Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 1st to 8th, 2013

Monday: Sun opposes Pluto, Venus square Saturn

 Venus newly in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio on the same day the Sun opposes Pluto. The contrast between light and dark is strong today. There's Sun and Leo energy battling it out with Pluto, Scorpio's ruler, and the depressive or suppressive pull of Saturn. It can impact us in many ways one being that things are harder to take care of and at least appear more complex at the moment. Saturn will be direct on the 8th, helping things open up more. For today you might have to accept a stalemate or walk away from a stubborn problem. Relationship is one area of contention since it's Venus involved. The Sun and Pluto opposite with Mercury retrograde nearby will be evident in past issues that come up again. Some may act overly ambitious or take actions that require more time and better judgement. Go slow right now and try not to push emotional buttons or force issues. The Moon is also void of course adding to the lack of best judgement. At 5:43 pm the Moon moves to Taurus and it may be easier to be practical and grounded. The Moon and Jupiter align and it's a good night to work in the garden, be outside, cook a big dinner and find optimism and ways to work things out for now. Today's color is gold.

 Tuesday: Moon opposes Saturn

 The Saturn influence is at work again, today in an opposition. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio and issues around the elderly, legacies and wills, and business deals come up yet are likely to be on hold or delayed. News about such things may only be frustrating today, but the 8th is the date to watch for when Saturn's business begins to move forward again. The Moon opposite Saturn manifests in Taurus long term relationships, Leo home and family life or career plans, Libra and Aries financial matters and Capricorn's ability to relax and have fun. Agreeing to reconvene on such things in a week or so may be a better idea than pushing for decisions and answers today. The Taurus Moon engages with other planets too and works well with the Cancer Sun so by tonight relaxation may be easier to come by. Avoid a power struggle today. People are likely to be stubborn. Today's color is green.

 Wednesday: Mercury retrograde sextile the Moon

 The Moon in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Cancer makes this a big day of reconnections and reunions. Aries and Taurus experience this with family and it's a day where some will forgive and forget past differences. Capricorn may experience this in long term relationships. Cancer is very likely to get back in touch with or spend time with old friends. For everyone there's a sentimental feeling in the air. Go back to places you love and be with people you've known for a long time. It's also a good day for working outside and beautifying home and garden. Wear blue today.

 Thursday: Gemini Moon, Sun square Uranus

 The Moon is in Gemini, sign of short trips, brothers, sisters and cousins. Today is set up to be busy, full of movement, travel and communication. The mind will be busy too. Outlets are needed for mental energy and that can include good conversations, stories, humor, or time spent writing or in other forms of self expression. Create a photo journal or blog today if you're not celebrating the holiday with others (USA July 4th). The Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Aries do create some tension around unexpected changes and news, likely between family members or about home due to the Cancer placement. Unpredictable behavior and unusual changes are two ways we could see this square manifest. People will resist authority. The main idea with this square is do not take unnecessary risks with explosives or fire (Uranus in Aries) or with hurting feelings (Cancer). Play on the safe side today in every way. Keep it all in fun under the entertainment loving Gemini Moon. At night, the Moon and Venus combine for festivities and romance and it's a good date night if you're out being social. Today's color is white.

 Friday: Gemini Moon

 The Gemini Moon in harmony with Uranus is full of ideas and plans. Spontaneous road trips and visits are favored. Work is energized too, particularly your own personal projects and priorities. Dive into something you're excited about today. Get others together for brainstorming sessions and weed out the best ideas another time. Make lists of priorities. Otherwise just focus on fun! Letting cares go and just enjoying works well with this Gemini Moon. It's another productive day for writers and creative minds. The original and unusual will attract our attention. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter and Mars

 The Moon meets Mars first, in Gemini at 8:30 am ET and then begins hours void of course. Choose words very carefully this morning especially with Mercury retrograde. Avoid old issues, bringing up the past, and too much criticism. The mind is likely to be busy and possibly preoccupied. There's an edge to the day so tred lightly and take care of simple things. It's a social day, good for get togethers as long as the mood can be kept light. The Moon moves to Cancer at 6:14 pm and meets Jupiter in the sign of home, family and our feelings. Jupiter is a booster shot of a planet and we can be more resilient, creative, and optimistic even if faced with challenges. Open up to another way of thinking tonight. Expand your ideas and possibilities. With Jupiter in Cancer we examine the way we live and make improvements upon where we live. Home is very important this year. Improve a relationship with someone you live with tonight, especially Aries and Cancer. Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries, you may decide to move in with a lover/partner soon or be entering that now. With Mercury retrograde, give each other time to adjust and save long term lease agreements for after July 20th if possible. Gemini, you could find this month more profitable than usual. Today's color is light blue.

 Sunday: Cancer Moon

 This is the eve of the New Moon and there are plenty of planetary aspects keeping us hopping. Reconsidering things and getting ready for changes is highly likely, yet with Mercury and Saturn retrograde, things will shift again. Make temporary plans, see how you feel tomorrow and again after July 20th when Mercury retrograde is done. Saturn will station direct tomorrow and that should free up some energy and remove a roadblock in some situations. Move carefully though and with good advice. It's a good day to reminisce, review, prepare, repair, and focus on home. Make decisions that are temporary or begin something on a trial basis soon, with room to change your mind. Be nurturing and go easy during this very "feeling" Cancer time of year. Creative process is favored. The one impulsive spot in the zodiac relates to love and relationship as Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries combine for spontaneous love affairs, relationship status changes and news about who's with who now. It's a fun trine yet it stirs the rumor mill. Love, adventure and surprise are in the forecast for Leo, Aquarius, Libra & Aries who make dates or have relationship news to share today. Pink is today's color.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Astrology June 24th to June 30th, 2013

 Monday: Capricorn Moon opposes Mercury & Venus

Significant movements and events in the zodiac stack up this week. Today we're still in the Full Moon zone, and the Capricorn Moon, one of authority figures and our elders, opposes Mercury and Venus. Points of contention & matters for debate need to be prioritized and confronted.  Decisions that have been impending can wait no longer and you may feel pressured to give a final answer.  The elders in the family, the matriarchs and patriarchs are likely to be in focus or playing a major role in our lives. Bosses and managers may also be putting on the heat or feeling it themselves and like the domino effect, everyone is impacted.  Do try to reach agreements today while keeping Mercury's role in mind. The planet will retrace today's path just days ahead and you may change your mind and your perspective, particularly in Cancer ruled family matters.  Agreeing to something temporary and reviewing it in a month is most advisable.  Take care of the body, of medical conditions and things you think should be checked out too.  Tonight, settle something, find peace with someone and realize we can't all see the world the same way. Find a way to coexist where everyone is agreeable and things can be managed. Even where the emotional connection is fragile or approaches are drastically different, the Capricorn Moon helps us live practically. The Moon is void of course from 10:24 pm until 3:27 am. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is waning in Aquarius square to Saturn. Today has a strong persistent or stubborn streak.  You can use this to advantage if you know it's worth it to stand up for what you believe. Also though, it will be difficult to get someone to change their mind or compromise ideals.  Pick your battles and discussions carefully and make sure it's worth it.  The Moon and Uranus add a very inventive, unusual flair to the day. Brand new ideas grab our attention. Work with brainstorming and weed out to find the best stuff! There's a combination of discriminating and open minded energy that makes for a unique outlook today.  Be open to the new. Commit only with your own terms since Mercury retrograde is about to begin and old information and previous relationships and business may come into play in the days ahead. Have vision while remaining patient and willing to see how things develop.  Jupiter moves to Cancer for a year long stay.  Jupiter in Cancer is nurturing and good for gestating new things, from ideas to babies! This is an exalted and fertile spot for the planet of worldly travels and wisdom. It calls us "home" and adds to feelings of patriotism, knowledge and growth in the area of food, and likely boosts the real estate market in the year ahead.  Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday: Sun trines and Mercury retrograde

The Sun trines Saturn and Neptune. This grand trine has been active already and today we have a peak! In the water signs, this prompts great creativity and helps us give structure to things that could remain nebulous otherwise.  Music, the arts, domestic arts like cooking and gardening are some of the favored areas.  There's also a spiritual current running strong with Neptune in Pisces and we may see this in the form of focus on religion, meditation, yoga, and other metaphysical or spiritual interests.  It's an interesting time with Mercury also beginning the retrograde in Cancer, drawing us inward, activating intuition, memories, dreams, and the subconscious for weeks ahead.  Mercury retrograde is official at 9:08 am. This is a good day to find calm, hide away a bit, do some soul searching, or have a heart to heart talk as long as it's not going to trigger old issues. It's not a good time to make a big, final decision, argue needlessly, travel on a tight schedule, or engage in a very important business transaction.  The forward thinking Aquarius Moon and Mars in Gemini are full of ideas and plans, but the Mercury slowdown is on. Take the weeks from now to the 20th lightly. Take a vacation. Carefully sort through old things you may get rid of and attend to emotional business that's unfinished with an open mind and no one set expectation. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Moon in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mercury retrograde in Cancer

This eventful week in the zodiac continues as Venus, planet of love and harmony, moves to expressive and outgoing Leo. It's a beautiful placement for Leos, Aquarius in love and partnership, people who perform and teach, Scorpios who need a career boost, and anyone taking vacation time. Venus in Leo loves leisure, beautiful environments, great arts and performance events, and the sunshine.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 4:32 am, harmonizes with Saturn, the Sun and meets Neptune. All that is spiritual, emotional, metaphysical and water related is enhanced, exaggerated, and draws us in.  Intuition will be very strong! Find what inspires and calls to you. Work with your creative muse. It's almost unfortunate if you have important business type work to do unless it's in a creative field. Financial, sales and marketing may experience hold ups and delays and perhaps for good reason when all is said and done late in July. Patience is important right now and impulsiveness is the enemy unless it's all in fun.  Wear pink.

Friday: Pisces Moon

It's a good day to mellow out if possible. Pisces Moon always loves a relaxed day to do personal things or pursue creative pastimes or work and today even more so since Mercury is retrograde in Cancer.  The Moon and Mercury line up today for reconnections and people suddenly often unexpectedly pop back into our lives.  See who you run into this weekend if it hasn't already happened in the past few days. Virgo and Pisces experience this in friendship and love while Aries and Taurus may be more likely to reunite with family.  For all, going back to childhood and past places we've enjoyed is likely.  Water sports, fishing and boating are ruled by this Pisces, Cancer alignment.  Mars reminds us to do some mental work and today we may be distracted or multitasking if that's the case. The past comes back in many ways. Relax and stay organized with time and things you need to keep track of when the Moon is void of course 8:16 pm on. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon moves in at 9:07 am and squares Jupiter in Cancer bringing up home and family matters for practical problem solving. Try to keep things simple and not overly emotional today. Charging something with anxiety will make it much harder to handle properly. Remember to use words and actions wisely since Mercury retrograde can create lots of misunderstanding.  Be clear and up front with communications and make sure you've been understood and not misquoted or represented. It's an active, energetic day with the Aries Moon in harmony with Venus in Leo for adventures and fire and air sign relationships are favored.  Leo, you're in your element this time of summer (early this year!) and your enthusiasm can be contagious. Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra easily become part of this party. Aquarius, enjoy relationship time and do something together though if you're single, love and friendship may be forming too!  Games will be fun and competitive. As always with Aries Moon, do keep safety in mind.  Wear red.

Sunday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus

This may be more challenging that we'd like a Sunday to be as the Aries Moon and Uranus do their monthly work, stirring up controversy, creating excitement at best, and creating the conditions for "incidents" too. Be extra mindful and cautious today. Avoid impulsiveness and anything you don't really need to do or say at this particular time.  The Moon is also square to Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn and this action in the cardinal signs often indicates power struggles and with the Sun in Cancer, emotional waters that aren't easy to sail. Negotiate carefully.  Pluto always gives a reality check sometimes with information that's been hidden or suppressed and this could relate back to the Full Moon just a few days ago. Today some will ask, "how many times do I have to deal with this?" and the answer is "Until you get it right." Mercury is retrograde so use words very wisely and consider carefully the agreements you make. Today's color is black.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Super Moon, Strawberry Moon, Capricorn Full Moon June 23rd, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly June 17th to June 23rd, 2013

Monday Libra Moon

The Moon is in the sign of balance and justice. This is prime time to resolve even challenging things since Mercury retrograde is now only a week away. Mars instigates activity today and may give no choice but to confront something. Legal matters are particularly heightened and this is a better time to resolve something than June 25th to July 20th. Uranus and Mars are working the factors we can't predict and today has that element of surprise we've been experiencing many days recently. New factors surface. People may be easily agitated in the face of change and unplanned circumstances. Try not to push a matter too far. Justice is the theme of the day. Share things equally including responsibilities. Today's color is lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon is heightened today by the Sun and Jupiter in Gemini, accentuating Libra things like aiming for fair outcomes, equal division of labor and responsibility and willingness to listen to both sides of a story or debate.  It's a negotiations day.  Libra and Gemini are people oriented signs and there's likely to be lots of news, communication and socializing too. It's a day for mixing business with networking or plain old fun.  However, the Cancer planets and Libra Moon experience and act very differently in the world. So Venus planet of love and harmony and Mercury the communicator and planner square the Moon and in some cases people won't know how to feel about what's going on or how to step back and be objective.  Scorpio is a sign that may feel very introverted and observant on a day like this.  Libra, this is  strong career day and if you have a review, interview or presentation, make a good showing!  Cancer, today home and family are a feature or priority you must take into consideration. Communicate clearly with family members especially.  Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon moves to Scorpio at 2:38 am ET and meets Saturn at 11:20 am. Serious talk and business are on the agenda for early in the day. The good news is the Sun meets Jupiter which is dynamic, expressive and encourages travel, good business opportunities and general good fortune.  Aquarius, Gemini and Leo may feel the benefit most while Sagittarius gets a boost of optimism in long term relationship and also other partnerships.  Sagittarius, find a good business partner with this Gemini meeting!  Leo, your hopes and wishes are favored, and supporting people are going the extra mile for you today. Aquarius, this is about love and luck and it's a good day to plan something fun.  Gemini, this is a final burst of the Sun and Jupiter before this hopeful planet moves to Cancer for 13 months.  Today reach out and connect, ask for what you want, do some productive writing or other business and mix some socializing in for sure.  Wear gold.

Thursday: Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer

This is a beautiful day in the zodiac as the planet of love and the messenger planet meet in sentimental Cancer.  It's a cupid kind of day! Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces are favored in love and in luck.  It's also a great Libra career day again and Libras who perform are favored.  Virgo gets love and frienship vibes too!  Whatever you need to do or say, do not waste this day! Do be approachable, sensitive in breaking news (Full Moon warmup  is on!) and take advantage of romantic and harmonious relationship aspects that can't be beat!  The Moon is in harmony with both planets from passionate, intuitive Scorpio. Do trust your intuition and maybe consult the stars, the cards or your favorite astrologer :) .  The Moon is void of course from 3:16 pm on which can be relaxing but also forgetful. Wear pink today.

Friday: Summer Solstice

The Sun moves to Cancer at 1:04 am.  This is the first third of summer! Cancer energies have us focused on home and family and places we like to return to. The Moon moves to Sagittarius at 4:31 am., and the most prevalent feeling may be the warmup for Sunday morning's Capricorn Full Moon. Cancer and Capricorn are very different signs in nearly every way and we'll be feeling the push and pull, the high tides and lows, and the feeling vs. the doing during this week and weekend.  The Sagittarius Moon puts us in the mood to move and travels including short road or weekend trips is appealing. The Moon squares Neptune and we want to break free of routine. Do something out of the ordinary today. Wear purple.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon/ Full Moon in Capricorn

The Sagittarius Moon finds us "in the moment" and it may not be easy to focus on what has to be done sooner or later. We'd rather play today or escape an obligation. Either way we are in the Full Moon zone and news, final resolutions, and peaks in the action are in the forecast all weekend. This includes due dates and some will be asked to finish a project quickly or give a final answer right away.  The Moon is opposite Mars so that can create mental stress or confrontation.  Last minute changes and plans are likely today. Wear red.

Sunday: Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto

See for your Full Moon forecast. This is a Full Moon of serious intent with Saturn in Scorpio aligned and Pluto meeting the Moon today.  Release heavy energy by getting something out in the open or resolved once and for all. News from late May resurfaces and we take further steps into new territory found or matters we dealt with then.  Today's color is white.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Robin's Zodiac Zone & Yoga is on Youtube

Here's Yoga for the New Moon and planets in Cancer & your Zodiac Zone overview of Monday through Friday! Let the New Moon power you forward! Robin

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Astrology June 10th to June 16th, 2013

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Happy New Moon!

Monday: Cancer Moon conjunct Venus and Mercury

There's concentrated energy in Cancer today and communication in love and family relationships is of supreme importance. Conversations should be very productive and yield heart felt decisions and results.  Resist the temptation to avoid something or hold back real feelings.  Today is prime time for couples to talk about priorities and their relationships.  In family we can also reach agreement, forgiveness, and move forward in a more connected way. The New Moon of Saturday is still powering us to start fresh and today is about the people we care about most and improving relationships with them.  Pluto and Uranus keep it interesting and increase the chance of unexpected topics or hidden information surfacing.  Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn are scheduled for important talks or news today.  The Moon is void of course from 5:15 pm until early Wednesday. Do business before then. Wear pink.

Tuesday: Venus opposite Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune

The Moon is in Cancer, void of course all day. Things can't be put off though. Today it's Venus's turn to oppose Pluto in Capricorn intensifying any relationship things that came up yesterday, putting us in a position to make real decisions possibly based on what's newly revealed.  Cancer and Capricorn experience this most directly.  Feelings and topics may be very sensitive. Tread gently. Saturn and Neptune team up for mysteries solved, harnessing creativity in productive ways, and putting an additional spiritual, meaningful spin on this week's events.  There are hidden influences at work, secrets will be revealed and quiet things become public or conversation topics.  Intuition goes a long way today. Don't discount a strong feeling, Follow it instead. Pursue answers.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon moves in bringing the power of the sun. It's yang more than yin and outgoing as well as strong willed.  We're willing to struggle through things if necessary and it might bring out the fight in us especially where ideals, relationship matters, and creative license is involved.  The Moon and Saturn work for progress and long term results in Leo and Scorpio.  These signs and Taurus and Aquarius will work at career, home life, and long term committed relationships tenaciously.  Mars adds ideas and creative communication energy as well as the urge to forge strong connections in business and personal life, from Gemini.  Venus and Uranus are adding to the relationship eventfulness and news about lovers or between partners may be exciting and/or surprising.  Relationship status changes are likely and it's a love at first sight as well as spontaneous kind of day romantically for long term partners.  Today's color is orange. 

Thursday: Leo Moon trine Uranus and the Sun

This is an energetic, upbeat, expressive day. Fire sign energy in Leo and Aries is fed by the Gemini Sun. Make good connections and be people oriented. This is a great day to meet your next team member, mentor, employer or even good friend.  News will continue to raise eyebrows. There's an element of excitement or surprise at work this week. Last weekend's New Moon still makes this a good time for a launch, a grand opening, or the start of something fresh, new and energizing.  It's a creative day. Kids may need constant entertainment. Leo Moon rules performances of all kinds too and things will be bigger and more vibrant than expected. Wear gold.

Friday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:14 am to 12:26  pm in Leo. The Leo Moon & Jupiter set an optimistic tone and Leo, Gemini, Aries are among those likely to find something to celebrate! Opportunities arrive for Cancer and Taurus. A day off or an easy morning is ideal! Today is suited to fun, vacation, or work with pleasure and social contact mixed in.  It's not a good morning to have to sit at a desk or do mundane tasks.  The Virgo Moon moves in and works with Saturn in Scorpio and you may get a lot accomplished after 12:26 pm EST. This is also a good time for a serious, practical decision and steps toward goals.  Balance things you have to do with things you want to do today! Wear navy blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

This weekend we'll really appreciate progress on things like building, garden or financial plans and projects. Anything health related is also energized for action during this Virgo Moon. The Moon makes a variety of aspects with planets this weekend. Today a square to Mars in Gemini indicated extra thought and planning are needed. Winging it may not get the desired results and we could tend to be critical of inefficiency.  Tonight the Moon and Venus create more ease in relationships especially and it's a romantic or sentimental night for Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo. Other signs may feel the love too!  Today, put some effort in and tonight plan something enjoyable.  Wear pink.

Sunday: Virgo to Libra Moon

The Moon in Virgo works with Mercury in Cancer for a continuation of last night's positive relationship vibes.  A heart to heart early in the day may be just the right thing and yield a decision or new way of relating too.  The Moon and Jupiter square and deciding to scale down a bit can be the result or with thought and discussion you might create more flexible plans.  Mercury is the dominant force today and communication, clear and well received, is very important if any forward movement is to occur.  From 5:26 to 9:19 pm the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Libra, sign of balance. This Father's Day (in the USA) is a good one for seeing someone else's perspective and for easing up on each other if the expectations have been too rigid.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Astrology June 3rd to June 9th, 2013

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Monday: Mercury in Cancer

The Moon is in Aries and waning so it's a time of releasing and clearing. Clean out what you don't need anymore.  Mercury is active today, forming easy angles with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio.  Business with an emotional tone is activated. For example, family business, issues related to the elderly in our families, and work if we're emotionally attached to it.  It's a good day to get things in writing, document, and express our true feelings in conversation or in writing. The Moon and Uranus meet making it also another days of news and plans that need to be altered as a result.  Tonight, work on organizing and dealing with personal or work related business. Family dinner is also a great option.  Wear blue.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon

The Aries Moon is void of course from 2:09 am to 11:53 am EST. The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Gemini setting us up for success. Get up with a motivated, confident attitude and don't procrastinate! Seize the day on a personal level too as the Moon also works with Venus in Cancer.  It's a great day to work out a permanent plan you're willing to put the effort into.  It's also a good time for commitment in relationship or to a family member.  Taurus Moon values loyalty and security and the Cancer planets keep heart in our decisions and both lean away from impulsive decisions. Act on what's been long considered. Do some final soul searching or ask advice from well trusted friends and allies, then go forward.  Neptune in Pisces adds a creative element to our plans and methods today.  Tonight the Moon opposite Saturn indicates intense negotiations.  If you're willing to yield or compromise enough you can put a long term plan in place now.  The weight of the world is with Saturn in Scorpio so try to lighten up a little and see how to get things done rather than stay convinced you're stuck.  Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The void of course Moon in Taurus begins at 9:25 am EST, and the tone is set early by Mercury and Pluto in harmony from Cancer and Capricorn. Go about business as usual as long as the planning has been done. It's a good day to carry things out when the big decisions have already been made before 9:25 am.  Avoid changing plans or methods without good reason since the void Moon could set judgement off a bit, temporarily.  Stick with the plan, let go of habits and patterns that don't work anymore.  This is the rethinking phase before the New Moon on Saturday.  Line things up for launches and new starts or restarts early next week or this weekend.  Find your sense of accomplishment, talk through anything complex. Simplify and follow through today and tonight. The void Moon lasts all through tomorrow until 11:32 pm and being organized and working from lists and instructions will help keep focus during this time. Wear yellow.

Thursday: Taurus Moon Void of Course

The Moon remains in Taurus until 11:32 pm EST. Stay the course today! Whatever you've decided, moved into, attempted a transition to, or are trying to quit, hold fast to your plan and stay strong with it. The void of course Moon is good for routine, simple work or pleasures, and above all, not letting things distract or divert you from what you set your mind to.  Work through a to do list, keep spending simple, save receipts and duplicate things that could get misplaced.  Outdoor work and hands on building and creating are favored.  It's good to have some relaxation time or a light schedule today.  Tomorrow is very busy in the zodiac and if you suspect that applies to you, plan for it.  Today's color is pink.

Friday: Mercury opposes Pluto, Mars trine Neptune

It's an active day in the zodiac, Venus engages with Neptune and Saturn which might seem a bit extreme in relationships matters. It's a mood swing between these two trines, one about limits and boundaries and the other romantic and charming.  We get a bit of both in personal relationships today.  Be realistic either way since rose colored pictures that aren't real can lead to disappointment. Try to see things at face value and not make them bigger, better or different in your mind's eye.  Mercury opposes Pluto and Mars squares Neptune, and it's very important not to be misled or mislead.  Know exactly the terms you are agreeing to if you're entering a partnership or contract.  Today is full of mixed messages and we may feel that way. The New Moon tomorrow is a time of fresh starts. Gather information and be observant as well as curious today. Ask some questions to inform your next move.  Tonight is about reconsidering and also gathering with people who share your interests.  The Moon is in Gemini. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini vibrates with some of last month's eclipse effects.  Making decisions and changes now based on what happened then is likely.  Gemini is the storyteller, thinker and networker in the zodiac. Communicate and express ideas and plans.  The New Moon arrives at 11:56 am EST and launches are timed well and news will be unfolding.  Announcements you didn't expect to make quite yet or receive at this time may come!  Gemini is a sign of movement and things start happening fast.  Explore a new option. For Taurus this could be in business or in regard to a purchase while with Gemini changes are very individual and personal.  Sagittarius sees relationship a new way or moves more into one, and Aquarius is the social butterfly benefiting professionally and in friendship and relationship as well.  Mercury square to Uranus has an element of surprise.  We may be asked for answers or to decide something quickly.  Today's color is white.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is void of course in Gemini from 4:29 am to 12:19 pm EST.  The Moon meets Jupiter first thing and the planet of wisdom, opportunity and joy is at play today.  The morning is suited to gatherings and things done on a whim.  Those hours are not well timed for business or promises.  People may forget or run late. The Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune and Saturn today. Those two planets have radically different influences, for example Saturn urges follow though on obligations and doing the responsible thing especially where family is involved.  Neptune fuels the imagination and romance. Go with the one that best matches your plans. Ask for advice from an older family member if you're sorting out New Moon news and deciding which course to follow.  Today's color is light blue.