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Thursday, August 28, 2014

September 1st to 7th, 2014

September Day by Day Astrology Planner 

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Monday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon 
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Scorpio Moon moves void of course at 11:40 am EDT and shifts to Sagittarius at 1:17 pm. Earlier hours include a Moon and Venus square. Ease any tension in your relationship by simply being nice and gentler with each other this morning. Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Mercury encourages travels and activity. If you need to study, it's not bad either though learning through experience would be more suitable on a day/evening like this. Expect plenty of interaction and action as the day goes on. Today's color is purple. 

Tuesday: Mercury in Libra
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Mercury changes signs at 1:38 am. In Libra, Mercury sets us up for mediating, meeting new contacts or friends, and getting anything more in balance.  In October, Mercury will back track into Libra again, but that's not impacting these early days of Mercury in Libra. Make a deal, sign a contract, develop a fair and equitable plan now. Capricorn is favored for career moves, and Aries for improved communication in marriage and other close relationships.  The Sagittarius Moon is busy with aspects to Neptune, the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus, and this signals a bit of everything! Changes or possibilities may be announced unexpectedly, and rapidly become a done deal. Many distractions or pulls can take you off track. Be in the moment. Ignoring a responsibility won't make it go away. React only when you're calm and have thought things out. Under Sagittarius Moon, sometimes we're too blunt. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto, Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon
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The Sun and Pluto harmonize in earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. Find the soul in what you're doing. Progress is due as we move toward Full Moon on the 8th, Monday. The Pluto/Sun trine helps combine realism & optimism. What you need to do may not seem as hard once you see the value, progress, and light dawning as a result.  Sagittarius Moon is void of course from 2:06 pm to 6:15 pm EDT. Capricorn Moon squares Mercury tonight. Think before you act or speak or commit. What is the most fair way to sort things out? Solve problems with a combination of action plans and actual effort. Take a step to a goal or something that comes due soon. Aim for order. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto
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Pluto relates to deeply hidden or held parts of ourselves. Fear is one good example, and when the emotional Moon meets Pluto each month, it's a chance to conquer a fear or choose to hold onto it. Face something with courage today and transform it. Or maybe wait another month or two until it comes up again. It's always your choice. The Sun is helping though, with a confident trine from Virgo saying things align and the actual action you take can produce some results, possibly faster or smoother than you expect. Energy in the earth signs means doing. Walk the walk. Put effort into your ideas and goals. Uranus may throw a curve that requires quick response. Create some order with a sense of calm and a plan. Help, do, contribute and you will alleviate stress on your part and probably someone else's too. Today's color is black.

Friday: Venus in Virgo
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From 11:08 am to 7:59 pm EDT the Moon is void of course in Capricorn. Plan important business outside those hours. It's a good day to accomplish something early or on Pacific time maybe at the tail end of the day. Venus moves to Virgo at 1:07 pm after a glorious month in Leo. Attention to details and refining skills and projects is favored. Virgo, you're the magnet of the month as Venus attracts what you need. Mars and Saturn in Scorpio have a word with the Capricorn Moon helping finalize things. The Moon will be Full Monday and by now you may be aware of what can wait no longer. Aquarius Moon from 7:59 pm on is for gatherings. Today's color is blue.

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Saturday: Aquarius Moon

The Full Moon on Monday is just something to keep in mind, mainly because it may explain why you feel something intensely, feel out of sorts without explanation, or are under pressure to meet a due date.  The Aquarius Moon opposite Jupiter encourages us to bring things to scale, either up or down in order to reach a balanced place.  Moon and Mercury indicate a busy day of social plans, events and gatherings. Getting lost in a crowd might even feel just right.  Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

The Moon is nearly Full and will peak in Pisces Monday at 9:38 pm EDT. This is a day to get things done and lower stress levels by being productive and feeling caught up.  It's also a good day for collaborating with like minded colleagues or friends, being inventive, and finding long term resolutions and plans, both personal and business related.  Saturn and Mars in Scorpio can add to tension or pressure, yet they also urge finalizing and honing in on priorities.  Act on the areas where effort and progress is most needed.  Responsibilities trump fun, all in all. From 1:19 to 7:47 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Pisces Moon moves in then and is opposite Venus. There will be personal and emotional overtones to everything during this September Full Moon. Be prepared to respond to other people's emotions and situations as well as for powerful waves of feeling within yourself.  Today's color is green.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

August 25th to 31st, 2014

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This week's forecast is on

Monday: New Moon in Virgo

Clear the path for this Virgo New Moon at 10:13 am EDT. New Moons generally are times to start fresh, initiate, and change your course. Today, Mars, Saturn and Mercury also team up for things that need final resolution (usually more of a Full Moon thing). Mars and Saturn had their retrogrades, both ended in July, and weeks later they meet in Scorpio, sign of longevity and tenacity. Mercury supports both planets, from Virgo. Be flexible in order to reach an agreement, commit to a long term plan, and solve longstanding problems or disagreements.  You must be willing to let go of something in favor of a new plan, most likely a compromise.  Neptune provides the imagination and vision from Pisces across the zodiac.  Dream a new dream today. There may well be a chance to enact it right away.  Changes in relationship status will be a topic as well. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Venus square Saturn

Yesterday Venus and Uranus combined forces in fiery Leo and Aries, and now Venus squares Saturn, one of the major planetary influences during this New Moon. It's time to sort things out in relationships and agree to disagree or put in great effort for change and progress. Some relationships will hit milestones this week. They will tend to be the ones suffering from neglect, unresolved problems and on the brink of dissolving.  Decisions between couples and other partners are in the forecast early this week.  To hold things together and go forward, be willing to listen and make step by step plans aiming for better days and more harmony. Tonight the Moon and Mercury meet in Virgo, favoring constructive conversations. Put your ideas into words, written or spoken, without any added blame, drama or sulking. Get to the point. At 10:29 pm EDT, the Moon moves void of course before transitioning to Libra at 5:54 pm tomorrow. Plan accordingly and get things in order before 10:30 tonight. Today's color is navy blue.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon, Venus square Mars

Issues between lovers, friends, spouses and other partners are in the forefront as Venus squares Mars in Leo/Scorpio. This aspect contains strong passion and conviction and will feel like an all or nothing prospect.  Loyalty is paramount. Being willing to somehow put divergent attitudes or agendas aside and look at the core of the relationship is what's needed. A square can bring progress. We'd never take initiative without the tension of squares, but in two fixed signs, persistence and lots of heart will be required to move forth.  What do you really want? Have a heart to heart. Lay it all out for honest discussion-this is not always easy for Scorpio (where Mars is). Peel away some layers in the interest of knowing rather than living uncertainly any longer.  If this isn't relevant to your life, today is meant to be very simple and is a good catch up or vacation day. Tonight's Libra Moon from 5:54 pm on, encourages us to get together. Wear indigo blue today. 

Thursday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Leo is for extroverts and big thinkers! Connecting with like minded people who share your ideals and vision is favored. Performances may be inspired and planning or rehearsing for an event is well timed too! Open options and your mind. We'll tend to do things in special ways, act generously, and attract the same. Moon also squares Pluto and the subtleties of communication and interactions will be noticed. If you're acting superficially, for example, someone will read through it. Attune to the little things that speak loudly. Trust instincts. Today's color is pink.

Friday: Sun opposite Neptune, Moon opposite Uranus

Opposing forces in 4 different signs and a void of course Moon in Libra from 12:00 pm on contribute to a potentially confusing and scattered day. Sun and Neptune in Virgo/Pisces can be distracting and less than practical. Be aware of potential illusions or giving too much credit where it's not earned. Libra Moon and Uranus in Aries are equally distracting, may be erratic and contribute to indecisiveness, sudden shifts in plans, and more that can throw us off balance.  The good news is Moon and Venus in Leo smile on social events -once you decide what to pursue. Spontaneous may work out best today and tonight.  It's a date night for Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius especially. Today's color is lavender.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 4:53 am EDT and aligns with Neptune & the Sun. This is the romantic date of the weekend. The positive, alluring Scorpio traits of mystery, magic, intuition, creativity and passion in love activate (versus tomorrow when more of the dark influences show up). It's also a good day for organizing and redecorating. Choose a paint color or new arrangement of things. Dates and intimate gatherings are favored.  Today's color is maroon. 

Sunday: Moon conjunct Mars & Saturn

Scorpio Moon, Saturn and Mars are a formidable team. However, this dynamic instigates anger, jealousy, and unresolved feelings of all kinds too. Use this to be persistent with worthwhile goals. Avoid people with short fuses or situations that could get dangerous or uncertain. Have a healthy outlet if you feel depressed or extreme in any way that could be a detriment to you or someone else. It's still a good day to dive into organizing things at work or home or to persist in completing a project. Focus is strong today. Not everyone will be feeling social. Moon and Jupiter in Leo has the introverts and extroverts going their separate ways. No means no. Believe those who want to do their own thing and let them be. Today's color is black. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

August 18th to 24th, 2014

Join me in Tampa for RoZoYo™, the zodiac yoga sequence and autumn astrology at Yogani Studios in Tampa on September 13th 2-3:30 pm. October's two eclipses will be the astrology focus & you'll hear about influences on your sign. 90 minutes. $25. Register at Yogani site

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6:15 am with Mike and Sandra for a special forecast

 Monday: Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo

One of the most auspicious dates of the year, Venus meets Jupiter. Love and growth. Beauty and benevolence. Harmony and generosity. These are some of the combinations these two planets encourage and represent. It's a day to say yes to growth, learning and love. Leo is home to these two planets right now, and lions and lionesses benefit. Reach for every opportunity and enjoy good fortune, Leo! Aries is lucky with this conjunction too. Sagittarius will grow and thrive with movement now, and going abroad or away to school or a training program is favored.  Aquarius is the darling of the zodiac for deepening love and commitment. Happy news is likely for Aquarius marriages and long term relationships. The Gemini Moon is in harmony with both planets and adds the communication piece, with news, significant conversations and agreements, and helps business relationships develop too. Tonight Mercury is opposite Neptune and amidst celebrations and positivity, be cautious about where and who you trust. The con factor is high and you don't want to be deceived. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon aligns with the Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries for an active, vibrant day. Energy is "up". Hyper, talkative, and in some cases urgent or pushy, communication is fast paced and people will be moving fast. Mainly, we can get things done quickly though there can be overreactions or a sense of being overwhelmed too. Tell yourself the right things and use the confident Leo Sun attitude and avoid nervousness. We all may need to calm down a bit, yet at the other end of the spectrum, the dynamic and expressive nature of the day can be a great benefit for getting things moving and off the back burner. Initiate a new plan. Let something that is not working out go. Shift and transform. Void of course Moon 10:54 pm EDT until 4:45 am Wednesday. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

At 4:45 am EDT, Cancer Moon moves in. The effect is more settled. Moon in harmony with Neptune amplifies water sign traits like sensitivity, caring, and artistic sensibility. It's a good day to take care of things at home, do conservative business or shopping, and put effort into what yields -like fishing and gardening and possibly investing too. Connect with people gently and compassionately. Give your attention to your closest priorities. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

Cancer Moon with vibes from Mercury, Pluto, Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Many aspects of life, and emotion in particular, are influenced. Whatever you are choosing or required to do, pace yourself and stay out of drama.  Feelings come into play in a big way.  An off the cuff remark or unexpected action could snowball into something you never intended. Be mindful with people's feelings. Mercury and Pluto work for disclosure, much like last week's Mars/Pluto sextile, and  in fact this could continue a process from Thursday or Friday where elusive information finally comes out in the open. Mysteries solved. Writing and research are favored. Contact sources who can support your plans. At 3:34 pm the Moon moves void of course and if you can wrap up the week's business early, it's worthwhile. Today's color is blue.

Friday: Cancer/Leo Moon

The Moon cruises Cancer until 4:49 pm, void of course. It's not the most productive business day. Changing our minds later, needing to revise or not having the right people in place to finalize things are some of the disadvantages. It's a great vacation day. Be outdoors, do simple, personal tasks and take time for creative projects and following your inspiration. Leo Moon sets us up for festivities, parties and other social plans tonight and tomorrow. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Leo Moon, Sun to Virgo

The 3rd phase of summer begins today. The Sun moves to Virgo at 12:46 am and meets both Jupiter and Venus! What a day for a wedding or celebration! The luck and love of those two planets combines with the Sun in Leo for fun and longevity! It's a day of promises you can keep! Parties are well timed and performances are inspired. Do what you enjoy. Be with people. Attend events. Expect long term impact of what you engage in today. Wear gold.

Sunday: Void of Course Moon in Leo

The Moon is void, waiting to change signs, from 4:26 am today to 5:33 am Monday. On this day before New Moon, go over plans and progress, evaluate where things are and what needs to happen next. Tomorrow is a reboot, a time to refresh, amp up, and make changes. Squares to Saturn and Mars may activate us around problems and stuck points, but only the most simple solutions are recommended during void of course Moon. Brainstorm and agree to regroup early in the week for finalizing. This is a day for fun and relaxation! Play games and gather for festivities. Shopping and other business are better for tomorrow. Void of course Moon is not the time for sharpest judgement. Fully enjoy an August day, weather permitting. Play it a bit on the safe side in every way. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 11th to 17th, 2014

Robin's August Day by Day planner

Monday: Pisces Moon

Following Sunday's Aquarius SuperMoon, Pisces Moon time begins at 8:55 am. Developments and news from the weekend's Full Moon are still relevant and impact the day. Pisces Moon is good for making adjustments and adapting. This emotional place in the zodiac is also Neptune's home now, and spirituality, creativity, and feelings are heightened. Escapist tendencies are best acted out with spontaneous road trips, browsing galleries, creating art or music or just wandering. Whether it's at the beach or on a city street, a fresh perspective and little to accomplish is the way to spend this Monday. Business will be impacted by relationships and emotional decisions.The Moon aligns with Mars tonight and can be romantic. Spend time with people you love, if anyone, since we'll need to go deep in conversations and trust is a factor. Cancer, it's Venus's last night in your sign. Make it a date night. Pisces and Capricorn, that goes for you too! Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Venus in Leo

Venus, planet of love and attraction, moves to Leo at 3:24 am, joining the Sun, Jupiter & Mercury and making this peak Leo time. Leo, use all your magnetism, talent and charm to maximize this concentration of universal energy! Aquarius, this is all about true love and creative partnerships of other kinds. Draw in the person who complements and balances you or strengthen the relationship you're in! Cancer and Scorpio, this is great money and career energy for you! Seek new employment and upgrades or promotions now! Aries, a lucky streak could be all yours! Libra, make new friends and enjoy good times with friends and collaborators in your world. Venus is in Leo until September 5th. The Pisces Moon connects with Pluto and Saturn for a solid business and decision making time before 12:01 pm. Then it's void of course Moon time until 9:00 am EDT tomorrow, and generally we may lose track...of time, where we need to be or what we were thinking earlier. It's a good afternoon or night to just enjoy life. Simple and routine catching up is also favored.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aries Moon

A foggy, sleepy start is to be expected. The more organized you are, the better for this morning. At 9:00 am EDT the Moon moves to Aries and some things will move fast, including relationship based business as the Moon and Venus align. It's a day for networking, publicity, realizing that sometimes it is based on who you know and maintaining the best collaborative relationships. This is also a day to take initiative, see where you can learn, grow and do things in new ways. Jupiter in Leo is also in harmony with the Moon on this extroverted, open minded, expansive day and night. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus & square Pluto

If you've made progress with breaking an old pattern or changing a relationship for the better (even if that meant breaking up), and you slip a little today or someone challenges you with an old trigger, take a deep breath and see if you can let it go. Aries Moon is fast and fierce and might be instigated easily today by startling news or old ghosts. The Moon is also in harmony with the Sun in Leo however, and that takes the edge off, puts fun in anything, and helps us brush off the annoying or unwanted. Act with optimism, use your assertive voice, brave face, confident attitude, and don't get sucked in. Today's color is orange. 

Friday:  Mercury in Virgo, Mars sextile Pluto

The Moon is void of course for a brief 8 minutes from 11:50 to 11:58 am EDT and moves to Taurus as noon approaches.  Mars and Pluto are delving deep into mysteries and problems that need solving. Interesting information could surface during this part of the week, including yesterday and tomorrow. Ask pointed questions and get clarifications. Investigate and leave no stone unturned. Mercury moves into detail oriented and versatile Virgo at 12:44 pm EDT. Projects that require analyzing and putting plans into action are favored during the next few weeks. Communicate clearly and directly. Confront misunderstandings head on & with willingness to listen as Venus in Leo and the Taurus Moon square. Today's color is indigo.

Saturday: Taurus Moon opposes Mars and Saturn

Persistent and stubborn fixed energy characterizes this Taurus/Scorpio day. It could be very challenging in personal relationships or business especially for those two signs. Dominant personalities and opinions will impact whatever is going on. Everyone may claim his or her way is better, have a different story or agenda, and it will be generally hard to change minds. Use this strong energy to persevere, go forward with bold plans, and get physical work, like building, done. It may not be the easiest Saturday to just relax. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Taurus to Gemini Moon, Moon square the Sun

The Moon and Sun square in fixed Taurus and Leo, continuing the stubborn streak. Lean into challenges if you want to get somewhere. Don't fight, rather find a way to collaborate or neutralize any problem or situation.  Both signs are confident in their own right and go about life in different ways.  Great partners at their best and in complete misunderstanding at their worst, Taurus Moon and Leo Sun are both driven. It's a day to step up rather than avoid, to work through rather than dwell on differences. Possibly, you can come up with sustainable plans and agree on how to go forward, put on a memorable performance or combine tradition and new, creative methods to find the best way ever. Today's color is gold.

Friday, August 1, 2014

August 4th to 10th, 2014

August day by day planner for you from me! Robin
August Planner

 Monday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon and Saturn meet! I have written this to you many times since last fall, but now Saturn is direct and it's easier to deal with situations that have been stubborn or heavy. Mars energy is also in Scorpio and it's all about transforming.  Be the alchemist, see the circumstances as they are and take action to shift what needs to move. Scorpio is intuitive and strong willed, and Saturn relates to our elders. If you are dealing with an elderly relative or serve that community in some way, it's a time of decisions, long term planning, and resolution or agreements everyone can stick with. This is one area of life impacted, and there are more like health, mental health, and business organization. Venus helps out from Cancer with a caring, soft approach and the way to find harmony. Things that are serious on today's agenda may go more easily than you anticipated.  The Moon is void of course from 1:49 pm EDT until Tuesday at 6:19 am. Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon in Sagittarius from 6:19 am this morning until Thursday morning contacts many planets in a favorable way, including Jupiter today. Jupiter is Sag's ruling planet and travel, education, freedom and philosophy are highlighted. Adventures will be appealing. It might be hard to keep to schedules and plans unless they are very enticing and exciting. You may spend time considering what you really want from life and how to achieve that. If you're moving away and making big life changes, your energy will be in that direction. Sagittarius also rules equestrians, archery, and global business, all of which are favored for luck, growth and activity today. Neptune tries to pull us off schedule and maybe off course. You may fight a drowsy feeling and have to put extra effort into focusing.  There's much mutable (changeable and malleable) energy in the air today, and the Jupiter in Leo influence is for larger, grander, sparkling and long lasting with whatever your biggest endeavor is. Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The best time for sure action and decisions is early, prior to void of course Moon time at 10:52 am EDT. You'll see people missing from their usual posts, trying to escape extra responsibility, and off on excursions and exploring paths after that time. A long void of course Moon can be good for a breather. If important business is pending, the right players may not be available. Yet, the Moon and Leo Sun harmonize at 6:36 am and Uranus throws in a word from Aries at 10:52. A game changer from mid morning through the day is a good possibility. Try to take one thing at a time, relax some, and have reasonable expectations. It's not the most reliable time, but fun and discovery can happen spontaneously. If you scrap the original plan, it's probably for good reason. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon, Mars trine Neptune

Mars and Neptune combine in the water signs, Scorpio and Cancer for a highly charged day. Emotions are best channeled productively into art, writing, music, or anything creative. Swimming and being near the water has a positive influence on the soul, and today may be the day to answer that call! We need to do something with strong feelings on a day like this.  Have a good outlet that works for you.  Capricorn Moon moves in at 9:38 am EDT and aligns with those two planets to help us achieve or produce something worthwhile.  Reign in scattered energy. Reduce a problem by clearing away clutter or get to the heart of a matter by letting extraneous distractions go so you can solve the real issue. Aim for no drama and productive solutions.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Friday: Sun, Mercury, Uranus trine

The Moon in in Capricorn, a sign with ambition and a take charge approach.  As the Moon/Pluto monthly meeting happens, behind the scenes influences shape things (Aquarius, this applies to you) and we need to realistically look at our problems and goals, both (Sagittarius with work and money, Aries with career and use of talents and leadership). The potent action of the day comes in the fire signs though, as Mercury in Leo, Uranus in Aries and the Sun collectively contribute to announcements, strong statements, self expression, dynamic creativity, and authenticity. Some news will come by surprise, especially from Leo and maybe Aries too. Aquarius, your love life and opportunities are highly charged!  Scorpio, a career move suddenly makes sense or you may be thrust into a spotlight or role, whether you requested that or not.  We move into the Full Moon zone now. It's exact on Sunday night and full of questions, answers, decisions, and efforts to reconcile differences. Today's color is gold. (happybirthdaytome!)

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course from 4:09 am to 9:52 am EDT and moves to Aquarius, our Full Moon sign then. Oppositions and squares in fixed signs Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius indicate strong differences will be prevalent. This Full Moon continues that way tomorrow too, so stubborn patterns and people will be tough to challenge. The positive side is that if you do reach an agreement, decisions or take definitive action, the effect is long lasting. It will not be easy to get out of an agreement or commitment later, so make sure you're confident with what you decide or announce. Aquarius Moon is for finding community and for thinking out of the box.  Today's color is turquoise.

Sunday: Full Moon in Aquarius

Yesterday's forecast applies equally today. Uranus in Aries throws in an element of chance. Anything could happen. Be a bit more open minded if you've closed off options. Be a bit conservative if you're a natural risk taker. Moderation will help during this Full Moon of extremes and agendas.  Balance time with people with some chill down time. Aquarius Moon is full of activity with groups and associations you're part of. Group efforts and events will be busy and may include sudden news or changes.  This is a time when some will conclude long term business of any kind. With Aquarius Full Moon, friends step up to support each other's endeavors.  This Full Moon requires extra effort and a bit of flexibility in many areas if you're to accomplish what you want, including communicating clearly and honestly, getting wise advice in health matters, dealing with anything regarding the elderly, wills or legacies of any kind, and committing to plans for expansion and growth.  Think long term. Today's color is silver.