Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Astrology January 28th to February 3rd, 2012

Monday: Moon opposite Mars and Neptune

The Moon moves through a series of moods today. We start with Leo Moon and hopefully some happy feelings from the weekend lingering. If the weekend wasn't smooth, it's a Full Moon hangover today. It might be hard to get into work mode, however any unfinished work, loose ends or an imminent deadline must be taken care of.  Pisces may note this at work while Leo and Aquarius have relationship balance to find and it may mean sharing responsibilities or following through on what you said you'd do. This is a career Full Moon for Scorpio with a potential decision coming if it hasn't been announced yet.  The Moon is void of course from 11:59 am to 6:27 pm EST and those hours are good for mixing pleasure with business that requires no pressure. Yet those hours are not our best for giving replies or going over detailed material. We'll tend to miss the fine points.  Tonight the Moon is in Virgo opposite Neptune. The need for relaxation and unwinding is strong and a workout and a movie could be the ideal night.  Tonight, be versatile in thinking and flexible with plans.  Today's color is navy blue.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon has us working to figure things out, like how to fix something or make it work better.  Some will be working on relationships in such a way, like Pisces or perhaps Taurus.  Coming out of Full Moon time, it's also geared to cleaning and weeding out what you don't need.  Streamline a system or clean the house today. Detail oriented work can go more slowly. Tune in to the subtle messages, sounds, meanings and be meticulous with the details that can enhance a final product.  Though Virgo is known as a sign of organization, I see Virgos challenged by timing and order quite often.  Today could be suited to devising a system that works for you and helps you be more efficient.  Leo, today is work and  money oriented and looks very productive for you!  Gemini, Jupiter in your sign squares this Virgo Moon and conversations with family members and business regarding your home is very important to give attention to. It should turn out very well so give it some energy today!  Tonight the Moon works with Saturn in Scorpio which is best for diligent work and study. Finances are worth working on if you have your tax materials (though I know this is a bit early this year) or for getting what you do have in order and making some calculations.  Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Sun square Saturn, Jupiter direct

Jupiter is direct in Gemini, and Sagittarius and Gemini especially take note if anything relationship, education or travel related is pending and/or delayed.  Jupiter direct will help things move forward more easily which is good for all of us!  The Moon is in Virgo and the Sun in Aquarius is square to Saturn in Scorpio. This is a sharp, intense angle in fixed signs.  Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn take note: actions and decisions today are for the long haul. Announcements about some of the bigger things in life are to be expected. Capricorn, this can be very good for you though you may need to clear something up to make way for something better and stronger.  Leo, your home and household is the focus of this square. Are you making or expecting a decision about where you live or a family member? It's due now if Full Moon time didn't clear it up.  Scorpio, it's about your public image and standing and career. Protect and boost your reputations.  Today is full of intensity. Tonight things wind down with a void of course Moon beginning at 8:59 pm. Late night keep your wits about you and don't lose track of things. Wear green.

Thursday: Libra Moon

The Moon is in Libra as of 1:36 am EST.  There are varied influences at work including the chaos and rebelliousness of Uranus, the joy and benefits of Jupiter and the undercurrents of Pluto. Put it all together and you get surprises that take you off guard at first and require time to adjust to. You might have to face something you were avoiding, but with Jupiter involved the end result can be better than you expect.  Take your time reacting or giving answers.  Libra Moon time is about weighing out options and seeing what fits best and also is most fair to all involved.  Mars and Venus are on the verge of changing signs, and if you're Capricorn enjoy that last day of Venus's influence and power of attraction. Mars is making a final push to bring a wild idea to fruition, in the sign Aquarius.  Today is about being willing to recreate and let go of what isn't quite right or fair.  Wear blue.

Friday: Libra Moon, Mars to Pisces,  Venus to Aquarius

Friday is Venus's day, and the planet of love and harmony moves to Aquarius brightening love life for Aquarius, Libra, and Leos in long term relationships especially.  Venus in Aquarius is also about collaborating on community events and getting along better as groups, so if you work with a team of some kind this is a great time to revitalize common goals.  Mars moves to Pisces where the warrior energy is best directed creatively.  Mars' fire is out of its element in Pisces waters, but emotions channeled into art and music can have great results with this aspect. Pisces, you might need to step up and act courageously in the weeks ahead, more like a lion or ram than a fish!  The Libra Moon gets along with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius today which enhances our vision, ability to make solid decisions and interact well with others, even those we don't know well. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio after a void of course overnight. From 7:02 am on, the Scorpio Moon activates with energies of Mars and Neptune in Pisces for creativity and deep emotional connection and with Venus for the process of relationship work. Today appears both complex and magical. Think and feel beyond what you can see. Tune in to intuitions and listen for subtle messages. The Scorpio Moon is passionate. Cancer and Scorpio experience strong connection and/or romance with another. Leo is drawn to arts and the water and gets the good vibes of Venus in long term love and romance as does Aquarius today and during this part of the winter season. It's Groundhog day too and we notice late afternoon daylight more and more now. Today's color is indigo blue.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon meets Saturn and engages with Pluto in Capricorn and the Aquarius Sun. It's a no nonsense day. If someone sends you a message with strong content, believe it and act accordingly.  Things that came up around mid week as the Sun squared Saturn could be resolved or up for discussion again today. Act on what you hope to accomplish long term. If you're enjoying the game, parties may be quieter than what you'd expect. Our personal priorities are on our minds and agendas today. Wear maroon. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Astrology January 21st to January 27th, 2013

Monday: Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Gemini

The Moon and Jupiter aim to meet tonight. It's a fortunate, sociable and dynamic monthly occurrence.  Prepare by acting on opportunities and personal or business connections today. It's a good day for cold calls to clients or potential business.  The Moon is in harmony with the Aquarius Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Aries. This creates the feeling that absolutely anything could come together more easily than you expect if you even expect it at all!  Show your outgoing side, talk to people, be friendly, and make plans. Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: Mercury trine Jupiter

Mercury in Aquarius brings out the progressive, innovative and technologically savvy in us today.  Mercury works with both Uranus, the destroyer and re-creator, and Mercury the planet of intelligence and expressiveness.  Wild ideas form and maybe come to fruition under these circumstances. Explore your best ideas, share with like minded people, and let those plans form and grow.   Aquarius is like the architect of the zodiac and is also very community minded.  Get a group together to work on an idea and see what happens!  The Moon is in Gemini, also a sign of intelligence, writing, communication and marketing.  Convince someone your plan is workable and potentially profitable or for the greater good. It's a good day to focus and to collaborate if you have the right players.  Wear silver.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course from 6:42 am EST to 10:00 pm in Gemini. A void Moon in an air sign can mean ultimate confusion and we become forgetful or lose our better judgment. Be careful traveling as this is the sign of transportation. Stay aware! The good news is it can be relaxing and forgiving. Sometimes a day like this is good for a conversation you're not really looking forward to. The Moon and Mars work together keeping our brains ready for problem solving and acting on ideas though it's good to write everything down and double up copies so your efforts are not lost or forgotten.  It's a buzzing social day too. Tonight the Moon moves to Cancer at 10:00 pm and it's nice to be home and/or in your comfort zone.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

There are many aspects in the zodiac today. The Cancer Moon is opposite Pluto and square to Uranus. This happens every lunar cycle and it's emotionally uneasy.  Sometimes it means confrontation but often it's more about confronting parts of your self.  The square with Uranus brings up unexpected feelings and possibly events. Today is reactive, potentially, and thinking before responding is a good idea.  There's an edge that says we could be quicker tempered or preoccupied and therefore easily annoyed.  Tonight the Sun and Uranus align in Aquarius and Aries and the timing is right for a breakthrough. This can be in your way of thinking, of dealing with people, or the way you respond to information or news.  Tonight is fired up and we may suddenly announce things, make discoveries, or come to realizations.  Today's color is light blue.

Friday: Mercury square Saturn

Deal breakers in the forecast today. There's a shrewd, clear thinking angle between communicator Mercury and wise Saturn.  You may be asked or required to sign off on something or perhaps you want to if you're applying for a loan and settling something legal. The Moon is nearly Full and on this last business day of the week there's a strong need to pull things together, give final word, make significant and lasting decisions.  Take today's business seriously.  The Moon is opposite Venus and couples need to find compromises, especially Cancer and Capricorn who have lots of relationship activity right now, especially those signs in long term relationships.  Deciding something just a bit before Full Moon time may take some pressure off on this emotional Cancer Moon day.  Tonight the Sun and Jupiter form an air sign trine which usually helps our moods, brings good fortune, perhaps to Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.  Tonight anything goes really, just remember it's full Moon time and may be emotional high tide.  Void of course Moon starts at 3:35 pm EST. Do your best thinking before that time. Wear black.

Saturday: Full Moon in Leo

The Moon is Full in Leo at 11:38 pm EST, and since Uranus forms a trine to this Moon it's pregnant with news and developments. Literally this can be about pregnancy and children, perhaps at an unexpected time since Leo is the Moon of kids and creation of other kinds too.  Luck and chance events are in the air! This Moon is also working with Jupiter for out of the blue opportunities, and travel and educational opportunities are two of the highlights since Jupiter rules both.  If chance events do not seem favorable in the short run, look longer term and the brighter outlook may shine. Leo is a fixed sign and agreements we make now stick! Performances will be inspired this weekend. Wear gold.

Sunday: Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon last night fills today making everything seem bigger. Celebrations will be joyous! Any disagreements or lingering confusion will intensify too as Mercury in Aquarius is opposite the Moon and Saturn puts in a word from Scorpio. Today is more serious than yesterday. Remember the long term nature of what we agree to and engage in during this Full Moon. It's a peak time and not to be taken lightly even if it is happy!  Say it and mean it. Act on it and expect to follow all the way through. Promises are in the forecast today. Make them heartfelt. Wear purple.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Astrology January 14th to January 20th, 2013

Monday: Pisces Moon

Pisces influence is strong as the Moon moves there at 5:40 am EST and meets Neptune at 8:20 am. Neptune is Pisces ruling planet, enhancing romance, illusion and delusion, creativity, and the spiritual and metaphysical. It might be worth it to require proof today before you believe or act on something. Make sure you have the facts along with the "pretty" picture painted or imagined. The Moon also squares Jupiter in equally changeable Gemini. Seeing doubles is a metaphor for Pisces and Gemini influence combined. This might make it hard to be clear and decide. Positives of today include magic results from creative efforts, intuitions and hunches, and romantic feelings particularly for Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo in relationships.  Tonight the Moon works with Venus adding to the favor for plans involving love and friendship and with Pluto for following up on those hunches and things you just have a feeling about. Seek the truth and act on intuition tonight.  Wear green.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon

Today's Pisces Moon is in contact with Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is the authority and the task  master of the zodiac.  Getting habits under control and finding the will and reason to make positive change is the challenge today.  It's a good day to get expert advice, to consult with those who have been through what you're attempting, and to start something  on a trial basis to see if it works.  With Pisces and Scorpio the dominant influences of the day, emotional habits and patterns will be hardest to break and demand the most attention. Under Pisces Moon we sometimes lack willpower so try not to fall back or go "off the wagon" with a resolution.  Also, remember important boundaries with people who tend to test and cross them to see if they can get a different result. Tonight the Pisces Moon favors music, movies, and being in a comfortable environment.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

The Moon is void of course from 4:32 am to 11:07 am EST and then in Aries. Confusion can result during those hours. If you feel like putting off an answer or reply until then, do it.  The Moon and Uranus meet today and that tends to be a jolt. News and eventfulness ensue.  Try to pause and take a  breath before reacting since we can be more short tempered or impulsive on days like this.  Venus and Pluto meet in Capricorn bringing up feelings you may not have anticipated either. This is about the depths of relationship questions and whether to confront what's holding you back. It's not the time to force commitment but it will certainly bring up questions like that. Explore a relationship matter that needs answers today. See if your intentions match your actions.  Today is likely to require the kind of multitasking that means both work and personal priorities. Being pulled to deal with multiple aspects of your life at once can be stressful.  Tonight, Jupiter in Gemini and the Moon together keep us moving and active til bed time.  Wear red.

Thursday: Venus in Capricorn

The Moon is in Aries, and planet Venus in Capricorn dominates the day's energy with a square to the Moon and alignment with Saturn. Planet of harmony and love, Venus is pushing us to work on relationship today. The square means a question of power in relationships. Is one of you always the one pushing or motivating or trying to control? If so, you'll be confronting that. Are there emotional and practical considerations that need to align in your relationship? If so, Saturn and Venus are helping you get a handle on that and make some sensible adjustments.  Aside from love lives and partnerships, the Aries Moon is also square to Pluto and as we take on new things this aspect reminds us of old patterns or unfinished business that could play a part in how we proceed.  Tonight, the Moon and Mars combine for inventiveness and a new approaches.  It's an active, dynamic night suited for a burst of energy for either work or social plans.  Today's color is pink.

Friday: Aries Moon

On 2nd quarter Moon days we like to see and feel progress. With 2nd quarter Moon in Aries that becomes even more pronounced.  Making moves and decisions is in the forecast today.  Things that slowed down, delayed or have been pending require action.  Being stagnant or bored may feel unbearable. Get the wheels turning on something important to you.  The Sun and Mercury meet in Capricorn for decisions, plans, communication and hopefully confidence in the direction you pursue.  That is the most powerful aspect of the day and favors Capricorn very directly, Cancer in committed love and other partnerships, Sagittarius and Gemini in business, Aries in career and other recognitions.  Effort is required today though with two squares showing we must be energy toward what we want and speak up for what we need.  Tonight the Moon is void of course from 7:40 to 8:38 pm EST and then in Taurus. Getting grounded and feeling secure and comfortable is the plan for the night.  A physical workout and a good meal suits Taurus Moon time so consider both tonight.  Wear yellow today.

Saturday: Mercury and the Sun to Aquarius

Mercury and the Sun both change signs and Aquarius birthdays begin officially at 4:52 pm EST this year.  Mercury moves at 2:25 am. On days when Mercury changes signs, our ways of thinking shift too. You'll see this as you or others change their minds, go with an alternative approach, and perhaps make more progressive decisions.  Mercury in Aquarius is inventive and goes against the norm for weeks beginning today.  Today's Taurus Moon is physical and interacts with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio. More of the deep, serious topics broached mid week come up for deliberate and long term resolving.  Today's activated signs are generally fixed, and in this case that means an aim for longevity and follow through. Some of this energy could result in stubborn impasses however there seems to be enough motivating factors to get us moving and maybe even compromising.  Get past a block.  Tonight the Taurus Moon favors physical activity and comforts of family or close friends.  Wear blue.

Sunday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon works with loving Venus for harmony in relationships and creative inspiration.  Venus is in Capricorn and you might feel the need to organize space better, redecorate, or create something beautiful  The Moon squares Mars in Aquarius and we'll debate the traditional, tried and true versus the innovative and new.  The void of course Moon this afternoon from 1:16 pm EST is good for just hanging around, relaxing, or work around the house.  You could call this a half day to putter with things and see how they turn out or if you get inspired.  Taurus is a sign of song and dance so get your voice warmed up and your body moving or at least put on some music today!  Wear some pink.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Astrology January 7th to January 13th, 2013

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Monday: Mars square Saturn

Mars in Aquarius square to Saturn in Scorpio is one of the most stubborn dynamics I can think of! Forceful and one sided, there's an unyielding aspect that will make agreement between differing parties very hard to reach.  Putting off a mediation or opinionated discussion might be the best idea.  However, if you have the right people on your side you can form a formidable team today.  Mars in Aquarius is a progressive call to action.  Saturn in Scorpio relates to the deep forces of life. We won't stand for injustice or wishy washy attitudes either.  The Scorpio Moon affirms this. It's an all or nothing time.  The Moon and Sun are in harmony for business, shrewd dealings, and no nonsense.  The void Moon begins at 6:31 pm EST and business is best done by then.  Catch up on anything that's been sidelined tonight.  Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon, Venus to Capricorn

It's Venus's last day in Sagittarius. If your mind has been straying from your partner and/or you've been in search of other adventures, or if you're on the other end of that trend and you're hoping your partner will settle back down some, Venus's move tonight at 11:11 pm EST to Capricorn has a more practical, nesting type effect on relationships. Today is flirtatious and outgoing however as the Moon moves to Sagittarius and Venus spends her last day in this outgoing sign.  The Moon aligns with Uranus in Aries for spontaneity and Mars in Aquarius for idealism and philosophical thinking. You might shift your ideas in a radical way around one topic or another now.  Taurus may have a spiritual shift in thinking or take a different tactic with finances.  Sagittarius may find reason to communicate differently, and Libra may feel like exploring the world and getting away from home and commitments for a while.  The Moon is opposite Jupiter in Gemini with a very changeable influence and a particular ongoing effect on how Sagittarius and Gemini experience relationship and love.  There's adjustment in the forecast for these two signs on a long term basis.  Tonight is active, dynamic, geared toward big conversations and travels too.  Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon shines clear of any aspects today. Let's remind ourselves of what this sign rules: travel, higher learning, equestrians, archery, books, philosophy, global outlook, philanthropy, truth, and to some extent, law.  Consider your endeavors around any of these things and go ahead with plans today. There's nothing in the way.  Sometimes what a sign rules is that sign's greatest challenge. For example a quest for Sagittarius might be honesty or freedom from heavy obligations.  Health wise, Sagittarius Moon time is good for working on weight issues and rules the hips, thighs and quads. Give them a good workout or stretch today.  Wear yellow.

Thursday:  Capricorn Moon

We  move into the dark moon, just before New Moon, and it's a day of reconsideration.  The Capricorn Moon moves in at 3:54 am. Neptune is active with both Venus and the Moon overnight so enjoy romance but beware of anything deceptive, especially if it seems too good to be real.  The Moon and Venus are sweetly domestic in Capricorn this morning for those newly nesting or enjoying comfortable relationship life.  For Virgo this is also very nice in new romantic alliances.  Cancer, it's the long term love that matters and is more sweetly impacted more for you.  Capricorn and Cancer are the two signs most directly related to this week's New Moon, and again Cancer, it's about commitment and relationship and diving deeper in. Capricorn, today review your goals for the year, the quarter, or life in general and get ready to move on something by the weekend if possible.  Tonight is good for serious work and planning amidst everything else already outlined.  Wear green today.

Friday: New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon in Capricorn is very good for renewing ambition, resetting goals and aiming for progress. If you were giving up on something, try again with a new philosophy or ethic in place.  Things you attempted in November, became too busy for in December, can be re-prioritized now.  The New Moon arrives at 2:44 pm and until that time, rethink, choose a new path, decide whether to reestablish or change a relationship, goal, or plan.  Capricorn, this is particularly true for you. Sagittarius and Gemini, consider work and your financial activity. Creating a new budget or going for a loan would make sense.  Libra, making a change in residence or in the place you currently live in and making your living situation happier and more comfortable is favored.  Leo, this New Moon aligns for changes in schedule, routine, and matters related to your physical health. If it's time to a check up or a return to the gym, do it this month.   The Moon is void of course from 2:44 pm on, so shop before then and double check everything as the day goes on.  Tonight is meant to be relaxed and easygoing but there's also a changeable mood to respond to, especially late night.  Wear white.

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

Shifts and decisions happening during this new Moon phase benefit from the Aquarius outlook today. Aquarius Moon helps with our will and favors gathering supporting players and community in general. Join or work with a team today and tomorrow or contact the people you need to get the job done.  The Moon aligns with optimistic and fortunate Jupiter in Gemini. This is very good for Aquarius in love, friendship, and for special events! Leo, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius feel the positivity in communication, opportunities, and possibly relationship life too.  Venus is square to Uranus however, and this can complicate love lives with surprise news or realizations as well. This happens in Aries and Capricorn and so Libra, Cancer and those two signs take note in long term relationship and Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo experience this more likely in newer attractions and friendships.  Tonight is a bit unsettled with such news and events that could not be predicted ahead of time.  Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon is void of course today after meeting Mars at 3:37 am. This can put us in a rebellious mood. Mars is the warrior and Aquarius works for the greater good. Idealism and willingness to fight for what we believe in is part of today's forecast. The unfocused nature of the void of course Moon isn't ideal for decisions though. Easing up a bit on very strong feelings and making sure you have all the facts might be a good idea.  It is a good day for community events and other things that pull us together.  Today's color is blue.