Friday, May 30, 2014

June 2nd to June 8th, 2014

In Maine this summer! 

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Monday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon interacts with Venus, Mars and the Sun. Dynamic energy between people may result in collaborations, partnerships, new friendships, and social events.  Venus squares the Sun from Taurus bringing career news or opportunity Leo's way, home related focus like moving, renovations or family time for Taurus. Gemini, you may mix family travel with other business or a chance to train in new skills. Cancer, work relationships may be supportive and collaborative.  Tonight is meant for meeting with friends, having business type gatherings or doing creative work.  Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Void Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course from 10:42 am to 10:20 am EDT tomorrow. This 24 hours is great if you have adventures, road trips, creative but flexible work project, or free time! Structure may be more difficult to stick with. Procrastination is likely, and though Saturn reminds of obligations, things that are not appealing may be pushed aside for another time. We are also very close to Mercury retrograde and it might seem like a good idea to wait on things. Trust your instincts. Changes in schedule and unexpected news can be an effect of the Moon and Uranus also. Be social, do something fun, bring a light hearted attitude with you and "be the rainbow in someone's cloud." (Maya Angelou) Boost Leo optimism and playfulness wherever it counts! Today's color is purple.
Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Moon moves to Virgo at 10:20 am. Prepare and plan in the morning. Have the more important conversations, meetings, and put plans into action after 10:20 am. Venus in Taurus joins forces with Neptune in Pisces for a daydreamy, romantic, and flexible vibe. The Virgo Moon and Mercury are more about the schedules, details and practical things of life. Either can be your priority and take care of one at a time.  Mercury is close to retrograde so do things you're willing to edit or adapt in July. Trial runs are good.  Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon 2nd Quarter

The Virgo Moon leads us into a busy day. Dreams may be active or unusual overnight. That's Neptune! Venus, Pluto and Saturn are in harmony with the Moon for business related to people and things we care about and are responsible for including older relatives and parents.  Venus may also involve relationship decisions and priorities especially for Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus. Find ways to enjoy time together even if it's under important or serious circumstances. Recognize and appreciate people you rely on or work well with. It's a day to help each other out.  The Moon and Sun square and information or news is complex, may require processing, and may be a reason to wait on a significant decision, if you can.  Today's color is brown.

Friday: Void Moon in Virgo

The Moon aligns with Jupiter at 5:13 am EDT and is then void of course until Libra Moon at 10:01 pm EDT. The Jupiter effect is helpful, healing, and oriented toward learning and an open mind. Otherwise, this is not the ideal day for business. Focus on pleasure, relationships, and productive but easy ways to organize time and energy. Routines are worth following. New systems or material may not be easy to implement. The Sun and Uranus add excitement and lots of news to the day. Spontaneous changes and events are likely. The later Libra Moon is good fuel for a Friday night date or meeting.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon, Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde begins in Cancer, moves back into Gemini the 17th, and ends on July 2nd. Positive effects include reunions and travels back to favorite places. You can go deep into a creative project that's not due before mid July, return to unfinished work, and take your time. It's a good vacation time and not the best time to sign or start new business. In Cancer and Gemini, family is implied and reconnecting with parents, brothers and sisters will be common. Be careful with reestablishing relationships that require much to be forgiven and forgotten only because things may seem different after the retrograde. Try things out and move in slowly, without promises preferably. There are many aspects today and some are challenging squares in familiar spots, the cardinal signs. Mars squares Pluto and avoid accidents of any kind including hurting feelings. Take your time with everything. Tune into your instincts and pay attention to intuition. The psychic meter is on high! Tune the rest down low. Wear lavender.

Sunday: Venus trine Pluto, Libra Moon

Coming to a new understanding in relationship or partnership of any kind, especially in love and marriage, is a hallmark of this Venus and Libra day. It can be an awakening, can be difficult or joyous, but either way it's deep, maybe previously unrevealed "stuff". Remember Mercury is retrograde and react with thought and slowly. You can take your time with responses. It's the awareness or awakening that's most important. Observe, sit with information or news, and find your calm, impartial center. The Sun is in harmony with the Moon. It's a day of talk, communication and messages as well as get togethers in person. We'll tend to run into people we don't expect to see. Today's color is blue.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Energy of Color

Here's a link to an article I wrote for one of Llewellyn's yearly publications a few years back. In August or September the new Moon Sign 2015 book will feature a section I wrote about local and organic foods.  The Energy of Color is a good one for Zodiac Zone readers! Enjoy!


Friday, May 23, 2014

May 26th to June 1st, 2014

My next RoZoYo workshop is Saturday, June 7th at 11 am at The Breathing Room on Broadway in South Portland, Maine! Join us even if you are brand new to yoga! Gallery style readings for all signs! to register

Robin's Zodiac Zone radio forecast turns 14 years old in May! Thanks for tuning in and for all your support & connection! Hear the forecast weekdays on 94.3 WCYY at 7:30 am & on 94.9 WHOM at 7:30 pm, both broadcast from Portland, Maine & into NH!

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                           Weekly May 26th to June 1st, 2014

Monday: Taurus Moon

The Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn & Neptune in Pisces. Boating, swimming, trips to beach or lake and other water related sports and activities are favored. This also includes fishing, purchasing a boat or board, and anything related to the land, like landscaping and planting. Tend the garden. Cook a nice meal. Taurus likes to enjoy food as well as all sensual pleasures & the Moon has this influence today. Saturn calls us to the serious business of life tomorrow, so this is a good day to recharge. It's also a time of preparing for what's just ahead with a strong Gemini New Moon on Wednesday. Before Mercury is retrograde, take action and make final decisions.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn

Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio until July. This doesn't make progress quick, but it does give us lots of time to review and get it right when it's time. Today brings up whatever Saturn's work is in your own chart including taking care of your health (Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini), partnership and relationship considerations (Scorpio, Taurus), home related matters (Leo), and finances or work decisions (Libra, Aries, Aquarius). These are examples and your rising sign may change your area of Saturn focus. Breaking habits, building business, dealing with things related to older relatives and long term health issues including mental health are Saturn's work for any sign. Lucky for us, Jupiter is aligned with the Moon and assists in all of this, with supportive people and good opportunities and acquiring information and knowledge that makes us wiser. The Moon is void of course from 5:10 am until 12:47 am tomorrow. Handle routine, cleanups, and preparations. Get deeply into a project. Creative juices are activated as is intuition with today's Scorpio/Cancer influences. Wear green.

Wednesday: New Moon in Gemini

The Moon shifts to Gemini at 12:47 am and the New Moon, a meeting with the Sun, happens at 2:40 pm EDT. Mars in Libra acts with the New Moon for action! It's a time of movement, decisions, and contracts. Mercury retrograde is closing in, so close your deal, choose your contractor or design, and buy that new car, phone plan, laptop or whatever is technology related now. Mercury and Venus are in harmony for important, heartfelt talks, possibly about where a relationship is going. Get past a creative difference so you can move forward with a plan or project too. Tonight's highlights include the Sun square to Neptune which may mean expressing and resolving that difference of opinion. But our judgement might be skewed one way so if you want to sleep on it and decide in a couple of days, that could be wise. Venus moves to Taurus, a sensual and warm influence for the next few weeks, until June 23rd. This may ease partnership and love issues for Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer who feel more comfortable generally with Venus in her home based earth sign. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Mercury in Cancer

The Moon is in Gemini, void of course from 5:59 am through the day and until 10:13 am tomorrow. It's not the most ideal business day. Cancellations, forgotten appointments, and scattered energy abound. However, if you can reign in energy and get everyone where they're needed, some good progress can be made! Give people tasks they know how to do well! Mercury moves to Cancer at 5:12 am and this is one sign of the retrograde that starts on June 7th. If today is wobbly, tomorrow and Saturday are solid days for action on whatever you must get in motion from business plans to financial decisions and other commitments or contracts. Things happen fast and maybe in unexpected ways as the Moon aligns with Uranus. Do keep track of your belongings and time, more than usual. Pay attention to your surroundings and keep your "head up". Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Cancer Moon conjunct Mercury

It's a Cancer kind of day, sign of home, family and things and people dear to us. Business is solid though conservative. Protect your interests. Home related things like new leases, purchases, improvements, and land related are spotlighted. Contracts and agreements are favored and likely to come together if they're pending now. The Moon also works with Venus for romance and relationships. Our protective side, the part of us that wants to make life safe and comfortable for our families and loved ones, is strongly activated today. A family party or dinner works well tonight. Wear blue.

Saturday: Sun trine Mars

The Sun is in favor with Mars on this Cancer Moon day. Sharing ideas, partnering up and coming to agreements is the result. End the waiting game if you're ready to act, decide, buy, or make a move. Next weekend we'll have Mercury retrograde, beginning officially on the 7th, yet we're on the brink of the degrees Mercury will retrace in Cancer. Reunions, planned or not, begin any time now. There are a number of aspects active in the heavens, however the main idea is to step off the fence and make a choice, take an adventure or be willing to find agreement and a fair outcome.  Mars in Libra reminds us to play fair and do our share. Today's color is purple 

Sunday: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

The Moon meets Jupiter in Cancer. Heal a relationship or an old wound. Let go of a grudge. Come to a new understanding. The Moon is void of course from 2:32 am EDT until 9:45 pm and then moves to Leo. This is a day for family, reuniting, taking care of simple things and anything at home, and relaxing too. Cancer Moon favors a good meal. Leo Moon closes out the weekend with a later night than usual and maybe some Sunday night festivity. Today's color is orange.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly May 12th to 18th & 19th to 25th

My next RoZoYo workshop is Saturday, June 7th at 11 am at The Breathing Room on Broadway in South Portland, Maine! Join us even if you are brand new to yoga! Gallery style readings for all signs! to register

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Monday: Void of Course Moon in Libra, Scorpio Moon, Mercury trine Mars

Mercury makes an attempt at action and decision, forming an agreeable trine at 12:02 pm EDT. Yet Mars is on hold in Libra until the 19th. Do engage in the conversations that can lead to change, resolution and un-sticking the sticky points! Just prepare to wait a few more days before the true negotiating and steps of a final plan happen more easily when Mars is direct late next Monday. Simple decisions and networking will happen readily today. The Moon is void of course so take the bigger stuff off the table and get the easy things done. Work together and brainstorm. The Scorpio Moon moves in at 9:07 pm EDT and the Full Moon warmup is on for Wednesday. This one contains after vibes from last month's eclipse, and will occur in Scorpio at 3:16 pm EDT on Wednesday afternoon. Scorpio takes hold and doesn't give in. Be ready to make long term commitments if they happen this week. Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. The common element is spirituality, seeing beyond the ordinary, and going to the depths of whatever's in your midst. We do not take things lightly on this day before Full Moon. Mystery and understanding simultaneously fill the atmosphere. You may come to a new understanding of someone, or of yourself. Mysteries may be solved. Some will be able to finally move on from a negative situation, from grief or loss, or from what ever was holding them back. Work creatively and practically both! There are dualities at work with dreamy Neptune helping us see potentials and envision and Pluto facing us with realities and what's buried deep inside. Unleash something that will make you feel lighter and free. Make long term decisions if the conditions are right. Get intuitive advice and trust your gut. Today's color is blue. 

Wednesday: Full Moon in Scorpio

This Full Moon is an interesting one, with Saturn nearby and retrograde, and Jupiter in Cancer totally supportive. A push pull effect is the result. Jupiter encourages expansion in ways of thinking, business, home and family. Jupiter represents openness while Saturn retrograde in stubborn Scorpio is all about the brakes on. Keep on with plans for growth and change even if you have to take small steps while Saturn finishes a retrograde on July 20th. Look for the long term plan and don't settle for less than you need right now. Some things will come unstuck sooner, Mars related, shifting in Libra on May 19th. So maybe what you decide on now, you will be ready to move on soon. Venus tangles with Pluto bringing up the deep and maybe complex aspect of relationship. Venus is in flirtatious initiator Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is giving Venus a questionable look. Be careful about giving up what you have for someone "new and shiny" and try not to slide into old patterns that involve secrecy and infidelity. There's a tendency to reveal secrets, discover affairs, and be tempted during this Full Moon in passionate Scorpio, also a sign that takes revenge seriously and holds onto any disloyalty or injustice for a long long time. Forgiveness is tough to find at this time. Play it safe in relationship. Long term relationships that are thriving can find newness and intensity now. In business, be very sure of anything you agree to. After May 19th, the zodiac is more agreeable to partnership plans and contracts (briefly before Mercury retrogrades June 7th to July 2nd). The Full Moon is at 3:16 pm and the Moon moves void of course then until 1:44 am Thursday. Today's color is gold. 

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon expands where the Scorpio Moon might have contracted or placed pressure. Freedom in thinking and therefore action is today's shift and the planets are cooperating. Expect to hear news about couples and partners as Venus works from Aries to bring in the new! Reuniting, moving in together, engagements and other relationships changes are spotlighted with Venus in harmony with Mercury and meeting Uranus. Some of this may be very surprising at first! Big talks and plans between partners and lovers is in the forecast too, with Mercury and Venus aligned. Be ready for your significant other to bring up the important topics now. The good news is that it looks exciting, refreshing and adventurous. Sagittarius Moon also favors travels and new ideas today. Wear pink today.

Friday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course in Sagittarius making it a good time for flexible plans. If you need to do a certain thing at a particular time, that will be more of a challenge. Today is designed for free thinkers, plenty of space, and being either in routine or completely going for a change of scenery. Decisions and plans are likely to change. Be spontaneous. Try something different, but with no commitment to adopt it and no preconceived ideas. The Moon is opposite Mercury. Agree to disagree rather than debate. Gemini and Sagittarius, you can be convincing today. Full Moon news and surprises still polka dot the forecast. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon is in earth sign Capricorn and the Sun is in Taurus until the 20th. Earth signs bring it right down to details, effort and results, and the pleasures of the senses. Work hard and reap the rewards. Show the results of your work. Interview for a new job or present a project you've been involved with. Today is meant for the ambitious. The Moon and Neptune inspire creativity. Mars in Libra squares the Moon and agreeing on how to carry out a plan is up for debate. Agreement may be easier after the 19th with Mars direct again, helping projects that include building, exercise, business involving physical wellness, partnerships, and couples.  Have a constructive day! Wear green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto & opposite Jupiter

The heavens are full of aspects involving the Moon and a square between Venus and Jupiter as well. Plenty of things are up for discussion and some significant decisions are pending. Venus square Jupiter is a push to work out a family or relationship matter so that all parties are satisfied. Renew family relationships with some effort, and be willing to take it slow. Cancer and Capricorn are favored for a close look at relationship, commitment and how to grow in relationship and home life while keeping career goals clear. Aries and Libra, focus is on the career and home front and finding balance there or going all the way in one or the other. For example, you may decide to move away for career. Or this could manifest as a decision to stay home and take care of the children. We'll be mulling major things over that could not be totally resolved at Full Moon time this month. Tomorrow is the last day of Mars retrograde, and Tuesday through June 1 are good decision making times. Today's color is black. 

May 19th to 25th

Monday: Mars direct, Aquarius Moon

The Moon moves to Aquarius at 5:58 am (void of course 3:02 am EDT until then). The Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Mars, adding the fire of motivation and inspiration. This can help if you need deal with something you've been procrastinating about. New ideas are all around with Mercury in Gemini for possibilities. The Moon aligns with Mars in Libra just as the brave warrior planet prepares to move direct at 9:31 pm. This is good for things you need to get going right away. Aquarius Moon provides the vision and the order to go forth as Mars regroups to retrace degrees of Libra. Monday's color is red.

Tuesday: Sun in Gemini

The Aquarius Moon aligns with Uranus and Venus in Aries. Uranus is Aquarius's ruling planet, inventive and rebellious. Mars is now direct and prepared to move forward in Libra. Venus is Libra's planet, relating to love and partnerships as well as beauty and harmony. It's all very connected today and therefore, things pending may come together, even if slowly! Saturn in Scorpio is still sticking with the retrograde well into July, and is in stubborn square to the Moon today. Aquarius Moon is strong though, and willful. The fire and air energy may rise above Saturn in watery Scorpio. If it's time to move forward, the part left behind can be dealt with later in the summer. You can't wait forever or for everyone.  Mercury and Venus favor working together and coming up with many ideas including "the one". The Sun changes signs at 10:59 pm for the 3rd phase of spring and Gemini birthdays. The Moon is void of course from 6:21 pm to 8:18 am. Stay aware of your surroundings and your belongings. Today's color is turquoise blue.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces as of 8:18 am and it's the 4th quarter Moon, a time of review and reconsideration before next week's important New Moon. I label it important since Mercury retrograde will be active days later and during the New Moon in late July. If you plan to initiate something, make a significant purchase or try to establish a relationship, now is good. Once we get to June 1st we're into degrees Mercury will retrace. Some may say give a couple of days before June 1st, but I'm calling it June 1 as your "deadline" for starting anything. Otherwise, it's after July 2nd, if you can wait. Pisces Moon meets Neptune mellowing our approach. You might surrender to something and give up or alternatively see the positive and look past the surface. Do be cautious with trusting people not well known to you. We can be sweet talked on a day like this. The Moon and Gemini Sun have a flexible, anything goes influence and sometimes we lack direction at times like this. Maybe you'll float through happily or possibly feel confused if no direction is totally clear or strong.  Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Pisces Moon

The Moon aligns with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Each of those planets has it's own strong influence. Jupiter tends to be open and expansive, Saturn the opposite implying boundaries and rules. Pluto relates to the deep, inner feelings and meaning and is transformative. This Pisces Moon can bring up emotions for clearing or healing while encouraging us in love, family relationships and bringing order where it's overdue. Get a handle on a sensitive situation. Go beyond wallowing in problems and begin to see promise now or ahead.  Today is about possibilities and seeing a new side of a situation, person or your self.  Wear indigo blue.

Friday: Aries Moon

The void of course Moon in Pisces is 2:25 am to 12:01 pm EDT and those are good hours to be sleeping! I expect dream states will be hyper-active and lucid dreams may come. it's also a good time for meditation, prayer and other calming and universal forms of connection. The Aries Moon beginning at 12:01 (adjust for time zone) is in harmony with the Gemini Sun, active both mentally and physically. The biggest challenge may be to sit still or be patient! We'll want movement and quick results.  It's more of a party night than date night. Meet new friends and old. Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus opposite Mars

Before we explore Aries Moon action, let's talk Jupiter trine to Saturn. The extremely different qualities of these planetary energies, working together, can be very effective for taking inspiration to something tangible and sustainable. Saturn constricts & focuses while Jupiter expands & opens. Saturn can be restrictive or stern while Jupiter is healing and fortunate, generally. The combination is like getting the best support from two sources that caution you and encourage you, both. If you're looking for a long term solution, most likely to an ongoing old problem or situation that's been burdensome or prevented you from moving forward in life, this might be what you need. Saturn is retrograde so it could take time even if you get the idea, the support or see the clear path now. The retrograde could also allow movement forth and solutions now if you're revisiting old business. The Aries Moon is a challenging one opposing Mars in Libra bringing us face to face with problems and our differences. Uranus adds that element of surprise and suddenness. Do be careful out there this week and try not to let stress come out in anger or rage. Assume that everyone is fighting their own battle and some won't cope as well as others. Provide the calm force or the fun alternative. With oppositions and squares in cardinal signs, this is one of "those days" or weekends. Summon up courage and understanding. Today's color is indigo.

Sunday: Aries/Taurus Moon, Moon conjunct Venus 

The Moon and Venus meet in Aries. New relationships, flirtations, exciting new interests, and even friendships or potential business partnerships gets a boost. The fresh and original is appealing. The Moon is waning and it's natural to want to clear the way and move on. Let go of what doesn't work. Enjoy people and spontaneous fun if you have the chance! The Moon aligns with Mercury too, social and full of ideas.  Get out of a rut. The void of course Moon is 11:56 am to 5:28 pm EDT. Today's color is pink.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May 5th to 11th, 2014

Monday: Leo Moon

The void of course Moon time is 4:46 to 1:55 pm EDT. Move easy into Monday. Home and family matters will preoccupy some while others will just have trouble waking up during Cancer Moon which tends to be sensitive and protective. Leo Moon is ready to roll this afternoon and night with happy Venus connection that assists with our own interactions including creative endeavors, love life, and networking for business or friendship. This Monday may have the attitude of a Thursday or Friday socially. Venus in Aries and the Leo Moon both ask that we come out of our shells, seek love and friendship, recognize beauty and find fun! Today's color is purple for Leo energy.

Tuesday: Leo Moon, Sun sextile Jupiter

The Sun is today's prominent player, in Taurus, contacting expansive Jupiter in Cancer. The caution is about going too far. It could be with spending, talking too much, or consuming. Positive effects include healing, forgiving, growing and constructing! Take care of health and do things that nurture your body or spirit. The Sun is also Leo's star, and we have a Leo Moon working with Mars retrograde so we might revisit action around a pending issue, maybe with a partner. Mars retrograde ends May 19th and some solutions that are a little out of reach now may come once Mars is in forward motion again. Lay the groundwork for a good, fair, reasonable agreement with your significant other, ex, or another party you must negotiate with now. The Moon and Sun are square to each other so this will require effort, equal expressing and listening and give and take with willingness to yield or see the other point of view. Breakthroughs in thinking and ability to accomplish something can be made on a day like this. Have some patience, but keep working on it! Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mercury in Gemini
The Moon is void of course in Leo all day, from 6:50 am EDT until 2:24 am tomorrow. It's a good time to catch up on simple things, clean up, review, or take time for yourself. Mercury is moving to Gemini and when Mercury moves things can seem undecided, a bit unstable or uncertain feeling, so give it time to settle in before making any important move. Mercury changes signs and moves "home" to Gemini at 10:57 am EDT. In June Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer and Gemini. These May weeks are a good time to decide and finalize, sign and commit, especially when Mars is direct May 19th on. Laying groundwork might be a good plan if you're not quite sure how to direct your energy today. Sociable, explorative and not very focused are descriptors for today's atmosphere. Wear yellow.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

If you really need to put some time and effort into business or important personal work, these two days are your time. Some potentially challenging negotiating is in the forecast with Moon and Mercury newly in Gemini saying "let's do this" and really get at the crux of the problem or goal. Virgo, pay attention in career and your roles. Gemini, don't lose track of what needs to be done at home or taken care of with family or where you live. Cancer, communicate ideas now. Holding things in will not get you where you want to be. Aries, both Virgo and Gemini forecast may apply to you. Work, routine changes, and communicating well are the main ideas while Mercury is in Gemini and the Moon is in Virgo the rest of the work week. Today Neptune is across from the Moon. Be versatile and flexible, but don't be a pushover or believe everything you're told. Use your instincts and work ethic together. Today's color is brown.

Friday: Virgo Moon trine the Sun & Pluto

Today is meant to be very productive, optimistic and realistic. Set out to accomplish. Ask for the help or expertise you need. Organize and be methodical. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn in Scorpio for wisdom and mature understanding, Jupiter for family, growth, and health, the Sun for the ability to express and commit, and Pluto for facing fears or past issues courageously and productively. It's an all around good day to deal with whatever needs versatile thinking and clear communication or analysis. Today's color is navy blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon, Sun opposite Saturn

The Moon moves to Libra in the afternoon and the weekend is people oriented and nice for meeting old or new friends. We travel in pairs during Libra Moon. Bring a buddy along. The Sun is opposing Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Sun opposite Saturn shows willingness to try and solve a problem or resolve an issue, but with the retrograde it's just not full steam and solutions may require more research, effort or time. Much of this relates to security and having structures in place with the Sun and Saturn in Taurus and Scorpio. Do deal with obligations in some way rather than look for escape. Mars is opposite Venus overnight tonight and relationship matters are a big deal and will lean to one extreme or the other! Much of this relates to unfinished business since Mars is retrograde. Expect to revisit topics or feelings, hear about separations and engagements both. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Mars opposite Venus, Libra Moon

Happy Mother's Day! Tread carefully in family and other relationships that are uncertain. This day is full of activity including oppositions and squares and action in the cardinal sign hot spots, Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. This means repeating patterns, revisiting consistent issues, and trying to maintain balance and clear thinking. The Moon meets Mars bringing up old or unfinished work. With Venus opposite, this is most likely with love, marriage, and partnerships of all kinds. Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces and little or bigger lies may be told. This could be to soften or protect feelings or it may be outright dishonesty. If you have a funny feeling it's not the truth, go with that instinct. Investigate.  It's a social day to a certain extent while there are also many preoccupations just below the surface. The Moon is void of course from 6:51 pm EDT all the way through Monday evennig past 9 pm. Today's color is light blue.

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