. The living arrangement might not be what you expected or there’s a significant issue to be dealt with at home. The good news is Jupiter hangs out and supports best outcomes at your place and with cohabitation and family for one more week.

Cancer: Changes in your thinking impact business prospects and school plans. Mercury retrograde might have you in reverse, rethinking a previously done deal. Allow for alterations rather than stay fixed on what no longer makes sense. Change your major, literal or otherwise. Retract a statement if necessary. Make way for what’s happening now, as opportunity presents.

Leo: Mercury retro and the solar eclipse instigate changes and refocusing around how you earn and spend. You could find yourself with more money or a primo opportunity as Mercury meets with generous Jupiter. Saturn and Mars put pressure on business friendships while Neptune also has a strange influence on shared money or resources. Trust your gut over other advice.

Virgo: Change happens fast. Solar eclipse is a blurry mix of wonderful and out of whack. It’s a time of re-imagining and learning as you go. A forceful opinion or chorus of advisors, especially family members, could exacerbate what’s already stressful. This adjustment requires inner wisdom, perspective and possibly a bit of distance from the ones you love.

Libra: A mental health day won’t set you back. Rejuvenate and restore your energy by stepping back a bit for perspective. Be more realistic about how much can be accomplished and how much to take on. Venus favors loosely scheduled time for art, music, journaling, and creative pursuits. Without making too drastic a change, head to the salon or spa for some pampering.

Scorpio: The Mercury retro and Virgo eclipse combine to reactivate your relationship with a friend, lover, or supportive colleague. Consider this a new beginning, free of preconceived ideas and judgments. You’ll interact differently this time. Keep money transactions separate from your friendship though. In general, money and work require a conservative approach right now.

Sagittarius: Jupiter exerts one final influence over your career or leadership role. Any resistance or reservations about change will be replaced by a need for action as the eclipse blows through. Mars and Saturn intensify your responses so be mindful and go easy. Compassion for others makes you a more effective leader or team player. Move gracefully through this shift.

Capricorn: The universe has been working to expand your mind, open you to new experiences, and change your view of the world. Thursday’s eclipse pushes you to the next level of understanding. A new program of study opens some Capricorn eyes, and others of you will be students of life. Challenge your previous beliefs and grow into confidence and self esteem.

Aquarius: Mercury retro and the eclipse events prompt you to review any partnership agreement, the terms of shared property and custody, accounts or loans. Mars and Saturn say it’s not the best time to mix friendship or romance with business. If you do. it’s likely you’ll rearrange and revise for better balance and the maximum return.

 Pisces: You, my Pisces friend, are in the center of the whirlpool, the vortex of the eclipse season. Relationship status may change quickly or the two of you make a big decision, changing everything. Single Pisces feel the shift in professional or other one on one relationships. The roles you’re willing to assume are up for discussion and change this month.

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Astrology Forecast August 25th to 31st, 2016: Mercury Retrograde Begins

Photo at Sunflower Farm where we celebrated summer Full Moons with the goats & yoga

Robin's Zodiac Yoga continues Thursday mornings through September 1st on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine 7:30-8:30 am. We'll skip over Labor Day and resume class on Mondays in September (12th, 19th, 26th) at 4-5 pm. This time change aligns with the changing sunrise and temperatures. Get ready for some beautiful September afternoon yoga to set you up right for the week! Teachers and students, this time is designed with you in mind! And it's free.

This week, waning Moon in Gemini, Venus's last days in Virgo, & Mercury retrograde themes guide us. 

It's time to register for RoZoYo® autumn yoga events! See Freeport Yoga Company & Greener Postures Yoga sites for workshop details, October 1st and 15th to coincide with the New and Full Moons. My schedule is always up to date at www.rozoyo.com/yoga.

Thursday, August 25th: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn and Mars, square to Neptune in Pisces. Opposing opinions, lots of talk, strong debates. Make words official or legal. Expect to be challenged. Yellow is today's color.

Friday, August 26th: Gemini Void of course Moon 8:30 pm until Cancer Moon 11:06 pm EDT. Mars square Neptune. Moon square Venus, Jupiter & Mercury in Virgo. Strong effort and convincing data will be necessary to make progress or decisions. Reasons to procrastinate may be legit. Light blue.

Saturday, August 27th: Cancer Moon trine Neptune, sextile the Sun, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. An auspicious day. Healing vibes. Great day for relationship growth and harmony. Find agreement. Creativity peaks. Today's color is Pink.

Sunday, August 28th: Cancer Moon. Beware of being pulled into old patterns of thinking and influenced by emotions related to the past. Avoid blaming others. Take care of each other. Cook nurturing meals or comfort foods. White.

Monday, August 29th: Venus to Libra 10:07 pm EDT. Mercury conjunct Venus. Moon to Leo at 4:11 am (void from 2:23 to 4:11 am EDT). Heart to heart communication. Flexibility with others and with agreements. Good for designing and doing detailed work. Venus in her home sign favors harmony and justice, dancers and musicians for the next month. Another auspicious day. Act on intuition, do creative work, keep some flexibility in decisions as Mercury retro begins in Virgo tomorrow. Purple.

Tuesday, August 30th; Mercury retrograde in Virgo 9:04 am EDT. Leo Moon trine Mars in Sagittarius. Active, dynamic day. Avoid major purchases or changes to your appearance, such as hair color or tattoo. Spontaneity must be balanced with care. Orange.

Wednesday, August 31st: Void of course Moon 12:20 am to 11:22 am EDT. Virgo Moon 11:22 am Move carefully through the morning. Steady or slow pace. Be thoughtful, organized and careful with details. Avoid big purchases. Revise systems or schedules temporarily. Brown.

Horoscopes: Venus leaves Virgo for Libra, her home sign, a couple of weeks before Jupiter departs the same sign. Mercury stays in Virgo for the quarterly retrograde beginning on Tuesday. Late summer transitions are in full swing.

Aries: On Sunday, Venus’s grand entrance to Libra starts an auspicious year of love and partnership for Aries and Libra. If you’re in long term relationship or contracted cooperation already, you’ll feel it first. Details and schedules take a backseat, and relationship building comes first.

Taurus: Two final Virgo convergences favor you, Taurus . Establish the terms of relationship, take vacation or be part of a friend’s celebration this weekend. Venus in Libra, after Saturday, helps relationships with colleagues and adds interest to your work. Mercury retrograde preview involves reestablishing communication with an old friend.

Gemini:  Jupiter and Venus place so much love and intention around your family and home, something superb is bound to materialize. It’s possible you’re in the midst of happy news or a beneficial move. Your entire physical living arrangement continues to evolve. Leave room for positive changes.

Cancer: You’re the topic of happy conversations or the messenger of good news. Finalizing details, celebrating success, and reuniting with siblings or distant friends are all positive results of planets converging in Virgo.  If you’re going off to school or abroad, you’ll do it in style. Enjoy the upgrades this week brings.

Leo: You’re the zodiac’s pick for prosperity and abundance. Job opportunities and well paying projects come via Venus and Jupiter. A one off gig can lead to something more lucrative.  Hold nothing back. Creative license and high interest material put you right in your element. If you’re hiring, seek candidates who share your style and flair.

Virgo: A trio of planets join forces in Virgo. They aim to shine light into dark corners, awaken what’s been dormant, and beam generous amounts of love and open mindedness your way. Erase fear of the unknown as you move into the next Virgo eclipse shift.  A life changing conversation is the precursor of what’s to come.

Libra: Invite someone of interest on a date or to collaborate. Venus enters Libra on Monday for successful pairings. Consider common vision, but also see differences as a strength. Partner with one who makes up for what you lack. Think yin/yang. Venus initiates more harmony and foreshadows over a year of expansion coming right up.

Scorpio: Surrounded by friends, be part of a special event, tribute or late summer party.  Immerse in the joy and generosity of friends or colleagues. If a conversation or forgiveness is overdue, make it happen with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter encouraging harmonious relationships.  Mutual support is your theme as you give and receive, and everyone wins.
Sagittarius: An interview, tryout, licensing exam or public appearance is set up incredibly well. Three planets boost you to the next level of leadership or professional life. If you’re a student, an internship or mentor appears and proves to be so influential to your success. This is the culmination and reward of a long process. Make the most of opportunities this week.

Capricorn: The trio of planets in Virgo call you once more to distant places. A journey takes you somewhere beautiful, maybe home. The Jupiter/Venus connection is strong for happy landings wherever you roam late this summer. Mercury has another life changing plan in the works as well. It may be a month until you get the final word.

Aquarius: Rebirth, regeneration, and resources are themes as three planets exercise influence for your health, bank accounts, and settlements of any kind.  If your life is in good shape, enjoy the bonus instigated by Venus and Jupiter. If you really need someone or something to come through for you, move that process along while the stars are strongly on your side.

Pisces: Uncommonly beautiful alignments impact your love and relationship life. Venus and Jupiter deliver on promises, deepen commitments, and encourage a healthy relationship between you and your most significant other. A hope becomes real.  It’s also an exciting time to develop a business plan with someone as devoted to your passion as you are.

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Robin's Zodiac Zone August 18th to 24th, 2016: Full Moon in Aquarius

Yoga for August Full Moon is on the 18th, Thursday, at Sunflower Farm. By donation! Join us! Photo from RoZoYo®
 July Full Moon Yoga by Julie Bernier

Sunflower Farm, home of Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Cumberland, Maine, hosts Full Moon Yoga and visits with the goats this week on Thursday at 5:30 pm. Donate for yoga and the farm and experience this wondrous place on a Full Moon evening. Drink in the beautiful August light while we move through an astrologically aligned flow.  Hold and play with the baby goats after yoga! Aquarius Full Moon Yoga with themes of stability and community. It'll be so much fun! Allow yourself a little time to drive out to the farm, about 30 minutes out of Portland.

This is week 2 of a slightly different format with more info for your own sign. 

Happy Full Moon, everyone! Rapid, but stable, changes come with this Aquarius Full Moon supported by Saturn and Uranus. Alternative approaches obliterate old methods as we see what's not been working. Go for original ideas and change things up! 

Aquarius is the sign of the ankles and circulation. Do what you can to strengthen either or both. Yoga is always a good option, and...my schedule is at www.RoZoYo.com/yoga always. 

Hope to see you at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Center for Full Moon Yoga (tonight, Thursday August 18th)  or for Robin's Zodiac Yoga Thursday mornings on Congress Square Park at 7:30 am, through August, while we can be outside in the sun and under the Moon.


Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius 5:27 am EDT. White is today's color. Unique people, unexpected changes, original ideas. Void of course Moon 5:27 am to 12:34 pm. Pisces Moon 12:34 pm on. 

Friday: Pisces Moon. Highly sensitive. Trust issues and themes. Light green is our color. 

Saturday: Pisces Moon Void of course 8:21 am to 3:18 pm EDT. Hold on important decisions. Aries Moon 3:18 pm on Activate and feel a resurgence of strength, energy and enthusiasm. Orange is our color.

Sunday: Aries Moon trine Saturn and Mars. Decisive and strong willed. Today's color is Red.

Monday: Sun to Virgo 12:38 pm EDT. Aries Moon void of course 7:48 am to 5:19 pm EDT. Taurus Moon follows. Mercury meets Jupiter in Virgo. Excellent time for contracts and agreements. Yellow is our color. 

Tuesday: Taurus Moon. Long term decisions. Solutions. Grounded approaches. Green for today.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon void of course 3:38 to 7:40 pm EDT. Gemini Moon follows. Mars meets Saturn. Forceful energy. Don't be overpowered or controlled. Avoid bullies. Social plans favored in the p.m.  White is today's color. 


Aries: Mingle with progressive thinkers and eccentric friends. Let your preconceived notions go as Aquarius Full Moon casts a surprising light, changing your vision. This socially oriented Moon leads to inspired collaborations, friendships, and support from unexpected sources. Experience connection and common vision this week.

Taurus: The unique quality of this Full Moon alters one of your goals or plans. Like looking through a different lens, you see a broader spectrum and change of focus. You may have to recreate in order to follow a more colorful, adventurous path. The more you’re willing to scrap and take chances, the more inspired you’ll feel.

Gemini: Full Moon attracts unlikely friends and allies. See a relationship in a different light. Where you’ve been stuck or unable to shift a pattern, suddenly there’s progress.  Notice whom and what you’re drawn to and how different it is from your previous experiences. Take an adventure with that in mind.

Cancer: It’s a Full Moon of money, with loans,l settlements and property in the forefront. Make agreements legal with both electronic and paper copies.  An unexpected professional opportunity requires a quick response. Travel, even a short trip, turns out different and better than you anticipated. You’ll feel the universe work in surprising ways this week.

Leo: Travels with your partner or best friend could be the coolest during Full Moon. Be ready for anything as the planet of surprises shifts your experience. This Full Moon encourages commitment, loyalty and love. If you’re working hard and can’t get away, no worries. Planets align for your financial gain, including distinct possibility of a new, well paying gig.

Virgo: There’s a ton of emphasis on Virgo life and priorities during this final month of Jupiter’s superpower.. Aquarius Full Moon signals a cycle completed, the end of a work or health concern, and is the harbinger of unusual news. Any financial impact should favor you. Most importantly, don’t hesitate with what you want since your timing is now.

Libra: If you’re spending an unusual amount of time planning versus doing, you’re in sync with planetary forces. It’s right for you to set the stage for a best possible scenario. You’re getting ready for significant growth and new experiences.  Before you go off to school, change career or immerse in demanding work, celebrate with friends near August 18th Full Moon. A happy surprise awaits.

Scorpio: Life at your house is due to change during this Full Moon. News surrounds real estate, house mate, cohabitation or renovation. Your parents might sell the family home. Mars and Saturn appear to add to your earning power and also your financial responsibilities.  New developments might take you off guard, but ultimately you’ll see the reasoning or silver lining. Write the final page of a chapter eloquently.

Sagittarius: Seek closure during this Full Moon. Have that final meeting or overdue conversation, and try not to let emotions overpower you. How you express yourself and handle business counts toward the outcome. Uranus promises a strange or fortunate twist on how you expect things to go.  Mars and Saturn influence you in a serious direction you’re suddenly ready for. Go.

Capricorn: Saturn, your ruling planet, provides forward motion in multiple areas of life. Obstructions in your path are removed, one by one or simultaneously. This Full Moon of favorable news about money, employment and health, also influences home. Financial aspects align at the opportune moment, making available the resources you need.

Aquarius: Aquarius Full Moon comes once a year, with important developments, closure, and personal change. Around August 18th, get clarity or closure in a way you hadn’t foreseen.  This month’s been much about relationships, friends, and finances. One or more of those come through with the green light, answer yes, or elusive piece of information you need.

Pisces: Mercury and Jupiter have a rare meeting that influences relationship life. Revolving around commitment, these two lead you to declare love, renew vows, or make decisions as a duo. On a business level, you could enter the next, most important partnership of your life. Career aspects are strong. Powerful intuitions guide your steps within a few days of August 18th’s Full Moon.

Robin's Zodiac Zone is also found in the Portland Phoenix newspaper, available weekly on Wednesdays at local newsstands. And it's free!

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Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly August 11th to 17th, 2016: Saturn Direct

Sunflower Farm Full Moon Yoga in July. Photo by Julie Bernier. One more RoZoYo® there on Thursday, August 18th!

Saturn is direct in Sagittarius on the 13th, Saturday at 5:50 am EDT. With both Saturn and Mars in fire sign Sagittarius, we're prompted to move on what's pending. Tune into what you feel more decisive about, but do not be pushed by outside influences. Exert your own freedom and rights to make the best decisions for yourself, for your highest good.

Full Moon is August 18th, next Thursday. I'll be leading Full Moon Yoga at beautiful Sunflower Farm, home of the Nigerian dwarf goats. They produce cheese and goat milk sweets which are available for purchase ($7). You can pet and play with the goats after yoga. It's been a highlight of summer and I really hope you can come if you live locally, near Portland, Maine. The farm is about 30 minutes outside Portland in Cumberland Center, Maine. RoZoYo® yoga themes include ankles, stability, and community, friendship, mutual support and vision. Donate amount of your choice ($$) for yoga and the farm. This will be a fun, late summer practice as the Full Moon rises. 5:30 pm start.

This is a new Thursday-Wednesday format I'm trying out. You'll get more for your sign plus the colors and important aspects with each Moon sign, as usual. Give me a few weeks to play with this and decide for sure.

Robin's Zodiac Zone turned 17 last month! Thanks for all the years and times to come!


August 11th to 17th

Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon. Void of course 1:22 am to 1:24 pm EDT. Keep morning simple and focused. Activate around decisions as the Moon meets Mars later. Wear Red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Decisive action. Serious intentions. White is our color.

Saturday: Pink is our color. Saturn Direct 5:50 am EDT. Sagittarius Moon void of course at 1:37 pm EDT. Do important business before the void time. Have adventures as the day goes on. Prioritize relationships.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon starts 12:11 am. Continue progress and momentum. Green is today's color.

Monday: Capricorn Moon. Productivity. Be realistic. Void of course 10:45 pm EDT to Tuesday 7:52 am EDT.  Brown is today's color. 

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon begins 7:52 am EDT. Full Moon warmup begins. Aim for resolution and finishing touches. Sun and Uranus provide excitement and progressive shifts. Yellow is today's color. 

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Venus trine Pluto in Virgo/Capricorn. Flexible thinking, rapid developments. Stable changes. Blue is today's color. 


Aries: Ingrained habits and thought patterns could hold you back from a new experience. Venus and Saturn create tension around the path you’re strongly considering. One big concern is how your relationships and familiar routines will change. The Sun and Uranus say it’s time to play ball, ready or not, by the middle of next week.
Taurus: Keeping personal relationships and business arrangements separate looks like a good plan.  Venus and Neptune form a misleading opposition involving lovers or friends. Moon, Mars and Saturn point out problems regarding shared property, money and resources. With wise advice and information, act in your own best interests this week.

Gemini: Saturn’s return to forward motion has a positive influence on a relationship or reconstruction project.  Improving your home environment, physical or emotional, and collaborative decision making proves easier from Saturday on. Act on creating a happy, healthy living arrangement, either on your own or with the one you love.

Cancer: It looks like you have news to share or an important conversation pending. You can wait a bit and experiment with changes before making your announcement to the world. However, if holding things in is affecting your appetite, sleep or ability to concentrate, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.  Make schedule changes before Mercury retrograde moves in late this month.

Leo: The Sun and Uranus light up a big, bright opportunity: a unique experience in life or in love. For sure, this is like nothing you’ve anticipated or engaged in so creatively. Follow up may require that you act spontaneously and shatter an old paradigm. Use your wits and resourcefulness with money matters, regardless of which route you take.

Virgo: The good sense of Mercury and balance of Venus are with you, bridging the gap between a goal and a promise you’re being held to. Your word may come into question or it’s you that’s been misled.  Family and relationship dynamics are not to be underestimated. Your trend is toward a strong new beginning, and change is in the offing even if you or someone else resists.

Libra: Though decisions and actions can increase happiness, feel free to take a little bit more time. Rather than agonize over the pros and cons, envision the best case scenario and repeat an affirmation of success. Saturn and Mars will give you the final push when it’s time. There’s a year of tremendous growth directly ahead.

Scorpio: There’s a good chance you’re headed for a career, family or home related decision that requires clear thought. Saturn and Mars bring money into the forefront. Structure an agreement sensibly. Hear your own voice amidst all the advice and distraction around you. Above all, do not romanticize an alluring or unrealistic person whose actions could interfere with your goals.

Sagittarius: Planets set you up for a bold move. However, this is one of those times when you’ll have to negotiate the best situation.  Venus and Mercury spotlight you as a great candidate for a job or role you want, though the terms require effort. From now through September, look for that ‘good enough’ decision making time.

Capricorn: With Saturn now direct, sharpen your focus and feel more clear. This weekend, clear any distractions and put together a road map for an upcoming adventure. Know that your best timing is still to come. Mars will energize your sign for 6 full weeks this fall, for the first time in two years. October is the definitive time for your next big move.

Aquarius: The Sun and Uranus have an exciting surprise planned, and it may seem out of the blue or unlikely at first.  Connected to your marriage, significant other or business partner, you’ll be announcing or receiving interesting news.  If you’re in a long term relationship, you’re in this together. In the midst of fun and spontaneity, keep money matters in check.

Pisces: For an entire year Jupiter’s been devoted to bringing you the best in partnerships of any kind. The 13th and final month of Jupiter’s beautiful influence on your collaborations and love life is in effect. Simultaneously, Mars and Saturn amp up career prospects. If you’re contemplating partnering for profit or personal happiness, this is some of the best timing ever.

copyright Robin Ivy Payton, 2016
this material may not be reproduced without specific permission

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Robin's Zodiac Zone August 8-14, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Yoga on Congress Square Park Portland 7:30-8:30 am Thursday (free!)

All my other classes have subs this week. Enjoy your August days! Robin

Monday: Moon opposes Uranus

Libra Moon opposite Uranus and will be void of course beginning at 11:47 am EDT. And a quick check in with planets: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Virgo, Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn will be around a long time and change less frequently than planets closer to us and the Sun. Saturn spends two years and is in Sagittarius until late 2017. Saturn moves direct this week, on Saturday. Keep justice in the forefront. Lean away from urgency and emotional reactiveness.  Think clearly, and even if you have to make a quick decision or response, take a moment and draw upon logical Libra sensibility. I suspect there will be many distractions, some of them fun and some unwelcome.  Decide what needs your attention and what's worth dropping everything for. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Moon sextile Venus and trine Neptune

The Moon shifts to Scorpio at 12:51 am EDT and aligns with Venus and Neptune today. Love and romance are favored with Moon in passionate, sexy Scorpio and two planets that help us tune into pleasure.  Be creative and refine details. It's a day for lovers and artists. Business could be questionable with Neptune's deceptive influence. Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Pluto, 2nd Quarter Moon

Scorpio Moon takes us through the midpoint between New and Full Moon. This time is meant for progress, seeing results, and sticking with good decisions.  Be honest with yourself as the Moon and Mercury both align with Pluto.  Work diligently on a priority as the Moon squares the Sun, indicating effort is needed.  Privacy is s theme, and you may notice that people around you need quiet and opportunity to focus. Respect that. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Void of course Moon is 1:22 am to 1:24 pm EDT. Moon moves to Sagittarius and meets Mars at 9:04 am EDT. Sagittarius is a sign of movement, and today is for taking action.  The challenge is to act without trampling others along the way. Insensitivity could be an issue today. Sagittarius Moon time equals adventures and new experiences. Do something out of the ordinary today. With physical challenges, take care and safety precautions while Mars is a strong influence.  Today's color is red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Saturn

Take a decisive approach as the Moon and Saturn meet. This could be a final pass at something that's been in the works or on hold. Tomorrow Saturn is direct. Form an action plan to be implemented very soon. Get travel arrangements and educational plans in  motion. It might take a few more days for some of this to come fully together, but today is a good day to give it your energy and attention.  Neptune and Venus square the Moon. Don't be too gullible or fall for the same old excuse from someone who disappoints you. Hold the line where you need to. Today's color is white.

Saturday: Saturn Direct, Venus square Saturn

Saturn retrograde gave us opportunities to restructure, yet may have increased limitations or held us back from certain actions.  Waiting is sometimes wise. The planet of wisdom, challenge and maturity stations direct at 5:50 am in Sagittarius. The first order of business comes from Venus, planet of love, harmony and relationship. Issues around freedom, structure, and shared responsibility come up for discussion or resolution.  Note any philosophical changes you've undergone recently, especially in terms of the roles you're willing to and want to assume.  Sagittarius Moon, void of course at 1:37 pm EDT. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Venus opposes Neptune, Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon time starts at 12:11 am. Feel momentum and continue progress with priorities as there's a Full Moon ahead, on Thursday. The Moon works well with Neptune and Venus, which helps mediate feelings as those two oppose. Capricorn Moon isn't overly emotional. The positive is healthy detachment and the downside is ignoring feelings. A happy middle ground is called for. Acknowledge your own or others' moods, emotions and hopes while keeping sensible limits.  Doing something about the problem, if there is one, will feel good today. Take tangible, realistic actions.  Wear green.